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  1. It's a weal trategy, isn't it. -- Tommy
  2. David, September 28, 1963, was a Saturday. -- Tommy
  3. Researchers have speculated over the years that one of those two guys (way way back there behind the retaining wall) whom "Detective Roger Craig" (I don't think that's Craig, btw) appears to be looking at in the Murray photo was the "Oswald-looking guy" whom Craig claimed to have witnessed running down the grass and getting into a 1959-ish Rambler station wagon on Elm Street. -- Tommy
  4. David, What are we to make of KGB officer (and Third Secretary at the Soviet Embassy) Nikolai Leonov's alleged claim (in Enquirer magazine of all places) that Oswald showed up at the Embassy on Sunday, September 29, while (shorty) Leonov and The Boys were playing volleyball (or were outside getting to leave for the game, or something), and that he alone met with revolver-packin' and crying Oswald? Just more fake news from one of Putin's supporters who nowadays sits in the Russian parliament? Below Left: Leonov, as photographed near the Soviet Embassy on October 2, 1963. Right: Leonov interpreting for Castro and Mister K. in Moscow -- Tommy
  5. Sandy, Upon a "second viewing," I'm incredibly ashamed to say that her white headscarf isn't visible in Betzner 3, although her white blouse is. She's just behind and to the right of the dark-suited guy who's sitting in the middle of (and leaning forward a bit) in the Queen Mary follow-up car. Btw, I just now noticed that my "Shorty" June Dishong might be visible standing in front of her. -- Tommy
  6. edited a little and bumped
  7. Newbies, of course, will probably not realize that CIA officer Bright was instrumental in making Lee Harvey Oswald appear, in the CIA's computerized Biographical Registry data base, to have the same physical attributes as another "defector", 165 lb.- Robert E. Webster, when he (Bright) apparently collaborated in early 1960 with the Marguerite-Oswald-interviewing FBI agent John Fain to do so, and that Bright was, in September-October, 1963, a rather recently-arrived "floating helper" at the Mexico City CIA Station. -- Tommy
  8. Thanks Larry. I'm glad I just now noticed this informative post of yours. -- Tommy PS I wonder if Bill Bright was involved, somehow.
  9. Sandy, A final thought. Wouldn't it be something if Bart's "Shelley and Lovelady Walking Down Elm Street Extension" turned out to be the two guys "Detective Roger Craig" is watching as they walk back the other way on the E.S.E. in the Murray photo, about ten minutes after the assassination? -- Tommy
  10. Sandy, Excellent post, imho. (lol) I think it's important for members and guests to realize, as you've so ably pointed out above, that I (with your technical and moral support) spotted the "clincher" clothing-related clue that proves "Woman In Black" is Calvery. To wit: she's wearing a dress that's lighter-colored than her black blouse and black headscarf, and it's "patterned", just like the dress"Big Girl" is wearing down on Elm Street during the motorcade. Keep up the good fight if I go away "on vacation" soon, and do try to get around to reading State Secret some day, won't you? -- Tommy
  11. Dear Michael, Who were those plots intended to distract before 11/22/63? -- Thomas
  12. Tracy, Not a problem. They're very good at rationalizing away big-anomalies in their "theory". It promises to be very entertaining, however. I better go stock up on popcorn and Red Hots for the big show! -- Tommy