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  2. Records Release

    Re; JFK assassination records release 26 October 2017 expectations. The "New Americanist" scheme 22 November 1963 moved quickly to consolidate and hold perpetual power over a bewildered government and a confused nation. " Who then can be tried or convicted when the guilty control, all legal and moral judgments, and dictate their own version of history". CROSSTRAILS 1990, Pg 23 Chap. 2
  3. Stephanie Goldberg

    Oh, that I had some brilliant, original theory, but I'm one of those people still searching for the truth. Short version - I don't think Lee Harvey Oswald shot anybody that day. I do believe there was a conspiracy that has yet to be fully acknowledged. Lately I've been making a point to read all of the stuff that says just the opposite of that. Partly because in a debate, you need to know the other side of the argument as well as your own. Mostly because I want to make sure I haven't been so devoted to my own POV that I missed something like a giant elephant standing right in front of me.
  4. DVP's New Master Video/Audio Index

    JFK'S SPEECH AT THE YOUNG DEMOCRATS CONVENTION IN MIAMI, FLORIDA (DEC. 7, 1961) BASEBALL GAME: JUNE 14, 1965 (10 innings of no-hit ball by the Reds' Jim Maloney---and he loses!)(It *must* be a conspiracy!)
  5. I studied the Palmer McBride incident and I agree with Palmer. He had to change his story because Lifton showed him that he couldn't possibly be right. There'd have to be TWO Oswalds for him to be right, after all. Palmer changed his story back after he gave it more thought and used more memory "landmarks" to get the year right. PLUS there is corroboration for what he remembers. That's just like the case of several Parkland doctors changing their stories when they were shown that autopsy photo, which shows no blowout in the back of the head. Before that, nearly every medical professional there (about 20 of them) claimed there was a blowout wound on the back of the head. As for the sweetheart remark, you're aware of that only because Jim Hargrove posted it. Read the story here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.conspiracy.jfk/cifnFZW_bnw Sweetheart is a term of endearment. Some people are very guarded in their use of these terms and some are not. My grandmother called everybody sweety. (Well, everybody she liked.) Big deal. If it were something shameful, Jim wouldn't have posted it. Sweetheart also means "a particularly lovable or pleasing person or thing." For example, "she's a real sweetheart."
  6. Cheese

    Really funny Kathy.
  7. Even though he predicted the JFK assassination in advance, very little has been written about Dinkin. Especially as opposed to Rose Cheramie and Richard Case Nagell. Ronald Redmon's article is probably the most through treatment we have of his case now. And we include some documents at the end. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/eugene-dinkin-the-saga-of-an-unsung-hero
  8. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason - you are seriously uneducated about US history. and btw, Mason is very interesting, especially in regards to the missing armory weapons. But your posts while interesting, are only a part of the story. Like Trejo, you turn a blind eye to the rest, and ignore, painfully, all the incredible work that has gone before you.
  9. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Sandy, Armstrong called one witness "sweetheart" and Palmer McBride "magically" changed his tune after talking to Armstrong. So call it what you want, he influences them instead of asking objective "journalist" style questions and letting them speak. Of course, Armstrong took McBride to a convention and made a "star" out of him and that is using improper influence IMO. You can read the transcript of the Lifton-McBride interview to see an example of how a witness should be questioned. As far as LHO's trip to the dentist, the point is there is no documentation. It is another witness statement out of many that Armstrong supporters use to make their case in place of the unequivocal scientific evidence.
  10. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, All the Racist and knob headed rightist factions in Texas and the south did is create noise to obscure the plot before, and leave a dusty trail behind , after the assassination. Your documents prove that over and over again.Oh yeah, they murdered a bunch of journalists an others who were unfortunate enough to know something of the truth, and were courageous enough to speak the truth.
  11. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, you have moved-on to, just like Paul Trejo, making bogus claims of fact, cherry-picking, as much as is necessary, and beyond, to bail out your bogus theory. Trejo claims that CIA operatives and agents, including E. Howard Hunt did-it. He just claims that they weren't on the clock at 12:30 PM on 11-22-63; it's absurd. Hunt was William Buckley Jr.s boss when they were both CIA and worked in Mexico City. Buckley was The Godfather to Hunts Children. Buckley was a founding member of the Young Republicans For Freedom, the Radical Right group who were the young Turks of the Eastern Establishment. They orchestrated the assassination.
  12. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I've been thinking a good analogy might be that the exact same characters and mindset we see in Selma, Alabama or Bogalusa, Louisiana, or Jackson, Mississippi are in place in Dallas in 1963. The big difference is that the other guys are largely poor backwards rednecks with little power and influence, while the boys in Dallas found themselves on a pile of money and power beyond their experience. In short, a bunch of southern good ole boy rednecks got lucky by moving to Dallas in the 20s or 30s and found themselves of almost equal power to the elite of Chicago or LA. In any case, they were as rich or richer than the elite of more traditional power centers, it seems. Thoughts? Roger, here's some more Dallas evidence to chew on. If one reads the FBI internal communications consecutively for any period (a week a month a year), it's clear where their top efforts are focused during the fall of 63. ...men like John Masen. 1. He's almost completely off the radar because even creative fantasy cannot connect him to the CIA. But on a very important date who does Hoover look for ? John Masen. A Dallas gun dealer. 2. This is an interesting person and date and crime, don't you think? John Masen - interesting guy. 3. ...and how fascinating it is that the man John Masen, arrested in Dallas with automatic weapons crimes in November of 63, wanted by Hoover on 22 November, in turn is shown as a suspected pal with none other than General Edwin Walker:
  13. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason You said ... "Joannides cared about one thing only - Cuba - which is almost totally irrelevant to the assassination. He hid the names of etc.etc.etc. ........ the massive Cuban fiasco." How do you know what Joannides cared about? And how much room is there between almost totally irrelevant and totally irrelevant? Is this speculation or do you have documentation? Reading your posts and reading Paul's you are getting a lot like Paul. When you first started posting you seemed so level headed but now you're Paul's alter ego.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    The president of the United States, John F Kennedy, authorized the CIA in Saigon to explore regime change up to and including the assassination of Diem. Diem's ouster is well documented - like all CIA operations. There is zero evidence in the entire history of mankind of a CIA unilateral operation, nor some massive conspiracy of the "East Coast Establishment," acting contrary to the legal authorizations of an elected president. Nor can the Diem removal sustain any parallel to the JFK assassination because the CIA-did-it crowd claims the CIA produces no evidence whatsoever in covert operations - despite the fact that Diem's death, Guatemala, Mosaddegh, and every other CIA production great and small is documented ad infinitum to an historical certainty. Jason
  16. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Mathias, The HSCA was not sabotaged. Read the 2017 released documents. Everything's there. Joannides cared about one thing only - Cuba - which is almost totally irrelevant to the assassination. He hid the names of still-living Cubans whose lives were at risk if exposed, and hid the operational details which in turn could imply the names of those involved. There was a little bit more he hid in Europe and Asia, but always related to Cuban diplomats or Cuban exiles or CIA operatives there who had previously been in on the massive Cuban fiasco. The Cuban crap is a complete sideshow to the assassination. What Joannides hid is largely available at the Mary Ferrell site, and unless you are interested in information like the names of Cuban diplomats in Russia on the CIA payroll in 1963 you will find nothing useful. LOTS and lots more in previously redacted HSCA materials newly released in 2017 are in fact very useful to the assassination researcher - not that I expect many here to actually do research and read it. It is easier to have the CT industry tell you what you want to hear is in the newly released files. {not you personally, Mathias, just "you" as in the general 3rd person} regards, Jason
  17. Key Documents to Stay Concealed?

    Trump will make a deal with the CIA whereby the CIA won't release all the documents in exchange for favors from the CIA. Just like Trump will forgive Puerto Rico's debt and not allow FEMA and the government to rebuild Puerto Rico in exchange for relocation of Puerto Ricans to US, US banks (real estate offices) buy Puerto Rican land at cheap prices and develop the land for tourism (that is how the US banks recover their loans). Trump of course will get his cut of land free of price and build his hotels with casinos. The banks can easily forgive their loans to Puerto Rico for the land that will give profits forever. What a country right?
  18. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason No one from the CIA, agent or contract agent, would work with the radical right to kill Kennedy simply because the radical right had no assurrance that their crime would be covered-up. No one would have their back. However in working with Dulles to kill Kennedy the rogue agents knew the CIA would have their back and do all they could to cover-up the crime and blame a patsy.
  19. First, how do we know that he didn't ask about the tooth and didn't like he answer he got? We don't and John Armstrong is not a reliable person. He coaches witnesses.... What evidence do you have that John Armstrong coaches witnesses? As with any book, there probably are some errors. I haven't seen any substantial ones. John doesn't have me doing anything for him. I just happen to agree with most everything he's written that we've discussed here. There are some authors I largely agree with and some I largely disagree with. Sure Tracy. Ed was wrong about the broken tooth. Liliian got confused and said dentist instead of doctor. And that clear photo of Lee's face has a defect right there on his tooth, making it appear to be missing. LOL "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt!" LOL
  20. That is a really interesting article with some new stuff in it Bart. The American Embassy deliberately kept up the cover up on the atrocities so they could continue and kept their extent from Sukarno also. So the perps and the embassy wore working hand in glove. Would have never happened if Kennedy had lived.
  21. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    First, how do we know that he didn't ask about the tooth and didn't like he answer he got? We don't and John Armstrong is not a reliable person. He coaches witnesses and his book is filled with errors and logical missteps. Second, no one can "take up" anything with him since he doesn't go on forums to defend himself and his nonsensical theory. Instead, he has guys like you and Hargrove do it. Finally on Lillian, IF she actually took him to a dentist, it may have been to make sure the tooth was ok. Or maybe she took him to a doctor and just forgot. If you read her testimony, she is mixed up at times.
  22. Key Documents to Stay Concealed?

    For the few here that label most of us 'CIA did it' conspiracy theorists, most especially Paul Trejo, who thinks the document dump will finally point the finger at the ultra right, you have to admit that there is something foul afoot when such key CIA people as Harvey, Hunt, Phillips, Angleton are still being protected.
  23. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Harriman and Lodge got Diem killed. The Rockefellers were their patrons. Allen Dulles had worked for the gang through Sullivan & Cromwell. Hunt, Helms and Phillips were Dulles' protégés. Does the Better Business Bureau boast such a lineage?
  24. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Armstrong's pulling his hair out again! "Jimbo!!! Get yourself down here right this minute and rescue Larsen!!! Who left him on his own???" Ever heard of David Icke Sandy? Have a look on his forum. They believe that JFK wasn't actually killed. No, seriously. If you like mind-bending and mind-boggling conspiracies this site is for you. I'm fascinated to know what you would make of it. Your reaction could range from..."Yes, I'm a member" to..."These people are barking mad!" Here's a taster... JFK was a subordinate to the truth, incidentally. And so higher ranking reptilians crossed out JFK because he was a vehicle for an entity that led him to powers of control that was contested by the reptilian overseers. These overseers found his power or enlightenment to be too engaging with the public or rather they failed to see some sort of potential in JFK and had to correct their error.
  25. I just did... Oswald's aunt. If I named another, you ask me to name yet one more. I'm done.
  26. Oh crumbs! Please stop this... 'Lee' has been, and is right now, the focus of YOUR (H&L) investigation. It is YOU I am asking to give me testimony that backs up 'Lee' having a missing tooth. I can only quote testimony that was given. It's a shame John Armstrong didn't ask Lee's acquaintances about the tooth. I suspect he didn't realize at the time the significance. Or maybe he was satisfied with the testimony that we do have. You'll have to take this up with him. I'm satisfied with the two witnesses and the photo. The tooth was gone.
  27. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Yes we all know about this incident because the ENTIRE "tooth missing" story derives from this one event. So now you are confident that 'Lee' had a missing tooth based on one witness testimony who apparently "thought" the tooth pierced the lip while being knocked out. (Wouldn't it need to be attached to pierce something??) Other than that there is a grainy B&W photo and a bit of hearsay. That's it! But if you are so confident... Name me just one more person who could corroborate this? Have you even looked?
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