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  2. Jim claims that "the source Mathias cited for this restriction indicated that the fifth grade rule was put into effect when mandatory Russian language instruction was codified in 1950". I suggest that he reads the article again. Here is the relevant passage: <blockquote>For 40 years (from 1950 to 1989) Russian was the compulsory first (and in many cases the only) foreign language in schools. The teaching of West European languages became possible after 1958 as a second foreign language, but unlike Russian, which was taught for 8 years (grades 5 to 12), West European languages were taught in 2 or 3 classes a week for 3-4 years only in upper secondary school.</blockquote> Contrary to Jim's claim, the article does not indicate that Russian was restricted to grade 5 onwards from 1950. The significance of 1950 is clear: 1950 is when Russian became "the compulsory first (and in many cases the only) foreign language in schools", not that Russian tuition was introduced in 1950, or that Russian was restricted to grade 5 onwards in 1950, or that the people who went on to fake the moon landings began their 'Oswald doppelgänger project' in 1950. Jim writes: <blockquote>I ask Mr. Bojczuk, again, to provide an explanation for Oswald’s Russian language skills before "defecting" to the USSR.</blockquote> How many more times do I need to explain this before Jim acknowledges that Oswald was not a native speaker of Russian? As I pointed out earlier, the evidence clearly shows that Oswald learned Russian gradually: he started out not knowing very much Russian, and later his knowledge improved. This means one of two things: either he was not a native speaker, or, alternatively, he spent the last few years of his life actively concealing his ability to speak Russian like a native. Which of those alternatives is the more likely to be true, do you think? Here, again, is the evidence. At the time he took the Russian test, Oswald had a limited understanding of written Russian and an even more limited understanding of spoken Russian. If you don't believe me, check the source I cited earlier: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=36#relPageId=315 . Several months later, he was able to converse in the language, but at a level that must have been well below that of a native speaker because he was still making frequent grammatical mistakes three or four years afterwards. There's nothing superhuman in Oswald's gradual acquisition of Russian. Why does Jim find this so difficult to accept? The one and only Lee Harvey Oswald was not a native speaker of Russian. Unfortunately, the 'Harvey and Lee and Marguerite and Marguerite' theory requires him to have been a native speaker of Russian. Consequently, as I'm sure Jim will now agree, the 'Harvey and Lee and Marguerite and Marguerite' theory is nonsense.
  3. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    No doubt the Texas Theater experience was for Oswald somewhat less enjoyable than a typical afternoon matinee. However, he left his wedding ring and the equivalent of $1300 with Marina. He knew he might be away for awhile. I say jail for a period of days was one of his anticipated outcomes. https://www.measuringworth.com/uscompare/ Jason
  4. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    He would have of course realized something was wrong at the TSBD thus his flight to the rooming house. There to the Theater is a quagmire for some (including me). The turning on the lights, search of the theater and apprehension of, at least for Oswald, was for him the realization that he had been abandoned by his handlers. I think it's becoming crystal clear to him as he's being drug out of the Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff in this shot. https://www4.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=biIw6HtU&id=7F9B41CAF5E6C7563373F7FC04FF640428265272&thid=OIP.biIw6HtU2EME2X5UVfl3vgEsDG&q=oswald+arrested+texas+theater+picture&simid=608015646775445725&selectedIndex=6&ajaxhist=0
  5. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Maybe. I think that his too-good-of-a-commie-to-believe routine was still going strong when he asks for John Abt as his attorney. I mean Oswald's a sophisticated communist and no Dallas lawyer can possibly help, plus how perfect is it to name perhaps the one lawyer in America who is famed for defending communists? I think when he finds out the president is dead and the TSBD is ground zero for the police, he starts to realize he's in serious jeopardy, but still hasn't come to grips with that ton of bricks patsy role he's in. Jason
  6. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Crystallization for Oswald himself came in the Oak Cliff theater.
  7. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Because they aren't Joe Six Pack kind of guys whose idea of fun is a drunken day at a ballgame. They're nerdy, bookish types. Michael is what LHO would be if born to a stable family instead of in to a cheap shotgun shack in New Orleans. People do go to ACLU meetings you know? And Bircher meetings? I've been to both Democrat and Republican get-togethers and I'm not CIA. Jason
  8. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Yes, Michael Paine was no wall flower. He Took Lee Harvey Oswald to a ACLU (left) meeting and he took him to a John Birch Society meeting and/or a General Walker (right) speech I can't remember which at the moment. The point is Oswald didn't drive. Michael Paine Took his new found willing acquaintance to these events. They didn't go watch football or baseball. Why would Michael do this?.
  9. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Note Paul's use of primary sources to solve that riddle? BTW, I agree with Chris, there was another visit.
  10. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Apologies. When I wrote that I believed what I typed. Then I thought about it as my dog took me for a walk and I realized all I knew was that Oswald SAID he applied for Soviet citizenship. That's a tricky detail to remember when you're not looking to pinpoint the Soviet citizenship question way back whenever I read the Moscow embassy stuff - I edited my post with the false claim btw. Jason
  11. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Hi Ron. There is actually one scenario that could accommodate both Marina's testimony and the troubles imposed by the extant timeline. Marina had no opportunity to go down the street and record Hosty's license plate number on Nov. 1st. Even if she had been able to go out the back unnoticed, she would have needed to cross a fence and the concrete drainage ditch that runs parallel along it's entire length in Mrs. Paine's backyard. Of course, if that weren't enough we are also to believe that Marina would have known which car was Hosty's unmarked sedan. The Nov. 5th Hosty visit, is even more problematic. Hosty came with another Agent who stood outside in the driveway and the meeting lasted for less than 5 minutes (2-3 minutes by Hosty's testimony). Hosty claims to have not spoken to Marina but to have given her a "nod" as she stood behind Ruth. There are conflicting statements about where Hosty parked on the 5th. He says he parked in the same place down the street as he did on the first visit, (and the pretext visit), and Ruth claimed that he parked behind Michael's recently purchased second car out by the curb nearer to the front of the house. Counsel Jenner tested that theory, that Marina could see the plates of a car parked at the curb from her bedroom window, and it was determined that it was not possible. Ruth was present during this exchange and agreed. So she didn't memorize the number on Nov. 1st or Nov. 5th but she testified she did "memorize" it and that she gave it to Lee. Solution? a different day and an additional visit? PS wow. The world's laziest researcher is quoting PJM? No surprises
  12. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    I'm not buying it that DPD had Oswald as Walker's assassin in April and let him go. I've stumbled across a few of Walker's epistles and in an early one, perhaps the first one after the assassination (early 64), Walker is trying to reverse the blame for both JFK and Walker incidents onto RFK. Walker's saying DPD had Oswald in custody but RFK commanded DPD to let him go. Thus, if RFK hadn't saved the commie nut Oswald back in April, JFK would still be alive, and Walker is lucky to be alive with the crazed Oswald around. Also, Walker's cohort in anti-semitic/racist/radical right evangelism, Gerald K Smith, acts as a Walker surrogate for many years, especially in publications like this: https://archive.org/details/19641231GeraldKSmith2 ...and it's pretty clear the both of them are always trying to pin things back on the Kennedys or the political Left or the commies.....almost....as...if....they hope to rekindle the reaction they didn't quite get from the assassination. So: Where's your documentary or testimonial evidence Oswald was pinpointed in April by DPD for Walker's inches-from-death assassination attempt? Or do you say it is only Hosty?
  13. Philadelphia did-it

    Chris: Just had dinner in Ambler, at a nice Italian restaurant called "From the Boot" Ty: In 1965, Arlen Specter was elected District Attorney of Philadelphia, a position that he would hold until 1973. He had a 30-year senate career, switched parties (several times), and was a dominant force during the Judiciary Committee’s Supreme Court nomination battles. He helped defeat conservative nominee Robert Bork in 1987, and his aggressive (and unpopular) questioning of law professor Anita Hill four years later — accusing her of “flat-out perjury” — helped secure Judge Clarence Thomas’s confirmation. He voted to acquit President Bill Clinton on articles of impeachment, using a Scottish law term "Not proved, therefore not guilty". He performed standup comedy after he lost his senate seat.
  14. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Then please do me a favor and don't say that you do, when you probably don't. It encourages the blithe. Oswald refused to give up his US Passport to the very last day. He refused to join the Communist Party in Russia. He refused Russian citizenship. He was a poser. As soon as Marina crooked her little finger and said, "Let's go to the USA, honey," Oswald was packed and spent months fighting the system to get them all out. That's what the paperwork actually shows. The US State Department has all these records. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  15. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Sandy, You're mistaken. First, the cover-up was not Walker's idea -- it was the FBI's idea. Walker didn't want a cover-up. The FBI insisted on a cover-up in 1963 for the same reason that the US Press never talked about Kennedy's mistresses in the White House -- the people were too naive to understand. It was unclear in the Cold War exactly how powerful the Minutemen were -- they were Coast to Coast. Were there enough FBI agents to round them up? If not, it could be a national crisis like Waco. Or -- if the US Military had to get involved -- it would not be like today -- the Cold War was raging with Russia. Russia would have had a field day. So -- for the USA to save face during the Cold War -- the US Government had to hide the fact that the Dallas Right-Wing and Police Department heads killed JFK. It was a major scandal. The JFK plotters said that there were many shooters -- all Communists. The heads in Washington DC knew that they were all freaking fibbers. But prosecuting them in public was out of the question. Also -- Cuba was soon to be small potatoes. The USA would forget all about Cuba, and move on to Vietnam. Just kick that can down the road -- for about 75 years. That was the US Government Cover-up decision -- not the JFK plotters Cover-up decision. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  16. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    I probably don't. Probably I am thinking of Oswald telling the US embassy in Moscow that he will or has already applied for Soviet citizenship. Anyway, I don't care about that. Check your messages. Jason
  17. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Ay, ay, ay. You invent cloak-and-dagger fiction, but you accuse other people of doing it? Marina Oswald herself explained what she herself did. That's not fiction, Ron. That's autobiography. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  18. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, In my reading, the Dallas Police had to accuse General Walker of being crazy, with all this talk about the Dallas authorities having arrested Oswald in April 1963, for the shooting of Walker, and then letting him go. Yet General Walker stuck by that story for the rest of his life. Here is my take on Walker's story. The personal papers of General Walker include many versions of this story -- that is, many variations. The variable in every case is THE PERSON who told Walker about Oswald days after the shooting. The reason that Walker obscured the title of this informant was the same reason that Walker never NAMED that informant, namely, to conceal his true identity. Suffice to say that it was a person with a high office in Dallas who was in a position to know. The person -- in my surmise -- was James Hosty. Why do I say that? Because James Hosty (by his own admission) was watching Lee Harvey Oswald in early 1963, because of these many letters to the Russian Embassy in Washington DC. Hosty was a close, personal associate with Robert Allan Surrey and by proxy with General Walker. Hosty was -- in my surmise -- a secret supporter of the Radical Right in Dallas. Hosty had switched loyalties (much as David Morales had switched loyalties.) How did Hosty come to suspect Oswald of the Walker shooting? We are told by Dick Russell in his famous book, The Man Who Knew Too Much (1992). Dick Russell interviewed the friends of George De Mohrenschildt, namely, Igor and Natahsa Voshinin --- loyal Russian-Americans. Four days after the Walker shooting, George and Jeanne DeM had visited the Oswalds, found the rifle, and pushed Oswald for a confession. Oswald said nothing but he and Marina had profoundly guilty looks on their faces. Then George burst out laughing and they all burst out laughing, and that was the end of the night. In fact, that was the end of their friendship -- the DeMorhenschilts never saw the Oswalds together again during the rest of their lives. That next day, Easter Sunday, George woke up early and told his friends, Igor and Natasha Voshinin about his suspicions. They insisted that George call the FBI. He refused. He left. Then Natasha told Dick Russell that she herself picked up the phone right away and called the FBI, and told them everything that George DeM has said. Since the name of the suspect was Lee Harvey Oswald, and since in the FBI, it was James Hosty who was tracking LHO, the call very likely went directly to James Hosty. And that's how the FBI knew on Easter Sunday 1963, and he told General Walker that very day. Thus -- this is the actual meaning of Walker's letter to Frank Church, in my reading. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  19. Being in a box, buried out of sight for decades does not count as being put into evidence. If it had been put into evidence it would have been listed in the DPD's evidence archives after it was submitted by Lt. Alexander. But nothing even remotely similar to that, is in the files. Do what I did and check it out yourself, David. You can start with box #1 http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/box1.htm
  20. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, Do you claim to have seen REAL EVIDENCE that Oswald sought citizenship in the USSR? I have seen zero, zip, none. Please show me what you have. I'm interested. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  21. It doesn't help you to lie about what I say and why I say it, David. If this was a valid receipt it would have been entered into evidence. That would be its only conceivable purpose. If it was valid, Audrey Bell would have described multiple fragments on that receipt, not one. And she would have told the HSCA and ARRB that she gave them to a Texas Ranger, as is written on this "receipt". If it was valid, officer Nolan would have told us the nurse he encountered said she had "fragments" taken during surgery, not a whole bullet from a stretcher. If it was valid DA Wade would have said the same thing. And he would never have seen her holding a bullet in her hand. If it was valid, Stinson would have told Ramparts magazine that fragments were taken from Connally during surgery, not a whole bullet. If it was valid, Connally would never have said a nurse recovered the bullet that wounded him. And "Audrey Bell Never Gave Anything To Bobby Nolan" is not Robert Harris's theory. It is Audrey Bell's sworn testimony. If that's not enough David, there are plenty of other very serious discrepancies we can talk about. But it does nothing for your credibility to pretend that this is all about my being closed minded. Prove that this is legitimate and I will agree with you, heart and soul. But so far, the evidence is overwhelmingly against you.
  22. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, 1> First, the recruitment of Lee Harvey Oswald to Guy Banister's right-wing cell in New Orleans had nothing to do with homosexuality. Nothing. The fact that David Ferrie and Clay Shaw were homosexual is completely irrelevant to the argument. David Ferrie knew Oswald from CAP years ago, and convinced Oswald to move to New Orleans. 1.1. The attraction for Oswald would have been more than just his home-town -- it would have been something that Oswald desperately wanted -- like a high-paying job as a double-agent in the CIA. This was Oswald's button, and David Ferrie knew it because Ferrie had known Oswald in his home town. 1.2. Why make the effort towards LHO? Because LHO tried to kill General Walker. That's it. That's all. Ron Lewis in his book, FLASHBACK: The Untold Story of Lee Harvey Oswald (1993) claims to have known Oswald in the summer of 1963 in New Orleans, and he says the same thing. 2> As for sources, Jason, I've been trying to interest you in the 900 page tome by Jeff Caufield, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015). It has primary sources, e.g. recent FOIA releases of FBI records. 3> As for the first PUBLIC mention of Oswald as Walker's shooter, I believe it is this one which was spread by General Walker himself: http://www.pet880.com/images/19631129_Deutsche_NZ.jpg 3.1. As for the mere hint of it in the DMN on 23Nov1963, I believe that General Walker also spread that rumor, probably through Robert Allan Surrey. We don't know for sure -- but the next several articles that suggest Oswald was Walker's shooter (e.g. in the National Enquirer) also have General Walker's style and wording. If anybody has better evidence, they haven't shown it. 3.2. The public release of Oswald as Walker's assassin was publicly released by Walker himself for the rest of his life. Here's the last one he wrote before he died: http://www.pet880.com/images/19920119_EAW_Oswald_arrested.pdf 4> The Oswald+Paine logic of Oswald moving to New Orleans comes from Lee Harvey Oswald himself. Marina says that she encouraged Lee to get out of Dallas because she was certain the police were looking for him because of the Walker shooting. Asked and answered. 4.1. Any notion that Ruth Paine is a "handler" of Lee Harvey Oswald is cloak-and-dagger fiction, with no material evidence. Useless, IMHO; a massive waste of valuable time. 5> In my reading, David Ferrie was never a CIA officer. Never. He was a mercenary like Frank Sturgis and Gerry Patrick Hemming. David Ferrie probably told Lee Harvey Oswald that he was a CIA agent, and that he could get LHO a job in the CIA if LHO cooperated in Banister's Fake FPCC. That would explain months of behavior. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  23. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Open mouth and insert foot. I hastily replied to testimony I was not fully familiar with. Chris corrected me. Thank you Chris. Marina and Lee? Fiction. "Slipped out, around the house, I am a sneaky girl she laughs", "could not read English", others say she could at least speak it. Some suspect, with reason, Marina was handed off from Ruth to Priscilla. http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKjohnsonPR.htm And that she was a CIA Operation Mockingbird asset.
  24. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, That's right -- and there's plenty more where that came from. Lots and lots. Keep up the great work. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  25. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, Almost every famous murder case has its share of "mistaken identity" eye-witnesses. In the case of the FBI Lone-Nut theory, the "mistaken identity" eye-witnesses of Oswald were given high value. That is the ONLY source that I can see for the long-time CIA-did-it fiction that there were EVER two Oswalds. Simple cases of "mistaken identity." I'm willing to go over every case in the WC testimony with you on this score. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  26. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason The info from the WC, FBI and CIA is tainted. One doesn't know what to believe. But if someone lies to me I stop believing that someone. I believe Oswald and the two Cubans drove up from Laredo and met with Odio on the evening of 26 Oct. The CIA and FB muddied up the waters. When the water `clears you see the fish. Well eliminate the Mexico fake documentation and you see the Mexico City affair for what it is ... the impersonation of Oswald. You are on the right track. However I think the patsification of Oswald was before he got the job at the TSBD.
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