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  1. Hi: Real briefly, before I go to work, I may put up my own “fake news” post one day, but it will mostly be about the fake news in the mainstream media. I was spurred to write this from an article in Scientific American that I read yesterday. It really helps to know the bias and ideological commitments of any media, as they all have them. Even a great publication like Z Magazine is not immune. Every issue has pictures of protestors holding up their hand-made signs, and Z Magazine’s founder openly admits that he is all about coercing the elites to relinquish their power via protest. But he is ideologically opposed to the very idea of how much influence those elites might have. Those disjointed stances took me many years to understand. In the April 2017 issue of Scientific American was an article about online conspiracy theories, how they spread, who subscribes to them, and how to fight them. While pointing out some important aspects of the conspiracist “echo chamber,” the authors uncritically worshipped the Establishment, although they seemed oblivious to the fact that they were. Anybody who challenges vaccination has a screw loose, although the editor of Lancet himself said that up to half of all medical research was worthless due to conflicts of interest, and you will be hard-pressed to find an enlightened doctor who believes in vaccination, just like enlightened dentists don’t believe in fluoridation. But in the eyes of those conspiracist analysts, they see no problem with such medical interventions, although the conflicts of interest can be mind-boggling. They literally framed the issue as “conspiracy versus science,” which is about the baldest formulation of their ideology that I have seen. There is no such thing as conscious collusion in their worldview. Elites cannot influence events, and other mainstream fairy tales, and those hardnosed scientists cannot seem to fathom why there might be at least some truth to conspiracist lore. It just highlights the naïveté of scientists, and hardly an issue of Scientific American fails to include a materialist sermon, often delivered by materialist zealot Michael Shermer. I am not saying that Scientific American is worthless – far from it - but as with any media, its bias is important to know, if the pursuit of the truth is your goal. You are not going to find unbiased information, anywhere on Earth. One reason for my very human rendering of my journey is so that my readers can tell what my biases might be. Best, Wade
  2. Hi: I’ll be working insane hours until next weekend, so will be pretty quiet. I want to briefly revisit the David Rockefeller issue. I have very close knowledge of some of the cloak-and-dagger methods of Rockefeller’s circle that predates my days with Dennis. Some has come into the light, such as Rockefeller’s involvement in October Surprise (which was no surprise ). Rockefeller’s bank (Chase Manhattan) wiped out Dennis’s manufacturer during his Seattle days, and Rockefeller’s calling Dennis at home just before the government wiped him out was just him getting more directly involved, still minding the store at age 93, instead of having his underlings doing it all. When Mr. Big gets directly involved, there will be dire consequences. While plenty of articles are stressing Rockefeller’s nefarious international activities, and even Global Controller-ish activities, I don’t see anybody writing about his domestic activities that helped prevent anything being used other than hydrocarbons, cars, etc. He was all about business as usual for the oligarchy, both internationally and domestically, and technology suppression was one of his primary activities, which has been completely silent in the narratives that I have seen. The Dulles brothers were among David’s many assets, Nixon was also their creature, and the Rockefellers were almost certainly involved in the JFK hit. If the real story of the Rockefeller dynasty was ever told, it would curl people’s hair. Of course, the Clintons and Bushes are both gushing over Rockefeller right now, who was their master. Brian O’s buddy Jon Rappoport wrote a little ditty when Trump was elected, which was likely not far from the truth. But again, Rockefeller was not at the top, and likely not even close to it. Every American president since JFK was a puppet and knew it. Rockefeller was one of the puppeteers, and may have been the primary one. Best, Wade
  3. Hi Krishna (FKA Freeknowledge): Mr. Mentor’s engine is extraordinary even if it could not make free energy, as is Fischer’s. Neither one was invented for free energy purposes, but to make more efficient engines. The second law of thermodynamics says that you can’t make free energy by using heat engines and heat pumps, or, at least, the mainstream interpretation of that so-called “law.” But soon after Dennis got his naïve idea of marrying his heat pump with a low-temperature turbine, we encountered scientists who challenged the second law. Eugene Mallove told me that the second law was rubbish, and that he reproduced Reich’s results with a Faraday cage. Mr. Mentor and Fischer believed that they could make free energy by marrying the panels of Dennis’s heat pump with their engines. Fischer tried for years, largely without success. They once got his engine running for a whole day, but it started with a “battery” of a cold heat sink, so I doubt that they proved free energy before Fischer ran off. Like Sparky Sweet’s device defied mainstream notions of electricity, with an ungrounded circuit, Mr. Mentor’s engine did not need a low-temperature heat sink to exhaust to. That was a mind-boggling, yet simple, aspect of his engine. My jury is still out on whether Mr. Mentor’s or Fischer’s engine could produce free energy, but people such as Mallove said that such contraptions could work. It is widely considered one of the more promising paths to free energy today. Studying the current theories can be very helpful, and at least make what Mr. Mentor, Fischer, Mallove, and others alleged become comprehensible. All the theory in the world, however, can be killed by simple facts, which Einstein noted. All theories eventually die. The technologies that my friend saw takes the corpus of today’s scientific theories and chucks them out the window. As Einstein said, one day, his theories would be proven wrong, but the best parts of them would survive in the subsequent theories. That is how science works. Mainstream science has a long way to go to catch up to the physics behind what Godzilla has in his Golden Hoard. That is where the good stuff is. Science in the Fifth Epoch will bear only a faint resemblance to today’s, and that heavenly Roads world provides a glimpse. For me, free energy and antigravity are plenty to usher in the Fifth Epoch, and those technologies are already here. As Greer has said, we only need a version 1.0 of free energy to get the Fifth Epoch going, not the version 35.0 that Godzilla has. I see my effort ultimately helping a version 1.0 get built and be given to humanity, or help version 25.0 or later come in from the shadows. Either way works for me. But it has to be a loving effort and avoid the paths to disaster that so many have trod. David Rockefeller likely helped wreck my life, but I said a prayer for him yesterday. He’ll need it. His passing is generating plenty of articles like this, and deservedly so. Dark stuff. Best, Wade
  4. Hi: I decided years ago to reveal his name after he died, and this is very appropriate for one of my last lessons learned posts. It was David Rockefeller who called Dennis at home, and that story takes a little telling. It was far from the first time that the Rockefellers got involved, and it would be no surprise to discover that they were part of the billion dollar offer that the CIA delivered to Dennis. I was never very interested in Dennis’s 100-MPG technology. I had no doubt that it was genuine, but when he invited me to the White House for an eve-of-the-election demonstration of that technology, sponsored by Bush the Second’s energy advisor, it was like I had come full circle, wringing more energy out of a gallon of gasoline, which Mr. Mentor’s engine also did. Dennis certainly gave it the college try and then some, but gasoline conservation has long been suppressed by the Rockefellers and friends. The oil companies have been involved with keeping the lid on such technologies for a century or more, and Ron Waugh’s story was just one of many that I had heard over the years. When the rocket took off in Ventura, it was because of Dennis’s USA Today ads. Dennis advertised in USA Today for more than 20 years. Around the time that Bush’s eyes were bugging out at Dennis’s WIREC exhibit, a Detroit automobile company (three guesses which one ) was testing dozens of Dennis’s retrofit kits, after early tests confirmed those high MPGs. Bush’s energy advisor was one of Dennis’s fans, but it did not matter when David Rockefeller and friends got involved. David Rockefeller handpicked every American president since Jack Kennedy, and he owned the Bushes, who had been Rockefeller fixers from way back, serving the Rockefellers even before Prescott Bush. Around the time of WIREC, Dennis ran a full-page ad in USA Today about his retrofit kit. David Rockefeller called Dennis at home to discuss that ad, before the ad ran. Alison answered the phone that fateful morning, she is completely unfazed by people like that, and called to Dennis across their home, “Dennis, David Rockefeller is on the phone.” Rockefeller was about 93 years old at the time. After that phone call, that enthusiastic Detroit company suddenly treated Dennis like he had the plague and disavowed all knowledge of him. The wheels at the federal level began grinding, which resulted in that attack by the FTC, that slandering TV show by Dateline, featuring Mr. Skeptic (of course, such shows never contacted me), and that time, they took a different legal tactic, which resulted in Dennis’s being permanently banned from participation in the energy industry in the USA. Naming Rockefeller like this also emphasizes another lesson of my journey: the Rockefellers are not at the top of the global power structure. David likely was not a Global Controller. We had interactions with the GCs, and they don’t call people at home, using their names. You have never heard of the people at the GC level. The Rothschilds also got involved, and again used their names, which means that they are not GCs, either. They are from the old guard, and there is plenty of “churn” at the top. If the Rockefellers and Rothschilds were ever at the top, it was long ago. One of the greatest lessons of my journey with Dennis was realizing how multi-level organized suppression is. Whether it was the local electric industry, national-level institutions, the oil-industry level, or the Global Controller level, they all played the same game, and were all likely acting largely independently. Bill the BPA hit man worked for the GCs for a time, but it is hard to say exactly when that relationship began. He cultivated his fake alternative energy credentials long before he was sicced on Dennis’s company. Like Ken Hodgell, he was likely a contract agent and had to fend for himself when not performing hit man duties. Bill’s tactic of using the legal system as a weapon against the people that he stole from predated his phony bankruptcy lawsuit in Seattle, and that behavior has continued in recent years. If you work for the right people, the legal system is yours to use with impunity, and you are immune from prosecution for your evil deeds, although Ken eventually lost that protection. Contract agents are expendable, as my close relative was. If I outlive that household-name diplomat that my relative worked for, I may reveal his name, and he also worked for the Rockefellers. It is a small world at those levels of the game. Best, Wade
  5. Hi Freeknowledge: I spent a long time in analysis of Mr. Mentor’s engine and Dennis’s heat pump. Both are amazing technologies, and could they work together to produce FE? I don’t know. We were trying to find out when we got the boom lowered on us. In the entire history of FE attempts, it is one of the more tantalizing, although I am also the first to admit that what Sparky had blew those technologies away, and what my friend was shown was the 35th generation or so beyond what Sparky and others like him developed in their shops and garages. Fischer’s engine was also very interesting, and Dennis ultimately spent a few fruitless years trying to develop it before Fischer took the money and ran, in typical inventor style. I will take a minute before rushing off to work and another 70-80 hour week, and repeat a theme that I have discussed before, of grounding. A big reason for my big essay’s long, slow journey through the history of life on Earth and humanity’s Epochs is to ground the energy issue with my readers, and when they reach the FE issue, they can perhaps stay grounded and not fly off into the numerous unproductive directions that I have witnessed over the years. Staying grounded while merely thinking about the biggest event in the human journey is not easy. I constantly encounter people who want to rush out and “do something,” and I have yet to see even one of them who was not heading straight toward disaster. This has to be a long, slow journey, taken by people who are grounded, or it will not go anywhere or will become a flaming catastrophe. I have lived through enough of those for one lifetime. As an aside, if you look at my recent post on humanity’s epochs, some kind of energy crisis likely contributed to each one. It was necessity and survival, not a sense of adventure. The homework that Freeknowledge is doing is part of my curriculum, and helps people stay grounded. Best, Wade
  6. Hi Freeknowledge: Good to see you doing your homework. Yes, I like to think that we are going down the bonobo path. I am putting Sex at Dawn on my list. Yesterday, while in my crazy work environment, an idea for a new table in my big essay popped into my head. It will be a when, where, who, what, how, and why table on the Epochal Events. The gist of it will be… The first event: c. 2.5 mya to 1.0 mya, East or South Africa, australopiths/Homo habilis/Homo erectus, stone tools/fire, upright apes learned to make stone tools and control fire, manual dexterity and increasing intelligence, forced to leave the trees, learned to walk upright, and intelligently used hands to develop new energy technologies. The second event: c. 60 kya, East Africa, behaviorally modern humans, super-predation, humanity conquered all ecosystems, primarily fueled by Earth’s large terrestrial animals, and a likely crisis at home drove the Founder Group to leave Africa. The third event: c. 11 kya, Fertile Crescent, women, domesticating plants, plants with edible energy stores were cultivated, large animals rendered extinct in region where plants could be successfully cultivated. The fourth event: 1709-1710, England, Abraham Darby and Thomas Newcomen, use of coal for smelting metal and powering engines, controlled burning of coal in new applications, centuries after a deforested England turned to coal, and those inventions founded a new Epoch. The fifth event has not happened yet, at least for public consumption. If it happens and the whole story can be told, the summary will look something like this: 20th century, United States of America, various inventors and private/governmental interests, technologies developed that harvest energy from the zero-point field, the technologies generally relied on magnetics, the mastery of electricity, some extraterrestrial assistance and captured technologies, and late-20th century energy crises, as fossil fuels became depleted, and the sequestering of those technologies by the global elite was finally overcome. Time for another long day. Best, Wade
  7. Hi: This is a short addendum to the previous post. Developing scientific literacy in these areas not only can help hone one’s critical thinking skills, but people can use them to make their own assessments of the evidence. Not necessarily at the specialist level, but deeply enough to understand the issues, think about it by themselves, and begin making the connections that can lead to a comprehensive perspective. For instance, on species dispersals, refugia, speciation, radiation, and extinction, people can develop their own informed views on the matter, even if it just chewing on the information for some time. That is what scientists do when they come up with their testable hypotheses. For instance, monkeys and apes (AKA simians) can’t swim. Humans are the only member of the line that can. Elephants, however, can swim. The leading hypothesis for how monkeys made it to South America is that some were washed down something like the Congo, on a vegetation raft, around 40 million years ago, and like shipwrecked sailors, survived some weeks as the currents took them across an Atlantic Ocean that was maybe half the width of today’s, as far as the distance between Africa and South America went, and there may have been some islands between those continents, which would have made the feat easier. An ape would be too big to make such a trip, and elephants surely could not have rafted over or swum. Elephants made it to the Western Hemisphere via the Arctic during the warm Miocene, but those Miocene apes were not adaptable to cold like elephants were, so they never made it past Eurasia. Similarly, it seems that no placental land mammal, other than some rafting rodents (and some also rafted from Africa to South America), made it to Australia from Asia, as the ocean barrier was too formidable for swimming or accidental rafting. Humans were the first significant placental mammal to migrate to Australia, and it was not until humans invented boats. People can think about those events for themselves, and conclude what was likely, what was not, and why. That can lead to a deeper understanding of how our world works, and that is always good work. Best, Wade
  8. Hi: In the next week, I plan to post my final lessons learned post, to finish off this sequence of the series. I have been sketching out its themes. In the meantime, I am working long hours, and this post will revisit a familiar theme, on the megafauna extinctions and the real world of science. What spurred it was recent reading on the Permian extinction. Climate change related to volcanism, on a supercontinent that already presented great stresses on land and marine life, chemically and otherwise, with collapsing oxygen levels, were related to a series of extinctions the began 20 million years before the end extinction. That controversy, as far as just what the causal mechanisms were, will likely outlive me, and that is normal science at work. I have written plenty on scientific literacy, which is not about knowing the answers so much as knowing the questions and processes, and thinking through the issues for one’s self. That is where we build the mental muscles of scientific literacy, and the critical-thinking aspect of scientific literacy can serve us well in many key areas. It is one reason why scientific literacy will be an important quality of the choir. For the most recent extinction, of the large animals on several continents, there is a clique of scientists, largely from Australia, that is obsessed about climate change, and I believe that they either have academic tunnel vision or are being disingenuous. If I had to guess their motivation, it seems to be absolving humanity from causing those extinctions, perhaps to somehow rehabilitate various indigenous peoples. It may not be entirely conscious on their part, or at least for most of them. The dinosaur extinction became a kind of scientific parlor game, and the current equivalent seems to be the mammoth extinctions, and I have become tired of seeing various parties sally forth in attempting to explain the mammoth extinctions as anything other than human agency, and I recently saw those Australian scientists trumpet another “climate change did it” paper on the mammoth extinctions. Such papers suffer from tunnel vision at best. I recently read The Monkey’s Voyage, and it was a marvelous book on how species have dispersed across Earth, and the monkey’s journey from Africa to South America was perhaps the most epic of the dispersals, hence the book’s title. As a sidelight, the book discussed extinction and survival dynamics. One of most wrong-headed aspects of the infatuation with the mammoth extinctions, especially all attempts to explain human agency away, which seems to be the primary goal of most such theorists, is that mammoths and mastodons were merely one of the most iconic animals to suddenly go extinct when behaviorally modern humans arrived on the scene. Going after the mammoth extinctions with climate change, bolide event, and other explanations, which “coincidentally” absolve humanity of responsibility, is to ignore key aspects of the current ice age and how the megafauna survived the glacial intervals just fine. I recently linked to a vegetation map from the last glacial interval. The rainforest completely disappeared in the bonobo home range, where they have been isolated for more than a million years, and they did fine every time that their preferred habitat disappeared. On continental land masses, it is pretty easy for animals to migrate to where their best habitats are. Their numbers would certainly decline when most of their habitat shrank, but they all adapted. There have been no mass extinctions of note since the 200-million-year greenhouse Earth phase finally came to an end about 35 million years ago. All species since then have been adapted to icehouse Earth conditions. The closest was the mid-Miocene extinctions of 14 million years ago, but it was trivial compared to other events. Until the rise of humans, the elephant family was the most successful land mammal ever. Like humans, elephants evolved in Africa, and their high intelligence, huge size (adults had no predators), prehensile trunks, and opportunistic feeding patterns meant that they thrived in every place on Earth that they could get to. They could not swim to Australia and had nothing to eat on Antarctica, but flourished everyplace else, at least until humans arrived, and then they quickly went extinct everywhere but Africa and parts of Asia, and that was very likely because humans evolved alongside those elephants, which learned to survive being around those super-predatory humans. While Africa retained nearly all of its megafauna with the rise of humans, Australia and the Americas quickly lost theirs, and elephants prospered in the Americas for many millions of years, to suddenly all go extinct when humans arrived, along with nearly all of the other megafauna, and climate change somehow did it. The bald fact is that the preferred habitat of mammoths and mastodons never disappeared in the past 15 million years, it only moved north and south with the advancing and retreating ice sheets, which they easily migrated with, and those elephants survived in the most marginal environments of the elephant family. One elephant species abounded in the Americas, and there is evidence that people made homes from their hides before they quickly went extinct. That was just like what happened when behaviorally modern humans met mammoths in Eurasia and made their short-lived mammoth villages. A related elephant also heavily populated the Americas, to quickly go extinct when humans arrived. I regard it as either crazy or dishonest to keep flogging the climate change explanation for the megafauna extinctions, especially where the elephant family is concerned. It is time to put the mammoth extinctions to bed. All of the “nuance” that I see seems designed to obscure the factor that dwarfed everything else: people. It did not matter what the climate was doing when people arrived. The easy meat was doomed. It can be very educational, however, to watch those climate change advocates for the megafauna extinctions while watching Global Warming deniers ply their trade. Although seeming to come from opposite ends of the spectrum, they are actually blood brothers, as both groups labor to absolve humanity of responsibility for our impacts on this planet. The conflicts of interest among the Global Warming deniers are more blatant, but the climate change advocates for the megafauna extinctions are also defending their in-group: humanity. These issues serve to highlight my journey’s primary lesson: personal integrity is the world’s scarcest commodity, and scientists and academics certainly do not reside at some loftier level of integrity. As Uncle Howard noted long ago, their interest-conflicted work can be quite deadly. In Western medicine, it can be truly deadly. Best, Wade
  9. Hi: I was driven from my sleep recently, by what was kind of a nightmare, seemingly triggered about recent reading on the Permian extinction and thinking about our current ice age. This will take a little telling. That recent paper that is being trumpeted by Global Warming deniers highlights several important issues. The Capitanian and Permian extinctions coincided with huge volcanic events, and the ultimate cause was the formation of Pangea. The volcanic events ultimately ended a 100-million year ice age, and continued volcanism led to a 200-million-year greenhouse Earth that the dinosaurs thrived in. The formation of Pangea exposed 90% of the continental shelves, which is the abode of most marine life. A brief ice age would have exposed even more of the shelves, and it appears that a hydrogen sulfide event accompanied it, which was a coup de grace for marine life, and perhaps also on land. Did a wild swing in the chaos of that ending ice age do in most marine life? Wild swings also characterized the snowball Earth that preceded the eon of complex life, which was also a time of a supercontinent. The wild swings likely have a lot to do with mass extinctions (and warming has been implicated more than once, although cooling seems to be implicated more often), as conditions change faster than life can adapt to them. There are some winners, while most lose. Humanity is causing the latest wild swing, mostly due to extracting and burning Earth’s hydrocarbon deposits, essentially creating an artificial global volcano, which I will contribute to in a few minutes when I drive to work. But my quasi-nightmare was around the current ice age that we are in. The last glacial interval had radically different vegetation than today. I have read people lauding our polluting ways, as it may have already delayed the next glacial interval by 50,000 years or so. But the human saga will be resolved very soon. We are going to get over the hump of integrity and sentience required to get into the Fifth Epoch, or we are going to precipitate a mass extinction that may take us with it. The ice age that we are in the midst of will not affect that outcome. The return of the ice sheets is way too far off to matter. And if humanity attains the Fifth Epoch, there is going to be a radically different relationship with Earth and her ecosystems. It could look a lot like that heavenly Roads world. And then we will see if returning ice sheets are in the cards, or if they will even matter. Best, Wade
  10. Hi: I am going to go fairly quiet over the rest of the month, as my day job goes nuclear. But I want to briefly discuss one important lesson that my journey taught me. My days with Dennis were the big class in which I learned my most important lessons in no uncertain terms. The subsequent years of study were largely about seeing how our experiences fit a larger pattern of how the world really works, not the propaganda version that is taught by the various Establishments. That was not my intent when I hit the books, but it began to become clear. When I saw the media just make it up as it went regarding us, it fit a pattern that I later discovered through long years of study, that lying to the public is perhaps the media’s primary function. What I learned about personal integrity being the world’s scarcest commodity was confirmed repeatedly during my subsequent years of study and experience. There were many of those kinds of lessons, in which years of study showed our experiences to be part of a larger pattern that goes way back. But those years of study also allowed for ever-larger patterns to appear, largely based on the findings of scientists and historians. Some of the “way back” patterns go back to the beginning of life on Earth and a watershed event was when complex life began to become social. Even plants can be social, as can be seen in The Hidden Life of Trees. I did not develop my epochal framework until relatively late in my studies, and it became clear that human sociality was dependent on each epoch’s energy levels. For the past three epochs, human biology has essentially been the same. What changed was the energy surplus of each epoch, first and foremost. Everything else followed from that. Almost nobody ever mentally escaped the constraints of their epochs. In the late Second Epoch, killing strangers on sight was normal. In the Third Epoch, turning people into property was normal. In the Fourth Epoch, becoming faceless cogs in some industrial, commercial, or governmental enterprise is normal. In the Fifth Epoch, working for a wage, for survival, and the like will be seen like today’s Fourth Epoch peoples look at slavery, as some barbaric relic of a bygone epoch. Warfare will also be seen as a primitive mark of those prior epochs of scarcity and fear. However, unlike the prior epochal events, making this one happen will require an unprecedented act of integrity and sentience, which I suppose is fitting, given what the Fifth Epoch means. But it only needs a tiny fraction of humanity to initiate it. Indeed, only a tiny fraction of humanity is fit for the task. Best, Wade
  11. Hi: I have written about the spooks now and then, such as here, but this will be a little more on the timely subject, in the wake of the latest from Wikileaks. Learning about the spooks was important for what I am doing. I suppose my introduction to it was my father’s having to get a top-secret security clearance to work for NASA, as Brian also did. The Space Race was a Cold War concoction, and JFK tried to end the Space Race before he was murdered by the spooks, and if what E. Howard Hunt told Doug Caddy was valid, and I have little doubt that it was, the ET issue was part of the rationale, but a proximate cause at most. The Soviets also knew plenty about the ETs, and the USA’s spooks knew that they did. If I had gone to the Air Force Academy, I would have been deeply immersed in the USA’s national security culture, and I will always be thankful that my mother had my father talk me out of it. For all that happened afterward to wreck our relationships, they get big points for that. I have seen what the culture does to people. They either drink the Kool-Aid or drink themselves to death. Several years before meeting Dennis (who was an honorary spook for a brief time, which was typical in the Vietnam era), I lived with a close relative who was a CIA contract agent, who nearly tried to recruit me into the “business,” but I luckily moved away before he could make his pitch. I only found out about his secret life from his wife, after they divorced, and she was wife number four or so. His life was a train wreck, and he essentially drank himself to death, certainly partly due to the cognitive dissonance of his secret life. In the many years since then, I have seen and heard plenty about that spook toll on people’s lives, including their families. Spooks aren’t spooks just for the heck of it, and I doubt that many of them thought that they would become spooks when they grew up, just like few hookers ever aspired to that “career” when young. Spooks are professionals who protect the interests of their employers, and relatively few are psychopaths, but chumps who believe in the “cause,” as those employees work partly for “psychic income” and come cheaper than “break glass in case of fire” psychopaths, who must be used very carefully, because they will instantly turn on their employers for the right price. The chumps are infinitely more loyal. John Perkins envied the naïveté of those who worked for him, and a close friend once worked in such an operation. He never caught on to the real game being played, and I don’t have the heart to try to tell him, and it would risk our relationship if I did. When I met Dennis through one of those larger-than-life events, his company was on the way to being bludgeoned out of existence by the gangsters who run my home state, and a real-life psychopathic hit man was involved. It was educational to see how easily he duped people by playing to their self-interest. My boss helped engineer the theft of Dennis’s company, and the ringleaders may well have been on Godzilla’s payroll as contract agents, as Ken Hodgell was, whom we met the next year. They were all Mormons, and I doubt that it was a coincidence. God only knows how much spook surveillance Dennis was under in those days, but it was substantial. The so-called White Hats also took interest, and I am not sure how long ago their interest began, but they began contacting us directly in Boston, and we got the first friendly buyout offer in Boston. The next year, the CIA openly got involved, and they simply added a couple of zeroes to the initial offer, which I came to discover was also standard procedure. When I was with Dennis, he played secrecy games, which ended up costing me greatly, and I hated every minute of playing the secrecy game. I eventually realized that if you have to play the secrecy game, you are defeated before you begin. That is one reason why the choir will not be comprised of anonymous people. They are going to be worse than worthless for what I have in mind. Complete transparency is the only route with a prayer for this epochal task. I have likely been under constant surveillance since the 1980s. It just comes with the territory, and I don’t lose any sleep over it. But I also don’t make it easy for the spooks, such as trying to stir things up in Washington D.C. or holding a conference. Those are suicidal behaviors in this milieu, and if you are “lucky,” you will only have your life wrecked or get run out of your home nation. I find it somewhat amusing that free energy newbies almost always get the risks entirely backwards. They live in quaking fear of Godzilla’s minions, but then proselytize to their social circles, which is where the greatest risk is, by far. Only people like Dennis, Brian, Greer, Trombly, and me have anything to fear from Godzilla on the free energy front, and I do what I can to stay relatively low on the radar. Nobody who gets involved with my effort needs to fear spook interference, but they also have to be vigilant and not do naive and stupid things. Not paranoia, but awareness. After staggering from my home town in 1990, radicalized, I hit the books and soon discovered Ralph McGehee’s work. He is at the pinnacle of credibility for whistleblowers: a career CIA agent who went through immense legal battles to publish his memoirs, and whose life was a made a living hell for daring to do it. In the years since Ralph published his memoirs, a kind of spook “whistleblower” cottage industry has grown, and I am regularly bombarded with the latest “revelation” from those self-professed “whistleblowers.” Virtually none of them have any credibility with me. They are nearly all going to be compromised in one way or another, even if they were genuine, and most likely aren’t. The spook world does not leave much in the way of paper trails, so almost anybody can claim that they were a spook (or get the “inside scoop” from spooks), and provide almost no evidence at all to support their wild claims. Most of those “insider revelations” are disinformation, to put it politely. I certainly can’t out “cloak-and-dagger” the spooks, and it is foolish and potentially suicidal to try, but all sorts of newbies think that they can play that game, as they think that they can live out some kind of fantasy. The people that I seek need to raise their games far above those adolescent levels. The spooks are definitely a potential hazard for what I do, but I do what I can to give them a wide berth and build something that is not very vulnerable to their activities. They are watching, and they can keep watching for all I care. They can stay in the shadows and slink away with my blessings in the Fifth Epoch, in which secrecy games no longer make any sense. The can even let go of those dark activities and learn to live in the light. That is unlikely, but very possible for those who did not quite sell their souls. Best, Wade
  12. Hi: I have to rush off to work, so this will be short. One of the lessons I learned on my journey is that “overnight successes” and “explosions” and “revolutions” don’t just happen, but the events that led to them can be seen. Even the Big Bang is being challenged in orthodox corners these days, as being more of a quantum event, with the physical universe gradually blinking into existence. The Cambrian Explosion vexed scientists from Darwin onward, as it challenged evolutionary theory, if everything appeared overnight from nothing. But now scientists have been able to trace the contours of life’s journey on Earth for billions of years, and the Cambrian Explosion was a long time in coming. Similarly, the Mammalian Explosion happened because the dinosaurs were wiped out, and the mammal line was dominant before dinosaurs were, and all dominant orders of mammals today had appeared by the time the dinosaurs disappeared. On the human journey, the story is also one of gradual changes, which could result in something relatively dramatic at times, but the roots of the “explosions” or “revolutions” are evident today, after a great deal of sleuthing. The Industrial Revolution is the only “revolution” or “explosion” that happened during recorded history, and the events of the Third Epoch can today be readily seen that led to the Industrial Revolution, as a deforested England turned to coal. There is a temptation to attribute things like the rise of humans or megalithic architecture to ET intervention and the like, but that seems to be just magical thinking that inserts some miracle, because people do not really understand what happened. Invoking some kind of divine or ET intervention is common among the scientifically illiterate, and is the equivalent of folk tales. I have had plenty of divine intervention in my life, so I know it is real, but it was up to me to do the work. Those interventions did not come out of nowhere, and came as a response to need (or to help direct me on my path, such as that voice). Best, Wade
  13. Hi: In light of the latest from Wikileaks, I’ll repeat that I have expected no privacy since the 1980s, and nobody who interacts with me should expect any, either. I am approached all the time by people who seek public anonymity, but they are fools if they think that they are anonymous from Godzilla. He knows. It is kind of a bizarre paradox. Nobody who interacts with me has anything to fear from Godzilla because they interacted with me. They have the most to fear from their social circles, but then they go and proselytize to them, which is when they can get in trouble. If they were real people, openly interacting with me, but refraining from proselytizing to their social circles, all would be well. But almost nobody seems to be willing or able to understand that, and is another reason why I know that I seek needles in haystacks. On another note, I have been reading up on the Permian extinction lately, in light of a new paper that is being trumpeted by Global Warming deniers. The papers are coming fast and furiously, which argue that the land and ocean extinctions were more than a million years apart, that the land life was not exterminated at all, that ocean chemistry changes did it, that the Capitanian extinction should join the big five, and so on. Good stuff, and I’ll add my reading on this to my essay update. If it turns out that a brief ice age did the damage in the ocean, that is consistent with the previous two big ones, the Ordovician and the Devonian, but I think that it is way too early to make that call. There have also been warming extinctions, such as the Paleocene-Eocene one. To seize on one study for political purposes is typical these days. Best, Wade
  14. Hi: Those years during my first stint with Dennis was my real-world anthropology class, and when the dust settled four years later, human behavior could never surprise me again. My long years of study really began in 1989, when I began descending into university libraries to help prepare any experts that my legal fund could line up to testify. That dive only went deeper when I moved to Ohio, and never really let up. If I had to put a number on the time that I have spent in study and writing since 1989, it probably amounts to at least eight years of full-time effort, maybe even ten, all done for free. I also had to dig out of my financial abyss (more than once), put my wife through graduate school, help my family, and the like. Those decisions cost me ever having children, owning my own home, and other “frills” that my peers took for granted. But I have no regrets. I had a very good idea what I was getting into, unlike when that voice spoke to me. Those first several years of study were largely about plumbing the depths of the lies that I had been raised with. After my second stint with Dennis, I reached new levels of study and writing, and 5.5 years later, my site was completed largely as it stands today. Then I discovered Uncle Bucky’s work and embarked on the studies that resulted in my big essay, and my studies since 2007 were specifically intended toward writing what became that essay. When I make the essay update this year, I hope, this point will become even clearer: the masses are not going to be talked into waking up and helping the Fifth Epoch manifest. It has never worked that way, but there is no end of New Age nostrums, social consciousness, and the rest of those unworkable ideas in circulation about how to change the world. Fraudulent “facts” such as the Hundredth Monkey Effect abound, as the scientifically illiterate propose their invalid ideas. Humanity is not going to immediately become enlightened when the Fifth Epoch arrives. However, just like slavery became a barbaric institution when industrialization happened, nearly all of the hallowed institutions and ideologies of the Third and Fourth Epochs will likewise come to be seen as primitive and will be discarded as chattel slavery was. While the material changes of the Fifth Epoch will be awesome to behold, the economic/political/social/cognitive changes will be mind-boggling, and humanity will have a great opportunity to finally become a truly sentient species. But none of those changes will happen without free energy and its attendant suppressed technologies. That is where scientific literacy and understanding how our world really works comes in, for those I seek. Otherwise, an effort like mine will be nothing more than New Age pabulum, and there is already more than enough of that flying around. There is not going to be some big event in which Godzilla is unmasked before the world, the ETs will not suddenly land on the White House Lawn, and the Ascended Masters are not coming down here to save humanity from itself. Those are all Hollywood and New Age fantasies, in which we can play spectators without doing the work that we came here to do, or at least, what my fellow travelers and I came to do. Giving free energy to humanity, however, would be big, to put it mildly, and is very feasible if only a tiny fraction of humanity woke up and combined their efforts, which will only work if everybody keeps their eyes on the ball. That is why a comprehensive perspective is needed. Otherwise, people are easily distracted by the latest spectacle, and there is no end to that today. I recently wrote about the economic and evolutionary dynamics behind human sociality and warfare, and my essay update is going to expand on those ideas, even more than it already has. We are not going to get there through social consciousness, which is pre-sentient and all about survival. The people I seek need to play the game far above that level, and those that I seek already have. Becoming familiar with the material in my big essay is only a prerequisite for a far more involved conversation. That has yet to happen, but I can’t settle for less, or my effort will fail. I am constantly approached by people with their shortcut ideas, but not even one of them has done the work. How I wish there was an easy way to do this, and we could all solve the world’s problems on our lunch hours, but the biggest event in the human journey is not going to happen that way. Much of my work is to help disabuse those I seek of harboring any “bright ideas” for a shortcut. There aren’t any. I also regularly hear from pupils about how they tried to turn on their social circles to my work, and I am not sure that I ever heard of even one taker. Again, if you are one whom I seek, it is pretty much guaranteed that nobody else in your life will be. Those are just the numbers, and it does no good to judge the situation. While that can be one of the loneliest feelings on Earth, I am making a home for my little group to gather. Not for comfort or shelter, although those may be side-effects, but so that we can pool our awareness in a dynamic interaction, in which the whole will become far greater than the sum of the parts. That kind of gathering and synergy, on this kind of material, has yet to happen on Earth. The song sung in chorus will attract the people I seek. If I can find enough people with the right stuff who do the work, making free energy happen will be laughably easy. But we need to do the work. That is a key lesson that I learned on my journey. The work has to be done, and there are no shortcuts, although work like mine can help shorten people’s learning curves, as they can do come vicarious learning. Best, Wade
  15. Hi: I am winding down my lessons learned posts, and expect to finish them before long. As I recently wrote, explanations of human political and social organization only make much sense when they are rooted in evolutionary and economic dynamics. For every Jesus who can rise above his Epoch and reach godhead-level understanding, the rest of us grope around, fumbling blindly, egocentrically searching for security and comfort, with our fear-based addictions temporarily sated. But each Epoch of the human journey became progressively more humane. The enlightenment of a Jesus did not end slavery; industrialization did. The condition of women was wholly dependent on what Epoch they lived in. In the First and Second Epochs, they were largely war booty, vessels of reproduction that men would kill each other over possessing. Only in situations where women were able to bring in more calories than the men and band together did their societies become matrilineal, and women enjoyed their highest status until the Industrial Revolution. When the civilizations of the Third Epoch formed, women universally lost their previous high status and became the broodmares of agrarian economies. We have had the same biological equipment for at least the past 60,000 years, so all of those changes in human societies since then have only reflected their economic conditions, and their energy surplus, most importantly. Everything else was of minimal importance, and it remains so today, although hardly anybody is aware of the reality, as nearly all humans today are scientifically illiterate, just as almost everybody was illiterate in the agrarian epoch, at about the same proportion of 5%-10% of the population or so. So, when I see leftists and their protests against the economic order, or New Agers vending their nostrums for achieving abundance (just imagine it!), I realize that they can only imagine reshuffling the deck of scarcity, and are firmly stuck in their super-Epoch. The practicalities of becoming a Type 1 civilization escape them, just as it escapes nearly everybody on Earth. The world does not work how they think it does. For those who are not scientifically illiterate, they are almost always trapped by the assumptions of mainstream science, which comprise a virtual religion, although few scientists are aware and honest enough to admit it. The kind of people needed for an effort like mine to have a prayer of success only became clear to me after many years. The integrity part I learned in no uncertain terms during my first stint with Dennis, and the big surprise was not that Godzilla was active, vigilant, and was only too happy to sic his minions on us, including the media, but that my family and friends would betray and attack me like they did. My fellow travelers all had similar experiences. As Dennis eventually admitted, his allies did more damage to his effort than his enemies did. I got a pretty good idea of how scientific Illiteracy hampered people’s understanding during my days with Dennis, and it became much more evident after my long years of study, but what also became clear was how trapped scientists were in their “laws of physics” religion. Scientists have almost never authored any technological breakthroughs. Theorists came along after the fact, to erect theories about what the inventors and empiricists came up with, and mainstream science is notorious for ignoring and even ridiculing such events as lighting up a park with incandescent lighting, or planes flying through the air, so the inventors of Dennis’s heat pump cutting their performance data in half to maintain “credibility,” or the crazed reactions that Brian received from his peers to the idea of free energy, were typical. Our interactions with environmentalists were typical, as they are very well aware of free energy’s potential, but regard it as the enemy. In that light, microscopes attaining “impossible” resolutions being ignored and derided for nearly a century are typical, and Brown’s Gas experiments yielding “impossible” results that have been studiously dismissed and ignored for a generation is normal science at work. There is a great delusion held by many that scientists are selfless seekers of the truth. They are herd animals, like the rest of humanity, if seemingly more intelligent than average. When I hear from scientists and their allies that they will take free energy seriously when somebody can deposit working prototypes in their laps, or they read about it in the peer-reviewed literature, it only emphasizes how worthless mainstream scientists are on the free energy front. But the free energy milieu is also dominated by scientists and inventors, which reflects the field’s state of arrested development, and those scientists and inventors going off the deep end and declaring themselves to be the Messiah or Second Coming are typical behaviors, I am sorry to report, or they libel the true heroes of the field, and their disinformation is parroted by the other “leaders” in the field. Free energy inventors and scientists are only one small part of a much larger issue, but almost nobody is willing or able to understand. Those are just some of the many reasons why I don’t want to have anything to do with the free energy field. Also, I am regularly approached by free energy neophytes who don’t have any experience and have not done the work, beginning with studying my big essay, but they challenge the validity of my experiences and perspective, or provide their bright ideas, which have without exception been variations of the same failed approaches. They don’t seem to be able or willing to understand that I am doing something different, and only people with the right stuff, and who do the work, are going to be any help for an effort like mine, and I know through rueful experience that I seek needles in haystacks. It has taken more than 40 years, since my first dreams of changing the energy industry, to get where I am today, and I am not nearly finished, and have devoted the rest of my life’s spare time to this pursuit, and we will see how it goes. I am not quite finished with these lessons learned posts, but am getting close. I plan to stay close to that every-other-day posting pattern until I finish the revision to my big essay, and with that strategy, I should complete it this year, fate willing. Best, Wade