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  2. That's part of the reason Trump is encouraging violence. it knocks the virus off cable TV (which for some reason can only cover one story at a time) and crowds it in newspapers. And it gives him part of the excuse he will probably use to call off the November election and declare martial law -- the virus and civil unrest.
  3. Ok, this story might be about to get really weird. There is a good chance the person IDd as Umbrella Man, Jacob Pederson, is actually named Jacob Peterson, and that he has been involved in 2 highly questionable killings of a civilian by a police officer. One in 2013: https://www.duluthnewstribune.com/news/2451380-duluth-police-officers-cleared-shooting-death-w-audio And then again last summer: https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2019/11/13/use-of-lethal-force-justified-in-police-shooting-of-isak-aden/ A site dedicated to finding out the truth about Aden's murder: https://www.justiceforisak.com/
  4. I haven't studied the issue of vaccines. I am hardly naive about how evil people can be. But it appears the only hope to end this pandemic is a vaccine, unless you have something else in mind. And if we can't put any hope in a vaccine, then I don't see any hope for the world. But maybe that's the point, there is no hope.
  5. Joe Rauh was a good lawyer and legendary defender of civil rights in Washington. He made a great comment about how the media assaulted and defamed Dick Sprague, the first HSCA Chief Counsel. To the point he had to leave. Rauh knew Sprague and his work. He told Jerry Policoff: "You know, I never thought the Kennedy case was a conspiracy. But if they can go that to Dick Sprague, it must have been."
  6. Ron: Look, I do not know that much about the subject but I don't understand why you cannot comprehend the idea. First, just study the connections between the CDC and Merck, for just one example. It is really something. In other words, the people in the CDC understand that there is a big payoff once they leave if they play the game. Secondly, this phenomenon of ordering up a product, not doing due diligence, then finding you screwed up but 1.) Not wanting to admit you did so, and 2.) Not wanting to pay for a new version of the product, that is an all too common meme in the world of big business. Do I really have to go through the examples? Its a lot cheaper to cover it up and then discredit the dissenter. I am not saying that is what happened here. But please do not have the deer in the headlights attitude about: OMG how evil can these people be? We've learned that when there is big money on the table, they can be pretty evil. Plus, there is a lot of compelling eyewitness testimony about the issue.
  7. Oh, I know. And the cops don't care if they're filmed. Firing them just gives them more quality time to spend in Zoom sessions with their lawyers. Lock them up!
  8. Minny has knocked this off the front pages. Now, people like Abbot are free to send more to their deaths.
  9. They are doing a lot more than rolling melons. Just look. They are burning cars, some of them cop cars, burning police stations, and most of all, they are filming bad cops. They just fired two of them in Atlanta for pulling people out of a car. The cellphone was the best crime detector ever invented.
  10. I've been thinking about Abbie Hoffman lately. What would Abbie do? So far, all I've got is this: we march in protest, carrying watermelons. We line up across from where the cops are, with their helmets and masks, and their badge numbers hidden, and their body cameras turned off, with their batons and mace and water cannons, and guns and tanks and helicopter gunships arrayed. Slowly, we lower our watermelons to the ground, and, gently, we roll them towards the cops.
  11. It looks like we're learning that the Moorman photo was taken a split second after the bullet had exited through the right rear portion of JFK's skull, spraying material onto the driver's side tail light and onto officer Hargis. At the time the bullet exited from Kennedy's head, he must have been turned toward the Knoll, since fluid dynamics tells us that fluids fly in a straight line, and the source of the shot that caused the blowout at the back of JFK's head and sprayed material onto the driver's side tail light & officer Hargis must have been to his front and right, while his head was turned about 30 to 45 degrees toward the right. The Moorman photo shows JFK's head turned toward the left, so another force must have rapidly turned it in that direction after the first shot struck. A likely candidate is a second shot to the head from the front right, which would have caused the piece of skull exiting from the right rear to be flung onto JFK's right shoulder through the rapid turning of his head to the left, propelled by the 2nd shot. Is this what happened? It does connect all of the dots (fluid dynamics, photography, etc) and gives a plausible sequence of very rapid head movement events -- all of which have been removed from the Zfilm between 313 and the movement of the President "back and to the left."
  12. I guess the riots have overcome covid news wise. I wonder if they are not spreading it. I looked at the bell curve stat's today. Still averaging over 20,000 new cases a day. Flattened over a 14 day trend but still not going down. As recommended before opening, anything. In Texas our two week trend of new cases per day is up from 971 on the 17th to 1290 yesterday. After opening just about everything. Most don't wear mask's here, many restaurants look to be near full capacity from he parking lots.
  13. All during Trump's single term in office America has been put through an emotion inflaming ringer to the point of almost daily anger, hate, mistrust, uncertainty, division, fear and exhaustion. In many ways it's like a growing state of out-of-control conflict. To the point of traumatization. I call it the "Trump Nightmare."
  14. National Guard in Minneapolis spreading harmony: https://www.fox9.com/news/video-law-enforcement-fires-paint-projectile-at-residents-on-porch-during-curfew-in-minneapolis
  15. Regarding the last paragraph, I'd bet on the second choice. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-was-briefly-taken-to-an-underground-bunker-during-fridays-white-house-protests/ar-BB14QF0E?li=BBnb7Kz
  16. Jim, you know those antifa terrorists from watt's and all their out of state friends have cars. Our government has determined that you need protection, they could be spreading to the suburbs. Bringing Coronavirus with them. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-says-hes-naming-antifa-a-terrorist-organization-can-he-do-that/ar-BB14QBnL?li=BBnb7Kz
  17. I've read your posts. I don't think you "see" all that much, including the two events above.
  18. I've got a flu shot every year for years. Haven't had the flu in years. Haven't even had a cold in years. Maybe the flu shot has nothing to do with that, but I'll get the shot again this year. Haven't watched the video so I don't know why the government would want us to have phony vaccines. I can see why they shot JFK and I can see why they brought down the Twin Towers. But shooting me with a phony vaccine? If I had to guess, it's because Big Pharma makes a killing with vaccines, so they just pour something into those syringes, shoot it into our arms, and ca--ching, ca-ching. Right?
  19. This is getting ridiculous. I just got a call from my local government. There is a curfew in place from 6 pm tonight to 6 AM tomorrow. I had to press a numeral to certify receipt. I live in a thoroughly upper middle class town north of LA. And they are worried?
  20. I have made contact with the peaceful group that "pizza box guy" is ostensibly affiliated with. I implored the person I spoke with to get the protester's identity to the ACLU and any media organizations they consider trustworthy. Let's hope that happens.
  21. Dark Journalist interview with RFK Jr. - Broadcast May, 29. 51 Minutes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Medical Tyranny Big Pharma Bill Gates AI Immunity Passport Surveillance State! Definitely worth a listen.
  22. No. The average reasonable person should stick with Wheel of Fortune reruns, because much of what is said cognitively impossible to comprehend. If you asked me two years ago what I thought about anti-Vaxxers, I would have said they are all nuts. Once I got up to speed with what actually happened to JFK (or at least did not happen, per the Warren Reports, official version), then making the leap to "9/11 was an inside job" was easier to accept. Thank's to JFK, 9/11, and a few other doubts about the reliability of the "Official Reports", I am now suspicious about the safety of Vaccines. A 30 second clip of WTC #7 free falling into its own footprint is a good way to get "conspiracy" skeptics to cast doubt on all types of Official narratives.
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