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  1. In virtually ANY court, a lawyer will advise his/her client to answer ONLY the questions asked, and not to volunteer any information.
  2. ...it's all relative...
  3. Two things: First, check my name. It is not now, nor ever has been, McKnight. Second, Mr. Walton assumes I disagree with Chris Davidson. I DO NOT. I consider Mr. Davidson's work to be the logical extension of Tom Purvis' research. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled program, already in progress.
  4. The original survey work done by Robert West and company at the behest of the Secret Service was based upon the Z-film in their possession. The positions surveyed were specified by the Secret Service. THEN the FBI got involved, and they wanted DIFFERENT points surveyed...in which the Z-313 shot was moved to an earlier point, but the SS specified 3rd shot further down Elm was retained. THEN the obfuscation by the Warren Commission began, and ONLY THEN did the 3rd shot, the one BEYOND Z-313, simply vanished. Here are my comments from another thread referring to the late Tom Purvis' work in dealing with the West surveys and the WC alteration of the data: "... you have to understand that Tom didn't "invent" his theory of three shots, three hits. The Secret Service started with that [concept], and had the points where the bullets hit the President mapped out on a survey of Dealy Plaza. Tom merely exposed the information that the SS already had, and then went about showing how the medical evidence supports the SS three-shot, three-hit scenario. Tom has also pointed out how the FBI began altering the survey data to support first their own implausible theory, and then finally the pure cock-and-bull of the WC's SBT. In both the SS survey and the "altered" FBI survey, the point of the third shot/third hit didn't go away...UNTIL the WC "made" it disappear under the sleight-of-hand of having the original survey sealed, attesting that a "tracing" of the survey was good enough for their purposes, and then using a "cardboard representation" of the "tracing" of the "sealed survey" as evidence...as opposed to UNsealing the survey and using the actual evidence they had in hand! IMHO, Arlen Spector should've been hung for treason, rather than elected to the U. S. Senate!"
  5. Mr. Von Pein, if you and I NEVER agree on anything else, at least we agree on this point. Ruby shot Oswald. Ruby admitted shooting Oswald. Millions of witnesses on TV saw Ruby shoot Oswald. THERE'S your "Case closed."
  6. Bump. <irony>
  7. Mr. Walton, what is YOUR explanation for the alteration of the surveyor's data block to the numbers seen in CE884? What reason would anyone have to change survey data without first consulting with the surveyor? I believe that Mr. Davidson and Mr. Josephs are onto something. Film alteration? Only if excising frames constitutes "alteration." It's not as off the wall as the frame alteration theories that are out there. It's not as off the wall as the lifelong Harvey-and-Lee "parallel lives" theory. So why does it upset you so much? Do you have an "innocent" theory for the data changes seen in CE884? If so, I'm sure everyone would love to read it.
  8. Hmmmmmmm..... Sounds QUITE familiar.
  9. Sorry to hear. She was quite helpful to many here.
  10. Bill Kelly was still with us at last report. He's on Facebook: Bill Kelly's Facebook page
  11. I raised the issue of the bus ticket because Mr. Josephs had raised the issue of the bus ticket. He quoted Marina's testimony, in which she was of the opinion that, IF her husband had purchased a bus ticket, it would've been a round-trip ticket because it was cheaper that way. I was simply pointing out that, Marina's conjecture notwithstanding, had Oswald TRULY been trying to get to Cuba, he would have had NO NEED for a round-trip bus ticket, since he'd be going to CUBA and NOT back to Texas. I had NO IDEA that this concept was so extremely difficult for you to understand. Not all of my replies are directed at you; pay attention to the rest of the conversations in the thread. You might understand better what's being said.
  12. I have never, ever claimed there was a bus ticket, because I have never, ever claimed that Oswald was in Mexico City. The evidence that the real Lee Harvey Oswald was in Mexico City is not conclusive. Notice I used the term "alleged" when referring to the bus trip. Do you have a problem comprehending what you read?
  13. Mr. Trejo likes to play Mr. Von Pein's game. "[Name of individual] MUST have done it; if they didn't who did?" Then suddenly, "MUST have done it" becomes "did it," not because supporting evidence has been found, but because they can no longer imagine an alternative scenario. And thus, in their minds, they have "solved" that aspect of the case. This "investigative" technique overlooks "innocent until proven guilty," and instead turns to "guilty until proven innocent." Thus, Trejo arrives at the "Morales absolutely, positively without a doubt impersonated Oswald in MC" position. Now...regarding the alleged Mexico City bus trip... If Oswald was CONVINCED he could use his scrapbook as a resume to enter Cuba...WHY ON EARTH would he have purchased a ROUND-TRIP TICKET? The round-trip ticket theory fails the logic test.
  14. Exactly. Another opinion stated as fact.