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  2. New Article by John Armstrong

    Speak for yourself LOL
  3. http://mashable.com/2017/12/07/net-neutrality-digital-activism-free-speech/#6WLKZJgFwiql
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  5. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    Street elevation determined for shot approx 4ft short of Station# 5+00 = 416.83 Street elevation of sewer approx 414.20 Difference of 2.63ft Determined height of JFK’s (top of head) at extant z313 = 3.27ft above the pavement. 2.63 + 3.27 = 5.9ft Distance from sewer to JFK’s ( position in limo) at elevation 416.83 = 51ft
  6. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    A wider opening. Yes, I do have one. Nowhere near 1963. But, before I post it, take into consideration this wall. Just the wall, disregard the cameraman's angle. The sewer side wall does not allow that same angle (at least with the frame I have). Note the previous "LOS plotted" posting.
  7. New Article by John Armstrong

    How about a 24 hour moratorium on this thread, so folks can rethink what they want to discuss, and won't be so inclined to bash, or to repost their own posts just because they think someone hasn't seen it?
  8. New Article by John Armstrong

    But the H&L crowd chooses what evidence to follow and ignores the rest.
  9. Ruby 'wanted to be a hitman' article

    I am not sure if it is Senator or not. However, the object the man is looking at certainly is the correct colour shape and size for a Minox camera https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minox. Judging by his fascination with the object it looks like Ruby has passed it to him to hold whilst he combed his hair.
  10. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    Any photos showing 1963 pavement level before the add-on, giving a much wider opening? I'm pretty sure I've seen a photo somewhere showing older and newer pavement put on top.
  11. Lee Harvey Oswald's possessions

    The two half dollar bills enigma is a very good puzzle and I’ve posted about it before. I’ve refined my solution, however, and as a favor to Steve, I won’t go on and on, page, after page, after page. This will hopefully be brief: Two sets of serial numbers on the half-bills: “38355215” and “35031413” Two sets of letters associated with these serial numbers: “F A” and “F A” Step #1: Add the two sets of numbers: 38355215 +35031413 =73386628 Step #2: Anagram the numbers in the answer above into something meaningful (and hopefully intended): “2766. 88-33” Step #3: Convert the letters “F A” and “F A” to numbers using the key at the bottom, then add those numbers together: 50 +50 =100 Step #4. Combine the “100” answer with the “2766. 88-33” answer: “100. 2766. 88-33” Step #5: Answer two questions: (1) What is the significance of 2766? (2) What is another way of expressing the number 100? (Tip: think Italian/Roman) The answers are: “C 2766” Step #6: Combine “C 2766” with the other part of the answer: “C 2766. 88-33” Step #7. Recall from my many long posts on this forum that “Historic Diary” anagrams to “Richard’s ’88’ Toy”, and that there are “88” puzzles in Oswald’s Historic Diary, “44” bracketed in quotation marks, and “44” bracketed in parentheses. The entire list of “88” can be found in my June 25, 2014 post at the link below: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/20276-the-oswald-code/?page=1 “C 2766. 88-33” Puzzle number “33” in the list of “88” (“88-33”) is: “THEY MAKE NOTES” Step #8. “THEY” is referring to the serial number “C 2766” and we now need to translate the numbers to letters: “C C H G G” “They Make Notes” You music majors out there should recognize this tune immediately. It is the theme to the most popular Italian song in the world, “O Sole Mio”, and it’s being played by the serial number of the most famous Italian rifle in the world: "C 2766" = "C C H G G" The following is for you non-music majors. Historically, most of Europe used a slightly different system for the naming of notes in the musical scale. This slightly different system is still in wide use today in Germany and many other Northern European countries. To keep this explanation simple, there's only one difference: The note many of us call “B” is called “H” in this other system. Hence. “C C H G G” is equivalent to “C C B G G”, on the piano, or whatever you have handy = “Ole Sole Mio”. Good job, Andrej. I can’t do it without being tethered to something solid off camera. Letter/Number translation key: (A=0)(B=1)(C=2)(D=3)(E=4)(F=5)(G=6)(H=7)(I=8)(J=9)(K=10)(L=11)(M=12)(N=13)(O=14)(P=15)(Q=16)(R=17)(S=18)(T=19)(U=20)(V=21)(W=22)(X=23)(Y=24)(Z=25) Footnote #1: In the anagram of “Historic Diary”, “Richard’s ’88’ Toy”, the “Richard” person is “Richard Nagell” (the word “ROMAN” anagrams to “A RN MO”). Footnote #2: The ubiquitous "MC" is also a Roman Numeral. It's "Eleven Hundred". Have at it!
  12. Ruby 'wanted to be a hitman' article

    It does look like Senator to me. http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKsenator.htm I don't know about the Minox camera. Were they not kind of expensive for the general public. Isn't that why some have questioned why Oswald had one as he was usually almost broke. Some have speculated his was provided by an employer for use in work assignments. The film/pictures are interesting. After looking at the link provided inside the article it does look like a Minox. I'd never seen a picture of one. It does mention them being a luxury item.
  13. New Article by John Armstrong

    Sandy, That evidence only shows that there were two boys named "Lee Harvey Oswald" at the same time in these two US cites. No supernatural powers were needed. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  14. New Article by John Armstrong

    EVERYBODY on Earth used to believe the sun revolved around the Earth. Did that make it true? No... it made those people ignorant of the truth. And if you disagreed with those people they would call you crazy. Gee, sort of like the way it is here. The parallels are striking. So go ahead and hang on to your preconceived notions. Following the evidence makes more sense to me.
  15. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    View from sewer 2004. After road paving buildup.
  16. Ruby 'wanted to be a hitman' article

    Apologies if this has been posted before but I found this short video footage of Jack Ruby from 1960 engrossing. Does anyone know who it is standing with him? Some of the comments are suggesting it is George Senator. https://flashbackdallas.com/2017/12/07/newly-discovered-footage-of-jack-ruby-1960/
  17. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    SS/FBI documentation.
  18. New Article by John Armstrong

    Not just me but many others. And I believe Tracy said that based on a poll even the uninitiated don't believe the Hardly story ever happened. So there's that as well.
  19. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    LOS plotted.
  20. New Article by John Armstrong

    Sandy to the contrary on the GEMS thread many many excellent rebuttals were posted. Well yeah, many rebuttals according to your idea of what a rebuttal is... stating one's opinion. But there was nothing substantial, for example debunking evidence for two Oswalds.
  21. New Article by John Armstrong

    Sandy to the contrary on the GEMS thread many many excellent rebuttals were posted. Team Hardly is just too committed to admitting they're right LOL
  22. New Article by John Armstrong

    In this case, I thought that he raised a good point and that is why I mentioned it. It is apparent that you are preoccupied with his work against the H&L theory. The fact is that despite your attempts to paint anyone who disagrees with the H&L theory as a WC apologist, there are many CTs who don't believe the H&L theory. Since you are so concerned with Parker, perhaps you should go over to his forum and debate him as Dr. Norwood has done. As far as his being banned here and what tactics he and his followers use, that is his business.
  23. New Article by John Armstrong

    Hi Sandy according to Team Hardly it's actually you guys who think Lee O had special powers LOL And maybe they were concocted by the CIAs version of a super secret DR X lab? LOL!!!
  24. New Article by John Armstrong

    Yes you can too Sandy. But we know better
  25. St. John Hunt's letter to Caroline Kennedy

    Obviously LBJ and Meyer couldn't have done anything themselves regards something this big and unprecedented ( even thought it up ) without the approval and creative planning and involvement of the highest power people ( above them both ) who we all know. The LBJ and Meyer did it story doesn't make sense without this larger context. LBJ likely knew about the assassination ahead of time and been instructed as to what to do when it came down. And Hunt's loyalty and that of his usual accomplices was not to LBJ and Meyer. If Hunt and his team were involved as he claimed...they sure weren't taking orders from LBJ and Meyer and Hoover. I do see a narrowed primary blame deflection to LBJ and Meyer by Hunt. Away from you know who. Was that ole covert rascal Hunt being deceptive and loyal to his brotherhood as ever until his last breath? Quite probably based on his long career history. And again, maybe Hunt was trying to get two birds in the hand with his LBJ/Meyer did it recollection. Maybe he thought that the big media guys would pay his son big bucks for the rights to this Earth shaking inside story. Giving his son and other children some extra financial means he otherwise was unable to provide for them? Another thought regards LBJ. LBJ basically lost it in his final days. And not from simple dementia. To assign him a personal psychiatrist and guard LBJ from public contact says to me that LBJ was suffering a kind of monumental guilt driven mental breakdown. To such a degree that with a little bourbon he might just start raving to whoever was close by...all the super corrupt, even murderous things he was involved in. My guess is this is the true story line with LBJ in the end. Look at David Morales in his final boozed up days...telling his friends ( bragging ) how we/they took care of that SOB Kennedy and his brother Bobby. End of life boozed up lips often tell tales. Wonder if Johnny Roselli loving Bill Harvey ever said anything while knocking down some hard shots in his final days and hours?
  26. New Article by John Armstrong

    Paul, The evidence shows that Lee Harvey Oswald attended both Beauregard Junior High School in New Orleans and Public School #44 in New York City simultaneously, during the fall semester of 1953. Do you believe that Oswald had supernatural powers? Or do you believe there were two young Oswalds, with each attending one of the classes? Please do not use Michael Walton's method of rebuttal, which would be merely stating a contrary opinion while ignoring the evidence.
  27. New Article by John Armstrong

    Multiple witnesses at the Texas Department of Public Safety License Records Department said that a Texas driver’s license in the name “Lee Harvey Oswald” was returned to their office a few days after the assassination. It was worn and stained bown, as if carried in a brown wallet. Mr. Trejo seems to believe there were more than two "Lee Harvey Oswald's" in and around Dallas in 1963, so let's see if anyone else saw the driver's license and identified it as from one of our boys. Interestingly enough, Fred Moore at the Jiffy Store in Dallas told the FBI he saw “Lee Harvey Oswald” pull a driver’s license out of his wallet when he asked for identification to sell Oswald two beers the morning of November 22, 1963. He also said that this Oswald was wearing a light colored shirt. John Armstrong is able to track the probable movements of the two Oswalds on assassination day in part by noting witness descriptions of their shirt colors; Russian-speaking Harvey Oswald in a dark shirt, American-born Lee Oswald in a light or white colored shirt. See it here: Harvey and Lee on November 22, 1963 Here’s the FBI report on Fred Moore.
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