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  2. 201 File - Help needed

    As Jim says, a 201 is a basic personality file - created for any individual of interest to the CIA. Here is an example: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/BOJADJIEW, IWAN_0007.pdf
  3. 201 File - Help needed

    Paz: From what I have garnered, a 201 file is really an information file of someone who is of interest to the CIA. It is a very common file, one of the most common in the CIA. Almost everyone of interest has a 201 file. But that does not mean they are an agent.
  4. Lee Henry Oswald

    "I remember Duran saying she thought the man they saw was short - I remember Azuce saying he was wearing a blue Prince of Wales suit. Is that the kind of suit Leonov was wearing?" -- Simpich In 1978, Duran implied that "Oswald" (or "Invisible Oswald," if no one at all impersonated Oswald face-to-face on Friday, September 27) was real short when she said that he was about the same height as her (she was 5' 3.5"). She also said that he was blond-haired. In 193, she told DFS agents that the dude had blue eyes. (Leonov, whom I believe is still alive, has blue eyes.) As you know, Azcue described him as being about 30 years old, as wearing a Prince of Wales suit that was basically blue with some "reddish" in it," as having blond or dark-blond hair, and as having a very thin face. As you know, Leonov was at that time a suit-wearing, thirty year-old, very short (5' 7"), thin (see photo, below), blond-haired, very thin-faced KGB colonel with "Third Secretary" diplomatic cover in Mexico City. A "Prince of Wales" suit is all about the distinctive, small-check pattern of the jacket, not the cut of the jacket per se. Can you prove from those two lousy, not-very-close-in CIA photos that Leonov wasn't wearing a jacket with small checks and wide-spaced, narrow, reddish "highlight" stripes on October 2, 1963, Bill? Note: Prince of Wales jackets often have "highlight" stripes in them that are of a different color than the basic color of the jacket. Here's Azcue's HSCA testimony: Mr. PREYER. Well, in the photographs on the application, and also in the passport, Oswald appears to have on a tie and a sweater. How was he dressed when he came to the Embassy, to the consulate? Senor AZCUE. I always imagine him or visualize him as wearing a suit, coat and pants, trousers, with a pattern of crossed lines, not very clear design. Blue, some reddish. I never conceived of him or visualized him wearing a light sweater. When I saw this photograph in April of this year, I also noticed that the clothing he was wearing was not the same. Mr. PREYER. So that the clothing he was wearing in the photographs was not similar to that which he was wearing when he actually visited you in the Embassy. Senor AZCUE. I am almost in a position to assure that. Mr. PREYER. When he returned with the photographs and with his application, visa application form, and his passport pictures, would you have looked at the pictures on the visa application and on the passport? Senor AZCUE. No, I did not see the photograph, nor did I witness the preparation of the form. I did not see the photograph at that time. I only saw this photograph last April, when they came to Cuba. Mr. PREYER. So that at the time of processing his visa and the passport, you never looked at the photographs, you never compared them with the Man standing before you. Senor AZCUE. No, I was never present during the preparation of this form nor of the affixing of the photograph. (The applications were signed by the new consul, Miribal, whom Leonov was still training.) -- Tommy
  5. Lee Henry Oswald

    Why would thin, 5' 7", blond, blue-eyed, very thin faced, 30 year-old KGB officer Nikolai Leonov be used by James Jesus Angleton in the impersonation of Oswald... ************* Why indeed? I don't know of any evidence that Angleton used anyone to impersonate Oswald. The fact that Leonov was leaving the Soviet consulate on October 2 was picked up by CBS reporter Ed Rabel as a possible Oswald impersonator. The time is linked with the date that Goodpasture was hiding as the sighting of the Mystery Man ...but Goodpasture switched the date of October 2 with October 1 in an attempt to artificially glue together the Oswald phone call of October 1 with the Mystery Man sighting of October 2. I see no evidence that the sighting of Leonov was anything more than coincidental. which impersonation you believe was used to create a molehunt... ************* Nope - neither the sighting of the Mystery Man or Leonov led to the creation of a molehunt, in my opinion. I believe that what led to the molehunt was the phone calls of "Oswald and Duran" on Sept. 28 and a follow-up phone call by "Oswald" on October 1. which fake molehunt, in turn, became a "poison pill" for all those who were involved in the paper trail involving Oswald? ************** I don't believe that the molehunt was fake. I believe that the molehunt was real. As Morley lays out in the Ghost, numerous CIA agents and informants were fluttered during October 1963, after the alleged visit of Oswald. Or (as I believe may have been possible) did somebody force Azcue and Duran to describe, in their 1978 HSCA testimonies, the invisible 9/27/63 impostor in such a way as to implicate KGB-boy Leonov? ************** I remember Duran saying she thought the man they saw was short - I remember Azuce saying he was wearing a blue Prince of Wales suit. Is that the kind of suit Leonov was wearing? What is your theory about why somebody would coerce anybody to say Leonov was impersonating Oswald? I follow the shortest path - someone impersonated Oswald in order to make everyone who handled Oswald look guilty and increase the number of 1) suspects and/or 2) blame for JFK's death. That's the coercion that I see. If so, could the person who did the abovementioned coercing have been ... (gulp) ... Fidel Castro? ************** My belief is that Castro was the focus of numerous assassination attempts - and that he was in the midst of negotiations with JFK for rapproachement. Castro and Angleton got hung out to dry just like Oswald did. The only difference is that Angleton had something to hide - his surveillance of Oswald since 1959.
  6. 201 File - Help needed

    Not necessarily. Could just be a person of possible future operational interest.
  7. New Book!

    HUH? (1) I never heard of you before April 2012. We had no contacts of any kind whatsoever before you replied to my first message here in EF in June 2010. BTW--your FIRST message to me was dated April 2, 2012 (see page 10 of Harry Dean Memoirs thread). (2) I never posted ANY message online about Harry until AFTER I was contacted by several individuals who had seen Harry's comments here on EF and they asked me for my evaluation of his "recollections". My first message re: Harry was posted here June 8, 2010. (3) So what are you referring to as "BEFORE YOU JOINED THE FORUM" ?? (4) In the Hargis article comments section, YOU made these comments about me on October 13, 2013 Ernie, First I should clarify that I respect your research, and that I believe you are raising excellent questions. As I’ve already admitted, you make some excellent points (5) You constantly speak out of both sides of your mouth AND, more often than not, your comments are 100% falsehoods.
  8. 201 File - Help needed

    Please, I need your help. Thanks in advance. If a CIA document states that news about someone are inside a 201-XXXXXX file, where XXXXXX stands for whatever number, does this mean that that someone is CIA agent?
  9. New Book!

    Ernie, IIRC, this was BEFORE you joined the Forum. In my opinion, for some bizarre reason, you chose to come to this Forum with the express purpose of persecuting Harry Dean. My defense of Harry Dean has occupied your time for YEARS. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  10. How the Washington Post Missed the Biggest Watergate Story of All

    Which one is the biggest?
  11. How the Washington Post Missed the Biggest Watergate Story of All

    But this wasn't the biggest Watergate story of all.
  12. How the Washington Post Missed the Biggest Watergate Story of All https://consortiumnews.com/2018/02/20/how-the-washington-post-missed-the-biggest-watergate-story-of-all/
  13. Once again, I suggest to any lurkers wondering about all this that they JUST get themselves a copy of the February 21, 1964 edition of LIFE magazine. The remarkably good photo of LEE Oswald taken by Ed Voebel is shown on pp. 70-71 of the magazine. You don't even need a magnifying glass to see Oswald's missing tooth/teeth. Don't just believe or disbelieve me, but by all means, look for yourself! Then read the sworn testimony of Ed Voebel, the kid who took the picture; the kid who watched the entire fight and described it in great detail during his testimony; the same kid who testified that he thought Oswald lost a tooth in the fight. How do we know Voebel was right and Greg Parker is wrong? JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURE! It's that simple.
  14. Yesterday
  15. James Jesus Angleton

    Brainwashed, "I Pretty Much Hate America" Group Think: James Jesus Angleton was the mastermind of the assassination and/or the cover up. LOL -- Tommy PS Keep it up, Josephs, and maybe, just maybe you can get your you-know-what kicked off the forum, again!
  16. James Jesus Angleton

    Oh Tommy... your inferiority complex is showing signs of expansion... e.g. you bump the thread yet you had zero to add or offer.... as usual.
  17. The KGB and the JFK case

    David "Miles Scull" Josephs,, With all due respect (which ain't much), with Duran's being five foot three and one-half, and Leonov's being a very short five-seven (five-seven is very short, no?), don't you think it's within the realm of possibility that she would describe Leonov as being "about the same height" as her? Or do you really think that your evil, evil, evil CIA sent a blond-haired, blue-eyed, very thin-faced, 30-something guy who was only 5' 4" or 5' 5" down to Mexico City to impersonate 5' 9.5" Lee Harvey Oswald? Okay, how about 5' 6"? 5' 6.5? -- Tommy PS The reason I mentioned the 199 pounds, Josephs, was to show just how far Duran was willing to go in her 1978 prevarications. D'oh PPS "It's also very possible the entire episode was made up. The visa application is a plant, as are the photos... she can't say where she sent the man for photos, something she does as part of her job on a weekly basis..." I agree, Josephs. But I'm willing to see it as a Castro set-up, with the intention of fulfilling two goals: Kill Kennedy, and make it look as though both the CIA and KGB were involved. Whereas you'd rather see it as exclusively an evil, evil, evil CIA deal, no?
  18. Shooter Location

    And, to reintroduce the acoustics again for this physical location: (z313) 144.9 - 139.2 = 5.7 sec x 18.3fps = 104.31 frames 313 - 104.31 = z208.69 That's a match with the back shot from the previous postings.
  19. James Jesus Angleton

    David, With all due respect (which ain't much), what makes you think anyone cares about your opinion, least of all me? -- Tommy
  20. Shooter Location

  21. Shooter Location

    Which means, by the time they switched paths, the 162.34ft base distance synced with Shaneyfelt plotted z208. This, by no coincidence is where we have a splice in the extant zfilm.
  22. James Jesus Angleton

    You're welcome... Hopefully now it's worth the read... I'll let you know
  23. The KGB and the JFK case

    WITH HER Oswald BEING ABOUT 5'3" and Leonov at 5'7" I guess your little theory is done... With her Oswald at 199 lbs according to your crack interpretations, your LEONOV theory now sounds quite foolish. Unless you somehow understand that the man described was not 199 lbs... but proportionate to his height, yet on the skinny side, compared to Lopez. It's also very possible the entire episode was made up. The visa application is a plant, as are the photos... she can't say where se sent the man for photos, something she does as part of her job on a weekly basis... Yes, lies. more than I think you are even willing to see and accept... And really tommy, I lost respect for you years ago... I check what you post now, as every once in a while you post something pithy and worth a chuckle... but for the most part, your command of the info and the implications is... love and kisses...
  24. The KGB and the JFK case

    Very, very, very few
  25. The best is what Jim DiEugenio suggested in another similar thread: go to a dentist without saying it's related to JFK
  26. The KGB and the JFK case

    Tommy, In case you did not notice, I have taken David'a advice. I don't take you seriously anymore. And I think few people on this board do. I have explained why on several occasions. You ignore them. Fine.
  27. Di Maio is a dyed in the wool WC defender. Please be warned.
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