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  2. more than one looks strange.... well done Chris... do you suppose this corroborates Truly's testimony, cause we could use some... I've found no one who says the same thing or any images of the turn itself... Hughes is only the start of the turn? and you'd think Dorman would have seen it... of course Dorman wasn't called
  3. If you read The Secret Team, Prouty's main theme is that CIA has had its people in the military for decades, and the military has cooperated and given them ranks and postings appropriate to their operational purposes. Among other affairs, it's how Air America came off in the Vietnam War and how Ed Lansdale rose to Air Force general. I should have said this above.
  4. Actually, The true frame difference would be 33.5frames/30ft/18.3fps, as that would match the average speed of the limo using CE884 z161-z313 data. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/9975-splice-in-tina-towner-film/&do=findComment&comment=351595
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  6. Michael Best, author of the above posting, reported on Facebook today: "HUGE! In response to one my FOIA requests, CIA has agreed to waive fees and release a copy of the ORIS database, first implemented in 1991. The database was meant to include all officially acknowledged information from CIA, including FOIA releases and a lot more."
  7. btw, when I mentioned two passes, the second pass would not be a complete pass as the existing 353 frames, limit it to a fraction thereof. Myers gives us the 33 frames via the Towner fps rate. All we need is a confirmation via a different avenue: 353/1275 = .276 - .25 (difference in whole frames) = .026 x 1275 = 33.15
  8. http://erenow.com/modern/the-devils-chessboard-allen-dulles-the-cia/18.html Mark Wyatt was attending a meeting at the Gladio base in Sardinia with Bill Harvey when he heard that President Kennedy had been shot at high noon in Dallas. When the telex arrived, in the early evening local time, Wyatt found Harvey collapsed in bed, following a late-afternoon round of martinis. After Wyatt managed to rouse him, the CIA station chief blurted out some provocative remarks about the events in Dallas that deeply disturbed Wyatt for the rest of his life. According to his three children, Wyatt, who died in 2006, at eighty-six, would always suspect that Harvey had some prior knowledge of the Kennedy assassination or was in some way involved. ---- a bit further down I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Harvey was in Dallas in November 1963,” House Assassinations Committee investigator Dan Hardway, who was assigned by the panel to probe possible CIA connections to JFK’s murder, observed years later. “We considered Harvey to be one of our prime suspects from the very start. He had all the key connections—to organized crime, to the CIA station in Miami where the plots against Castro were run, to other prime CIA suspects like David Phillips. We tried to get Harvey’s travel vouchers and security file from the CIA, but they always blocked us. But we did come across a lot of memos that suggested he was traveling a lot in the months leading up to the assassination.” (More recent legal efforts by the author to obtain Harvey’s travel records from the CIA also proved fruitless, despite the 1992 JFK Records Act, which required all federal agencies to release documents related to the Kennedy assassination.)
  9. I have Wilderness of Mirrors at home.... been a while since I read it but will take a look to see if there's anything about Harvey, Dallas and 11/22. Interesting book btw... about Angleton and Harvey.
  10. Again, thanks for the kind words... Bill was very helpful identifying the players... we emailed while I was working on this back in 2015 and keep in contact from time to time... I read his work enthusiastically - downloading State Secret before many even knew about it... Since so few have taken the time to look at every day OTHER than Sept 25 - Oct 3, Bill's work digs so deep into the CIA, FBI, etc... that the trip itself is usually overlooked. Here is one of the last replies related to my Work.... As you delve into the other 4 papers I address each and every attempt to ID Oswald on these buses - the cornerstones to the FBI's MC trip story... "Here's Hoover in Feb. 64 talking about how even with extra men, every lead in Mexico City fizzles out. At some point, you might consider a chrono of similar statements. Bill https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=62477&relPageId=25
  11. According to Seth Kantor's book "The Ruby Cover-Up", Thomas Davis was contacted by Jack Ruby in an attempt to sell jeeps to Cuba. It also says that he was involved in training anti-Castro Cubans in Florida. Do we have more information about this? Who did he work with in Florida? The name "Davis" (without a first name) also appears in John Newman's book "Oswald and the CIA". This "Davis" is member of the "30th of November group". Could the two be one and the some person? In Kantor's book we also learn that Davis was arrested in Algeria because he was suspected of being involved in assassination attempts against de Gaulle. This I find highly interesting. Does anyone know more about this?
  12. That's a fascinating scenario David, has Simpich gone though all your material. Putting it in sequence like that is excellent, I don't have time to go though all four parts right now but it's certainly looking persuasive. The thought of the CIA doing one operation in MC built around Oswald, of it possibly being compromised and to an extent stolen and then for the FBI to be using Oswald for their very own tasks in Texas. Neither would be a problem at the time but as of Nov. 23...talk about karma, irony, whatever you want to call it. I certainly hope to take a look at the full thing soon and would love to see Bill's assessment.
  13. Thanks for the kind words Eddy... That was part 1... only 4 more parts for you to go... There is no doubt that "an Oswald" could have been flown into Mexico by "Ferrie" for example. Yet we understand that Goodpasture conjures up Oswald on Oct 8th for reasons OTHER than the photo of the man, or the voice of the man was Oswald. All the proof that tries to put Oswald with Duran actually conflicts rather than supports him being there. My POV was that the FBI is forced to cover for the CIA due to Oswald being on a FBI mission at the time. The CIA put Oswald down there with the Oct 10 memo to FBI/State/Navy. Hoover ultimately tells LBJ "there was a second man down there using his name" rather than "Our Oswald was not there". It is my POV that Hoover covers for the CIA here to cover his own skin. IF I am right and Oswald was at Odio's as I suspect... Hoover's FBI had to cover for them after Nov 22nd otherwise an FBI asset is connected to the JFK assassination. Hoover would not allow that... so with the help of an amazing asset, they create, then recreate the evidence getting Oswald from here to there.... Don't you suppose if anyone wanted a paper trail for Oswald going to MC all they'd need is a bus ticket. lol So one question is whether or not Oswald and Mexico City really had anything to do with each other.... I think the person OSWALD had little if anything to do with OSWALD the man GOODPASTURE created...
  14. Hi David , I thought your writing on the Mexico travel story was fantastic and persuaded me the official story was concocted. I am not persuaded yet that Oswald didn't go to MC. If the 'Poor man Oswald' is replaced with the 'CIA supported Oswald' I don't think rapid travel from MC to the Dallas area is inconceivable , even in the 60's?
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/may/23/ex-cia-chief-john-brennan-concerns-russian-ties-trump-team
  16. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/23/magazine/jared-kushners-other-real-estate-empire.html
  17. Trump Budget Based on $2 Trillion Math Error http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/05/trump-budget-based-on-usd2-trillion-math-error.html?mid=facebook_nymag
  18. Larry, That's actually a composite of 4 or 5 documents showing the FBI search for Oswald after the fact... IMO Hoover knew Oswald was not there, but for some reason covered the CIA's butt. Not sure if you've taken the time to read thru the 6 chapters I did on the Mexico City Travel evidence at CTKA/Kings.... https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/mexico-city-part-2-the-trip-down-part-1 From what I can tell, no on e has looked at the travel as opposed to the time in MC. There are thousands of docs spread out all over the WCDocs with no rhyme or reason. So I organized them. The first thing I did for this writing project was to acquire the documents and put them in chronological order... Who knew what , when and how. What I found was that all the evidence the FBI finally used to place Oswald here or there was funneled thru one man in Mexico City... the #2 man at Gobernacion had his hands on virtually everything... with comments by those who were aware that he added notes and made changes to the FM-11 (master list of Tourist Visas from the border) Everything the FBI got were COPIES of items from this man... he is even the source for the ARTURO BOSCH altered FRONTERA bus manifest which he changed to match the needed departure date and time. Under Hoover's signature, this "accepted evidence for how Oswald left MC was later found to not work with the bus schedule and Oswald being in Dallas on Oct 3. This is just the tip of the iceberg Larry... the FBI was very detailed in their charade here... the physical evidence does come from the locations offered... just not related to a man named Oswald. (The McFarlands and the Australian girls are provable plants used to place Oswald on a bus and nothing more. I can only suggest you wade thru the work I did... The FBI's story falls apart with the same gusto is was cobbled together Cheers DJ WCD 78 p1 tells us that by Nov 23th the FBI had information that the Mexican Officials were able to find and relay information from the “official records” of the Mexican Government which they had been alerted to no later than the early morning of Nov 23rd. A few pages later the FBI tells us that according to their Mexican confidential sources, Oswald was on the Transportes Frontera bus #340 leaving at 1pm Oct 2nd. This information not only turns out to be wrong but specifically created by a Mexican Presidential Staff Official Arturo Bosch in front of the bus line personnel. (Part 3 will delve deeper into the evidence related to Mr. Bosch)
  19. 33 frames? and Z starts at 100 + 33? And it's SPECTER who insists that POSITION A is somehow involved... Mr. SPECTER. Were you able to ascertain the speed of the Presidential limousine at the time of the assassination? Mr. SHANEYFELT. Yes; because we were able to determine the speed of the camera, and thereby accurately determine the length of time it takes for a specific number of frames to run through the camera at this 18.3 frames per second, and having located these frame positions in the street, we took the farthest distance point we had in the Zapruder film which was frame 161 through frame 313. Mr. SHANEYFELT. The first position we established that morning was frame 161. Mr. SPECTER. Was there not a position established prior in sequence to frame 161, specifically that designated as position A? Mr. SHANEYFELT. That was actually established later. But the first one to be actually located was 161. And we went back later and positioned point A. Mr. SPECTER. Well, let's start with the position which is the most easterly point on Elm Street, which I believe would be position A, would it not? Mr. SHANEYFELT. Yes. Mr. SHANEYFELT. This is an album that I prepared of black and white photographs made of the majority of the frames in the Zapruder film---- Mr. SPECTER. Starting with what frame number? Mr. SHANEYFELT. Starting with frame 171, going through frame 334. Mr. SPECTER. And why did you start with frame 171? Mr. SHANEYFELT. This is the frame that the slides start from. This was an arbitrary frame number that was decided on as being far enough back to include the area that we wanted to study. I find it interesting that they did all they could to exclude info prior to z161 (which was originally z168 and changed for CE884) yet still insist on discussing the significance of POS A. Mr. SPECTER. Was there any prior position, that is a position before position A, where the marksman from the sixth floor could have fired the weapon and have struck the President at the known point of entry at the base of the back of his neck? Mr. SHANEYFELT. No; because as the car moves back, you lose sight of the chalk mark on the back of his coat. Mr. SPECTER. So that would be the first position where the marksman could focus in on the circled point where the point of entry on the President was marked? Mr. SHANEYFELT. That is correct. That is simply not true at all. Bottom left... roll the limo back, you don't lose sight of anything while the "chalk mark" on the coat rises... a simple movement of the rifle adjusts for that... so why Shaneyfelt would claim what he does here, and relate it back to the window - when according to Shaneyfelt the limo was never at Position A. Any thoughts on why all the effort, images and explanations related to this spot the limo had never supposedly driven thru... unless you listen to TRULY. Mr. SHANEYFELT. This shows the photograph that was made from the point where Zapruder was standing looking toward the car, and is a point that we have designated as position A because it is in a position that did not appear on the Zapruder film The Zapruder film does not start until the car gets farther down Elm Street. It takes 81 frames for the motorcycle prior to 133 to disappear into that TSBD/Elm street corner and reemerge.... The motorcycle in a few frames is in the exact same spot as Position A. Here is that bike with Pos A for the stand-in limo behind it... When you click frame by frame on TOWNER... during and just after that turn it appears to me that the limo is moving sideways, not rolling forward, but that may be an illusion of the perspective. Somehow from that spot, the limo gets to z133. Both the Towner and Z films are altered to remove that turn
  20. Hi: I have been meaning to make this post for a little while. There have been papers in recent years about the toxic effects of the fluorine ion, and how it induces programmed cell death. When I read that, it took me back to the first fluoride book that I ever read, titled Fluoride and the Aging Factor. When I make my essay update, Nick Lane’s latest book will be prominent. It also deals with programmed cell death and aging. Lane’s hypothesis is that when free radical production reaches a certain threshold, it induces programmed cell death. Those cells that are highly specialized and can’t easily reproduce, such as muscle and nerve cells, die off from programmed cell death and fewer such cells are left to perform the body’s tasks, which leads to stress on the remaining ones and eventually leads to organism failure, also known as death. The cells that easily reproduce, however, can go the other way with programmed cell death and overproduce, and then the organism gets cancer and other diseases, also leading to death. The fluorine ion is like sand in the gears of many cellular processes, and when a cell’s processes are damaged enough, programmed cell death occurs. So, purposely introducing a highly toxic industrial waste into the water supply and calling it medicine is not only insane, but the alleged health benefits likely don’t exist at all. At best, fluoridation is an incredibly blunt instrument that does far more damage than any good, if any good at all. This is a prelude to discussing a scientific paper recently published on the health effects of vaccination, on two populations of home-schooled children: those who were vaccinated and those who weren’t. I guess to aspire to scientific credibility, it began with the dubious statement of how many lives have been saved by vaccination, but let’s assume for a moment that it is true (and as you know, I have my doubts). The paper then goes on to show the stark differences in health conditions between the two populations. Unvaccinated children were several times more likely to get chicken pox, rubella or pertussis (harmless childhood diseases that appear to be key immune system development events), but vaccinated children were several times more likely to get pneumonia, inner ear infections, and autism spectrum disorders, and they were 20-30 times more likely to have allergies. Those findings align with what I have read about vaccinations for many years. Vaccinations are a violent insult to the body, which consequently damages the immune system, leading to immune system failures, which often manifest as chronic conditions such as infections, allergies, and neurological conditions, and later in life, diseases such as cancer. What an incredibly blunt instrument that likely does far more harm than good. But, as with fluoridation, it is a financial windfall for various vested interests. I have even seen vaccination named as part of a “vertical integration” strategy, as it ensures unhealthy children who will then use medical racket services for their entire lives. The current orthodox paradigms for understanding disease are likely woefully deficient. As Seth once said, modern “medicine” causes as much disease as it “cures.” Best, Wade
  21. hi Paul thanks for taking time to read the article. Just to clarify: I believe Michael Paine's 1993 claim that he had been shown a backyard photo by Oswald in April 1963 severely compromises his WC testimony based on Paine's painstaking detail in describing handling the blanket later alleged to have held the assassination rifle and presuming it instead held camping equipment. The backyard photos portray a figure not just holding but rather brandishing and exhibiting leftist political literature and firearms, which in the context of conservative America (Dallas) in 1963 is a provocative gesture which Michael Paine would have presumably been savvy to. That he would not have informed his wife about this, or suspected more than camping equipment when handling the blanket some months later is hard to believe.
  22. Bumping this thread to generate more comments on Bill Harvey and David Morales.
  23. Jeffrey Would you buy ex-CIA agent and CIA agent on loan as the organizers? The plotters were helped tremendously by the arrest of Oswald within an hour to an hour and a half of the assassination. You can thank Phillips for that. The arrest was crucial since it gave the plotters time to get the cover-up mechanism in motion. Then the CIA and FBI did their cover up magic and the public was pacified. The troops were a contingency and it turned out they weren't needed. Many people inside the government knew`Kennedy would be hit but they didn't know who was planning the hit. They had heard rumors. But they kept their mouth shut and waited. In that respect they were complicit and I think that is what upset Proutty. So in that aspect you're right it was`all hands on deck. But I disagree when you write it was not a talented few. It was. Two people doing the planning with little or no help from other government agencies. I believe two other people were instrumental in the plot. That means only four people knew who planned and executed the assassination. Only four people, sworn to secrecy all these years, and all four are dead. That is the main reason the case`has been so difficult to crack.
  24. She doesn't have to be interested in JFK to be a member here.
  25. I have been reading posts on the Education Forum for the past two or three years, and have, at times, wanted to post questions and comments. I am a private practice psychiatrist in Denver, Colorado-- a graduate of Brown University, magna cum laude (1979) and Harvard Medical School (1983.) I have been affiliated with the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center since 1983. In recent years, my main interest has been in European and American history, WWII, U.S. Deep State history, JFK's assassination, and the 9/11 Truth movement. I am a published author of a psychiatric monograph, called The Cobad Syndrome.
  26. . Just to flesh out some of these characters to those who may have never seen them.In the Frontline documentary "Who was Lee Harvey Oswald" which was spotty,had good witnesses and bad with motives to deceive, the case is made for Oswald visiting MC, and chronicling what he did. Starting around 1:40, it starts the speculation when you have Anthony Summers interviewing the Odio's about the visit, then a segment with Posner questioning the time of the visit. At 1:44 you have the accounts of the Australian women, Patricia Winston who claim to have seen Oswald on the bus.1:46 interview with Sylvia Duran,146:50 interview with the 3 KGB agents who claimed to have seen Oswald(.Nechorporenko,and Kostikov.) 1:50 you have Helms repudiating Win Scott's alleged pictures.Scott produces tapes to authorities scratchy and unclear. The 3 KGB agents and Duran repudiate fake photo of Oswald entering embassy, and reaffirm that who they saw was Oswald. The segment ends around 1:55. https://youtu.be/-cLvrkqZxdc
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