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  1. bumped to try to get this thread back on subject
  2. GEM # 1 (Let's take them one at a time, shall we?) "The Russian speaking youth, possibly of Hungarian parents, was brought to the U.S. following World War II and given the name HARVEY Oswald." Question: If the mother tongue of "Harvey" (the young boy who eventually joined the Marines, "defected" to the USSR, married Marina, and was killed by Jack Ruby on 11/24/63) was Hungarian (a Turkic language from Central Asia), and he was already speaking Russian (a highly-inflected, Indo-European language) when he came to the U.S., how are we to explain, then, the fact that "Harvey" spoke such grammatically-correct, accent-free English later in life? -- Tommy PS I think I can speak with some authority on this, having taught English for seven years in a country that speaks a Slavic, i.e. Russian-like language, the Czech Republic. And I remember the Hungarian Toth brothers at La Jolla High School back around 1965, who probably came to the U.S. around the time of the 1956 Hungarian Revolt against the U.S.S.R. (How did THAT work out, btw?)
  3. Dear Paul, How do you think the impersonator would have responded if the Russian guy on the other end of the line had said or "Yatskov," or "Nechiporenko," or "Leonov," instead? Do you think he would have said, "Nope, I think his name started with a 'K'"? -- Tommy
  4. You're right, James. Morales had a rare skin disorder on the back of his neck, and was known to scratch that one particular spot for minutes at a time, in direct contravention of his dermatologist's explicit orders. -- Tommy
  5. Dear Paul, You really do need to keep your facts straight. The October 1 impersonator did not ask to speak with Kostikov. He didn't even say that he had previously met with Kostikov. He told the Russian guy on the other end of the line that he couldn't remember the name of the Soviet Embassy official he had met with a few days earlier, and the Russian guy on the other end of the line volunteered that it might have been Kostikov. Oswald(?) : Hello, this is Lee Oswald speaking. I was at your place last Saturday and spoke to a Consul, and they said they'd send a telegram to Washington, so I wanted to find out if you have anything new? But I don't remember the name of that Consul. Other Party: Kostikov. He is dark hair or skin? Oswald(?) : Yes. My name is Oswald. Other Party: Just a minute, I'll find out . . . They say that they haven't received anything yet. Oswald(?): Have they done anything? Other Party: Yes, they say that a request has been sent out, but nothing has been received as yet. Oswald(?): And what . . . ? (Other Party hangs up.) -- Tommy
  6. Dear James, I take it you don't like the idea of a four-year-long "Oswald Project" which fabricated and kinda merged "Harvey's" and "Lee's" childhoods, after "Harvey" had joined the Marines? Do you really prefer the longer-term "doppelganger project" in which the bad guys luckily chose two eight-year-old boys who grew up looking sufficiently alike be able to fool witnesses, after the assassination, that they had dealt with "Harvey" instead of that mysterious "Lee" (what did end up happening to him, anyway? -- Is he living with Jason Bourne and his girlfriend in Goa, India?) ? -- Tommy
  7. "Dear James" To freshen your memory, we were talking about Hungarian "Harvey's" incredibly good English syntax, grammar, and vocabulary, not his Russian language skills. He spoke and wrote pretty darn good English for a (dyslexic?) boy whose "mother tongue" was Hungarian (a Central Asian-based, non-Indo-European language), and who, at a young age, learned the Indo-European but highly "inflected" (look it up) Russian language, and then somehow mastered the also Indo-European but not highly inflected English language! Russian has six "cases" (look up that grammatical term), whereas English (which centuries ago was highly inflected) has only 2 1/2 "mishmashed" ones. That's why word order is important in English. "Active voice" (look up that grammatical term) uses classic Subject - Verb - Object word order; "Passive voice" uses Object - Verb - Subject word order (which is preferred by lawyers, btw - LOL). In a Slavic language like Russian, word order is not so important (except for emphasizing different words in the sentence); that's why Russian people who are learning English often utter sentences that seem "all mixed up" to us, word-order-wise. Two other differences to bear in mind are that English has something like 18 or 21 "tenses" (look it up), whereas Russian only has three or five (depending on how you define "tense"), and that English uses "articles" (look it up), i.e. "a" "an" and "the", whereas Slavic languages like Russian do not, which would explain why my Czech students made so many mistakes in trying to use them correctly while speaking English. (That's why whenever I hear someone having problems with the words "a" "an" and / or "the", I immediately suspect, especially if I can hear a Slavic accent, that they are from a Slavic country like Poland, the Czech Republic, or Russia, for example.) It's interesting to note that your Hungarian "Harvey" who had "learned Russian at an early age" didn't make mistakes regarding word order , tenses, or the use of the aforementioned "articles" when speaking or writing in English. Which leads me to believe that he was born in the U.S., and that English was his "mother tongue." -- Tommy PS It seems to me that your Precious Professor was full of high-falutin' "book-learning," but was woefully inexperienced with "hands on" learning. Like being raised in La Jolla, California (home of UCSD and the Salk Institute, etc), hitch-hiking to Alaska, driving a taxi cab for five years in San Diego and Scottsdale, Arizona, going to lawschool for one year -- and not flunking out! --, and teaching "conversational English" to Czech people for seven years, in ... the Czech Republic. Oh, yeah, and having to learn some Czech, myself, like "Another beer, please" , "How much does it cost?" , and ... "Where's the restroom?"
  8. bumped
  9. "Dear James" 1 ) No American's English is perfect, especially when communicating informally with a close American relative. “Sorry too (to) take so long to write but I thought sometime (thing) might have come up(,) but we’re still waiting.” My analysis: Two spelling mistakes and one missing punctuation mark. Big deal. 2 ) As regards your contention that "Harvey" didn't sound Southern enough during his radio debate, I would imagine that it was was because he was trying to sound educated to the radio audience, rather than like a good old Southern boy. Probably the same way he tried to sound when he gave his prepared speech to that seminary. 3 ) As regards your "point" that my arguments are "stupid" -- well, close but no cigar, Dear James. It would be more accurate to say that even though I'm stupid, my arguments are intuitively brilliant. Know why? Because when I was typing out those two letters, above, one of them had a word in it that Oswald actually spelled correctly and I got wrong (but didn't notice until I was proofreading what I'd typed and the "spellchecker" pointed it out. Given the fact that I'm pretty stupid, my making a spelling mistake should have been forseeable I mean foreseeable, huh? 4 ) As far as your precious YALE PROFESSOR is concerned, he was so far off on his "analysis," above, as to be suspect, imho. Let me put it to you this way -- he was so far off that I wouldn't be surprised if he was working the graveyard shift for the the YALE LOCK COMPANY, instead. -- Tommy
  10. Sandy, Have you seen this? You might want to press "ctrl" & "F" on each page and then typing the word "spanish" or "mexican" or "hispanic" (lol) or something like that in the little drop-down "search box" in the upper right-hand corner. -- Tommy
  11. "Dear James" Oh, I see. Ok, well, as regards your professor, it looks to as though he was paid to say what he did. Or had a pistol pressed against his brainy little skull, or maybe was taking a little LSD with Wavy Gravy at the time. Question: What about "Harvey's" recorded voice in the "debate" he had with Bringuier at the radio station? Here's the verbatim transcript. And that recording Ernst Titovets made of him, fooling around, laughing, and talking with a phony British accent? In those two recordings, Oswald speaks better English, grammatically-speaking, syntactically-speaking, and vocabulary-wise, than most Americans! Not bad for a boy whose "mother tongue" was Hungarian, who then learned Russian, and who then learned English, huh? -- Tommy
  12. "Dear James" Do you think Hungarian-speaking "Harvey" was old enough to have already mastered Russian when he and his parents moved to the U.S.? At what age do you think he mastered Russian, a language very different from Hungarian? -- Tommy
  13. "Dear James," Here's the full text of the partially-obscured letter you posted, with the spelling mistakes corrected by me. "Dear Senator Tower; My name is Lee Harvey Oswald, 22, of Fort Worth up till October 1959, when I came to the Soviet Union for a residential stay. I too(k) a residential document for a non-Soviet person for a time in the USSR. The American Embassy in Moscow is familiar with my case. Since July 20(,)1960 I have unsuccessfully applied for a Soviet exit visa to leave this country. [T]he Soviets refuse to permit me and my Soviet wife (who applied to the U.S. Embassy Moscow, July 8, 1960(,) for immigration status to the U.S.A.) to leave the Soviet Union. I am a citizen of the United States of America (passport No. 1733242, 1959) and I beseech you, Senator Tower, to rise (sic; should be "raise") the question of holding by the Soviet Union of a citizen of the US, against his will and expressed desires." And here's another one that had immediately preceded it: "Dear Sirs: I am writing in regard to a letter which I sent to the Embassy on November 1, in which I asked: 'Does the American Embassy feel that(,) in light of the fact that my temporary Soviet document for residence in the Soviet Union expires on January 5, 1962, that the deprivation of an exit visa after this date and therefore the foreseeable holding of me against my expressed desires is unlawful?' I would like a written reply to this question before the expiration date of January 4, 1962(,) in order to have a basis for my refusal to give my permission for the legal extension on (British English(?), or an attempt at such(?) this document." My Analysis: Other than Oswald's obvious typo ("took" ; a "highly-cultured-sounding" British expression, here) and his questionable use of the definite article - noun "the - deprivation" (the gerund form "their depriving me" would have been better - but, hey!, very few Americans know how to use a gerund phrase) and his obvious mistake in using the past-tense "rise" instead of present-tense "raise"), I would have to say that his syntax, grammar, and vocabulary are excellent, especially for someone who dropped out of school in (or was it after?) the 10th grade, and that your Yale Professor is, therefore, blowing smoke out of his Ivy League you-know-what. Note: Among other things, "A Russian with an imperfect knowledge of English" wouldn't have used the indefinite articles "a" and "an", nor the definite article "the", as perfectly as Oswald did in these two letters. -- Tommy PS But why take it from me? Heck, I only scored in the top 98- percentile in "verbal intelligence" on the SAT, and taught English in a Slavic-language country (the Czech Republic) for seven years.
  14. Sandy, So I guess MY experience (teaching English in the Czech Republic for seven years; interacting with the Hungarian Toth brothers in high school - after they'd been in the U.S. for nine years or so, having moved to the U.S. when they were six and eight years of age) counts for nothing, huh? -- Tommy How old do you figure "Harvey" was when his parents brought him to the U.S.? Old enough to have already mastered Russian?
  15. Mr. BALL - You heard the shots. And how long after that was it before Gloria Calvary came up? Mr. LOVELADY - Oh, approximately 3 minutes, I would say. Mr. BALL - Three minutes is a long time. [hint, hint]Mr. LOVELADY - Yes, it's---I say approximately; I can't say because I don't have a watch; it could. Mr. BALL - Had people started to run? Mr. LOVELADY - Well, I couldn't say because she came up to us and we was talking to her, wasn't looking that direction at that time, but when we came off the steps--see, that entrance, you have a blind side when you go down the steps. Mr. BALL - Right after you talked to Gloria, did you [meaning Lovelady and Shelley] leave the steps and go toward the tracks? Mr. LOVELADY - Yes.
  16. "Dear James' For me, it's a lot easier to accept the possibility that some Intelligence agency created "Harvey's" and "Lee's" retroactive childhood cover stories after "Harvey" had joined the Marines, than the idea that the CIA (or whomever) chose two boys (when they were about eight years old) to participate in a long-term "doppelganger project," somehow knowing beforehand that they would grow up looking sufficiently-alike so as to be able to fool people who had dealt with "Lee" before the assassination (or whatever black op was going to be used for) into believing they'd dealt with "Harvey -- the Commie killer of JFK", instead. -- Tommy
  17. I'm bumping Jon Tidd's whole paragraph, again. Hopefully Hargrove won't edit it again to suit his own purposes. -- Tommy
  18. Jon G. Tidd is an inactive forum member and a former Army counter-intelligence officer. His long-term (four year) double-Oswald theory is one that I can almost live with. (lol) -- Tommy
  19. Sandy, If you and I are correct that the headscarf-wearing "Big Girl" was Gloria Jean Calvery, and that Calvery can be seen talking to Billy Lovelady on the TSBD steps in Couch-Darnell, then which of Shelley's and Lovelady's statements, testimonies, etc, are the least deceptive, and how do they jibe with what Vicki Adams and her sidekick, Sandra Styles, said, bearing in mind that Adams allegedly told author Barry Ernest that her FBI statement had been altered? Thanks,. -- Tommy
  20. Dear Mike, It would appear that you are in full-on snidely "retaliation mode" for having been shown, by Sandy and I, that you were totally and arrogantly wrong about "Neck Scratcher" being the same person as "Gangly Man" in that Black Ops Radio video on the "David Morales" thread. -- Tommy Suggestion: If my posts really do bother you so much, why don't you simply refuse to read them?
  21. Michael, I thought I told you to not tell anyone. -- Tommy
  22. Bumped again, this time for Michael "Knee Jerk" Walton in the hope he will now understand why I bumped the ancient "Ruby" thread. The first time I bumped it, a couple of hours ago, was for my favorite researcher (who was reading this thread, which was on page 4, at the time), Bill Simpich, in the hope that he might be able to "connect some dots" between the "Hungarian-owned Gold Rail (sic)" bar which Ruby might have visited in San Diego, and the possibility that Oswald's fake name "Hidell" was from the Hungarian words "hidd el". -- Tommy
  23. edited: Robert, Whoever wrote this letter confused (perhaps intentionally) the gay Brass Rail bar (in Hillcrest, a couple of miles north of downtown San Diego) for the straight, no-longer-existing, downtown San Diego Gold Rail Steak House, which was owned by the most feared Mafia hitman on the West Coast, Frank Bompensiero, and "One Eye" Frank Paul Dragna, son of Los Angles mob boss Jack Dragna (an associate of Johnny Roselli). "Syndicate" members wouldn't have met at the gay Brass Rail up in Hillcrest, they would have met at the mafia-owned Gold Rail, which was situated near the luxurious U.S. Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego. Speaking of Bompensiero, the "Gold Rail," the U.S. Grant Hotel, the guy who was trying to muscle in on Bompeniero's jukebox monopoly, and a little story about what was done with a big cucumber in one of the rooms at the U.S. Grant Hotel, there's an interesting FBI document from the late 1950's, but I can't seem to find it at the moment. I guess you'll just have to use your imagination. FWIW, a couple of years ago I knocked on the door of the Brass Rail before it opened one morning (I'm not a patron -- LOL) and asked the manager if it had ever been owned by a couple of Hungarians. The answer was "No." "Bompensiero was proud of the Gold Rail. Actually, if you are to believe the license and the Yellow Pages listing, the “Gold Rail Steak House.” No steak was served. Law said you had to serve food. Bompensiero didn’t serve food." http://www.sandiegor...check-us-grant/ http://en.wikipedia....ank_Bompensiero https://en.wikipedia...iki/Jack_Dragna --Tommy ----------------------------------------------------------------- Robert, San Francisco mafioso Nick de John was murdered in 1947. Regarding your other question, Since RFK was Attorney General and therefore J. Edgar Hoover's boss, I would think that he could have told Hoover to be hard on certain people. PS The coy, story-telling style, the liberal use of quotation marks and hyphens, the exclamation mark, the good vocabulary, the near perfect spelling, the excellent grammar, the proper use of commas, and the generally good punctuation reminds me very much of Gerry Patrick Hemming. I think the letter was an elaborate joke by Hemming (e.g., the Shaw Hotel was a "Negro" hotel in Harlem -- why even mention that he and his "friend" were staying at the "Shaw Hotel" when he recognized Ruby on television ??? ; Hemming has the "writer" come across as being possibly gay himself -- and how else could the "writer" have known about the gay Brass Rail (est. 1960) if he hadn't been there himself "when he was in San Diego in 1961" ???, etc.). I think Hemming wrote this letter not only as a joke, but to also to direct RFK's attention away from the CIA and towards the Mafia, and to send RFK on a couple of "wild goose chases" as well, trying to figure out what the writer meant when he said that RFK and / or Dulles had messed with his mail in San Diego in 1961, talking about threats to the welfare of our people emanating "from near the border," etc. BTW, it's interesting that the "originator" of the document ("CIA") doesn't say where the letter was mailed from. --Tommy More on Frank Bompensiero: bumped HUNGARIANS?
  24. And let's not forget the allegedly Hungarian-owned "Gold Rail" gay bar in San Diego where Jack Ruby was allegedly seen. -- Tommy