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  1. Hi: It is time to write on Stephen Hawking a little. He lived quite a life from a wheelchair. We did not have many degrees of separation. Brian’s erstwhile buddy Carl Sagan wrote the introduction to Hawking’s A Brief History of Time, and I have other connections, which I will briefly cover. I have long written about the abyss that humanity has its toes over, and Hawking had a penchant for doomsday warnings. Like Sagan, Hawking was a staunch materialist, and his so-called search for God was incredibly misguided, if not phony from the outset, like some intellectual parlor game. If his effort was genuine, to me, it highlights the hazards of having a keen intellect, painting itself into a corner. I would think that somebody confined to a wheelchair for 50-odd years would maybe have an out-of-body experience or two, which would shatter the seductive illusions of materialism. Hawking may be keeping company with Sagan these days, trying to convince himself that he does not exist. All souls probably go through that phase, of denying any kind of afterlife. Hawking is just taking his turn. The other possible connection trips the light fantastic. I saw David Adair talking about his purported Area 51 experience even before his Disclosure Project testimony in 1997. His testimony has always been consistent. I lived pretty close to his home town and ordered the recent movie on his reputed experience, and will report on it. Of all the incredible testimony that I have seen over the years, Adair’s is about the most way out, but it may well be true. What Adair described seemed to come from the same black projects as what my friend saw, or what Adam Trombly said that his father worked on. A teenage boy building a fusion rocket seems to come from something like Back to the Future. That a football-sized black hole was used as the containment vessel is like a Buck Rogers show, and claiming that Hawking helped out, back in the 1960s, is an outrageous claim, but again, it may well be true. If it is true, I wonder how much of Hawking’s public stance was posturing, if he knew much about the black projects world. The solutions to virtually all of his doomsday scenarios are easily achieved with free energy, antigravity, and related technologies. Another connection was Hawking’s advocacy of colonizing other planets, and fast, so that some of humanity survives what may be coming. Brian is the first person officially asked/ordered to visit another planet, and all of the recent colonize Mars publicity is frankly a little bizarre and I wonder if Godzilla and friends are orchestrating it. So, I have often found myself wondering about Hawking’s life and the possible contrasts between his public stance and what he may have been privy to. I have seen people have a difficult time with insider knowledge, and the Disclosure Project witnesses that always impressed me the most were people who saw something that they shouldn’t have, and Adair’s testimony would fall into that category. Maybe Hawking has already gotten over his materialism, and realized that time is far more ephemeral than he thought. I hope so, but we have forever to awaken. He can take his time. Best, Wade
  2. Hi: This may not be the appropriate place to start this thread, but I don’t see any place better in this forum. I published an online textbook last year, here. It is the capstone of a 2,000-page body of work, here. I am finished with writing such material. It took several years of my life to do it, and all of my “spare” time over a generation to study for writing it. I have been at this for more than 40 years, and I hope to have at least another 30 good years in me, to keep at it and help manifest the biggest event in the human journey. I have the bona fides to at least try. I have been badgered for many years to make books out of my work, especially that online textbook, but my work is a next-generation resource that I designed for the Internet. I could put some high-profile blurbs on my work, such as Howard Zinn’s praise for my Columbus essay, or a world-renowned paleobiologist praising my treatment of the history of life on Earth, but plan to keep them buried in my work. I have been regularly told by people who should know that there is nothing else on Earth like my work, for better or worse. It is difficult to categorize my work as history, politics, science, economics, or as a purely visionary exercise. People have asked for a label, and I came up with “Neo-Fullerian.” My work is comprehensive in nature, and my online textbook is something that Bucky Fuller may well have written if he was still alive. I have a presence in other controlled forums (joining all-comers forums was a disaster, and I won’t do that again), and have my own forum. This forum is filled with authors and scholars, and I think that it may be possible to begin a high-level conversation about the vitally important topics that my online textbook addresses. I am trying to help make something happen, let there be no doubt about that. My work covers vast territory, and I want this thread to stay away from the many rabbit holes that it could go down. Although I am the biographer of the astronaut who publicly doubted that we landed men on the moon, it is his free energy-related work that I want to discuss here, not his Apollo musings. I have discussed my connection to the JFK issue, here, and don’t want to go there on this thread, although I briefly touch on the JFK hit in my online textbook. The medical racket is also not something that I want to discuss on this thread, the American myths about World War II, and so on, unless they have direct bearing on my online textbook. I may be willing to discuss them on other threads in this forum, but I want this thread to concentrate on the subjects in my online textbook, and there are literally thousands to choose from. I look forward to a healthy and productive discussion. Best, Wade
  3. Hi: One of the most common themes of early human studies is that key events seem to have happened earlier than previously supposed, and the beginning of behavioral modernity keeps getting pushed back. My essay update is going to have a bit of de Waal in it, and the cognitive abilities of chimps. So, these latest findings are not much of a surprise, and now there is evidence (although all such findings will be disputed and challenged) that Homo sapiens is about 300,000 years old. I get regular emails that argue that Neanderthals were cognitively advanced, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t be, in light of the other findings, and I’ll follow the issue with interest. However, IMO, there was something unique about the Founder Group that left Africa 60,000 years or so ago. Nothing could withstand that juggernaut, and all of the world’s easy meat, and all other human species were quickly driven to extinction, wherever behaviorally modern humans arrived. They had something special, whether it was language, a sophisticated toolset, better hunting methods, etc. That controversy will outlive me. Best, Wade
  4. Hi: As I stated in an earlier post, this little choir idea of mine is likely my last free energy effort of my lifetime. If I build the choir, the rest will be gravy. It might only help a little, it might be the critical missing piece, but it won’t hurt anybody. If I really could get 5,000-7,000 people hitting the notes, making free energy happen will be easy, which will be the biggest event in the human journey, by far. If my life’s effort helps just 0.001% with making free energy manifest, it will have all been worth it and more, and even if it does not help at all and I get a front-row seat to the demise of humanity and Earth’s inhabitability, I will sleep relatively well, knowing that I did my best (but always wondering if I could have done more, which is an occupational hazard). I have no regrets in devoting my life to what I have, even though the price has been awesome, but that voice has some explaining to do. A huge part of the problem, as I saw it during my adventures, was that people were not keeping their eyes on the ball. There are innumerable distractions and traps for the ego in the milieu, and almost nobody in the field today has the right stuff, not to overcome humanity’s inertia and the organized suppression. I know that people who can do the work and hit the notes are very few and far between. Those are just the numbers, and I long ago stopped judging the situation. Everybody I know and know of who played at the high levels had their moments of disgust, wondered if humanity was a sentient species, and the like. It just comes with the territory and is really part of the awakening process. We all had to go through it. I long ago decided that the hero’s approach would not work, I am doing something with a far lower abrasion factor, and I am not asking people to lay their lives on the line or devote their life to this. They just need to give up a little TV and Internet surfing time. That stated, my circle is pretty wide, and includes authors, professors, scholars, scientists, activists, free energy inventors, pupils studying to learn those notes and hit them, etc. I am approached all the time, and far more privately than publicly. I am only one man, doing this in my “spare” time, and I have to be selective in where I put my energy. I can see my life’s end approaching, and I have to spend my remaining time wisely. I get approached by ax-grinders and timewasters regularly (New Age and conspiracist topics are the most frequent, or some fringe theories that have little relevance to my work or I don’t consider valid, such as Velikovsky’s work – I am in none of those camps, but people often have the misperception that I am, for their own reasons), and I can name that tune in one note anymore. If somebody comes to me, not aligned with what I am doing, trying to pull me in their direction (almost always those worthless “bright ideas”), I give them a chance or two to get aligned or at least try, but if they don’t, I don’t have time for them. I have many unread PMs (timewasters rarely get close enough to get an email address anymore) and I have many that I will not respond to, from people that I consider timewasters. A common event is dumping a pile of chaff at my feet and asking me to sort through it and find the grains of wheat, if there are any in there at all. That is not what I am here for, and I am not going to encourage them. Once people get into that penalty box with me, their only way out is to do their homework and begin hitting some public notes. I don’t have the bar set all that high. If they can competently discuss this chapter of my big essay, for instance, I’ll be all over it with them, and look forward to those discussions. What you see Krishna doing on my thread lately is the closest that I have seen to what I seek (Ilie has long been my gold standard, but he is a busy boy these days, and will return one day, in his “spare” time. ). Krishna does his homework, has astute things to say, and he is an amateur, just a curious professional with his heart in the right place and willing to do the work. He is not laying his life on the line, just giving these subjects attention, directing me to the latest scientific paper, etc. There are literally thousands of topics to discuss in my work, so I am not asking readers to go down some kind of specialist rabbit hole. My next two weeks will be ferociously busy at my day job, so I will likely be pretty quiet. Best, Wade
  5. Hi: Recently, a pal informed me of a 75-year-old effort on energy and human societies. Not bad for something that old, although culture is far from the exclusive province of humanity. I ordered the author’s magnum opus, and will report on it one day. I’ll probably use it in my essay update, if for no other reason than it is another example of how the energy issue was understood back then in ways even better than we see today. The author, Leslie White, finished that paper with the observation that those energy-centric understandings go back to the 19th century, and that: “It seems almost incredible that anthropologists of the twentieth century could have turned their backs upon and repudiated such a simple, sound, and illuminating generalization, one that makes the vast range of tens of thousands of years of history intelligible. But they have done just this.” Anthropologists are far from alone in sticking their collective head in the sand. Economists did the same thing, abandoning the engine of all economies for social theories, which makes the corpus of today’s economic theory a trifling parlor game at best. I have stated it many times, that each Epoch’s social organization was a consequence of their level of energy surplus, not a cause. White wrote: “In the process of cultural development, social evolution is consequence of technological evolution.” That is why social approaches to Epochal change are doomed before they begin. All social orders and their resultant dynamics have always been firmly rooted in the Epochs that gave birth to them, which were always about the energy levels that the Epochs enjoyed. Marx said something similar a century before White, in that the social organization was dependent on the means of production. One of my favorite parts of that paper was when White wrote, like Machiavelli did, that new Epochs (yes, he used the same word, and closely to how I do) only manifested when the new technologies could overcome the suppression of the existing social order. That’s the story of my life. I’ll write more on this topic later. Best, Wade
  6. Hi: That kind of attention was no fun, and during our journey, many came to us with sobering tales of woe, from a rich man who built a windmill farm to a man who mined platinum to men who attended a conference where Max Gerson was poisoned. You start playing at those levels, and your life is forfeit. Many years after my first stint with Dennis, I traded notes with people such as Brian, Mark, and Tom Bearden, heard about Sparky Sweet’s travails, Adam Trombly’s preposterous journey, Steven Greer’s odyssey, and the like. The NEM conference is the last one I will ever do. Holding conferences is a good way to get wiped out, for what I do. As with Greer, billionaires swarmed Dennis when he was riding high, and none of them ever helped, but hovered like vultures. The crazy part of that scene is that you can feel the sharks bump up against the raft, but the biggest danger is your raft mates, who will throw you overboard to the sharks at their first chance, while the others gawk at the spectacle. Mutiny is a standard threat, even in the idealistic projects. Your allies hurt you worse than your “enemies,” as hard as that can be to believe. So, I have been very careful about how I went about it in what may be my lifetime’s last effort. After the NEM experience, I was forever cured of even thinking about some kind of mass movement effort, and when I read the artful deception of the FTC’s charges in 2009, I thanked my lucky stars that I did not get involved with Dennis again. I have seen Dennis smeared since the day I met him, the media can simply make it up as it goes, and your own mother will join the smear campaign. I discovered the hard way that all-comer Internet forums are xxxxx havens, as trolls (nearly invariably anonymous cowards) swarmed wherever I appeared, and some were professionals. Brian had his own “skeptical” stalker when he spoke publicly, and his life was shortened when he hosted a UFO conference. Even when invited into forums, the experiences have rarely been pleasant, and even the administrators can start in on me. After my forum experiences of 2007, I planned to one day begin my own forum, and be very careful about who joined, and choir aspirants have a lot of homework ahead of them. My effort will start slowly that way, but it also won’t degenerate into what we see on the Internet today. Building the foundation will be the hardest part of what I do. I was delighted to see that Bill learned the same forum lessons that I did, and I have yet to have one xxxxx experience at Avalon, which is amazing to me. The GCs have not forgotten about me. I was the nucleus for what happened in Ventura, and Mr. Professor and I sprung Dennis from jail, when it looked like Dennis had a snowball’s chance. Dennis should not have survived the California experience. However, I have yet to see somebody like me get too much GC-related grief for simply writing. My effort is happening in broad daylight, they can see me coming, but I don’t seek to engage them, and while what I am doing may seem like a threat, it won’t be stoppable if I can build that choir. Right now, all that the GCs do is watch, probably don’t regard my effort as much of a threat at all, and that suits me just fine. If they have a blind spot, it is about the power of love. The love and sentience approach has never been tried before, but very few on Earth today are fit for the task. Somewhat crazily, the greatest threat that would-be singers would face is from their social circles, not the GCs. If they can refrain from proselytizing to their social circles and just learn the song and sing it with me, they won’t get any negative repercussions. They completely misunderstand where the real threat is. I get this a lot, as people are stuck in sociality, which is based on fear and survival, not love and sentience. Combined positive intention, not sociality, is going to be the key. I don’t expect that my effort will garner much attention for a long time. Today, the free energy field, in its state of arrested development, will not be interested in what I am doing, except for a select few. I will do some more visibility work after I finish my essay update, perhaps with some more interviews. But what will attract the people I seek is people singing the song with me. That kind of gathering has yet to happen in the human journey. When free energy can be delivered into the lives of the masses, then they will begin to pay attention and begin to understand, and not before. The choir will not be intended for the masses, but for those who will do something. With this post, I will wrap up this series of posts for now. Best, Wade
  7. Hi: This will be a series of posts on the attention that we got, and what attention I likely still attract. Dennis cut a swath from his early days, being class president at his college, earning more than the president of his university when he was still in school, surviving Mob hit attempts, a paratrooping medic who killed for his government, following orders, and many other events that made his journey much larger than life before he was 30 years old. His first awakening moment was as dramatic as they come, and he pursued his Utopian dreams from the beginning. He was so talented that he always attracted all sorts of attention, and the Mob and his business associates constantly tried to steal his businesses, and they were frequently successful. Dennis resurrected his efforts more than a dozen times over the decades, after they were wiped out or stolen, and you have to see it to believe it. I have never seen or heard of another like him. Dennis was partners with a famous televangelist in his early Christian days, who was swept up into Dennis’s vision. When Dennis got involved in the insulation business and began to industrialize the fledgling industry, which was stuck at the craftsman stage, the local interests then began getting nervous, and Dennis had his first experience with media attention when he was named “con man of the year” by a newspaper, as it protected the interests of its patrons. When Dennis got involved with his heat pump, he once again thought big and began to industrialize a fledging industry stuck at the craftsman stage. He tried to get the world’s largest heat pump manufacturer involved, and I don’t think that it will hurt to reveal a name that I have not revealed before, nearly 40 years after the events. I have stated that the chairman of the board of a household-name financial company was going to put up $1 billion to carpet America with Dennis’s ingenious Systems for Savings program, but just then, Dennis’s business partners, with Mob help, stole Dennis’s company once more, and killed the deal. The company was American Express. American Express’s chairman, like John Spickard, was one of the few who were capable of understanding the genius of what Dennis was doing. The Discover Card was issued by Dennis’s last employer, Sears, who fired him for selling too much, and it is a watered down version of the card that he invented. What are the odds of that “coincidence”? So, Dennis had received plenty of attention from high places before his big adventures really began in his home state. When Dennis saw the full-page ads from the electric companies in Washington, to encourage energy conservation, he thought that he had finally come home, and was about to make his noble dreams a reality. In Dennis’s home town of Yakima, the local electric company was enthused about Dennis, at least while his heat pump could make inroads into the natural gas market that served the agricultural industry, but once Dennis began talking about carpeting all-electric homes with his heat pump, their enthusiasm became panic, and they were behind wiping him out in Washington. Dennis truly thought that they would give him the tickertape parade, as he brought the energy conservation that their full-page ads said they wanted. What happened in 1984-1985 in Seattle was the greatest effort ever made to bring alternative energy to the American marketplace, and the electric companies and their assets tried to snuff it out the entire time. From the attorney general to the media to Bill the BPA Hit Man to the federal courts, all the stops were pulled to wipe Dennis out, and I recently wrote about the probable involvement of the Global Controllers (GCs) in the Seattle snuff job, which was capped off by the theft of Dennis’s company by Mormon grifters, with my boss on in the inside, helping out. The day that I met Dennis, I saw him make a speech in front of several camera crews, and the first time that I saw him on TV was the only positive coverage that he ever got, to my knowledge. It was a news clip from a Canadian TV station, which is similar to Uncle Noam’s media treatment. The movie on Noam’s life was the most popular documentary in Canadian history to that time, but it has never played on network TV in the USA. In Boston, our treatment was again like Noam’s, in that the Boston Globe would not touch us, while the local power structure had secret meetings about what to do about us. So, Dennis had attention from very high places in Seattle, and probably from the top of Earth’s power structure, but the attention was just beginning. Best, Wade
  8. Hi: Much of the attention that we received was far from obvious, and much was not evident until later, sometimes much later. When we put on Greatest Energy Shows, in the audience were government and corporate officials. The head of New England’s Department of Energy attended one show and was friendly and polite, asking Dennis when he planned to deliver free energy. When Dennis got the red carpet treatment from New England’s most powerful electric executive, his assistants admitted that they attended our show at the Seabrook reactor’s front gates a week earlier. Dennis and I did a radio interview that never aired, and Dennis said that the real interview was the informal one after the show was over, when the interviewer turned on another recorder, instead of the professional one that he did the official interview with. I think that Dennis was right. Some people in high places heard that informal interview. In the only show that we gave in Ventura County, however, Mr. Deputy was in the audience, and the next day, he was preparing the search warrant for our facilities. He also attended one of Saturday morning shows at our facility, so his seeming uncertainty about the building we occupied when the raid began I now know was a bad acting job. Dennis knows far more than I do about who all attended our shows, but what I was aware of was plenty. Those shows were just one way of many that we attracted attention. Mere weeks before the raid, one kit buyer knew the USA’s sitting Attorney General, who knew Dennis by name and called him “squeaky clean,” as a result of the Justice Department’s investigations. Dennis testified to Congress regarding the energy tax credit that his heat pump qualified for, so was no stranger to Capitol Hill. Dennis and I had no idea that we had received the GCs’ friendly buyout offer, a couple of months after our first shows, but a year later, when the CIA delivered the billion dollar offer, there was no longer any doubt about interest from very high places. When Dennis began barnstorming the USA in 1996, the sitting American president was very unhappy with Dennis, and the Justice Department subpoenaed our phone records and gagged our phone company from notifying us. The same department that earlier called Dennis “squeaky clean,” mind you. When Dennis put on his Philly show, federal agents were in the audience, ready to arrest Dennis and Yull if they performed the transmutation demonstration with Brown’s Gas. I am not at liberty to relate all of the attention that Dennis received on his journey, but I can say that he gave the GCs some very interesting days at the office, and some sleepless nights. He was at or near the top of their list of threats to their global racket more than once. When I last saw Dennis, in 2003, we talked about many subjects, and he said that the GCs probably had ten people assigned to him, and one to me, and I’ll buy that. I had my own “skeptical” stalker on the Internet for a decade, who was probably on the payroll, but most assailants were free-lance defenders of their egocentric existences, protecting against the threat of abundance and the disappearance of their survival niche in hell, even if it meant that they would live in heaven on Earth. When Dennis began raising hell again back in 2005 or so, with his high-MPG carburetor, the sitting American president’s energy advisor not only attended his show and signed up for free energy, but arranged for an eve of the election demonstration of Dennis’s technology in Washington, D.C., which Dennis invited me to (and I instantly declined the invitation). Dennis’s exhibit at a later energy conference had the sitting president’s eyes bugging out, then David Rockefeller got involved, and before long, the Federal Trade Commission attacked (accompanied by a smear job on a TV “news” show that featured the lying Mr. Skeptic, using the artful lies that I know so well). Even having the sitting president’s advisor as one of your fans means nothing when the big players get involved, the ones who own American presidents or consider them puppets on strings. Best, Wade
  9. Hi: I arrived in Boston on a Sunday morning in mid-November 1986, during my life’s happiest year. Two days earlier, Dennis had talked at a Department of Energy event, and the day after I arrived, Dennis and I visited a company that made a turbine that produced electricity with hot water. That gave Dennis his first free energy idea, but it was likely not until I became his partner and we put on our first Greatest Energy Shows on Earth that we really began attracting attention in Boston, at least apart from the authorities that the Washington gangsters had sicced on Dennis. Those Washington gangsters are still around (as are their patrons at the electric companies), which is one reason why I keep a low profile in my home state, and have declined all invitations to speak publicly. The local electric industry was up in arms over us, but the most powerful electric executive in New England gave Dennis the red carpet treatment. We began getting those “White Hat” phone calls in Boston, we also got the first friendly buyout offer from the GCs, and I met my first billionaire, as he sniffed for opportunities. It was all a bit overwhelming for me, and my ego had a challenging time of it in those days. It was relatively mild compared to the megalomania I have witnessed in the milieu, but the magnitude of free energy presents many challenges to the ego, and until you have been in that arena, it is not easy to understand. The man that we brought in to help run it, as we moved the operation to California, tried to steal the operation, as usual. I did not express my shock to Dennis about those many theft attempts, which just kept coming, until later that year. Dennis told me to join the club, and that I would eventually get over my shock. I did. It was like watching people turn into Orcs before my eyes, lusting after The One Ring. It almost became amusing after a while. So, the local, national, and global interests were avidly watching us in Boston (while the media blacked us out), and early attempts were made to wipe us out, but we left the state before they could strike, while the public largely slept or came to gawk at our shows. Little did I know it, but we jumped from the frying pan into the fire. On one hand, those days in Boston were my happiest with Dennis, like the calm before the storm, for all that we had already been through. Living in that house in Boston is his oldest daughter’s favorite memory from her childhood, and I can see why. Those were blessed days in ways, and the contrast between our lives in Boston’s suburbia and what we were getting into is a contrast that I still think about. On one hand, you have to live, eat, and sleep, and on the other, the Eye of Sauron is on you. Those scenes of normalcy and attention from the world’s power structure provided a contrast that is frankly bizarre. On a surface level, it could seem like nothing remarkable was happening, but then we put on P.T. Barnum-ish shows and got White Hat phone calls, red carpet treatments, theft attempts, authorities sharpening their axes, sniffing billionaires, friendly buyout offers, and the like. To be in the center of that maelstrom was unforgettable, to say the least. Best, Wade
  10. Hi: Over the years, allies and readers have introduced their social circles to my work. That is perilous! Many relationships have been wrecked that way, and I have even heard of death threats. I am not looking for people who can network with their social circles or proselytize to the masses. I am looking for people who can sing the song, and for those who can, they almost certainly won’t know anybody else in their social circles who can. Those are just the numbers, and why I know that I seek needles in haystacks. It took me many years to understand just how rare the person was who could hit the notes. I learned this the hard way myself, and my allies and best pupils nearly invariably come back to me, with tales of ostracism and other woes, when they introduced others to my work. When they do that, about the best they can hope for is a Level-4-ish, “That sounds nice. Let me know when I can have my own free energy machine.” At best, that will be the depth of the interest that they find more than 99% of the time. At worst, they will wreck their relationships and can even jeopardize their livelihoods. That said, I continually encounter people just have to try to turn their social circles onto my work, and for those who do, all that I recommend is sending them a few links, standing back, way back, and wait to see what happens. For the people I seek, it would just take those few links, and the person would not come up for air for quite some time. However, nearly everybody who reads my work gets their ox gored, usually just a few pages into it, and then there will be reactions of denial, fear, and the like. I have seen them go off the deep end many times, and I was subjected to their attacks many times before I learned my lessons about it. Anything other than an enthusiastic deep dive is a warning to not engage the person about my work. It won’t turn out well. I have watched people’s heads explode after reading about our system’s victims, encountering my interviews, reading about the USA’s imperial behavior, particularly in the wake of 9/11, getting a whiff of how the media really works, and other areas of my work. Even a “tame” essay such as my Columbus essay, which is about my site’s oldest, at 20 years old this year, shocks virtually all students who encounter it. My work challenges the egocentric conceits of my culture, the Big Lies that comprise the catechisms that American children receive (all cultures have something similar, their in-group ideologies, so I am not unduly picking on Americans, but I can write best about what I know), and those conceits can be found in all corners of my culture. I also get so-called enthusiasts who think that my work is great, and consider themselves free thinkers and enlightened, until they run into my work on Global Warming, for instance. There is not the slightest debate among the scientifically literate that humanity’s industrial era, which rides on the back of hydrocarbon energy, is causing the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide levels to increase, which will warm Earth’s atmosphere. There is nothing to debate on those issues. The so-called Global Warming debate today is largely a fraud, led by scientists who sold their souls to the hydrocarbon lobby, who engage in games of misdirection and obfuscation, duping the gullible, the scientifically illiterate, and those who want to hear something that justifies business as usual. If people want to make the case that Earth is not warming (hard to with Earth’s ice rapidly melting), they have to make the case for other factors outweighing the undeniable effect of mining and burning all of Earth’s hydrocarbons, such as the Sun’s output. But they can’t credibly do that without acknowledging that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is rapidly rising because of humanity’s burning Earth’s hydrocarbon deposits. To argue for anything less is deluded and quite possibly fraudulent, and showing how the Global Warming issue has become a political football (as it undoubtedly has) is irrelevant to the basic scientific issues. Every paleoclimate study that I saw or heard of had carbon dioxide levels as the chief determinant of Earth’s hot and cold phases, going back for billions of years. That is just one issue of many that my readers stumble over. That all said, if somebody was trying to turn others onto my work, where would they start? I have made many attempts over the years to make my work more accessible, with introductory essays, executive summaries, and the like. If I was trying to turn somebody onto my work, I would send them these links: The introduction to my big essay (and perhaps the five-page introduction to my adventures and life’s work); A PowerPoint presentation on humanity’s Epochs, including the coming Fifth, which is what my work is all about (it has many embedded links in it). That would be about it. There could be some tailor-made links, for readers with various interests. If they know that the American media is a propaganda mill, I might send them a link to the media section of my Big Lies essay, and my recent biography on Uncle Ed would also be appropriate. If they know that the history profession has prostituted itself to the winds of wealth and power, then this section might be appropriate. If they know that the CIA is the standing army of the Fortune 500, then my short essay on Ralph might be appropriate. If they have encountered the biases at Wikipedia, then there is an essay of mine for them. If they have watched loved ones die at the hands of Western medicine, and thought that it was pointless, then my medical racket essay could be one heck of a wake-up call. If they suspected that the USA was really just another empire, not the light of the world, then my American Empire essay could be a good introduction to my work, or my dissection of World War II. If they have a mystical bent, then there is an essay for them. If they are into UFO and ET lore, then my visits to James’s Ranch could be a good introduction. If they doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald murdered JFK, then I have an essay for them. But I would only send along a few links and leave it at that. The ball will be in their court, and truly worthy responses can’t come for months or years. It took a lifetime of training, adventures, and study to produce my iconoclastic, and ultimately Epochal, work, and it can’t be digested in a few hours or days of reading, not for anything but a superficial understanding of my work, and that is not going to develop somebody for the choir, and building that choir is what the rest of my life’s “spare” time is devoted to, and all that I am really interested in. But my perspective is comprehensive, and there are thousands of topics to discuss. The link to this post could also be a good introduction to my work, if a bit overwhelming. I would just send those few links recommended above and take it cautiously from there. People won’t get many nibbles, and that is normal. It is a desert of apathy and indifference out there, as people’s immediate self-interest forms the limits of awareness for the vast majority of humanity today, in our world of scarcity and fear, and people will not begin to awaken until the Fifth Epoch arrives, and that is normal. Best, Wade
  11. Hi: One of the most surreal aspects of being in the free energy field is that the solution of solutions, that we know has already been technically achieved, is ignored by all sides as if it does not exist. There a various levels of denial, indifference, and fear, and the “smart” are among the worst offenders. Free energy has Epochal significance, and I think that rather subconsciously, that Epochal significance is understood by most, which is why we have all of the crazy reactions to the idea of free energy, why the milieu puts three-ring circuses to shame, and why almost nobody has a productive reaction. I just reading something on nuclear fusion as the answer. The only way that the GCs and friends are going to allow that is at $1 billion a pop, which they control. I can almost live with that. I was also recently reading on the latest alarm on the state of the world’s environment. How about the solution that makes it all go away and infinitely more? Nah. As those heckling Muppets say, what a crazy idea. Brian was beside himself in his last years over how he was totally shut out from “progressive” venues, while doomsayers such as Heinberg were given the royal treatment at those same venues. I eventually realized that it was an addiction to scarcity that we were witnessing. It is just what it is, and trying to sneak past people’s ego mechanisms so that they can sniff the truth is a loser. Their defense mechanisms only heighten, and if you want to watch people go insane and attack and ostracize you, go try that route. People are social animals, and sociality is actually an impediment to sentience, while paradoxically, social navigation is one hypothesis for the growth of the human brain. It took five different mass movement efforts for me to finally shed the delusion that the social approach has a prayer, and another decade to finally understand the scientific reasons why. It is long past time for a different approach. Looking for those needles… Best, Wade
  12. Hi: One handicap that my work has always had is that I have not had the freedom to be very revealing about numerous situations, to protect both the innocent and the guilty. That approach has allowed for many ignorant attacks by people who surf the Internet for a little while and consider themselves informed. Many names I am not at liberty to name, but they are almost all discovered with a modicum of research. I could have discovered almost all of them myself with a day or two of the kind of research that I performed while writing my site. I usually name names only after they have died, both the good guys and bad guys. I was looking at my last posts in a forum that I quit, after several bad experiences, and when a credulous admin started in on me, it was time to leave. Since I wrote those posts, I have revealed the identities of Ron Waugh, Joe Starr, and David Rockefeller. You name the innocent, and their lives can be intruded on by gawkers, “skeptics,” and other time-wasters who can really cause problems for people who want to be left alone. Also, Godzilla’s minions are always watching me from the shadows, which just comes with the territory. The so-called White Hats do too, but both sides just watch and listen, maybe with only half an ear. If I began to name some of the names that I could name, my life expectancy might shorten a bit. You name the guilty, particularly dark pathers, and they will move to eliminate the threat. If the naïve and credulous looked up Bill the BPA Hit Man, for instance, they would put themselves in peril, or Mr. Deputy. Only when Ken Hodgell was in prison for a decade did I feel that he was defanged enough to publicly name. But I am sure that even today, his Mr. Rodgers act is still polished, and he would tell people who approached him how unfair his treatment was, and I am sure that he can still reel in suckers. Anybody who got Dennis’s The Alternative could easily discover most of the names of those who are anonymous in my writings today, in an afternoon of reading. I only named John Spickard because I figured that he was dead, as he was an old man when I encountered him more than 30 years ago. If I named that household-name diplomat that a close relative worked for, it could cause me problems. That diplomat outranks American presidents in certain lofty circles, and my relative’s immediate family likely does not know about his secret life. Even if I outlive that diplomat, I likely won’t name him, as it could cause problems for a lot of people. He is likely up to his eyeballs in the cloak-and-dagger game to this day. If I named some family names, my pedigree would become pretty clear, and many ignorant attacks would be exposed for their idiocy. I could name the names of the military officials who made Brian that “offer” to do classified UFO work, my friend who got the underground exotic technology show, and so on. I only named Mark because his tale is publicly known. I could name a scientist whom Mark worked for when he had his harsh awakening, who is well known, who confirmed the veracity of Mark’s account to me, but it is one of many similar situations, in which that scientist is likely not going to want the attention. If I was at liberty to reveal all the names, accompanied by documents, it would be a stunning read, far more so than my public work is today. But those are constraints that somebody like me works under, and anybody in the field knows what I am writing about. We all work under these kinds of constraints. Gary named names, and there was hell to pay, but even he did not name John Tower until after he died. When I bring people into the choir, they get names and events that the public is not privy to, to make it as real as I can to them, so that they have a better understanding of what they are walking into. It is not a milieu for the faint of heart. Best, Wade
  13. Hi: This post is a continuation of yesterday’s. At the NEM board meeting where I heard Mark tell an abbreviated version of his story, it was because Brian had us all introduce ourselves and tell why we were there. In short, what was our path to pursuing free energy? My free energy fellow travelers got there by diverse paths, but all roads led to free energy. My first choir members all have their stories to tell, and I encouraged them to, because for other prospective choir members, those stories are important. They will recognize their journeys in the journeys of others like them. The paths won’t be exactly the same, but the destination will be, and they can see what is similar and different about those other paths. I have found it to be a helpful exercise. When I got my first energy dreams when I was 16, when I met Dennis, and even when I chased him out to Boston, free energy was the furthest thing from my mind, and even the day after I arrived in Boston, and we visited the company that gave Dennis his first free energy idea, I had no idea that I was looking at Dennis’s inspiration to go after free energy. I did not even know how his heat pump worked yet. For quite a few of us, how we got involved was quite dramatic, such as Mark’s story or Adam Trombly’s, when he found his father’s journals, which chronicled his work in reverse-engineering captured ET technology (the fruit of which was certainly a big part of the show that my friend received). For others, it was a gradual path, and they got involved almost accidentally. One NEM board member got involved by attending one of Dennis’s barnstorming shows in 1996. In her most recent book, Jeane Manning wrote of her journalist’s journey to free energy. In Brian’s books, he discussed his long journey to get there, beginning with his mystical awakening. A mystical awakening was a key event in all of our journeys, which is why I have stated that it seems to be a key step, maybe even a requirement, although my jury is still out on that. I think that a materialist of high ethics, who can put aside the “laws of physics” for a moment and try to understand organized suppression and the role that energy plays in the universe, and particularly the role that it has played in the journey of life on Earth, and the human journey especially, can get there. For quite a few of my pals, their path to free energy was encountering my work. In fact, that might be preferable, as if they found out some other way, they generally got sucked into the free energy field’s arrested development, and it is not easy to escape. But I truly did not fully understand the epochal nature of the energy issue until I wrote my big essay. I did not really begin thinking in epochal terms until 2010, when I read a book published by an oil company, of all things. I can see the embryonic beginnings of my epochal perspective from writings of nearly 20 years ago and what I wrote for Brian in 2009 (the Big Picture section). What I wrote in 2010 was clearly a precursor to the Epochal Event framework in my big essay, but it did not really come together until I began writing my big essay. Then it became increasingly clear, and to this day, it keeps getting clearer. It is time to start another busy day and busy week. I am going to be crazily busy for the rest of this month, and really won’t come up for air until mid-May, such is the nature of my day job, so I won’t have that much time to write. But I’ll still sneak in some posts. Best, Wade
  14. Hi: This post will be about my correspondents, choir-members, and the development of my work and my readers’. I don’t expect anybody that I seek to learn nothing from my work, and I am constantly learning. I don’t know of anybody doing anything like what I am, so, with nothing to compare it to, there will always be something novel about what I am doing. I took on all-comers for several years, with my email address on my site, but I finally had to stop that practice in 2002, as the attacks become so fierce. It was not worth it any longer to give the public easy access to me (they have to work a little to contact me, but it is easy for those with a little gumption, and people with gumption are the ones I seek). But I still have quite a few cyberpals that I met through having my email address on my site. I put up a series of posts that showed my journey and what I learned during it. It took nearly a year, and I don’t expect to do anything like that again. I went from a teenager with energy dreams to getting to try them out in my 20s, to licking my wounds and diving deep on the literature in my 30s, to launching my public effort in my 40s, to my very comprehensive efforts in my 50s, and on the brink of my 60s, building the choir is my final goal. Anything beyond that will be gravy. My work has come a long way since my writings in the late 1980s, as I tried to make sense of what I had lived through, and I expect to keep improving. My biography on Uncle Ed just might be my best writing yet. Krishna first contacted me back around 2001 (my translator stumbled into my work in 1998, as I recall, and he wants to translate my big essay, which would be a herculean feat), and watching Krishna’s progress over the years has been nice to see. It shows me that what I am attempting is feasible. Chris began reading my work about when Krishna did, and Ilie and Darren when I joined Avalon. You don’t see much production from them these days, and that is OK. I’ll take quality over quantity, and their first posts on my forum were wonderful. I plan to do this until I can’t anymore. If I am lucky, I’ll do this into my 90s, like Uncle Ed did. I have people like them in training, studying so that they can hit the notes one day. There is plenty of time to get up to speed on this, and avoiding the pitfalls is far more important than a lot of production. And this path teaches me patience every day. If you would have told me 30 years ago that my effort would be where it is today (with a very comprehensive site, with a global audience, with people in training), I would have said that it was a nice fantasy. My site has several thousand visitors a month (it has been that way for more than a decade), and my big essay is my most popular part of it by far, as well as my forum. At any one time, I have at least 50 viewers of my forum, and sometimes hundreds. Even though it might not be evident, this is progressing nicely for me. In these early days of my effort, I have been trying to make the material as good as I could, and my upcoming essay update, this year if I am lucky (I am still working on Ed’s biography project (Google “Edward S. Herman biography” and see what comes up on page one – and my work comes in higher on the Yahoo! search – more pressure to get it done)), is going to be a significant update, and after that, I’ll engage in more visibility work, do more interviews, etc. For a one-man show, I really could not ask for much more at this stage, and I have had help from many, including Bill and Avalon. The biggest event in the human journey will not come overnight or fall in our laps. It will take work, but it can be joyous work. Time to begin my very busy weekend. Best, Wade
  15. Hi: One of my artistic pals sent me the attached recently, titled, “Statler and Waldorf Do Free Energy.” A bit of inspired art on what people like me face from the peanut gallery. It could have also been about Dennis or Brian, but I’ll happily take jeering from Muppets! That one will likely find its way onto my site somehow. Best, Wade
  16. Hi: Last night, I read the chapter on polio in that vaccination book. They make the case that most of the crippling that polio caused was from the treatment, putting people in casts for months, and the like, which led to atrophy. Elizabeth Kenny, who invented physical therapy, cured polio patients by exercising them. The authors also give “credit” to DDT for polio, and showed how polio rose and fell with persistent pesticide use. India is one of the few nations on Earth that makes DDT, and it is the world’s polio hotspot, and they crazily do the same immobilization treatment that Western doctors did, leading to cripples. That chapter also “credited” the robber barons. Thomas Rivers worked for the Rockefellers, and as he did with Rife’s work, Rivers ruthlessly attacked any doctor who did not toe the orthodox line, and with the Rockefellers’ backing, he could make his edicts stick and ruin careers with a word. He gets plenty of black ink in that polio chapter. Also, many diseases were misdiagnosed as polio, and those diseases flourish today. The entire polio episode in American history seems to be a manufactured event, and its “cure” with vaccination is a mirage. In the 1970s and 1980s, nearly all polio cases were caused by the vaccine, according to the CDC! In that polio chapter, the authors actually mentioned Bill Gates’s vaccine campaign and how misguided it is, which segues to the post I had initially planned making today, related to yesterday’s post. Gates not only embraces Kagame, the world’s greatest mass murderer, but Gates also endorsed Steven Pinker’s imperial valentine that Ed shredded. Gates is a retail elite “humanitarian,” which is not much of a humanitarian at all. That is true of all robber baron “humanitarians,” and always has been that way. Today’s “philanthropy” is largely a racket. Gates got his good buddy Warren Buffett, that American sage of capitalism, involved with his foundation, and Buffett has promoted Wells Fargo bank for the past decade, even now, as it has been exposed as shamelessly predatory, criminally abusing its customers. In Berkshire Hathaway’s recent letter to its shareholders, summarizing its year, Wells Fargo was not even mentioned, although it is its biggest investment. Buffett’s spiel about picking honest companies that “defend the moat” is phony. All of that “philanthropy” is about tax sheltering and social engineering, not great humanitarian works. If Gates really is sincere about his newfound mission, he sure is naïve about it. Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has now joined the game, with open rumors that he seeks the American presidency. The world’s new richest man, Jeff Bezos, plays the philanthropy game, too, but he is working hard at turning the Washington Post into a neo-McCarthy outfit. Living in the Seattle area, I hear all the time about what a shark-tank environment Amazon is to work in. These guys are the new robber barons, and thinking that they will help humanity turn the corner is a delusion. Free energy aspirants have banged on those doors innumerable times, and nobody is home. More often than not, robber baron “humanitarians” treat free energy like the enemy, like environmentalists do. They know that the coming of free energy means the obsolescence of elites and their ill-gotten fortunes will become meaningless. Best, Wade
  17. Hi: A few odds and ends… Flying cars are coming, and it was not too hard for me to predict that they would not have human pilots. When the Fifth Epoch arrives, and people will often travel by antigravity (or electrogravity) and free energy, there will not be the issue of skies filled with colliding craft. Last year, I mentioned how Oxfam’s status as one of the better aid organizations may be a mirage, and it looks like I was right. The whole “humanitarian” game is largely a scam. It is well known that a great “career path” for child molesters is to become foster parents, with a steady supply of molestable children streaming in. I am way too busy right now, with little time to write, and I am reading that vaccination book in snatches. What a horror story. One chapter was on smallpox in England, and how smallpox vaccination was made mandatory in the mid-1800s, with fines and prison for those who did not comply (the USA is similar today), but Leicester resisted, and developed a method of quarantine and sterilization. Leicester’s smallpox incidence and death rates declined precipitously, becoming a tiny fraction of the rates in nearby and heavily vaccinated towns. Even after their stunning success, the medical authorities of the day decried Leicester as a disaster waiting to happen, but it never did, as smallpox declined and disappeared. The Leicester Method was used by the WHO in its late smallpox campaigns, when it became clear that vaccination was ineffective. But to this day, vaccination advocates dismiss and attack the Leicester Method. Bill Gates, that so-called humanitarian, is a big vaccination advocate who also advocates nuclear fission and calls Paul Kagame a great leader. Bill has a ways to go before he figures it out, and he is far smarter than any of us. So-called intelligence is not enough. Best, Wade
  18. Hi: What would a free energy effort look like, once that nugget of integrity and sentience reaches the necessary understandings? It is pretty simple, really. It will form the nucleus of a group that will do something. As a technical project, making free energy happen is not a very big deal. It is far beyond the resources of garage tinkerers, but with the right group, the technical challenge will not be that great. Tapping the zero-point field has happened in thousands of independent efforts over the generations, and the GCs have developed the technology to the 35th generation. All that the independent effort has to achieve is first generation technology. Think of something like an Intel chip facility, and you get an idea of what it will take to make production-ready free energy gizmos. A solid state device, like what Sparky had, would be the likely winner in any free energy gizmo contest. Technology development is a mature field, and the processes are well known. Once an effort reaches the size and resilience where it can’t be taken out, then it will be time to act. Will it happen in my lifetime? Maybe. If free energy does not make its appearance in this century, humanity might not survive. The only plan that I see working is a charitable effort (a truly philanthropic one) that will give away the technology. Then the Fifth Epoch will arrive, and none too soon. If an effort gets over the hump, count on future museums devoted to the arrival of free energy and what it took to get there. Tesla will be the venerated granddaddy, and there will be a wing on free energy pioneers. Dennis and Brian will have their own exhibits. There will also be an exhibit or five on organized suppression, and how greed and fear were dominant societal principles in the Super-Epoch of Scarcity. The free energy martyrs won’t be carried through the streets, but will be remembered. Those exhibits will be organized under the theme of, “What happened while humanity slept.” I see virtual reality tours of Earth before the coming of the Fifth Epoch, and viewers will stagger away in horror and disgust at how humanity lived on Earth and treated each other. I can easily foresee each Epoch depicted. But it will be mostly instructive as a contrast for how humanity lives in the Fifth Epoch, when scarcity and fear no longer comprise the background hum of human societies, and the human potential is unleashed like never before. The Fifth Epoch will never stop being appreciated. I can’t overemphasize that without that core group, the rest can’t happen. The perils and temptations of the free energy pursuit are simply too great for anything less. There are no short-cuts, and free energy newcomers need to put aside their bright ideas and be willing to learn. It is possible that the choir will be enough, and that its presence and influence will form the atmosphere for those hoarded technologies to come in from the shadows. But the effort has to be prepared to do it the hard way. If there was more than one choir, this Epochal task could be easy. The free energy field today is emblematic of its Epoch, and as such is doomed to failure. A successful effort will have to think in and exist as much as possible in Fifth Epoch principles. That will not be an easy trick – it has never happened before – but it is the approach that I finally developed, after a lifetime of life-wrecking and life-ending trial and error. Brian and Dennis immediately realized that it was something different, and something different is what is needed. Earth and humanity hang in the balance, time is short to avert the catastrophe, and a new Epoch of the human journey can dawn. With this post, I will wind down this series of posts for now. Best, Wade
  19. Scientific literacy

    Hi: Not much time for a post this morning, with the mayhem of my life right now. This will be about a book I began reading last night, on vaccinations. The primary author is a nephrologist whose patients got kidney failure immediately after receiving vaccinations. It is a very familiar story, kind of like Mullenix and fluoride. The doctor initially only knew the party line on vaccinations, but when she began having patients whose kidneys failed immediately after vaccination, her colleagues did not want to hear about it, and instead she was challenged and ridiculed. When patients had drug reactions that led to kidney failure, the drugs would immediately cease use, but noting vaccination reactions was beyond the pale, and she had to fight to keep her patients from getting vaccinated while she was treating them. She eventually left her lucrative practice to study vaccinations, and the book I am reading is one fruit of her efforts. As with fluoridation, a poisonous substance is ingested, often compulsorily, and at their most optimistic, those interventions cause many side-effects, including death, and the credit that they take for improving the public’s health is highly dubious. That nephrologist’s book covers the early “victories” of vaccination, such as smallpox, as she shows that the victories had nothing to do with vaccinations, and in fact, vaccinations have been public health hazards all along, worthless and even harmful interventions that “coincidentally” are lucrative for the medical racket. Any dissent has been harshly dealt with from the beginning. The surreal part of vaccinations and fluoridation is that the lies and propaganda remain virtually unchallenged to this day, and anybody who dissents is a member of the tinfoil hat crowd, even doctors whose patients are killed by vaccinations. In a way, it is a structural situation, not too far removed from Ed and Noam’s propaganda model, although it would be naïve to think that nobody is on it. Dark pathers at the top rub their hands in delight at the situation. Make huge sums of money harming the oblivious public, and then make huge sums dealing with the disaster that the interventions cause. Kind of like Fishbein, cigarettes, and cancer. Best, Wade
  20. Scientific literacy

    Hi: I was recently asked about what I mean when I write about scientific literacy, and it inspired a series of posts that are getting their own thread, so here goes. Scientific literacy means being familiar with the processes and findings of today’s science. Scientific literacy is needed to gain a comprehensive perspective, but a person does not need to be a professional scientist to attain it. I’m not. I purposely designed my big essay so that people do not need to be professional scientists to understand it. If they aren’t scientists, it may be a heavy lift for them, but not really all that hard, if they take the time to do the work. I am going to guess and say that an IQ of 110 is likely plenty to understand the gist of that essay, in something resembling a comprehensive way, if a person does the work, and I am here to help. We live in a kind of golden age of popularized science right now. I don’t mean the materialistic chicanery of Carl Sagan and the “skeptics,” but that recent book by Ward and Kirschvink is what I am referring to, as polymath scientists write to the lay public (and other scientists) about their cutting-edge work. This has partly come about by the welcome trend of scientists crossing disciplinary lines and escaping from the overspecialization that plagued establishment science. My references for my big essay abound with those works that laypeople can read and understand. One of humanity’s greatest scientific popularizers went out of his way, unasked, and specifically lauded my effort after spending all day reading it (and he is not the only one like that), so I think that I achieved my goal of making something both informative and relatively easy to understand. I also cite a hundred scientific papers or so in that essay, and my readers need to become at least familiar with scientific papers and how to read them. When I was still a science student in college, one of the first things that we did was read papers in Science and Nature, and both publications are designed to be read by a general science readership. They really aren’t that difficult to digest. I write plenty on the virtues, limitations, and failings of today’s mainstream science. If you read much of my writings at Avalon, for instance, I regularly make the distinction between math and science. I crunch numbers for a living, and there is nothing like that to make you appreciate their limitations. Einstein was particularly wary of math and tried to work without it whenever he could. Math has its uses, let there be no doubt about it, but in the early days of science, it got distorted into over-relying on math. Scientific literacy is like literacy. Being literate means that you can read and understand. Being scientifically literate means being able to read and understand scientific literature, but it also means reading it. Being able to and doing it are two different things, as one is capability and the other is achievement. I don’t expect anybody to have a two thousand book library in their homes like I do, or to stay up on all the subjects that my essay covers, but people need to get familiar with them in order to help my little project along. That takes work. Maybe I have been too close to it and have been doing it too long, but people have called my work an “avalanche” of information. I don’t quite see it that way, but if people eat one bite at a time, they can digest it, and when they do, a big picture can begin to emerge. Deciding that those in my effort need some scientific literacy was not something that I just decided one day, out of the blue. It was because the scientifically illiterate really could not understand the rudiments of ideas that are vital for understanding how the world works. I don’t take it easy on economists in my work, for good reason. They are responsible for the nonsensical information that parades as economic theory today, and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard stuff like, “Energy, so what?” Money is not even real, but people think in terms of money and not energy when they think of economics. How ignorant and backward, but the profession abets that delusional state, and it could well be intentional. I wrote this chapter of my essay as a response to a scientist pal who wanted me to make the relationship between energy and economic activity clearer, as people close to him had no idea how they were connected. It is pretty strange when I get people (not even scientists) who can’t believe that people can’t see the connection, and then I hear from others who can’t see the connection at all. Like the Fed today, just print enough money, and all is well. When I began studying Peak Oil theory back in 2003, I noticed the disdain that scientists had for economists, soon came to understand why, and what nagged me about economic theory since my college days became clear. Scientific literacy means understanding the rudiments of how our world works. If we don’t understand how it works, there is no way that we can intelligently change how it works, and make no mistake: that is what my work is really all about. We are about ready to crash Spaceship Earth, and I am doing what I can so that does not happen, but far more than that, humanity can achieve an Epoch that seems like a fairy tale today, and it all rests on the energy issue, as it always has. I recently wrote a series of posts on Peak Oil and Global Warming, and scientific literacy in that area means just understanding the basics of those ideas. And those are two areas where the propaganda has snowed the masses. If most people were scientifically literate, the Global Warming “skeptics” would have been laughed off the stage long ago, instead of being Fox News and Heritage Foundation fixtures. Best, Wade
  21. The Free Energy Field's State of Arrested Development

    Hi: What might a free energy effort with a prayer of success look like? This list will be very familiar to my readers. Briefly, the members of a free energy effort that might have a chance will have reached these understandings: Free energy is at least possible; the more worldly will know that it has been developed, both independently and in the Global Controllers’ secret enclaves; The Epochal significance of free energy; Earth’s power structure has not welcomed free energy efforts; The usual inventor’s path will not work; it rarely does for normal inventing; Many efforts have been subjected to organized suppression; Many free energy inventors are dead for their trouble, and others were taken out in numerous ways, including getting the Golden Handcuffs, but most efforts collapsed from within, before the organized suppression even needed to be applied; Playing secrecy games is a prescription for failure; The organized suppression cannot be snuck past; Profit-seeking efforts are doomed before they start; Oppositional and coercive approaches will not work; Lowest-common-denominator approaches, to form social “cohesion,” will not work; The heroic/messianic approach will not work; Beseeching various authorities and “progressives” will not work, and neither will finding rich “philanthropists”; Holding social gatherings at the early stages only becomes a target for organized suppression, and other hazards attend such gatherings; The media will not be an ally to any independent free energy efforts; The members will have shed all scarcity-basedin-group ideologies, and see humanity and even Earth (and even Creation) as one, even the “bad guys”; The members will have relinquished judgment of the situation, and realize that it is just what it is, and learn to work with what the world presents to them; The only chance will be to give away free energy, not sell it; The heart has to lead such an effort. Anybody who is going to be any use to a free energy effort with a realistic chance has to have reached those understandings. They also need to learn that Earth’s power structure is not all-powerful. Those with their ears close enough to the ground will also be aware that the global cabal is currently fractured, and most of them actually favor free energy and related technologies’ coming forward into public awareness and use, as they do not want to make Earth uninhabitable, which humanity is well on the way to achieving. With individuals, yes, the organized suppression can squash free energy aspirants like bugs, one at a time, but enough people operating from combined positive intention will be unstoppable. The “cohesion” of such an effort will be formed by pursuing a common goal, and its members will be self-motivated, not enticed by self-interest. That self-motivated cohesion will be partly formed through personal integrity and an awareness of the Epochal significance of free energy. It generally takes a comprehensive perspective to truly understand. They will understand that the technology and science are minor aspects of the issue, and they know that scientist-and-inventor-centric approaches are also doomed. They will know that the key issues are not about technology and money, but integrity and sentience. No free energy effort was ever mounted around those understandings, in toto, and achieving those understandings will be the hard part. If my effort bears fruit, it will be the first of its kind, and might be the only one that will be needed to usher in the Fifth Epoch. The bar has to be set high and remain there, or else it will be doomed to failure, and failure in this field means ruined and prematurely ended lives. I have seen enough of that. It is time for something different. Time is short. Best, Wade
  22. Hi: This will start a few posts on the free energy field and its state of arrested development, and why I really don’t want to have much to do with the field today. I strongly doubt that free energy technology is going to come to the world through today’s free energy field, either through the current participants or the current efforts. Brian did not think so, either. I have written about these subjects plenty, but have not really devoted a thread to it yet, and I keep getting asked about it. To begin with, the public arrival of free energy technology alone will be the biggest event in the human journey, even leaving aside the other sequestered technologies. Those technologies are very real and likely have been on Earth for longer than I have been alive. But they remain in the possession of the Global Controllers (GCs), and even though their organization is fractured and most of them want to release free energy to the world, I am not counting on it. It was most likely a disenchanted faction of the GCs that gave my close friend an underground demonstration of some of what sits in Godzilla’s Golden Hoard. You can take it to the bank that those technologies exist on Earth today, and if you saw them in action, it would look like a magic show. My pal’s eyes were bugging out of his head, and he told the demonstrators that they did not play in his galaxy. Technologically, the Fifth Epoch is already here, which is partly why I always say that the problems of manifesting free energy technology in the public sphere are not really technological, but issues of integrity and sentience. Free energy efforts go back to at least Tesla, and the GC’s have honed their tactics of suppression into a science today, but I consider their efforts only a small part of the reason why we don’t enjoy free energy technology today. Let’s get the theory out of the way, first, as this issue constantly arises. The big technological breakthroughs defied the theories of the day, and what my friend saw turns the physics textbooks into doorstops. Before the Wright brothers first flew, scientists declared heavier-than-air human flight “impossible,” they flew for five years in obscurity, and in the rare times that establishment science even mentioned them, it was in tones of denial and ridicule. Even after their flights could no longer be denied, the Smithsonian Institution engaged in a campaign for a generation to deny the Wright brothers their rightful precedence. The sight of flying planes was arguably the most spectacular moment of the entire Industrial Revolution, and the inventors were treated that way. While Edison’s teams were perfecting incandescent lighting, Establishment science declared their goal “impossible,” and even after Edison was lighting up Menlo Park while the public walked under the lights, scientists refused to walk to Menlo Park to see for themselves, while dismissing Edison’s feat as a “fraud” and an “idiotic idea.” One might think that scientists learned their lessons long ago, but human nature has not changed in the past century, and egocentric certainty that one’s theories represent reality applies to scientists in spades, to this day. Not long before he died, Brian said that Establishment science’s blindness and denial today is actually worse than it was when the Wright brothers flew. I have seen at least a dozen alternative physics models (here is a recent one) proposed by scientists and inventors. It is easy to disappear down those rabbit holes. Theories are not reality, although they aspire to explain some aspect of it. For what I do, it is plenty to know that free energy is far from “impossible” according to today’s corpus of scientific theory, with even heavyweights such as David Bohm weighing in. There have been many challenges from within orthodoxy. For a scientist to call free energy “impossible” or “contrary to the laws of physics” is to become the professional descendant of those scientists who disparaged and ridiculed Edison and the Wright brothers. Looking to scientists for answers, credibility, and the like is looking in the wrong place. There is organized suppression coming from various levels of Earth’s power structure, Godzilla is merely the apex predator in a global jungle filled with them, scientists snooze in their soft berths, and if they ever get out of their easy chairs and pursue anything of substance, they are quickly brought back into line with threats and ostracism, and not because of organized suppression, but by simple orthodox herd management. After Brian left the sherry-sipping fold, he scrambled for the rest of his life. Today, the free energy field is dominated by scientists, inventors, promoters, and entrepreneurs, with many gawkers, cheerleaders, opportunists, and the like, while Godzilla watches, mostly amused by the spectacle. IMO, none of them are taking an approach that has a prayer in the current environment. There have been many demonstrations of bona fide free energy technology, but in his life’s last years, Brian tried to educate the public on the yawning gulf between a working prototype and something that the public could use. It is a vast no-man’s land, even leaving aside the organized suppression, and many billionaires today sit like vultures, waiting to swoop in and take over the field, if any effort ever gets close to commercial viability. Billionaires swarmed Dennis and Greer when they flied high, but none of them helped. If any ever tried to, they were quickly dissuaded. In a recent video, Greer mentioned talking to a hundred people near the LA airport, and ten billionaires were in the audience. None ever helped, to my knowledge. Dennis repeatedly encountered the same situations. No billionaire “philanthropist” is going to come forward and save the day. They are a bunch of phonies. This will take a few posts, and I’ll cover a bit of territory, taking in contenders, pretenders, the perils and temptations, and why no free energy effort has ever danced clear of them. Best, Wade
  23. The Free Energy Field's State of Arrested Development

    Hi: A little more on the free energy field’s state of arrested development, before I write about what it would look like if it was not stuck where it has been for generations. I have written about the many times that I have watched or heard of free energy aspirants, which is usually a tinkerer in his garage or workshop, with maybe a businessman buddy, announcing his plans to develop free energy technology for public use. It became wearying to be continually contacted about those people, asking what I thought about it. It was like being asked if I thought that playing Russian roulette was a good idea, and whether the latest player would “win.” Almost as wearying has been hearing about inventors or scientists in California, who usually worked for the military or military (AKA “aerospace”) contractors, and who got involved in classified research (black projects) and were coming forward as insiders, or who stumbled into them, or began tinkering, came up with something, and then had hell to pay from their employers (as in their careers were over, at a minimum) or the spooks harried them. I grew up knowing about that world, and let’s put aside my own adventures for now, but Mark and Sparky had pretty standard stories of what happened in California when you began pushing the envelope of disruptive energy technologies. California is where Brian nearly died, courtesy of the military, after he snooped into UFOs. California has the most corrupt legal system in the USA, by far, with literal gangsters sitting on the bench. I have heard of more stories of alternative cancer doctors being wiped out in California than anywhere else, and I tasted California’s corruption in the medical racket, too. What Gary Wean and Rodney Stich encountered was just a day at court in California. I am highly skeptical when so-called “insiders” step forward to report on their involvement with UFOs, exotic technology, and the like, and I always take their testimony with a huge grain of salt. UFOs and free energy have been subjected to the biggest cover-up in history, and those who come forward from the inside are being allowed to, and the motivation behind that “permission” is going to be dubious. I would guess that what comes from such “insiders” is disinformation most of the time, in some way. Either the “insider” is spinning disinformation (which always has elements of the truth in it, which helps make it believable) consciously, is being fed it unwittingly, or some combination of those dynamics. Also, many so-called “insiders” are phonies. So-called “insiders” can rarely provide documentary evidence of their insider status, so anybody can claim insider status, and plenty of fake insiders ply their trade, selling books and videos. When I hear that people had the spooks take them under their wing, and then informed them of how it works in the cloak-and-dagger world, I quickly study something else. Those people are a dime a dozen, and disinformation is their primary product. In the past generation, I’ll bet that I have heard at least 50 times about an “insider” who announced that ET disclosure was going to happen within days or weeks, often with a magic date announced. Or some global event would happen that would awaken humanity. These stories make the rounds all the time, and I can’t help but be bombarded by the “news.” A cousin to that is so-called insiders spinning grand yarns about what the spooks are up to, often conjoined with ET activities, and free energy and other exotic technology is often prominent. California is the epicenter of the stories (or places such as Area 51 and New Mexico) most of the time. Most of what I hear is likely disinformation in at least some aspect. I was given something just a few days ago, from the so-called inside, produced by people who have almost no credibility with me (nothing that they say can be independently verified, and much contradicts what people in the know, whom I respect, have to say about those situations), but they sure do with people in my circles, who uncritically lap that stuff up, even after I caution them not to. It is the stuff of tabloids. Far too many free energy aspirants and tall tales come from the California aerospace and military milieu, and I take them all with a grain of salt. The milieu is very real, but insiders are tainted by their very status as insiders. IMO, tales of free energy, other exotic technologies, ETs, and the like that emanate from that western USA military/aerospace milieu, especially from “insiders,” need to be viewed with a very skeptical eye. For me, the most impressive Disclosure Project witnesses were people who saw something that they were not supposed to (such as Gordon Cooper). They may have been “insiders” in that they worked for the military or NASA, but they were not part of the black projects, and saw something by accident or a lapse in security. There is genuine testimony in that blizzard of gossip and disinformation, but unless you are in the milieu, you are not going to be able to winnow the wheat from the chaff. You can sharpen your tools of discernment by diving into some of those situations, but only a few are necessary to get a feel for how it works. A steady diet of that stuff is a good way to get deluded and go off the deep end, which I have witnessed more than once. Kind of the flip side of all of that credulous imbibing of what is mostly disinformation is people in the milieu openly lying and disseminating disinformation about situations with rich documentary trails, and I know Dennis’s situation the best. Of course, so-called “skeptics” lie their asses off about Dennis, but are just likely doing their jobs. That the biggest “skeptical” xxxx was embraced by a prominent member of the free energy field, who simultaneously attacked Brian, was crazy enough, but another leading name in the free energy field published outright Big Lies about Dennis, and his criminal essay has been promoted ever since by so-called “progressives” in the milieu, as they say that they are educating the public. That essay has been given to me at least a dozen times, as an example of great writing on the milieu (!), and the most recent promotion of that libel was by Foster Gamble. It is insane, that completely undocumented claims receive avid and even lurid attention, while easily disproven lies are endlessly repeated. I was pushed out of a forum recently by a credulous administrator who lapped up the lies. All of those antics only further confirm my journey’s greatest lesson. The integrity issue is the paramount one. Everything else pales to insignificance. The problems of the free energy conundrum are those of integrity and sentience, not money and technology. I’ll finish this series of posts for now with what the free energy milieu might look like if it got past its state of arrested development. I doubt that the field will, which is largely why I don’t want to have much to do with it (and am doing my own thing), but I’ll describe what it would look like, in order for it to have a prayer of delivering the goods. Best, Wade
  24. Hi Ernie: I always knew that they were going to be needles. I have spent too many years in the field, interacting with the public, etc., to think differently. I have spent the past several years making my material as good as it can be, and the coming essay update will be significant. In fact, I may call it version 2.0. As I wrote my big essay, and the Epochal nature of free energy became even more evident to me, I knew that my “pool of potential” was smaller than I thought, as an Epochal frame of mind, particularly for an Epoch that has yet to arrive, is very hard to achieve, even for the few who want to. My list of needed attributes will likely not change. I have to keep that bar high, or my effort will go down in life-wrecking flames. I would rather do nothing than live through any more of those. There are more than enough martyrs to the cause. I have found some of those needles, others are “potentials,” but it is rare when I find somebody who is willing and able to do the work and hit the notes. I don’t need to get into the many ways that people get stuck, and what I eventually realized what that the common denominator was that they were addicted to their adaptive mechanisms in a world of scarcity, as that was how they survived. Level 10 delusions are probably the most common among those whom I seek. Heck, I was there for many years myself. I am sympathetic. Boy, do I hear from a wide spectrum of people, from free energy inventors and activists to New Agers, conspiracists, scientists, academics, etc. Some have part of what I seek, but the entire package? That is very rare. Quite a few who could be contenders are chicken, afraid to stand on the global stage with me, which makes me wonder if forums are just not the way to go, but I am trying to make use of this new tool called the Internet. I am not complaining, and am a long way from giving up with my approach. Ask me again in 20 years. Headway has been made. What you see Krishna doing on this thread is in the direction that I seek. I have also been spending too much of my time and energy surviving, dealing with the slings and arrows, etc. Last year was trying. I am not sure if this year will be any better, but I am trying. If I get my essay update done this year, then I am going to engage in more visibility activities, might do more interviews, etc. We’ll see. I don’t need many for my plan to work. The biggest event in the human journey, and I get to try out an approach never tried before, and it might save the world as a side-effect? It is worth one man’s life to pursue it. Enjoy the coming spring, Wade
  25. The Free Energy Field's State of Arrested Development

    Hi: There are so many ways to miss the mark of understanding. To get to where the Fifth Epoch’s potential is understood (even the concept of a Fifth Epoch has proven very difficult for people to even imagine) to understand why all attempts so far have failed, and what might have a chance of getting there, has been the work of a lifetime. Only very rare people can go down these paths even a little ways without having all manner of unproductive reaction that takes them down the innumerable rabbit holes, they run away, shrieking, they go on the attack, and so on. Even among the free energy field’s leaders, it is far from easy. I talked with Dennis last year, as he sought help with his latest effort (I could not provide the kind of help he sought, which was mainly finding a lot of money). Since he has been banned from working in the energy industry in the USA ever again, his latest effort is some kind of “reshuffling the deck of scarcity” game. He told me that it would be bigger than free energy. Nothing is bigger than free energy, and when I heard that from Dennis, it became obvious that he did not understand free energy’s Epochal significance. If he does not understand, how much will the laity understand? I even heard Brian say that free energy (which he called “new energy”) would be “one of the most” important developments in helping humanity turn the corner. I let the comment pass, but what could be bigger than free energy? The only thing that I can think of is God showing up and making his presence obvious to all, and even then the biggest boon that he/she could bestow would be free energy! Brian and Dennis led free energy efforts, and they did not quite understand. However, if Brian had been alive when I published my big essay, I think that he would have been its biggest fan, and he would have definitely understood my Epochal framework. He had already seen embryonic versions of it (and here). My coming essay update will make the issues even more explicit. Dennis and Brian immediately understood that I was doing something different. Steven Greer appears to understand free energy’s Epochal significance, although he has rarely written about it, and then only in a paragraph or two. When I saw Greer announce his $100K free energy prize, I shook my head in dismay, that Greer could be stuck in such an elementary level of the game. That is the stuff that somebody in field for ten minutes comes up with, a typical newcomer “bright idea.” Greer has slowly seemed to learn over the years, but he is still at an entry-level understanding of key issues. And all of us have our personal foibles and idiosyncrasies. I could never do what Dennis, Brian, and Greer did. I can’t lead an army, but maybe a choir. Even among grizzled veterans, I never saw full comprehension of the issues, obstacles, opportunities, and the like. Alden Bryant was the hippest environmentalist that I ever met. He knew about free energy’s organized suppression, he worked with Yull Brown, and had been around the block a few times, in his 80s when I knew him. At one of our NEM board meetings, Alden brought up an elderly free energy inventor in Texas who had been arbitrarily thrown into jail, and Alden wanted NEM to help spring him. Been there, done that. We were just getting going, and we did not have the wherewithal to help out. I was bankrolling NEM as it was, and springing somebody from jail is something that I never want to do again. I only had one life to sacrifice. Alden was the grandfather of the Rio summit, was on a first-name basis with Earth’s leading environmentalists, he lived near the Sierra Club’s headquarters and knew its president and board, and he tried to whip them up to support NEM. I had already had my fill of environmentalists by then, and Alden never got any traction with any environmental groups that I heard of. Environmentalists treat free energy like the enemy. I never discussed with Alden how that went (I was out of NEM by then), trying to enlist the environmentalists, but it must have been a sobering experience for him. Of course, Dennis had his companies stolen repeatedly, and I witnessed many attempts. Brian got kicked out of NEM by the board members, which was not the first time that he experienced that. I have heard plenty about Adam Trombly’s adventures from those close to him. His life’s story is the only one that I know of that ranks with Dennis’s on the preposterous scale. I have heard Bearden and Mark relate their tales. I have heard from the inside, repeatedly, about Sparky Sweet’s sad journey, and so on. I did not need to hear Brian’s 25 dead inventor stories, as I could tell my fair share of them. Soldiers who have been on the battlefield do not regale each other with tales, but do their best to forget the experience. If they do talk, it is generally in a therapeutic sense, so that they stop having nightmares. I know that dynamic all too well. In that light, when Mr. Skeptic showed up a decade later, to debunk our experiences and perform criminal acts while doing it, what amazed me was how leading figures in the free energy field made excuses for him, as they incredibly embraced him while attacking Brian or abetting the attacks. Even I was surprised by that. After being encouraged for years to contact the father of the Free Software Movement, I finally did, and one frustrating month later, we were finished. The man was a classic Level 3. Periodically, I reach out to writers who might understand, but it is like a walk in the desert. A couple of years ago, I reached out to several leading financial bloggers who had an understanding of the role of energy in the economy, and they realized that money was only an accounting fiction. One of them even promoted the idea of free energy. I only heard back from one (and not the free energy promoter), who directed me to the Post-Carbon Institute, where Richard Heinberg is on the board. I nearly laughed. I have virtually never found anybody at home among progressives, and a jeer is about the best that I have ever gotten from them. This is the walk in the desert that Brian discussed. A few years ago, I heard that China was building a city for developing free energy, like they did for Yull Brown. I am not holding my breath, but maybe something will come of it. All in all, these posts show what a sorry state the free energy milieu is in, how it has few allies and many enemies (and the greatest obstacles are the milieu’s members), and it is no surprise that I am a voice in the wilderness today. The next posts will wrap up this thread for now, and I’ll describe what the free energy milieu would need to look like to have a prayer of success. Best, Wade