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  1. What is the proof that Oswald met with the Chief Consul at the Russian Embassy while he was in Mexico City? Are you saying it was the Passport to Assassination book? Contracted out by American journalist Brian Litman and in which we have Oswald showing up at the Russian consulate on a Saturday morning, but hey the Sovs are there because they have a regular volleyball game scheduled. This is how they describe Oswald--he is extremely agitated and clearly nervous especially whenever the FBI is mentioned. He then becomes suddenly hysterical, begins to sob, and "through his tears cried, "I am afraid..they'll kill me. Let me in!" Repeating over and over that he was being persecuted and that he was being followed even here in Mexico, he stuck his right hand into the left pocket of his jacket and pulled out a revolver, saying, "See? This is what I must now carry to protect my life" And placed the revolver on the desk where we were sitting opposite one another." (p. 77) Yatskov emptied the revolver. Oswald does not take the visa applications. But a telling point follows. See, Litman knew that the Lopez Report said there was never any photo of Oswald entering or leaving either consulate. So he has the story like this: Oswald leaves the compound but pulls his jacket over his head so he won't be photographed. No explanation is given as to why Oswald would do such a thing. Or how he knew where the cameras were. As Robert Dunne once wrote, this added a very neat piece of Chekovian drama to the idea of a desperate, end of his rope, suicidal Oswald in Mexico. (Robert was clever, Chekhov was a great Russian playwright.) If you buy this Paul, then fine, it proves you will buy just about anything. Even Ruth Paine's nonsensical story about that letter to the Russian embassy in Washington. Or the wild insistence that Duran thought Leonov was Oswald. I worry at what has happened to this forum. We once had Robert C. Dunne, Dwayne Dunn, Robert Howard, Lee Farley, Pat Speer, Martin Hay and many others, who only wanted to exchange and discuss information. Its now turned into a politically based group of tireless axe grinders, who use any pretext to advance their ideas, no matter how flawed or weak they are. And they then get personal when someone disagrees, no matter how well founded the disagreement is. Makes me wax nostalgic.
  2. Can we dispose of this nuttiness? If you look at the combination of the clips from Evidence of Revision, and the KRLD tapes, there is no question at all that this is Ruby. And as Bauer said, he was concealing himself behind Harrison. End of argument. That nut Cinque has now convinced Fetzer and his gang that there is something to this.
  3. That is really too bad. My condolences to Debra, and Sherry's family.
  4. And the thing is Tunheim was the best of the lot of those ARRB commissioners. Some of the others, like the late Kermit Hall, actually used arguments he borrowed from Max Holland in articles for academic journals. You really wonder if Tunheim has even read every things that has been released. Because some of the stuff was done in mass releases.
  5. This is loony. Did I hear CInque's name mentioned by the narrator? I hope this does not lead to a Ruby Innocence Project. Did he also say that someone who looked like Angleton was in the room with Ruby? Who looked like Angleton?
  6. This has become so ridiculous. Lisa's article was never meant to be an assignation of the assassination of Kennedy. But Varnell has to twist things into his vortex. She was trying to demonstrate how Kennedy's policies were reversed after his murder. And she wanted to do Indonesia since no one had ever really paid attention to it in the JFK literature. And that is about as far as she went. The reason I thought it was important at the time was for that reason. For me, it was the first in depth look at the subject, and it was the first time I recalled someone going outside of the Cuba/VIetnam sphere at this length and depth. The real importance of the article for me was that it made me think that hey! Kennedy was not just interested in Cuba ad Vietnam, which is what so many JFK researchers insinuate. So with this article, plus then my discovery of the Mahoney book on Congo, I reassessed the whole subject of Kennedy's foreign policy in general. PS Paul did you get a chance to see the JFK at 100 slideshow yet?
  7. If you look at part one of Lisa's article, you will see that Freeport at the time was controlled by the Rockefellers and Whitneys. As were several other extensions of Freeport in Indonesia. The Rockefellers had huge holdings there, which Kennedy was trying to get good deals for for Sukarno. Another interesting indication is the use of Clay Shaw an an intermediary for Freeport, and how Ferrie piloted him to Canada on business for the company. Also how a Freeport representative was in on a Castro assassination plot over Castro's nationalization of their business holdings in Cuba. Plus, of course, the mentions of Phillips and Moa Bay. Its all in Lisa's work. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/david-atlee-phillips-clay-shaw-and-freeport-sulphur If you read Poulgrain's book, that is how Dulles came into the project at Sullivan and Cromwell. Because he was on the Standard Oil desk there. The idea that the major stockholders of Freeport called a board meeting and one of the agenda headings was "Should we participate in a plot to kill Kennedy?" is, to be frank, kind of bizarre. There was definite friction between the Rockefellers and Kennedy in several ways. Same with Whitney. Just look at the telegram JFK sent him when he removed him as ambassador to England. Paul: Did you get an opportunity to click that link to JFK@100? I think you will really enjoy it. Plus, you will probably learn something.
  8. George, No interest in debating the Plumlee story with you. But I would like to alert you to the difference between the terms, "evidence" and "proof". Its significant. I would also like to alert you to the difference between sworn testimony, unsworn testimony, and documentary evidence or exhibits. What you just stated does not approach the standard that you billed the thread as.
  9. Paul, here you go on Part 2 http://www.thesecrettruth.com/freeport-indonesia.htm Here you go on Part 1 https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/david-atlee-phillips-clay-shaw-and-freeport-sulphur If you have not read Incubus of Intervention by Greg Poulgrain, you should pick it up. Or listen to his two appearances on Black Op Radio. He knows more about Indonesia than anyone I have met. He was actually there for the overthrow of Suharto. And he found out the truth about how Suharto got rid of Sukarno. It turns out that the Dutch deliberately disguised how much gold was at the Ertzberg. Instead they accented the copper. But the gold deposits turned out to be much more valuable--I mean much more. In Poulgrain's book, he shows how Dulles understood this through his access at Sullivan and Cromwell to the exploratory expeditions. Which is why he advised Freeport not to do a deal with the Dutch. There was too much at stake, and they could have it all. Which is what happened. And boy was he right. I always said about Allen, I respected his brains as much as I did not the uses to which he put them. It turned out that the combination of the Ertzberg and Grasberg created the largest gold deposit in the world. And between the two mining spots, it stayed that way for over forty years. On one of Poulgrain's appearances he said how it actually superseded Congo in monetary value. Which is really saying something. In just one year, from the Grasberg, Freeport extracted over 58 million grams of gold, 174 million grams of silver, and 611 tons of copper. As Chris Davidson says, do the math. Plus, he mentions something I knew nothing about. There was also a giant petroleum deposit on the island. It turned out to be the largest one in Southeast Asia. Called the Vogelkop, if you can believe it, Greg makes an interesting argument that DeMohrenschildt worked on that site. You can see how getting rid of Kennedy, and then Sukarno, greatly aided Freeport profits. Because Kennedy, before he was killed, was helping to arrange nationalization deals for Sukarno that would be a 60-40 split in Indonesia's favor. Once Suharto took over, these turned into 90-10 deals for the company. But if Suharto was getting most of the ten percent, it was great for him. Sukarno was going to use the money to help build the country. BTW, since these threads disappear so fast now, take a look at JFK at 100 over at Kennedysandking.com It turned out really well I think. Even I didn't realize all the good things JFK did in less than three years. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/jfk-at-100
  10. This month, May 29th, would have been the 100th birthday of John F. Kennedy. Anticipating this, and realizing what a crappy job the MSM would do--with hacks like Jeff Greenfield and Robert Dallek--Kennedysandking.com decided to go ahead and prepare a four part visual essay on the life and career of President Kennedy. With all due modesty,I think it came off quite well. There are many things that even interested parties will learn from this. Its really something how many progressive programs Kennedy achieved in less than three years in the White House. What makes it all tragic is when one realizes what happened afterward: Vietnam goes crazy, Watergate, the Church Committee and the Pike Committee. At the end we try and nudge the reader to understand it did not all take place in a vacuum. Anyway, here it is: https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/jfk-at-100
  11. Kennedysandking weighs in on the latest cable atrocity on the JFK case: https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-reviews/jfk-declassified-tracking-oswald
  12. The ARRB not only declassified the Lopez Report. It also declassified the Slawson/Coleman report. This was the trip report written by two WC lawyers, David Slawson and Bill Coleman, about Oswald in Mexico City. It was about one tenth as long as the Lopez Report. And, to put it mildly, it was not nearly as thorough and complete. Yet, this was as close as the WC got to an on the ground inquiry about Oswald in MC. Lisa Pease reported on it for Probe. Its timely considering Mr Baer and his series. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/no-lieutenant-columbo-in-mexico-city
  13. Dawn: Remember Truman's warning, which he started writing just nine days after JFK was killed.
  14. I already did answer it, now do you want me to explain that also?
  15. BTW, to my knowledge, there was never any real inquiry into this case except an article in New Times by, I think, Jeff Cohen.