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  1. Hi: This will be my last lessons learned post for now. My most important lessons were primarily learned during my days with Dennis, without which I would likely not have much worth saying. I see my life’s journey split into “Before Dennis” and “After Dennis.” A greater human on the planet today I do not know of. My studies since my first stint with Dennis either would not have happened or have been of dubious worth, as they would have been viewed through the lens of inexperience and naïveté. There is no substitute for being there. But, can the people I seek learn vicariously enough so that they don’t have to try to survive what I did, so that they can learn to hit the notes? I think so, but they already have to have awakened somehow. They do not need to be the life-risking awakenings that Ralph and Dennis had, or the life-wrecking way that I awoke, culminating in my radicalizing moment on the witness stand. It just needs to be an awakening that helps people escape their in-group conditioning, whatever it may be. I have identified the dominant in-group ideologies in the USA. Other peoples have theirs. Until people can escape their conditioning, they won’t really know what love is, as exemplified by that “love the enemy” understanding of Jesus. I doubt that anything other than a loving approach can manifest the Fifth Epoch. We have to approach this issue as creators, not victims, if we want to have a prayer for success. Organized suppression is just what people do who live in scarcity and fear, even the richest and most “powerful” of us, and Godzilla is the most sophisticated practitioner of the craft on Earth, but he is also a divine child of the Creator, as are we all. Making him into the reason for why we do not live in the Fifth Epoch is a delusional creation of another out-group. His antics are only catalysts, not ultimate causes, similar to those gray beings that Roads encountered. Godzilla is one of us. Obviously, that heavenly world that Roads visited is one of the stars that I steer by. To return to that graphic of de Waal’s, make all resources abundant, as Bucky noted, and humanity will eventually see all life on Earth, indeed, all of Creation, as its in-group. That is my game. For what is ultimately about manifesting the most liberating technologies in the human journey, as humanity will then become a Type 1 civilization, I found that something like scientific literacy is necessary. Otherwise, people tend to get distracted by the circus, fail to see the forest for the trees, and get lost in the weeds. A comprehensive view is necessary. Scientific literacy will be to the Fifth Epoch what literacy is to the Fourth: something that all children learn. My jury is still out on whether a mystical awakening is necessary, but it might be. But where a person’s heart is is all-important. Without that, the rest does not matter. Materialists with their hearts in the right place may have what it takes. Dennis and Brian immediately understood the novelty of my approach, and we will see how it goes. This approach has been a lifetime in coming, and I seek those who can work with me on this little task. Best, Wade
  2. Hi: One important lesson of my journey took many years to sink in, and when I began to understand it, it became obvious in many ways, including aspects that were subtle and formerly fairly invisible to me, and it had a great deal to do with developing my current approach. When I became Dennis’s partner, the truly epochal nature of what we pursued was beyond our imagination, and did not begin to become clear to me until nearly a quarter-century later, and I am still figuring it out. When I began to understand the magnitude of what we pursued, it slowly dawned on me that Godzilla and friends were way ahead of us. I got to witness organized suppression in my Seattle days, so that was not a new idea in 2010, when I read the book that helped me establish my epochal framework. But in Seattle, the suppressors were the electric companies, trying to protect their revenue base. Free energy was not even on the table back then. When New England’s electric companies held secret meetings about us, and began mobilizing their assets to wipe us out, they were not thinking in epochal terms, either, but just protecting their racket. However, when we got our first friendly buyout offer around the same time, and when the so-called White Hats contacted us periodically, they all had a very good idea of what our efforts meant in the big picture, and adding a couple of zeroes the next year, before we got the boom lowered on us, was about keeping this super-epoch of scarcity and fear going, and warding off the threat of abundance and love. One of the greatest delusions that free energy newcomers almost invariably arrive with is thinking that the magnitude of free energy is something that the people in charge are oblivious to, and that free energy efforts can sneak up on them. What a suicidal delusion. The GCs know very well what free energy means, which is why they have been so vigilant in keeping it at bay. Because the masses are oblivious does not mean that the people at the top are. In fact, a big reason why they are at the top is because they understand the “threat” very well, and keeping the public oblivious is one of their most “important” tasks. That delusion manifests in many ways, such as free energy inventors thinking that they came up with something novel in their shops and garages. Whatever they tinkered on was developed to a commercial level and beyond generations ago. Those inventors think that they are blazing new trails, but they are in a rut that has been trod by thousands, and the games they play, of patents, proprietary technology, approaching venture capitalists, and the like, must make Godzilla yawn, as he sends his flunkies to deal with those “threats.” Our effort was a horse of a different color, and they got a preview of it from Dennis’s ingenious marketing programs, such as putting the world’s best heating system on people’s homes for free. Dennis was not going for the quick capitalist kill, and that was something that Godzilla rarely encountered in the milieu, and never before for somebody playing at Dennis’s level. In Godzilla’s textbook to train his minions, our efforts likely comprised a case study that takes up a chapter or two, and is one reason why he has not forgotten about me. I have been doing my work for free for many years, do not even seek money, and don’t need any money to build the choir. But kind of like in The Lord of the Rings, in which Sauron could not even fathom why Gandalf and friends would seek to destroy the ring rather than use it, an effort not built on self-seeking, which plans to give way history’s most lucrative technology, is similarly outside of the motivational paradigm that Godzilla is used to dealing with. He is used to free energy inventors and their allies being overcome by greed, announcing themselves to be the Second Coming and Messiah, etc., and when they do that, they are already defeated. When aspirants do that, Godzilla must chuckle and rarely needs to lift a claw, as such efforts invariably head for failure without any organized suppression needing to be applied. He just gets his popcorn and watches the show, but even he likely tires of the same spectacles of ego, greed, naïveté, and the like. I am doing something new and unusual, but he also likely thinks that my cause is hopeless, as I will never find enough people with the right stuff, so that we can make a dent. Maybe he is right, but I have no illusions that my effort is going to sneak up on him. I am likely pretty low on the radar, but my approach is novel enough so that he keeps half an eye open. That is one reason why I am doing this very slowly and carefully, and I always dismiss the “bright ideas” of free energy newcomers (which are all variations of the same theme), who advocate the social route, who look for quick and easy answers, who want to bully me into doing it their way, and so on. Those lessons were a long time in coming, and when they dawned on me, I slowly realized how far ahead of us Godzilla and friends were, but they also cannot fathom what an effort based on love might accomplish, in which getting rich and famous is not the overriding goal. The raising awareness part he understands, so the “threat” that my work represents is real, but I am not playing the conspiracist game, vending New Age pabulum, trying the social route, and so on, so am doing something strange in his eyes, as well as in the eyes of almost everybody who encounters my work, and that suits me just fine. Making my work palatable to the masses is not a goal of mine. They are not going to wake up by encountering my work. My effort might be the critical missing piece of the puzzle, it might only be a quaint curiosity, but it won’t hurt anybody, which is perhaps my most important goal. I don’t want to help produce any more free energy martyrs. I had enough of that. Best, Wade
  3. Hi: Many years ago, I realized that work like mine can only reach the reachable, and they are few and far between. Those are just the numbers, and many times I have watched people introduce their social circles to my work (“my friends are hip”), to only have it end in disaster, with wrecked relationships, death threats, etc. I don’t recommend that people introduce their social circles to my work. For every time that might work, they can count on many strained or wrecked relationships, ostracism, and so on. My list of what the people I seek have in common was developed over many years and witnessing thousands of reactions to my work, trading notes with people such as Brian, and other activities. If people just have to, they can maybe send their social circles a link and leave it at that. Those I seek will instantly see my work’s worth, dive in, and not come up for air for months or years. Those who need to be sold, cajoled, and the like are not the people I seek, and trying to sell them on my work has virtually never ended well, if it ever has. This is a key lesson that anybody involved with me has to learn early on. The fewer wrecked relationships, the better. One of the most common reactions to my work, by those not reacting in denial, fear, attacks, and the like, is trying to package it for mass consumption, to water it down so that my message can “sneak” past people’s ego defense mechanisms. What I learned long ago was that trying to water it down would ensure that it would not attract the people I seek. I have made many nods to making introductions to my work a little simpler, but they can only be introductions. There is no substitute for doing the work. Making the biggest event in the human journey manifest is not a task for the masses. I learned that lesson most pointedly during my days with Dennis, but I still carried Brian’s spears before I was finally forever cured of that notion. The masses will be the biggest beneficiaries of the Fifth Epoch (and our fellow species) but they are not going to help humanity get there. No Epochal Event was ever initiated by mass action, and I highly doubt that it will this time. People are creatures of their Epochs, and are unable or unwilling to look beyond them. The end of slavery was unimaginable before industrialization. A world where nobody has to work for a living, or else, is similarly unimaginable today. Those kinds of reactions to my work, of denial, fear, attacks, irrational criticisms, and the like, are entirely normal, and I long ago stopped taking it personally. But it is a waste of time and energy to engage people at those levels. We have to raise our games if we want to make a dent. There are no easy, lazy, egocentric (or in-group) paths to the goal, not for this one. My big essay is only a prerequisite. The deep work has yet to even begin. Best, Wade
  4. Hi: I am going to try to wrap up the lessons learned posts in this coming week. The learning never ends, but some lessons were much more important for what I am doing than others. I suppose that being in the autism spectrum helps ( ), but concentrating on what is important and refusing to be distracted by the circus is vitally important for what I do, and will be a key choir quality. Scientific literacy is also very helpful for keeping one’s eye on the ball. Every day, some fringe/conspiracist/New Age flavor of the day makes the rounds, and to be charitable, very little of it is new or genuine, but comprises the mountain of chaff on the fringes. There is wheat to be found there, but the kernels are few and far between. But the mainstream is often even worse. These days, I am bombarded by people around me with questions about Russia, Syria, Iran, and the like, and I just sent a relative these links (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), to help escape the mainstream media’s echo chamber, as imperial propaganda is reaching a deafening crescendo, like something out of Orwell’s worst nightmare. For the past generation, I have watched imperial hacks attack the work of Uncles Noam and Ed (and Howard, when he was alive), and use the most blatant logical fallacies when they were not lying outright. The mainstream is often worse than worthless, but that does not confer quality to the fringes. In today’s world, pursuing the truth can be a perilous undertaking that can threaten one’s sanity if the pursuer is not properly grounded. I first saw the media’s Big Lies about Dennis a few weeks after meeting him, and they only got worse over the years. When I saw big names in the free energy field not only parrot the lies, but make up even bigger ones on their own, and embrace psychopathic liars such as Mr. Skeptic while they turned around and attacked Dennis and Brian, I realized that the free energy field was hopelessly stunted, in arrested development, where gossip flourishes, where aspirants declare themselves to be the Second Coming and Messiah, and so on. I found some great ones on my journey, but it was only a few, and I am the last man standing among my immediate circle. Those lessons all sprung from that most important lesson that I learned so long ago, and everything else pales next to that one. It is the converse of that greatest lesson of all, voiced by masters such as Jesus long ago. All of creation is one, but in a world of scarcity and fear, that understanding is trampled beneath an egocentric quest for survival and temporarily sating one’s addictions, and being addicted to scarcity is typical. People will eat their own children if they have to, and will effortlessly justify it. But with each Epoch of the human journey, as humanity’s energy surplus increased, societies became increasingly more humane. Practices considered normal in one Epoch became seen as primitive barbarities in the next one. If free energy makes its appearance before industrial civilization collapses (it is in the process of collapsing today, and the USA’s disintegrating middle class is just one symptom of many), humanity is not going to become enlightened overnight. I favor measures for ensuring a harmless transition to the Fifth Epoch, such as those peacekeeping grandmothers and outlawing mining on Earth, but even the stupidest of us will soon realize how idiotic such behaviors are, as senseless as playing Russian Roulette, and it won’t be long before nobody needs to be reminded anymore. Working for a living (and starving and sleeping on the streets if people don’t) will be seen in the Fifth Epoch as being just as barbaric as Fourth Epoch humans view slavery. War will be incomprehensible in the Fifth Epoch, and people will wonder in amazement about our incredibly primitive past. Only somebody who has developed a comprehensive perspective can see those dynamics and likely outcomes, and won’t react to the idea of free energy and abundance with denial and fear, which are the standard responses. It takes big picture thinkers whose hearts are whole to see it, to be willing to do the work to help make it happen, and it took me many years to realize it. It took a lifetime of training, adventures, and study to arrive at my current approach, and I am sympathetic to those who have to spend years chewing on my work before it begins to make sense. It took about two years before I really understood what Uncle Noam was talking about, and I wanted to understand. My work is vastly more radical (it is epochal in scale and scope), and many people have been reading my work for twenty years and more, and I can still see it just beginning to sink in with many correspondents. It is a great way to help me develop patience! Best, Wade
  5. Hi: To revisit Chris’s post and my reply, one of the most important lessons of my journey was to learn to get out of my head and realize that people see the world very differently from how I do, and are motivated very differently. In dialogue, when my ideas come back at me through people’s filters, I can gain some understanding of how people see their world. That addiction-to-scarcity idea took many years to become clear to me, after thousands of interactions and life-risking and life-wrecking adventures. Once I understood that framework, so many seemingly disparate reactions could be seen as arising from the same foundation, being mere variations of the same fundamental dynamic. Scarcity and fear is the background hum of our world, and few can escape that siren song. Few even realize that they are humming along with it. When that song ends, our world will become unrecognizable to people mired in our Super-Epoch of Scarcity. Abundance is a horse of a very different color, and brief periods of fleeting relative abundance (always primarily energy abundance) have marked the Golden Ages of the human journey. I want to briefly revisit my friend’s little show. His eyes were bugging out of his head, and he remarked that those people putting on the demonstration did not play in the same galaxy as he did. While they encouraged him in his life-risking activities (you have to have already survived murder attempts on your journey to even be eligible for a show like that), they also said, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” I have purposely not known much about that show, as the people giving it risked their lives to put it on. Consequently, I don’t know much about where, when, and what (but have a pretty good idea of who), other than the show happened a generation ago, in an underground setting not far removed from what Greer described (what he saw was in an underground facility in Alabama), and that free energy and antigravity (or electrogravity) were shown off, among the many other mind-boggling technologies demonstrated. Several people in my circles are privy to not only those technologies, but many technologies and exotic materials have also been routinely sequestered, which would almost immediately render most industries and professions on Earth obsolete. That scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark is not that fanciful. But Godzilla did not just put it all in a warehouse and forget about it; many of those technologies have been refined to commercial levels and beyond. But we don’t get any while we collectively sleep, are easily herded by the social managers, are our own worst enemies, etc. Manifesting the Fifth Epoch will require an unprecedented level of collective integrity and sentience, and I am confident that at least some people are going to be fit for the task and do the work. There will be nothing easy about it. I barely survived my journey with my sanity intact, and many fellow travelers didn’t. These realms are not for the faint of heart or those looking for easy answers. Best, Wade
  6. Hi Chris: Oh, the notes you hit. Very astute. I could have penned a lengthy reply before my day began, but the electricity in my town was out for some hours this morning. Ah, the energy game. The local electric company is still messing with me! Yes, psychological projection is a human universal, as people measure each other in the light of their own motivation. The New Testament’s Jesus remarked on it, on how people with crime in their hearts see everybody else as criminals. Everybody, to one degree or another, is guilty of it, but the free energy pursuit has been great for helping me escape that state, if only fitfully. The masses and elites are wrapped up in their egocentric games, and neither has been any help for manifesting the Fifth Epoch, and neither is very likely to. Both have been greater hindrances than help. I regularly get free energy newbies who begin to grasp the magnitude of free energy, and they have a hard time believing that Godzilla would not want to let humanity have it (just like they think that their social circles will immediately “wake up” when free energy and abundance is even mentioned). I then have to try to explain to them that Godzilla does not think like “normal” people do, as power and control are the lights that he steers by, and he would rather destroy the planet than give up his perceived “power.” The masses cannot even distinguish the psychopaths from the saints, which I first saw when Dennis had his company stolen in Seattle, and over the next three years, I learned that lesson in no uncertain terms. But even saints such as Ralph McGehee don’t yet understand. Ralph thought that if all Americans had access to the information and experiences that he did, that they would collectively call off the imperial dogs. No way. Nearly all Americans prefer to not know about the awesome imperial crimes that keep the chips flowing the USA’s way. Orwell remarked on that long ago. Yes, the White Hats coming forward and giving their goodies to some group like the choir might happen, but we can’t count on that. Our effort has to be prepared to do it the hard way. But an abundance choir has never been heard on Earth before, and who knows what the harmonic effects might be? On windmills and the like, they are too little, too late, and will far short of any kind of Epochal change. Brian O eventually realized it. Those are the small-ball “solutions” that are bandied about, and hard to get excited about any of them. Best, Wade
  7. Hi: Over the more than 40 years since I first got my energy dreams, and over the more than 30 years since I became Dennis’s partner in our free energy quest, I have had many thousands of interactions with people on the subjects that I write about. Those thousands of interactions have been very influential in my taking the approach that I have today, and comprise some of my journey’s most important lessons. The bottom line is that almost nobody on Earth is willing to come to productive understandings of these issues, as it means jettisoning their baggage, which is primarily based on scarcity, fear, and survival. Only a loving perspective can hope to understand the issues, and with love, the tunnel vision of fearful self-interest can become the comprehensive vision of a master, and we can’t get there by dragging our baggage along with us. It is similar to Jesus’s eye of the needle parable. People will eat their own children if they have to, with humanity’s “flexible” conscience. It is just what it is, and it does no good to judge it, but I regularly encounter people who consider it a judgment that they deny and rail against, and what I have found is that they are only defending their in-group, their species. Those with sufficient integrity will face up to this aspect of the human animal and not seek to deny it, argue around it, and the like. For the free energy pursuit, such naïveté and denial can be suicidal. The path of enlightenment is accepting this aspect of humanity for what it is. The It’s a Wonderful Life endings only happen in the movies. That is not to say that there is not a divine spark in every human, and indeed in everything in our universe, but manifesting it here in physical reality? That is no easy trick. Only masters such as Jesus ever really achieved it to any significant degree, which is why people like him are such icons, even if the New Testament is a badly distorted fairy tale version of his life. Organized religions are virtually all self-serving distortions of the teachings of the masters, used for social control, lining the priesthood’s pockets, and the like, but that does not deny the wisdom of the masters. The masses are not going to awaken through talk. Epochal events never happened through talk. They never have and never will. People will only begin to awaken through experience, which is the best and arguably only teacher. Deliver the means to the next Epoch into their lives, which will be the Big One, and they will begin to understand, but not before then. In my interactions over the years, feigned interest in my work was common, before I began to learn the games they were playing, as they eventually attacked and made their irrational arguments. After five years of playing the Paul Revere of Free Energy and receiving almost nothing but crazed reactions of denial and fear, Brian O began openly wondering if humanity was a sentient species. It is a fair question. I call humanity semi-sentient; the potential is there, if only rarely achieved. Fear shuts down our rational thought processes. Nobody is going to awaken by reading work like mine. It generally only drives them more deeply asleep. I have watched my “peers” blow gaskets only a few pages into my work, such as this section. I seek the awakened and awakening, not the sleeping, and I know how rare such people are. Chatting up one’s social circle regarding work like mine is a good way to get ostracized. Family relationships, friendships, and careers have ended that way. The sooner that anybody who wants to make a dent learns this, the better. This effort does not need a bunch of battle-scarred refugees from their social circles. I should know. Best, Wade
  8. Hi: In summary, the reasons why my approach can work are these: The technical project is not that difficult; thousands of efforts have accessed the zero-point field; Organized suppression relies on the weaknesses of the efforts, and the formula is 1% organized suppression and 99% internal weakness of the efforts, to get them to collapse; the organized suppression is little more than a catalyst; While producing a viable device for public use is far beyond the means of lone wolf inventors, it is easily within the reach of the effort that I have in mind; these technologies were developed to a commercial level before I was born; With a nucleus of comprehensive thinkers with the right stuff, the effort is not going to collapse when a little organized suppression is applied; In fact, with the strong nucleus and the “do something” people that it will attract, the organized suppression will likely not even rear its head, but will surrender; The organized suppressors are dark pathers who hide in the shadows, and will likely slink away in the face of such an effort, seeking easier prey in other star systems, and some may even be redeemed; The effort will be as decentralized as the Internet is, so no “air strike” can be called in on it; The effort will actively avoid the many paths to failure that have been trod before, none of which were high-integrity approaches; Giving away the end result will avoid the most dangerous weaknesses that I have experienced and witnessed; I am not asking for heroic levels of integrity, and I have a new tool with a global reach to find the people needed, and they can find us; With my approach, nobody is going to be risking their lives; right now, I am (but I am likely low on the radar), but as the effort gains momentum, nobody will be at undue risk, especially if they refrain from proselytizing to their social circles; While the general public is not going to awaken to the coming Epoch with talk, they will readily awaken when the means of the Fifth Epoch are delivered into their lives; it has been this way for all previous Epochs; only a relative handful are going to initiate the Fifth Epoch, as it was for all previous Epochs, and my effort is one way to amass that relative handful; nobody has tried this approach before, so who is to say that it won’t work? the only objection that I can think of is to argue that humanity’s personal integrity is even lower than I think it is. There is more to write, but those are the basics of why my effort has a chance. Best, Wade
  9. Hi: The next month is going to be a busy one at the office. I hope not 70-to-80-hour-weeks busy, like I had in March, but we’ll see. If I get some slack, I will finish these lessons learned posts and focus on the essay update, which at this rate will take the rest of the year, and I also took on a bio project, of somebody who is in my pantheon. As with Brian O’s bios, I will work directly with the person. That will eat into my time, but it is an honor and privilege, and a fair bio needs to be done, as the Wikipedia bio is execrable. My pantheon pal (around the Uncle Noam level) does not have the stomach for the task, but I do. I have plenty of experience with the hack editors at Wikipedia. If nothing else, the bio will live on my site, as Brian’s original one does. As far as my previous “simple” post goes, it again hinges on the integrity issue. Heroic levels of integrity will not work, as there are not enough people on the planet who possess that level for that approach to work. Ten Dennises or a hundred Brians, combining their efforts toward that positive outcome, and we would have had free energy long ago, and the Fifth Epoch would have already arrived. Low integrity approaches will not work, either, not for this task. It cannot be customers with no skin in the game, complaining “protestors” who are trying to coerce the elite, people pursuing business opportunities, would-be Messiahs leading the flock, people looking for a way to fulfil their social needs, people rallying around egocentric ideologies, and the rest of those paths to failure. At their root, they are all based on fear and scarcity, and will not work for manifesting abundance. I have been seeking that “sweet spot” of the integrity needed, with the tools available to me, and I think I have a way, but it won’t be easy and will likely take the rest of my life’s spare time to try out. I don’t seek that one-in-a-billion like Dennis is, and I won’t seek the man on the street, as I know what his motivation is, but as low as one-in-a-million will work for what I have in mind. The next post will get into the details a little of those I seek. Best, Wade
  10. Hi: On to what might work and why. In brief, this approach is certain to succeed: Train 5,000-to-7,000 heart-centered, comprehensive thinkers, who will comprise the “choir”; Their “singing” will attract 100,000 people, most of whom will have been pining for the song their entire lives; Together, they will mount a technology development effort, which will result in a free energy device ready for mass production and public use, which will be given to humanity. Then the Fifth Epoch begins. That is pretty simple. If those five thousand people can be found and trained, the rest will be easy. If not by me, then by another. I may not be the best candidate to do this, but I am the only one who is trying that I know of. While the above may seem simple, it is far from that, and while it might seem easy, finding and training that choir will be the hard part. In subsequent posts, I will cover how I came to the above approach (although my lessons learned thread should have already made it pretty clear). I have no doubt that the approach will work. The hard part will be finding the people for it, but I now have this tool with a global reach to hunt with, and the people I seek will find us. Best, Wade
  11. Hi: As I wrap up these lessons learned posts, if I sit back and think about it, most of my lessons learned were about learning to see our world as it really is, not the propaganda version that we are taught, or what we would like it to be. I have some clear ideas of what I would like it to be, but I learned what won’t work in getting us there. For those extremely few who get past the initial ignorance, denial, and fear, what they primarily do is think that the social approach will work, think that retail politics is the answer, or protest, or some mass movement, and they immediately go proselytize to their social circles. The best of them return to me with tales of ostracism, and are like immortal 18-year-olds who were sobered by their first taste of the battlefield, and they began to realize that my cautions were not theoretical. They then were ready to learn. Some did not have to do that, but I can literally count them on one hand and might have some fingers left over. Those are all delusional approaches that are either ignorant of or deny my journey’s primary lesson. I resisted the lesson every step of the way, until I had it beaten into my head. It is not a fun lesson to learn, but it is the reality of the planet we live on, and denying that reality is suicidal for any attempts to manifest the Fifth Epoch. The level of personal integrity among the general population is abysmally low, not nearly high enough for any of those approaches to work, but almost invariably, free energy newcomers want to package the idea of free energy and how to get there into something for mass consumption. If that had the slightest prayer of happening, efforts led by Dennis and Brian would have succeeded long ago. God bless Greer for trying, but he is no man of the people like Dennis and Brian were, and even if Jesus led such an effort, it still would not have a prayer. He would soon be crucified as his followers cheered. Those Bible stories are not all so fanciful. By the time it got to me that my own mother was campaigning against me, it did not even hurt anymore, as I had long since learned my lesson. Over more than a quarter-century, I watched Dennis go from the people really care to almost nobody cares to his “allies” hurt him more than his enemies did. That Dennis doggedly kept pursuing the mass movement approach was incredible to witness, but after 1997, I was permanently cured of the idea that such an approach had a prayer, and I did not want to watch anymore, knowing where Dennis’s efforts were heading. Carrying Brian’s spears permanently cured me of the idea that any kind of mass movement approach had a prayer, and I don’t want to have anything to do with the free energy field today. But I constantly see free energy newcomers who deny or rail against those facts of life on Earth, as they sally forth to “do something,” and they invariably head straight toward catastrophe. I really don’t want to watch, or hear their coming tales of woe, if they ever get on the high road and actually try to make a dent (almost none ever get past the “talking big” stage). It took me a lifetime to arrive at my current approach, and I plan to try it out, but I harbor no illusions that I am not seeking needles in haystacks. I know how the land lies, through awesome personal cost. I need people who also learned those elementary lessons or are willing to learn. That means jettisoning all of those in-group ideologies, and there is nothing easy about that. First, a person has to care, and then have an awakening experience. The only people that will be useful for what I have in mind have already reached that state. Then comes the hard work of developing a comprehensive perspective. Scientific literacy is a requirement, and my jury is still out whether a person needs a mystical awakening, but those fellow travelers that I respected the most all had one, usually by the time they reached their early 20s. Brian was a relative latecomer, at nearly 40 years old before he got his, performing the same exercise in which I got mine. With this post, I want to leave behind what is not going to work or is very unlikely to, and focus on what might. Best, Wade
  12. Hi: I just finished reading Primates and Philosophers, on the origins of human morality. This is about the sixth Frans de Waal book that I have read. This one was different, in that de Waal presented his argument, taken from lectures that he gave at Princeton, and then other authors presented their reactions and critiques. The gist of de Waal’s argument is that human morality is rooted in sociality, primarily primate sociality, and chimps in particular, which he has spent a career studying. The responding authors ranged from animal activist Peter Singer to pointy-headed philosophers and academics. I’ll be using it in my essay update, but de Waal’s final comments were most germane to my work, which relate to the transformative effects of free energy. I have rarely seen it stated so clearly. Boehm’s Moral Origins also stated it clearly, in that people are primarily egocentric (looking out for Number One), and when their own needs were taken care of, then they could see to the welfare of their families, primarily their dependent children, and when that was satisfied, then they could become “altruistic” and look out for the welfare of people outside of their kin groups. FYI, dark pathers have in-groups of one. Frans de Waal agreed with that framework of increasing economic abundance widening the circle that people care about, and he even presented a diagram that stated it as baldly as I have seen, which I have attached. At the top of the pyramid is the self, and below it in descending order are the family/clan, community, tribe/nation, humanity, and all life on Earth, and it all rides atop the available resources. Increase humanity’s available resources, and humanity’s circle of caring (AKA in-group) expands. It is really that simple. And when we get to industrial economies, when machines replace people in performing work (and beasts of burden), it is all energy-driven, just like all resource availability is an energy issue. Free energy is the key to abundance. Without abundant and clean energy, true abundance literally cannot happen. Many human traits have roots in our evolutionary journey, and de Waal notes that male primates crave sex (to spread their genes), and females crave food, to properly gestate and feed their infants, and that those proclivities can still be seen in humans, leading to the “notorious” double standard of male and female marital fidelity, in which men can nearly be given a free pass for trying to mate with anything that moves. Another theme in that book, which was echoed by most of its authors, is that much of what passes for human morality is not rational, but emotional/intuitive, which humans can rationalize after the fact, which goes back to the idea that people can justify anything, even eating their own children. In summary, in times of scarcity, people look out for Number One above all, and in times of abundance (AKA Golden Ages), their circle of caring expands. It should be pretty obvious what free energy and abundance portends for humanity, and people who immediately argue that humans would just have bigger wars or strip-mine the planet are not being rational, but just reacting in knee-jerk fashion as they project their fears. All they can see is their world coming to an end, and their place in it, and they can’t or won’t see beyond that to what universal abundance can mean for humanity. That is a standard response from people, as the vast majority react to the idea of free energy and abundance with denial and fear, and the so-called smart provide sophisticated arguments for why free energy is either impossible or undesirable. I obviously seek people who have raised their games above egocentrism, denial, and fear, but they are few and far between on the planet today, even in history’s richest and most powerful nation. That is really my work, in a nutshell. More lessons learned posts are coming, to wrap up this thread for now, but it is not often that I stumble into something that so clearly parallels what I am writing about. Best, Wade
  13. Hi: As I have written plenty, my comprehensive and Epochal frameworks came relatively late in my journey. I only began to understand what comprehensive thinking meant after I was introduced to Bucky Fuller’s work in 2003, and my Epochal framework did not form until I read a book published by an oil company in 2010. I was already groping toward those perspectives when I encountered those works, but they helped crystallize my thinking into something more paradigmatic. Once I did that, so much became clear that was previously a bit cloudy. I took their work further, such as adding the Second and Fifth Epochs to those Epochal frameworks, and my first one is another invention, to a degree. What became increasingly clear is that the Epochs defined what kinds of human societies existed in them. Each Epoch’s societies were very similar, even when arising quite independently. Hunter-gatherers lived in bands, with few material possessions other than what they could carry on their backs, and once the brief Golden Ages of the Hunter Gatherers ended as the easy meat was rendered extinct, people became fiercely territorial once again (this goes back to monkeys and chimps and further back), and it is the most violent phase of the human journey. This happened with all societies of behaviorally modern humans, in all places on the planet. Where the easy meat was rendered extinct and plants conducive to cultivation existed, agriculture began, almost certainly invented by women, as an adjunct to their gathering duties. Those often became matrilocal cultures, and those were humanity’s most peaceful preindustrial cultures. In four places on Earth, those horticultural societies independently grew into civilizations, and once again, they all looked strikingly similar. A new professional priesthood wiped out the hunter-gatherer religion, helped deify the elite, which was something new in the human journey, women’s status universally declined from that brief moment of Neolithic bliss, and they became broodmares of agrarian economies. Again, there are no notable exceptions. I don’t want to say that people were necessarily trapped by their Epochs, but people were creatures of them, and virtually never raised their eyes above them. It is no different today. The exemplary life of a Jesus, who I will agree was on a special mission, did not end slavery, but industrialization did. Just yesterday, I received a New Age “channeling,” which stated that people are going to “wake up” and learn to share Earth’s resources “frugally,” and each awakened person will preach the new gospel of love to the masses, as we all wake up and somehow end scarcity by sharing. Those are the Utopian nostrums that Bucky said would never work. Shared austerity is not going to lead to abundance. Reshuffling the deck of scarcity is meaningless activity that primarily benefits those doing the shuffling. That email that I received is a New Age cliché, and I am not a believer in some magical mass awakening coming out of nowhere. It has never happened before in the human journey, and what “awakenings” ever happened were dependent on the new Epoch’s increased energy surplus. Again, there are no exceptions to this that I know of. While my lessons on personal integrity were my most important, what likely comes in second place is the comprehensive perspective that I gradually developed, and it is energy-centric. Indeed, only two things exist in our universe: energy and consciousness. They are joined at the hip, and energy is likely a manifestation of consciousness. I’ll agree that love is the energy of creation, and is what creators use to create. That is why I only advocate a loving approach to manifesting free energy and abundance, not the fear-based approaches that have always been used until now. I seek those needles in haystacks, who truly care, have risen above egocentric focus, and are willing and able to raise their eyes above our Super-Epoch of Scarcity. I have been at this too long to be fooled into thinking that people are going to spontaneously “wake up.” About 99.999% of them will only “wake up” when the new Epoch is upon them, not before. Talk and preaching are not going to do it. They never have and never will. That was one of the key lessons of my journey. Best, Wade
  14. Hi: I have a little time this morning, and I want to provide a little color on Gary’s tale, and this will be on the Mick Cohen and Menachem Begin connection. Both were gangsters, but if you are a gangster with good connections, you can win Nobel Peace Prizes, as Begin did in 1978, to be followed the next year by saint-in-waiting Mother Teresa. Scoundrels such as Henry Kissinger and mass murderer Barack Obama also won Peace Prizes. Gore Vidal once called the Nobel committee a bunch of ironists. So is the Vatican. If the Peace Prize was awarded in England, Begin would not have been able to attend the ceremony, as he was wanted for murder there, for blowing up a hotel and killing nearly a hundred people. Cohen was a boxer while young, which is why when Gary tailed Cohen, he often ended up at the local boxing arena. During one boxing arena event, Gary saw Cohen meet with a man who is a federal court judge today – another gangster who reached a high seat. Cohen is also considered a founder of the race wire. Gary also encountered Cohen at the race track regularly, and Cohen rewarded Gary once for his courtesy, while showing off and demonstrating how rigged the races were. In cliché style, Cohen also hung out at a Yiddish diner, and that was when Gary observed Cohen meeting with Begin, as they discussed JFK’s foreign policy and the like. Cohen and Begin went way back, as Cohen helped fund Begin’s terrorist group, Irgun, in the 1940s. That is not even controversial, as it is well documented (1, 2). Jack Ruby, whom Gary also met, was a Jewish mobster, so the Jewish mob was certainly involved in the JFK hit, but I doubt that they were the masterminds that Gary thought they were. However, the involvement in the cover-up by people such as “Magic Bullet” Arlen Specter (whom Gary thought interposed Hunt’s grand plan) is more evidence of their involvement, but Allen Dulles ran the cover-up. This is just to put a little more meat on the bones of Gary’s incredible tale. Best, Wade
  15. Hi: This will be a current events post, as the USA once again risks igniting a nuclear war. I have been publicly writing about the USA’s imperial behavior in the Middle East since 1991, and my published letter before the USA invaded Iraq predicted the events fairly well. I lost friendships over that letter, as Americans eagerly swallowed the lies, and voices like mine were unwelcome. In that letter, I wrote about the early days of the USA’s cowardly drone warfare, and today, Apple censors drone strike news, like good imperial tools. Those so-called White Helmets in Syria are a public relations outfit for the USA, not some selfless humanitarians, so their being first-responders for the “chemical attack” is suspicious, as usual. There are credible suspicions that the entire event was a false flag event, although the evidence today suggests that a Syrian bombing raid hit a chemical weapons depot maintained by the USA’s assets in Syria. Assad would have to be completely insane to launch a chemical attack the week after the USA stated that regime change in Syria was off the table. Trump is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and it looks like he has been coopted by the neocons. His foreign policy is fast becoming indistinguishable from Hillary’s. As I have stated plenty, it really does not matter much who the sitting president is, as the imperial juggernaut steamrolls onward, although the empire is in terminal decline, which I have also been writing about for a long time. On a lighter note, I sent Uncle Ed my annual birthday email. He is 92 now. Ed replied with a wry observation about the “choice” that Americans had for president last year. Ed was part of the Nader effort back in 2000 (as was I, and that was the last time that I voted for president) and learned his lesson regarding American electoral politics. Soon before he died, Brian O told me that American electoral politics was a dead-end, and he would have known. In the latest Z Magazine, Ed’s article was on the new anti-Russian hysteria in the USA (that link will work in a couple of months), as the USA has been raising Joe McCarthy from the grave. Uncle Noam recently talked about what a “joke” the anti-Russian rhetoric is. It beggars the imagination that Brian Williams, a legend in his own mind, is on TV at all these days, but there he was, gushing about the USA’s bombing of Syria, with its “beautiful” missiles. Ed wrote about the “Cruise Missile Left” before we invaded Iraq, and cruise missile lovers are alive and well today. Ed has been deconstructing the USA’s imperial ideology since the 1970s, and he has particularly exposed the ludicrous conceit of the USA’s “humanitarian” interventions. Ed does so to this day. Imperialists don’t like having their lies exposed, so the Wikipedia article on him is a hack piece. My pal Ralph McGehee, on the other hand, has a nice bio at Wikipedia (somebody did a great job on it recently), probably because Ralph was silenced by the CIA and friends. Similarly, I can live with Brian O’s Wikipedia biography as it stands today, and the “editors” finally went away, who kept trying to make the Moon landings issue prominent. If the “rebels” are dead or silenced, then their treatment at Wikipedia can be almost fair, but if they are still active, even at 92 years old, the hacks can have a heyday. This subject matter is very appropriate for my lessons learned thread. With a comprehensive perspective and a devotion to discovering the truth, it is not that hard to escape today’s propaganda barrage, which makes Orwell’s vision look like amateurs doing it. Best, Wade