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  1. The above only deals with Oswald in the military, and shortly after. I have not mentioned anything about his crucial association with Ferrie in the CAP, or the weirdness of his CIA file after his defection. Or the fact that the KGB sniffed him out after his sorry performances at the Metropole for PJM and Mosby, when this so called commie did not even know when and where the Rosenbergs had been executed. I can understand PT dismissing all of this, and more, because of his agenda. But Bill? Really?
  2. PB: The information available makes it far more likely that JJA was indeed monitoring the defectors and trying to use them to his advantage, but without direct involvement with them. Bill Simpich seems to have started from the axiom that LHO was not automatically 'a spy', and that seems to me to be a better-grounded position. If the above is accurate, then: Why was he granted a security clearance when he had previously written a letter to to Socialist Party? Why, after he had written this letter, was he sent to the large CIA base at Atsugi, Japan where the U2 flew out of? Why was he on Detachment C guard duty over the U2 and why did he have training on the special height finder radar that could track to 80.000 feet? And why did the WR say he had only a Confidential clearance if he was doing this stuff? Why at Santa Ana, was he getting Pravda, playing Russian records, studying the Russian language and bragging about communism being the best system? Did you ever meet a Marine like that? If Oswald was not being recruited as an operative, then why--on top of the above-- was Oswald then getting Russian language training and testing in the service? In other words, why do radar operators need to know Russian? How well did Oswald know Russian? Rosaleen Quinn, who had been training through Berlitz for a state Department job, said that Oswald spoke Russian better than she did. Ernst Titovets, who Oswald met about 11 months after he defected, said Oswald spoke fluent Russian. When rifle virtuoso Dan Campbell visited Santa Ana, they asked him to stay overnight. The C. O. escorted him over to Oswald's bunk and said, "You can sleep here, this Oswald guy is hardly ever here." (Dan recalled the name since he had been in an orphanage with Oswald as a youth.) Why did Oswald visit the CID at El Toro several times when David Bucknell said that office was recruiting enlistees into ONI? Oswald told Bucknell the guy running him at El Toro was the same guy from Atsugi. And that he expected to be sent to Russia after his discharge. Why was there was no real inquiry into what Oswald was doing at El Toro after his defection? After that phony inquiry, Marine Jim Bothelho concluded that Oswald was sent on an intel mission to Moscow. How, in California, did Oswald know about Albert Schweitzer College in Churwalden, Switzerland when the FBI had no info on it, and the Swiss police took two months to find it? Why did Marguerite tell her treating doctor that Oswald was going to defect to Russia, nine months before he was discharged? How did Oswald's hardship discharge take only ten days to approve, when the standard procedure took 3-6 months? With that fact in mind, why did Oswald even apply for a hardship discharge when he only had 4 months left on his contract? Why, after he was discharged, did he then spend only 72 hours with his aggrieved mother in Fort Worth, if her medical condition was the reason he left the service? If his mother in Fort Worth was the reason for his discharge, then why did he apply for a passport seven days before he left the service? He didn't need a passport to go to Fort Worth. Why, on that passport, did he mention as two destinations, Albert Schweitzer and Finland? Schweitzer looks more and more like a CIA front, and the embassy in Helsinki was the one capital in Europe that issued visas to Russia in 48 hours. How could Oswald know that in the service in California? When Oswald got to Helsinki, why did he stay at the two most expensive hotels in the city, when--considering his meager finances-- he should have been staying at Motel 6? To give you an example, Nelson Rockefeller stayed at Oswald's first hotel.
  3. Cliff and I don't agree on much but we agree on PT.
  4. Oh, and I forgot, that is Morales on the tape and that is Morales scratching his neck in New Orleans, except he is not really scratching his neck, its a signal. Barium meals for everyone at my place. Free with cinnamon and raisins.
  5. One of the nicest people you will meet, and very helpful to others is many ways. And unlike so many, she was selfless and non agenda driven.
  6. Paul, don't look now, but I think you are not the most objective guy on this board. In fact, there is no one here more agenda driven. To the point, that I know how you will now reply. And let me add, one reason RCD probably isn't here is he doesn't want to spend hours on end countering you. If that is the case, the posters and lurkers got the bad end of that trade.
  7. You obviously have not read about San Saba and Norwood's new work on it. BTW, you two should start a "bump" club, consisting of Graves doing the bumping and Trejo doing the commenting. Then you would really flood the board with inanities. Or did I just reveal what the tactic was?
  8. The above is one of the most unintentionally funniest posts I can recall on this forum in awhile. I just wish RCD was here to comment on it. It shows where barium meals end up.
  9. Joe, To my knowledge, that is true. And she made a big deal about this in public. Which, oddly, is the last time she really had a high public profile. And make no mistake, Marina gets cameras. She is a real publicity machine. As to why, who knows. I don't. Karl, that quote by Horne does not relate to what the subject of his speech is. There are some really interesting things in his CAPA speech. The one most interesting to me was his discussion of the Oswald file the KGB had. From his comments it is appears that the decision about sending Oswald to Minsk went up to the higher levels of the KGB, and maybe even into the Kremlin. Then, the KGB commissioned an elaborate surveillance ring--both human and electronic--around Oswald. (Some of this is mentioned in Oswald: Russian Episode by Titovets.) It appears that Mailer only got a part of this material out. Because Tunheim says the file he saw was five feet high. If that is the case, they must have really had an extensive net out about Oswald. And this is why he became disenchanted relatively early. He knew that they were on to him and had launched a wide counter intelligence operation against him. If you read the Titovets book, he postulates a very interesting concept of how Marina met Lee. And how she may have been a part of this surveillance. To say the least, she had a very interesting background. I mean what are the odds of such a young girl meeting two American defectors in the expanse of Russia. And recall, Webster said she spoke English.
  10. William Harvey as an assassin in Dealey Plaza? Doug, is that what the book says?
  11. Epstein has just published a rather ridiculous book on Snowden, And you can read a review of it in the link that precedes the article below. So I thought it would be a good time to repost my long article on Epstein from Probe Magazine days. I think it shows that Epstein sold out decades ago. I will never forget what he said on the Russo/Myers Frontline fiasco in 1993: Oswald joined the Marines so he could get a gun. Talk about propaganda. Anyway, like Max Holland, he is still in the fields working with his rake. First he twisted Oswald, now he twists Snowden. Anyway, there is some very rare info in the article below, which many do not know about. And it was not reprinted in The Assassinations. So, be enlightened about Edward and the media. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/edward-epstein-warren-commission-critic
  12. Karl: It means full flush left, the image going all the way to the edge of the frame.
  13. Karl, if you are talking about FFL, that has already been dealt with at length. And it was a long time ago on this site.
  14. One of the questions I was trying to pose here is this: Who is Max Holland and where did he come from? I could find very little on him from before 1994, when he descended on the critical community with his endorsement of Posner and his blasting of Scott in Wilson Quarterly. All I could find out about him was that he went to Antioch College and he wrote e book called When the Machine Stopped. This last raises some interesting questions. Because from the reviews I read its actually a pretty interesting book. Through the story of one machine tool company, he tells about the beginning of the end of industrial America. The company his dad worked for for 29 years was first bought by a conglomerate and then purchased by KKR in an LBO--a la Mike Milliken, And Holland was critical of what those buyouts did to the company and how it caused it to be sold off in pieces as part of a break up. The company then disappeared. I found this doubly interesting because this was made possible first by Carter's deregulation and then the rapacious greed culture brought on by Reagan. Milliken was not indicted until 1989, only after they turned Boesky. As Donald Gibson shows, if you compare Kennedy's economic policy to this, you will see that JFK wanted to do all he could to increase productivity, expand employment, and prevent globalization. In other words, under Kennedy, Holland's dad would likely have kept his job. I guess Holland never read GIbson's excellent book Battling Wall Street which explains all this. Maybe because Gibson thinks JFK was killed by a conspiracy? Anyway has anyone here done any work on Holland, or knows someone who has?
  15. Max Holland never quits. Does he. Now he tries to turn back the clock to 1969 on the Garrison inquiry. Like the ARRB never existed. Shameless. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/max-holland-and-donald-carpenter-vs-jim-garrison-and-the-arrb