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  2. JFK X-RAY - Where is rear bullet entry point?

    FWIW, Mantik's response to my post supports the worst conclusion one could take from my post---that he'd concluded that the "white patch" on the lateral x-rays did not overlay a supposed "blow-out" wound at the right rear of Kennedy's skull, but said nothing while his biggest supporters made this claim over and over and over again in books, articles and presentations with many times the reach of Mantik's subsequent volumes, in which he finally admitted I was correct, and that his biggest supporters had been misleading their readers and listeners. P.S. Here are Mantik's first published comments on the "white patch"... "What someone did in taking the x-rays of Kennedy during the autopsy was to put a great white patch on the back of the lateral X-ray to cover up the hole, which is why the area is so extraordinarily white," (Source: Reuters news Article on the 11-18-93 press conference, published in Livingstone's book Killing Kennedy, published 1995.) He said the white patch covered up a hole. Now he's trying to claim the white patch covered up that there was missing brain at the back of the head, and that the hole on the skull itself was actually at the far back of the x-ray and not apparent to the eye. Oh wait, that's right. I'm supposed to feel guilty for accurately reporting what's been said, and how what's been said has misled the vast majority of those studying the medical evidence. My bad.
  3. Today

    Andrew, the reason why I have not participated in this kind of forum before is due to the slagging that often takes place. I am not into party politics or denominational religion. I have indirectly been the beneficiary of pointers from people such as Gary Murr - who I am pleased to see is a member of this forum, and I know that Gary has been very methodical in his approach to this subject. I would therefore prefer to see more comments like his, and less of the ying-yang of rival theorists.
  5. My Brand New Theory-In-Progress

    Sandy, With all due respect, it sounds as though you should start reading (CIA Soviet Block Counterintelligence officer; Pro-Angleton) Tennent H. Bagley's 35-page PDF "Ghosts of the Spy Wars" (2015), *AND* Bill "The CIA Killed JFK" Simpich's "State Secret" to get an inkling of what I'm talking about ... http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/08850607.2014.962362 https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/State_Secret_Preface.html -- Tommy
  6. My Brand New Theory-In-Progress

    Hoo boy... I'm not the right person to be asked that question. But I will say that it seems to me that eliminating a president wouldn't be a very sure way of effecting some desired long-term goal. And I don't know how killing a president would result in greater KGB influence.
  7. My Brand New Theory-In-Progress

    Pure speculation in a wilderness of mirrors, Sandy. All hypothetical at this point, but a paradigm that might help to explain some apparent anomalies ... Now let me ask YOU a question: *IF* there was a high-level mole or network of embedded KGB-types, would he / they have been willing to help kill JFK (or any other U.S. president for that matter) if he / they had been instructed by his / their KGB / GRU handler(s) to do so, if for no other reason than to enable ever-increasing KGB / GRU influence through "active measures counterintelligence" (which started in 1921) and "strategic deception operations" (which started in 1959), thereby giving rise to paralyzing, cancer-like propaganda and disinformation (e.g., "The Evil Evil CIA Killed JFK!," or "The evil, evil CIA killed JFK via a long-term Harvey and Lee and Two Marguerites program!," or "the evil, evil CIA ... ")? So that, you know, ..... EVENTUALLY a Russian Mafia-compromised (and therefore eminently blackmail-able) anti-NATO "useful idiot" like Donald James Trump could be installed as our president? (Or do you believe that some disgruntled DNC or NSA insider not only hacked the DNC's and Podesta's e-mails, but gave said e-mails to Julian Assange and DNCLeaks? And that Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear and Guccifer 2.0 are just some evil, evil CIA "cover stories" or "fantasies"?) LOL -- Tommy PS: I would suggest that pieces of the puzzle lie in Bill Simpich's "State Secret," John Newman's "Oswald and the CIA," and Tennent H. Bagley's "Spy Wars" and "Ghosts of the Spy Wars," etc ...
  8. My Brand New Theory-In-Progress

    Tommy, What makes you think that a mole might have had something to do with the assassination?
  9. LBJ's Ranch House is for sale

    Just to clarify. This is not what was later known as the "Texas Whitehouse" which LBJ already owned in 1963 and was taking JFK to on 11/22/63. Now the National Historical park on the Perdenales river. https://www.nps.gov/lyjo/planyourvisit/visitlbjranch.htm Of note in the text of the article for the picture provided; LBJ bought this place a week after the JFK assassination. Why, How? Coincidental? A new place a little ways away from his new Texas Whitehouse, more secluded for private dealings? LBJ was not independently wealthy, his wealth came from politics, contributions, deals, kickbacks. Did he suddenly come up with funds he needed to invest? Yes, pure speculation. But where did he get the money and why Then, there? His man cave to decompress from the stress? http://www.mystatesman.com/business/lbj-former-ranch-listed-for-million/Hn72tNc8ReOlbYprZm8miL/
  10. My Brand New Theory-In-Progress

    I can really shake 'em down, Sandy. -- TOMMY https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Contours
  11. Roscoe White

    Denny: What's most interesting to me about Roscoe White is that he showed up at the Dallas PD in late 1963, with no prior experience in law enforcement (i.e. a convenient plant), and only lasted with DPD less than two years after the assassination. White worked in the DPD Identification Division, and allegedly had a talent for composite photography. He is suspected of creating the backyard composites, and being the "enterprising young officer" who provided them to LIFE. He apparently had numerous unexplained trips to New Orleans (see the EF Thread entitled "Return to Roscoe White" started by Alan Espy in September 2006). Consider the fates of researchers Larry Howard, Joe West, Bud Fensterwald and Larry Ray Harris - the presenters of White's story - all of whom died not long after the Ricky White news conference. It would seem that David Perry was instrumental in infiltrating/defusing the Roscoe White story. Then we see the characters of Ricky and Geneva defamed/discredited (e.g. mental problems). Something's fishy here, and there seems some substance to all of this. Kind of like seeing/smelling smoke (after the shot) ... Gene
  12. LBJ's Ranch House is for sale

    Does a purchase of LBJ's ranch include free and clear claim to the millions of ounces of Victorio Peak Gold if the buyer uncovers such?
  13. My Brand New Theory-In-Progress

    Tommy, you're back!
  14. Another rather ridiculous current thread brings up Mary Moorman and in turn Jean Hill. I pulled the book Last Dissenting Witness as a result. Mark Lane's brief phone interview of Jean Hill lit a fire. They both got burned. She told him the guy she saw running across the front of the TSBD towards the grassy knoll looked like the guy she saw kill Oswald on TV and in the papers. He put it in Rush To Judgement but before that had noted it in his petition to represent Oswald on 3/7/64 before the Warren Omission. Then Arlen Specter took her testimony, one on one with a public stenographer he paused when needed and badgered the hell out of her falsifying her statements.
  15. I’m not sure. I know they were censured and UnionBank operations were shut down.
  16. LBJ's Ranch House is for sale

    If those walls could talk......
  17. Huh? So is ... . or So, is ... ? Hmm Or, who told somebody to say that somebody said that somebody said that?
  18. Were they ever even charged?
  19. So is the pregnant six million dollar (man) question, who told Moore to tell De Morenschild to knock on Oswald's door?
  20. My Brand New Theory-In-Progress

    James, Care to say anything else about it? -- Tommy
  21. Thanks, Robin! I hope to find the intercepts Petty apparently told Russell about, and then try to "analyze" them from a Tennent H. Bagley / Sergei Kondrashev point-of-view and knowledge base (and maybe even a little Mitrokhin Archives, too) as regards the people said KGB agent was colluding with and / or working against through the years. -- Tommy
  22. Angleton and Mark Lane experts, your thoughts?

    Man, is that true Pamela. One of the extraordinary things about the new files is how many of them refer to Lane. Especially the FBI. But further, the WC really feared Lane and they asked that the FBI actually step up their coverage of him. Incredible.
  23. My Brand New Theory-In-Progress

  24. Was George de Mohrenschildt a Long-Term KGB "Illegal"?

    Everyone knows that due to his long career that DeM worked for many different intel agencies. He was even suspected or working for the Germans. I would think that what we would be concerned about here is what he was doing in the sixties. Its pretty clear from the available evidence from what DeM told Epstein, from Mellen's book, from his visits with Matlack and the CIA in 1963 that the Baron was working with the Agency when he knocked on the Oswald's door. He actually said that he would never in a million years have done any such thing unless Moore told him to. And when you add in the facts that Moore provably lied about their association, its pretty incriminating.
  25. NSA web site has PDFs of released VENONA messages organized by year of origination. There doesn't seem to be a search feature for them.
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