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  2. I had him figured more as a scotch and water type guy Steve.
  3. Just a wag but I'd lean to the 3000 documents. At an average of 2-3 pages each it would more than double the number of pages. If a few ran 5-8-10 pages. . .
  4. I am open to anything at this point. Pamela, Haslam mentions in this interview that CBS's 60 Minutes spent 14 months investigating the JVB story before eventually deciding to let it go. Is that a very long time to commit to investigating a major story even for 60 Minutes? Maybe it isn't as well. I am not familiar with investigative time efforts for 60 Minutes. Still, think of the 60 Minutes time, effort, money and man hours that went into this investigation. Not hard to consider that CBS must have had enough material from Haslam and their own investigators that was intrigu
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  6. Thanks a lot for sharing this Ron, I am on page 5 and a great read so far.
  7. He’s a comment slider, a bot, an RSS feed set to “boring.” The back and forth is the appeal here, not the regurgitation of someone else’s interpretation of the news. I don’t mind if links and paragraphs are copied and pasted, but on a forum, the presumption is that it was copied and pasted for discussion. Steve doesn’t argue or discuss or opine, he just pastes again, whether it is related to another members comment or not, relative to whatever he previously posted/pasted. I don’t think he is a real person. Last year’s impeachment was a stunt. So were the Kavanuagh heari
  8. A "Letter to the Editor" from the December 9 1978 issue of the Baltimore Sun written by William Synder, Jr., a lawyer who represents E. Howard Hunt. Snyder takes issue with Steve Parks' November 26 1978 piece "Lee Oswald-the link to the FBI," addressing some of the things written in that piece that mention E. Howard Hunt: The attorney's assertion that Hunt remembers where he was in 11/22/63 should be contrasted with Mark Lane's account of this in Plausible Denial, which--regardless of whether or not you believe Hunt was involved in JFK's assassination--is worth reading and reall
  9. I think Nixon probably tried LSD, willingly or not. He was probably still waiting on ET to phone home wen he passed.
  10. Another piece by Steve Parks at The Baltimore Sun Baltimore Sun | 21 Nov 1976 Lee Harvey Oswald and his CIA connection by Steve Parks pg1 pg2 Full article PDF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/usrmbtmbu7s6wzb/1976_11_21-Baltimore_Sun-Lee_Harvey_Oswald's_CIA_Connection.pdf?dl=0 The piece is mostly a short biography of LHO and it covers his time in the marines, his Russian language proficiency, his defection, and his return to the states. Throughout, the writer speculates that Oswald may have been a CIA asset, saying that this could explain some t
  11. Angelos Leiloglou is claiming that he can scientifically disprove the single bullet theory once and for all. If this is true, why isn't there more hype? The demo shown at the 2017 mock trial looked promising, with the Zapruder film fading over the 3D model.
  12. This very thought gave me solace last night. There is hope if nothing happens to stop the current course, though it would dilute the SCOTUS in a sense. But the Senate and Presidency must be won first.
  13. Yes Steve does interact, and is very good contributor. Isn't that so Trumpian that Wheeler who has no interest in the JFKA, and no meaningful interaction with anyone else, actually asks why Steve's there?
  14. Unfortunately for RFK, there was no film of his shooting, only witnesses. With JFK, there's a chance that with the Zapruder film there may actually come an era where "Illuminati confirmed" is literal in the physical scientific sense. Angelos Leiloglou's computer model of Dealey Plaza may or may not be the breaking point for the official story, as far as physical science is concerned about the lone gunman theory.
  15. Steve Thomas contributes some of the most valuable posts on this site.
  16. You might find this interesting. I found a few interesting things that are scattered through it, as well as points by many others.
  17. Weren't two large spacecraft supposed to bracket the planet during this month (September 2020) and deliver the aliens' ultimatum? Waiting for their celestial cry: We're not xxxxing around, terrestrial hosebags!
  18. Why does Blunt only give a few researchers the stuff he found at the Archives? Why not post it in bulk all on the internet himself?
  19. Found a really interesting clipping that is unusual in that it presents a great many facts about this case that you typically do not find in the newspaper. It has a very pro-conspiracy POV. Some things the piece covers: Oswald's link to DeBrueys, link to Harlendale street, mentions Richard Nagell, talks about Oswald at the Carousel Club, talks about the Odio incident, just many different things. NOTE: I suspect some of these facts might be incorrect. I noticed a couple that seemed "off" -- maybe other forum members who know more than I do, and can spot any errors? One of them is, I think
  20. BTW unrelated but could you upload all of the other parts of your limo presentation to Youtube? Also I bet it would get more views if it was posted it around!
  21. Lindsay Graham now just dying to appoint a Justice for Trump, goes back on word: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/09/lindsey-graham-backtracks-vote-ginsburg-seat-trump.html?via=taps_top
  22. In MF+TMV Haslam developed a cult following of sorts, of which I was one. His insights and odd coincidences and connections presented tantalizing clues as to what may have happened to Dr. Mary Sherman. But then it turned out that he created the parallel universe that Judyth Baker walked right into and began laying claim to. That is something entirely different, to my thinking. I became increasingly skeptical of the two of them. Turns out it was Haslam who brought Judyth to 60 Minutes in the first place. Both of them happen to be from Bradenton, FL. Coincidence? I don't know. But now I
  23. Well, VV keeps on working. There will be a Part 6 and then a conclusion. Malcolm Blunt keeps supplying VV with never before seen info. In part 4 it was the amazing work of Betsy Wolf, which clearly the powers that be did not want anyone to see. In this one, its Pete Bagley telling Malcolm something about Howard Hunt's employment which had never been revealed before. And lots more. Take off your mask and dig in. (Wheeler doesn't have to remove his of course.) https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/creating-the-oswald-legend-part-5
  24. Bob: What the heck kind of question is that? Steve is a valuable contributor on this site. I think he is really acute on the JFK case. This thread is much broader and includes what is going on today with the election and who Trump is. I personally think that no one should be nominated for the Supreme Court, in light of that stunt MM pulled on Garland.
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  26. Minton wrote a letter to the Senate Judicial Committee answering several of their questions, but refused to submit himself to a hearing. He also stated that, as a sitting judge and former member of the Senate*, it would be improper for him submit to a hearing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherman_Minton Truman announced Burton's nomination on September 19. The nomination was forwarded to the Senate on September 20. The Senate referred it to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which referred it unanimously back to the Senate for confirmation without holding any hearings. https://en.wikipedia
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