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  1. Don, If you're asking whether or not McCarthy was basically right in his assessment that the U.S. Government (including the CIA) had been been penetrated by Soviet counterintelligence agents and compromised by some home-grown, recruited-by-KGB "moles," yes, he was. He was rabid, though, and way over-the-top in the number of people he accused of being said spies and "moles". -- TG
  2. Because those progressive-minded humanists in the Kremlin were so interested in seeing that "justice be done" in the good ol' U.S.A.? -- Tommy "The KGB also arranged for Mark Lane to receive $1,500 to help his research. However, the document makes it clear that Lane was not told the source of the money. The same person arranged for Lane to receive $500 to help pay for a trip in Europe in 1964. KGB agent, Genrikh Borovik, was also assigned to help Lane with his research for Rush to Judgement(1965)." -- from John Simkin's Spartacus Blog: "The KGB and Martin Luther King"
  3. Tracy, I just now went there and took a look at that post and a few of the others on that page. In my humble opinion, Mytton has done some excellent work there. Thanks for sharing the link. -- TG
  4. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    Bart, (from left to right in the Jimmy Darnell frame, below) NOT "Maybe Carol Reed," Gloria Calvery, and Karen Westbrook. NOR Thierry Speth's, Robin Unger's and Don Roberdeau's "Gloria Calvary, Karan Hicks, and Carol Reed" But: (Native American) Stella Mae Jacob, Gloria Jeanne Holt, and Sharon Simmons. The Gloria Calvery you've never been able to find in the films and photos is the largish girl standing directly to the left of John Templin in the Z-Film. -- TG PS The following FBI statements are in alphabetical order. Scroll down to the ones by Jacob, Holt, and Simmons. https://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh22/pdf/WH22_CE_1381.pdf Note: A simple mistake was made in their statements. They weren't standing on the south side of Elm Street (i.e., on the grass between Elm Street and Main Street), but on the north side (i.e., on the Grassy Knoll side of Elm, not far from the Stemmons Freeway Sign). PPS Apparently Sandy Larsen and I have finally convinced Don Roberdeau about Jacob, Holt, and Simmons, because he's finally positioned them correctly on his map. (But he has Calvery mis-labled as "J. Newman")
  5. Did Herminio Diaz Garcia really die in 1966?

    David, Wasn't Trafficante rumored to have been an informant for the guy who had let him out of prison whilst the other mobbed-up (former) casino owners remained incarcerated, i.e., Fidel Castro? Has that theory been discredited? -- TG
  6. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    Bart, How do you know that Gloria Jeanne Holt didn't have similarly colored hair? Also, I find it interesting that Westbrook equivocated on whether or not the other young woman in that little group was Carol Reed. Which makes me think that when Westbrook was looking at the stature/physique of that brown coat-wearing woman in the Z-frame, and at her dark "fluffed-up" hair, it didn't remind her of the Carol Reed she had known. -- TG PS Something else I just thought of -- If Westbrook is correct that that threesome in the Z-frame is comprised of herself, Calvery, and Reed, then where is Karan Hicks? Their FBI statements said that she was with them. Would you agree with me, Bart, that the woman wearing the brown coat in the Z-frame was dark complected? (Obviously, you can't see her face in the Z-film, so one reference her in those two frames from the Darnell clip which shows the three gals, dark-complected Stella Mae Jacob, crying Gloria Holt, and headscarf-wearing Sharon Simmons) walking back towards the TSBD.) Were either Carol Reed or Karan Hicks dark-complected and dark-haired like that?
  7. Bumped for Bart and anyone else who might be interested. Sorry about the missing graphics in this thread, and in particular about the missing highschool photos of Gloria Jeanne Holt, whom Karen Westbrook Scranton misidentified (in a Z-film frame, from behind, 55 years after the fact) as Gloria Jean Calvery. -- TG
  8. Twenty-three year-old TSBD employee Stella Mae Jacob, being a Native American, was (probably) dark-complected. Stella and two of her colleagues, Gloria Jeanne Holt and Sharon Nelson (maiden name: Simmons) said in their FBI statements that they watched the motorcade together, and that they stood at the curb on the south [sic] side of Elm Street. I believe an honest mistake was made and that their FBI statements should have said "north side of Elm," instead. I base that belief not only on the fact that Jacob, being Native American, must have been dark-skinned, but also because Gloria Jeanne Holt bears a striking resemblance to the person identified (by Speth?) as "Karan Hicks." (Disregard the "Oops! This Site Has Expired!" message, and scroll down to see two photos of Gloria Jeanne Holt.): http://www.reopenkennedycase.org/apps/forums/topics/show/13242379-minor-witnesses Left to Right: Jacob, Holt, Simmons(?) "I, Stella Mae Jacob, freely furnish the following voluntary statement to Eugene F. Petrakis and A. Raymond Switzer, who have identified themselves to me as Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I am an Indian female and reside at 508 South Marsalis, Dallas, Texas. I was born on May 31, 1943 in Wright City, Oklahoma, and have been employed at the Texas School Book Depository, 411 Elm, Dallas, Texas, as typist in the billing department since the 1st of July, 1963. At approximately 12 :00 p .m . on November 22, 1963. I left the Depository building and walked down toward the Stemmons expressway underpass west of the building approximately fifty yards and took up a position on the curb on the south (sic) side of Elm Street to await the presidential procession . I was accompanied by Sharon Simmons, now Mrs. Nelson, and [Gloria] Jeanne Holt, both employees of the Texas School Book Depository. I was still standing on the curb at the time president John F . Kennedy was shot I do not recall seeing lee Harvey Oswald at any time on November 22, 1963, and did not see him at the time of the asassination. I did not observe any strangers in the building on the morning of November 22, 1963. Following the assassination of the president, I tried to return to work in the Texas School Book Depository, but was told by other employees that no one would be allowed in the building so I did not return to work that day. I did not personally know Lee Harvey Oswald althought I recall seeing him on several occasions in the lunchroom. I have read this two page statement, initialed each page and each correction and find it true and correct to the best o£ my knowledge." /s/ Stella Mae Jacob https://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh22/pdf/WH22_CE_1381.pdf -- Tommy
  9. Moderators - please teach how to ignore

    Eddy, Do you know of any "miscreants" on this forum? If so, who? -- TG
  10. Moderators - please teach how to ignore

    David, I'm working on it. (Laughing Out Loud) -- TG
  11. The Future of the Education Forum

    Very well spoken, Michael. I, too, plan to make a financial contribution. Just one question, though. When you say that Paul Trejo is "purveying falsehoods," aren't you in effect accusing him of l-y-i-n-g? -- TG PS I learned to write grammatically correct long sentences in my "Legal Analysis" class in law school. Not that my 100 word-long sentences here would necessarily reflect that. (Laughing Out Loud)
  12. New Walt Whitman Novella unearthed by literary archaeologist

    Have you read it yet, Michael? -- TG
  13. New Walt Whitman Novella unearthed by literary archaeologist

    Interesting post, Michael. My little anecdote: George Whitman (R.I.P.) who owned Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris, and who let me stay there for 3.5 weeks in late 1993, claimed to be a / the grandson of Walt Whitman. -- TG
  14. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    David, Playing Devil's Advocate again: "Either that, or to sell it to Gerry Patrick Hemming." -- TG
  15. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    David, Hmm. Good point. (Please don't let anyone know that I'm your CIA-appointed "straight man.") Laughing Out Loud -- TG
  16. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    David, Couldn't it have been "planted" after the fact? -- TG
  17. Moderators - please teach how to ignore

    Eddy, Thanks for the feedback! Will do it today! -- TG
  18. Moderators - please teach how to ignore

    Steve, Couldn't agree more, seeing as how there are a couple of members whose future responses to my posts, or "snide" references to me in other posts, might tempt me to become "uncivil," once again. Thanks, -- TG
  19. An Open Message to Michael Clark

    Dawn, Maybe with a little witting or unwitting help from some "rogue" CIA types? (I'm still trying to figure out what "Neck Scratcher" was up to, if anything, while watching Oswald on Canal Street on 8/09/63.) Regardless, thank you for expressing your opinion in a civil manner. I can only hope that you, too, believe that I have the right as a member of this forum to express my opinions (in a from-now-on polite and civil manner, of course) without having to fear being subjected to impolite and/or sarcastic responses thereto. Thanks, -- TG
  20. Michael, Since I seem to be the only member of this forum who is "pushing" the KGB or Castro did it "theories" (hey, maybe even with the witting or unwitting help of some rogue CIA types), I can only assume that when you say, above, "our prolific 'KGB did it' member," you are referring to me. Am I correct in that assumption? Or am I just being "paranoid," here? If so, why didn't you say my name? Are you afraid the moderators would chastise you if you did? Regardless, in my humble opinion there are lots and lots of patriotic Americans who truly love their country but who have been unwittingly misled and conditioned by at least 58 years of (Soviet/Russian) "active measures" counterintelligence ops interwoven with "strategic / operative deception" counterintelligence ops into doing certain things (like believing that we live in a "Deep State," etc, or like voting for a blackmail-able "useful idiot" of Vladimir Putin) or not doing certain things (like voting, or fact-checking stuff on reputable fact-checking websites). I do not appreciate your insinuating that I believe that I am more patriotic than you or anyone else on this forum. More knowledgeable on certain things perhaps, but not more patriotic. At least I hope there aren't any dyed-in-the-wool traitors lurking here. (Laughing Out Loud) Have a nice day, Michael, and I (edit: really do) mean it. -- Tommy TG
  21. The Future of the Education Forum

    Lance, Excellent post (in my humble opinion). Thanks, -- TG
  22. The Future of the Education Forum

    Paul, Thanks. One would certainly hope so. -- TG
  23. The Future of the Education Forum

    Ron, I agree with you, totally. "Very well-spoken, sir" if I do say so, myself. One could only hope that a member whose political and JFK assassination views are radically contrary to the vast majority's here would be able to "call out" the rudeness and/or incivilities which other members, even "highly respected, perhaps published" members may direct at him or her either on a continuous basis or as a one time "hit and run" attack, without incurring the communicated wrath of like-minded members. -- TG
  24. The Future of the Education Forum

    Kathy, Well, in an attempt to get some clarification from Mark Knight (whose e-mail or PM James quoted in an earlier post), I sent a PM to Mark, but I've yet to hear back from him. Regardless, I hope that you've noticed that I've been a bit less cynical, sarcastic, t-r-o-l-l -like, etc. during the past 24 hours or so, and that Paul B. has actually complemented me on that. Thank you, -- TG EDIT: OOPS, I JUST NOW CHECKED AND FOUND OUT THAT MY "IN BOX" IS FULL. WILL DELETE SOME OLDER PMs PRONTO!
  25. The Future of the Education Forum

    Kathy, Thank you. I realize that yours and James' responsibilities (and those of the other persons with official roles at The Forum) must be very stressful and time-consuming. Regardless, this is the part of James' post that I was referring to: "I cannot accept remaining with the status quo and all the issues that has provoked and also be expected to fund this forum - as I have done for a number of years. I will stop payments to Invision after April 4th. That means this forum is funded until May 11th - approximately 7 weeks. What happens now to the EF is for the membership to decide." -- TG