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  1. That wasn't the worst of it. The whole Chad Zimmerman "experiment" was rigged. It took hundreds of takes for them to keep JFK's clothing elevated. In that segment Zimmerman claimed that his stand-in exactly matched JFK's height and weight, but when I pointed out to Zimmerman that the T3 location of the bullet holes in the clothes destroyed his argument, Zimmerman offered me $10,000 if I could prove that his stand-in matched Kennedy body type. Zimmerman offered me ten grand if I could prove he wasn't full of bovine offal!
  2. The Rockefellers wanted to militarize SE Asia. Kennedy wanted to neutralize SE Asia. That's what led to his death, in most likelihood.
  3. Some of the silliest assertions I've seen in this case. And that's saying a lot...
  4. That's not how it reads. From his 4:01 pm est memo: I related that Oswald went to Russia and stayed three years; came back to the United States in June, 1962, and went to Cuba on several occasions but would not tell us what he went to Cuba for. Hoover's words -- "went to Cuba on several occasions." Where in that memo did he refer to Interpen? There you go again. You're incorrigible. To claim that rabid anti-Communist J Edgar Hoover didn't want to pin the crime on Castro is a joke. His December 12 '63 memo: I said I personally believe Oswald was the assassin; that the second aspect as to whether he was the only man gives me great concern; that we have several letters, not in the report because we were not able to prove it, written to him from Cuba referring to the job he was going to do, his good marksmanship, and stating when it was all over he would be brought back to Cuba and presented to the chief; but we do not know if the chief was Castro and cannot make an investigation because we have no intelligence operation in Cuba; that I did not put this into the report because we did not have proof of it and didn't want to put speculation in the report; that this was the reason I urged strongly that we not reach conclusion Oswald was the only man.
  5. Not even close. Hoover told RFK that Oswald had visited Cuba. So? How does that establish that Hoover believed Oswald acted alone? Hoover told Tolson he didn't buy the lone assassin scenario. We've already been over this twice. Especially the part about Oswald visiting Cuba... You state it as a fact, do you not?
  6. Prof. Wrone wasn't a witness. Wrone is an enthusiast with a hunch. You're parlaying his hunch into a root fact. Hoover wasn't a rabid anti-Communist who would have loved an invasion of Cuba? Paul, look...JFK was murdered in a military-style ambush. That's a fact. Everything else is speculation -- some of it good, most of it bad.
  7. The salient commonality between the Coup of 1963 and the Coup of 2016 is that 95% of everything written or said about those events is mal-informed bullshi.
  8. And which had been redefined by the Bernie Sanders Revolution within the Democratic Party in 2016. The 2016 Dem platform was progressive -- a tool to hold Hillary's feet to the fire. It would have been a lot easier to get Hillary to do the right things than deal with what we have now. The Democrats lost the 2016 election primarily because of Kris Kobach... ...and James Comey... It's "historical amnesia" to forget that the 2016 election was stolen by non-Russian actors.
  9. At the very top, absolutely. I think there were a lot of potential patsies. My point is that the field team who killed Kennedy wasn't the same operation as the framing and murder of the patsy. No one who handled Oswald was any where near the operation to kill JFK. Why would they?
  10. Bobby Kennedy was talking about the conspiracy with friends before LHO was apprehended. See Brothers chapter one. I'll give Assistant DA William Alexander the second spot, since he wrote up the conspiracy indictment that night. She was a back-up patsy. Not a theory to him, was it? I doubt it. Intelligence operations are compartmentalized, as a matter of tradecraft, strictly need-to-know. What did the Kill JFK Team need to know about Oswald? Nothing. What did the team tasked with framing Oswald as a commie and whacking him ASAP need to know about the JFK Kill Team other than the time and place? Nothing. This is one of my main beefs with the JFK Assassination Critical Community -- the unproven assumption that the folks who set-up and killed LHO were the same guys who killed Kennedy. There's a raft of folks out there who call themselves "Kennedy assassination researchers" who know quad-x all about the murder of JFK, but they can quote chapter and verse on he murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. I seriously doubt the guys who whacked Kennedy were ever near Oswald.
  11. As bad as those Globalist Proto-Autocracy forces are, Trump leads a Dominionist Proto-Autocracy which is a hundred times worse.
  12. The attack was designed to look like a conspiracy -- a Commie conspiracy. Where the plot went wrong was with the Kill Oswald team, who failed to whack the patsy Friday afternoon.
  13. You mean the ambush was by a military outfit? Maybe. It had military precision, that's for sure. My speculative research has lead me to suspect MKNAOMI, a project run out of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb's rogue Technical Services Staff at CIA. Based in Fort Detrick, Maryland, US Army Special Operations Division, MKNAOMI employed civilian doctors and engineers, dart-gun toting military brass (an Air Force colonel and an Army colonel, among others), and mobbed up drug cops. An elite death squad.
  14. In the not-so-distant future "we" -- the Baby Boomer generation most concerned with JFK's murder -- will be dead. Will interest in the case die with us? JFK was murdered in a military style ambush. That is the capital T Truth -- everything else is speculation. So we already know the truth -- and we have a responsibility to base our well-grounded speculative research on facts in the historical record and not Pet Theories hatched in the ether* of hunch. *tip of my Golden State Warriors cap to Carl Oglesby
  15. As I've already pointed out, the back wound was too low to have associated with the damage at T1.