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  2. Who financed the JFK hit?

    Paul, Here are just some random notes that I've taken: http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/raigorod.htm Mr. RAIGORODSKY. Then, I lived in Houston until about 1949 or 1950 and I got sick with my back. You know, I have a very bad back. They wanted to operate on me there but Jake Hamon here, a friend of mine, told me that he wouldn't speak to me unless I come to Dallas, so believe or not, they brought me to Dallas. Mr. RAIGORODSKY. Well, let's say that I met George De Mohrenschildt in Dallas, I'll say 15 or 17 years ago, somewhere in that neighborhood. Mr. JENNER. Had you heard of him prior to that time? Mr. RAIGORODSKY. Yes; I heard of him through Jake Hamon. Mr. JENNER. Through Mr. Hamon? Mr. RAIGORODSKY. Hamon, H-a-m-o-n [spelling]--Jake .Mr. JENNER. Who is he? Mr. RAIGORODSKY. He is an oilman friend of mine here, quite well known, and he told me there was a Russian here do I know him, and I said, "No; I hadn't heard about him." That's how I met him--at a party. Mr. JENNER. You are talking about George De Mohrenschildt? Mr. RAIGORODSKY. Yes. Mr. RAIGORODSKY. He was a consultant to the Yugoslavian Government. In fact, he was sent to Yugoslavian Government with the blessing of our Government, maybe---I don't know under what protocol that we were helping the Yugoslavians, and he went over there but peculiarly, in order to receive the appointment he had to have recommendations of some man known in the industry, and he didn't come to me---I can say this--I don't brag, but if he came to me that would have meant something to him because I was with the Government on a couple or two or three times, but instead of that he goes to Jake Hamon, a close friend of mine, and asked him for a recommendation on that job. Jake said he would not give him a recommendation unless he consults me. That surprised me that he wouldn't ask me right off the bat, but he went around about way. What could I do? Of course I said, technically on the job he is perfectly all right, I mean, he is a good engineer--good petroleum engineer. Mr. RAIGORODSKY. George has been friends with many, many influential people in many cities. Mr. DAVIS. In all of them, I imagine. Mr. RAIGORODSKY. Yes. Mr. JENNER. Is he a namedropper--is he a man who seeks to be friends of important people? Mr. RAIGORODSKY. No--he was my friend, I was his friend--he was Jake Hamon's friend and Jake Hamon was his friend. Between Two Worlds, by Peter Applebome. https://books.google.com/books?id=SCsEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA107&lpg=PA107&dq="Jake+Hamon"&source=bl&ots=92o5DJpss6&sig=CaLj2-EcG8m_-3jlFldJrvMm3FQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj5uaPxrprUAhWZ2YMKHQzSCOkQ6AEIWzAN#v=onepage&q=%22Jake%20Hamon%22&f=false pp. 106+ Jake L. (Louis) Hamon, multi-millionaire. Worth 200 million. Gin rummy partner of H.L. Hunt. A director of American Petroleum Institute. Youngest man ever to have served s its Chairman. (p. 107). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jake_L._Hamon,_Jr. Jake L. (Louis) Hamon was a personal friend of former US President George H.W. Bush.[4] Hamon and his wife visited the Bushes in China when Bush served as Envoy to China in March 1975.[4] Bush, George W. (2014). 41: A Portrait of My Father. London: Ebury Publishing. p. 114. ISBN 9780553447781. OCLC 883645289 Hamon died in 1985 while he was on vacation in Amsterdam Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities Book 22 p. 10333. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=145153&relPageId=145&search=Hamon Jake Hamon of 4738 Shadywood Lane, Dallas, TX appears in Rosemary Woods list of Nixon's 1972 contributors for $25,000. (Howard Hughes appears for $16,666.66 *smile*) March 5, 1964 FBI Interview of Jake Hamon, 500 Vaughn Building. Interview conducted by SA Richard L. Wiehl CD 555. p. 43. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10954&relPageId=44&search=Hamon First met George DeMohrenschildt in 1847 in Rangely, CO. Said DeMohrenschildt was an inferior geologist. Said Demohrenschildt's closest associate was Paul Raigorodsky. Hamon said that DeMohrenschildt was a “good looking nothing”, and that if he could take him or leave him, he would leave him”. DEEP POLITICSDOCTOBER 24, 2013 RUSS BAKER BUSH AND THE JFK HIT, PART 6: THE COLD WAR COMES TO DALLAS https://whowhatwhy.org/2013/10/24/bush-and-the-jfk-hit-part-6-the-cold-war-comes-to-dallas/ “(Jack) Crichton, who had been hired soon after leaving the military in 1946 by oil industry wunderkind Everett (Lee) DeGolyer, quickly became a go-to guy for numerous powerful interests seeking a foothold in the energy arena. In a 2001 oral history, Crichton volunteered that he was a friend of George de Mohrenschildt’s: “I liked George. He was a nice guy.”” See vol 9 of the WC Hearings – the testimony of Paul M. Raigorodsky. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/raigorod.htm Mr. RAIGORODSKY. “I was asked to come to Washington to organize the Department of Natural Gas and Natural Gasoline Industries for the United States, which I did, and then I had to open--I worked under DeGolyer.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everette_Lee_DeGolyer “During World War II, Everette Lee DeGolyer served as director of conservation with the Office of the Coordinator for National Defense from 1941 to 1942. He was assistant deputy of the Petroleum Administration for War in 1942-43, and was in charge of the Petroleum Reserves Corporation mission to the Middle East in 1943-44 He was president of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers in 1927, and was a director of the American Petroleum Institute for twenty years. In 1946, working on behalf of the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner to the Central Intelligence Agency, DeGolyer recruited Jack Crichton of Dallas, to operate a group of companies which frequently were given new names, presumably to make it more difficult to trace their operations. Crichton became a prominent oil and gas industrialist...” Steve Thomas
  3. The Paine Files

    Now this turns up. The first thing Jenner says is "this is a continuation...of Mrs. Paine's testimony...we had concluded late in the day yesterday". This was on Saturday the 21st. So she testified on Friday the 20th too? https://www.jfk-assassination.com/warren/wch/vol9/page331.php Yes, she did, and IT was a resumption of testimony on the day before that per Senator Cooper's opening statement! http://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh3/pdf/WH3_RuthPaine_2nd.pdf
  4. Who financed the JFK hit?

    I think the financing came from Texas, possibly the same guys that funded Operation 40
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  6. Who financed the JFK hit?

    Ron, Thank you. I've brushed up against Brzezinski's book, but haven't read it yet. Central Asia is the Grand Chessboard; or the "Great Game" as it was called once upon a time. My gut is telling me... Steve Thomas
  7. Who financed the JFK hit?

    Well, if it was basically a military coup, doesn't the Pentagon have a nice slush fund for special ops or other necessities? If so, the assassination financially would be a drop in the bucket.
  8. Who financed the JFK hit?

    It would be hard for me to not believe that some of the contributions came from Carlos Marcello & Santos Trafficante Maybe even throw in a tad bit of Sam Giancana.
  9. Who financed the JFK hit?

    Steve, you need to read Brzezinski's book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives. He argues that the U.S. has to control the grand chessboard, which is the Eurasian landmass.
  10. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    In the first page of the "The latest from Ruth Paine" thread I awkwardly suggested that the whole thing just served to suggest that they are not agents, which would be the point of the charade.
  11. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    I always thought so. John thinks Harvey was stationed at Santa Ana two months or so before the official record indicates, which would give him a little more time to teach himself Russian. Obviously, WC apologists should accept John’s analysis! Then they wouldn’t be in quite such a bind about our boy’s Russian skills, heh-heh-heh. Can you tell us how you shaved off two month from Oswaldovich's excellent Russian Self-tutelage Adventure?
  12. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Thanks, Mathias. It should be noted that, at least according to the White Russians around Dallas after Oswald returned to the USA, his Russian ability was at least approaching that of a native speaker. A number of them noted how remarkable it was. Marina told the HSCA that her future husband was reading classic Russian novels in Russian when she met him, a year or so before the pair left the USSR. I’ll keep an eye out for it, but I’m pretty sure that the Russian language test has never been reproduced by the WC, or the HSCA, or released by the ARRB. It’s also quite possible that part of it was done verbally. Regarding the Monterey Army Language School, I can’t tell you much beyond what John wrote in the opening pages of Harvey and Lee. “I began listing the dates of his Marine Corps training,” he wrote starting on p. 4, “assignments, transfers, and duty stations on 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1959 calendars. I soon realized there was no time for Oswald to have taken Russian classes in boot camp (1956), ITR training (early 1957), aviation training in Jacksonville, Florida (March-April, 1957), or radar school in Biloxi (May-June, 1957). In August 1957, Oswald boarded the USS Bexar to Japan and no one saw him reading or studying Russian during the voyage.” He then spends some time on Japan, concluding no one saw Oswald practicing Russian while stationed there, which brings us right up to MACS-9 at Santa Ana, where Oswald suddenly became Comrade Oswaldovich. John had to base this, of course, on the USMC records we have been handed by the U.S. Government. If Oswald was being groomed as a spy who secretly understood Russian, his Russian language training would most likely have been hidden, at least in the documents. John talked to a number of Marines, though, and apparently found no evidence off the documentary record of Oswald taking or talking Russian before MACS-9 in Santa Ana. I’m not sure how extensive these interviews were. Yet another huge complication is that John makes an excellent case that the Oswald stationed at Santa Ana was not the same Oswald who was stationed in Japan. Another question for you, if do don’t mind. Had Oswald scored the equivalent of an A+ on the Russian exam, do you think the Marines would have published that fact? Your work on this subject is most appreciated.
  13. The Dual Life of Albert Osborne

    Jim: I've always suspected - but without any evidence to support it - that they might have been told to to keep quiet by someone. On the other hand, I understood Mr. McFarland was a top surgeon in the UK at the time, so he may have made the decision to keep his mouth shut of his own volition. Looks like another thing we will never know for certain. C.
  14. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    Mark - interesting idea that the Paines were willing participants in an FBI tap.
  15. The latest from Ruth Paine

    An educated guess would place this as an FBI-directed tap on the Paine’s phone. The intended target may have been Marina Oswald. Extensive surveillance, including phone tap and room microphones, was admittedly directed at Marina in early 1964: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10098#relPageId=9&tab=page Paul Barger reported that he “received information” (i.e. the Paine conversation) and that a “male voice was overheard” (i.e. this conversation was listened to by either Barger or a phone company source, in real time or a recording). Internal FBI memo identifies source as “Confidential Informant Dallas T-4”, an identification known to refer to surveillance methods such as phone taps. Paul Barger would serve as an FBI intermediary with Ruth Paine as she discovered new evidence in Oswald belongings. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=62437#relPageId=97&tab=page Following the November 26 memo which describes the “male voice” speak of Oswald and “who is responsible” half an hour after the shots in Dealey Plaza and before JFK was announced dead, the handling of this information becomes rather muted. Michael Paine, for example, is not asked about the call for a whole month (http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10673#relPageId=72&tab=page). The FBI, and later the Warren Commission, treat this call as akin to a rumour and allow the mis-attributed date to inform Michael Paine’s denials. Paul Barger, for his part, would come up with several different unsatisfying stories about his “source” at the phone company. However, it should also be noted that the FBI did conduct extensive investigation into the Paines and their background. And the Warren Commission lawyers would treat them with some suspicion. But the information from this phone call did not start any bells ringing - although the content could be interpreted as potentially explosive. This suggests the Paines were for some reason already cleared or above suspicion regarding the assassination per se, and the phone call itself was downplayed lest it reveal sources and methods or force the FBI to explain why friends and family of the “lone-nut” were being surveilled ahead of the assassination.
  16. The latest from Ruth Paine

    I think it's a Dallas centered conspiracy, whether it originated there or not.
  17. Alexandra Zapruder, granddaughter of man who made tape of JFK's assassination, to share stories Published July 22, 2017 https://pilotonline.com/entertainment/books/alexandra-zapruder-granddaughter-of-man-who-made-tape-of-jfk/article_664534ee-73f9-58c6-aaae-91ee7e011c1d.html
  18. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    I really don't see any need to question it, at all. If I invited LHO and Marina into my life, in 1963, I would fully expect that I would be monitored, by any and every agency and entity that had that capability, legal or not.
  19. https://www.fincen.gov/news/news-releases/fincen-fines-trump-taj-mahal-casino-resort-10-million-significant-and-long
  20. If there was a conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy, I have been mulling over the question lately as to who paid for it. There would have been a lot of things to finance: the weapons, the assassins, food, lodging, transportation, fake id's, fake passports, etc. It seems like it is not enough to just say that JFK's assassination was a classic military-style ambush with triangulation of fire. The assassination attempt against Charles DeGaulle at Petit-Clamart in 1962 involved military people too, and look at how amateurish that was with people blasting away with tommy submachine guns to no avail. JFK researchers spend a lot of time talking about the trajectory of shots, and film alteration, and who had the most compelling motive, but I don't see much of how the hit was paid for. There's the old adage of “follow the money”, but in this case I don't think you are going to find a lot of cancelled checks lying around. You have to kind of reverse engineer the whole question, and ask, who had that kind of money to spend. For what it's woth, I'll toss this out: My money (if you'll excuse the pun) is on those people interested in exploiting the natural resources (particularly oil and natural gas) of the Central Asian land mass that forms the bridge between the Middle East and China; more colloquially known as Eurasia. I have read three things lately that are shaping my thinking right now: 1) Peter Dale Scott COPA Conference 11/24/2010 http://archive.politicalassassinations.net/2010/11/peter-dale-scott-the-jfk-assassination-as-an-engineered-provocation-deception-plot/ “(Jack) Crichton, an oil engineer and corporation executive, also doubled as a member of the Dallas overworld. Although his 488th intelligence unit consisted almost 50 percent of Dallas policemen, Crichton also used it as a venue in the late 1950s to conduct “a study of Soviet oil fields;” and in the 1990s Crichton would himself explore the oil and gas reserves in the former Soviet Union. Also interested in Soviet oil reserves at this time were Ilya Mamantov’s employers and personal friends, the wealthy Pew family in Dallas who were owners of Sunoco. By 2009 the second largest source of crude for Sunoco (after Western Africa) was Central Asia, supplying 86,000 barrels of crude a day.” 2) https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-298-gladio-b-and-the-battle-for-eurasia/ “But more important even than its location and strategic value are the region’s vast, largely untapped resources. The oil and gas fields of the Caspian Sea region are particularly sought after, containing the third-largest reserves of any fields on the planet. Azerbaijan in the Caucasus and Kazakhstan in Central Asia both have direct access to Caspian Sea oil, with Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan providing ample gas reserves. The dream of a Trans-Caspian pipeline has been in the works for years now to transport Central Asian reserves across to the Southern Caucasus and the so-called “BTC” pipeline funneling the energy through Azerbaijan and Georgia to Turkey has been equally prized as a way for Europe to find an alternative to Russia’s increasingly-threatening stranglehold over energy known as Gazprom. The region also contains strategically important deposits of uranium as well as industrially useful minerals including copper, manganese, turngsten and zinc. As one example of this interest, I present to you the U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce, an organization that sounds about as important to global geopolitics as the Groningen Chamber of Commerce. But look at its list of current and former advisors, chairmen and directors: former Vice President Dick Cheney, Bush family advisor James Baker III and his son James Baker IV, Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, Richard Armitage and, of course, former National Security Advisor and perennial Washington insider Zbigniew Brzezinski. This Chamber of Commerce boasts some of the most influential figures in US foreign policy in the past half century amongst its ranks. What is it they see that the general public doesn’t? In 1904 the Geographical Journal published an article that articulated the reason that these great powers were engaged in the struggle for this piece of the globe. The article was called “The Geographical Pivot of History” and was written by Sir Halford John Mackinder PC, the Director of the London School of Economics... The Geographical Pivot of History” is the document that is often said to be the founding document of geopolitics and constitutes the first formulation of what would come to be called the “Heartland Theory.” “Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland; Who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island; Who rules the World-Island commands the World.” Looking at the map of what Mackinder had in mind for the Heartland it’s apparent that the “heart” of this Heartland is indeed the Central Asia-Caucasus region.” 3) https://theintercept.com/2017/07/22/donald-trump-and-the-coming-fall-of-american-empire/ In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of US Global Power Paperback– September 15, 2017 by Alfred W. MCCoy (Author) “One of the key things that I think very few people understand, after World War II, the United States became the first world power, the first empire in a 1000 years to control both ends of the vast Eurasian continent. Now Eurasia, that enormous landmass, is the epicenter of world power. It’s got the resources, the people, the civilizations that—you’ve got to control that to control the world. And the United States, through the NATO alliance in Western Europe and a string of alliances along the Pacific littoral with Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Australia, controlled the axial ends of the Eurasian landmass.” By the end of the Cold War we have about 800 overseas military bases. Most of those were arrayed around the Eurasian landmass.” I would encourage everyone to read numbers 2 and 3. They were a real eye opener for me anyway. I think JFK was killed because he believed in self determination, and allowing smaller nation states to have control over their own natural resources. The powers that be couldn't allow that. Steve Thomas
  21. New Book!

    Sometimes, conspiracy "reasoning" becomes so convoluted that it is almost impossible to decipher. Consider the following for example: 1. The Birch Society has always maintained that our government and most American institutions have been influenced and controlled by a subversive element. From the inception of the JBS, Welch told his followers that "Communists" and their sympathizers, dupes, and allies were in control of everything that mattered in our country. More significantly, the major conspirators were often described as a small elitist group of international bankers, large corporate interests, and the general Establishment (all major media, churches, labor unions, colleges/universities, etc) which were controlled by these people. In later years, Welch and the JBS changed the word "Communist" to "Insiders" in order to avoid more libel lawsuits. He also used an historical argument about how the modern conspiracy originated with the Bavarian Illuminati. Welch created the JBS as a means to educate the American public about this conspiracy and Welch hoped he could create a New Americanism to thwart and defeat this conspiracy. IMPORTANT NOTE: For many years, Welch and the JBS published a numerical score of "Communist influence and control" of every country on earth. In 1964, for example, the JBS told Americans that the U.S. was 50-70% under the influence and control of "Communists" and their operatives. 2. Now consult Harry Dean's message below (Treason The Reason). According to Harry, Robert Welch's "New Americanist" conspiracy has been in control (behind the scenes) of "all foreign and domestic directions of both the Democrat and Republican Parties" since the death of Kennedy. That certainly would be major news to Welch and the JBS! 3. Then consider the next leap of Harry's mind. Harry claims that this "New Americanist scheme" which was launched by Welch and the JBS (and which supposedly controls both of our major political parties) has always fought exposure of its "treasonous" existence and its objectives -- and, NOW, the "only opposition" to it is from (whether you like him or not), Donald Trump!! 4. Donald Trump Paradigm HOWEVER -- if you review Harry's messages on DeepPoliticsForum website and elsewhere, you will discover that (according to Harry), Trump has been installing numerous Mormons into positions of authority and it is the Mormon Church which Harry believes is in control of the Birch Society! 5. The OBVIOUS Contradiction If you carefully review not only The Donald's appointments as well as many of his Administration's domestic and foreign policies -- they align EXACTLY with the goals of the Birch Society! In fact, numerous Birchers are THRILLED about The Donald and they are currently posting messages online cheering and raving about what The Donald is doing! I just finished debating one JBS member (Charles Thompson) because of Politico website's recent article about the resurgence of the JBS. Charles is a JBS chapter leader and an employee at Liberty University (Jerry Falwell's institution). Thompson AGREES with Trump that the "Russia story" is "a hoax" and Thompson believes that Trump is doing exactly what he needs to do to neutralize the subversive "Insiders" who purportedly control our country! 6. CONCLUSION: It is very plausible that Harry has feigned opposition to the Birch Society all along!! HARRY'S MESSAGE ON DEEP POLITICS FORUM: 10/19/16 = Treason the reason https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?16032-Treason-the-reason&p=113714&highlight=#post113714 The NEW AMERICAN SCHEME with the 1963 death of President Kennedy, have since, behind the scenes, controlled all foreign and domestic political directions of both the Democrat and Republican Parties. The New American Scheme is fighting exposure and destruction of it's treasonous anti-Constitutional religio/politic combine by it's only opposition of, like him or not, Trump. FOR ADDITIONAL CONTEXT -- the following is a message which Harry posted on DeepPoliticsForum to explain his theory about Mormons/the JBS. I have NOT corrected Harry's spelling, grammar, or syntax errors. Excerpt{s} from 1990 manuscript/book YROJ JFK Connection In the flow of events during my regular Intelligence/informant activities in 1962, I was made aware of the Conservarive Movement/John Birch Society and became a sincere member as did a great number of other Republicans. The John Birch Society {JBS} was an invention and political extention of the Church {Latter Day Saints {LDS} Mormon. The JBS infrastructure was an exact miniture of the Church designed to serve as it's political arm in reaching where the Church was forbidden by U.S. laws of Church-State separation to go. An extremely costly seizure of the Republican Party was the urgent and powerful first step taken by LDS-JBS for entrance into the legitimate political scene {a relentless goal of the Church hierarchy since it's 1830 founding. Their revival and use of the name "Conservatism" was merely as a title, a semantic weapon, to display opposition to the liberalism that dominated both Democrat and Republican parties, choking and limiting both political conservatism and Church ambitons. The more important purpose in exploiting this title was it's value to draw-in sincere, and ideological conservatives to serve our cause in many ways. We were instructed to infiltrate the Democratic Party at every level. The Democratic Party was taken over from the bottom and the top and it's liberalism was forever neutralized! Through it's revolutionary JBS front, the LDS Church dumped millions of it's yearly billions into subverting operations and brilliantly devised, twisted and fiery propaganda causing a national foreboding and fear that the U.S. Goverment might actually be under communist influence and direction. No honest conservative really believed that we were trying to do more than call the liberal establishment communist sympathizers in order to replace liberalism with conservatism. But we unknowingly were being used to help install this present system that is surrreptitiously wielding every power of the U.S. government to force the extension of a purely materialistic-religious empire that is intent on redesigning the entire world in it's own "communal" image! An effort that includes brute force and isolation of resistant individuals and entire nations. This long twilight struggle against the elected government of the United States was for world power. That power lay within an almost impotent United Nations Organization. Control and direction of that body would be realized by the subversives upon neutralizing, then seizing the government by shock force.{JFK Assassination}. Yes I was a follower until 22November 1963. H.J. Dean
  22. Interview with Peter Capwell Thomas on newest MJ12 Document https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y9Y7JMIeBY&feature=youtu.be
  23. Help with photos please

    Tom, If you have a "yahoo" email account, you can go to this link and enter your "yahoo" email address and password and it should give you the capabilities you need. https://www.flickr.com If you do not have an existing account, you'll probably have to create one. Google Drive is fine too, but it doesn't allow you to embed, so you'll have to post the link for your graphics.
  24. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    Specifically, who had the authority to order a wiretap, beyond the FBI, in 1963? The information ended up in the hands of the FBI, but did they issue the order? Why did the Paynes not object, once they learned of the wiretap? Most people would protest loud and long. The Paynes did not, best I can determine. Did they know about the tap, and only afterwards feign ignorance? Were the Paynes actually FBI informants, and willing participants in the wiretapping scheme? Did the FBI possibly hope to gather incriminating information, possibly spoken in Russian, in calls that the Oswalds participated in? Too many unanswered questions there. Too many UNASKED questions, at least ON THE RECORD, by the WC regarding the wiretap information.
  25. New Book!

    TWO MESSAGES FOR CLARITY (1) For those readers who might have been taken in by Paul Trejo's credulous assurances from a few months ago that Harry Dean had allegedly told Paul Trejo that he (Harry) was NOT an FBI or "intelligence agency informant" but, instead, Harry was just an ordinary person who voluntarily provided unsolicited information to the FBI and/or CIA, I invite your attention to a message which I just discovered that Harry posted about himself on the DeepPoliticsForum website from last month. I bold type the pertinent portion. 6/28/17 = https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?16568-Crosstrails#.WXTSO4grKbg The 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS exposed the Coup d'etat by a church/state combine of the totalitarian 'New Americanist' scheme and it's brazen 2016 election success. Author, former member Castro Revolutionary 26 July Movement in US. and Cuba, officer of Communist front Fair Play for Cuba Committee and US. Federal Intelligence agency informant, deep involvement with JFK assassin planners, while it was all happening,1958-1965. (2) A second message by Harry was kinda interesting because it reveals what happens when someone like Paul Trejo credulously relies upon (and then quotes verbatim) whatever some fake "eyewitness" tells someone: 2/5/15 Harry Dean to Jeffrey H. Caufield. MD. https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?14617-LETTER-OF-INTEREST-to&highlight=harry+dean#.WXTNz4grKbg Hello Jeff Because of our mutual interest re: JFK case I mention just now noticing that Paul Trejo has revised the original E book. In it he has reversed major parts stated in my 1990 manuscript/book, mainly being my pro Coup D'etat statements, also a false "alleged" personal apology re: Mormon involvements with self and Birch Society people. I am now totally convinced that Trejo intended all along, to use, then shoot down and silence me on those subjects. "The Education Forum" admin. locked out that demeaning thread concerning 'Harry Dean Memoirs’ that Trejo and his subverting ally E. Lazar were instigating. In any case it is a shameful double-cross from the original verbal agreement between Trejo and I. I mention to you in great sadness the above information. Harry
  26. Fidel Castro: Reflections on the Killing Machine

  27. http://www.cuba.cu/gobierno/discursos/2007/ing/f300607i.html
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