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  2. The rest of the series may help Paul. Jones is alias for Floyd De Graffenreid Cheers, Ed
  3. When was the Lunchroom story created? When was the Hidell is Oswald story created? Why all the other charades Paul. Any idea Oswald was at Beckley came from Oswald himself as that is what he put on a postal box application. Where on Beckley did he live if not at 3610 a non-existent address. Did you look into Taylor and the Coz-I-Eight at all Paul? Are you taking all the original stories at face value even though you know your exchange rate is far less. I think all the answers are there, in the essay, supporting docs and images. I feel like Im repeating myself. But if there are huge problems with Lee Oswald not living at 1026 what are they? Cheers, Ed
  4. I see the Same group Paul... Oswald's work at this point, on this trip is FBI despite having CIA assets surround him... and potentially an ongoing CIA relationship due to his Russia days (either sending him initially, or learning as much as possible afterward)... Everyone.. EVERYONE is watching. There are few reasons, at this time, for the complete lack of coverage of our man Ozzie by the FBI... other than to remove any connection. For Phillips et al, Ozzie playing the FPCC role accomplishes both dips, and maybe gives Oswald Bona Fides for more work supporting Castro and finding others like him for his FBI buddies.. But the 2nd dip kills him... When accused and caught he is now a Castro supporting Commie Marxism blah, blah.... with obvious proof which only Oswald can, or would refute. Multi-use idiot.... a real patsy in the truest sense of the word.
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  6. Assuming that both MC and Odio were efforts to frame Oswald, wouldn’t that indicate two different groups at work? I see your argument and it’s logical but still not ironclad. But you convinced me that it was more likely Oswald at the Odio’s than an imposter. Which of course weighs against the real Oswald being in Mexico.
  7. David J: This is so interesting. Thinking outside the box--which you have to in these situations because there has never been a real investigation of the JFK case--was Phillips sending the transcripts to himself so he could alter them? If you can believe it, and you better since its true, Richard Sprague actually thought this might be the case back before he was forced out. Which is probably why he was forced out.
  8. Yes, pretty well hopeless for many, but not totally hopeless, as there's a few that know the plan. Basically, it first involves just turning off the idiot box. Moving to another country while approaching retirement or actually in retirement is actually prohibitive. How can you use your Medicare if that applies to you? I have to pay out of pocket for most of my medical care. I first spoke Serbo-Croatian, then English, then studied French, then later studied Japanese in college. Learning Spanish in old age has been the toughest mental feat I've ever attempted, and I can't understand most people after 15 years. I know though that Colombia is safe because of the amount of CIA families moving here. I could understand one or two, but there are tons of CIA families moving here. My mind is open, but I can't think of any other reason except they're protecting their wives and kids. The work of the late Professor Rudolph Rummel, the greatest political scientist in history, is something that cannot be ignored. In this link, he proves that govt's are the biggest genocidists, and he calls this Democide, and doesn't count war deaths as part of the statistics. People should spend a lot of time at this website, there's a couple of books there in the links, and everything is backed up statistically. He doesn't even mention the Spanish Flu pandemic. Ron, who created the Spanish Flu virus, and where was it developed? 50 million killed? You may trust the nutwork, but I certainly don't. Really, this link is enlightening. http://hawaii.edu/powerkills/welcome.html I hesitate putting this next link because you need a lot background information first. I'm just the messenger here, and this is compiled from all kinds of models from the CIA, United Nations, IMF, Universities, and especially Henry Kissinger, who revealed this info many years ago. (Kissingers' blurt-outs have been removed from the web.) According to this model, the population of the U.S will be two thirds less in 2025. Looks like the BRIC's will defeat the West in World War 3. Deagel is a site like Jane's, and is supposedly run by Colonel/Doctor Edwin Deagle, former Director of Raytheon Microelectronics, and was assistant to the Secy of Defense. If this is true, then the future for the U.S. is grave. Don't kill the messenger here, which is me, look up the pros and cons to decide on the validity for yourself. http://www.deagel.com/country/forecast.aspx You don't think a NYC real estate developer will find his way into the Presidency, and start lobbing missiles around, do you? Trump is a nuthin, I mean c'mon. https://youtu.be/jkghtyxZ6rc
  9. William, Murdoch does not publish the Washington TImes. That one is owned by the Unification Church. And although the WSJ is owned by Murdoch, the editorial pages were just as rightwing before the purchase.
  10. You can say the last one again William. I just wonder if there will be a preemptive strike like back in 1991. BTW, Oliver kept all of those on video. Looking through some of it, that was really something to see. Completely unprecedented in the history of cinema.
  11. Oliver Stone has managed to punch a hole in the veneer of U.S. military-industrial-complex propaganda. One of the few. His prologue to the Untold History of the United States series was spell-binding-- where he talked about his concern that the truth about American history was not being taught in our schools. And, I read somewhere (?) that some American history teachers in the U.S. are starting to use Oliver Stone's work in their classrooms-- along with the work of Howard Zinn, et.al., on the People's History of the United States. (I just finished reading another fascinating book of this type called, White Trash-- The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America, by Professor Nancy Isenberg of Louisiana State University.) There also seems to be increased public interest in the true, "untold" history of slavery, the Reconstruction era, and Jim Crow-- as described by the work of Columbia University historian Eric Foner, and award winning films like 12 Years a Slave. I sincerely hope that Stone's Destiny Betrayed series will break through to a large American audience-- but I suspect that propagandists in the mainstream media will either, 1) ignore, or 2) misrepresent the significance of the damning historical evidence in Destiny Betrayed.
  12. Sorry, Paul.... I don’t have much to add to the question of the photo on the visa application, but I just learned about the Estes interview yesterday and I wanted to work it in to this thread. Perhaps the segue was confusing, but all sorts of issues about two Oswalds and false Oswalds are being discussed under this topic. As I’m sure you know, there is quite a lot of evidence suggesting one Oswald was seen in and around Ruby’s club at the same time Classic Oswald® was in New Orelans, but much of the evidence, at least that Hoover allowed to survive, seems to be hearsay or at least hearsay-related. This was a direct account by a fellow willing to take a polygraph indicating that he worked with LEE Oswald at the Carousel Club day after day in the summer of 1963, and I think it has been largely overlooked--at least by John A. and me—and I’ll bet a whole lot of other even knowledgeable people.
  13. There are several problems with the sketch business. Fonzi had about a dozen suspects before he settled on Phillips, including George DeMohrenshildt, Paul Bethel and J. Walton Moore. When Schweiker told him it looked like Phillips, he hit the jackpot. Not only did Phillips fit his preferred theory that the CIA did it, but he could be plausibly placed just about anywhere in the world at any time. But I looked at 14 relevant individuals (CIA and others) who saw the sketch and only three thought it looked like Phillips. One was Phillips himself, one was Schweiker and one was Joseph Burkholder Smith. Phillips thought that Fonzi fed a description of him to the sketch artist and used this as a defense in his suit against Fonzi and the Washingtonian Magazine. Phillips ultimately lost because he had become a public figure for legal purposed by then. In any case, a sketch is subjective and not proof of anything. Of course, it is impossible to know if Phillips lied or not. Certainly, Phillips would have known Veciana's name "back in the day" but may have simply forgotten it by 1976 and there are indications he drank heavily. Another possibility is that once he was aware of what Fonzi and Veciana were trying to pull at the Reston meeting, he decided not to cooperate with them. That wouldn't be too surprising given the situation. Why? I've seen these amazing proofs that are supposed to "exactly match" and they really do no such thing with the exception that he said Bishop was from Texas and that was in the early accounts. As I said, Phillips can be plausibly placed just about anywhere at any time because they can say he simply flew wherever. But Veciana gives no specific times or dates (September 7 was a Fonzi invention), especially in the early accounts. He could have seen what was happening (Fonzi liked Phillips for Bishop) and filled in the details which were publicly available. One example is the supposed meeting at the La Floridita in Havana. Besides all of the incongruities pointed out by Newman, there is the fact that the earliest reference to this by Veciana was not until after Phillips had published his book in which he mentioned that hangout. No, I think he made it all up and I expect Newman to eventually say the same thing unless he is too fearful of losing book sales and in that case, he might modify it somewhat. But he will say that Veciana never saw Oswald with Phillips. Anyway, I like to see both sides of the story presented and that really was not happening until I came along. http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/05/the-maurice-bishop-story.html
  14. The latest revelations from long-time Trump associate Lev Parnas are entirely consistent with the damning Congressional testimony of Ambassador William Taylor, Lt. Col. Vindman, et.al., about Trump's Ukraine-gate extortion scheme last summer. Parnas has filled in some details regarding the complicity of Nunes, Pence, Pompeo, and Barr in the Trump scheme, but the overwhelming evidence of Trump's misconduct has already been presented to the public by the House. Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch's propaganda empire-- Fox, WSJ, NY Post, Washington Times, etc.-- has been aggressively promoting that false GOP narrative that Trump's historic impeachment is merely a "partisan" political exercise. That's bunk. The only thing "partisan" about Trump's impeachment-- for serious Presidential misconduct -- is the partisan refusal of dishonest Republicans in Congress to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence of Trump's obvious, impeachable offenses.
  15. He never said Phillips was Bishop in the early years and denied it until 2013. In fact, he was also adamant in his original interviews with Fonzi and in an interview with Fonzi's assistant Gonzales (you can find it in Larry Hancock's online files) that he never said Bishop was CIA but could have been with an organization that had ties to the CIA or some other intelligence group. The CIA was Fonzi's idea as much of the story was. As to why he made up Bishop, the original motive (as Fonzi himself stated in his book) was to avoid prosecution. Once he had made up the story, he was stuck with it and just did with it as he pleased through the years. The stuff in his book is his attempt to write history the way he wants it. Unfortunately for him, even some in the conspiracy community are calling him out now.
  16. Ed, Exactly when and why was the (theoretical) "Oswald lived at 1026 N. Beckley" story created? Before or after the assassination? Why did the DPD go there and search it on the afternoon of 11/22/63 if it had no connection to our man? You've produced some intriguing evidence, but I need to hear more. If our man was really living with his wife and daughters out in Irving at the Paine residence, then why this giant "1026 N. Beckley" charade?
  17. Doug, my guess is that only a handful of members here will even click on the N.Y. Times article link you provide let alone read the article. Trump defending members not at all. It's a massively shared mind set by Trump defenders nation wide ( including our highest elective representative body members who are being asked to look at criminal charges against Trump ) to block out negative Trump information no matter how well researched, documented, reported, analyzed and true. New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Michelle Goldberg's article here is concisely revealing of the true inner workings of not just Trump & Guiliani's Ukraine/Biden/Yovanovitch scheme, but of Trump's life long pattern of using thuggery and mob like tactics to undermine his enemies or anyone who threatens his financial dealings and personal reputation standing. For some sad reason, Rudy Guiliani has chosen to be Trump's latest consigliere / fixer after the imprisonment of Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen. Guiliani is Trump's go to guy now in finding, using and managing unsavory characters to carry out thuggish actions if needed to fulfill Trump benefiting agendas. The actions taken against our Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch to get her out of her diplomatic position as reported in Ms. Goldberg's article by Guiliani's associates is so much like a mob movie with physical intimidation including personal tailing and tracking, false story planting, threats and bribes...it is disturbing to a truly sickening and even tragic degree. How could things get so bad within our own government that dedicated long time high standing state department diplomats could be subjected to such brutish and retaliatory personal attacks as Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch has? But Trump's personal attorneys going back to Roy Cohn have always been willing to resort to thuggish tactics in dealing with those who their boss Trump perceives as threats. I wish every Republican senator would be required to read this Michelle Goldberg article. They could trash it as most would. Regardless, there are enough documented and corroborating facts and under oath testimonies by many of the most major players in this whole Ukraine/Biden/Yovanovitch affair that Goldberg lists that bolster her main point assertions and give them way more credibility than not. I would copy and paste this incredibly insightful and revealing article in its entirety here to force Trump defenders on the forum to actually read it...and then give us their reasons for dismissing the assertions Ms. Goldberg makes. However, the link is there for anyone willing to read something other than Trump/Guiliani good will pieces.
  18. Jim, I am a little confused here: my post above was in response to David Joseph's good question asking how in the world did our "Oswald's" picture wind up on the visa application forms on Sylvia Duran's desk in the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City? While none of us know for certain (and since we all agree that our "Oswald" was not in Mexico City), I offered what I thought were two reasonable possibilities: 1. The impostor already had the "Oswald" photos with him, ready to go, and then attached them himself. In this scenario, neither Duran nor Azcue noticed the discrepancy. 2. The impostor really did submit photos of himself, but those photos were later switched (somehow) by U.S . intelligence assets/operatives before they entered the JFK investigation evidence stream. (Simply tear off the impostor's photo, and staple "Oswald's" photo in its place. Can't be that difficult, right?) I am open to other ideas, and I assumed the purpose of this forum was to explore any and all evidence. Thanks for posting the 1977 report with Estes.
  19. Bob Shaw also signed off on this. He was Chief of Cuban Operations 4/63- 4/65. Al Rodriguez, mentioned in the Newman thread was DCOS 56-58. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=46762#relPageId=2&tab=page The guy that set up the original telephone taps (LIFEAT) was Charles Anderson. Anderson also handled the mail intercepts - crypt LIBIGHT. In 1963 Anderson was working on the AMROD project. It is described as - CIA program designed to split the Castro regime, with a special focus on the Soviet-aligned Vice Minister of Defense Joaquin Ordoqui. One operation planted false papers on Cuban Cultural Attache Teresa Proenza to make it look like Ordoqui was a CIA agent who had betrayed the Soviet missile buildup in Cuba to the Americans. In 1964 Anderson became the Case Officer for Manolo Ray taking over from Al Rodriguez. Both were working for SAS/SO along with Henry Hecksher, Seymour Bolten and Nestor Sanchez. Small world.
  20. The theory that Veciana was released from prison to participate in an op to blame the CIA for the Kennedy assassination sounds to me like a Rube Goldberg scenario.
  21. Paul B., It's technically true we don't know with absolute certainty where our "Oswald" was between late September and early October, and therefore he might not have been in either Mexico City or visiting Sylvia Odio in Dallas at her apartment. However . . . the Odio episode is very, very revealing, if we take the time to dissect it fully. Remember, it involves two parts: the visit to her apartment door in Dallas on Thursday, Sept. 26, PLUS a follow up phone call a day later. 1. During the actual visit, NOTHING was said or implied to Sylvia Odio about "Oswald" as a potential presidential assassin. While he was standing right there, no one said anything aloud, nor even hinted it! If this visit (in the company of two other men) was by someone only pretending to be our "Oswald" to further portray the patsy as a future assassin to potential witnesses, they could not have done a worse job. Nothing in anyone's behavior that night - when "Oswald" was standing right there! - indicated this "Oswald" was a future killer! That night, the framers - all three of them, if none of them were truly our "Oswald" - framed no one! A logical absurdity, if none were really our "Oswald." 2. It was only a day later during the follow-up phone call to Odio that "Leopoldo" revealed all the incriminating details about "Oswald" as a crazy potential killer of JFK. In other words, "Leopoldo" described "Oswald" as an assassin only when "Oswald" was not there to refute it! Leopoldo even explicitly stated to Odio that this "Oswald" was not knowledgeable of everything "Leopoldo" and "Angelo" had in mind for him: "You know our idea is to introduce him to the underground in Cuba . . ." Logically, we should conclude that the effect of the Odio episode was to implant in the witness's mind the belief that the "Oswald" she met in person was a potential assassin. But we must remember that effect required two parts: a physical visit (so that she could see "Oswald") and then the phone call (in which "Oswald" was described as a JFK hater/assassin.) Why was it done that way? Because our "Oswald" really did accompany "Leopoldo" and "Angelo" to the Sylvia Odio's door at 1024 Magellan Circle in the Crestwood Apartments in Dallas during the evening of Thursday, September 26, 1963. And he had to be kept ignorant of the patsy role that he'd already been selected to play.
  22. Jim, there’s another memo from MX saying to send the pouch to Choaden... I think to make it appear as if there are 2 diff people? Plausible deniability? Kinda like Maurice Bishop.. This doc is Oct 1... Phillips is headed to Cuban desk, Mexico City. So it is Choaden who Mexico City says will pick up the held pouch at registry... wonder if there are not the tapes/transcripts already... idk...
  23. The amount of disinformation and questionable information surrounding “Lee Harvey Oswald” in this case is simply stunning. Now there is a thread on the Ed Forum even suggesting “Oswald” never roomed at 1026 N. Beckley. Sheesh…. Here’s yet another example. A few days ago Gary Shaw sent John A. a 10-page FBI report on a 1977 interview with a Ruby employee named Odell “James” Estes. Estes told the FBI he worked at the Carousel Club from the last week in June until Sept. 2, 1963. Estes said he saw “Lee Oswald” at the Carousel Club many times during his employment there, including in Jack Ruby’s office. He said he once drove Oswald to Love Field and even took two overnight fishing trips with Oswald to a lakeside cabin near Mineral Wells. He described lengthy talks with this Oswald. Since he (Estes) stopped working at the club on Sept. 2, he was quite certain that the two fishing trips, just a week apart, were both in August 1963. Of course, in August 1963, Classic Oswald® was still in New Orleans. Despite this depiction of “Oswald” being in New Orleans and Dallas simultaneously, an FBI cover memo states that Estes was “willing to submit to a polygraph examination” and “talked very coherently and did not evidence the mannerisms frequently associated with a mentally disturbed individual.” It should be noted that although the 1977 FBI report indicated Estes was “80 percent blind,” in 1963 he could see well enough to drive a car. John and I will be adding this material to the Jack Ruby page on HarveyandLee.net, but until the update is completed, the 10-page report on Odell Estes’ FBI interview can be read on the Mary Ferrell site at this address: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10020&search=%22Odell_Estes%22#relPageId=47&tab=page
  24. Did a web search on Lee. According to this article, he has been "accused of botching evidence in multiple trials." This includes helping send two apparently innocent men to prison for murder based especially on Lee saying there was blood on a towel when in fact there was no blood there at all. The article doesn't mention the Foster case, but based on the numerous cases it does mention involving Lee, I wouldn't put any stock in anything Lee says about Foster. https://www.thedailybeast.com/henry-lee-how-many-murder-cases-did-the-celebrity-forensic-scientist-botch?ref=scroll
  25. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=57768&search=YMCA#relPageId=57&tab=page Letter from J.Edgar Hoover to Deputy Assistant Secretary for Security, Department of State dated February 12, 1964: “We are endeavoring to identify Lee Harvey Oswald's place of residence during the period from October 19, 1962 when he moved out of the YMCA in Dallas to November 2-3, 1962, when, with his wife, he moved into a furnished apartment at 604 Elsbeth Street, Dallas, Texas.” The letter is asking that George de Mohrenschildt be re-interviewed concerning what he might know. Reading through Mary Ferrell’s Chronologies for the month of October, beginning from around October 8 – October 14th. she asks “where does Oswald spend the night?” https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=40390#relPageId=77&tab=page pp. 77-80. By greg parker on Sat 15 Oct 2016, 11:33 pm Steve, here is the Taylor interview. Only had a quick read, but my impression is that it needs a deeper look. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=57773&search=taylor#relPageId=58&tab=page Mr. TAYLOR. It had to be some time between September and November 15, because my wife and I separated after that. Anyway, at some point during this period, I do remember going to an area in Oak Cliff and looking for Lee. I don't think I found him--at least, not on the occasion I remember. All I had was some vague directions that---- 88 Mr. JENNER. From whom? Mr. TAYLOR. Well, directly from my wife but indirectly I believe that came to her from Mrs. De Mohrenschildt. Mr. JENNER. Were you requested to seek to locate him? Mr. TAYLOR. I don't know why I was trying to locate him. I don't remember anything except I remember driving around one area one evening looking for a residence of his on some vague directions. As I say, I don't even remember if it was a residence of the whole family or just of Lee. I went back to this area within the last few weeks and located a building that stuck--or I had a recollection of one building in this area and I went back to the area and found it and gave that information to Agent Yelchek of the FBI. I don't know what he---- Mr. JENNER. What location was that? Mr. TAYLOR. I gave him the exact street address---but it seems to me like it was---well, the name of the apartment building was the Coz-I-Eight [spelling] C-o-z---I---E-i-g-h-t--apartments, and I thing they were located at 1404 North Beckley. But the address I could be off on; but the name I do remember. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=45#relPageId=148&tab=page WC testimony of Mrs. Gibson: at 11:00 AM, May 28, 1964 (formerly Alexandra de Mohrenschildt) (11H138) Mrs. GIBSON. Yes; I am trying very hard to think of where he stayed. It is such a very vague recollection, so vague it is barely there, that he had a room. But I don't know where. Mr. JENNER. During this period? Mrs. GIBSON. During that period; yes. Mr. JENNER. From the 19th to the 3d? Mrs. GIBSON. Yes; it is so vague but it is there, that he had a room somewhere. Where I don't know. I just can't think. Mrs. GIBSON. It seems to me that he had a place to live somewhere near where he was working, somewhere easily accessible on foot, to where he was working. (Is she thinking of the YMCA?) Mr. JENNER. That is your former husband Gary's recollection, and he seemed reasonably confident that you would recall the address. Mrs. GIBSON. No, no; no idea. Did Gary mention something about one night we were in Oak Cliff and we were looking for some place. Mr. JENNER. He said you were looking for Oswald? Mrs. GIBSON. Is that what he said? And we went up and down and up and down and we never found the place. I recall one evening, I don't remember what we were looking for, but I recall this. Mr. JENNER. You were looking for Oswald? Mrs. GIBSON. Is that who we were looking for? Mr. JENNER. No; I---- Mrs. GIBSON. I don't know, I am not sure, but one evening Gary and I were looking for some place, and I don't know where it was. But it was in Oak Cliff. It was right over the river. And we went up and down and back and forth for a good hour looking for this address. And I can't think of where it was, and we never found it. I do remember that. We never found it. Mr. JENNER. But it had something to do with Oswald? Mrs. GIBSON. I think it did. I think it had to do with a room that he had over there, but where it was, the address, I don't know. I never knew Oak Cliff very well in the first place. Mr. JENNER. You say he was now employed and could afford a room? Mrs. GIBSON. Yes; but I don't know where. I--we couldn't find it wherever it was, because we looked. Mr. JENNER. But you did have an address at that time? Mrs. GIBSON. I had an address for something I was looking for. What it was I don't know. If I was looking for him or if I was looking for somebody else, if Gary was looking for somebody, I don't recall. But it could possibly be that it was him that we were looking for. I don't know how Gary thinks I can remember an address, though. I don't. In her Chronologies for October, 1962 (on page 78) Mary Ferrell locates the Coz-I-Eight apartments at 1306.N.Beckley. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=40390#relPageId=78&tab=page Is it possible that Oswald (or someone posing as Oswald) who applied for PO Box 6225 on November 1, 1963 remembered the apartment complex, but transposed the numbers? He listed his home address as 3610 N. Beckley. https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth337065/m1/1/ And is there any significance to that apartment complex? Marina says that after Lee checked out of the YMCA on October 19th, he moved to an apartment, but she didn't know where it was. Leon Gopadze December 10, 1963 Secret Service interview of Marina. Warren Commission Exhibit 1789. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1139#relPageId=434&tab=page WC testimony of George de Mohrenschildt at 10:00 AM on April 22, 1964 (9H166) http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/demohr_g.htm Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. That was a little bit later on--when he already moved to Dallas, he already had the job. But now I am trying to recall who moved him from Fort Worth to Dallas, and I think that was Gary Taylor, my ex-son-in-law, and Alex, my daughter. I think they both drove to Fort Worth. I told them to do so--"Go to Fort Worth and help them, they have no car, they have no money--help them to move." I think in the meantime Lee found a job at Jaggars, and was looking for a place to live, and found a place to live himself in Oak Cliff, this address which I don't remember now--the first address in Oak Cliff. He had two addresses. I forget the exact address. My wife will remember that. WC testimony of Jeanne de Mohrenschildt taken at 4:45 PM on April 23, 1964. (9H285) https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=43#relPageId=293&tab=page http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/demohr_j.htm I said, "For God sakes, if we are to help them, I cannot race to Oak Cliff to help them with this or that"--if she had to go to the doctor. Why wouldn't they take a little place near us, it will be much easier for me to help her. He had some reasons to live far away. I don't know if anybody else mentioned that to you. That was everybody's impression. For some particular reason, he moved all the way out. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10672&relPageId=400&search=Bouhe On November 28, 1963 Bouhe was interviewed by SA John Flanagan about any possible relationship between Jack Ruby and Lee Oswald. In the course of the interview, Bouhe "produced a card on which he kept addresses and this card bore the notation dated November 1, 1963, 602 Elsbeth..." “Following his residence at the YMCA, he said Oswald secured a room in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, but he could not recall this address, nor did he have a record of it in his papers. At this point Mr. Bouhe produced a card on which he kept addresses.” On January 29, 1964 George Bouhe is interviewed by SA Joe Abernathy. Oswald 201 File, Vol 25 Part 2 of 2 page 28 https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=111186&search=YMCA#relPageId=28&tab=page “Bouhe, in thinking back, recalled that at some time or other, possibly after Oswald left the YMCA, Oswald may have mentioned that he had obtained a room possibly on Madison Street from someone named Carlton. Bouhe checked the current Dallas Telephone Directory and noted that the Madison-Carlton Hotel was listed at 1159 North Madison, Dallas, Texas. Bouhe could furnish no further information concerning the period of Oswald's residence from October 19, 1962 to November 2, 1962.” WC testimony of George Bouhe March 23, 1964 http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/bouhe.htm Mr. LIEBELER - Do you know where he moved when he checked out of the YMCA? Mr. BOUHE - At some point thereabouts he threw at me when I asked, "Where do you live now?" He gave me, if I recall correctly, a name of the Carlton boarding house on Madison Avenue, but it proved to be wrong. Mr. LIEBELER - Did you tell the FBI that he told you he lived at the Carlton boarding house? Mr. BOUHE - Yes. Mr. LIEBELER - The FBI checked it out and told you subsequently that he had not lived there? Mr. BOUHE - That's correct. The FBI men went there, and it developed that Oswald told me a lie to send me on a wild goose chase, but the name strikes me somehow; and FBI rechecked this place and said it was a bum steer. Mr. LIEBELER - As far as you know, the next place that Oswald lived after he moved out of the YMCA was in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas? Mr. BOUHE - Madison is around the corner from somewhere he ultimately lived. Lee Harvey Oswald went to work at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall on October 12, 1962. On October 15th, 1962, Oswald would move from a home in Fort Worth, Texas to room 415 at the YMCA in downtown Dallas where he would live from the 15th to the 19th of October. He vacated the YMCA and aside from his employment at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall, he was incommunicado from the 19th of October, until the 3rd of November, 1962. Through the Warren Commission testimonies of the Taylors and the de Mohrenschildts, indications are that he was living in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. On November 3, 1962, Oswald moved his wife and child from a home in Fort Worth into Apartment# 2 at 604 Elsbeth St. So, he would move from the YMCA to Oak Cliff. Gary Taylor thought he was living at the Coz-I-Eight apartments. In her Chronologies for October, 1962 (on page 78) Mary Ferrell locates the Coz-I-Eight apartments at 1306.N.Beckley. Lee Harvey Oswald went to work at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall on October 12, 1962. On October 15th, 1962, Oswald would move from a home in Fort Worth, Texas to room 415 at the YMCA in downtown Dallas where he would live from the 15th to the 19th of October. He vacated the YMCA and aside from his employment at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall, he was incommunicado from the 19th of October, until the 3rd of November, 1962. Through the Warren Commission testimonies of the Taylors and the de Mohrenschildts, indications are that he was living in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. On November 3, 1962, Oswald moved his wife and child from a home in Fort Worth into Apartment# 2 at 604 Elsbeth St. So, he would move from the YMCA to Oak Cliff. Gary Taylor thought he was living at the Coz-I-Eight apartments. In her Chronologies for October, 1962 (on page 78) Mary Ferrell locates the Coz-I-Eight apartments at 1306.N.Beckley. He would repeat this process in 1963. On October 3, 1963 Oswald supposedly returned from Mexico and checked into room 601 of the YMCA. He would move from the YMCA to a rooming house at 1026 N. Beckley on October 15th. Question: How does Lee Oswald know Oak Cliff so well? How would he know about the rooming house on Carlton that he gave to George Bouhe? Oswald apparently lived at Mary Bledsoe's house on N. Marsalis from the 7th to the 14th of October, but I thought what she said was very odd. In her WC testimony, she said, “Mrs. BLEDSOE - Had his things on his hand and had his bag, but after he paid my $7 he went out---I don't know, I think this YMCA, but I am not supposed to know where,...” On November 1, 1963 Lee Oswald would apply for Post Office Box 6225. On his PO Box application, he would list 3610 N. Beckley as his home address. Why didn't he give 1026 as his home address? When he applied for the PO Box, did he remember the apartment complex at 1306 and transpose the numbers like he did on the Fair Play for Cuba Committee pamphlets down in New Orleans in August? Was there something significant in the northern section of Beckley St. that would cause Oswald to go from the YMCA in downtown Dallas to that section of Oak Cliff twice? http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/clark_m.htm Mr. CLARK - I think everyone (in the Dallas White Russian Community) was discussing that as to whether or not they should especially when he first came back and all of them asked me and I said "in my opinion he is a defector and you know what he is" I said "As far as Oswald coming back here you can be assured or bet that when he returned to the United States the FBI has got him tagged and is watching his movements or I would be very much surprised." Mr. LIEBELER - If they didn't - Mr. CLARK - If they didn't, I said "You know that they know exactly where he is in town" and I said "I imagine they know who he is contacting because I know enough about the boys in the FBI; they would keep a record." Steve Thomas
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