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  2. Their is a general consensus between Trump haters and Trump supporters that the Mueller Report should be released with as few redactions as possible. Each side thinks they are going to pound the other side over the head with the Mueller Report. As President Trump said yesterday; I am not sure why the Senate Republicans are blocking the Public Release at this point. I can imagine the report having some content that might suggest some Senate Republicans were involved in illegal Deep State activities (Mitch McConnell comes to mind) or just made comments about Trump that would now be embarrassing as a fellow Republican (Rubio.) Senate and House Democrats, with the aid and comfort of the MSM are just going to latch onto anything that they think will look Trump look bad and ignore anything that implicates themselves or the DOJ/FBI/CIA. In short, basically try to manage the public narrative as they have already been doing for two years. (ie. Focus the public's attention on a Trump Tower meeting with Jr., where nothing happened to distract from illegally submitted FISA applications, etc.) Allow Democrats like Gerald Nadler, or Adam Schiff to scream for "public disclosure" to a crescendo and then drop the "bomb" on their heads. Delay the release of the Mueller Report until the FISA applications declassified by Trump are ready for public consumption. The FISA applications are going to show a real conspiracy (the legal definition) at a very high level. I'm sure their is some effort underway to persuade the MSM to actually make an effort to cover their eventual release instead of simply ignore because they do not fit the Russian Collusion narrative, which has now been proven to be BS.
  3. By the way, can we remove this topic from the JFK forum yet? When is the last time anything relevant to the assassination was mentioned here? I think there is a section on the forum dedicated to boomer socialist Donald Trump elimination fanfiction.
  4. I think she is pretty far down the line of succession, Jim. You would have to kill quite a few presidents to install her.
  5. Do you mean CE 567 (nose) and CE 569 (base)?
  6. The law says its up to the digression of the AG. There may be things in the report which deal with privacy issues etc. BTW, if I was running things, I would make this person president right now: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-trump-symptom_n_5c98612fe4b057f7330c97e8
  7. Paul, I read your complete post, not just the portion I quote above. I found that your beliefs on the matters you laid out are remarkably close to my own. Regarding the matter I quote here, are you saying that you posted elsewhere ("an hour ago") a reason for believing Marrion Baker didn't rush into the TSBD as per the official story? I believe the same and I'd like to read about your reasoning... if it's different than my own. My reason for believing Marrion Baker didn't rush into the TSBD is that the Darnell/Couch clip proves he didn't, a fact that I presented on the forum a couple years ago. Do you have reasoning that goes beyond that? EDIT: Never mind on that, Paul. I just came across the post that you spoke of. Your observations are interesting and do seem to describe Marrion Baker over on the corner of Elm and Houston, precisely where I said he appeared to be headed. I especially liked your observation of Truly's denial of the officer being 1) a motorcycle cop and 2) one in which he would know! Yea, methinks he doth protest too much! LOL
  8. Seems almost some may want a conspiracy to disperse and diffuse the issues. If there's nothing to hide why shouldn't the report be made public? We the people are to ignorant to interpret it? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/republicans-block-us-senate-democrats-move-on-making-mueller-report-public/ar-BBVdE5q
  9. the fragments identifed as CE 840 were collected from the limo after it was returned to the WH (late friday nite/early sat morning) The two fragments referred to in the above memo refer to ADDITIONAL fragments discovered when the limo was sent to Detroit in December. two entirely different events.
  10. immediately, individual frames were altered for LIFE magazine release (were they numbered?) Removal of brain matter? WOW here's a quick way of doing that add more contrast to the frames, POOF! Removal of the limousine? They had till the middle of Feb '64, the first schedule appearance of the full Zap film shown to the WC to remove that. Frankly I could care less what was done at Hawkeye works, that's Doug's purview. And before the question comes up, there has never been a side by side Z-film comparison of known and dated prints running along side of the alleged Z-film in-camera original... and never will be much to our chagrin.
  11. What Hollywood contacts (Wilkerson & Whitehead and other Z-film researchers) in this instance state, what was added to a frame in the Z-film, not what was removed. [Sandy's emphasis.] Yes, what they talked about was the addition of paint to remove the gaping occipital wound and move it to above the ear. But my point was regarding Horne's timeline that gives only 12 hours time to alter the film. I used the word "remove" instead of "add" because most the needed alterations can be described as needing removal: Removal of the occipital wound. Removal of brain matter flying backward, some of it possibly hitting the trunk of the car. Removal of the stopping of the limousine.
  12. I've always thought his real vulnerability is money laundering. Russia using cutouts isn't exactly a huge surprise, if that's what happened. Meanwhile Trump's DOJ moves to shutdown the ACA and slash SS and Medicare bennies... Making America great again, one tyrd at a time.
  13. Hello Micah: What is handwritten under the SA Orin Bartlett line is: "11:50 p.m. (From Dep. Chief Paul Paterni & SAC Wt House detail Floyd M. Boring)
  14. This is what I mean: https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/post-mueller-trump-camp-tells-networks-to-employ-basic-journalistic-standards And this website was one of the biggest promoters of Russia Gate. But what about this: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/03/23/trump-big-oil-industry-influence-investigation-zinke-226106
  15. This is getting worse and worse. Now Graham is going to call hearings on how Russia Gate got started. He will then call hearings on why the HRC Email investigation was dropped. In the House, the gassy Schiff is still not ready to lay off. Even when they are nailing him with his past pronouncements. I guess now the MSM is going to go another year on the 2016 election. Forget about the bad things this administration is doing at home and abroad. The whole Russia Gate thing was not comparable to WMD as Matt T says. It was really comparable to Whitewater. In that it was perceived as a way of bringing down a presidency and it failed.Trump is going to be bragging about this for weeks on end. And wait until Graham starts up. Good thing McCabe cashed in already.
  16. Isn't that for when a shot is taken from a mile away instead of 200-300 feet away?
  17. Rick I had friends in Dealey Plaza two weekends ago and took similar pictures. The overall smallness of the site, and the close proximity (to the limousine in the street) with all the potential/proposed shooter locations is a strong and lasting first impression. Up high, on that 6th TSBD floor, is the least likely location. All that I've ever read - from experts/knowledgeable snipers - convinces me of that. The spotter is the unsung hero of the sniper pair. While the shooter sets elevation and windage on the gun and fires good shots, the spotter’s job is far more involved. Typically, they’re using much better optics than the shooter and are responsible for identifying the target and telling the shooter when to pull the trigger. Once the shot’s fired, the spotter looks for whether the bullet hit the target; if not, the spotter quickly tells the shooter how to adjust, and another shot is fired. Because of the nature of their missions, snipers travel with very little gear, patiently moving under the cover of brush or night (but they never travel alone). Snipers teams often have to stay completely still for hours or days at a time, to avoid detection, waiting for the right moment to take the shot. The sniper team uses maps or photographs to determine the best route to the objective, and (reading about tactics) they: walk or "stalk" from the drop-off point to the objective set up a position, and verify that the position is well camouflaged establish an escape route and a second, well-camouflaged fallback position locate target (or know it's on its way), get into position; taking a spot on the ground that offers best field of fire ... and the spotter lies on the ground behind the sniper work together to range the target, read the wind, and angle and adjust for other variables that may affect the shot. And then they wait for the target just take the shot and get out of there In modern day, scout sniper teams typically consist of 4-8-man teams consisting of shooter, spotter, radioman, and additional personnel to provide security. Its hard to imagine that Dealey Plaza was any different. Gene
  18. CAPA is pleased to announce that, this year, we will be assuming responsibility for the November in Dallas conference normally organized by Debra Conway. The name of the conference will be “CAPA November in Dallas.” The CAPA board sees this as an important opportunity to reach more people and open new doors. CAPA’s goals have always included pursuing the release of the withheld JFK records, filing Freedom of Information Act requests, instituting other legal actions to enforce the law, and to bring truth to the American public – those efforts will continue. CAPA is in the midst of planning the CAPA November in Dallas conference which will be held on November 22/23. Please save the dates. We will keep you apprised of our progress.
  19. Yesterday
  20. http://www.jfklancer.com/LNE/fragments/fragphotos.html CE 840 fragments from limo, Warren Commission Evidence: CE 840 in evidence today (missing 1 fragment): photo of 2 fragments found from underneath the left jump seat. Note: The FBI originally recovered three particles. In 1970, an independent researcher brought to the attention of the National Archives that one of the three fragments was missing. The Archives has been unable to locate it.
  21. That would really be crazy if there were 2 instead of 3.
  22. Says three, shows two. Nothing about this case is what it seems.
  23. '' What is that handwritten notation in parentheses under "evidence received from Special Agent Orin Bartlett"?
  24. Jim, I think you may have misread my skepticism about the McWatters' bus ride: I believe you and I agree that "Oswald" was on the bus, albeit mighty briefly. No, my skepticism was about the presence of Mary Bledsoe on that same bus during the ride with "Oswald". I completely agree that the Stuart Reed photos of the McWatters bus stuck in traffic on Elm, east of the TSBD, are a part of conspiratorial photo montage, designed to illustrate the entire "official" story. The only way for Reed to have taken those photos was as part of an assignment, one about which he may (or may not) have been fully cognizant. The fact that he seemingly fled out of the country almost immediately afterward is, I believe, a clue that he was terrified that he had been caught up in something very evil. Further, I believe that Roy Milton Jones' statement about the search of that bus was proof of a quiet plan to kill the patsy before anyone was the wiser - if "Oswald" was dead on the McWatters' bus within a few minutes of the assassination, I bet the conspiracy would have been successfully covered up. As to Dorothy Garner,, thanks to the Warren Commission's failure to call her as a witness, we don't know how long it was before she actually saw Truly and the policeman come up the stairs. We don't know exactly what she did or did not witness on any floor. We don't know what she had to say. All we know is that Victoria Adams and Sandra Styles had descended the stairs sometime before Truly and (Baker) came up. As I noted an hour ago on a different post, there is a powerful reason to believe that Marrion Baker did not immediately rush into the TSBD. That, in fact, he was "standing still" outside the TSBD for some unspecified period of time before entering. But that is a separate post. The William Whalley cab ride is a curiosity about which I do not have a firm opinion for now, although I am inclined to believe it. About "Oswald's" presence on the steps, I agree that it was better for the conspirators to keep him out of sight in order better to frame him for the shooting. But I don't think it was absolutely essential to them - he could always be charged as an accessory, an accomplice, part of a larger plot if they could not pin the actual shooting on him. As we know, the Dallas Police did come mighty close to charging Buell Frazier, and I bet they had some other "suspects" lined up, just in case. In any event, "Oswald's" presence at the top of the steps was probably the result of a spontaneous decision on his part - he said so in his first interrogation: "he wanted to see what all the excitement was about" . . .
  25. Roy Truly lied through his teeth about this part, just as he lied about the actual encounter. The problem with both instances is that he gives away too much detail and then gets entangled in it and goes into 'I don't know' mode. The whole description of how they met on the stairs and ran in or in the vestibule resembles Swiss cheese manufactured by Doyle.
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