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  1. David Talbot wrote on Facebook today: Thinking of JFK in Roma as I tour the Eternal City. It was his final trip abroad, and the sinister forces that would take his life just months later were already closing in on him, as I write in "The Devil's Chessboard." The Rome CIA station was being run by the agency's assassination chief and Kennedy hater, William Harvey, whose own deputy would later accuse Harvey of complicity in the JFK assassination. I believe Harvey's job was to recruit the sniper team that killed Kenn...edy, under the direction of former CIA chief Allen Dulles and his longtime acolyte James Jesus Angleton, who also had deep roots in Italy's labyrinthine security world. On the day of the assassination, Harvey was hunkered down in a top secret US base in Sardinia, just across the water from Corsica, from where he might have recruited his kill team. Meanwhile, Dulles -- for some unexplained reason -- was operating out of a secret CIA facility in northern Virginia on that fateful day, even though Kennedy had pushed him out of government two years before. Any book on the Kennedy tragedy that doesn't acknowledge Dulles, Angleton and Harvey were the key figures in this crime against American democracy is not worth reading.
  2. David Talbot posted the following on Facebook today: When it comes down to it, the tech elite -- as represented by the likes of Trump boy toy Peter Thiel, destroyer of free speech and free market fanatic -- ranks right up there with the most despicable plutocrats in capitalist history, despite their self-fawning mantras of "doing no evil." If you want to look at their libertarian philosophy in action, look no further than their capital, San Francisco. where they've succeeded in "disrupting" much of the city's heralded progressive values. The city is becoming a human and moral wasteland, with armies of the evicted and neglected and mentally ill roaming the streets while baby billionaires and their geeky workforces stare at their screens in vacant wonder. Utopia has become dystopia literally overnight in SF, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and its soulless ideology.
  3. http://newsvandal.com/2017/06/cambridgetoofar/
  4. http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/06/22/youd-be-scared-if-you-were-donald-trump-too/
  5. Someone posted this on Facebook today. I am reposting it here for informational purposes only. https://www.rferl.org/a/lee-harvey-oswalds-travels/25166804.html
  6. Anonymous: NASA Is About to Announce the Discovery of Intelligent Alien Life http://www.anonews.co/anonymous-nasa-alien/
  7. John was born on June 25, 1945. He can be justifiably proud that his life's work in chronicling history will be his lasting legacy for all mankind. Lee Shepherd wrote on Facebook today: All the best John on your birthday. Perhaps you know already that the movie "American Made" with Tom Cruise playing Barry Seal is due out in September. The same month Dr. John Newman and James DiEugenio will confront one another in a JFK assassination symposium here in Lexington, Virginia at the George Marshall Center. Gotta love the timing.
  8. https://images.google.it/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fs-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com%2F736x%2F92%2Ffb%2F21%2F92fb212942041bda2b118a0975d1010e.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fsylvieauger33%2Fthe-president-john-f-kennedy%2F&docid=tARbN2ov4xJnDM&tbnid=aUocTNI9Z-_B1M%3A&vet=1&w=736&h=554&source=sh%2Fx%2Fim
  9. Paul: Regretfully I know nothing about Macromber.
  10. Alec Baldwin To Keynote CAPA Mock Trial Nov. 16 In Houston http://capa-us.org/alec-baldwin-to-keynote-capa-mock-trial-nov-16-in-houston/
  11. Chris Gallup wrote on Facebook today: Update on Jim Marrs......... Jim is hanging in there, but things are tenuous. Just thought if some of you feel like it, he loves funny cards. They are not answering the phones right now, but I am sure he would appreciate the funny cards! Jim Marrs, P.O. Box 189, Springtown, Texas 76082. He needs cheering up! <3 I plan to go and dig up his "Humor" file where he has placed all his favorite funnies and jokes. It is a pretty thick file and we once joked that with his forgetfulness, I could re-read all his old jokes to him as brand new! Now is the time.
  12. I have just received word from Ed Tatro that Jim Marrs' medical condition has taken a turn for the worse and the prognosis is not good. He has lost his vision.
  13. St. John Hunt wrote on Facebook yesterday (June 20, 2017): To answer certain comments regarding my friendship with Roger Stone I say this: I've known Roger for about 3 years. Met him at a Dallas JFK conference. I had never heard of him before other than his book about LBJ. We got to talking and I told him what a hard time I was having with my job which was parking cars, competing with 20 something year olds. I was 60 at the time and starting to feel my age. He hired me to research and write for him. He saved my life in a sens...e because I had been having thoughts of ending it at times. He invited my wife and me to thanksgiving dinner at his house. Roger liked my writing so much he wanted me to write the Bush book with him. He has always been polite, truthful, a gentleman and a friend to me. I can say we don't agree on all things political but I don't discard someone's friendship because of their political, religious, or other beliefs. We all have many sides to our personalities. Since few people have ever seen Roger's private side you can only judge by his public side. Roger respects who I am and I respect who he is. This is what friendship is about.
  14. Paul, you write that you find the story odd. Perhaps more information is needed. After Dorothy died (or was assassinated through the plane crash in Chicago in December 1973), Hunt called his four children together and told them he was going to plead guilty the next month at the first Watergate trial for fear that if he did not the children would next be killed. He so pled. When he went to prison the children no longer had a father or mother to raise them and they were separated and farmed out to others. Their sudden and drastic change in circumstance affected their lives forever. St. John above tells part of what happened to him. Of course, it is even more complex. Dorothy was vehemently opposed to Howard participating in what later became Watergate. She even threatened divorce. But once Watergate occurred she was forced to keep her family intact by reluctantly agreeing to become the courier for the limited amount of "hush" money that was distributed. In my opinion she was killed in December 1972 because a few weeks earlier Howard had threatened the White House that he might go public if the promised "hush" money was not forthcoming. Dorothy's death was intended to send a message to Howard. He got the message and pleaded guilty at the first Watergate trial. But all this was for naught because a few months later James McCord wrote his famous letter to Judge Sirica that exposed the cover-up and the "hush" money. Nixon's fate was sealed.
  15. Does this sketch prove that JFK was assassinated by TWO gunmen? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4626538/Does-sketch-prove-JFK-shot-TWO-assassins.html#ixzz4kgc5rcbb
  16. http://capa-us.org/two-reviews-anti-castro-leader-antonio-vecianas-explosive-memoir-trained-kill/
  17. St. John's life was forever changed when the burglars were arrested around 1 a.m. at Watergate on June 17, 1972. His father, Howard Hunt, about six hours later returned home and immediately awakened his teenage son, St. John, and ordered him to assist in the destruction of key criminal evidence by tossing it into the Chesapeake Canal, never to be recovered. Howard would use people, such as his son, his Cuban-Americans friends as burglars, his wife, Dorothy, as reluctant "hush" money courier who six months later died (some would say killed), and others close to him in total disregard to the danger in which he put these unsuspecting souls who trusted him. Thus patriotic Howard Hunt was the consummate CIA agent and operative wherein the ends justified the means.
  18. Here is the Newsweek article referred to above. http://www.newsweek.com/trump-jfk-kennedy-assassination-documents-secret-cia-russia-cuba-oswald-deep-627751
  19. http://ladigitalmedia.org/video_v2/asset-detail/WWL-0819-00-08-31
  20. I am mentioned briefly on page 10 of the memo.
  21. NBC News Exclusive: Memo Shows Watergate Prosecutors Had Evidence Nixon White House Plotted Violence http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/nbc-news-exclusive-memo-shows-watergate-prosecutors-had-evidence-nixon-n773581
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeWGKWpymKE&app=desktop St. John Hunt’s posting on Facebook on June 17, 2017, about 20/20 ABC | Watergate -- Truth & Lies | June 16, 2017 After watching the" Watergate Truth and Lies" last night, I realized it was just another layer of untruths and lies about what really happened with Watergate. It was nice seeing my good friend Roger Stone's interview and I was tickled that from over 2 hrs of my filmed interview I was shown for about 10 seconds. The problem with this "new" telling of H2Ogate is that it wasn't new. The American people have been duped into believing that the Watergate Investigation and the removal of Nixon for obstruction of justice is proof that the Constitution and our Bill of Rights works. Sadly, it showed that corruption at the highest judicial levels coupled with a lynch mob prosecution and press can thwart the very rights our Constitution provides. Let me explain briefly. The Watergate defendants, my father and five others, were denied their fifth and sixth amendment rights. The fifth amendment basically provides that "no person's life, liberty or property shall be taken without due process of the law." The sixth amendment provides "the right to a full and fair trial presided over by a fair and impartial trial judge." The right of due process was completely trashed when the trials themselves were media circuses. Judge Sirica appointed himself to preside over both Watergate trials and acted as an extension of the prosecution. The Code of Conduct for Federal Judges states, "A judge should be faithful to, and maintain professional competence in, the law and should not be swayed by partisan interests, public clamor, or fear of criticism." The Code forbids "ex parte" meetings, that is, secret meeting between judges and the prosecution for the purpose of convicting a defendant. A judge is not allowed to threaten a defendant with harsh sentencing unless the defendant "cooperates." Judge Sirica did these and more. He openly cross examined witnesses in front of the jury, he demanded that my father and the others plead guilty to all counts stating that "he knew they were guilty" on the first day of the trial! There were at least two dozen secret meetings between judge Sirica and members of the prosecution team, the Investigation Committee Chief Counsel, the DC circuit judge, the Watergate Special Task Force and others. If even one meeting had been discovered the trial would have been thrown out. These are just a few of the flagrant violations of the defendants rights, due process and the right to appeal. ABC TV is guilty of continuing to cover up the truth about Watergate. Their TV special was called "Truth and Lies." I saw plenty of lies and very little truth. Shame on them. It's not a question that my father didn't commit crimes for the White House, he did, but he should have been given a fair trial. It cost him 4 years in prison, the loss of respect, financial ruin, our family disintegration, and ultimately led to the death of my mother Dorothy. For further reading you must read "THE REAL WATERGATE SCANDAL" by Geoff Shepard. Thanks for caring enough to read this post.
  23. Attorney-at-Law in Houston, Texas. Member of the Texas and District of Columbia Bars. Graduated from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (B.S. degree) and New York University School of Law (J.D. degree). Author of five books, the last three of which being published by Texas A&M University Press. My biography appears in Who's Who in American Law, Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in the World. My desire to join the Forum is prompted by a desire to elaborate upon and, in same instances, correct previous observations made about me in the Forum in regard to my being linked to Watergate and to Billie Sol Estes, among other matters.