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  2. Apparently you can't post a picture through G-Drive and embed the actual image into a forum post (unfortunately). And that's one of the reasons I have none of my photos stored at G-Drive. The best place for storing photos, IMO, is Blogger.com, which allows you virtually unlimited storage space for free (unless you've got super-enormous pics). Blogger, like Google Drive, is excellent (in my opinion). Thanks David. I just did some research on the topic and discovered that what we are talking about (inserting a photo hosted on another server) is called hotlinking. It's a good thing I discovered that because I was planning on using Imgur for hosting photos, but read in their TOS that they don't allow hotlinking from blogs or websites. I discovered the same to be true with Google Photos. But I could find no such prohibition with (Google) Blogger.
  3. Jim, has John ever considered why John Pic took an angry attitude in his WC testimony? One couldn't read his emotions from the transcript, but the WC counsel brings the attitude up to Pic and threatens Pic with the law and the military authorities if he doesn't cooperate. This may be the only instance in the WCR where a witness receives this treatment.
  4. He took them to pick up Marina's things and then drove her to the Fords.
  5. They all saw exactly the same bruise in exactly the same place and described it in exactly the same way? I think you're having a bad dream Sandy. BTW, how do you explain the extensive discussion of the abuse in Marina & Lee? Or have you even read it? You are in denial I'm afraid. The abuse doesn't prove LHO killed JFK anyway so I am a little surprised that you are so adamant about this subject. BTW, if LHO merely slapped Marina, it wouldn't necessarily leave a bruise. Again, try telling the judge that you are not abusing your wife you're just slapping her.
  6. Yes have a theory. It is obviously a typo.
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  8. Nope. You are right on point. I was making a conjecture that having two doors almost side by side, (separated I think by a 1 ft. partition), would be an awkward design with the garage door opening inward into the kitchen and two the left. I agree about the sliding partition door possibility and I'm working on that supposition as well, although I have no evidence of it yet.
  9. http://www.kenrahn.com/JFK/The_critics/Feinman/Between_the_signal/Chapter_eight.html Roger Feinman's essay Between the Signal and the Noise argues that Burkley did in fact see the original throat wound.
  10. You are correct, Jim. I would like to add a "missing link" that has not been mentioned much publicly but for me turned out to be a critical breakthrough, one that I never expected at a time when I could really use one. I guess it is true what they say: "God works in mysterious ways". :-) I really did TWO completely separate jobs. The first one was announced here in the Ed Forum, the material was donated to the Mary Ferrell Foundation, what Jeff and Rex call "scrapping" and I -always looking for extra effect, as a fan of Joe Kennedy Sr- call "hacking". One is too lame (reminds people of "bottom of the barrel") and the other too risque. Let's meet in the middle and say that it was an "Incursion". The 2nd. job was done when I learned about the FOIA Action being introduced and granted. I found the original FOIA requester in LinkedIn, asked if him if there was a better copy, he told me: "That's all they delivered and I am DONE with JFK FOIAs, feel free to introduce new ones" I was shocked when I saw the awful quality: it was obvious that the original information was in an Excel file, which they scanned at the worst possible quality (next they wonder why there are so many conspiracies that point the finger to the Archives) and pushed it inside a PDF file. Bill Kelly, the CAPA spokesperson, asked me for help (and/or I volunteered). I hired a lady from Sri Lanka, a veritable expert in OCR (computer-based and human-eye-based), BithiXpert, The Lady from Sri Lanka Who Did a Great Job She triple checked the 3,600+ RIFs plus the other fields. A few RIFs and words were outside the scanned area but based on my clone website, I was able to figure them out. I have publicly chastised the National Archives' authorities in no uncertain terms. My words have been along these lines: "Mr. Ferriero and Ms. Murphy: What you have delivered is an insult. Next time you deliver any information show some respect for your employers, The People" (but I still get the golden treatment every time I ask them if I can bring a high quality digital film digitizer to the sacred room or make an autopsy expert co-signed donation of a 3D model of the cranium to The Archives, go figure). Our esteemed doctor David Mantik says that he has reached the end with Paul Kirk: Paul Kirk, Kennedys Lawyer while my experience is the total opposite. I could not possibly ask for better attention and approval to my requests. Next, I had to write some computer programs in order to give CAPA the records by Agency, by RIF Number, etc. Larry Schnapf was looking all over the place for somebody that knew 3D and Bill Kelly recommended me. Initially doctor Mantik was not "too sanguine" (Larry's words) about my proposal. Eventually he conceded that it is a good idea to digitize the 2 X-rays (for the densitometer work by him and Dr. Michael Chesser) PLUS my plan to deliver the 2 DICOM files to the Berlin researchers who have declared to be able to definitely determine whether the X-rays are genuine. For now, let's just say that such declaration resulted in tectonic plate shifts this side of The Pond. 3D Reconstruction of Anatomical Structures from 2D X Ray Images At this point, I am not sure whether the CAPA Mock Trial of Lee will use that evidence or that investigation will be postponed until after November. :-( -Ramon
  11. Didn't Dr. Burkley see the original throat wound? His WC affidavit says he only arrived to the emergency room 3-5 minutes after Kennedy arrived.
  12. John just sent me this census page from 51-52 that indicates a “Harvey Oswald” was born to a “Marguerite Ekdahl” on October 19, 1938. (According to the WC, “Lee Harvey Oswald” was born on Oct. 18.) Note John’s note about Marguerite’s use of the name “Oswald.” Anyone care to make a theory about this? Just a series of weirdly familiar mistakes?
  13. Sorry Chris, maybe I’m confused. You wrote, “What I'm trying to get at here and this garage doorway would seem to confirm is that there was no door from the living room to the kitchen, that it was just a "doorless" passage from one room to the next.” I guess I don’t understand how the photo of the kitchen to garage door confirms there was no door between the kitchen and living room.The photo that I posted above was taken in the kitchen and shows the door to the garage being open. The link below is to a photo of the same kitchen after having been remodeled. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k1yg261kpwdya5t/1920px-Ruth_Paine_Kitchen.JPG?dl=0 In the remodeled kitchen there is a short section of wall to the right of the door leading to the garage, this is what I was calling a partition. On the right side of the newer photo linked above we see the door leading to the living room. My take is that is a sliding pocket door. While it’s certainly possible that the pocket door was added later, it sounds like a heroic retrofit. Somebody claimed that one could see from the front door all the way into the kitchen, that there was no door in the doorway from the living room into the kitchen. But pocket doors can easily go unnoticed because they are a pain to open and close and are usually left in the open position - in the wall. I think you’re trying to prove that the living room photo of the three women, a baby, and a man shows the door in the background closed, and if so, that can’t be the door to the kitchen, it must be the hallway door. I think that both openings could have had doors, and I think that your best argument for the closed door in the three women photo being the hallway door is that that door is in the very corner of the room, and the kitchen door is not. In the three women photo the door-molding is extra wide on the left side, a compromise that carpenters sometimes make because it’s the simplest fudge when a doorway butts up against a wall. Or maybe I’m still confused. Tom
  14. I have have a few things that I want to transcribe. I am testing how well the voice-type feature on my phone works for that purpose. I used this article as part of that test. I'll share that transcription. By Arthur Krock New York Tomes, Oct. 3, 1963 In The Nation The Intra-Administration War in Vietnam Washington, Oct. 2- The Central intelligence agency is getting very bad press in dispatches from Vietnam to American newspapers and in articles originating in Washington. Like the Supreme Court when under fire, the CIA cannot defend itself in public retorts to criticism of its activities as they occur. But unlike the Supreme Court the CIA has no open record of its activities on which the public can base a judgmentmen of the validity of the criticisms. Also the agency is precluded from using the indirect defensive tactic which is consistently employed by all other government units under critical fire. This tactic is to give information to the press, under a seal of confidence, that challenges or refutes the critics. But the CIA cannot father such inspired articles, because to do so would require some disclosure of its activities. And not only does the effectiveness of the agency depend on the secrecy of its operations, every president since the CIA was created has protected this secrecy from claimants- Congress or the public through the press, for examples- of the right to share any part of it. This presidential policy has not, however, always re-strained other executive units from going confidentially to the press with the attacks on CIA operations in their common field of responsibility. And usually it has been possible to deduce these operational details from the nature of the attacks. But the peak of the practice has recently been reached in Vietnam and in Washington. This is revealed almost every day now in dispatches from reporters-in close touch with intra-administration critics of the CIA-with excellent reputations for reliability. One reporter in this category is Richard Starnes of the Scripps Howard newspapers. Today, under a Saigon dateline, he related that, "according to a high United States source here, twice the CIA flatly refused to carry out instructions from ambassador Henry Cabot lodge... And in one instance frustrated the plan of action Mr. Lodge brought from Washington because the agency disagreed with". Among the views attributed to the United States officials on the scene, including one described as a "very high American official... who has spent much of his life in the service of the democracy.... are the following: The CIA's growth was "likened to a malignancy" which the "very high official was not sure even the White House could control... any longer". If the United States ever experiences [an attempt at a coup to overthrow the government] it will come from the CIA and not the Pentagon." The Agency "represents a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone." Whatever else these passages disclose, they most certainly established that representatives of other executive branches have expanded their war against the CIA from the inner government councils to the American people via the press. And published simultaneously are details of the agencies operations in Vietnam that can come only from the same critical official sources. This is disorderly government. And the longer the president tolerates it-the period is already considerable-the greater will grow it's potentials of hampering the real war against the Vietcong and the impression of a very indecisive administration in Washington. The CIA maybe guilty as charged. Since it cannot, or at any rate will not, openly defend its record in Vietnam, or defend it by the same confidential press "briefings" employed by its critics, the public is not in a position to judge. Nor is this department, which sought and failed to get even the outlines of the agencies case in rebuttal. But Mr. Kennedy will have to make a judgment if the spectacle of war within the executive branch is to be ended and the effective functioning of the CIA preserved. And when he makes this judgment, hopefully he also will make it public, as well as the appraisal of fault on which it is based. Doubtless, recommendations as to what his judgment should be were made to him today by Secretary of Defense McNamara and General Taylor on their return from their fact-finding expedition into the embattled official jungle in Saigon.
  15. What happened was that Marina left LHO and went to stay at Anna Meller's house. The date is uncertain but it was possibly on Monday, November 5, 1962. Probably the next Sunday the 11th, a meeting was arranged between Marina and LHO at the de Mohrenschildt's place. Marina did not want to go back with LHO and the De Mohrenschildts drove them to the Elsbeth apartment to get her things where the scene you mention occurred. This is all documented by Marina's biographer in Marina & Lee. So de Mohrenschildt was a key player in the incident. Now, you might say that McMillian can't be trusted because she is "CIA." But Marina, while she now believes in conspiracy, has not taken back anything in the book. Tracy, Well maybe the de Mohrenschildts helped move Marina's stuff. Who knows. Because George de Mohrenschildt claimed that he told Oswald he was going to take Marina to the Meller's. Which is not true. Marina had already taken a taxi there. De Mohrenschildt claimed that Oswald protested, saying, "By God, you are not going to do it. I will tear all her dresses and I will break all the baby things." When in fact Marina had already left him. De Mohrenschildt's story goes on and on, as if he was taking Marina away from Oswald. She was already gone! Then there's this: According to you, de Mohrenschildt's confrontation with Oswald occurred about six days after Marina had gone (by herself) to the Meller's. When in fact, that was the day Marina moved in with the Fords! (Mrs. Meller said that Marina stayed with her for five days.) So not only was de Mohrenschildt wrong about his taking Marina away from Oswald, he was wrong about where he took her! Assuming he even took her anywhere. This is why de Mohrenschildt's story cannot be trusted.
  16. I thought I read somewhere that Dulles also visited with LBJ during that time in Dallas.
  17. Ok, let's forget NPIC for now. Should be obvious since z312 as the last shot was immediately contradicted by the surveys. The Nov 26 Time/Life survey has shot one 163' from the TSBD corner... except the surveys put it at 423.07 which is 172 feet from the same spot. WCD298 from Dec's survey data squarely puts a shot within 4 feet of 5+00 as does the Feb FBI survey as does CE875 - as we both know. The real question is whether this 3rd shot was CREATED and REMOVED, or ACTUAL and REMOVED and can that be proven. With the need for a third shot and have 2 shots defined with z312 the 2nd shot, they needed a place for a third shot which would not interfere, with what Shaneyfelt did not the path of the limo and shot locations. Couldn't be before 207 with the tree and Position A as rationale. COULD be between 207 and 312 since it was 42 frames for a reload and 207 + 42 = 249 + 42 = 291... Which is why NPIC has 242 and 256 as frames with potential shots COULD be after 312 since the FBI's position was 3 shots = 3 hits with the last hit being the head shot... 40 feet further down Elm. As usual the exhibits negate the narrative.
  18. Apply the negative template: what is left out of the above analysis of SE Asian commodity markets? Opium. In the 50's heroin was weaponized, flooded into minority urban communities in a mass exercise of eugenics. Apply the negative template: what is commonly left out of Vietnam war analyses like Jim's here? Kennedy's policy in Laos.
  19. First of all, I am glad Ramon got mentioned in the article. But I think the real point of it is lost. I thought the main aim of Ramon's work, and what he will be writing about for us, isa that the official number of documents being withheld is wrong. The real number is almost three times what the Archives has given out. Which is a key discovery.
  20. P.S. The bruises on Marina's face were first seen around the end of August or first of September. Elena Hall said in her testimony that she saw a bruise sometime in June. But she is mistaken about the month, because Bouhe was with her at that time and yet he didn't see the bruise until the end of August or first part of September, when several others first saw it. I created a timeline in Post 3 of this thread that I invite others to see. Also an analysis. My conclusion, based on all the testimony, was that Marina's face was bruised one time, and that occurred in late August 1962. Never was another bruise seen. Two witnesses (one being Mrs. de Mohrenschildt) specifically said they saw only one bruise.
  21. Martin, that reads like some really hardcore CFR propaganda around 1965? When they were endorsing Johnson' buildup?
  22. Thanks Tom for your comments. What do you mean about a partition? If you are talking about the little round-ended counter that is to the left of the entrance from the living room to the kitchen, that existed in 1963. It's not shown in WC floor plan, for some unknown reason. It can be seen in the Grant photo of the three women in the kitchen taken 11/23/63. What I'm trying to get at here and this garage doorway would seem to confirm is that there was no door from the living room to the kitchen, that it was just a "doorless" passage from one room to the next.
  23. Tracy, What I highlighted in red is not true. I read the testimonies of everybody who saw the bruises on Marina's face. They all saw the same bruise -- the one where nobody witnessed Oswald hitting Marina. There is no indication that any of them saw a second bruise. None of the witnesses said they saw new bruises on Marina, ever. Nobody corroberates Klienlerer's story.
  24. Another new JFK-assassination book: http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwbooks/article/Take-Another-Look-at-JFKs-Assassination-in-New-Book-by-Robert-A-Wagner-20170622 More than 50 years after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, the event remains a mystery that may never be solved to everyone's satisfaction. Widely divergent views of the shocking event and its perpetrators continue to haunt the country. A forensic expert with more than 25 years of experience analyzes the case and the myriad theories that surround it and presents his own conclusions on the event that would define a nation in a new book released by Dog Ear Publishing. In "The Assassination of JFK: Perspectives Half a Century Later," a work years in the making, Robert A. Wagner attempts to reconcile the many theories about the assassination. And he has plenty of material to choose from, ranging from those who believe the Warren Commission's finding that it was done by one man – Lee Harvey Oswald – acting alone to those who believe it was a conspiracy concocted by the CIA, military complex, anti-Castro revolutionaries, the mob, the KGB or even Lyndon B. Johnson, Kennedy's successor. Drawing on his skills as a forensic investigator, Wagner delves into the staggering amount of information on the assassination created by two government investigations and the thousands of articles and books written by historians, researchers and investigators. He examines medical and physical evidence from the botched autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital and inaccurate statements made by Dallas doctors as to the direction of the shots. Once all the pieces have been explored, a real picture of events emerges that walks the line between a single-gun theory and conspiracy theories, debunking Arlen Specter's single-bullet theory while also showing the shots fired by Lee Harvey Oswald were the ones that carried out the tragic events of Nov. 22, 1963. Wagner is no stranger to government and investigations – he was hired by the federal government to investigate Bill and Hillary Clinton's potential involvement in the Whitewater scandal and has been a forensic investigator of financial and economic issues related to complex litigation for more than two decades. The Seattle University graduate regularly testifies in federal and state courts thanks to his forensic reconstructions of complex situations. He and his wife and daughter live in the Seattle area. For additional information, please visit http://jfkassassinationperspectives.com/
  25. As a great industrial and military power, the United States has an interest in the region because it is an important source of strategic materials. Southeast Asia produces two-thirds of the world's tin and over 75 percent of its natural rubber. While its output of oil is not large in terms of total world production, American Policy 285 it is nevertheless of great strategic importance because so little oil is produced in South or Eastern Asia. In 1954 Free Asia (which for these particular commodities meant chiefly Southeast Asia) supplied the United States with 99 percent of its imports of copra, 91 percent of its natural rubber, 67 percent of its Manila hemp, 61 percent of its spices, and 58 percent of its tin. The loss of these supplies of strategic materials to the West would be serious but probably not irreparable. But free access to them by Communist countries would greatly strengthen the Red orbit. Before the war, the region also produced 65 percent of the world's copra, 40 percent of its palm oil, 85 percent of its pepper, 90 percent of its quinine, and 70 percent of its kapok. Burma, Indochina, and Thailand are also capable of producing tremendous quantities of rice. The loss of Southeast Asia would have serious economic consequences for many nations of the free world and conversely would add significant resources to the Soviet bloc. Southeast Asia, especially Malaya and Indonesia, is the principal world source of natural rubber and tin, and a producer of petroleum and other strategically important commodities. The loss of Southeast Asia, especially of Malaya and Indonesia, could result in such economic and political pressures in Japan as to make it extremely difficult to prevent Japan's eventual accommodation to communism."
  26. That may be a register. Yet, amusingly, I am recalling those oversized plastic doorbell boxes. The house I am thinking of was built in 72.
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