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  1. Hi: I’ll return to this theme periodically, as it is one of my work’s most important, IMO, but I’ll wrap up this series of posts for now. In short, what disappears in the Fifth Epoch includes: Scarcity Fear Violence Abuse Disease Environmental destruction Drudgery Addiction Ideological indoctrination Delusions, such as calling the darkness the light Geographical isolation Materialism Unhappiness What becomes standard in the Fifth Epoch includes: Abundance Love Health, both humanity’s and the environment’s True learning Space travel Self-realization “Mystical” abilities Enlightenment Happiness Earth and humanity will cease being raped. Life, work, study, and play will become far more meaningful and fulfilling, the world will end as we know it, and it won’t be missed. Almost none of humanity’s activities today will continue into the Fifth Epoch, as they are almost all oriented around scarcity and fear, and those will not be the operational principles of the Fifth Epoch. And we will all find plenty to do. I can’t overemphasize that this is not some impractical and ungrounded New Age “vision,” but readily predictable outcomes of the introduction of technologies that I know already exist on Earth, and many of the most important technologies are likely older than I am. But, as Greer says, the worst elements of humanity control those technologies today, and we don’t get any while we collectively sleep and are our own worst enemies. I am not saying that the above lists are inevitable, but that they are very likely. This kind of world begins to come into focus in the Fifth Epoch. The energy surplus of the Fifth Epoch makes things feasible that are barely imaginable today, as it was for all prior Epochs. The biggest event in the human journey, as we become a Type 1 civilization, will necessarily bring the biggest changes in the human journey. I can’t overemphasize that if we don’t get the benefit of clean and abundant energy, then almost none of those changes will happen. Free energy and related suppressed technologies are a precondition for those changes, as a new level of energy surplus provides the foundation of the coming Epoch, just as it has for all previous Epochs. It takes a modicum of scientific literacy to understand those ideas, not any more than is needed to digest my big essay, which is really not much at all. As I have stated plenty, what I ask of my readers is trivial, compared to the magnitude of the task at hand, but I also know that very few on Earth today are willing and able to muster such effort. Not many have the right stuff to help, and it does no good to judge the situation; those are just the numbers, numbers that I discovered the hard way. Perhaps the most important contribution that I bring to this effort is intimate knowledge of the paths to manifesting free energy that have not worked and are unlikely to, and I came to my current approach through a life-risking and life-wrecking process of elimination more than anything else. I am constantly approached by free energy newcomers who propose their “bright ideas” that are all variations on those failed approaches, as they seek some quick and easy way to the Fifth Epoch. None of those “bright idea” people have done the necessary work, if they want to help with what I am doing, so their constant attempts to find an easy way reflect their levels of awareness and commitment. There are no quick and easy answers to this conundrum. If I or somebody else forms that choir, then it will be easy, but forming the choir will be the hard part. But, in order to be choir material, people have to jettison all of the self-serving and comforting fictions of their conditioning. Perhaps more than anything else, that is what my work is intended to assist. We can’t get there by dragging along our baggage. That baggage is where all of those “bright ideas” come from. What I also get a lot of are people who can’t handle imagining what can be while comparing it to the current situation on Earth. While I am sympathetic to that challenge, it is really not that hard to meet it. My visions have sustained me through the repeated nightmares of my journey, as I discovered the hard way how our world really works. I do not ask anybody to go through what my fellow travelers and I experienced. There is no need to. This field has quite enough martyrs to the cause, to show how the land lies. Nobody needs to risk their lives to join my effort. Helping make the Fifth Epoch happen beats watching TV. Best, Wade
  2. Hi: This may not be the appropriate place to start this thread, but I don’t see any place better in this forum. I published an online textbook last year, here. It is the capstone of a 2,000-page body of work, here. I am finished with writing such material. It took several years of my life to do it, and all of my “spare” time over a generation to study for writing it. I have been at this for more than 40 years, and I hope to have at least another 30 good years in me, to keep at it and help manifest the biggest event in the human journey. I have the bona fides to at least try. I have been badgered for many years to make books out of my work, especially that online textbook, but my work is a next-generation resource that I designed for the Internet. I could put some high-profile blurbs on my work, such as Howard Zinn’s praise for my Columbus essay, or a world-renowned paleobiologist praising my treatment of the history of life on Earth, but plan to keep them buried in my work. I have been regularly told by people who should know that there is nothing else on Earth like my work, for better or worse. It is difficult to categorize my work as history, politics, science, economics, or as a purely visionary exercise. People have asked for a label, and I came up with “Neo-Fullerian.” My work is comprehensive in nature, and my online textbook is something that Bucky Fuller may well have written if he was still alive. I have a presence in other controlled forums (joining all-comers forums was a disaster, and I won’t do that again), and have my own forum. This forum is filled with authors and scholars, and I think that it may be possible to begin a high-level conversation about the vitally important topics that my online textbook addresses. I am trying to help make something happen, let there be no doubt about that. My work covers vast territory, and I want this thread to stay away from the many rabbit holes that it could go down. Although I am the biographer of the astronaut who publicly doubted that we landed men on the moon, it is his free energy-related work that I want to discuss here, not his Apollo musings. I have discussed my connection to the JFK issue, here, and don’t want to go there on this thread, although I briefly touch on the JFK hit in my online textbook. The medical racket is also not something that I want to discuss on this thread, the American myths about World War II, and so on, unless they have direct bearing on my online textbook. I may be willing to discuss them on other threads in this forum, but I want this thread to concentrate on the subjects in my online textbook, and there are literally thousands to choose from. I look forward to a healthy and productive discussion. Best, Wade
  3. Hi: What else disappears in the Fifth Epoch? Elites. Elites appeared in the Third Epoch, and will become obsolete in the Fifth. Elites found a way to skim off the scarce economic surplus from agrarian societies, and became prominent with the rise of civilization. Dark pathers flocked to those scenes like moths to a candle, and still do. Early elites claimed divine status, and the priesthood entered into a Faustian deal with them. Elites always garnered economic power as a path to political power. While some sat on thrones, they discovered that being behind the throne was the place to be, and you have never heard of today’s most powerful elites. They see Bill Gates as just a boy with his toys, and even David Rockefeller did not play at the highest levels. Sitting American presidents are puppets. The last president who thought that he could make a dent was rudely disabused of the notion. During my adventures, we ran afoul of the global elite, as we pursued free energy. We had more dealings with them than I can publicly discuss today, but let’s just say that their pockets are deep, their toys are many, and while humanity collectively sleeps and is its own worst enemy, we do not get to play with them, as we live in scarcity and fear, which allows the global elite to easily call the shots on Earth. Those global elites don’t really have the power that they aspire to, and act like nearly everybody else: fearfully. They don’t want their world-straddling role to disappear, which is why they are the leaders in suppressing the public dissemination of free energy and related technologies. They like ruling in hell just fine, thank you, even as they toy with making Earth uninhabitable. In the Fifth Epoch, their ill-gotten role will disappear. Not only the evil-minded elites, but all elites, who have always been economic elites above all else, and conspicuous economic consumption has always been the mark of their status. In a world of abundance, the very idea of elites will vanish. Gone will be elites and their power, financial, and cultural centers such as Washington, D.C, Wall Street, and Hollywood. Cities as we know them will also end, so those centers will doubly disappear. They won’t be missed. Celebrity culture will vanish along with them. Some people might become relatively prominent due to their talent or virtue, but they are not going to be elites and celebrities. Even gossip will largely vanish. Gossip is a human invention, partly to replace grooming as a social glue among simians, and humans have used gossip to keep their in-group members in line, so that nobody took too much advantage of their position, and economically above all else. Humans universally punish people who cheat the system. In the Fifth Epoch, none of that will make sense any longer. Human sentience is going to be put to far greater use than gossip and punishing cheaters. Cheating is not going to make any sense, and it will quickly become evident that “cheaters” are really cheating themselves. Those chapters of the human journey will close, and they won’t be missed. Best, Wade
  4. Hi: Human sexuality is going to change dramatically in the Fifth Epoch. Humans and bonobos are the only land animals that use sex for both recreation and procreation. The bonobo experience is very germane to the human journey. A doubling of their food supply after gorillas left the region resulted in a radical restructuring of the societies of the chimps that became bonobos. Chimp societies are male-dominated, and you could call them psychopathic. About half of male chimps die violently, and infanticide is common. Just this week, I saw a report of a male chimp cannibalizing a newborn chimp. Nobody dies violently in bonobo societies, and the only act that brings down societal retribution is if a male chimp remotely looks like he is threatening an infant, and then the entire society will come down on him, no matter his mother’s rank (male bonobos get their rank through their mothers). Life is one big orgy in bonobo societies. They enjoy their lives, while chimp societies are governed by fear and violence. When women began bringing in more calories than men in horticultural societies, they often became matrilocal, which broke a pattern that was likely established before gorillas. Those became humanity’s most peaceful preindustrial societies, as they broke up ruling male gangs. Women’s status universally declined with the rise of civilization, and only rose again with industrialization, which also freed the slaves. Today, it is thought that the nuclear family began when the human line understood paternity. Before that, with nine-month gestation periods, nobody understood that sex led to procreation. The nuclear family is likely related to a man’s investing his time and energy in raising offspring that he has a genetic investment in. So, the nuclear family is above all an economic institution. Women have sought “dads, not cads,” for the entire human journey. The idea of a cuckold will become obsolete. In the Fifth Epoch, women won’t need men to provide for their children, and the nuclear family will likely become obsolete. I strongly doubt that the Fifth Epoch is going to mark the ascent of cads. Human sexuality is likely going to go the bonobo way. Women will be in complete control of their sexuality, and only conceive when they want to. As Seth discussed, children won’t try to “grow up” too fast and have sex too early. Seth said that the so-called sexual liberation of women in the West was actually a restriction of human expression. Child abuse and sexual abuse is going to become unthinkable. Sex is going to have its place, and a prominent one, but it is not going to be the dominant channel of human expression and the primary dance of the genders. We can barely imagine what the Fifth Epoch will be like on these matters. Places such as Hollywood will vanish, along with cities, and the repeated sex scandals (Cosby and Weinstein in recent years) will go the way of slavery. Celebrity culture will vanish. There won’t be any point in it. Women are not going to need to sell their attractiveness, and the many sexual dysfunctions of men and woman are going to disappear. What replaces it will be infinitely more enlightened. My guess is that nuclear families may still exist, but they will be one option among many and probably rare, and may be seen as quaint. Human sociality is going to change dramatically, just as it has in other Epochs. I can’t overemphasize that the social changes came as a result of an Epochal Event, and were never a cause of them. People get it entirely backwards when they think that some kind of new social movement is going to usher in the Fifth Epoch. Sociality is based on survival. In the Fifth Epoch, survival issues vanish, so human sociality is going to take directions that few of us can imagine today. Human sexuality is just part of that dynamic. The closest human relationships will likely still be a mother and her offspring, but that might also change some. Flexibility in human relations will likely be the mark of the Fifth Epoch. We likely have little idea of what that will look like. If it looks anything like that heavenly Roads world, who would not want to sign up? OK, dark pathers likely won’t, but who else? Best, Wade
  5. Hi: Another dramatic change will be in humanity’s health, diet, and medical practices. Today, they are abominable. While it is true that humanity has adapted to cooked food, the same does not go for processed food. Most of the human diet should be raw fruits and vegetables, but in our world of scarcity, it is expensive, and food processors have essentially concocted addictive foods. In the Fifth Epoch, all people will have instant access to live food. Most people will be involved in producing the food they eat. But they won’t be peasants. It will likely take only a few minutes a day to tend and prepare food for consumption. And with that increasing human conscience that grows in a world of abundance, when it becomes obvious that nobody needs to eat animals, nobody will. Today’s medical system is one huge racket that feeds off of misery and death. All of the world’s rackets will disappear in the Fifth Epoch, and the demise of the medical racket will be one of the most welcome developments of the early Fifth Epoch. Prevention will be medicine’s byword, not lucrative, violent interventions. Any treatments will be gentle and effective. In the Fifth Epoch, obesity will go the way of slavery, so will all addictions, which are all brief, debilitating escapes from misery. People will live to be a hundred or more, in perfect health for their entire lives. Everybody will exercise in fun ways, and competition will also vanish. All competitive games and sports will disappear. Gambling will be pointless. The idea of winners and losers will disappear. The idea of becoming rich and famous will become obsolete, as will the related celebrity culture. It all will cease making any sense. One reflexive reaction to these coming changes is something along the lines of, “You are taking away our reason to live!” All of these vanished aspects of today’s world that I am describing do not exist in this world, and their lives are vastly happier and more fulfilling than what anybody on Earth experiences today, with the constant hum of scarcity and fear in the background. Best, Wade
  6. Hi: What else disappears in the transition to the Fifth Epoch? All scarcity-based ideologies, including: All of today’s organized religions All economic ideologies – capitalism, communism, socialism, parecon, neoclassical, etc. All materialistic ideologies; Nationalism Racism Sexism Tribalism Any ideology that tends to make out-groups will vanish, because all in-group/out-group ideologies are based on scarcity and survival. Those ideologies will quickly become pointless in a world where scarcity and survival are no longer issues. Not only will those ideologies become pointless, their very basis will vanish. Racial, lingual, religious, and other differences are the result of geographic isolation. When all people can travel the world in minutes, the human traits born of geographic isolation will end. There will be one race, probably golden-skinned. There will be one language, or maybe a few, one for daily conversation and one or more for more formal discussions, such as scientific or artistic. Everybody will be able to understand everybody. English is already the lingua franca of the Internet. Those universal languages likely won’t look or sound quite like anything on the planet today. The disappearance of race will likely take a century or three, as humanity interbreeds like never before. Today’s organized religions won’t last long, either, especially when humanity openly interacts with ETs. What will replace it will be infinitely more enlightened, more like what the teachings of the masters really looked like, not the priesthood-serving distortions of today’s organized religions. The scarcity-based ideologies will disappear in a generation or so. Nations will likely not last more than a generation, maybe two. Again, none of them will end through coercion, but because they will no longer make any sense. When everybody can travel the planet and solar system in their vehicles, who will want to enslave a horse to pull a cart? Cities as we know them will also vanish. I expect that in the first generation of free energy’s appearance, all manner of “alternative” lifestyle will be explored, and when people can live in abundance anywhere, nobody is going to want to live cheek-by-jowl in cities. Cities as we know them will become obsolete, and I would think that they will stop being the abode of humans within a century. When I have made these predictions, one objection was that everybody would then become hillbillies. Those objectors don’t yet understand. Nobody will be geographically isolated unless they really want to, but almost nobody is going to want to do that. That isolation today results from poverty, survival, and fear. When those dynamics go away, so will the desire to be geographically isolated. If some desire the hermit’s existence, they will easily have it, but few will, and almost none for long. They might try the hermit lifestyle for a little while, and then decide on something else. I am sympathetic to people whose minds are blown by posts like this, and that is why I know that I seek needles in haystacks. Nobody could imagine the previous Epochal Events before they happened, and very few people today can begin to wrap their minds around the Fifth Epoch’s changes before they happen. Fear almost instantly rises, as their imaginations run amok, thinking about all that could go wrong. It is just the projection of fear, which is typical. People have always feared change, because in a world of scarcity, it meant winners and losers. In the Fifth Epoch, everybody wins, although Godzilla and friends have been doing everything that they can to prevent the Fifth Epoch from manifesting, and so far, humanity has been easily kept in their pens of scarcity and fear. Godzilla reacts in fear, too. You might call him the master of fear, being on the dark path like he is. Even he can win, but he might also seek other planets to exploit, so that he can explore evil further. It is a valid path, although ultimately illusory. Best, Wade
  7. Hi Joe: To your second post first; most of my posts are intended to elicit a chuckle or two, or maybe a mind-smile. On Global Warming, your analogy is apt, in a few ways. Let’s take cancer. The establishment said that cancer was part of a normal aging process, that you can’t do anything to prevent getting it, and if you get it, the only sane choice is to submit to their ministrations, which have the virtue of being lucrative and killing you. It has gotten a little better, in that they now allow that what we put in our bodies has something to do with it, but it is still the attack-the-tumor paradigm of treatment. So, yes, they make money going and coming, and the masses line up. To deny the cancer epidemic because its treatment is a racket is like denying Global Warming because of all the interests that plan to cash in on their “solutions,” and I have not seen an effective one yet, other than free energy (another reason to suppress it ). Or, when they finally acknowledge that there is a cancer problem, they just chalk it up to aging. That Morris Fishbein promoted cigarettes, while trying to monopolize actual cancer cures, is a great example of this issue. Watching the Global Warming wars can be educational, if you have never seen such a dynamic, but I have seen too much of it. Global Warming denial plays to people’s egocentrism of business as usual, and the oil companies are only too happy to abet that delusion. You really have to have your head in the sand to buy it, and scientific literacy can really help here, so you can see the fraudsters at work. They play similar games of statistical obfuscation and other tricks that the medical racketeers do. All of the temperature slicing and dicing holds little interest to me. The world’s ice is rapidly melting. How much more obvious can it get? The temperature anomaly in the Arctic is very dramatic, with the permafrost melting, etc. Over Earth’s history, it is the poles that get the dramatic swings, not the equatorial regions. In greenhouse Earth phases, there are forests near the poles, and during icehouse phases, they are covered in ice. The additions to the carbon cycle have historically come from volcanism, and the subtractions from deposition and burial. With what humanity has already vented to the atmosphere in the industrial age, at 100 times the contribution from volcanism this year, for instance, it will take 100,000 years for it to come out in deposition. Many climate scientists think that it is already too late to prevent a pretty big temperature rise. It is similar to what I recently read on mass extinctions, that once it gets going, there is no stopping it, as the systems collapse. You can reach a tipping point that initiates a runaway effect. We are toying with that today, and worse, with our profligate burning of Earth’s hydrocarbons. Best, Wade
  8. Hi: I don’t comment too often on the current retail political scene, but Hillary Clinton really is disgusting, as she stays in Joe McCarthy mode. Uncle Ed has been writing on the new McCarthyism for years, and American Russia-bashing is a century old. Her joking about the invasion of Libya and Gaddafi’s murder is what psychopaths do (Bush the Second is also psychopathic, which seems to be a requirement to be the American president). Libya had Africa’s highest standard of living before Hillary and company got involved, and Gaddafi was leading the effort to protect Africa from more Western imperial interventions, and he had to go. I even heard Uncle Noam call her the “lesser evil” to Trump, but I really have to wonder about that. When our “moderate” assets in Syria posted up a video of beheading a child, Trump called off our covert action operatives there. Those Syrian activities were Clinton’s and Obama’s handiwork. Best, Wade
  9. Hi: As I have stated plenty, materialism (or “physicalism”) is the religion of our Epoch, as traditional organized religions (Third Epoch religions) have lost their sway in industrialized nations. Both religious traditions will become completely obsolete in the Fifth Epoch. There will be a few reasons for that. One is that the technologies that my friend was shown were likely largely developed from reverse-engineering “captured” ET craft. It was years later when I saw Greer’s Disclosure Project witnesses describing some of the same technologies that my friend was shown. When free energy comes into the open, ETs likely will at the same time, and they are certainly not materialists. The reason for The Brookings Institute’s advice to NASA will become clear, as scientists and religious fanatics the world over have their minds blown by the events. The revelations of Godzilla’s antics will be little more than the day’s news in light of the other events. All exchange-related professions will quickly become obsolete. There will be little of what people do today to earn their livelihoods that will survive in the Fifth Epoch, and those activities won’t be missed, similar to how nobody pines for the days of slavery, except perhaps would-be masters. I strongly doubt that humanity is suddenly going to become enlightened (as many New Agers think), and that all people will engage in deep introspection regarding their contribution to the miseries of our current Epoch. Few in today’s world possess the personal integrity for that. But what today’s people I think can readily learn, as they live in abundance for the first time, is that egocentric justifications for violating out-groups will be seen as highly primitive, and the flowery justifications, which are older than humanity, will wither and vanish, and quickly. People are going to grow consciences like they never have before. The lessons that we are all taught by age five will actually be retained. Warfare, crime, violence, abuse, and exploitation will quickly be seen as extremely barbaric activities that all humans (except dark pathers) will happily see deposited into the dustbin of history. And, as always, none of that will happen until all people’s standards of living begin to reach Fifth Epoch standards, which make Bill Gates appear a pauper, just as the average American lives a richer life than Earth’s richest human of three centuries ago. Without clean and abundant energy, the Fifth Epoch won’t and can’t manifest. But if humanity finally becomes a Type 1 civilization, everything will change, and radically, just as happened during the previous Epochs. Best, Wade
  10. Hi: As the Fifth Epoch begins, it will quickly become apparent that today’s politicians are useless. As Uncle Bucky said, those politicians are merely “stooges” of the economic interests. As capitalism vanishes, the moneyed interests will lose their control over the retail political system. All of today’s politics is founded on the idea of divvying up the scarce economic production, and when abundance reigns, the entire purpose of today’s political systems simply vanishes. Politicians will be seen as puppets who had their strings cut. People will care about them even less than they do today. Their role will become completely obsolete. It is likely that many evil deeds committed under the guise of politics, “national security,” and the like will come into the open. Godzilla might even be unmasked, but I would happily just see him slink away. Also, with antigravity and free energy technology, which already exist on the planet, humanity will become space-faring, all of us, and geographical isolation will end for all peoples. Anybody will be able travel the planet in minutes. When that happens, territorial constructs such as nations will become quaint anachronisms, in which ruling classes of geographical zones carved out their spheres of influence, to exploit the masses under their control, will be quickly seen as nonsensical. It will globally be acknowledged that all humans are behaviorally modern, and that we all have far more in common than differences, and national identities will be seen as meaningless, more like a fact of our ancestry that no longer means much of anything. Nations will then end, and something like a global government will form, but its purpose will be little more than promoting a dynamic unity among all people and ensuring that everybody lives in abundance. They will deal with people who just have to violate others, but they will be sequestered, if necessary, in places of healing, not punishment. I doubt that there will be very many of such “hard cases,” and with each generation, their numbers will be fewer, until that mentality vanishes from the planet, as a relic of our primitive past. Again, what I am presenting is not hard to predict, if free energy and related suppressed technologies make their appearance, for people who understand how today’s world works. Best, Wade
  11. Hi: What else goes away in the Fifth Epoch, and almost instantly? Environmental destruction, warfare, and crime. Dominating and destroying ecosystems for human gain will easily be seen as slavery is today: an abomination. That increase in human conscience will happen just as the conscience against slavery exists today: people will be able to afford a greater conscience. Just as slaughtering one’s neighbors on sight was standard practice in the late Second Epoch, but vanished in the Third Epoch, just as slavery was standard in the Third Epoch, but vanished in the Fourth, mass warfare, economic exploitation of peoples and ecosystems, and the like have been standard features of the Fourth Epoch, but will vanish in the Fifth. All humans will easily have all of their material needs met without recourse to exploiting ecosystems or abusing Earth’s surface. Environmentalists shriek in fear when they hear about free energy, claiming that all that will happen will be the strip-mining of Earth and wars that turn Earth into a cinder. I have a higher opinion of humanity than environmentalists do. I strongly doubt that humans are that stupid, to be given the means of living harmlessly and in abundance, but will choose self-destruction. Really, who is that stupid? I advocate those peacekeeping grandmothers who ensure that free energy is not weaponized, and a global governance system that ensures free energy’s safe implementation, but really, those efforts will likely be minimal and will not be needed for long. It would be like a system that prevented people from playing Russian Roulette. Who is going to want to play that game? The few who do will be sequestered in places of healing, not punishment. If everybody was a billionaire, who would steal from their neighbors? What would the point be? Best, Wade
  12. Hi: I recently made a post on what disappears in the coming Epoch. I can’t overemphasize that without clean and abundant energy - decentralized and democratized, AKA free energy - the Fifth Epoch cannot happen. I constantly see people advocate Fifth Epoch features in our Fourth Epoch, but that is as impractical as advocating the end of slavery before the rise of machines; it is crazy talk. But if the means of the Fifth Epoch make it past humanity’s inertia and the organized suppression, then the world will end as we know it, and I am going to get into some specifics of what that transition can look like. I have largely avoided that discussion, partly because it is putting the cart before the horse. People can get all excited about a discussion like this, but I have rarely found it to be an enlightened or informed discussion, or rooted in practicality. I am going to see if I can help raise the bar a little, and what will also become obvious is that all of the chapters of my big essay, before this one, are preparation for understanding what the Fifth Epoch means. It is not easy to wrap one’s head around, even with shows such as Star Trek to give us hints. I’ll start off with the easy one. Giving away history’s most lucrative technology (the only strategy with a prayer, IMO) will mean the end of capitalism. Half of the ten largest companies on Earth are energy companies. They all go away, for starters. All energy utilities go away. But far more importantly, energy becomes the means of abundance, and capitalism is based on scarcity, greed, and fear. The idea of hoarding wealth, when the means to it are freely available to anybody, is not going to make sense any longer. There will not be any need to coercively end capitalism. It will disappear of its own accord, like children outgrowing their toys. Anybody clinging to capitalist notions will quickly look like that guy hoarding items on the holodeck; he will be seen by all to be ill, and his healing will be sought. Dark pathers are not going to like it, and they have my sympathy, as the milieu that makes their games so effective will vanish. They are going to either change their game or find someplace else more conducive to it. Without their leverage of artificially induced scarcity and fear, nobody is going to play along with them. The immediate effects of free energy making its appearance will be dramatic. The end of air pollution, for starters. The end of capitalism will barely be noticed. Just like the rise of machines meant the end of slavery, as people could afford to have more of a conscience, when abundance is available to all, Arab sheiks are not going to starve, nor will anybody who formerly depended on oil revenues. I have confidence that the world’s peoples will easily figure something out. It is like asking a billionaire what problems in his personal life he can’t solve. Making sure that every person on Earth has access to life’s necessities is going to be the first order of business, and it will be easy. All greed-based ideologies, and capitalism chief among them, will quickly vanish. Best, Wade
  13. Hi: This post will cover territory that I have written about before, here and there, but this will be more comprehensive and is a segue from my previous post. I have seen about a dozen alternative physics hypotheses over the years, usually comprehensive ones that end up with some kind of unified field theory. It is like watching aspirants chase after Moby-Dick, seeking to be the one to finally plant the deadly harpoon. The unified field theory is the Holy Grail of physics, so it is understandable to see so many go after it. Some have interesting evidence for them, while others are on the speculative end, with little evidence in their favor, and they often make the scientist’s plea: money to fund experiments to test their hypotheses. They are not all going to be right, if any of them are. Every theory is wrong; that is the nature of what we call science. The best scientists try to never get too attached to a theory, as any of them can fall with the next experiment. I am regularly approached about this or that hypothesis promoted by this or that scientist. For me, none of that is very important. What is important, to me, is that today’s corpus of mainstream theory is a rickety house of cards that already has plenty of evidence supporting its unstable nature, but it is suppressed in the name of global control. The mainstream theories are even admitted by their adherents to be shaky. The quantum paradox calls into question the entire foundation of today’s physics, and it has been admitted to be quantum physics’s “skeleton in the closet.” Almost all mainstream scientists who witnessed what my friend saw would have staggered away from the demonstration, with their minds blown. When I see scientists invoke “the laws of physics” to deny free energy’s possibility, they are merely parroting their catechisms, and this is far from a new phenomenon. As Brian O often said, there are no “laws of physics,” only theories. To even say “law” is to invoke religious faith. Every generation of intellectuals had its self-satisfied members who “knew” that they had it all figured out, or nearly so. The “skeptics” are notorious for making those religious pronouncements. The fact is that there are many technologies extant today, and publicly available, which mainstream physics cannot explain, such as how Naessens’s and Rife’s microscopes attain their “impossible” resolutions, or how Brown’s Gas causes transmutation. A graduate student performed recent work on Brown’s Gas and proposed a new orbital configuration to explain it, the kind of hypothesis that they hand out Nobel prizes for, but the kid ran into science’s political establishment, so his work languishes on the margins, as usual. Invoking the “laws of physics” to buttress denial is not only naïve, but also ignorant. Many of the greatest breakthroughs in technology had no theoretic basis for them when invented, and two of the most famous were Edison’s incandescent lighting and the Wright brothers’ powered flight. Edison was the world’s most famous scientist when his teams perfected electric lighting and lit up Menlo Park with it, while scientists who could not leave their easy chairs to go see for themselves ridiculed Edison, called him a criminal for making such claims, and said that electric lighting was an “idiotic” idea. Not only were theorists decrying man-powered flight to be “impossible” before the Wright brothers flew, but the scientific establishment ignored their flights for five years, while the house organ of science ridiculed persistent reports of their flights. That kind of insanity is alive and well today in the halls of science, and soon before he died, Brian O told me that the situation is worse today in science than it was when the Wright brothers flew. On a more mundane level, when Dennis got involved with the heat pump that changed his life, the inventors were cutting their performance data in half so they would not stop being laughed out of engineering offices, who ridiculed such “impossible” performance. That kind of stupidity usually prevails when dealing with technological breakthroughs. One of Dennis’s assailants even testified to the “impossibility” of his heat pump’s performance, and then Dennis produced test data that the very witness produced. Not even doing the “impossible” work himself prevented him from continuing to parrot his textbooks. Just like with the ideas of democracy, a free press, an objective history, free markets, and the like, while the ideal can be noble, reality often falls far short, and it is that way, in spades, with today’s science. A big problem that free energy efforts have is the assumption that today’s science is somehow democratic, free, and endlessly inquisitive. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a very close cousin to Uncle Noam’s critiques of establishment political ideology, the “free press,” and the like. Within a very narrow band, bounded by rigid framing assumptions, the establishment encourages vigorous debate, such as how the so-called political left and right debated the looming invasion of Iraq. It was taken as a given that we had a right to intervene. The only debate was about how to do it. Science is very similar. Scientists are relatively free when they deal with “safe” topics, but once their work begins treading on powerful toes, such as challenging the “attack the tumor” paradigm of cancer treatment, or inventing, for God’s sake, a working free energy prototype, with some theory to explain it, then there is hell to pay. It has amazed me how naïve the so-called radical left is to that reality, for all of their worldliness on other issues. The entire free energy milieu is dismissed, and the more honest of them admit their objection to the idea of some global effort of conspiring elites. They find the very idea of such people and their efforts too frightening and depressing to even contemplate. I eventually realized that the idea of free energy and its organized suppression ran counter to their religion – materialism – which is the Fourth Epoch’s religion. Best, Wade
  14. Hi: This will be a post on what my experience has been with my readers over the years. For those happily slumbering in the cradles of their conditioning, my work is like a bucket of ice water poured over one’s head. I have watched peers – white, educated, American men – go berserk after reading only a few pages of my work, such as this section of it. They quickly lost all semblance of rationality as they launched into their tirades. My work takes on the innumerable lies and deceits of my great nation’s indoctrination and conditioning. Most of it is very easy to see through, such as the idolatry of worshipping a flag. The lies begin in our cradles. The “news” is a pack of lies, and history is written by the winners. Industrial waste is added to our water supply as compulsory “medicine,” which “coincidentally” damages our brains and prematurely ages us. We have disease “treatments” that kill the patients but are extremely lucrative, and the masses line up for it. Our governments are hopelessly corrupt, and virtually every official investigation into the corruption, including the murder of the sitting president, is a sham. This is what a world of zero-integrity looks like, and it can get worse, far worse. I regularly get new readers to my work who immediately want to use it to “wake up” their social circles. That is a good way to get ostracized. I regularly get “progressives” who might like what I write about the news and history, but when I get into the conspiratorial aspects of the situation, and they are many and important, they go scurrying away, calling my work a “conspiracy theory,” when I am reporting facts, not theories. I have had so-called free energy activists dismiss me as a “conspiracy theorist,” in the height of naïveté and irrationality. I know that there are technologies on Earth today that turn the physics textbooks into doorstops. But try to engage a scientist on that reality and watch what happens. The Brookings Institute warned NASA about making just those kinds of revelations to scientists, as their heads could explode. What often happens is that new readers will be enthusiastic about my work until it comes to where they get their ox gored, and it is often over trivial matters, and usually on issues where they have some cherished belief that is obviously false. One recent example that I have seen repeatedly is on human-induced climate change. You can see a tirade or two on my Avalon thread and elsewhere, as scientifically illiterate people challenge me, but have no idea what they are writing about. One pal was kicked out of Avalon for stating that Global Warming was a reality. The science around the issue is very simple. Humanity is mining and burning Earth’s hydrocarbons at a mind-boggling rate – so fast that all of the easy hydrocarbon deposits will be burned up by the end of this century, especially conventional oil, which is humanity’s most lucrative energy source (leaving out those that are suppressed). Those deposits were amassed over hundreds of millions of years (1, 2), and will all be mined and burned in hundreds of years. Over Earth’s history, there have been hot periods and cold periods, and the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide content has been the primary driver. The carbon cycle’s additions have always come from volcanism, and the subtractions from deposition and burial. It has been that way for billions of years, except for right now, as humanity’s activities are venting a hundred times more carbon to the atmosphere than volcanoes are. Carbon dioxide traps infrared radiation, and that will warm the atmosphere. That is incontrovertible, denied by no scientist that I know of, even the Global Warming deniers. The Global Warming deniers are mostly scientists who sold their souls to the hydrocarbon lobby. Brian O knew one of the most prominent deniers, who tried to get Brian to sell his soul, too. But the scientifically illiterate, who don’t even know the basics, have taken me to task for admitting the obvious. Why? Because Global Warming Denial is somehow attractive to them, probably because they don’t trust scientists and believe that the issue has been politicized, which it most certainly has (and they likely don’t have the will or mental horsepower to become scientifically literate). However, the Global Warming Denial arguments are intentionally distracting from the important issues, like a man playing the shell game with his “customers.” A little scientific literacy can go a long way. So, the scientifically illiterate get hoodwinked by oil company mouthpieces, and anybody disputing that transparent propaganda has a screw loose. And those people believe that they are free thinkers! That is just one example of many where people encounter something about my work that challenges one of their sacred beliefs, and they then go running away, usually heaving insults and the like as they flee. And that is OK. My work is not for them, but for the awake and awakening. I don’t mind criticisms, if the critics have some idea of what they are writing about and not parroting somebody else’s propaganda. I am sure that some of my work is wrong, but I don’t know what it might be. My big essay update will correct for some small errors and introduce new scientific findings, and that is standard textbook updating. I have written what I think is most important about my work, and what my confidence levels are. My best students don’t “buy” everything that I write about, and that is good. I don’t want anybody to blindly accept what I write about. Knowledge comes from experience. They need to do their homework, get out in the world and find out for themselves, and only accept things into their reality window that they have tested to the extent they are able. I have not had an NDE or OOB, but I have seen and participated in enough “paranormal” events that I don’t doubt the reality of the experiences of those who report NDEs and OOBs, even though they may be subject to interpretation. Similarly, the kinds of experiences that I have had you can’t buy. Even I sometimes have a hard time believing that they happened, and I lived them. I would not recommend finding out the reality of free energy and its organized suppression how I and my little circle did. Like an NDE, it is not easy to survive the experience. One reason why I state that the people I seek have to already be awake is that if they are, they have had experiences that showed them the lies of their conditioning. They will have had experiences enough like mine that my reporting it is not going to make their heads explode as they take it in. Not many can do that. I am going to give an example of Darren. When he first encountered my work, and I wrote about those “austere environmentalists,” he got indignant, as he was one of them, but didn’t think of himself that way. After chewing on it for a year, he realized that I was right. Like virtually all free energy newcomers, he thought that his social circle was hip, and to an extent they were, with some knowing who Dennis was and were even involved with him. But after a sobering period of trying to interest somebody in my work, he had to ruefully admit how alone he was regarding my work. That is normal. It can be very good work to do that, as it helps “seat” my information, and people like Darren eventually approach me, ready to learn. He is far from alone, at least on a global scale. I have thousands of regular readers scattered across Earth. Darren told me that when I wrote of the prosecution making faces and laughing at me as I testified, it rang the bell of authenticity with him. He was not surprised that that would happen. That is the kind of mentality that I seek. They don’t have to immediately believe me, but be worldly enough to be able to handle the revelations of my journey, and those of my close circle. I am not at liberty to reveal all the names, but to the degree that I can, I have, and if people do just a little homework, the identities of nearly everybody is revealed. They have to dig into subjects on their own and sharpen their tools of discernment. After taking those deep dives, they can then come back to my work on those subjects and see how it holds up. Until they do that, either before or after encountering my work, they are not going to have a solid foundation of their awareness. I don’t need parrots, but colleagues. I have more to write, but time to begin my busy day. Best, Wade
  15. Hi: This post will be on another theme of mine that I have written on before. While I may seem to ask a lot of my readers, for the task I am attempting, it really is trivial. The biggest event in the human journey, that saves Earth’s ecosystems as a side-effect, and people today get a chance to be involved with it. At no other time in the human journey has this opportunity existed. Big stuff, to put it mildly, and nobody needs to play the hero, and they don’t need any money. All they need to do is devote some of the time that they put into watching TV and surfing the Internet, and be willing to lay aside their conditioning and indoctrination. But very few on Earth are willing to do that. They need to develop some scientific literacy, but no more than is needed to digest my big essay, which is really not such a heavy lift. They also need to be a real person, not hiding in the shadows. Truly, for the task at hand, I am asking for almost nothing at all. I never expected this to begin quickly. Nothing like this ever has. Hardly anybody can even conceive of what I am doing, and that is normal, for something as radical as what I am attempting. Best, Wade
  16. Hi: I was talking with my dentist yesterday about the fluoride and free radical relationship to programmed cell death, and he knew John Yiamouyiannis. Yiamouyiannis is going to receive posthumous vindication, if it is not stolen. My dentist said that the scientific issue is settled, and that fluoridation is now a purely political issue. It will not take much for me to update my fluoride essay with this new information, so I’ll do it soon. Best, Wade
  17. Hi: Reactions to my biography draft from my pals have been nice to see. I couldn’t have done my work without my pals. Nobody can do this alone. My big essay is the fruit of the effort of truly countless scientists, scholars, and others, going back thousands of years. I would like to bring up a theme that is in my big essay plenty, but needs reiteration: the Fifth Epoch is only going to be possible with abundant and clean energy. Without that, the Fifth Epoch won’t happen. It can’t happen. I cannot overemphasize that, and it usually takes some scientific literacy to understand. Aspects of today’s humanity that will vanish in the Fifth Epoch include: Nations Races Cities as we know them Money and other exchange tools and ideas Different languages – everybody can understand everybody else in the Fifth Epoch Poverty Warfare The arrival of the Fifth Epoch means the end of the world as we know it, and it won’t be missed. Again, the above list is not New Agey wishful thinking, but those are easily predictable outcomes of abundance and the end of humanity’s geographic isolation, and with a little scientific literacy, they are not hard to understand at all. And I know that the technology to usher in the Fifth Epoch is already on the planet and likely is older than I am. Technology is not the issue: integrity and sentience, is. So, arguing that some race or nation is hopelessly screwed up today is merely an assessment of what we see in this Epoch, like arguing in Third Epoch civilizations that a woman’s place was to be barefoot and pregnant, or that some people were natural slaves. In the Fifth Epoch, those Fourth Epoch assessments become meaningless. Human nature will also change. Perhaps not dramatically at first, but it doesn’t need to. But take away fear and survival concerns, and new horizons of the human potential are going to come into view, and human nature will even change. This world begins becoming feasible. If the drumbeat of scarcity and fear prevails, if humanity survives long enough, this kind of world becomes increasingly possible. Which do you prefer? The masses are not going to begin to wake up until the Fifth Epoch arrives, and that is normal. Judging the situation is counterproductive. It is just what it is. It won’t take many of us to usher in the Fifth Epoch, but it takes hard work to raise our awareness past the mind-and-heart-traps of this Epoch. To jettison scarcity and fear, and embrace abundance and love, in today’s world, is a very heavy lift. Not many can even begin to do it, but I believe that enough can, and I have devoted all of my “spare” time over the past quarter-century and more to that idea, and I might have another 30 good years in me. If not my effort, then another, but my approach will work, if enough people with the right stuff come together, keep their eyes on the ball, and combine their efforts. Best, Wade
  18. Hi: In my previous post, I mentioned John Yiamouyiannis’s increasing posthumous vindication, but don’t expect to see it come from the quackbuster operation, run by a real quack who took on Yiamouyiannis regularly and gave him a “eulogy.” Yiamouyiannis fired back. Similar to organized skepticism, I consider such “quack-busting” efforts to be criminal enterprises, working on behalf of their patrons. The Columbus Day traffic to my site was odd. It was up, but there was actually relatively little traffic to my Columbus essay. The Columbus debate is heating up these days, and I read an Ayn-Rand-ish economic essay on what Columbus wrought. It glosses over the greatest genocide in the human journey to focus on what the author found more important: the economic aftermath of Columbus’s effort. I have not weighed in on the issue for a long time, letting my essay speak for itself, but this year, I will a little. Unlike that author who minimized the genocide of the Western Hemisphere’s natives, I consider Europe’s conquest of humanity to be history’s greatest crime. Of course, when you wipe out all of the people on a landmass and “settle” it for yourself, it will be a great economic windfall. Hitler was merely following our example. The dregs of European society eagerly “settled” such exploitable lands, from New England to Australia, as the natives were removed from it. My own ancestors happily “settled” lands that had recently been shorn of their native population while marveling at what “providence” gave them. My grandfather’s conscience eventually awoke on the issue. Just yesterday, I was reading of the humane feats of my great nation, as it tortured people to death. In a way, it is fitting that the “settlers” of this “virgin” continent reached such lofty heights, while being fed industrial waste each day as “medicine.” In the Fifth Epoch, such evil insanity will go the way of the dinosaurs. Best, Wade
  19. Hi: I finished the heavy lifting on my biography project, but am working long hours at the office. The big essay update is next on my plate, but I may wait until 2018 to start on it, as I take a little “leisure” time for the rest of the year. That update will be quite a chore. I literally have a three-foot tall stack of books and magazines next to my desk, which I will use for that update. That stack reflects that past couple of years of big-essay-related reading, plus plenty of links to scientific papers, etc. While nothing will dramatically change about my big essay, quite a few of the revisions will be important, and will largely go deeper into numerous areas, making my epochal framework even clearer. This less-than-daily posting is working for me just fine. I likely won’t slow down that much, but discussing my big essay is the kind of posting that I look forward to. That is how the choir is going to form. Today is Columbus Day in the USA, and while the controversy is now big news, this year, I have not seen the usual spike in traffic to my Columbus essay. My big essay is far and away the “winner” on my site anymore, and I can’t complain, but the past two years have been relatively modest on the Columbus Day traffic spike to my Columbus essay. I am going to update my fluoride essay when I update my big essay. I find it very interesting that one of the early anti-fluoride books was Fluoride and the Aging Factor. My fluoride essay update will be about how the fluoride ion has a “free radical” effect on cellular structures, how recent research (1, 2, 3) shows that the fluoride ion “gums up the works” of subcellular machinery and brings on programmed cell death. In Nick Lane’s latest, he formulates his hypothesis for why birds live ten times as long as mammals do, pound-for-pound, and his example is a pigeon and a rat. Lane’s hypothesis is that free radical production triggers programmed cell death, and that is what ages rats ten times as fast as pigeons, although they weigh the same. That same dynamic is why fluoride artificially ages us. It looks like John Yiamouyiannis was right, and was way ahead of his time. My fluoride and Columbus essays are two of the oldest on my site, along with my Julian Simon essay. They were all first published in 1998, as I recall. In the Fifth Epoch, these kinds of “conflict of interest disasters,” such as fluoridation, as greed trumps all, will no longer happen. But the masses are not going to begin to awaken until the Fifth Epoch arrives, not before. They are not going to awaken to work like mine or anybody’s talk. They will only awaken through experience. But for my task, I seek the awakened and awakening, not the sleeping. The Level 10 approach is not going to work. Been there, done that. Best, Wade
  20. Hi Krishna: I am about four chapters into Suzana’s book. It is a good read. I already cited some of her findings in my big essay, but will update it a little for her book. I’ll buy fruit and larger brains, both that fruit is energy dense, and it takes more brainpower to live off of fruit. What I read about foraging parties was 2-9 for chimps and a stable 15-20 for bonobos. Your 1 and 5 may be for what it is on certain trees. Chimps will generally only murder lone foraging males in their raids. Bonobo foraging parties made that impossible. I saw your earlier bonobo references, and will do a little more homework. But the gist is the same. When females joined the large parties south of the Congo, after gorillas left the area, that set the stage for those isolated chimps to become bonobos. As far you your perspective goes, it looks like you made it to here, or close, which on one hand is extraordinary, and on the other, your journey into the material shows me that my work is understandable if somebody devotes effort to the task. It is an honor for you to have done what you have, and important. I appreciate it. As far as the mystical side goes, I have always said that I am not sure that it is a requirement. I get people who think that I am trying for some kind of hundredth monkey effect (which is a New Age fraud in of itself), and while I am not against Sheldrake’s formative causation idea, I am shooting for something far more mundane. I have experienced the power of what a few people of high integrity are capable of if they combine their efforts. The whole point of my site, and my big essay in particular, is to get the people I seek on the same page. If I can build that choir, making free energy happen is going to be easy. That your words fall on deaf ears is normal. Your pals are not going to begin to understand until free energy is delivered into their lives, and that is normal. They are trapped in their Epoch, as virtually all people in the history of humanity have been. To look out beyond one’s Epoch, and actually understand what made each Epoch happen, is highly unusual. That is partly because knowledge of the other Epochs, the rise of science, and the like are very recent features of the human journey. I am not kidding: many of the key understandings reflected in my big essay are only a generation or so old, if that, in scientific/scholarly circles, and nobody yet has put it all together like I have, as I have the advantage of my preposterous journey, which even I have a hard time believing happened at times. It is definitely a race between education and catastrophe. Best, Wade
  21. Thanks Krishna! Very interesting paper. It aligns more with this part of my big essay. That paper was more suggestive than conclusive, and I am sure that the social hypothesis is not done yet. I’ll follow this issue with great interest. Thanks again for the heads up. Yes, my essay will mention that paper when I get that revision done. I can already tell that it is not going to happen until next year. My stack of books and magazines next to my desk for that revision is three feet tall. Your sugar observation is an apt one, and it harkens back to a recent post of mine that mentions how our biological proclivities get abused in our world. In that heavenly Roads world, I am sure that there is no refined sugar. No drugs, and sex is practiced very differently than it is here. I actually bought her book. It is in my stack to read, and I just looked at that graph. Yes, that will go into my book update too. For me, what is most important about these debates, as far as my work goes, is that they are all energy debates. Interesting on the hip development. Sediba is certainly the latest early human evolution rock star. So, what is all of this study teaching you? My goal for my pupils is developing a comprehensive perspective, and energy is going to be front and center, to the degree that the Epochal impact of free energy is going to be obvious. Then, it is going to be a lot easier for them to keep their eyes on the ball. It would be interesting to hear how your journey into this stuff has gone. You definitely do your homework. I would like to think that you have developed an abiding interest in these subjects that will continue, free energy or not, Uncle Wade or not. For me, this stuff is brain food. Best, Wade
  22. Hi: A number of recent events spurred this post, on what is it like to do what I do. First of all, my personal life is a joyous one, but has had its fair share of tragedy and sorrow over the long years. I take many people in “my” mountains, all the time, and while all are appreciative, for some, it is life-changing. I have had to let family members and friends go over the years, as they were parasites/attackers, and almost all of them received great assistance from me, even life-saving, but those you help are often those who attack you, as bizarre as that might seem. I just take it when they do that, but then I am done with them, and in my advancing years, I am very particular about whom I let into my life and who gets my time. Some are entitled to it, such as my wife, employer, cat, and some relatives, and my best students are always highly respectful of my time, which is why they are my students. But also, nobody who has played at my level of the free energy game puts himself out there like I do, interacting with the public like I do, and even I need a cloistered environment, as all-comers venues are full of trolls, some of whom are professionals. Bill and team keep them at bay at Avalon. Even at forums where I have been invited in, it has never ended well, which is partly why I began my own forum, in which nobody gets in unless I invite them. Looking for needles... I fully understand why my relatively few peers will not subject themselves to public interaction, but I need the patience-training. I am approached all the time, and usually it is privately, but you can also see people regularly coming and leaving my Avalon thread, at more than 7,000 posts to date. This year is probably a typical one, as far as my interactions go, and in the past year, I have been approached on: Mass movement efforts, including intentional communities; Inventor approaches; Plenty of New Age/conspiracist “advice”; Trying to enlist me in this or that “Band-Aid” approach (hacking at branches); All manner of distraction on the Internet, which they think will help enlighten me; Trying to turn me on to various political or mystical flavors. In short, none of those are things that I have time or interest in. Once in a great while, I will see something new, interesting, and potentially useful, but that is very rare. I am interested in students who will do the work so that they can competently discuss the subject matter in my big essay, develop a comprehensive perspective, and sing the song of abundance with me, which is going to attract the people I seek. I am not interested in much else. I also heard from people like me this year, too, who played at various levels of the game, and we always have great mutual respect. We know what we have been through. The advent of free energy will be the biggest event in the human journey, by far, and I am the only person on Earth trying what I am, and it is worth one man’s life to try an approach that might make a dent and avoid the many tried-and-true paths of disaster. My plate is overflowing, all the time, and I need to stay focused on my mission, while juggling my life. I sometimes sit back and wonder how I do it, and I am not getting any younger. Back to work. Best, Wade
  23. Hi Foxie and Limor: I woke up the hard way thirty years ago, more than a decade after my mystical awakening, and if you had tried to tell me what was in store for me, I wouldn’t have believed it. This, I know: the learning never ends. However, that moment of awakening, when you realize that you have been drinking somebody else’s Kool-Aid, is the most important step of the journey. So, if you have had your awakening moment, the hard part is over. Almost nobody ever wakes up. That is just the nature of being here. There are also false awakenings, when somebody thinks they woke up, but they just trade one set of beliefs for another. That is not what waking up means. Changing the flavor of the Kool-Aid is not the answer. Waking up is a matter of integrity and sentience, and few ever achieve it, in our world of scarcity and fear. They sell out their sentience for the promise of security. When fear is not the constant drumbeat of our societies, a lot will change, and so much that this world will end, and it won’t be missed. Best, Wade
  24. Hi: Today I was home sick, for the first day in years. I always know when I will (salty or sugary foods, season changes), and I always get sick the same way (sore throat, sinus infection, flu symptoms). I should be coming out of the woods tomorrow. So, my down day (still did some office work from home, in these high-tech days) coincided with the aftermath of yesterday’s shooting in Las Vegas. I have vacationed on the Strip about ten times, mostly with family, and have been to Mandalay Bay, so this one hits closer to home than usual. Of course, Trump called it “pure evil,” the Democrats renewed their calls for gun control, and the Republicans called for silent prayer, as they will rarely vote to limit weaponry in my great nation. How many have to be slaughtered before they change their stance? On the fringes, YouTube gets flooded with “false flag” clips for every mass shooting in the USA, within hours of the events, led by the dean of conspiracists, Alex Jones, and today was no exception. Evidence? Ha! They have their ideology, which gives them all that they need. ISIL took credit for the slaughter, and the apparent shooter’s brother had no warning at all that his brother, a multimillionaire high-rolling visitor to Vegas, was capable of such an act. Is the USA capable of the introspection necessary to begin to come to grips with our endemic and escalating violence? I am not counting on it. We are a nation of gun nuts. Today, I was reading some of Uncle Ed’s work on the USA’s awesome imperial hypocrisy, which is so great that Ed had to come up with a new word to describe it: chutzpah. I am not sure what is more mind-boggling; the hypocrisy of our political system, or how the blatant lies are swallowed as truth by most. Ed and Noam’s propaganda model explicitly did not deal with the media’s effectiveness in brainwashing the population – it only described how it worked – but Ed has remarked about how easy it is to bamboozle the American public to support any war. How hard can it be to see the connection between our imperial violence and the escalating violence at home? Most video games are first-person shooters, and violence is nearly an obligatory feature of most movies. I find it a little ironic that the NFL is where the current protests against police brutality began, when the sport is the modern equivalent of the gladiatorial “games.” Maybe the nature of their sport helped them make a stand, although I don’t think that I ever heard one of them say a word about our imperial behavior – our predatory military is universally revered in those circles. In 1970 in The New Republic, Orville Schell wrote about the USA’s activities in Vietnam: “One Newsweek correspondent told me on returning from Quang Ngai that he was shocked by what was going on in the countryside. Having had experience in Europe during World War II, he said that what he had seen was ‘much worse than what the Nazis had done to Europe.’” One scholar remarked that the primary cause of the Jewish Holocaust was likely World War I, as a generation of men in a formerly peaceful (relative, of course, for Europe) nation became professional killers, and German society became far more violent in the wake of World War I. There has never been any accountability for the USA for its evil crimes in Indochina that killed millions, no Nuremburg equivalent for our crimes there, much less anyplace else where we invaded, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Again, I am not counting on it. Germany and Japan only came to grips with their imperial behavior when forced into it by defeat. The British and Americans have never had that moment of truth, and likely won’t. But if the means of abundance were delivered to humanity, Americans just might grow a conscience, like the rise of machines meant the end of slavery, because people could afford more of a conscience. I don’t expect Americans to wake up before then. A few will, but it will only be a relative few. Best, Wade
  25. Thanks Foxie, yes indeed, most Americans have no idea that the USA is an empire, even though Karl Rove openly admitted it, because Americans are history’s most brainwashed people. We live in the land of Hollywood and Madison Avenue, where form prevails over substance, and where reality can be turned upside-down. Orwell knew what he was writing about. Americans as a group have not been my target audience since about 2004. As Darren noted, most Americans would “go into convulsions” if they read my site. They aren’t going to awaken via work like mine. Only experience can do that, which also applies to the free energy issue. They can keep sleeping. When the next Epoch is delivered into their lives, then they will begin to awaken, and probably not before that. Best, Wade