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  1. I echo the sentiments of my fellow forum members regarding this sad news. Bernice Moore was one of those fellow Canadians who, unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to meet in person. I always enjoyed her postings and contributions - she will be missed.
  2. Steve: "Who is Arthur Nagle?" According to Dan Wise, Arthur Nagel [note spelling] was a native Texan, born in San Antonio in 1920. Again, and according to this same source, after service in the U. S. Army during WW II, "Nagel was employed at the G2 Intelligence at Fort Sam Houston. He retired in 1972, after a 30 year career in U. S. Intelligence." I have checked via the World War II Army Enlistment Records which indicates that Nagel enlisted on January 25, 1943 at Fort Sam Houston, Army Serial # 38366443. He was assigned as a Warren Officer, Army Branch Immaterial. The Arthur Nagel Community Clinic exists in Bandera, Texas, and the Dan Wise "legacy" page with information on Nagel.can be found at the link provided below. FWIW Link: Gary
  3. John: If you have access to Richard Trask's "Pictures of the Pain," he has a short chapter - chapter 3 - in his book on Bothun that may be of some use to you in filling out a few more details on Bothun and his presence in Dealey Plaza and the aftermath history of his film. Bothun is also mentioned in passing in other pages of this same book. FWIW Gary Murr
  4. Hi Jim: I just sent you a PM on this and await your reply. Gary
  5. "Of course, no one can ever root out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. That is a game lawyers play. There is something touching about their naïve assumption that one gets the full story by putting a man under oath. In practice you get very little of it. Anxious not to perjure himself, the witness volunteers as little as possible. The President's Commission on the assassination was dominated by attorneys. The record shows it. Their depositions of minor witnesses were remarkable brief." William Manchester - 1967.
  6. Robin/James: I believe the article that Mr. Sawtelle is referring to is found at this link: And though I don't quite know where Mr. Sawtelle is going with this topic, I disagree with his statement that the dating in the upper left hand corner of the bunter diagram - Figure 7 in this Eaglesham article, the "Superseded..." stamping - "reads 10/5/70". The dating year is most certainly "73" as it appears therein, not "70" as Mr. Sawtelle believes; just compare this last digit to the more visible "0" in the month dating of "10". Gary
  7. Thank you for this pertinent and well researched article, Tracy, and it is nice to see that you were in contact [?] with Paul Hoch, as you indicate a very good researcher and someone whom I have known for a long time. Much appreciated, Gary Murr
  8. Gentlemen: FWIW June Dishong's original handwritten letter regarding her Dealey Plaza experience, dated "Fri-11-22-63", is part of the Sixth Floor Museum's collection. Hopefully I have provided links for access below. Gary Links:
  9. As always, Ernie, many thanks for this information and your ongoing and thorough efforts to set the record "straight", as it were, regarding the JBS. Gary Murr
  10. Let me add my congratulations, Bart - well done. And I echo Jim's sentiments - it is unfortunate that you could not join us in Dallas this year for the Lancer Conference.
  11. I am sure we can make this happen, Jim; in fact, I am looking forward to putting something together for you.
  12. Hey Jim: The new website looks great! Well done and congratulations. Nice to have met you in Dallas this year. Gary
  13. Here, here, Robert. To me the real scary thing, as a Canadian outsider looking in, is just what is Donald Trump? He is certainly not a religious person, but is he a religious zealot? He was willing to lie down with religious zealots; is he a racist/bigot? He was willing to lie down with racist's/bigots [KKK]. And perhaps of importance, of those who surround him, and those who will approach him as potential political aides, who won't he listen to? FWIW Gary
  14. Hello Bart: Looks like a good line-up with some very interesting subject matter. All the best with this and say "Hello" to Ian Griggs for me if he is able to attend. Gary Murr
  15. Hi Steve: I go into this memorandum and other's relating to various Commission staff meetings and members of the FBI as they viewed, on several occasions, the film of Abraham Zapruder [and others] in my unpublished manuscript on the wounding of John Connally. As far as I can ascertain this was the first such meeting of these particular "minds" and it is also the actual genesis of the SBT. I have always argued, against general consensus thinking, that Arlen Specter was not the "father" of the SBT and he was not. Based upon memorandum I possess from the J. Lee Rankin files the actual initiator of the SBT, the "one staff member" left unidentified by name in this Gauthier memorandum you have highlighted, was actually Norman Redlich. That is not to say that Specter and David Belin, who was also present at this meeting, would not become the most vocal proponents of the "truth" of the SBT because they were. But I reiterate - Arlen Specter was not the father/inventor of the SBT FWIW Gary