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  1. Bill Decker and John Tower

    Hi: Uncle Ed sent me the link to this last night, on The New York Times’s anti-Russian hysteria during the past century. Ed is 92 years old. I have rarely, if ever, heard of anybody at that age doing what Ed still is. Maybe George Seldes came close. Ed is far from alone on that subject. Some related odds and ends… The USA is considered the greatest threat to world peace today. Here is an article on the war on Wikileaks. Ed cites Consortium News a lot. Here is a nice article on American imperialism under the “war on terror” rubric. I was not aware of this article when I updated my atom bomb chapter of my war essay, but might update that chapter one day with that author’s thesis, that the Japanese surrendered after the atom bombs as a convenient face-saving device. I did not know that Michael Collins Piper died a couple of years ago until recently, when I heard some of this clip of him. He talked some about Gary Wean in it. I’ll weigh in a little on the controversy of him and Gary. Piper said that Gary was miffed that Piper’s book did so well when Gary’s didn’t. I am not so sure about that. What Gary told me was that Piper’s initial effort did not credit Gary’s book much, when Gary gave Piper the idea for his book, when he stopped by The Spotlight’s office one day and talked with Piper. Piper’s final edition of his book gives Gary plenty of coverage. I am not so sure about the Jewish angle on the JFK hit. Jack Ruby was a Jewish mobster, so there was certainly a Jewish connection, and it deserves to be taken seriously. But they were far from alone, and I doubt that they were the masterminds who interposed Hunt’s grand plan or ran the cover-up, even though Arlen Specter authored the ridiculous Magic Bullet theory. I stumbled upon this “funny” series of ads from the postwar years. In one way, it is nice to see how far we have come, but the ads could be pretty horrifying. Also, in ways, we have not graduated very far beyond it at all. I’ll weigh in a little on the tempest at Google over that paper that that former employee wrote. I did not think that The Blank Slate was all that good, but Pinker definitely showed how skewed the arguments can get. Nature and nurture play their part, and the former Google employee definitely had some of the nature arguments right, but he was short on the nurture aspect. There are innate gender differences, plenty of them, and they can be important, but corporate America, even supposedly “enlightened” places such as Google, is highly conditioned by our political-economies. Heck, how would Uncle Ed’s latest article play in corporate America? That Google guy could have been fired over promoting that article in most of corporate America. Corporations are not democracies; they are profit-seeking dictatorships. In the Fifth Epoch, they will go the way of dinosaurs, and deserve to. Best, Wade
  2. Global Warming, Peak Oil, and related topics

    Hi: It will be a short one this morning. The Ends of the World is almost a mass extinction travelogue, as the author travels the globe, meeting with mass extinction specialists, looking at rock formations at extinction intervals, etc. It is a very good survey of mass extinctions for lay audiences, and what the implications are for today. One thing that stood out was how influential today’s climate change disinformation is among the laity. Sea level changes are implicated in most mass extinctions, and global glaciations’ beginnings and endings are usually the prime culprits. The first of today’s Big Five, the Ordovician Extinction, was definitely caused by sea level changes related to an ice age. As the author discussed the Ordovician with scientists, he and the scientists were acutely aware of the abysmal state of the Global Warming “debate” today, in which the connection between carbon dioxide and the atmospheric temperature has been muddied by scientists who sold their souls to the Hydrocarbon Lobby and who have been enabled by a compliant media. More than once, the author had to note that there has been no significant controversy about the relationship of carbon dioxide and atmospheric temperature among geoscientists for more than 150 years. That the author had to keep bringing it up is a “tribute” to the disinformation efforts of people such as Fred Singer. I am regularly approached by scientifically illiterate people who challenge me on Global Warming, who have been swayed by the disinformation effort. It is a very sad commentary on the state of affairs today. Lately, I have been reading a lot of Uncle Ed’s work, or more properly, rereading it, and I recently read a chapter of The Myth of the Liberal Media that was devoted to “junk science” and the media. Corporate giants such as Monsanto churn out study after study that shows that their products are safe, and the media gullibly swallows such interest-conflicted studies, time after time. Interestingly, the term “junk science” was coined by Steven Milloy, who literally worked for the tobacco companies as they assailed the secondhand smoke findings. Junk science, indeed. Best, Wade
  3. Hi: This will start a series of posts on Peak Oil, Global Warming, and related topics. To begin with, what is temperature? It is a measure of molecular motion. When molecules move faster, they get warmer. All matter above absolute zero emits photons. Most is at wavelengths too large to be seen with the human eye, but as matter gets warmer, the photons are more energetic (have shorter wavelengths), and they eventually get powerful enough to be seen with the naked eye. Warm up metal in a fire, and it can get what is called red hot. Get it hotter still, and it can become white hot. Hotter still, and it begins emitting photons beyond the range of visible light, and ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma rays can be emitted. Those wavelengths are damaging to any living organisms, as they break molecular bonds, and the strongest can strip electrons from atoms and make them ions, which is why they are called ionizing radiation, which is deadly to organisms. That was a lot to pack into a paragraph, and my big essay covers that territory at a more leisurely pace. The force of gravity attracted hydrogen into the star we call the Sun, and when hydrogen gets squeezed hard enough by gravity, nuclear fusion begins, as hydrogen nuclei (protons) fuse to form larger nuclei (helium, etc.), and all of the elements on our planet heavier than hydrogen, which is nearly all of Earth’s mass, were formed in stars via fusion processes. The Sun is a large star, in the top 5% of star sizes in our galaxy, and is in the “sweet spot” of stars, in which it burns very stably for several billion years before its life begins ending, as the fusion processes begin to end. The Sun has burned very stably for several billion years and will for several more before it becomes a red giant. It burns about a third brighter than it did a few billion years ago, and will continue to do so. Obviously, the Sun is the source of Earth’s warmth. The radioactive materials below Earth’s surface contribute relatively little to Earth’s surface warmth, but they power Earth’s tectonic activity, which is critical for the chemical makeup of Earth’s atmosphere, and the most important is the carbon cycle. Carbon is vital for life on Earth, and because carbon dioxide is a three-molecule gas, it traps infrared radiation (just below the visible wavelength of light) coming from Earth, and that trapped energy raises Earth’s temperature. In every paleoclimate study I ever saw, carbon dioxide has always been the most important gas for raising Earth’s temperature. If not for the carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere, Earth’s surface would have been a block of ice since Earth’s early days. If Earth stays in its present orbit, complex life will not be able to live in Earth in about a billion years, and not long after that, Earth will become as sterile as the Moon. In the eon of complex life carbon dioxide levels have seesawed, which gave rise to hot periods and ice ages. The hothouse Earth period that the dinosaurs thrived in began ending about 50 million years ago, because of continually declining carbon dioxide as volcanism declined (as Earth’s radioactive activity declines), and we live in an ice age today. For the past million years, continental ice sheets have grown and receded like clockwork, due to Earth’s orientation to the Sun, and until human activities began altering Earth’s atmosphere, beginning eight thousand years ago with the rise of agriculture, Earth would already be heading back toward the growth of the ice sheets. Climate scientists estimate that humanity has already delayed that new glacial episode by 50,000 years or so, primarily due to the hydrocarbon age we are in, as we burn Earth’s hydrocarbon deposits with abandon. While in every scientific discipline some scientists play “devil’s advocate” and challenge the consensus, which can be a noble role, most Global Warming contrarianism has been engaged in by scientists who sold their souls to the hydrocarbon lobby. I have never seen a credible challenge to the idea that increasing the atmospheric carbon dioxide will inexorably lead to a warmer atmosphere. The idea is unassailable. That said, climate systems are incredibly complex and climate science is a young discipline. But every Global Warming naysayer that I have seen, for those who were not on the payroll of oil and coal companies, seizes on either short term oscillations or regional data, which is meaningless as far as being used for a challenge to the idea of Global Warming. The ultimate cause of Earth’s surface temperate is well known, as is the cause of our current ice age, and all of the Fox News talking heads cannot make it go away. A related issue is where did those hydrocarbons come from? As with the causes of Earth’s surface temperature, there is no credible challenge to the idea that Earth’s coal deposits were formed from swampy forests in which fallen trees did not decay before they were buried in sediments, and most of Earth’s coal deposits formed before any life on Earth had evolved the means to digest lignin, which makes up the wood in trees. On the Internet, you can find all manner of challenge to the idea of why coal formed, often at tabloid sites that the scientifically illiterate swarm to. But no credible scientist takes those ideas seriously. Similarly, Earth’s oil deposits were formed by organisms that were buried by sediments before they could be decayed by other organisms, and the oil was formed from marine sediments that formed during anoxic events during the eon of complex life, with most of it formed during the reign of dinosaurs. Stalinist scientists played with the idea that Earth’s oil deposits did not form from dead organisms, but from some primordial process in Earth’s mantle. However, with the rise of plate tectonics and the molecular sciences, in which scientists can trace, atom-by-atom, how organic material from dead organisms became Earth’s oil deposits, other than some interest-conflicted contrarian fringe, no credible scientist seriously considers that Earth’s oil deposits formed from anything other than marine anoxic events. This is a prelude to my coming series of posts on Global Warming, Peak Oil, and related topics, but it is time to begin another busy day at the office, and my work hurricane will not abate for several more days. Off to work. Best, Wade
  4. Hi: Where I live, I can encounter bears on hikes in the nearby mountains, and there was a bear in my community a couple of years ago, which had wandered down from the mountains. In the Alps, bears were extinct in nations such as Switzerland and Germany, but are making a slight comeback, partly due to reintroduction efforts. That bears live in the mountains near my home does not mean that it is their ideal habitat; they can better survive humanity there. Mountains have been refugia for relict populations for probably hundreds of millions of years. Islands can also be refugia. The last mammoths lived on them, for one example of many that could be provided. Negritos are a relict human population, living on isolated islands or mountains. They certainly did not start out that way, but when agriculture began, the hunter-gatherer economy became increasingly unviable and could only be practiced in ever-shrinking refugia, basically marginal lands where agriculture could not be practiced. There are no humans alive today who purely practice the Paleolithic hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Even a pure agrarian lifestyle, without any benefits of industrialization, might not exist on Earth today. Intentional agrarians such as the Amish enjoy many benefits of the industrial civilization that they live in the midst of. Aboriginal Australians lived in Earth’s greatest refugia, and the end of their isolation resulted in nearly their complete genocide, as it was for the Andamans, Tasmanians, and other isolated groups who pursued the means of production of an earlier Epoch. But those isolated peoples gave the early intruders a glimpse into the human past. Those hunter-gatherers, living in their refugia, still practiced the first behaviorally modern human religion, with their singing and dancing rituals. The San of Africa still use the click-consonants that the first human language likely used. Just as stromatolites, nautiloids and horsetails give us glimpses into the evolutionary past, so those relict human populations have given us a window into the human past. Best, Wade
  5. Hi: This may not be the appropriate place to start this thread, but I don’t see any place better in this forum. I published an online textbook last year, here. It is the capstone of a 2,000-page body of work, here. I am finished with writing such material. It took several years of my life to do it, and all of my “spare” time over a generation to study for writing it. I have been at this for more than 40 years, and I hope to have at least another 30 good years in me, to keep at it and help manifest the biggest event in the human journey. I have the bona fides to at least try. I have been badgered for many years to make books out of my work, especially that online textbook, but my work is a next-generation resource that I designed for the Internet. I could put some high-profile blurbs on my work, such as Howard Zinn’s praise for my Columbus essay, or a world-renowned paleobiologist praising my treatment of the history of life on Earth, but plan to keep them buried in my work. I have been regularly told by people who should know that there is nothing else on Earth like my work, for better or worse. It is difficult to categorize my work as history, politics, science, economics, or as a purely visionary exercise. People have asked for a label, and I came up with “Neo-Fullerian.” My work is comprehensive in nature, and my online textbook is something that Bucky Fuller may well have written if he was still alive. I have a presence in other controlled forums (joining all-comers forums was a disaster, and I won’t do that again), and have my own forum. This forum is filled with authors and scholars, and I think that it may be possible to begin a high-level conversation about the vitally important topics that my online textbook addresses. I am trying to help make something happen, let there be no doubt about that. My work covers vast territory, and I want this thread to stay away from the many rabbit holes that it could go down. Although I am the biographer of the astronaut who publicly doubted that we landed men on the moon, it is his free energy-related work that I want to discuss here, not his Apollo musings. I have discussed my connection to the JFK issue, here, and don’t want to go there on this thread, although I briefly touch on the JFK hit in my online textbook. The medical racket is also not something that I want to discuss on this thread, the American myths about World War II, and so on, unless they have direct bearing on my online textbook. I may be willing to discuss them on other threads in this forum, but I want this thread to concentrate on the subjects in my online textbook, and there are literally thousands to choose from. I look forward to a healthy and productive discussion. Best, Wade
  6. Hi: We’ll see if I can do this in one post. Current events have precipitated this. It is not easy for people to understand what I am doing, even when they want to. It is the very rare person who approaches me and almost instantly gets a pretty good understanding of what I am doing. Few others do, and more than 40 years of doing this showed me what those who don’t understand have in common, for the few who even want to: they are dragging along their baggage. That baggage can be ideological, but that is really more of a symptom than a cause. When I roll back the layers of people’s orientation, which comes out in my exchanges with them, what their lack of understanding really stems from is fear. In a world of scarcity, that fear wears many guises. One of the most encompassing pitfalls is trying the social route, when sociality is based on survival and fear, not love. People want to be paid to study my work, to make a living pursuing free energy, and the like. I hear no end of beginners’ bright ideas for making free energy happen, and without exception, they hail from the kindergarten level of this issue. They are all variations on the paths of failure that I have written about at length. And they are not just paths of failure, they are the kinds of failures that wreck and end lives, leaving a smoking crater behind. The arrival of free energy will be the biggest event in the human journey, by far, as humanity will become a Type 1 civilization. The technology to make it happen is older than I am. Technology is not the issue: integrity and sentience is, and both are in very short supply on Earth today, but there really does not have to be all much of it concentrated on the issue to make it happen. That was one of the key lessons of my journey. I know that I am looking for needles in haystacks, it is just the nature of what I am doing, and I let go of any judgment of it long ago. Judgment is a huge pitfall for this effort that I am trying to mount. For people who approach me with their “bright ideas,” they confuse my reactions to seeing the looming doom of their bright idea approaches with judgment. I have presented a very straightforward class, for those with the right stuff to take. My big essay forms its centerpiece, but my entire site is the class, and I have now made nearly a thousand posts in my own forum, in a more organized fashion than I have anywhere else. I am just getting the venue populated with enough meat so that the high-level conversation that is needed for my approach to work has a place to happen. I have devoted the rest of my life’s “spare” time this effort, in an approach that came to me over more than 30 years of this pursuit. The biggest event in the human journey is worth one man’s life to try an approach that might have a chance. If my effort does not bear fruit, the idea of it will at least be established. If that is all that I end up accomplishing, that is fine by me, but I am also aiming pretty high. Enough said for now, and time to begin my busy weekend. Best, Wade
  7. Hi: I keep working 12-14 hour days, but the end of that is near, at least for this quarter. One fascinating part of my studies is the idea of refugia and relict populations that can provide a window into the past. This goes way back. Cyanobacterial colonies along ancient shores are called stromatolites, and they go back to three billion years or so. When other organisms learned to eat them, they faded from the fossil record (they formed the first fossils that we know of), but they still exist today, in a few places where no animals can live. So, a way of life has survived for three billion years, and gives scientists a window into the past. With the rise of animals and plants, there have been numerous instances of relict populations that survived in refugia. They were able to hang on in niches that the dominant forms could not thrive in. Horsetails and ferns comprise some of the earliest plants. The first forests were made from them. They are spore-reproducers, and seed-bearing plants overtook them and became dominant, as seed reproducers do not need the wet environments that horsetails and ferns do. But in the ice age rainforests near my home town, horsetails and ferns thrive, giving us a window several hundred million years into the past. Seed-bearing plants gave way to flowering plants, and that rainforest where I live is also dominated by seed-bearing plants, as flowering plants don’t do as well. But where it is warmer, flowering plants dominate. That temperate rainforest of my home looks similar to what dinosaurs tromped around in a couple hundred million years ago, for another window into the past. With animals, there are similar situations. Nautiloids were Earth’s apex predators more than 400 million years ago. But fish came to dominate. Some nautiloids were able to survive in deep-water refugia, where they live today, but are threatened with extinction by human activities. Similarly, the lobe-fined coelacanth has survived in deep-water refugia for hundreds of millions of years, while their ray-finned brethren dominated the seas, and their discovery in the last century was one of the mindbenders of science. Of course, we are descendants of lobe-finned fish. The pattern of those “living fossils” is that they did well, were even dominant, but evolution passed them by, as more adaptable organisms came to dominate. But in marginal environments that were too salty, oxygen-poor, cold, and the like, remnant populations of those ancient organisms were able to eke out an existence. Those survivors give scientists amazing glimpses into the past, and studying them provides invaluable information. There has been a similar dynamic with humanity. Because we are such a young species, the relict populations are not so much biological relicts (as we can all interbreed), but are more around their means of subsistence and related cultural adaptations. Gorillas and chimps are arguably relict populations. What can happen with relicts is that they were once dominant, the more adaptable left to eke out an existence someplace else, and the original “place to be” became a refugia niche, as those original refugees adapted to the hostile environments and became dominant in them. Chimps were marginal gorillas, and the human line is descended from marginal chimps. Gorillas got the heart of the rainforest, living the good life, while chimps are descended from gorillas pushed to the margins, and the human line is chimps pushed to the margins as the rainforest continued to shrink. Today, humans threaten their relict ancestor population with extinction. There is much more to come. Best, Wade
  8. Hi: Not only am I crazily busy, but I moved hosts this past week. I was with my old host for several years, but it is owned by a company making the capitalist play, which bought up hosting companies like mad and then instituted cost reductions that made the service pretty crappy. I have not been able to back up my site for more than a year. Back in the early 2000s, my host had a similar fate, as it got swept up in Dot-Com Hysteria Version 1, tried to make the big capitalist play, and went out of business with the crash. Finding a stable and competent host is not easy, but I hope that the one that I moved to will be around for a while. I think that this is the sixth host that I have had since my first site went up in 1996. I have purposely made my site a low-tech one that is easily portable, low bandwidth, non-commercial, and other traits that I can build a low-cost choir with. In the move, however, my tool that turns my Word docs into forum posts, with the links in the words, is currently broken (the code needs to be updated for the new host), and until it gets fixed, I am going to be doing it the old way, with links spelled out separately from the text. The next few posts will be odds and ends. As stated, I have been crazily busy lately, working 14-hour days, working on my latest biography project, etc. I recently wrote about reading yet another mass extinction book ( http://ahealedplanet.net/forum/threads/16-Chapter-9-Speciation-Extinction-and-Mass-Extinctions?p=1002&viewfull=1#post1002 ), I am concurrently reading another one ( https://www.amazon.com/Great-Extinctions-What-Causes-Shape/dp/1770853278/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 ), and this post will be about that issue and the human journey. In The Great Extinctions, the author separated ultimate versus proximate causes for the greatest extinctions, and he placed geological causes as the ultimate every time, related to tectonic plate movements and especially the volcanism that came with them. Fair enough. Others have tried to make bolide events as ultimate causes each time, or the inherent instabilities of multi-tiered energy systems (AKA “food chains”), or climate change. There are plenty of proximate causes to go around, and the controversies are heated these days. The Ends of the World was written by a science writer, and they tend to write the best popular science, although some of history’s greatest scientists also wrote good popular science. Einstein was one. Peter Ward has written more than a dozen popular science books. In The Great Extinctions, when the author got to the Holocene extinctions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocene_extinction he showed himself to be badly out of his realm of expertise, as he preferred the climate-change cause over human activities. There is a great human tendency to absolve humanity of responsibility for the Holocene extinctions, but I don’t buy the explanations of those denying human agency. They are pretty weak, IMO. The human impact was overwhelming: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocene_extinction#Competition_by_humans One of the best examples of the human impact was the fate of the elephant family in the Americas: complete extinction. Before the rise of humans, the elephant family was the most successful land mammal ever: http://ahealedplanet.net/humanity.htm#elephantsuccess They lived in the Americas for more than 16 million years, and lived in the length and breadth of the Americas, in all major biomes. Their size, intelligence, prehensile trunks, and opportunistic feeding patterns made them invincible, at least until humans arrived, and then elephants quickly went completely extinct throughout the Americas. Those who argue for climate change doing it all have about zero credibility with me, and I consider the scientific infatuation with the mammoth extinctions to be a red herring. Mammoths were merely one of several elephant-family species to go extinct when humans arrived in the Americas. South America has nearly the identical climate to Africa’s, and while Africa retained its elephants, South America lost 100% of its elephants, right after humans arrived. What a coincidence! I don’t regard any climate change hypotheses for the global demise of the megafauna, coincident with the arrival of humans, to be credible. Even if they want to say that the ranges went bad during the ice age, the huge problem with their hypotheses is that the American extinctions happened just as it became warmer and wetter, not the colder and dryer conditions that were responsible for the last large extinction (that took 15 million years to play out http://ahealedplanet.net/humanity.htm#icehouse ). There has never been a predator on Earth like behaviorally modern humans, and nothing stood in their way, as they conquered Earth after leaving Africa: http://ahealedplanet.net/humanity.htm#founderexit Not even their fellow human species: http://ahealedplanet.net/humanity.htm#climateneanderthal It did not matter what the climate was doing: all the easy meat was consigned to extinction when humans arrived. I consider arguments that deflect responsibility from humanity to arise from a conflict of interest, as they defend their species. To be sure, those scientific arguments have all sorts of data in them, but it is what they leave out that is most telling, similar to what Uncle Howard had to say about the kind of “history” that is vended by historians: http://ahealedplanet.net/columbus.htm#zinn Scientists are not pinnacles of virtue. No profession is, not in a world of scarcity and fear. The author of The Ends of the Earth readily discerned the human impact on the Holocene extinctions that the specialist who wrote The Great Extinctions just could not seem to see. I see it as who is grinding an ax and who isn’t, or who gained a generalist vision and who was blinkered by their specialist lenses: http://ahealedplanet.net/humanity.htm#specialists This morning, I read this article, on the coming end of the nation-state: http://www.internationalman.com//articles/doug-casey-on-the-end-of-the-nation-state Without scientific training or a comprehensive perspective, people will confuse ultimate with proximate causes, etc. That author at least got the phases kind of right, when mentioning the agrarian and industrial revolutions and citing Marx’s arguments that the “means of production” largely determine what kind of society can exist. The change in social relations is a consequence, not a cause, of the Epochs, and each was based on its energy practices. Everything else was dependent on that. I want to be fairer to that author than my initial post, and am revising it a little a day later. I almost never do that, but he deserves it. The author missed the first two epochs, and the agrarian and industrial revolutions were entirely dependent on exploiting a new energy source, and he has it right about tribes, kingdoms, and nation-states, but he does not propose anything about what will wither the state other than the Internet. The nation-state is primarily a Fourth Epoch construct, and I don’t see it withering away until the Fifth Epoch makes all territorial constructs obsolete, as land and the “resources” that can be wrested from it will no longer be relevant to the human standard of living, or not like it does now. I have yet to see one of those financial writers break out of their exchange framework and see the bigger picture. The ones a little savvier become Peak Oilers and beat the drums of doom, and I can’t blame them: http://ahealedplanet.net/humanity.htm#peakoil But they are only describing problems, not solutions. Free energy is the solution that trumps all others. http://ahealedplanet.net/humanity.htm#epochal5 Next to the energy issue, everything else is noise. But while everybody grinds the ax of their self-interest and fails to see the forest from trees, people like me are voices in the wilderness. It is just what it is, and there is no use in judging it: http://ahealedplanet.net/humanity.htm#judge1 I don’t need many to make it happen: http://ahealedplanet.net/humanity.htm#choir Best, Wade
  9. Thanks Krishna: That was timely. Great paper. Nice to see it freely published so early. I recently bought a few more mass extinction books, and am currently reading The Ends of the World, in which the author specifically credited Peter Ward as his inspiration for writing it. Ward’s place in posterity is assured, but he would say, as Uncle Ed does, that he is not done yet! After more than a century of Darwinian denial, mass extinction research has been galloping along, and yes, current man-made trends are very ominous. I will have significant revisions of my big essay in light of current findings, and that paper will have a place in it. I am onboard with the idea that volcanism was a major driver of mass extinctions, as well as the adaptability of the ecosystems. Global temperature swings, and primarily global warming, are deeply implicated, and humanity is merrily replacing a big part of the volcano effect by burning up all of the hydrocarbon deposits. Of course, virtually nobody is even considering the solution that trumps all others. But that just inspires me to keep doing my work, and we’ll see how many good years I have ahead of me. I am not done yet! Best, Wade
  10. Hi: As I wrote previously, I am going to finish these Level posts by noting what levels the failed approaches to free energy are operating from. Applying for a patent is classic Level 6 behavior, as the inventor naively thinks that he/she can bring that pig to market. Keeping the invention proprietary can operate from Level 6, but such aspirants can also have some Level 7 delusions, as inventors try to avoid having their patents seized under the national security laws. The feds are just one of many tools at Godzilla’s disposal. Raising money from investors, selling to customers, and the like can come from Level 6 or 10. Level 10s can operate from an unawareness of organized suppression, or they can operate from a strategic effort to overcome it, with the idea that Godzilla will see the coming stampede and flee or join it. The problem is that stampeding people are easily manipulated, and can be readily steered right over the cliff. My days with Dennis taught me that lesson. Seeking those rich “philanthropists” can operate from Levels 6, 7, 10, and even 11, as the aspirant plays the hero/messiah who seeks patrons. Of course, trying to sneak past the organized suppression is classic Level 7 behavior. A guerilla revolution generally operates from Level 9, but elements of Levels 7, 10, and 11 can be found in them. All mass movement attempts operate from Level 10. The primary difference between Level 10 and Level 12 is that Level 10s are operating from self-interest and are rallying around a scarcity-based framework. Level 12s are something very different. They operate from combined positive intention, their efforts are selflessly motivated, and they have developed a comprehensive awareness so that they can keep their eyes on the ball. They think in terms of abundance. Trying the open assault on Godzilla is classic Level 9 behavior. Media campaigns and mounting conferences are standard Level 10 activities. Approaching the world’s governments, corporations, and other institutions can arise from Levels 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11. In short, all of those failed approaches have fear and scarcity at their roots, and all fail to understand, at one level or another, how our world really works. An approach based on love and sentience has not really been tried before. It won’t be easy or start quickly, and it gives me a great opportunity to work on my patience issues. Best, Wade
  11. Hi: A Level 12 is going to realize what won’t work: Inventor-centric efforts (patents, proprietary, the hero/inventor); Ideologically based efforts (nationalism, capitalism, organized religion, communism, socialism, materialism, etc.); Approaching governments, corporations, NGOs, universities, “progressives,” “philanthropists,” environmentalists, etc.; Mounting conferences; Chatting up their social circles; Forming a guerilla movement; Sneaking past the organized suppression; Conquering the organized suppression; Mounting a media campaign. They are generally not going to need somebody like me to help them realize why those approaches won’t work. They will understand on their own. In one way or another, all of those approaches are based on scarcity, fear, and giving one’s power and responsibility away to others, looking for a shortcut; in general, acting like victims. They will understand that combined positive intention is the key, and they will learn to sing the abundance song. They also know that their intended audience is not their social circles, but they will be broadcasting on a global stage, to attract the few like them. They will know how unusual they are, and not from a place of ego or judgment, but just understanding the situation and what the numbers are. They will understand the stakes and what the potential is. There is nothing easy about getting there, but it begins in the heart. Best, Wade
  12. Hi: I am likely going to be pretty quiet over the next few weeks, as another work-related hurricane blows through my life. Here are some odds and ends for a Sunday evening. Yesterday, I saw for the first time, somebody other than me writing about Brian O’s Martian credentials. In all of this talk of manned Mars missions in recent years, it is nice to see Brian’s Martian credentials get some mention. I have a feeling that if we did not get his NASA bio published, it would have gone right down the Memory Hole, and it nearly has, anyway. I was just looking at those astronauts in Brian’s group, and it was more than 15 years before any of them went into space. That was quite a wait for the XS-11, and it is very understandable that Brian was one of several who quit. In this month’s Scientific American, there was an article on volcanic hot springs’ being the cradle of life on Earth. In Nick Lane’s latest, he makes the case for volcanic rifts in the ocean, and Peter Ward’s and Joe Kirschvink’s latest makes the case for a Martian origin of life on Earth, carried here by meteorites. Following the issues and evidence is what I hope that my work spurs among the choir. It is all part of developing a comprehensive perspective. Best, Wade
  13. Hi: Why do I think that the Level 12 approach has a chance of success? It is not the only path to success that I know of. Ten Dennises, or a hundred Brians, combining their efforts, and we would have had free energy long ago. But I have not heard of anybody else like Dennis, and I also have not met anybody quite like Brian, which is one reason why Greer repeatedly used a plug from Brian. There are just not enough people like them on Earth today. So, I am stepping it back a notch or three. I don’t need heroes for my plan to work. In fact, the hero’s approach can be a trap, in several ways, and the hazard of megalomania is one of them. When I mentioned my Level 12 approach to Dennis and Brian, both instantly realized that I was doing something different, and Brian was planning to promote my approach before he died. If you think about Levels 1 to 11 deeply enough, what becomes evident is that they all have scarcity and fear in common, in both obvious and subtle ways. Those levels of awareness also underlie all of those failed paths to free energy. The only quality of those lower levels that I can see could arguably not arise from scarcity and fear is the naïveté behind Level 6. Everybody that I respected the most in the free energy field began their journeys naively, and were generally overgrown Boy and Girl Scouts. Those in Level 6 bought many of the Big Lies of their indoctrination and conditioning, believed what they read in the newspapers and saw on TV, were taught in the classroom, and the like (all except for free energy’s possibility, so they did not buy the “laws of physics” canard). Unless somebody is a child, being fed those lies and not knowing any better, in this day and age, maintaining that level of naiveté takes hard work. They can maintain that tunnel vision because they are afraid to expand their awareness. Somebody in Level 6 lives in a cocoon of ignorance, and it is hard to argue that fear and scarcity are not largely responsible for that tunnel vision. They had opportunities to broaden their perspective, especially in this Internet Age, but chose not to. Why? What have Level 12s accomplished that makes them useful for making free energy happen? In short: They are motivated by love, not fear; They are not self-seeking; They have awoken past their conditioning; They seek the truth; They are discerning; They have developed a comprehensive awareness; They are ready to act. I have discussed the qualities that I seek before (1, 2), and will try to not repeat myself too much, but I will show how their qualities enabled them to avoid the pitfalls that have ensnared so many. I do not kid myself; such people are exceedingly rare, at one-in-thousands amongst the general population, and if I did not have a global medium such as the Internet, I would not even be thinking in the direction that I have for the past 20 years or more. The first five qualities listed above they have to come to this issue with. Nobody can give them those qualities; they earned them themselves. What I can help with is developing that comprehensive awareness. Very few on Earth have had my particular journey, and I am trying to prevent what I learned from going to waste. I am the last man standing among my inner circle, and Earth and humanity are on the brink today. I long ago accepted that I am on special assignment, and like Dennis and Brian, I will do it until I can’t anymore. I tell people from the very beginning to not expect to make a living from this work. In fact, trying to make a living from it is a path to failure, as it is self-seeking. It is “reasonable” to want to make a living, but this task, manifesting the biggest event in the human journey, is anything but “normal.” All of the usual motivations, rooted in fear, scarcity, and survival, won’t work for this task. People have advised me to parlay my work into an advanced degree, sell books, and the like for more than 20 years, but that is the devil’s flypaper. If I had gone that way, I would have failed long ago. I doubt that anybody is born a Level 12. It is a long, winding road to get there, and only lovers of the truth, who are unwilling to settle for the bromides of our conditioning, are candidates. To use some current jargon, they are self-selected. One early lesson that my pupils learn, if they haven’t before they encountered me, is that sociality is based on fear and scarcity. It is not exactly a novel realization; it is a standard understanding among biologists and anthropologists. Social animals are social because it enhances their survival prospects. In fact, internal societal “cohesion” has largely been developed through outside threats. Sociality is based on self-seeking, and is worthless for the free energy pursuit. Most of my best students learn this early on, as they just have to spread the “good news” of free energy amongst their social circles, even as I caution them against it. They quickly find out what a thin reed their social circles are, as they are attacked, ostracized, and the like. If they are lucky, they don’t wreck too many relationships, their careers, etc. The social approach is worse than worthless for this task. As Brian O sagely stated, combined positive intention will work. Each person, working towards the goal, each with the goal in sight, and knowing that they can’t do it alone, is the key for a Level 12 effort. Each member is self-motivated toward the goal, and their self-interest is not in the calculus of their thinking. They have raised their awareness far past that level. They are doing it because it needs to be done, not because they seek some earthly or even heavenly reward for doing it. That requires a spiritual and ethical maturity that is exceedingly rare on the planet today, and that rareness is why we don’t live in the Fifth Epoch today. Why would a Level 12 effort have a chance? For one thing, it would not take many people, proportionally. It can work if only one-in-a-million people have the right stuff and do the work. I have seen the power of a few committed people. I lived with Dennis and Alison in Boston, and we were high and dry, about to be homeless on the streets, when I came through. Three months later, we were offered $10 million to go away, and a year later, they raised it to $1 billion before they lowered the boom on us. Less than a year later, Mr. Professor, Alison, and I were all that was left, standing up to the full might of our evil system. When I sacrificed my life, the greatest miracle that I ever witnessed happened. Those days wrecked and shortened Mr. Professor’s life, and I don’t want to bury anybody else whom I got involved in my journey. But a handful of us gave Godzilla some interesting days at the office and sleepless nights, and a chapter or two of his manual for maintaining his global dominance is likely devoted to us, a mere handful of people, who had the proper motivation. If I can find and train 5,000-to-7,000 people, to just attain a comprehensive vision and form that choir, free energy is going to be laughably easy to make happen. The hard part will be building that choir. I may have 30 more good years in me, and we will see how it goes. This is not something that can be rushed, to “do something,” or it will be just one more path of disaster. This is something different. I may not be the person who will build that choir. My role might be to merely found the idea of one. If that is all it is, I am OK with that, but I pray that I live to see humanity begin to turn the corner, and I as wrote recently, things are looking up in ways. Manifesting the biggest event in the human journey is not going to be easy, but I know of nothing more worthwhile to do on Earth today. Best, Wade
  14. Hi: Few people on Earth are Level 15s. They have had free energy technology demonstrated to them, almost always in intimate settings, as far as I know. Many genuine free energy prototypes have been demonstrated, sometimes in public venues, but the best demonstrations were done privately. Mr. Advisor was invited to meet with Sparky Sweet, and witnessing his describing watching Sparky’s device operate was unforgettable. He was awestruck by the experience. Free energy is far from the only exotic technology in Godzilla’s Golden Hoard, and Steven Greer spoke of watching electrogravity craft fly around in an underground setting. You have to play in highly rarified air to be invited to something like that. The few people that I know of who received such shows played at levels at which they risked their lives for many years. Surviving murder attempts seemed to be one prerequisite for eligibility for shows such as those. But all such demonstrations paled next to what my close friend was shown a generation ago. He received a generous demonstration of technologies in Godzilla’s Golden Hoard, which was likely snuck out the back door for that demonstration, and the demonstrators almost certainly risked their lives to do so. My friend does not know who gave the demonstration or where it was, as he was transported there blindfolded and under bizarre conditions. It was not a typical invitation. I have purposely not wanted to know very much about that demonstration, to protect people. My friend’s eyes were bugging out of his head, and he told the demonstrators that they did not play in his galaxy. When I told Brian O of that demonstration, his reaction was along the lines of, “So, what else is new?” Brian was well aware of demonstrations like that, but my friend’s is the only one like that that I have directly heard of, by watching as the witness describes it to me. Free energy, antigravity (or electrogravity) technology, advanced materials that show that Flubber is not so fictional, and other exotic technologies are on the planet today. You can take that to the bank. The means to a Star Trek civilization (Type 1) on Earth already exist. But we don’t get any while we collectively slumber, are ruled by scarcity and fear, and are our own worst enemies. But free energy is the Big One, with Epochal significance. Then there is the other side of the table, the Level 14s. They also know that free energy technology exists, because they get to use and play with it every day, as part of their jobs. Level 15s have far more credibility with me than Level 14s. When so-called “insiders” leak information or go on the talk circuits, I always take their “revelations” with a grain of salt, as there is also a great deal of disinformation coming from within those ranks, for various reasons. The whistleblowers that I respect the most are people such as Ralph McGehee and John Perkins, who have indisputable bona fides with well-documented tales. When so-called insiders come forward with their stories, without any documentary or other hard evidence, it pays to keep a skeptical eye. Greer’s most credible Disclosure Project witnesses were those on the “outside” of such operations, who saw something that they weren’t supposed to. What Gordon Cooper reported, for instance, is at the height of credibility. I have heard several astronaut tales of close encounters in space, and some have remained private affairs. Astronauts who speak out about close encounters in space, after they have been read-in following the encounters, risk their lives to do so, which is why you never hear them telling about such encounters publicly. You don’t even get death-bed confessions from them, because the goons threaten their families with retribution if they speak out. One of Ed Mitchell’s moments of awakening was when he witnessed the Director of Intelligence of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Tom Wilson, being denied access to a Special Access Program that Greer identified to him. Barry Goldwater’s reporting of what happened when he asked to see Hangar 18 and the Blue Room at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which I lived near when I met Brian, is also highly credible. An amusing anecdote about Wright-Patterson (which was built where the Wright brothers flew their first planes) is that there is a museum of flight at Wright-Patterson. It is impressive, beginning with the Wright brothers (that denial and ridicule by mainstream science is minimized in the Wright brothers’ exhibit) and some NASA gear was also presented. On the second floor, next to the restrooms, was a small glass case, about two feet on a side and a few feet tall, on UFOs. It was the only mention in the entire museum. As I recall, there was a meteorite fragment in that case, and maybe a picture of “swamp gas,” as the text in that exhibit stated that the UFO issue was a minor curiosity, of people’s mistaking meteorites and the like for ET craft. On Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, of all places. It was the funniest part of the museum. I have interacted with leading space “skeptics” and I have been on the receiving end of their “debunking,” and they were either idiots, criminals, or both. Brian O’s life was shortened when he snooped into the UFO issue. Even if Level 14s were telling the straight truth when they played “whistleblower,” they were being allowed to speak publicly, and the reasons for that comprise a highly controversial subject. All Level 14s who go public have been tainted by their employment history and the reasons for their being allowed to speak out. I am sure that some are telling the truth as they know it, but others are playing the disinformation game (some are not even genuine insiders, but pretend that they are), with some truth and plenty of fiction in their testimony, whether they are doing it wittingly or not. Winnowing the truth from the disinformation is a nearly impossible task for examining “whistleblower” testimony such as that, and I advise truth-seekers to spend more of their time looking elsewhere, and take what they glean from that milieu with a huge grain of salt. Next up is what my work is really all about, Level 12s. There are also not many of them on Earth today, but they are my target audience, and only they can truly help with my effort. Best, Wade
  15. Hi: Before I get to Level 12, which is what interests me, I want to cover Levels 13 to 15. Level 13 is where some free energy inventors ended up. They generally were successful with developing technology that could tap the zero-point field. While my Levels were developed to deal with free energy, the fate of Level 13s can also apply to a wide array of potentially disruptive technologies, such as new mining techniques. I have heard many harrowing tales over the years, and not just with free energy inventors, but free energy is the Big One. Brian O knew about 25 dead inventor stories. Greer was told of the $100 billion in quiet money. We got the friendly buyout offer a couple of months after I became Dennis’s partner, and they added a couple of zeroes a year later, before they began playing rough. The adding some zeroes trick is not unusual. At the level that Godzilla plays at – controlling a planet – a trillion dollars to keep the lid on disruptive technologies is a pittance. He has developed his game into a science. No independent free energy effort has ever been allowed to get to the finish line of bringing commercially viable technology to market. They don’t let anybody get close, but strangle all efforts in their cradles. There is a $200 million chasm to cross in the first place. What makes Dennis’s journey so unique and informative for those with the right stuff is that unlike any free energy effort ever attempted, he actually brought disruptive technology to market, when he put the world’s best heating system on people’s homes for free. Discerning readers can learn what bag of tricks is brought to bear when something disruptive is brought to market. Free energy inventors in their garages have not even stepped on the playing field yet. I do not try to collect tales of organized suppression. I am a tale myself, and soldiers who have seen battle don’t regale their families with war stories, but do their best to forget them. During my first stint with Dennis, I heard more stories than I care to recall, as they could become monotonous. In Ventura, a couple of elderly brothers from Europe told me how they attended one of those conferences when Max Gerson was poisoned. In those Ventura days, a member of the clergy told me that the skullduggery that we were experiencing was global in scope. He told of witnessing such activity in New Zealand, to swindle some Maori out of their land. That is a familiar tale. What I get a lot of from free energy newcomers is a kind of titillating interest in suppression tales, in a kind of denial/fascination, and some seem to want to go tweak the lion’s tail, to see if the stories were true. What a potentially deadly delusion. It is a cousin to 18-year-old boys pining to prove their manhood on the battlefield. In some ways, I am happy when my pupils rush out to proselytize to their social circles, even after I try to dissuade them from doing it. It is relatively low-risk behavior, as they “only” risk their careers and relationships, not their lives. They can get a little taste of the reality that I write about without risking their lives, and they can get chastened before they go out and foolishly play suicidal games. I’ll tell a few new ones here, or, at least, I think they are new. I have heard a lot of Adam Trombly’s story over the years, almost straight from the horse’s mouth. He has survived something like 40 murder attempts. Adam’s story is the only one that I have heard of that matches Dennis’s on the preposterous scale. I have been invited to hang out with Adam, but he is just too hot. With my luck, the bullet would miss him and hit me. I don’t want to betray Adam’s confidence, so will tell an innocuous anecdote. What happened to my efforts with Dennis, with provocateurs infiltrated into the inside, such as Bill and Ken, is not unusual. In fact, in my circles, they are standard features, and I have heard them called “inside people,” whose jobs are to help tear down the effort from the inside. As I saw with Bill and Ken, they could coordinate their efforts with outside attacks, in what I have called an “inside-outside job.” Because the level of integrity of Joe Average is so low, inside-outside jobs are very effective, as Joe becomes a willing member of the mutiny, happily slitting his own throat as he chases the bait of self-interest. As Brian learned at NEM and another organization that he helped found, even organizations of initiates, with no provocateurs on the inside, readily tear themselves apart from the inside as everybody jockeys for position. It happened to Joe Firmage’s effort in the 1990s, as I heard from somebody who helped tear NEM apart. The first dozen times or so that I saw our business associates try to steal our company, I was shocked. Dennis told me to join the club, and said that I would eventually lose my shock. In ways, it was like how I became used to working in the hell of Skid Row. Eventually, a dead body on the sidewalk just became part of the scenery. Another attempt to steal our company was just another day at the office. Early in Adam’s journey, one man came into his effort, as Adam was trying to make things happen. Adam played the game, of political action, “philanthropists,” and the like, and that man was Adam’s most enthusiastic supporter, who was 100% on the same page with Adam. It did not get any better than that supporter, at least until the moment came when that supporter was supposed to interact with some big players who were going to provide assistance to Adam. Then, that “supporter” instantly went from 100% with Adam to 100% against Adam, as he actively scuttled the deal and disappeared. That is one way that “inside people” ply their trade. I have purposely designed my effort to not be very vulnerable to “inside people,” which is one reason why my effort is starting slowly. I constantly hear from free energy newbies with their bright ideas, blithely suggesting tactics and strategies that invariably lead to disaster, but they are too naïve to realize it. Organized suppression of disruptive technologies is all too real, what we encountered was capitalism on steroids, and thousands of free energy aspirants discovered that the hard way. The “lucky” free energy aspirants got the Golden Handcuffs, while the less fortunate had their lives wrecked or prematurely terminated. Level 13s know that free energy technology is real, because they developed some themselves. Sparky Sweet’s story is all-too-typical. Best, Wade
  16. Hi: Level 10 is where I spent my early activist years. The day that I met Dennis, he announced the first of his many Level 10 plans. He is still at it. In our recent conversation, he said that he wanted to do something before he died to put the USA “back on its feet” and make his dealers whole. He never gave up on his Level 10 dreams. He has been banned from the energy industry in the USA, so he is playing the Level 10 game in medicine, reflecting his medic days. Good luck with that. I have presented many Level 10 anecdotes, especially here and here, so no need to belabor it. My Seattle days with Dennis were when my education began, and seeing the employees cheer the theft of Dennis’s company, and watching that courtroom charade, were among the indelible memories of that year. When I chased Dennis to Boston and improbably became his partner, my learning curve dramatically steepened. When Mr. Mentor cut his secret deal with Dennis to move the company to Ventura, my fate was sealed. I got to see the rocket take off, and I got to see us swatted down. My life was shattered in those days, and I was radicalized. I can’t overemphasize the lessons of experience, and few have ever played on the stage that we did. I was with Dennis during the darkest days of his journey and sacrificed my life to rescue him, and I can still barely imagine what he has lived through. But to this day, I hear no end of the bright ideas that free energy newcomers present to me, which are all naïve variations of strategies that we and our fellow travelers have tried many times. Dennis does nothing halfway, but throws his life into it. You really have to see it to believe it. Hearing those naïve Level 10 bright ideas only reinforces to me that such approaches don’t have a prayer. It is long past time for something different, to approach the issue from a far higher plane of awareness and integrity, which is how I eventually came to my choir approach. When the dust settled in Ventura in 1990, I had long since learned my life’s primary lesson and had strong doubts about the businessman’s path to free energy. When my second stint with Dennis was finished, I was forever cured of thinking that the businessman’s path had a prayer. But spear-carrying is in my DNA, and I carried Brian’s in the next decade. In the aftermath of that disaster, I was forever cured of any Level 10 notions, and Americans have not been my target audience since 2004. They are history’s most brainwashed people, and think they are free. I was always studious, from the time I could walk, and I began hitting the books to help prepare any expert witnesses that my legal fund might line up, but it wasn’t until I moved to Ohio in 1990 that I began my deep dive that never really finished. After I finished the 2002 version of my site, I was introduced to Uncle Bucky’s work and began another phase of my scholarly and scientific journey. It began with Richard Heinberg and the Peak Oilers, and my studies after 2007 were mostly scientific and were made with writing what became my big essay in mind. My update of that essay is more than a year overdue, due to the demands of my life, including resuming my career, for what might be its last stint. I understand the allure of Level 10, but the general public does not have the collective integrity to support such an effort. They only see their immediate self-interest. When I saw Dennis try his Level 10 efforts, he was always appealing to the population management ideologies to gain traction, but allegiance to those ideologies is how people have been brainwashed. Those ideologies are part of the problem, not the solution. They all short-circuit sentience, as they create in-groups at the expense of out-groups. We are all one. Best, Wade
  17. Thanks Krishna: Yes, when times get hard, our line of primates gets harsh. We are seeing it with the disintegration of the American middle class, and all declining and collapsing societies had that dynamic of the social fabric disintegrating, as it became every man for himself. The environment that the bonobo adapted to had a lot to do with its social organization, especially when gorillas left the area and the food supply doubled. Large, stable foraging parties resulted. One dynamic that I read about was that there is no lone foraging among bonobos, because of that enhanced food supply and large groups. So, the chimp strategy of finding and killing lone foraging males in neighboring societies no longer worked. That wet and stable environment that you refer to is only that way during interglacial periods such as now. For most the past two million years of bonobo evolution, it was not that way, and they likely survived by living in the river valleys that feed the Congo. It was likely not much different from their chimp relatives at the time, except that there were no gorillas in the region to compete for food. There is speculation that bonobos are the closest things existing to australopiths, and the human line may have had bonobo-like social organization at times. It is speculated that Ardi’s species is on that line that may have at least partly given up the chimps’ murderous ways. I’ll agree that nurture can become nature, hinted at by those Dutch children from the Dutch famine in Late World War II. This is one reason why I am so “on it” about the Fifth Epoch. The human condition will change radically, as will the human potential, and even human nature will likely be affected. I’ll bet that the humans in those two Roads worlds (1, 2) had (or will have ) significant genetic differences. Best, Wade
  18. Hi: Level 7 is where slightly worldlier free energy inventors and activists reside, at least for a while. They at least credit the idea that there is organized suppression. In some ways, it is better than the defeatist Level 8, but it is arguably the most dangerous level of awareness. Thinking that they can sneak past the organized suppression is a potentially deadly delusion. Mark quickly went from naïve Level 6 to deadly naïve Level 7, to be rudely disabused of his adolescent Level 7 notion, to make it to Level 10, where most free energy activists with my respect reside. Mark is a genius, and it took only one incident to cure him of his Level 7 delusion. He later learned the magnitude of his folly. Nobody on Earth has a better free energy radar than Godzilla does. From people who should know, I have heard that he even has satellite technology that can tell when somebody taps the zero-point field. When I have mentioned that, I have been offered a way to shield the device from detection, in a demonstration that the “helpful” person completely missed the point of my statement. Free energy inventors and activists become potentially suicidal when they start thinking that they can sneak past Godzilla. I have stated that the Levels are not mutually exclusive, and during my Level 10 days with Dennis, he often played secrecy games, and I hated it at the time. I have been in meetings in public venues where we wrote out our discussion instead of talk it, to defeat the eavesdroppers, and we likely were under that kind of surveillance. I eventually realized that any effort that had to start playing secrecy games was doomed. The very nature of the secrecy game leads in the wrong direction. Secrecy is Godzilla’s game, and he can’t be beaten at it. I have assumed that I have been under constant surveillance since the 1980s, and I don’t lose any sleep over it. Anybody who thinks that he/she can be anonymous from Godzilla and interact with me is foolish. I will never have anonymous members of my effort, as anonymity defeats the very purpose of what I am doing, as it is based on fear. Anonymous cowards are not going to make free energy happen. When people begin playing the secrecy game, they invite in paranoia, “specialness,” and other problems that will help lead to the internal collapse of the effort before Godzilla even needs to get involved. It was refreshing to hear Steven Greer learn his lesson on that score. He advocates open-sourcing and complete transparency for any free energy technical effort. He stated that secrecy and deception were Godzilla’s tools, and that he can’t be beaten at his game. I heartily applaud that direction, even if Greer is still stuck in Level 10. There are worse places to be, but I strongly doubt that Level 10 will work. But Level 7 is the height of foolishness, for free energy newcomers who watched too many spy movies. Another adolescent level is Level 9, in which the free energy aspirants think that they can defeat Godzilla, usually violently. Level 9 is for the delusional Young Warriors, and it is the exclusive province of men. You can hear various activists threaten Godzilla with their ninja warriors and the like, but they don’t even know where to begin looking. When the Young Warriors arrive, hankering for a confrontation with Godzilla, the only thing that you can guarantee that is the only people threatened by such an approach are the Young Warriors themselves and those they say they are protecting. Godzilla chuckles when Young Warriors get all in a lather, to go fight the “bad guys,” like in cowboy movies. He is not threatened by such approaches. When people around us began making Level 9 boasts, they were the ones who attacked us, in the end, as they helped destroy the effort. The last major delusional level I call Level 11, which is where the megalomaniacs live, dreaming of becoming the Bill Gates of free energy and declaring themselves the Second Coming or Messiah. I had to wrestle with my own Level 11 delusions soon after becoming Dennis’s partner, before I was rudely disabused of my fantasies. I know the lure, but it is just one more way to lose one’s way. Billionaire “philanthropists” can also live there. Brian described his “anger and awe” when a free energy zillionaire made his strategy plain: wait like a vulture until the time is right to swoop in and take over the field. Billionaires swarmed Greer and Dennis, but they were all worthless opportunists who never parted with a dollar. To one degree or another, those levels are all rooted in scarcity and fear, not love, and not with an abundance mindset. Best, Wade
  19. Hi: The first level of “do something” I call Level 6. It is usually comprised of free energy inventors. They think that they can develop a free energy prototype and it will be welcomed and eagerly embraced by the world, especially the corporations and governments. They have no idea that such a thing as organized suppression even exists. I was never there, even when I was 16, as I imagined that powerful interests might not be too keen on such a thing. I’ll not deny that there may be some noble motivation with those inventors, but my experience eventually informed me that inventors invent to get rich and famous, not to help the world. As my initial orientation was inventor-centric, and Mr. Mentor is still the closest thing that I ever saw to an altruistic inventor, the delusion that it took the longest for me to shed was that inventors really care about humanity and the planet, and that getting their invention out there was more important than profiting from it. Mr. Inventor was the first person to begin to enlighten me on inventors, and by the time that I saw Yull Brown screw Dennis a decade later, I was forever cured of my delusion. I think that one reason for my delusion persisting that long is that I am likely an Artisan soul, and creativity is the positive pole of that role. The positive pole is accessed via love, so I thought that when people did their best creative work, that love was motivating them, especially free energy inventors. It is how it works for me, and I was guilty of psychological projection, as my fellow Boy Scouts often were. While I will allow at least some benevolent motivation amongst free energy inventors, I came to understand that while most could talk a good game, they were all in it primarily to serve their self-interest. Sparky Sweet was the quintessential Level 6, mailing out working prototypes of his free energy gizmo to the big energy institutions, thinking that he was going to get the tickertape parade. The opposite happened, and Sparky died a lonely and possibly violent death. When Dennis hit Seattle in late 1984, he also thought that he would get the tickertape parade for bringing the energy conservation that the full-page ads of the electric companies said that they wanted so much. The opposite happened. Naïveté is no crime, and all of my fellow travelers, and I, suffered from it as we began our adventures. Level 6s are generally blithely naïve about free energy and the real world. The vast majority of free energy inventors never come up with something worth suppressing (a recent estimate that I saw was more than 95%), so they will never leave Level 6 and generally leave the field at that level, with their dreams of riches and fame, and maybe helping the world along the way, dashed. If inventors with the goods and can survive the initial suppression (it is rarely violent at first, but their lives are often wrecked), then they can move out of Level 6. Dennis went straight from Level 6 to Level 10, and I went along for that ride with him. Many Level 6s ended up getting the Golden Handcuffs and they were never the wiser, as they were in it for the money, anyway. Only when they rejected the friendly buyout offer did Godzilla begin playing rough. We got our friendly buyout offer in Boston, soon after I became Dennis’s partner. Oh, if we had only known what we were in for. In summary, Level 6s did not fall for the “laws of physics” denial of free energy’s possibility, but they generally swallowed their nationalist and capitalist indoctrination hook, line, and sinker. God bless the Level 6s, but they have no idea what they are in for, and those with the goods are often lambs to the slaughter. Until this past generation, Level 6 was generally the entry-level awareness of free energy inventors and activists, but in these days of the Internet, that kind of naïveté is hard to maintain. They should have at least heard of organized suppression. For those who have, many graduate to the next Level, Level 7, which is one of the most dangerous levels of all to play at, which will be the subject of a coming post, as I wind my way through the levels. Best, Wade
  20. Hi: I wrote that this series of posts would be about anecdotes, and I’ll mention some more. When people deny the significance of free energy, they are normal. I recently talked with Dennis, for the first time in several years, and Dennis does not understand the epochal significance of free energy. If Dennis does not understand, how understandable is the masses’ lack of understanding? A big reason for my big essay is to get across free energy’s epochal significance. Scientific literacy is probably required to truly understand its significance. If people can understand its significance, they can keep their eyes on the ball and not go chasing off down the many rabbit holes out there. I’ll give another Level 1 reaction to free energy. One of my dear friends, who also was one of my investors with Dennis, was of Japanese ancestry and grew up in one of the internment camps in World War II. She knew what her government was capable of, but when I saw her in the summer of 1988, as my life was falling apart (and just before Dennis was arrested), when the conversation turned to what was happening in Ventura, she went on the offensive, saying that the police would not have come after us unless we had done something illegal. It was a cousin to that former girlfriend’s attacks, and just one of many similar reactions that I received in those days. As I have stated plenty, when it got back to me that my own mother was campaigning against me, it no longer even hurt anymore, but those early reactions were a shock. And in the instance of that friend, my mother, and that friend who eventually criminally attacked me, they all knew that I always did the right thing, Golden Boy from beginning-to-end. They had all seen me in action, and they all hero-worshipped me at times. When anybody begins to hero-worship me today, I put a stop to it if I can. I found that hero-worshipping me is about them, not me, and their later attacks are also about them, not me. Almost without exception, anybody who hero-worshipped me later attacked me, and often enough, after I had rescued them. When I discuss my journey with people new to it, the best of them often do their homework and perform some diligence. They will always come back impressed. There is vastly more documentation of my pedigree and journey than I have published, and it does not take much gumption to dig it up. That is how people who begin with understandable Level 2 skepticism can get over the hump. But, in order to get over that hump, they have to relinquish their belief in the “system,” such as our “justice” system, the media, retail politics, and the like. Not many can go there, and most of the time, when people encounter such “discordant” information, they have to resolve their cognitive dissonance by making me wrong, unworthy, a criminal, etc. I certainly don’t go out and seek to have such conversations, and in my old age, I carefully choose whom I have such conversations with, and ease into them, ready to back out and end the conversation if I see their defenses go up. I almost never get the kinds of reactions that I did back in the 1980s, as I go about it very carefully. Those experiences are also why I caution free energy newcomers from going out and proselytizing to their social circles. I am not talking to people about a slick YouTube presentation that I stumbled into or some clever book, but my experiences and those of my close circle. If I can’t really talk to my social circles about my experiences, and only under carefully selected circumstances, my pupils don’t have a prayer of doing so. The best that they can do is send people a link to my work and just watch what happens. Those that I seek will dive in and not come up for air for weeks, months, or years. They can gauge the reactions of their social circles in that way, and do it relatively risk-free. I do my best to inform people that if they resonate with my work, that probably nobody else in their social circles will. Those are just the numbers, and judging the situation is a trap. The people I seek just have to learn to accept it, and my best students almost invariably go right out and proselytize to their social circles, to return to me, chastened, telling tales of ostracism, and then are more willing to learn and heed my cautions. Proselytizing to their social circles is at about the kindergarten level of the free energy journey, and my goal is to get them at least through high school. It will not be easy. For Levels 3 and 5, I could give many more examples of it, but I will let Brian take the stage. I’ll give a last one of my own, of my interactions with Richard Stallman in 2006. He was a pretty standard Level 3, but he at least evinced some Level 4 open-mindedness, stating that if free energy devices were delivered to scientists, they could then study them, and then free energy could become scientifically respectable. If anybody gets the award for most ardent proselyting to their social circles, it is arguably Brian. In 1996, he took to the road, playing the global Paul Revere of Free Energy. Brian had credentials and access that I’ll never have, and he banged on every door that he could. He talked up free energy with his colleagues at the tops of Earth’s scientific, political, and “progressive” institutions. All that he got for his trouble was a hair-style change from the wind of the doors slammed in his face. In our epic note-trading session in 2001, after we were nearly run out of town for trying to interest California’s governor in free energy, in the midst of his career-ending raping by Enron and friends, Brian told me how his ride went for the past five years. He gave me a litany of reactions of denial and fear, from luminaries such as Lester Brown and Amory Lovins, who nearly soiled himself when Brian mentioned free energy. I have heard that Brian did it publicly, which can be seen in videos someplace on the Internet, but one of my favorite memories of Brian was his describing the reaction of the department chair of what is arguably Earth’s most prestigious physics department, who pedantically thrust his finger in the air as he dismissed free energy on the basis of “the laws of physics.” Brian ended that litany in my car with openly wondering if humanity was a sentient species. My heart hurt for him when I heard it, but I understood. As I have stated before, I never saw any Level 1s or 3s leave their levels. Both abdicated their sentience in favor of the paradigms that feed them. Level 3s are the most dug in of all, and will likely be among the last on Earth to embrace free energy, not the first. This Level 1/3 issue is also a close cousin to the Brooking’s Institute’s recommendation to NASA, on how religious zealots and scientists would likely be the two groups most resistant to the idea of intelligent ET life. Near his life’s end, Brian told me that the collective blindness and denial of mainstream science was worse today than it was a century ago, when the Wright brothers were ignored or ridiculed for five years after they first flew. I am going to leave those levels of unawareness, denial, and fear behind for now, to focus on those trying to “do something” about free energy, those levels 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11. Those levels, while generally noble of purpose on some level, still drag around the baggage of scarcity and fear, and are very unlikely to lead to productive activity. I am going to end this series of posts with a summary of which level(s) each failed approach to free energy hails from. It may help my target audience understand what is different about my approach, and why I think that it might have a chance. Best, Wade
  21. Hi: Levels 0 through 3 reflect unawareness and denial, which usually is accompanied by Level 5 fear. While the voiced fears are usually related to using free energy to have bigger wars or wreck the environment, those are pretty irrational, as scarcity is responsible for both (1, 2), when free energy means abundance. Their fears were really egocentric, not a selfless concern for humanity and the planet, and had to do with the fear of their world ending as they knew it. That fear is also driven by scarcity. They see their world ending and are afraid that they will lose out. Few are honest or conscious enough to openly admit that kind of motivation, and for those who are, they have a certain respect from me. But in world of abundance, nobody loses out, except for psychopaths and others who prey upon a frightened humanity. Psychopathic games (and elite games) would no longer work in a world of abundance, and they know it. That is why the global elite so avidly suppress free energy and related technologies. But they have innumerable allies – almost the entirety of humanity – as almost everybody prefers their particular brand of servitude, and fears freedom. It may be a life of quiet desperation, but it could get worse, which is the constant background fear. It took me many years to see past the masks that people wore on this issue. I have never seen a Level 1 move out of it, or a Level 3. If I think about it, very few Level 2s ever leave, either, and once a Level 5, always a Level 5. A Level 0 is about the only one of those early levels that has the potential to move into acknowledgement and awareness. Very few of them have the right stuff for that, but they at least have the chance to hear about free energy and not react in denial and fear. If a person gets past outright denial or fear, the most common reaction of awareness is Level 4. On one hand, they have moved past the fears that motivate those earlier levels. They realize that the world as they know it will likely end with free energy’s arrival, but they realize that it will be like giving them a billion dollars. Free energy will be like giving everybody on the planet a billion dollars. And those Level 4s will happily accept that billion dollars. How heroic. The standard Level 4 response is, “If you want to give me a free energy device, I will accept it. My house can be a showcase installation.” You can also find scientists in Level 4, and their attitude can be summed up with, “If you give me a working free energy device, I will happily study it.” Putting a commercial-level free energy device on somebody’s home, or delivering a free energy device to a scientist for study, is at the very end of a long, arduous process, not the beginning. Level 4s are whom I saw Steven Greer talk about, particularly the billionaire “philanthropists.” Greer invoked The Little Red Hen allegory to describe those people. While Level 4s are not as driven by fear and denial as those earlier levels, they are also useless for helping make free energy happen. Walk up to anybody on the street and ask if you could give them a billion dollars. How many would refuse? There is also Level 8. Level 8s do not deny free energy’s possibility or desirability. They also acknowledge the organized suppression, but believe that the obstacles are too many, and that it is not worth it to even try to surmount them. While it is a more mature and worldly view than those earlier levels of unawareness and denial, it also is not going to help make free energy happen. Their general attitude toward somebody like me is often respect, but their response is along the lines of “Good luck with that.” While they may consider the quest noble (although they can also see me as a fool, if a noble one), they think that it is doomed to failure, and they are not about to help rock the boat. Nearly everybody who received one of Greer’s Disclosure Project briefings was a Level 8, including the sitting American president. Beyond Level 5, specifically Levels 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11, are people who want to “do something” about making free energy happen, and even the most self-centered of them have a certain respect from me. Some have become Level 13s and 15s. However, people in those levels are highly unlikely to help make free energy happen, and in general, the people most likely to join the choir were either former Level 0s or former Level 10s. While I would generally love to have Level 13s and 15s be part of my effort, few are in position to. Some did not survive the experience, the rest are licking their wounds, wear Golden Handcuffs, and the like. Some are cheering me on from the shadows. I was in Levels 0 and 10 myself during my journey (and you could say that I was in Level 2 for a short time), as were all of my fellow travelers whom I respected. It will take several posts to work through those higher levels. Best, Wade
  22. Hi: I did not write up my layers of the free energy onion until more than 30 years after my energy journey began, 20 years after I began my free energy pursuit, and it took me many years to understand people’s motivations and perceptions for those levels. Ten years after I wrote it, I have still yet to see a perspective that does not fit into one of those categories, usually quite neatly. But understanding Level 3s came relatively late for me. I could not really put my finger on their motivation until I read some of Bucky’s work and encountered the Peak Oilers. I was beginning to understand them when I began seeing all of those reactions of denial as an addiction, in one way or another, to scarcity. Seeing Richard Heinberg’s feigned interest in free energy was a watershed moment for me. Reflexive or thoughtful but uninformed denial I was used to, but for somebody who openly expressed interest in free energy, and then refused a friendly offer to find out more about the exact situations that he wrote about, was initially a mindbender for me. His exclamation points were a clue, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt, until there was no more doubt left to give him, and he categorically dismissed free energy in his subsequent austerity sermons. What made Heinberg’s work even more bizarre was that he was a conspiracist, openly supporting the “inside-job” hypothesis of 9/11, but he could not seem to wrap his mind around organized suppression of the world’s most disruptive technologies. It was not until I developed my epochal framework and studied for my big essay that the Level 3 denial really came into focus for me. Materialism is the religion of the Fourth Epoch, replacing the agrarian religions, and what I was running into, for all of the seeming intelligence of Level 3s, was their faith, not reason. Their ideological convictions did not allow for something outside of the “laws of physics,” even though there are not any such “laws.” The very term “laws” betrays a religious conviction. When you witness antigravity technology in action, the so-called law of gravity becomes something else. I found that scientists were just as brainwashed as the masses, were often fed the lies on the first day of class, and they never learned any differently. It was a more sophisticated version of saluting a flag every day, and their brainwashing was arguably the most subtle of all. Within their frameworks, their work can be vital, but outside of the frameworks of their gilded cages and soft berths is where the gold is. That “laws of physics” canard I learned to spot early on, but the reason for their denial that organized suppression was even possible did not become clear to me until I began studying evolution and cosmology in earnest. Perhaps the most dogmatic aspect of materialism is the complete denial of the abilities and attributes of consciousness. In the materialistic framework, consciousness is nothing more than an ephemeral byproduct of chemical reactions in the brain. I knew that was false, ever since my mystical awakening, which was a typical attribute of my fellow travelers. Michael Parenti brilliantly discussed the Left’s “conspiracy phobia.” The Left has an ideological aversion to the very idea of conspiracies, and I eventually understood that the roots of that denial were found in the assumptions of the Fourth Epoch’s religion, in which everything is one big accident and we are no more than meaningless motes, floating through the universe as we have our day in the sun, to only become dust, in the termination of everything that makes us interesting. When I finally realized that I was dealing with religious faith, not reason, the ability to assess evidence, and the like, I stopped trying with those Level 3s. The ranks of mainstream science are filled with them, and Bucky thought that their naïveté and rejection of reality was carefully cultivated by the ruling class. But not all are so blind. Many so-called “skeptics” are really criminals who work on behalf of the ruling class, often directly on their payroll, keeping the herd dazed and confused, and they will attack any scientist who steps out of line, stops worshipping the Establishment, and stops kneeling at the altar of materialism. I eventually realized that the “radical” left was not really radical at all, but lived firmly within the confines of their Epoch. They were not even interested in challenging the walls that they lived within, thinking that “radical” politics was wrestling control away from the elite, when it just another variation of the victim game. Only people who think and act like creators are going to make a dent. I eventually came up with the concept of “epochal” to distinguish what I am doing from any other effort that I have seen. The Level 3s are the group most committed against the idea of free energy, and those august voices of environmentalists are the cliché, as abundance is their worst nightmare. They are the “experts” that the Level 2s turn to. Also, almost all Level 3s are also Level 5s. The Levels are not mutually exclusive. The standard Level 3 refrain goes something like this: “Free energy is impossible, as it is contradictory to the laws of physics, and the so-called evidence of organized suppression is nothing more than the delusional ravings of paranoid minds. Also, it is very fortunate the free energy is impossible, because all that humanity would do if it had access to it would be to strip-mine the entire planet and have even bigger wars, which would quickly turn Earth into a cinder.” Again, I am not sitting in judgment of their position, but I also know when to stop beating my head against a wall. They will not even begin to understand until the Fifth Epoch arrives, and I leave them to their slumbers. Nobody has ever been talked into the next Epoch, and it will be no different this time. Looking for needles… Best, Wade
  23. Hi: Before I get to Level 3, here is a little more on Level 2. What I want to make clear is that I am not judging any of the levels, but just describing them. To understand the levels is to understand why we don’t live in the Fifth Epoch today. When I chased Dennis out to Boston, I did not even know how his heat pump worked. I was sold on Dennis. With my scientific background, I learned pretty quickly. I had not yet become Dennis’s partner when I began hearing about entropy, Carnot, and why Dennis’s idea would not work. Early on, I played the Level 2 game and consulted an expert: Mr. Mentor. He was not so quick to call it impossible and soon proposed his own solution: marrying his heat engine to Dennis’s heat pump. Then came Fischer, and we heard from many scientists who did not consider the Second Law of Thermodynamics sacrosanct. I eventually heard from Eugene Mallove on that score, too, soon before he was murdered. Free energy Level 2s and “progressives” are very similar to what Uncle Ed would call the liberal left, or Cruise Missile Left (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). They act like they really care, as they cheer on the missiles of freedom. They are every bit as imperialistic as right-wingers, but have kinder rhetoric. Obama and the Clintons are perfect examples of icons of the Cruise Missile Left. Today, we might call them the Drone Left. The current imperial rubric is humanitarian intervention. It is all phony, but those so-called progressives generally believe it. In Orwell’s 1984, he described the most brainwashed class as the “middles,” or the politically active. The “highs” did not believe the propaganda (they concocted it, after all), and it did not matter what the “lows” believed, as long as they showed up for work each day without being too hung over. They get their “news” from the tabloids. More than any other class, those middles labored under the illusion of freedom. The brainwashing that they were subjected to was the most subtle and sophisticated of all. They got middle-class perks for their allegiance to the system, and dreams of becoming the elite one day. When those Level 2s asked the experts what they thought about free energy, it was as if they questioned the NPR and PBS stories on how our missiles were spreading freedom. They are quickly put back to sleep, as the experts assure them what is possible and what is not, and what is noble and what is not. There are “radicals” such as Uncles Noam, Ed, and me out there, but we are nuts, so far off the reservation that nobody should take us seriously. I rarely link to YouTube, but here is Uncle Noam telling a story about how a five-minute clip of him on NPR was killed by management when they got wind of it, on a segment called, of all things, All Things Considered. When Uncle Howard died, NPR actually ran a right-wing attack on him. That is how the so-called “liberal” media works. Another telling story is that Noam taught at MIT for generations, which is dominated by right-wing Pentagon types. At MIT, he was always heartily greeted in the faculty lounge. Noam’s fellow professors were all right-wingers who found his political ideas bizarre and non-threatening, but they loved him. But a few miles away at Harvard, at the seat of the liberal establishment, when Chomsky talked there and entered the faculty lounge, the reaction was as if Satan had entered the room. The mere fact of Chomsky’s existence exposes the fraudulence of the “liberal” perspective, so he is treated like the devil in liberal circles. I literally know people who work for the MIC, who eat their imperial cornflakes every day, pick out the Fox News raisins, think that they are informed and enlightened, and that we are bringing the missiles of freedom to humanity. I try to only talk about the weather and sports with them. Level 2s and the “liberal” left are very close cousins. The next post will be on those “experts” that the Level 2s consult about free energy’s possibility and desirability. Best, Wade
  24. Hi Krishna: Thanks for making me aware of that paper. I will mine it for my essay update. I have a tabular view of her swirl diagram, with more data points. It was new for me to see how oxygen made prokaryotes more robust, but with the energy boost that aerobic respiration gave them, it makes sense. The idea that fire and the spread of flowering plants might be related is a new one to me, too. I just ordered Singularities. Of course, free energy is entirely off the table, even to speculate about. Those mainstream scientific blinders again… Best, Wade
  25. Hi: While Level 1 is a reflexive action of denial, Level 2 is more thoughtful. They are often “progressives” who listen to NPR, watch PBS, and donate to worthy causes, including environmental organizations. Understandably, the issue of free energy is new to them, beyond their ability to assess, and they seek out the experts. They are usually going to know a scientist or two, they contact their friendly environmental organization, to see what they think, and the like. In ways, this is one of the more frustrating levels for free energy activists to deal with, because those people are potential allies, but they have given their responsibility to others. They rarely consciously do it. They actually think that they are free thinkers, care, and want to make a dent, and to a degree, that is true. I was on my way to being one of those in my LA days, before I met Dennis, subscribing to the Christian Science Monitor, thinking that I was getting alternative news. My learning experiences had yet to begin. So, those progressives seek out those expert opinions, and often earnestly. If they seek out scientists, they nearly invariably get back that free energy is “impossible,” because it violates the “laws of physics.” When they mention to their expert friends that it seems that free energy technology already exists but is subjected to organized suppression, the experts can look at their supplicants with a wry grin and reply that surely those “progressives” don’t believe in wacky conspiracy theories. If they talk to their friendly environmental organization, they not only get back the “laws of physics” and “conspiracy theory” denials, but the environmentalists will shriek that even if free energy technology was viable, it would be humanity’s worst nightmare, because our benighted species would only strip-mine Earth and have even bigger wars than before, and quickly turn Earth into a cinder. They seem oblivious to the idea that mining Earth would no longer make sense under a free energy regime, and war would not make sense either, as it is rooted in scarcity, and free energy would mean material abundance for all peoples, not just a fortunate few. The environmentalist “solution” is riding bikes and eliminating about 90% of humanity, to roll back our numbers to the carrying capacity of Earth when the fossil fuels run out. The idea of a Type 1 civilization is their worst nightmare. Those inquiring “progressives” are quickly chastened. They can even be ridiculed and ostracized if they continue to press the issue, and asked when they began wearing tin-foil hats. It is a very effective way to get them back in line with the herd. If they learn their lessons well, they won’t want to hear about free energy anymore and will consider free energy talk to be like calling 9-11 an inside job, doubting the Warren Commission’s august findings, or holding to the insane idea that there might be cancer cures that are not being promoted by mainstream medicine, and they will embrace certain death rather than question their conditioning. If I had not repeatedly witnessed it, I might not have believed it myself. Those “progressives” are really not that progressive at all, but like to think that they are. For those at more sophisticated levels of denial, their egos become more suave and subtle, their fears are cloaked in more “reasonable” clothes, and those people can become far more entrenched in their denial than those mindless Level 1s. The most entrenched of all are what I call Level 3s, and they deserve their own post, which is next. Best, Wade