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  1. Never knew about that. Thanks!
  2. Doug, would it be possible for you to give a brief precis of your links and perhaps your own comment? When I see a link without anything else, I don't follow it. This may be to my disadvantage but..... Many thanks.
  3. Many thanks, Bob. Hope you enjoy the Forum.
  4. Anything more? A bit sparse on details there, Bob....
  5. You are forgetting that Eisenhower proposed the "Open Skies" policy, which the Soviet government of the time rejected.
  6. Hi Micah! Welcome to the Forum. Hope you benefit from it. Cheers!
  7. Robert - have you sorted this out? Need any further help?
  8. Hi Toby - welcome to the Forum!
  9. Hi Geno - welcome to the Forum. Any relatives in Australia? I know a Kate Munari...
  10. David, you may be right. I lose patience with 'Moon Hoaxers' and such-like.
  11. I saw a good post that relates to this: "I'll never understand the mentality of people that hate the US government so much that they will believe they are capable of such evil whilst simultaneously denying that there are people out there are people that hate the US government so much that [they] will attack the US because they believe the US government is evil."
  12. I do hate how many on the CT side of the shop insist on blaming every tragedy on "deep politics". A maniac shoots up a mall - it is MK Ultra. A madman commits 'suicide by cop' - it's a CIA plot. Overseas radical groups commit mass murder - it's a link to finacial dealings. These people make me sick... and I think they, themselves, need to seriously look at their own mental health because IMO it is pretty poor.
  13. An excellent little podcast which in this episode talks about a new group of "flat Earthers" and what they really believe. https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4521 If you don't want to listen to the podcast, you can read the transcript on that same page.
  14. I'm sorry but I always have to laugh about this. Fuel at USD$2.00 per US gallon. USD$2.00 = AUD$2.66 (Australian dollar) US GAL = 3.7854 Litres That means you are paying about AUD$0.70 per litre. In NSW we are paying about AUD$1.24 per litre and that is relatively cheap. We were down to AUD$0.94 per litre a few months ago and everyone was saying how cheap fuel was... The difference between countries, I guess.