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  1. Sorry to hear. She was quite helpful to many here.
  2. Bill Kelly was still with us at last report. He's on Facebook: Bill Kelly's Facebook page
  3. I raised the issue of the bus ticket because Mr. Josephs had raised the issue of the bus ticket. He quoted Marina's testimony, in which she was of the opinion that, IF her husband had purchased a bus ticket, it would've been a round-trip ticket because it was cheaper that way. I was simply pointing out that, Marina's conjecture notwithstanding, had Oswald TRULY been trying to get to Cuba, he would have had NO NEED for a round-trip bus ticket, since he'd be going to CUBA and NOT back to Texas. I had NO IDEA that this concept was so extremely difficult for you to understand. Not all of my replies are directed at you; pay attention to the rest of the conversations in the thread. You might understand better what's being said.
  4. I have never, ever claimed there was a bus ticket, because I have never, ever claimed that Oswald was in Mexico City. The evidence that the real Lee Harvey Oswald was in Mexico City is not conclusive. Notice I used the term "alleged" when referring to the bus trip. Do you have a problem comprehending what you read?
  5. Mr. Trejo likes to play Mr. Von Pein's game. "[Name of individual] MUST have done it; if they didn't who did?" Then suddenly, "MUST have done it" becomes "did it," not because supporting evidence has been found, but because they can no longer imagine an alternative scenario. And thus, in their minds, they have "solved" that aspect of the case. This "investigative" technique overlooks "innocent until proven guilty," and instead turns to "guilty until proven innocent." Thus, Trejo arrives at the "Morales absolutely, positively without a doubt impersonated Oswald in MC" position. Now...regarding the alleged Mexico City bus trip... If Oswald was CONVINCED he could use his scrapbook as a resume to enter Cuba...WHY ON EARTH would he have purchased a ROUND-TRIP TICKET? The round-trip ticket theory fails the logic test.
  6. Exactly. Another opinion stated as fact.
  7. MY problem is that, while in THIS instance you clearly labeled these as your most instances on this particular discussion board you present your OPINIONS as FACTS. YOUR opinions are no more valid than MY opinions, or anyone else's opinions. Absent the supporting FACTS, they are ONLY opinions. So if you would kindly stop asserting your opinions as if they were facts, I think everyone else would seem less hostile towards you and your OPINIONS. Just MY opinion, mind you...
  8. From my research, I agree. A "person of interest" does NOT have a 201 file opened by a government agency. So...if the CIA has a 201 file on you...and they testify that you never were an employee...somebody's not being completely truthful.
  9. What, exactly, is this "Brown Amendment" of which you write? Are you referring to the decision in the case of Brown v. Board of Education? That was a Supreme Court decision, not a constitutional amendment. The Constitution has specific rules for amending it. Supreme Court decisions are NOT called AMENDMENTS...NOR ARE THEY CONSIDERED AMENDMENTS. So I ask again...what, exactly, is this "Brown Amendment" of which you write?
  10. My guess is that he has no answer...but he has his theory, and in his mind ANYONE who disagrees is either a LN'er or a CIA-did-it theorist. In his mind, there is apparently NO other position.
  11. I've been around guns all my life. My grandfather, my father and I were all hunters. So "thirty-aught-six" is a term I've been familiar with for around 55 years.
  12. It was referred to as a " thirty-AUGHT-six," as 100 years ago people referred to the year as "AUGHT six," rather than "OH six," as we currently do. There was no "ODD" involved in the common name for the .30-06 rifle or cartridge.
  13. Mr. Trejo's theory is simple, really. George DeM saw it, but he didn't see it, he only heard Jeanne say there was a rifle. But he saw it, even though he only HEARD her say it was there. Why is this so difficult to understand? He HEARD Jeanne SAY there was a rifle, so he witnessed the rifle, which means he saw it, even if he didn't actually see it. There's no way to paint a clearer picture. Mr. Trejo has made it crystal clear.
  14. Evangelist Trejo preaches that we MUST have faith, as he does, or we're going to perdition. Because his "house" is BUILT on faith, on things not seen but believed nonetheless. I prefer my "house" to be built on the rock of EVIDENCE. And if we don't accept his version of "the truth," than we believe the "evil" CIA-did-it his eyes. There can be no other explanations for "non-believers," in his world.