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  2. The Whiskey Incident

    "I got soul...and I'm superbad!" -- James Brown
  3. Grassy Knoll shooter

    If you go over to the JFK murder solved site, Dankbaar has been posting a lot over there recently. He challenged Jimmy Files to unearth the box of his fellow assassin's diary and saved Dallas documents Charles "Chuckie Typewriter" Nicoletti's. Files said he buried the stuff before he was put away in jail for the duration. Files got out of the pen last year and is a good friend with at least one forum member. Credibility is a huge issue. Files could be legit, but he could of just as easily manufactured it for some money, he knew all the players in the Chicago mob, and could have worked back claiming to be the only assassin behind the fence, which doesn't make sense. He never mentioned Ruby as his team associate, or anyone else. It makes sense there were several teams, they needed to have a headshot, they wanted it from behind, but their clean up crew was able to make like the lone nut theory was valid.
  4. Oswald's Minox camera

    Sorry Mathias, those photos must have been taken with a light meter. LOL.
  5. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    Jim HARGROVES - as Tracy mentions the Wilcott testimony states that he doesn't remember. So he passed a stress test - great. It doesn't suddenly make everything he says gold and still, he states he doesn't remember. Personally, I find it hard to believe that one person - only one - within the agency would make that "Oswald earned a salary" statement. *** As for putting people on ignore on this forum, I think that's sad to be honest with you. This is a FORUM. In other words it's like a bunch of people sitting around in an open room discussing things. Ignoring people is like someone going over into the corner of the room and talking only what they believe in. Is that really what a FORUM should be? As irritating as Paul Trejo's posts are with his funny "the right wingers did it" shtick, he still has a right to post. But the key is if you do not believe in it and have some type of evidence to back it up, then rebut him. Sometimes to no end. But don't ignore him just because you don't believe in his theories.
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  7. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    Below are two pages from the HSCA files. One is that page from the report indicating Wilcott passed some sort of “stress analysis” test (I’m assuming that’s a voice stress reading) and also indicating that RX-ZIM was the CIA cryptonym for the “Oswald Project.” Above that is a page indicating that Wilcott told an HSCA investigator “he would gladly submit to a polygraph examination.” Pretty strange behavior for someone who "made it up." 
  8. Mathias, The two hits you found on MFF for “RX-ZIM” include, I think, not Wilcott’s testimony but instead the background notes about him buried deep in HSCA files at the National Archives. Unless it was redacted, RX-ZIM does not appear in Wilcott’s transcript and, in fact, he allegedly said he didn’t remember it, though these notes clearly indicate otherwise. I’m putting up two HSCA pages below. One is that page from the report indicating Wilcott passed some sort of “stress analysis” test (I’m assuming that’s a voice stress reading) and also indicating that RX-ZIM was the CIA cryptonym for the “Oswald Project.” Above that is a page indicating that Wilcott told an HSCA investigator “he would gladly submit to a polygraph examination.” There should be an enormous interest among JFK researchers about “RX-ZIM.” That so few have even heard of the term speaks volumes. First, it indicates once again that this case has involved an enormous cover-up by elements of our federal government. Had I not told you about RX-ZIM, you would have never thought to search for it on MFF. The HSCA clearly had no interest in letting Americans know about Wilcott’s specific accusation about this CIA cryptonym. Second, this situation sheds light on the current state of JFK assassination research. I’m aware of only one person on earth who read through every FBI report on the assassination and spent months working at the National Archives in College Park going through the endless documents assembled for this case. John Armstrong found the documents shown above and had photocopies made of them at the Archives. Then, in a book of more than a thousand pages, he devoted a couple of sentences to RX-ZIM. Despite endless trolls made by a small army of critics, H&L is the most dangerous book for the status quo in this case I’ve ever seen.
  9. Oswald's Minox camera

    Douglas, this is from "The Last Investigation", page 10:
  10. Introduce yourself here

    My name is Gabriel Stan and I live in Romania. Although graduated in electromechanical engineering, I work as a librarian since 2001. My „passion” is Truth and thus I went through philosophy and currently am a student of the JFK assassination and that’s how I found about this Forum. The subject is vast and my findings cover all sorts of clandestine operations perpetrated by secret organisations and services around the world - which I trully and deeply detest. By the way: I hate money! It is the worst and utmost corruptor of minds and souls. Essentially, we need so few of it to be happy... Hopefully, besides learning about information of great interest to me, I can, for my part, bring some of my findings to your attention and interest. As a seeker of truth and wisdom, my guiding motto is the socratic „know thyself”.
  11. Mystery Woman

    Interesting. The mysterious phone call to the Cambridge newspaper 25 minutes before the assassination was also supposedly linked to the Profumo affair - and possibly made by Albert Osborne, who sat next to Oswald in the bus to Mexico. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5022789/UK-reporter-got-tip-25-minutes-JFK-assassination.html Was Osborne a Soviet spy after all? Is it possible the KGB learned about the plans to kill Kennedy in Dallas?
  12. The Whiskey Incident

    The ending of my book INTO THE NIGHTMARE: MY SEARCH FOR THE KILLERS OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY AND OFFICER J. D. TIPPIT: THE WHISKEY INCIDENT An obscure, long-forgotten incident that took place during an earlier motorcade could shed some light on how Kennedy might have reacted to what happened in Dallas. His words in response to the previous assault were ones he might have felt or uttered if he somehow could have come through Dealey Plaza alive. This October 23, 1960 incident in downtown Milwaukee, which I learned about while going through microfilm of old newspapers during my research for this book, occurred late in the presidential campaign when Kennedy visited my home town. I don’t know why I had something better to do that Sunday evening, but it was a "school night” and I was thirteen years old and in my final year of Catholic grade school, so I was not there as a witness. Both of the major local papers, the Journal and the Sentinel, covered the incident in detail. This day was Kennedy’s only visit to Wisconsin in the general election campaign, a whirlwind thirteen-hour trip to four cities to give speeches televised throughout the state and to raise funds in smaller, private groups. His concluding speech at the large Milwaukee Arena would be a paid political broadcast on two local TV stations. Riding in an open convertible, the presidential candidate was making a slow-moving progress through heavy crowds to give his speech at the place where I would later hear him speak as president and exchange greetings with him for the last time as he walked toward the limousine in which he would be murdered. On the Sunday evening of the campaign event in October 1960, Kennedy was riding in the front passenger seat of a rented convertible. Sitting in the back were his sister Eunice Shriver, Congressman Clement J. Zablocki, and, between them, William J. Feldstein, chairman of arrangements for the rally. The driver was a police detective, August Knueppel. After a rally at the airport, Kennedy had the top of the convertible raised because of the autumn chill, but he changed his mind on the way downtown and had it lowered because of the enthusiastic crowds, estimated at between thirty and forty thousand people. The Journal reported that Kennedy’s aides had asked the Milwaukee police not to interfere with the crowds so the candidate could shake hands and sign autographs. But that backfired. Many people were pressing dangerously in on the motorcade in the jammed downtown area along the city’s major thoroughfare, Wisconsin Avenue. Teenaged girls running alongside Kennedy’s car were screaming, some crying hysterically, and throngs of others were stretching out their hands to the candidate. Not wanting to risk pulling anyone toward the car, he touched the hands gingerly “using an up and down chopping motion,” all the time wearing “a small, fixed smile,” the press reported. As the candidate’s car edged to the corner of East Wisconsin Avenue and North Water Street, a crowd of about fifty Nixon supporters were among those waiting. Many were holding glasses of liquor, as if they’d come from a cocktail party. Some were chanting “We want Nixon!,” and some chanted obscenities as the rival candidate’s convertible drove slowly past. This location was just blocks from the spot where former president Theodore Roosevelt had been shot while campaigning in October 1912 but survived the bullet in his chest. At the time Roosevelt was shot he was getting into his car, en route to his speech at the Milwaukee Auditorium, much as Kennedy was doing forty-eight years later while heading to the Auditorium and Arena. Suddenly someone in the crowd that night in 1960 reached into the car preceding Kennedy’s and grabbed the Western-style hat of the Milwaukee County Sheriff, Clemens F. Michalski, flinging it into the air. An unidentified man standing with a blonde woman stepped forward and hurled a heavy Old Fashioned glass filled with whiskey at Kennedy’s head. “My God,” exclaimed Congressman Zablocki, “who’s throwing whiskey at us?” One of eighteen police officers nearby tried to jump into the fray, but the police were unable to stop the crowd as it spiraled out of control. “Then, wham,” recalled William Feldstein, “the glass came.” It hit the campaign worker in his head, causing swelling that lasted until the following day. “Kennedy was very incensed. He turned and asked me, ‘Are you all right?’ Then he turned to his sister and said: ‘Can you imagine anything like that?’” The windshield was splashed with booze, most of it landing on the driver, who responded with professional sang-froid, “It was cheap whiskey.” Kennedy was splashed too. He wiped his face and, reaching across the width of the car, handed back the glass to the man who had thrown it. Witnesses said Kennedy remained calm, but he said to his unknown assailant, "Here’s your glass, sir. You’re not fit to be an American.”
  13. So it in essence would prohibit or at least restrict Freedom of Speech? For the public that is. The Main Stream Media would still be allowed to spew what they are told is acceptable and approved by the 1/10th of 1 % of us that own them(which is not Freedom of Speech in the first place).? This is what our families have shed blood for?
  14. Grassy Knoll shooter

    The GK is a deep subject within itself too. I'm no expert. Jim Marrs interviewed Files looking for the truth. While I didn't follow his website extensively I think he just quit posting about Files over time. I took this to mean he found fault in his story, as others have. I wondered at one point and still do if the patron of Files story, the Dane, Wm Dankbarr though supposedly independently wealthy might have been influenced or funded by a modern day Operation Mockingbird. Some have speculated the grassy knoll shooter was a Dallas cop, Tippitt or Roscoe White. See Badgeman. Others think it was a Cuban still angry over the Bay of Pigs trained in Operation 40, maybe allowed to do it by the CIA. Or one sent/working on behalf of Castro. Then there's the French/Corsican Souetre/Mertz possibility from Harvey/Dulles/Angleton Italian connections all the way back to WWII. Total reconciliation may be impossible because of destruction of files and death of witnesses and participants. But somebody shot from front right. Back and to the left still does not lie to common sense. "pair's" is the key to me. A shooter and a spotter/protector/radioman? Who was the Secret Service man on the Grassy Knoll? Their wasn't one, but someone there had such credentials.
  15. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Bill Simpich's milestone eBook, State Secret: Wiretapping in Mexico City (2014) is available free at the Mary Ferrell website: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=146586
  16. RFK and Marilyn Monroe's death

    Are there any good rebuttals of this book's assertions? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2630449/EXCLUSIVE-Bobby-Kennedy-ordered-Marilyn-Monroes-murder-lethal-injection-prevent-revealing-torrid-affairs-RFK-JFK-dirty-Kennedy-family-secrets-new-book-claims.html
  17. I looked at a lot of the Amazon reviews of the book, the local library ordered a copy for me. I have been just going over the introductory sections and then the Dallas connections with the assassination. Some bias in this book, as the writer makes strong reference to Thomas Merton's reference to "the unspeakable" as if evil should not be spoken of?? What nonsense, and my concerns over the tendency of Catholic mystics and writers like Douglass to romanticize JFK as a martyr fighting for peace, when all evidence showed an extremely reckless man in his personal life, a sex addict, together with other failings. The truth should come out especially of evil, conspiracies, CIA criminality--if anything people are complicit in blocking the truth from coming out.
  18. Mystery Woman

    One link on the Bobby Baker version of events on Rometsch: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2511225/Kennedy-Ford-affairs-East-German-spy-loved-oral-sex.html
  19. I suppose that it is possible that with the end of Net Neutrality, internet providers could package access like they do television programming. We hear occasional rumblings that DirecTV or Tme Warner are going to drop this channel of that channel from their line-up. It could very well become the norm that a website would have to pay to remain accessible to web-users. Would Educationforum be able to pay to remain in, say, Spectrum's basic service Internet accessibility package? Would alternative news outlets even be given a place in any package, at all, for any price?
  20. Michael Clark: “Eventually vary large interests were able to destroy those competitors.” Yes, and large interests were permitted to become “very large interests” by the 1996 Telecommunications Act. The possible reversal of Net Neutrality seems to have come up very quickly, and worryingly within a climate of hysteria over open channels of information. The NBC news piece linked above by Douglas Caddy suggests that there has been a huge public response to an FCC call for public opinion, overwhelmingly in favour of Net Neutrality, but this response has been dismissed by the Commission as largely "spam" using “fake names and email addresses”. Sandy, you should have a look at the Vidal - Buckley doc. They had debates during prime time on ABC TV during the Democratic Convention in 1968. ABC put them together in a bid for ratings success - which suggests their appeal was to a wide audience.
  21. The origins of this issue have its roots in the creation, interpretation and gutting of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The authors of that act were ill-equipped, and lacked the vision to see what the Internet would eventually become. I can hardly blame them for that. Most people had never touched a computer at that time. What was clearly mishandled however was the failure to recognize certain modes of data delivery as essentially a form of public infrastructure and recognize that competition needed to be insured within that mode. I am speaking of cable services. It is not reasonable to think that multiple cable competitors could all put their lines on poles to deliver services. So, there would be no competition in that mode. Cable should have been seen to be a kind of public highway for competing providers, and it was not. One can take swipes at and mock the limitations of DSL, but there was great potential for competitors in that market, those services reached many millions of people, and technological and infrastructure advancements could have and would have quite easily overcome the limitations of that time. Eventually very large interests were able to destroy those competitors. Threatening Net Neutrality is the Coup de grace in the defeat of the free and open information superhighway that was largely paid for by taxpayers.
  22. The Newly Declassified JFK Files

    Spot on. A very telling memo indeed.
  23. From the original article: Engine, a nonprofit group representing more than 1,000 start-ups and investors, released an open letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai detailing how they're worried they won't have a fair chance under his proposal. "Without net neutrality, the incumbents who provide access to the internet would be able to pick winners or losers in the market. They could impede traffic from our services in order to favor their own services or established competitors," the letter said. "Or they could impose new tolls on us, inhibiting consumer choice." --------------------------------------------- If Net Neutrality is gutted, it would result in an inordinate amount of time would pass after clicking on this forum's url before it would appear on your monitor. Eventually, it would mean that access to this site would be prohibited or made so difficult that anyone seeking access would just give up in frustration. It would mean Orwell's 1984 has arrived.
  24. Yesterday
  25. BTW, I agree with you wholeheartedly regarding those opposed to the Iraq war not getting equal air time. I was astonished that Chris Matthews didn't point out how W. Bush was conflating Sunni terrorists with Iraq and Saddam Hussein. I don't know... maybe Chris Matthews isn't as smart a person as I thought he was. But it was so obvious. I was astonished by how the whole media stood by as Bush l-i-e-d. Sometimes I wondered if the media let the war happen just so they'd have something to report on.
  26. I believe it is the combination of Internet and free market that has moved intellectual discussion to the Internet. Let's face it, most Americans would be bored by a debate between the likes of Buckley and Vidal. The market for it is small. What this meant in "the old days" is that they would be seen on PBS. These days, CNN and Fox News, by design, appeal to the majority -- those on the center left and those on the right -- because they are profit motivated. Their larger audiences mean greater income. Meanwhile left-wing intellectuals have no place to go but the Internet. (Though for some reason left-wing radio and television don't seem to do well. Look at Air America, for example. It seems that those on the left prefer using the Internet.)
  27. New document release today 10,744 documents

    Hi David the F.S. stuff is a nice find, thank you for PMing me and bringing it to my attention. Cheers!
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