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  2. https://www.thenation.com/article/donald-trumps-fcc-is-a-clear-and-present-danger-to-democracy/
  3. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Quite a girthy shirt.....what say you Bill Miller?
  4. Oswald's Minox camera

    Testimony of FBI agent Vincent Drain http://www.kenrahn.com/JFK/History/The_deed/Sneed/Drain.html "There was also a story about an alleged Minox camera. I'm well aware of what a Minox camera is because we used them. when we itemized all that material, I don't recall any Minox camera; however, the light meter would be easily mistaken for one by somebody that really didn't know and, at that point in time, I never knew the Dallas Police Department to use them. In fact, I would seriously doubt that the average police officer would have known what one would have looked like. I'm not casting any reflection on them but, one must remember that, back then, those cameras were very expensive. A good one might cost between $500 and $700, something like that. "
  5. How will gutting Net Neutrality affect the Education Forum? https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/backlash-building-over-plan-gut-net-neutrality-n823436
  6. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Hello John, the best way to get up t speed regarding this thread is to get Stan Dane's book, which is the best summarisation overall. Many later pages of this thread have been wasted with inane drivel by certain posters https://www.amazon.com/Prayer-Man-Shadows-Into-Light/dp/1944205012/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1511459340&sr=1-1&keywords=prayer+man One more thing Andrej and Robin, I do not subscribe to the find of Andrej's short woman is P. Sanders. It is more than likely Sarah Stanton. And she is standing one step down. Now then John please ponit out where you see PM!
  7. Nancy Carole Tyler

  8. Lee Shepherd today asked on Facebook: Note to all JFK researchers: Does anyone have any information on a DEA agent named J. E. Willman, who supposedly had contact with Lee Harvey Oswald?
  9. Accessories After the Fact

    https://www.krusch.com/books/kennedy/ Parent Directory Accessories_After_The_Fact.pdf Assassination_Science.pdf Bloody_Treason.pdf Cointelpro_Papers.pdf Conspiracy_Of_Silence.pdf Cover_Up.pdf Cover_Up_Galanor.pdf Forgive_My_Grief_01.pdf Forgive_My_Grief_02.pdf Forgive_My_Grief_03.pdf Forgive_My_Grief_04.pdf Harvey_And_Lee.pdf Harvey_And_Lee_CD_ROM.zip In_The_Eye_Of_History.pdf Inquest.pdf JFK_Assassination_File.pdf Medicolegal_Investigation.pdf Murder_In_Dealey_Plaza.pdf Oswald_Assassin_Or_Fall_Guy.pdf Plot_Seize_White_House.pdf Presumed_Guilty.pdf Reasonable_Doubt.pdf Reclaiming_History.pdf Six_Seconds_In_Dallas.pdf Whos_Who_JFK_Assassination.pdf You_Are_The_Jury.pdf
  10. Nancy Carole Tyler

  11. Trump’s JFK Document Dump Fueled The Conspiracy Theory Fire (HBO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2H_f6LqJfM
  12. Today
  13. Nancy Carole Tyler

    John Simkin on Facebook today asked if the death Nancy Carole Tyler was connected to the Kennedy assassination. Was the death of Nancy Carole Tyler connected to the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Was the death of Nancy Carole Tyler connected to the assassination of John F. Kennedy? http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKtylerN.htm
  14. Accessories After the Fact

    Thanks Ray, That's terrific. Steve Thomas
  15. I know, and that's what I stressed. Metta's article does not talk of Rabin. It talks about Peres brother
  16. Oswald's Minox camera

    Paul DeBole, J.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science, Lasell College, was interviewed last night on coasttocoastam on the Kennedy assassination and remarked about a Minox camera found by the police among the personal belongings in Oswald’s room after his death. He said in 1963 a Minox was an expensive camera and used primarily to photograph documents. http://download.coasttocoastam.com/pages/Oswald_Property_Inventory.pdf https://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2017/11/22
  17. I listened to the podcast last night. It was very thorough and gave a great overview of the entire subject, which isn't easy to do. There were subjects that popped up in my mind while listening, and I was pleasantly surprised when they came up as topics of conversation later.
  18. Accessories After the Fact

    It's a great book. I got a copy last year and read it for the first time. Excellent organization makes it very handy when looking up a particular fact. I'm amazed at those books on that list. I've been looking for a few of them and was disappointed that they were out of print. I'm excited to be able to read them now. Thanks very much for sharing that link.
  19. New document release today 10,744 documents

    NB This was released in the 3rd November doc release but I thought it interesting enough to post here. HSCA Briefing Book says 152 pages on the xls but seems to be 137 pages in the pdf so there is some interesting stuff if you scroll down far enough. The cover sheet only mentions three individuals but there is stuff about other people in here too. First few pages are about Harry Haler and his reliability as a witness and then on to a crime figure called Harry Hall and connections to Jack Ruby. (pg 1 to 47) Vincent Lee on Ruby (pg 48) Antonio De Varona chronology of Castro assassination plots (pg 49 to 60) -His CRC offices “had been located for a short time in 1962 at the same address as was stamped on some of Lee Harvey Oswald’s FPPC literature, 544 Camp St” List of objectives of finding out who Antonio de Varona knows which reads like a who’s who of assassination literature (pg 61 to 69 ) De Varona’s organised crime background (pg 70 to 77) That concludes the pages on the three people named on the file cover sheet but there is a lot more now below Maurice Martineau Secret Service retired Chicago HSCA interview notes 1978 (pg 78 to 88) -relates a telephone threat in Chicago “that Kennedy was going to be killed when he got to Jackson Street” -docs relating to Thomas Mosely who told them that a Cuban told him “We now have plenty of money - our new backers are Jews - as soon as we (or they) take care of Kennedy” the day before the assassination (pg 89 to 90) -incomplete doc appears to be missing first pages on Martineau’s investigation into the Klein’s money order and the Carcano (pg 91 to 94) -more on Mosley (pg 95 to 105) -hard to read - last paragraph almost looks to me to be “gone to the Leslie Welding Company where the patrol checks of Lee H Oswald were examined” ?? (pg 105 to 107) -Treasury department report on Kleins and the money order (pg 108 to 109) Forrest Sorrels - bio and refusal to talk to the HSCA (pg 110 to 112) -written report by Sorrels on questioning of Ruby on 24th November 1963 and why Ruby shot LHO.(pg 113 to 116) -memo from May 1964 on the Cellar coffee house in Fort Worth (pg 117) -written report by Sorrels 30th November 1963 on the meetings and preparation for JFK’s visit (pg 118 to 119) -statement of Sorrels 29th November 1963 on the motorcade and hearing the shots “I heard what sounded like a rifle shot” (pg 119 to 120) -rough draft memo from Mr Griffin and Mr Hubert on meeting Sorrels 22nd March 1964 - thought this was quite an interesting read - He was unwilling to state that he thought Ruby was telling him the truth. Ruby’s entrance to the basement to shoot Oswald and mistakes in handling the transfer. “Sorrels stated he was present during the latter part of the questioning of Oswald and that he was of the opinion that Oswald was beginning to loosen up” “a certain amount of ill will between the Dallas Police department and the Bureau” “Mr Griffin asked Mr Sorrels if it was his understanding that Hosty would indicate that the story he would give the Commission was a fabrication and Mr Sorels indicated that he understood it could be Hosty’s attitude. He also indicated that he and perhaps others believed that if there were to be a fall guy within the Bureau, it would be Hosty” Sadly it tapers of and is incomplete but if you want to read it for yourself it’s pgs 121 to 124. Finally the last section is about James Wilcott of the CIA. “Wilcott identified Jerry Fox, a CIA officer in the Soviet Russia SR Division of the Tokyo station, as one person who specifically discussed the Oswald project with him” (pg 125 to 137) https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32267344.pdf
  20. C2C 2017 JFK

    On the 54th anniversary of the assassination of JFK, experts and scholars weighed-in on their theories of who was really behind the assassination, and how it was carried out. Appearing in the first hour, author Lamar Waldron talked about behind-the-scenes factors involving the CIA and the Mafia, who had worked together on an attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro, and later how mobsters such as Carlos Marcello likely masterminded JFK's murder. The mob was said to hate John and Bobby Kennedy because of their investigations into organized crime. Marcello, Waldron reported, was recorded telling a cellmate that the two main assassins of JFK came from a small town in Italy and got into the US through Canada. Investigative reporter Mark Shaw has characterized the JFK assassination as the greatest murder mystery in history. He reviewed another mystery, the death of reporter and TV star, Dorothy Kilgallen, who was found dead from an alleged overdose after researching the JFK assassination in 1965. At Shaw's insistence, the Manhattan DA had said it might reopen the case of Kilgallen's death, but that has not happened in an official capacity. Regarding the recently released JFK files, Shaw said he was disappointed there was not info about who planned Kennedy's trip to Dallas, and the route through Dealey Plaza. Next up, author Jerome Corsi talked about how JFK had planned to expose the truth about secret societies and organizations, including the CIA and the Mob, and this could have been one of the reasons people wanted him eliminated. In that era, he continued, the CIA went rogue, deciding it could conduct assassinations, and set up situations to start wars. They collaborated with the Mob to kill Kennedy, and blame it on a patsy, he suggested. Investigative author Russ Baker detailed a number of curiosities surrounding the assassination including how George H.W. Bush couldn't remember where he was on the day that JFK was killed; the Texas Book Depository was run by a company that had ties to the spy establishment; and that Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald actually knew each other in advance of the shooting. Last hour guest, Prof. Paul DeBole outlined how facts and coincidences clearly point to a conspiracy. He also noted that a number of items found on Oswald's possession (related document) seemed odd, such as a very expensive Minox camera. George dedicated this show to the late researcher Jim Marrs. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHzWqM_Xm-EgRfwt2cbBAHQ
  21. I was referring to Rabin being in Dallas, not to the Peres brother.
  22. Harvey Lee Oswald

    According to both Chief Curry (4H181) and Captain Will Fritz,(4H248) the Dallas Police did not have Lee Harvey Oswald in their police files. Moreover, they had never even heard of him. According to Will Fritz; someone, whose name he could not remember gave him Oswald's Beckley address before he even began interrogating Oswald at 2:20 PM: (4H207) At 2:40 PM, W.E. Potts, B.L. Senkel and Lt. E.L. Cunningham were dispatched to 1026 N. Beckley. Detective B.L. Senkel wrote in his after action report (Dallas Police Archives Box 3, Folder# 12, Item#1) that they were dispatched to 1026 N. Beckley at 2:40 PM and arrived at 3:00PM. http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/box2.htm Earlene Roberts told the WC that when the police arrived at 1026 N. Beckley, they asked for a Harvey Lee Oswald. http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/robertse.htm Mr. BALL. And the police officers came out there? Mrs. ROBERTS. Yes, sir. Mr. BALL. Do you remember what they said? Mrs. ROBERTS. Well, it was Will Fritz' men---it was plainclothesmen and I was at the back doing something and Mr. Johnson answered the door and they identified themselves and then he called me. Mr. BALL. What did they say? Mrs. ROBERTS. Well, they asked him if there was a Harvey Lee Oswald there. Senkel, who rode in the Pilot Car with Army Reserve Officers George Lumpkin and George Whitmeyer, who was dispatched to 1026 N. Beckley, and when arriving asked for Harvey Lee Oswald. If (according to Curry and Fritz) the Dallas Police did not have Lee Harvey Oswald in their files, and had never heard of him, how did an "unknown" policeman know that he lived on Beckley? Was this "unknown" policeman's source of information coming from somewhere outside of police files, and was this "unknown" policeman Detective Billy Senkel? Steve Thomas
  23. 9-11books

    https://www.krusch.com/books/911/ Parent Directory 911_American_Empire.pdf 911_Toronto_Report.pdf Debunking_911_Debunking.pdf Debunking_911_Myths.pdf Mysterious_Collapse_World_Trade_Center_7.pdf Mysterious_Collapse_World_Trade_Center_Fires.pdf New_Pearl_Harbor_Revisited.pdf Painful_Questions.pdf
  24. We are talking of an Israel President bro inside the very same CMC Clay Shaw was part of. This is not coincidence, Ron, nor a joke, unfortunately Metta talks of things like Dimona, and a CMC member named Crocco, whose brother was a personal friend and collaborator of a Jew scientist connected to Israel nuclear development. Besides, Crocco's brother was recruited by Donovan ... There is a lot, lot more, in the article, like this
  25. Accessories After the Fact

    Thank, Steve. If you remove the title of the book from the log in address you will see a list of other great assassination books and PDFs available. Well done, Barry.
  26. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    Yet when he was asked what the cryptonym was he said: Mr. GOLDSMITH - And what did he tell you the cryptonym was? Mr. WILCOTT - I cannot remember. So either Wilcott was not sure enough to state under oath what the cryptonym was or another possibility not consider by Jim and friends is he made it up as part of his new hobby of left wing activist. In any case, one pronouncement by someone with an agenda does not make something a fact.
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