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  1. So you have Shelley going from the Island and into the TSBD ... so what happened to the 3 - 4 minute excursion to the Island - then to the RR yard - to then entering the back of the TSBD? Does all that time get scrapped now?? Perhaps the statements given to the FBI are just general references and not meant to be a total accounting of an event.
  2. You have been all this time with not caring to do a physical size comparison - waiting a little longer isn't going to hurt you.
  3. It can be as simple as asking one's self why does time seem to go bay faster when being busy over not doing anything. Has not everyone at one time or another gotten side-tracked doing something only to look at the clock to find time had gotten away from them. Then there are phrases like 'I will be there in a minute' which in reality ended up being five minutes. I reason some Commission testimony where a witness was asked to give an amount of time and the witness replied with words to the effect 'about a minute'.
  4. I just said what I believe based on my experiences as well as others - do you have a point to make?
  5. You got that right, Paul. Peoples memories of spaces in time when it comes to being stressed or in a state of shock and/or confusion is not to be considered a time clock of the event. If a witness looked at their watch periodically during that same period, then that would be a different matter, but as far as I am aware - that didn't happen. Who hasn't had an experience where they recalled an event seeming as if it took forever to get through while perhaps others thought it went by rather quickly. It happened to me each time I ever went to a dentist.
  6. I am getting to it .... then I will look forward to your next excuse for why it should be ignored.
  7. So summarizing your comments is deflecting .... nice!
  8. It would take someone skilled in Photogammetry to do that, Ray. However, Oswald was a very thin individual and his size can be compared to other people around him. In this particular case, Lee's shoulder width could be visually compared against that of Prayer Man's to see if they are similar or if there is a noticeable difference. Several people have posted that Prayer Man looked rather large to be Lee Oswald. I am certain that Kamp is aware those observations and is why he made a big deal that I had shown a photo of Lee in just a T-shirt. The implication could only be that had Lee had his second shirt on - then he would appear as large as Prayer Man. But I asked just how thick could the material of Lee's second shirt be because to me he still looked like a skinny man with a second shirt on. I also suggested that the thickness of Lee's shirt could not have been more than 1/8th of an inch in additional thickness. For some reason Kamp has not seemed very eager to find the answer to the question of whether Prayer Man is too large to be Oswald. I can think of one damaging reason ... If Prayer Man is not Lee Oswald, then that would explain why Frazier, Lovelady, Shelley, Molina, etc., did not report that Lee was outside standing with them. That means the theory that all these witnesses were leaned on even before Oswald had been thought to be the assassin of the President is hogwash. And who knows - maybe Prayer Man and Lee will appear to be very similar in size. I am certainly not afraid to find out if there is a way to check it.
  9. So you complained of a slight of hand by my not posting a photo of Oswald without the additional shirt as if that would somehow bulk him up .... well it appears that it didn't do anything but show a skinny man with a shirt on over his T-shirt - which by the way .... you didn't tell me how thick you believed his all important shirt to be? Is it because you now see that his shirt didn't really add any noticeable width to his shoulders - that must be it. Smoke and mirrors? You have not even bothered to see if Prayer Man is the same size as Oswald and I am the one using smoke and mirrors ..... if you say so.
  10. I never mentioned a NYHT article. So the buying a coke and drinking it puts Oswald in the lunchroom even sooner than if had not yet bought a coke. So what was there to gain by making up a story that Oswald had a coke when confronted by Baker .... is it because only assassins drink coke?
  11. He says that when Oswald was met on the 2nd floor by Patrolman Baker that he never had a coke because Truly and Baker didn't mention it in their statements or testimonies.
  12. So how much thicker will Oswald be with his shirt added to his shoulder width - perhaps 1/8th of an inch on each side? You can clear all this up by letting us see your study ... if you have even bothered to do one.
  13. The explanation of Lee having gotten a coke was something I had read. You may have noticed that I am not alone as Paul Trejo posted about Lee having a coke as well. And so you know - I have no intention on going back over the countless books and articles I have read on the assassination in my lifetime over a bottle of coke. Now prove that well fed looking Prayer Man is the scrawny looking Oswald because it looks to me like you are attempting to fill up a 2lb bag of Prayer Man with a half of a pound of Oswald.
  14. The issue has been raised - now it is up to the one pushing the claim that must be sure that Prayer Man truly is Oswald.
  15. The lines are all the same length. There were places on mean and women. I chose a reference point that could be seen without being confused as being part of someone else. Oswald was pretty thin and was not very broad shouldered. It's seems to me that if Prayer Man had a said width between two points on his person (visible left and right side) and while rotated away from the camera, then that line could be used against others in the frame who appear broader shouldered than Oswald. Someone can do the same test and create a line between to points on the body on Prayer Man. If Prayer Man is as wide as Molina who is facing the camera for example ... one must ask him or herself if Prayer Man is Oswald - should his shoulders be as wide as lets say .... Molina's?