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  2. Bernie, Thank you for, however briefly, initiating an almost civil discussion. Without a sense of irony, I’ll play it as if you mean it for now. If you’ll suspend your disbelief of the two Oswalds for just a couple of minutes, I’ll try to show you how the WC version and the Nash Rambler sightings make perfect sense. Briefly, the reason we think Harvey Oswald DID take that crazy bus and taxi ride (while Lee got in the Nash Rambler) is that Harvey was ordered to do so, and he almost certainly had been following orders for that entire horrible day. He went out of his way to take the bus because he had been ordered to do so and was quite possibly going to be met by Tippit at the GLOCO station directly on the bus route. There’s more evidence, but the real proof this was all part of a plan is the fact that U.S. Army employee Stuart Reed managed to take excellent color photos of McWatters’ bus #1213 and the front of the TSBD right around the time of the assassination, and then he captured Harvey’s arrest in front of the Texas Theater. That was not just luck; it had to be planned. McWatters didn’t remember Harvey at all (would you expect a bus driver in that situation to?) but Whaley DID remember him, just as you would expect a taxi driver to remember his sole passenger. No doubt you are well aware of how strong the evidence is for the Nash Rambler ride. I won’t bother discussing it here. John makes his case for the two Oswalds leaving the TSBD here: Harvey and Lee Depart the TSBD Knowing full well that the Nash Rambler escape would lead researchers to totally reject the bus and taxi ride, John concluded the write-up above with a list of reasons for what he called the “Naysayers” to consider. Here it is: III. NAYSAYERS There are some people who believe the bus ride never happened, and that the entire story of the bus ride was fabricated. In order to reach their conclusions these people focus attention on witnesses whose memories are less than perfect, and then continuously criticize these people in an attempt to destroy their credibility. These people often misread witness statements and testimony. They criticize documents without thoroughly understanding what they are reading. Their cited "sources" are often not sources at all and, in some cases, are non-existent. They (naysayers) do this in an attempt to develop and promote their own preconceived ideas and theories. However, when their work is closely scrutinized, it becomes apparent that many of these naysayers have not done their homework. For example: Naysayers criticize bus driver Cecil McWatters because he could not positively identify Oswald as a passenger on his bus. Naysayers ignore McWatters' description of this one passenger and his clothing—a man who rode in the middle of the bus for only 4 minutes. These naysayers forget there were perhaps dozens of bus passengers on several of McWatters' bus runs on 11/22/63, yet they endlessly criticize him for not remembering details about this one passenger. Naysayers criticize the testimony and memory of Milton Jones, who remembered Oswald as a passenger and remembered his light blue jacket and grey pants. Naysayers conveniently forget that Oswald sat behind Jones, and only saw Oswald for a few seconds when he boarded and got off McWatters' bus. Naysayers criticize the testimony and memory of Oswald's former landlady Mary Bledsoe, who described Oswalds dark brown shirt, the hole in the sleeve, and the missing buttons very well. Naysayers believe that Oswald changed the shirt he wore to work at his rooming house before he went to the theater, relying on the reports of Kelley and Bookhout. Therefore, naysayers criticize Bledsoe because her description of the shirt matches the shirt Oswald was wearing at the theater when arrested. Naysayers claim that Oswald changed his shirt at his rooming house, citing the reports of Kelley and Bookhout, who wrote that Oswald removed a reddish-colored, long-sleeved shirt with a button down collar and placed it in the lower drawer of his dresser. The problem with their reports is that Oswald did not own a reddish-colored, long-sleeved shirt with a button down collar. He did own one, and only one, reddish-brown shirt, but this shirt did not have a button down collar (CE 150) and this was the shirt Oswald was wearing when arrested in the Texas Theater. All of Oswald shirts were listed in DPD inventory. In the Warren Volumes these shirts are photographed and identified as WC #150 & 151 & 152-all long sleeved, and not one shirt is reddish-colored, long-sleeved, with a button down collar. WC # 153 & 154 & 155 & 160 are all short sleeved shirts. Oswald could not have removed a reddish-colored, long-sleeved shirt with a button down collar, because he didn't own such a shirt. Oswald did remove one shirt and put it in his dresser drawer, as he told Capt. Fritz. This was his dirty white t-shirt, soiled around th HarveyandLee.net HarveyandLee.nete collar. Naysayers criticize Mary Bledsoe and say that she did not see Oswald on the bus, because she saw “only a glimpse of him.” Naysayers forget that Oswald rented one of 3 bedrooms in her home and she saw him on a daily basis only 5 weeks before the assassination. He talked on the telephone constantly and interrupted her naps. Mrs. Bledsoe remembered that Oswald often spoke in a foreign language on her telephone. She was very familiar with Oswald's face and physique. Mrs. Bledsoe only needed a “glimpse” of Harvey Oswald to recognize him instantly. Naysayers constantly criticize Bledsoe and Jones and Whaley for their less than perfect memories. But Oswald was only in their presence for a mere 4-6 minutes. Naysayers conveniently forget that Bledsoe and Jones and Whaley all remembered that Oswald wore light colored grey pants on the bus and taxi. Oswald told Capt. Fritz that he had changed his dirty trousers (light colored grey pants) in his room. When arrested, Oswald was wearing very dark pants. His dirty light colored grey pants were later found in his room by police. How could Bledsoe and Jones and Whaley have known Oswald was wearing light grey pants on the bus/taxi unless they had personally seen him? Naysayers claim that McWatters never gave Oswald a bus transfer. If McWatters never gave bus transfer #004459 to Oswald, then perhaps naysayers would care to explain why Dallas Police called the Dallas Transit Division Superintendent. Explain how Mr. F.F. Yates was able to immediately identify McWatters as the driver who issued the bus transfer. Do the naysayers expect us to believe that Dallas Transit supervisors were coerced into going along with a fabricated story that the bus ride never happened? Naysayers ignore the fact that transfer #004459 came from McWatters' transfer book. They ignore McWatters' testimony that he remembered giving a transfer to Oswald and a transfer to a blond haired lady when both were getting off the bus. Naysayers ignore Mary Bledsoe's testimony that she spoke briefly with the blond lady when McWatters gave her a transfer. How would Oswald know about a blond-haired lady on McWatters bus unless he had ridde HarveyandLee.netn on that bus? Naysayers claim the bus transfer at the National Archives does not have a crease in the middle, so it was never folded and put in Oswald's pocket. Naysayers ignore the fact that National Archivist Steve Hamilton confirmed that the bus transfer has a crease in the middle, indicating that it had at one time been folded. Naysayers question the number of transfers given out by McWatters on 11/22/63. They know the first transfer McWatters issued was #004452, and they know the police found transfer #004459 in Oswald's shirt pocket. They claim, correctly, that McWatters gave out 8 transfers (#004452 to #004459). But they then claim that because McWatters told the WC that he gave out only two transfers, that 6 transfers were “missing.” Once again, these naysayers are simply misreading testimony. McWatters told the WC, “Yes, sir; I gave him one [bus transfer] about two blocks from where he got on [at Griffin]...that is the transfer because it had my punch mark on it....I gave only two transfers going through town on that trip [going through town on that trip!] and that was at the one stop of where I gave the lady and the gentlemen that got off the bus, I issued two transfers....But that was the only two transfers were issued [on that ONE trip thru town]. Very simple. McWatters issued six transfers prior to picking up Oswald and the blond lady (prior to 12:40 PM). He then issued a transfer to the blond lady and a transfer to Oswald when they got off the bus (circa 12:44 PM). Oswald told Capt. Fritz and his interrogators about a blond woman asking William Whaley to call her a taxi, just after Oswald got into Whaley's taxi. William Whaley told the WC the same story--that just after Oswald got into the front seat of his taxi, a blond lady asked him to call a taxi for her. How is it possible that Oswald's and Whaley's stories match perfectly, unless this incident actually occurred and was remembered by both Oswald and Whaley? Naysayers conveniently forget that Oswald's reference to a blond-haired lady, which he told to Capt. Fritz and numerous law enforcement officers during interrogations, was also remembered by McWatters, Bledsoe, and Jones. Naysayers criticize William Whaley for saying that Oswald had a silverlike strip on his shirt. Naysayers ignore and intentionally overlook that Whaley also said Oswald was wearing a brown long-sleeve shirt and a t-shirt with a soiled collar. Naysayers criticize William Whaley because he said Oswald's bracelet was a “stretchband,” when it looks like a “chain link” bracelet. But naysayers, once again, should do their homework. Oswald's bracelet is listed on a DPD property form, found in Box 1, folder 8, item 1 at the Dallas Archives. It is identified as "One I.D. stretch band with 'Lee' inscribed.” Naysayers also fail so explain how Whaley could have known that Oswald was wearing any kind of silver-colored bracelet, unless he saw the bracelet himself on Oswald's left arm while riding in his taxi. Naysayers criticize William Whaley when he said that he drove Oswald to Neches and Beckley, because this address is non-existent. Naysayers conveniently fail to remember that Oswald instructed Whaley to drive to the 500 block of N. Beckley. As Whaley was driving south on N. Beckley, Oswald said “this will do.” Whaley then stopped randomly in the street, at an unknown address, and Oswald got out of his taxi. Whaley wrote “500 N. Beckley” in his manifest because that is what he remembered Oswald told him when he first got into his taxi. Naysayers criticize William Whaley because he wrote down the time of Oswald's taxi ride incorrectly in his manifest. Naysayers conveniently forget that Whaley explained to the WC that he always wrote the times of his taxi rides in 15-minute intervals. And said that he often wrote two, three, or four of these entries in his manifest at the same time, long after the taxi rides. Whaley said that when he got back to the Union Terminal he made an entry of the trip (to N Beckley) on his manifest for the day. Naysayers criticize taxi driver William Whaley for naming the number 3 man in the police lineup as Oswald, when he was identified by the police as the number 2 man. Naysayers ignore the explanation that Whaley gave to the WC. Whaley simply said that LHO, walking from left to the right, was the 3rd man brought out for the lineup. From left to right, according to the police, Oswald was the #2 man. Naysayers criticize and criticize these witnesses over the smallest of details, in an attempt to “prove” that the bus and taxi ride never happened. This is the extent of their “research.” Naysayers ignore the fact that Capt. Fritz and many law enforcement officers heard Oswald say that he rode a bus, got a bus transfer, got into a taxi, offered to let a blond-haired lady have his taxi, and paid an 85 cent fare. The facts are that Bledsoe and Jones testified that Oswald was on McWatters bus, transfer #004459 was found in Oswald's shirt pocket, Whaley testified that Oswald rode in his taxi, that Oswald offered to let a blond-haired lady have his taxi, and that Oswald paid 95 cents in taxi fare. Witness testimony and evidence match pretty well with what Oswald told his interrogators. HarveyandLee.net Naysayers criticize, criticize, and criticize these witnesses for not having perfect memories. Yet these naysayers never produce a single document or a single witness by which to prove the taxi and bus ride never happened. Nor can they offer an ounce of PROOF as to what they think COULD HAVE happened—only speculation, fantasies, and daydreams. To these naysayers, I would ask them to simply identify the person or persons who came up with the idea to fabricate a story in which the bus and taxi rider never happened. I would ask them to name the person or persons who had the knowledge, presence, and ability to fabricate such a hoax within hours of Oswald's arrest.. I would remind naysayers that Oswald himself said during his first and second interrogations that he rode a bus, long before the police knew about Cecil McWatters. And Oswald made these statements in the presence of Capt. Fritz, James Hosty, Thomas Kelley, James Bookhout, and numerous officers. These people took notes, made reports, and/or gave WC testimony about statements made by Oswald. These naysayers would have us believe that a person or persons unknown convinced all of these people (SS agents Kelley, Nully and Forrest: FBI agents Hosty, Grant, Odum and Bookout; US Marshall Nash; Capt Fritz, DPD officers Sims, Boyd, Turner, Hall, Dhority, Owens, Leavelle, and Senkel, taxi driver Whaley, bus driver McWatters, bus passengers Bledsoe and Jones, bus and taxi officials) to lie and go along with a fabricated story that the bus and taxi ride never happened. But no matter how much evidence researchers produce to prove that Oswald rode on a bus and in a taxi on 11/22/63, we can be sure that irresponsible naysayers can and will find the most trivial, superficial, and inconsequential reasons to continue their criticism. Rather than nit-pick the statements and memories of witnesses who saw “Lee Harvey Oswald” riding in either the station wagon, bus, or taxi, naysayers should study the overwhelming amount of evidence that shows there were two “Lee Harvey Oswalds” who looked very similar. At 12:40 PM LEE Oswald got into a Nash Rambler station wagon in front of the TSBD, while HARVEY Oswald was getting into McWatters' city bus at Elm and Griffin. An hour and a half later HARVEY Oswald was arrested, handcuffed, and sitting in a room at Dallas Police headquarters. When Capt Fritz pointed to Roger Craig and said to Oswald, “This man saw you leave....what about the car?” Oswald replied, “that station wagon belongs to Mrs. Paine.....” HARVEY Oswald dared not say any more, but his statement about Mrs. Paine and a station wagon shows that he knew a lot more than what he told his interrogators . George Lardner, of the Washington Post, reported that “[CIA Director] Richard Helms told reporters that no one would ever know who or what Lee Harvey Oswald...represented.” In 1977 Helms became the only CIA director to be convicted of misleading Congress. --Above from HarveyandLee.net
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  4. What's Worse -- T3 Denial or Holocaust Denial?

    I'll be posting a separate thread on this subject after the Oswald Mock Trial. Who knows -- maybe Wecht, Thompson, Mantik et al will stand up and say "I stand corrected -- JFK was shot in the back at T3 as a matter of historical fact."
  5. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    I don't know what to make of this because I am not an expert, but 76710292 is an eight digit number. According to this same website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_number_(United_States_Armed_Forces) eight digit numbers between 70,000,000 and 90,000,000 were not issued. Steve Thomas
  6. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    https://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/finding-aids/garrison-papers.html List of Folder Titles in the Garrison Papers (Papers Donated by Lyon Garrison) Box 6 : [New Orleans Conference 9/21/1968]
  7. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    On 10/20/17 I asked if RA-76710292 was a valid ID number. According to this web site: Service number (United States Armed Forces) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_number_(United_States_Armed_Forces) The RA is a prefix " Used by Regular Army enlisted personnel ". Steve Thomas
  8. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    Sorry for the omission, Footnote 32: Lippincott on Dinkin: filed as Exhibit B, Dinkin lawsuit, February 10, 1964, letter from John C. Lippincott to Honorable Everett McKinley Dirksen, U.S. Senate. Steve: “I don't suppose you have a copy of the New Orleans research conference transcript as cited in footnote 34 do you?” Nope, sorry again. Tom
  9. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    Tom, Thank you. I don't suppose you have foot note number 32 do you? You can see the FBI report in CD 788 here: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=11186#relPageId=4&tab=page It's interesting that these are memorandums of Dinkins' FBI interview, and not the interview itself, which is on a Form 302 isn't it? It says that on April 1st, Dinkin told "agents" of the FBI that... We don't know who those "agents" were. The reason I bring that up is that according to Lippincott (as told to Russell supposedly,) Dinkin was assigned to the 529th Ordnance Company; but according to the FBI (as told to them by Dinkin supposedly), he was assigned to the 599th Ordnance Group. Different animals altogether. I don't suppose you have a copy of the New Orleans research conference transcript as cited in footnote 34 do you? I'd like to know where that OAS business came from. One minute, Dinkin is intercepting NATO cable traffic (according to Redmon), and the next he's deciphering OAS "telegraph traffic" (according to Nagell). The inconsistencies abound. Steve Thomas
  10. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Escape from the 6th Floor I've just read this article and if you take away the H&L nonsense, and the acceptance of the WC narrative (2nd floor encounter and the public transport escape plan) it is quite a thought provoking piece. I'd like to do a bit more reading up on the idea of snipers escaping through the elevator shafts. He may have really discovered something there, but I fear, without alternative information to hand, I'll discover that it is either someone else's work or has already been robustly debunked. I genuinely hope it hasn't though... With reference to the Nash Rambler incident whereby an Oswald look alike (Lee), according to Craig, was seen dashing towards the car before it sped off down Stemmons. He confirmed that the man he saw in the rambler was the same man he later saw in police custody...See where I'm going with this Jim? The one in custody was 'Harvey'. Oops! So either there is just one Oswald or even YOUR witness Craig, the one and only one who was observant enough to see Oswald climb into the rambler, couldn't tell the two apart! So they were absolutely identical after all! This incident occurred while Harvey Oswald, the man accused of killing President Kennedy, was riding in a city bus several blocks east of the Book Depository. You still believe in the bus story??? Really? Have you not seen the pioneering work done on that? It was one of the most illuminating threads this forum has ever had. It proves that Bledsoe, possibly the most inept witness in the history of humanity, was lying through her teeth and CLEARLY coached as to what to say. She even blurts that out! McWatter, the bus driver, hadn't a clue who LHO was and he too was coached/led by the nose. The whole bus/taxi escape is a fallacy from start to finish! As for the 2nd floor encounter, I'd recommend anyone to read this. it clearly proves that the WC narrative, adopted and accepted by Armstrong, is a crock of sh*t from start to finish. http://www.prayer-man.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Anatomy of the second floor lunch room encounter Aug 27 2017-by_Bart Kamp.pdf Are you even remotely capable of understanding how far these people would go to safeguard this assassination plot? You have to stop trusting the CIA and the FBI Jim, they have lied through their teeth all the way through this investigation. The WC is a lie from start to finish. Yet here you are, using the FBI's narrative to back up your H&L story... Oh if only you had irony receptors...
  11. CIA’s former senior officer for Congressional affairs was convicted of lying to Congress Clair George’s eight month tenure effectively killed the Agency’s communications to Congress Written by Emma Best https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/2017/jul/05/cia-clair-george/?utm_content=bufferac97e&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  12. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    As I was reviewing some of my notes re: Walker's HQ and Dallas field files, I noticed a few items that can assist everyone with respect to ascertaining and evaluating the nature and scope of the FBI's interest in Walker. In addition, this information can also help resolve the question of whether or not the FBI was "watching" or "tracking" Walker. (1) In February 1964, Dallas received information from the FBI office in New Orleans concerning an individual in Shreveport LA who was active in Klan affairs. This Klan member met Walker in Tyler TX. A Dallas field office notation on the memo discussing this matter made the following observations: "Walker is of considerable interest to the Dallas Field Division because of his extensive anti-administration and anti-integration activities and possible connections with groups or individuals of similar extreme views." (2) In August 1963, the Bureau wanted to know if Walker planned to attend the forthcoming "March on Washington" and, especially, if he was planning to participate in any counter-demonstrations that right-wing extremists were discussing. So, on August 6th, J. Edgar Hoover sent instructions to SAC-Dallas to keep HQ apprised of any information they discovered concerning Walker's plans. A notation on the file copy of this memo is as follows: "No active investigation is to be made but the above should be handled through established sources and/or informants in a discreet manner in such a way that no word will be transmitted to General Walker concerning this interest." It should be self-evident that if the FBI is not conducting an "active investigation" into a person or organization, then there would be no basis for "tracking" or "watching" them. This will become apparent when you consider the next item. (3) On August 27, 1963, the SAC-Dallas sent Hoover a teletype concerning information they received from a Dallas Police Department detective who told the FBI field office that Dallas PD had no information about Walker planning to attend the March on Washington. The SAC of the Dallas field office then handwrote a comment on this memo addressed to Jim Hosty (the primary case agent for Walker-related matters). The SAC wrote: "Jim - Get some sources close enough to Walker to keep abreast of his movements." Obviously, if the FBI was "watching" or "tracking" Walker -- they would already have had "sources close enough to Walker to keep abreast of his movements". (4) This situation is repeated in an October 1963 memo from Agent Jim Hosty to SAC-Dallas. Hosty's summary observed that: "A review of this file reflects that there is no outstanding investigation at this time. This writer will be alert to develop established sources against this subject, however, this case should be closed." The SAC of Dallas office then told Hosty: "Jim: Work on a source or sources. We need some coverage." So--from this exchange we learn two things: (a) The primary case agent for Walker matters thought that Walker's file should be closed -- because there was nothing of significance to investigate that fell under FBI jurisdiction. (b) For a second time in two months, the SAC of the Dallas office told Hosty to develop some "source or sources" to keep abreast of Walker's activities because the FBI had no such coverage. Instead, the FBI relied entirely upon "established sources" and Walker's file is filled with serials that reflect what that means. There are numerous references to newspaper articles about Walker. There are many memos concerning reports received from Dallas or other Texas law enforcement officials. There are letters received from concerned citizens -- some of whom had contacts with Walker OR contacts with someone else who had contact with Walker. There are contacts from the News Director of a local Dallas TV station. There are memos from other FBI offices which report information that they received about Walker -- which they forwarded to Dallas. There are phone calls to the Dallas office from people who have information they wanted to bring to the Bureau's attention, etc. (5) Later, there was more intense interest in Walker because Dallas and FBI HQ developed more information about Walker's connections to Klan and paramilitary right-wing organizations. And, of course, the attempted murder of Walker triggered more interest along with Walker's public statements about "a Communist cell" operating in Dallas. But when Walker was interviewed about that claim, he had no specific information to share.
  13. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    So you are now on record as believing that these two unrelated boys - who grew up to look so identical that only a pixel biometric test can tell them apart - fortuitously for the plotters, both independently had had a mastoid operation, and in the same ear as well? Did they know this prior to the exhumation or did they only learn of their extreme good fortune after the findings were released? The super bad guys must have been pulling their hair out during that exhumation! Any minute the entire plot is going to come crashing down as soon as they learn that 'Harvey' doesn't have the scar of the known mastoid operation on 'Lee'. All they can hope for is that 'Harvey' too, unknown to them, just may have also had the same operation. It's a real long shot, almost the equivalent to winning the lottery, but if not, the H&L plotters are in deep trouble. How will they get out of this? Then the word comes through. "Hey boss, you're never gonna believe this! 'Harvey' has had the exact same operation as 'Lee...and in the same ear too'!!" "Brilliant! So, we're cool on the mastoid. Phew! What about the front tooth that 'Lee' had replaced. How do we get around that? I presume 'Harvey' didn't also lose the same front tooth independently....? No, that would be too much to ask." "Only an extremely delusional person is going to deduce that there were two Oswalds based on hearsay of dental status, Sir." "Yes you're right . We have more than enough fabricated evidence to prove conclusively there was only one Lee Harvey Oswald. The mastoid seals it really. Gosh, how lucky was that? Don't worry about the teeth; that will be just something endlessly discussed by middle aged fanatics who have no intention of doing anything about it anyway!" "Sir, can I also inform you that Agents BC and DD have been eliminated. After the Stripling fiasco we had no alternative." "Good! And the sloping shoulders debacle...? "Again Sir, given the immense complexity of our outstanding achievement, there will always be a couple of small things we slightly overlooked. The sloping shoulder photo could be a big problem for us though. It has the potential to blow the whole thing!" "No, not at all, we can go with camera angles, age difference, posture, lighting and things of that nature to get ourselves out of the sloping shoulders problem. I'm a lot more concerned about the Bolton Ford incident. I mean, who was the bright spark that sent 'Lee' out to buy trucks while 'Harvey' was in Russia? Thank goodness those two witnesses didn't mention 'Lee's' missing tooth or we could have been in real trouble!" "Sir with our meticulous planning and our staggering amount of good luck only the brightest of the bright like Armstrong Hargroves and Josephs will see through all this. They are getting dangerously close Sir." "Ok, I'm assigning top cointelpro operative, Agent Laverick, to fight all our online forum battles. He'll be using several other identities and he is a genius at disrupting future research on H&L. It's all down to him now. This entire plot rests on whether our man can stop Hargrove and Josephs in their tracks. Those two are taking on the entire might of the American intelligence machine and, up to now, they are beating us hands down! I don't know how they all managed to get to the bottom of this subterfuge, but they have. And they need stopping before they do some damage! Agent Laverick will be the one to do it!" "Won't they just see through that Sir?" "Probably, they see through everything else. But we have absolutely no choice or they will make their discoveries public and that will be the end of us all. Now, off you go, haven't you got a mountain of evidence to destroy or any exhumations that need faking?" "Yes Sir, though I have just finished vaporising the entire witness testimony of those who saw or came into any contact with 'Lee' after the assassination. When I next have another full day's access to the thermo-nuclear ovens I will vaporise those of Marguerite too." "Very good. Fancy a tab of LSD...?"
  14. Mort Sahl on JFK

    I accessed the You Tube link Doug provided and listened to the entire interview of Mort Sahl. Sahl is a very interesting and intelligent fellow, obviously well read, quick witted funny and refreshingly opposite of politically correct in his disposition for seeking and telling the truth as he sees and feels it, no matter how much heat, criticism and career damage he suffered for doing so. Sahl's take on Bill Cosby 47 years ago ( relative to what we now know about Cosby's true character ) was amazingly prescient. And I also appreciated Sahl's sharing about Herb Caen the San Francisco journalist revealing a clearer picture of this man's true character and political bent. Highly recommend others listen to the Mort Sahl interview via the link Doug provides.
  15. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    Hi Steve, I value and appreciate your fine work. Your request concerning page 555 in TMWKTM must have referred to the 1993 edition of Russell’s book. I don’t find the Nov 7, 1963 cable in the newer edition, but what Dick Russell wrote about Dinkin on pages 349 through 352 in his 2003 edition of TMWKTM is fairly interesting and informative: In March 1962, a Army private first class Eugene B Dinkin was assigned to the 529th Ordnance Company in Metz, France, “as a crypto operator [who] was awarded the requisite security clearance,” according to Lieutenant Colonel John C. Lippincott of the Pentagon’s Legislative Liaison Office. 32 A crypto clearance is among the highest that the military gives, making Dinkin, in effect, part of the National Security Agency, the CIA’s Top-Secret communications counterpart. Until 1976, when portions of some documents on Dinkin were finally released, everything supplied to the Warren Commission about him was withheld from the public. But an FBI report of April 3, 1964, recounted Dinkin’s projection - several weeks before the assassination - “that a conspiracy was in the making by the ‘military’ of the United States, perhaps combined with an ‘ultra-right economic group.’. . .” 33 According to since-declassified CIA files, Dinkin’s warning was known to a number of people before November 22, 1963. It began on October 22, 1963, when Dinkin writes that he mailed a letter to Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Dinkin said, “I did offer in this letter a warning that an attempt to assassinate President Kennedy would occur on November 28th, 1963; that if it were to succeed, blame would then be placed upon a Communist or Negro, who would be designated the assassin; and believing the conspiracy was being engineered by elements of the Military, I did speculate that a military coup might ensue. I did request of the Attorney General that he dispatch a representative of the Justice Department to Metz, France to discuss this warning….” Dinkin realized, he continued, that his letter of Robert Kennedy had an “extremely minimal . . . probability of . . . coming into the direct attention of the Attorney General.” So Dinkin suddenly left his unit. On October 25, he set out to try and contact certain European ambassadors in the nearby nation of Luxembourg, in hopes that his message would then filter through their intelligence networks back to the United States. Nobody would give him the time of day except the Israeli ambassador to Luxembourg, who, Dinkin writes, advised him how best to present his case at the American embassy there. Dinkin says, “At the U.S. Embassy I was interviewed by Charge d’Affaires Mr. [first name unknown] Cunningham, who told me that the Ambassador was playing tennis and was therefore unavailable. I did relate to Mr. Cunningham that I had information indicative of a political assassination to occur in late November in the United States, and he did then guarantee to convey this message to Ambassador [FNU] Rivkin, who would notify me at my military base of an appointment.” A week passed, and no such notice came. Then, Dinkin explains, “I did however learn through the military grapevine that I was to be locked up as a psychotic. I did on November 2nd, 1963 obtain a signed and officially stamped leave permit from the commanding officer of Metz General Depot, and when summoned back to the CO’s office to be told that the leave was cancelled, having concealed the signed form, I did then tear up a blank form. That evening I left Metz, France by train and used the signed leave permit to gain entry to Stitzerland on the morning of November 3rd, 1963.” Thus Private Dinkin went AWOL, and his quest grew stranger still. On November 6 he showed up at the U.N. press office in Geneva where, failing to find the American correspondent he was seeking, he told his tale to “the owner-editor of the Geneva Diplomat.” The CIA verified this in a document prepared for the Warren Commission by Richard Helms on May 19, 1964, and released in 1976 with Dinkin’s name deleted. “Immediately after the assassination the CIA [deleted]reported allegations concerning a plot to assassinated President Kennedy that were made by Pfc. [deleted], U.S. Army, serial number [deleted] of 6 and 7 November 1963, in Geneva while absent without leave from his unit in Metz, France.” In other words, someone with the CIA was aware, at least “immediately after the assassination,” that Dinkin had made such “allegations” two weeks prior. After describing Dinkin’s appearance at the press office, the CIA file continued: “Around 26 November 1963, after President Kennedy had been assassinated, a Geneva journalist named Alex des Fontaines, stringer for Time-Life and correspondent for Radio Canada, was reported to be filing a story to the Paris office of Time-Life recounting Private [deleted] visit to Geneva and quoting [deleted] as having said that “they” were plotting against President Kennedy and that “something” would happen in Texas….” On the evening of November 6, Dinkin writes that he left Switzerland by train and arrived in Frankfurt, West Germany, the following morning. “I proceeded on that date to speak to the editor of the Overseas Weekly, who did regard my warning to be farfetched, and did recommend that I return in haste to the military base to avoid an AWOL charge being converted to Desertion charge.” So Private Dinkin journeyed on to Bonn, where the next afternoon, “I decided that the only remaining alternative would be to return to Metz General Depot and try to deceive the authorities with a story that I had been successful in attending to a “political matter” in Switzerland. Upon my return to Metz on the evening of November 8th, 1963, I did maintain this line with CIC [Army Counter Intelligence Corps] officer Mr. [FNU] McNair, who had been assigned to conduct the investigation [into Dinkin’s disappearance]. I was then notified that I was under arrest and spent the next five days in the depot jail. On November 13th, 1963 I was “hospitalized” at Landstuhl General Hospital in a closed psychiatric ward and was kept virtually incommunicado for approximately one week.” Private Dinkin was still in the hospital ward when, on the evening after the assassination, he says he was visited “by a gentleman claiming to be a “Secret Service agent” who had flown to Europe to interview me regarding the letter written to the Attorney General. He asked the following questions and my answers were as follows: (1) “Do you believe it was the Right or the Left?”Answer: “The Right”. (2) “Why was the date changed from November 28th to November 22nd?”Answer: “I knew of exact date and gave November 28th as an approximate date.” “I then informed the gentleman that under the circumstances of being locked up in a psychiatric ward I would give the government absolutely no information.” Dinkin continues, “Upon being transferred on December 5th, 1963 to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. I began receiving “therapy” to help me understand that my warning of the assassination had been “coincidental” and represented a projection of hostility toward authority figures in my family and a displacement of my internal conflicts about inability to adjust to military life. In order to “get well” I was to understand that in approaching European ambassadors I was “really looking for attention and assistance to obtain psychiatric treatment.”…I was let to understand that if my condition did not improve that I could be treated with ECT [electric shock treatment] and I consequently feigned cooperation and understanding of my unfortunate condition (schizo-assassination prognostication) and pretended to participate in group therapy and pharmacological treatment (I faked swallowing pills throughout)…. I was given an injection of a strong drug which left me dazed and was then introduced to a “psychologist from Case Institue of Cleveland” and told that be was conducting a research project requiring my cooperation. I was then required to free associate to a list of words while a tape recorder was in process of recording….” What was happening to Private Dinkin? Was his “therapy” intended to alter or nullify what he may have known in advance about the assassination? Shortly thereafter, he was released from Walter Reed - and the U.S. Army - on a medical discharge. Dinkin’s name first came up in the Garrison investigation, wherein interviews with some of Dinkin’s former Army associates led to the conclusion that he had been hospitalized until he memorized a cover story. And as Garrison’s people pieced the story together, they discovered that one of Dinkin’s duties as a code breaker had been to decipher telegraphic traffic that originated with the French OAS. 34 33: FBI report: WCD 1107. 34: Dinkin as code breaker: transcript, New Orleans researchers' conference (September 21, 1968), pp.73-75.
  16. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    Paul, Thanks, Steve
  17. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    "These imprecise criteria led to the creation of intelligence files on nearly 100,000 Americans, including Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, Major General Edwin walker, Julian Bond, Joan Baez, Dr. Spock, Reverend William Sloane coffin, congressman Abner mikvah, Senator Adlai Stevenson III, as well as clergyman, teachers, journalists, editors, Attorneys, industrialists, a laborer, a construction worker, railroad engineers, a postal worker, a taxi driver, a chiropractor, a doctor, a chemist, an economist, an historian, a playwright, an accountant, an entertainer, professors, a radio announcer, athletes, business executives and authors-all of whom became subjects of Army files simply because of their participation in political protests or their association with those who were engaged in such political activity." ....................., Just in case a casual reader finds him or herself as impressed as Jason is with his postings, but is not carefully and critically evaluating the material presented, as Jason doe'nt, the above quote, which I transcribed out of the above photo-copied page, points to the exact opposite conclusion that Jason Ward is trying to make. The attention given to General Walker by the Army is hardly distinguishing Walker as anyone of any substance, and on the same level of concern or threat as your average tradesman. Paul Trejo has repeatedly said that he repeats, ad infinitum, his nonsense, in order to influence the casual reader. It is clear that Jason Ward comes from the same school of non-thought; and apparently, both prefer to stay at a "Holiday inn Express" every night.
  18. Trump: JFK files to be released

    Something like that.
  19. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    Steve - The cable is excerpted on page 555. I'd rather see the cable itself, which is apparently dated Nov 7, 1963. I can't get a good pic of it. the relevant paragraph refers to 56631 and he quotes only the end of the cable, where the CIA Geneva office asks: "DIRECTOR: ADVISE ANY ACTION DESIRED. WILL CONTINUE TO MONITOR DEVELOPMENTS VIA ARMY ATTACHÉ, FBI, GENEVA CINTACTS, BUT WILL NOT BECOME INVOLVED VISAVIS SWISS UNLESS SO DIRECTED" As usual, the problem is there are two documents, and Russell does not produce either in full. One is a document prepared by Helms for the WC. The other one which you are asking about is a CIA "in cable no. 56631. "
  20. Is there anyone on this forum that has credible training and education in dentistry? Who could perhaps share their missing or not missing tooth take regards the adolescent Oswald photo.
  21. Trump: JFK files to be released

    My guess is "Mr. Art Of The Deal" is trying to figure out a way to work another one with these files. Something like ... Okay JFK people, I'll trade you the release of these files...and you back me in the "non-release" of my tax returns battle with Meuller?
  22. DJ has done all kinds of original research, both on H&L and, for example, Mexico City. Sandy first got my attention here by remarkable work he did on the uncashed Postal Money Order that allegedly paid for the Carcano from Kleins. I’ve done a few minor things to assist John in his research, but, for the most part, I don’t do original research. I run a website presenting his work. I decided long ago that John had essentially solved this case and that the most important thing I could do was to understand Harvey and Lee well enough to defend it against attackers. John continues to do original research, the latest of which can be seen in a write-up he completed in the last year or so and just completely reorganized last week. Read it here: Escape from the 6th Floor
  23. Trump: JFK files to be released

    Weird - I've seen both versions, but when I googled it the one suggesting he would block some files was the more recent one. However it is more logical that it wasn't. I still think he won't release some.
  24. Trump: JFK files to be released

    Who has control of the documents? The CIA Who gets to decide on "further information"? The CIA Who has the final say? The CIA Don't expect too much. Brought to you by the ART of the DEAL by you know who.
  25. Harold 'Hal' Feeney

    The Bay of Pigs remembered by Feeney, which includes a 1962 photo of him next to Tony Izquierdo: The Night of the White Horse
  26. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    Request for info: Could someone please reproduce page 555 of the book The Man Who Knew Too Much? or, reproduce CIA Cable No. 56631," dated November 7, 1963 from the Geneva Station to Washington? This is supposed to be the first alert on Dinkin. I tried searching the MFF by that cable number, but that didn't work for me. Thanks, Steve Thomas
  27. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Where do I start? So you agree that Armstrong didn't leave much to be discovered. Interesting. And convenient. But tell me, how does a person who admits he has only "scratched the surface" of Armstrong's work KNOW that he hasn't left much to be discovered? Blind faith? The realisation that since Armstrong you have all found a big fat zero to add to it? Do you know FOR DEFINITE that there isn't an old photo kicking about showing 'Lee's' tooth missing? Not just the one, but others too? Find it/them and we're going to look pretty stupid aren't we? But none of you have even bothered looking. If I'm wrong however, please reveal the results of such a search. This isn't so much aimed at you Sandy, I respect what you say about being an amateur researcher and it's not you personally I'm firing these questions at. But you are defending this theory and I'm asking you what others may have done to further corroborate H&L. I'm presuming that someone who shows as much interest in this topic as you would want to know if further research has added meat from where Armstrong left it. You would be interested in such developments, right? For example, it would be brilliant for H&L if an school friend of 'Lee' came across this forum and contacted Jim with anything he knew about him wouldn't it? He may even have a photo of 'Lee' and if he too confirmed the missing tooth, your story would gain traction, it would gain credibility, and it would increase your confidence to go and look for more corroborative evidence. But I know for a fact that your boys haven't even looked. If they have looked what are the results of their new investigation? Telling me it's not worth looking for something because it's 65 years old it the biggest cop out I have ever seen on this forum. Ever! Well we may as well just pack up now then hadn't we? You do know that the JFK assassination and its prelude were about the same length of time ago don't you? But we're still looking; and we're still discovering. Even Ed Voebel was uncertain and that was 54 years years ago. Ha ha ha !!!! So even YOU reckon he wasn't certain on the missing tooth? Without him you have a blurred picture and his aunt saying he visited a dentist. That's it! On that alone you have to construct the entire H%L story to fit your interpretation of the facts. Because as you can see, if that is your 'Lee' (LHO to us!) then the whole H&L comes crashing down. That is why Jim can only repeatedly show that ONE AND ONLY photo; apparently that trumps ALL the scientific evidence! Armstrong has found most of those relevant documents, I'm sure. So all you have on this, is what you have got from Armstrong? There will be nothing more to add or to corroborate this story? And you're "sure" about this? Based on what? Based on the fact that you actually haven't found anything new? Does this mean the story has no legs? Of course not, it OBVIOUSLY means Armstrong found literally EVERYTHING so it's pointless looking. Great research ethos. Time is ticking and there is very little more research that can be done for Harvey & Lee How do you know this? What effort has gone into finding new information? Or have you all decided that if there were more information Guru Armstrong would have found it so there's no point even looking? Jim and Josephs don't even bother looking for new information. Do you know why? Because they will never find it so all they have is what Armstrong left them and not one jot of evidence has emerged since then to back it up. NOT ONE!!!
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