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  2. "....LEE Oswald became friends with Ed Voebel (who was also friends with HARVEY Oswald a year earlier)...." Armstrong should have contacted Ed Voebel and asked him about his two friends, both named Lee Harvey Oswald! Is Ed Voebel still alive?
  3. Jim, Quoting the article: Pic said, "the Lee Harvey Oswald I met in November of 1962 [Thanksgiving] was not the Lee Harvey Oswald I had known 10 years previous [in New York City]." But isn't it true that the Oswald he left was Lee, and the Oswald he came back to was also Lee? And that the quote above is just referring to a change in attitude on Lee's part?
  4. You can’t just look at pictures by themselves to determine whether there were two Marguerite Oswald’s and two LHOs. You have to look at all the evidence. As one example…. According to the Warren Commission, in the fall of 1954 LEE Harvey Oswald was attending Beauregard Junior High School in New Orleans. During that time LEE rather famously got into a fight with Beauregard schoolmate Ed Voebel and probably lost a tooth. LEE’s mother, the real Marguerite Oswald, at the time was living at 1454 St. Mary's St. in New Orleans, not far from Beauregard School. What the Warren Commission didn’t report (other than neglecting to bury a brief statement by Robert Oswald during his testimony) was that, at the same time during the same school semester, Lee HARVEY Oswald was attending Stripling Junior High in Fort Worth, Texas. His caretaker/mother, the Marguerite Oswald impostor, was living at 2200 Thomas Place, directly across the street from Stripling School. Aware that Harvey Oswald’s Stripling school attendance threatened to expose the existence of an “Oswald Project” involving the two children, Hoover dispatched agents to Stripling within hours of the assassination to confiscate Harvey’s school records. The agents were met by assistant principal Frank Kudlaty, who handed over the records, which disappeared while in FBI hands. See Frank's YouTube interview: Warren Commission loyalists and/or Harvey and Lee critics such as Tracy Parnell want you to believe that Lee HARVEY Oswald never attended Stripling, some going so far as to suggest that the late JFK researcher Jack White somehow got Frank Kudlaty to make bogus claims about Oswald’s Stripling records. But these critics seemingly don’t want you to know how much other evidence exists showing that HARVEY Oswald attended Stripling School in Texas while LEE Oswald was at Beauregard School in During research in the 1990s, John Armstrong located a number of former Stripling teachers and students who remembered that Oswald had attended the school. One was gym teacher Mark Summers, who began his work at Stripling in September 1950, the year after Robert Oswald graduated from Stripling. He remembered that Lee HARVEY Oswald was in one of his gym classes, though he remembered little else about him. Classmates Doug Gann, Jackie and Bobby Pitts, and Fran Schubert also remembered LHO at Stripling. See Fran's YouTube interview. At least one educator in Fort Worth told John Armstrong that it was “common knowledge” that LHO attended Stripling School in the 1950s. In late October 1959, when his so-called brother “defected,” Robert Oswald told the Fort Worth Star Telegraph that LHO had attended Stripling School. He said the same thing to the same paper in June 1962, at the time of LHO's repatriation. And, of course, Robert testified that his “brother” attended Stripling, a remark totally ignored by WC lawyers. Bear in mind that from both before and after the entire fall semester starting in September 1954, the Warren Commission said LHO and his mother lived at 1454 St. Mary’s St. in New Orleans. No wonder WC loyalists work so hard to discredit the simple fact that Lee HARVEY Oswald attended Stripling School in Texas at the same time! Here’s the 10/31/59 Fort Worth Stat Telegraph article, hard to find online:
  5. In the military, especially Marine Corps unit diaries (and other records as well) “Oswald Lee H. ” can be found in all sorts of conflicting records. Without looking through them all, I’m sure there are some variants, but you can really trace these two different Oswalds through the classes they took and the different soldiers they lived and worked with. As an earlier example, both Oswalds were in the 8th grade at Beauregard Junior High School in New Orleans at the start of 1954, though later in the year Harvey moved to Fort Worth and attended Stripling School while Lee stayed at Beauregard. Beauregard was a good sized school, and LEE’s homeroom was on the third floor of the building while Harvey’s was in a room that doubled as the school cafeteria in the basement. IMS, Harvey’s homeroom teacher, Myra DaRouse remembered that he preferred to be called Harvey, although I think he used the same full name. I often think of Russian-speaking Harvey as having just half a life. Time and again he was briefly settled into experiences similar to American-born LEE, and then removed, perhaps before the name similarities would create notice. I think it is quite possible for kids in a large school to have identical or nearly identical names and not be given much notice, at least for a while.
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  7. The woman's head is blocking the view of most of the white. And with everything so blurry, the edge of her black head spills over to adjacent areas in shades of gray. These shades of gray obscure even the part of white that could otherwise be seen if there were no blurriness. In addition, the blurriness of Lovelady's outer shirt spills over its edge and into the the white area, adding to the white area being obscured.
  8. This thread ran for 13 days a few years ago. It has a bunch of links and references to a lot of information. It would take a long time to dive in and get my head around it. I'm bumping it to see if there are some follow-ups to it. Cheers, Michael
  9. This is terrible. I mean all those articles and not one sentence about NSAM 263? Or Johnson's reversal of that policy? At a time when there are now about seven books dealing with this subject in depth and they all agree about Kennedy's intent to withdraw? I look at the upcoming PBS Ken Burns special with trepidation. Especially with what PBS has done on the JFK case of late, and that special they did on Dallek's book for the fiftieth.
  10. Jim, Quoting from the article: HARVEY and LEE often attended the same schools, were both in the Marine Corps, and on occasion had the same friends, again at slightly different times. When Harvey and Lee attended the same school, or had the same friends, how were their names handled? Was one actually in the school records as Harvey Oswald and the other Lee Oswald? And did the friends know one as Harvey and the other as Lee?
  11. Is it possible to know when and where that happened? I had a look to see what I could come up with and some time between Mid September and early October 1962 at Mercedes Street Fort Worth is what I deduced but I really don't know...
  12. While I have seen a few skewed views of Lovelady where it, along with his posture, made it hard to see the opening in his shirt - I have seen no frontal views that didn't show his shirt to be open like it was seen in the Hughes film before and after the shots were fired, the Wiegman film, and the Altgens 6 photo. The woman's right side of her head starts under Washout Man's mid-chin, thus the t-shirt as In just described in the other films and photos should be showing quite easily and yet it is not. The button up and unbutton theory seems born out of necessity for Washout Man to be Lovelady. The enlarged view was taken from the gif animation that you had liked so well.
  13. At 10 inches tall, Ekdahl's noggin is huge. I'm 6' 2" tall and my head is quite big (I wear XL/XXL hats). Even so, by comparison my head is only 9 inches tall. Given the size of Ekdahl's head, I think his recorded 5' 11" height is much more likely to be underestimated than overestimated.
  14. Let's call Trumpism what it is -- Christian Fascism. Better yet -- Khristian Fascism. As in: Kaucasian Khristian Kaliphate --President Steve Bannon's vision of a USA-West European-Russian axis fighting Islam abroad and minority population at home.
  15. Hi: This post will be a little break from wrapping up my lessons learned posts, and this will be on music, musicians, and me. I was precocious in many ways, and when I was about ten, my parents had me take piano lessons from a private teacher. They also bought me a trumpet, and I took lessons at school. As I recall, my parents seemed to prime my piano teacher to think that she might have had some kind of musical prodigy on her hands, but it quickly became clear that I had no musical ability. After a year, I was mercifully relieved of taking piano lessons (baseball, basketball, bowling, and later, golf, were my pastimes, and I ended up being in collegiate track, using those hunter-gatherer large muscle groups, while women’s nimble fingers reflect their gathering-duty co-evolution), and when grammar school ended, so did my trumpet days. That trumpet became a family relic, and I don’t recall what ever became of it. My mother’s sisters and parents were all virtuoso musicians, in singing, piano, the violin, and other instruments. My grandmother and aunt sang in their church’s choir almost continuously for nearly a century, and my aunt may still today. On my father’s side, my aunts were also virtuoso singers and musicians. But those genes totally eluded me. I became an athlete, with a world-class throwing arm that I got my from father, but I have typical autism-spectrum poor small-motor control, and more than 40 years after my first typing class and working on keyboards for most of my waking hours, I have never been able to type as you are supposed to, partly because I have trouble using my little fingers. That poor small motor control alone disqualified me from making music with my hands, and I can’t carry a note with my voice. Even my wife has musician siblings. It is kind of funny to me that I call my little effort building a choir. In my home, my redneck father could not get enough country-and-western music, and all that I heard while growing up was Hank Williams, Jim Reeves, and the like. At age 12, I walked out of Let it Be, as I did not even know who those hippies were. That is an example of how musically isolated my home was back then. I almost never listen to country-and-western music today. It was not until my high school years that I “woke up” to popular music, and when I was 20, my stepmother bought me a gift certificate to a music store. I had never bought a record before, and the gift certificate could buy two albums. I remember spending an hour in the store, making sure that I was getting bang-for-the-buck with what might be my only music purchase ever. I finally settled on Boston’s debut album and Queen’s A Night at the Opera. Little did I know what I was getting into. Within a year, I became an audiophile. I had the most money that I ever had until only within the past decade, and spent thousands of dollars on albums and equipment, putting records on cassette tapes, which I still have in a box in the attic, I believe. I also began to damage my hearing and have been going deaf since the 1980s, and have worn hearing aids for the past decade, at my wife’s insistence. With no musical ability, I somehow became an avid music fan, and listen to music for most of my waking hours. My digitized collection has more than 20,000 tracks in it. Before I really began my career, I lived with a close relative who was a professional musician, a Frank Sinatra sound-alike who was passed off as Frank on one of Frank’s albums, and every day for months, I would come home to the big band sound that he incessantly played. I grew to like it, and still listen to it regularly. When I began my career in LA, one of my roommates was an aspiring musician, and he made some pretty good stuff, but LA is full of aspiring musicians, and the music stories were like the writing/acting/directing/producing stories that I heard from my pals – it is a shark tank! One of my closest friends was Michael Sembello’s manager, and he said that he could have retired on just one of the royalty checks that Michael received when he had his big hit. He is the same person who was crippled by a hit-and-run incident on his motorcycle. That friend also introduced me to a man channeling Seth in LA, who was also a professional musician, and I went twice a month for two years. One brother became an aspiring saxophone player, I ended up financially supporting his years of practice. Due to some recent interactions, I decided to look up a boy who grew up two doors from me, whom I babysat when I was a teenager. I heard that he became a music producer in LA. I just discovered that he became famous, but died a decade ago. He did not even make it to 40. My father hired his father for his first professional job. That father was raised in Montana and never saw the ocean until he moved to Ventura. He instantly became an avid scuba diver, but met a typical scuba diver’s fate when he did not come up one day, and he was not yet 50. Too young! During my years of attending Seth’s amazing sessions, I befriended some regulars, some of whom were musicians. Attending channeling sessions around 1990 was quite the thing to do in LA. I recall Elizabeth Perkins attending once, and I did not even notice her. My future wife had to tell me later that she attended, as one of twenty people or so, with her regular attendee pal, who was an aspiring Hollywood actress who I don’t think ever made it bigger than some soap operas. Hollywood stars generally do not like playing stars when living their lives, try to be inconspicuous, and I always left them alone. I encountered them all the time in my LA days, especially in Westwood and Hollywood, when I went to the movies, which was my primary recreation in my LA days. In about 1990, technology had improved to the point where aspiring musicians could make their own albums without record company patronage or investing their life’s savings. One of those Seth session musicians made an album in those days and I attended one of his shows. A track from his album has a prominent place in my New Age playlist today. For many years, I thought about him, and although we did not keep in touch, he was on my list to contact after I published my big essay. I thought that he might be receptive to my work and might even be choir material, but when I contacted him a couple of years ago, he blew me off in one email. That was not long after receiving Peter Ward’s reaction to my big essay, and that musician’s reaction is almost the point of this post. I know that I am looking for needles in haystacks, and that reaction from that musician is only one of many like it from my social circles. Where I work today, one of my closest colleagues began his career as a musician. He was a composer who played piano with a symphony behind him, playing his music. After a decade of that, and working in Hollywood a lot, he decided that his career was going nowhere. He then had an experience not far removed from mine, which led him into accounting. He has a concert Steinway in his home, which he plays once every few months, and he amazingly can’t casually listen to music. With his background, when he hears music, he involuntarily begins deconstructing it. He can’t just listen to music and enjoy it. He is ruined for music listening, with his composer’s background. I think about that, me with no talent who can hardly get through the day without listening, while a composer can’t stand it. For me, music is a great way to ground my emotions and balance my mind. I’ll do it until I can’t hear anymore, and then it might be just playing that music in my head. Part of the reason for this post is that my public writings have also attracted musicians. What is that all about? Well, I’ll buy Joya Pope’s reading of me as an Old Artisan. Before that reading, the last role that I thought that I might be was an Artisan. We can’t read ourselves, mostly because our egos get in the way. I thought that I was maybe a Server, Warrior, or Scholar, serving probable Kings like Dennis. But after Joya’s reading, I thought about my life, and my only possessions of note were my music collection, my growing library, and visual art, prints of paintings, mostly, especially Vinny V. I was in the middle of doing a lot of system design at my day job, and I was a talented actor when young, saw classmates trying to break into Hollywood when I was in high school, and I did more than one Hollywood audition. I was also just beginning my writing “career” then, and soon after Joya’s reading, I said, “Duh!” How obvious, in retrospect. My big essay and site in general is a classic Old Artisan undertaking. So, what about this music thread that has run through my life? If I am an Old Artisan, I must have had quite a few musical lifetimes, and I strongly suspect that my soul blocked that ability in this lifetime, but left me a window so that I could enjoy what I had spent many lifetimes involved with, but as a consumer/spectator/patron. I think that the basket of gifts and challenges handed to me when I was born was intended to shape the trajectory that my life took, and I could have easily been “distracted” by pursuing careers in music, acting, painting, etc. So, I was purposely handicapped, to help ensure that I accomplished my mission. I certainly cannot prove that to anybody, but I slowly received that impression over many years. No complaints, but seeing that invisible hand at work can be both reassuring and unnerving, especially when I can tell that my “friends” are not finished with me in this lifetime. It is mixed bag to be “chosen” in this way, but I have no regrets. I am listening to Dan Fogelberg as I write this. Best, Wade
  16. Donald Trump advisor Sheriff David A. Clarke was in Russia while Michael Flynn dined with Putin
  17. Sure... if his shirt was opened sufficiently wide. It would have to be opened far enough that it is exposed beyond the blurry margin of Woman in Black's head. You know, in this frame, and this closeup, it looks like alleged Lovelady is looking straight out, and that Woman in black isn't directly in front of him but rather standing somewhat to his left. But still blocking the view. But it's probably just an illusion. I think you've processed this frame, increased the contrast or something like that. I believe I can make out his nose.
  18. I first read your quotes about the two incidences. To me they sounded out of character for Oswald and extreme. I figured others must have observed this side of Oswald if it were true. Then I read more of what Kleinlerer wrote about Oswald, which is pretty much a hatchet job on him. I REALLY would require corroboration before I would believe it. Then I read about Kleinlerer's apparently close ties with George Bouhe (Kleinlerer mentions Bouhe numerous times), and how Bouhe had lived next to Ruby AND whose USPS receipt was found in the Paine home attached to Oswald's receipt! The whole thing sounds suspicious. (Ruth Paine is clearly a CIA asset given that she got Oswald the Job at TSBD, so he could be set up.)
  19. Majority of Americans Say Congress Should Probe Contact Between Trump, Russia: Poll
  20. You mean the motorcycle cops ran up into the grassy area causing Altgens to move? Where is that in the Zapruder film? That is the only information you have on Altgens movements. All else is speculation.
  21. I was curious about this wrapping paper, so I checked it out. I figured it might have something to do with the bag the Carcano rifle was supposedly wrapped in. In Destiny Betrayed, Jim hypothesizes that the wrapping paper was sent to Oswald in order to get his fingerprints on it. Not knowing why the paper had been mailed to him, Oswald would have discarded it. Or if not, it would be found at the Paine residence when it was searched. And the authorities would then have it as evidence. (I've read Destiny Betrayed, but had forgot about this.)
  22. That's what, an inch and maybe 20 pounds at most? Not hard for me to understand anyway. My wife can't estimate anybody's height or weight.
  23. So it's more about his ties to certain people than the fact you don't believe him?
  24. Pretends to be a bigly historical survey. Sad.
  25. Updates to summary: Detailed Summary of Incriminating Testimony Marguerite Oswald: Said that she saw Marina with a black eye one time, and that Marina admitted that Lee hit her. And that Lee admitted the same with these words, "that is our affair." Alexander Kleinlerer: Claimed to have seen Lee slap Marina twice in the face. In his affidavit he goes on and on about how despicable a person Oswald was, and how everybody in the Russian community disliked him. Also he badly he mistreated Marina. He has nothing good to say about Lee. This testimony is so extreme that it is difficult to believe without some corroboration. Especially considering Kleinlerer's ties to people like George Bouhe and George de Mohrenschildt. Those who saw the bruise, which Marina said was from bumping into the door when feeding the baby at night: Anna Meller
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