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  1. CASTRO con-vinced by Che Guevara, betrayed/destroyed the Revolution! M-26-7 Cuban 26th Of July Movement That bravely fought, now represents Lost liberty, unjust since The heroic 26th Betrayed by Che Guevara To executions Or hellish prisons There at Principe's Wall And elsewhere fell M-26-7 The Cuban Revolution. by H J Dean, former member 26th July Movement
  2. Hay Lazar, Paul Trejo today kindly reference you as an BORE, is that better than being referred to by me as just an Old grouch like Hoover and Grapp? or should I say you are just a old contrarian word twister? . Seriously the sweaty low desert intense heat of that Palm Springs hole in the desert is baking your brain. As of now we, you and I will speak no more forever of this, or anything until the grass grows and a river runs in 'your brain-baked' desert inferno .
  3. Hoover was upset 'pissed-off', as was SAC Grapp later in Los Angeles, realizing that what I was asking for was letter of verification of being involved with FBI since 1960. My aim upon receiving such was to quit further and increasingly dangerous dealings with ongoing/endless and fearful connections with all FBI, Cuban and domestic subversives. The result of such efforts were made by two grouchy old guys, Hoover and Grapp using the key word "EXPEDITIOUSLY" in their 2/19/1964 above.
  4. my request to J E Hoover re; my association with the Bureau on Cuban matters resulted in his shootdown of my being a regular asset, in this and other intelligence requests by Bureau. Bureau exposed my loose cannon past to deny our almost five year intelligence connections. Scan.BMP.pdf
  5. Why the expanding 'hot air' bubble, when the air-less facts, direct from the 'horses mouth' and not from the other end, can be discovered in a read of the 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS ? Your choice!
  6. President Trump has appointed at least two Mormons to top positions in U.S. Government, Rex Tillerson to U.S. Secretary Of State Jon Huntsman U.S. Ambassador to Russia, with hundreds of the faithful long embedded in lower government positions. The 'Deal' is made with an All- powerful alleged-religious combine. Sadly, America and the world will mourn. ONCE INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT NOW VISIBLE The question...................future liberty Arise! alert to sacrifice Boycott the 'beastly mark' Mormon mastery To tract all persons thoughts and deeds Boycott this 'all powerful' apostate Masonry With it's assassin grip 'on all U.S. politics" Boycott their 'common cause' new century Buy not........sell not..........use not Boycott the chaos-creator's 'pale' tyranny Who's lackeys 'openly now' in lethal power rule (C) h j Dean
  7. During some of our conversations Gen Walker stated " under Eisenhower we could get away with murder" etc & etc meaning unlike under Kennedy?
  8. CIA action against The Fair Play For Cuba Committee (Castro's Network in the United States) became an international effort following FBI domestic actions to expose it's subversive intentions. This Castro/Guevara organisation collapsed only with the murder of alleged Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald because of his connection to Fair Play For Cuba Committee as did the Castro/Guevara aim for anti-U.S. revolutionary expansion throughout all Latin America. Oswald's murder solved a terrific U.S. foreign and domestic policy problem, beside whatever his other and varied positions prove to have been? (by former member Fair Play For Cuba Committee & Castro 26 July Movement)
  9. The writing that appeared on Oswald's grave 1965 (from the 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS) Will we get all the answers 26 October 2017 ? LEE HARVEY OSWALD 1939 - 1963 Will the cold dead body of Lee Oswald Lay forever in a traitor's grave Know his soul will have fair judgement Be he guiltless or a knave. Did he assassinate the president ? Was he truthfully accused ? Guilty yes, or was he innocent ? He has left all the world confused. (C) h.j. dean
  10. Yes, begining in childhood
  11. Looking forward to 26 Oct.2017. Via deals with President Trump and Mitt Romney's appointments of other Mormons, Tillerson in connection with U.S.Senator Corker, an expected solution of JFK assassination will disappoint all JFK researchers en toto !
  12. These are 3 pictures of Oswald's Mother whom I knew very well.
  13. Real slick operation , Mormon church via Romney got their Boy Scout, Oil King, agent in to the highest official position of U.S. Government and Trump thinks he can control the Mormon church conspiracy. Or does he?. Every report on Rex Tillerson after being named U.S. Secretary Of State went silent on his being a Mormon, except the BSA 'Boy Scouts Of America' information. We/you are in big trouble.
  14. Excerpt from 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS re; Jack Anderson & etc. Mormon bishop, Jeffery Willis, the long time CIA personnel director while no stranger to public controversy , Willis was forced ...to face the cameras personally rather than relying on CIA public relations staff. His comments revealed that many other CIA men were Ward members, and that he had sought public relations advise from an old friend, newspaper columnist Jack Anderson, himself a member of the Silver Springs, Maryland, Ward.
  15. It is now another Mormon listed for U.S. Secretary Of State, the three are, Mitt Romney, Robert 'Bob' Corker and John Huntsman known representatives of the powerful, long embedded, LDS Mormon Church throughout every level of U.S. Government!.The LDS is the only religion having the following .. POLITICAL MANIFESTO. "All Mormons must consult their ecclesiastical superiors to obtain permission before accepting any appointments that might interfere with their religious duties". Must President-elect Trump bow or agree to such demand by Romney, to place church at such total influential leadership of U.S. Government as U.S. Secretary-Of-State!