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  1. Sandy, Ok, thanks. It's interesting that William refuses to address the issue regarding whether or not hair is visible on the side of "Lovelady's" distinctive bald forehead. Don't you think? -- Tommy
  2. Dear Jim, Please enlighten me. If LHO didn't go to Mexico, how could Marina have known that? Because he came by Ruth's house during that period of time? Thanks, -- Tommy PS You have a typo of omission in your next-to-last sentence.
  3. Sandy, Excellent post. The figure's bald forehead and distinctive hairline is critical in identifying him as Billy Nolan Lovelady. At times we even catch a glimpse of his white t-shirt directly above Woman-In-Black's head. -- Tommy
  4. Dear Alistair, OK, I've looked at them. Thanks for doing that, btw. Good work. I can see "Lovelady's" hair on the side of his head in all of them, but #4 and #5 are the best. Unless, of course, you don't think it's his hair at all, but a "shadow" or "PP's elbow," instead. LOL -- Tommy
  5. Dear Alistair, Haven't looked at them yet ... I've already told you that I'm technically-challenged, so I can't give you any feedback other than to ask the question, "How can there be only eight frames in that GIF?" What kind of camera was Couch (or Darnell?) using? How many frames per second was it filming at? Only EIGHT FRAMES in the whole blown-up GIF I posted? Okay. If you say so. After all, I'm technically "technically-challenged." -- Tommy PS Why don't you chose one or two for me? Hmmm?
  6. The same blown-up one I've posted two or three times now in the last couple of pages, Alistair. Here it is, again: -- Tommy
  7. Dear Alistair, Yes, of course. But only if they are truly "un-blurred" and show Lovelady's bald forehead with hair on the side. And not so small as to be useless, nor so blown-up (like Miller likes to do) as to to destroy the resoultion. LOL Thanks! -- Tommy
  8. Dear William, It seems you're obsessing on the t-shirt and what Lovelady's buttoning habits were. What about the bald forehead with hair on the side? (Just like Lovelady's.) -- Tommy
  9. Dear Alistair, Evidently, my saying "frames" led you to believe that I have, either in hand or on my hard-drive, individual frames from this GIF. If that's the case, then I apologize for having used the wrong terminology. Perhaps I should have said "very very very short sections," or something to that effect, instead. Please realize that you're talking to a 67-year-old guy here who's not only intellectually-challenged, but technically-challenged, as well. Thanks, -- Tommy PS What's with the "nice try" BS?
  10. LOL Would anyone else care to express their opinion as to whether or not they can see hair on the side of "Lovelady's bald forehead in the few un-blury frames in this GIF? If so, do you agree with William's suggestion that said "hair" is nothing but a photographic "artifact?" Thanks, -- Tommy
  11. Sorry William, I honestly don't understand your paranoid-sounding question(s) / rhetorical statement(s). Could you rephrase them, please? Thanks, -- Tommy
  12. good one, actually Question: Can you see the hair on the side of his bald forehead in this GIF? -- Tommy
  13. relax, william