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  1. Re: "A week before Lincoln was shot he was in Monroe, Maryland. A week before Kennedy was shot he was in Marilyn Monroe." I created this joke and posted it on this forum a couple of years ago and hardly got a snicker. I am honored to know that it has now become a historical fact. I presume it made it's way to Wikkipedia? Too funny.
  2. There hasn't been a riot in Chicago in a long time, perhaps not since the King riots, depending on how you define riot. I am not aware of martial law in Illinois, and I live in Chicago. What is your source for this info?
  3. As a long time lurker who rarely posts, I find this forum to be a very valuable resource. Given the volatile subject matter, I believe that consisent monitoring and standard of behavior enforcement to be essential. Frankly, I am amazed that some of the insulting and derogatory comments I have read were allowed to stand unchallenged. An enforced level of civility is essential to a rational discussion, to say nothing of putting a muzzle on the occasional foam spewing xxxxx. Please keep this forum alive, else the forces of darkness defeat a valient quest for truth. As such, even (espesically) moderators must be held accountable.
  4. Or else the photo you are looking at has been 'flopped'.
  5. For a deeper understanding of the south, segregation and their society, may I suggest the book, "The Warmth of Other Suns"? You won't regret it.
  6. "However, a FBI investigation concluded that Zangara was a mentally deranged loner and was not involved in any conspiracy to kill Cermak" I will take that as confirmation that it was a hit on Cermak. At the time that this happened, there was open warfare betwen the Outfit and Cermak. Not only was Cermak in the beer business, with Chicago police guarding the delivery trucks, but Cermak had sent two Chicago cops to kill Frank Nitti. When Nitti survived, revenge was certain. Among the books that detail the hit is 'The OUTFIT' by Russo. Zangara apparently was deranged, and already in big trouble with 'the boys'. The story is offered that he knew he was going to be killed anyway, so he performed the hit on Cermak in return for compensation for his family. I have also heard a similar story from my grandfather, who actually knew Cermak and was a fellow Bohemian. The country, not the lifestyle. I have also read that Tony Accardo was one of the people who had copies of the intimate photographs of Edna and Clyde, so the idea of an FBI coverup doesn't seem farfetched.
  7. Besides, everybody knows the Knoll shooter was James Files. Just ask him.
  8. Why would I bother? Arguing with a xxxxx is like debating a drunk, only less rewarding.
  9. Yes, you are playing a game. You demand answers from people to whom you and your opinions mean nothing while contributing zero to the current body of research and knowledge. The members of this forum have zero obligation to answer your rants. Frankly, I am surprised that they have put up with your rants as long as they have. Were you ever disbarred? Were you ever involved in the Florida hospitality industry? Your atttitude is rather reminiscent of another xxxxx we used to know.
  10. How does two patsie shooters further the LN gunman lie? There were two actual patsies, the second was Jack Ruby. IMHO, poor or inadequate research, or an overwhemling mental bias, leads to inadvised, even down right silly questions.
  11. Perhaps because the plot had been penetrated by Soviet and Cuban intelligence who let their US counterparts know what would occur if they used the assassination as a pretext to invade Cuba? You might want to read "The man who knew too much".
  12. Regarding Ford's abilities, there is a LBJ quote alledging that the Ford was unable to urinate and chew gum at the same time.
  13. I highly reccomend 'Day of Deceit' for those interested in this subject.
  14. According to the book 'Day of Deceit', in 1939 the U.S embarked on a campaign to compel the Japanese to attack the US, thus forcing the US entry into WWII. The book states that the US military and portions of government were aware that a British defeat was ultimately a huge risk to the US and Britain had to be protected by finding a way to bring the US into the war. Who knows what cousins Roosevelt and Churchhill had discussed and when they first had that chat?
  15. Mr. Caddy and others; A question that has lingered in my mind for a long time, Why was Watergate necessary? What did RN do that so offended the 'powers that be' to decide that he had to go? His plans to create an American Police state? His actions toward Red China and away from Taiwan? The actions of the DEA? I can come up with a long list of reasons why some folks felt that JFK had to go, what was RN's sin(s)? Thank you.