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  1. Great speech by President Kennedy addressing what Blacks face every day. So many of us enjoy White Privilege and forget how difficult it is for all minorities.
  2. My post got this response.
  3. I wanted to see what I had previously written before I post again on this 12 year old thread.
  4. Thanks Jim, for taking the time to chime in on my thoughts and this topic. I guess I may be a little hungry for an issue worth looking into. My biggest concerns are about our National Security under a Trump administration. I think voters should have had that in mind rather than voting anti-Clinton. An interesting story brewing is the unwillingness of National Security experts to even work for him.
  5. The more I put together what has happened in this election, the more I believe it is related to the assassinations of the 60's - all of them. They began with JFK and that makes this thread relevant. I believe forces that need the Republican establishment to stay in power have completely taken over the government in a very slick coup. What Comey did is obvious,as is overlooking Trumps dialogues to Russia. Someone backing Clinton tried to stop him with the Bush tapes ( with a Bush family member no less) but it the counter punch by Comey neutralized that move. The bottom line is that powerful forces could not bear a Clinton presidency, just like they could not have the Kennedys stay in power.
  6. Jim, I was first read about Maheu when reading a biography of Hughes. That was before I read about the Kennedy assassination. Have you written in detail about Hughesgate in one of your books? I read this biography around 1985.
  7. And then about half the voters in the United States voted for this man - and about half of those voters were women.
  8. Did anyone else think that when the Billy Bush tapes came out, it was a political assassination of Trump? And it seems to me that it worked. Then came Comey.
  9. I think discussing what Comey did is relevant to the JFK discussion here. Among other things, it shows that when you allow one thing to happen, there is no reason another of its kind wont follow.
  10. The man who is not qualified to be POTUS is still backed by many from the Eastern part of the United States! Interesting I used to think Easterners were more inteligent than the rest of us. ( but arrogant, fast talking and impatient )
  11. The Paine's are interesting spies. I learned a lot about deception and how to lie from them.
  12. Sorry my post is so short, but I want to say that I am not angry at Trump because he has the right to run for president. I am angry at those who follow him, and will be sickened if this unqualified man is elected POTUS. The list of disqualifying things he has said are too numerous ( and sickening ) to mention. Go ahead, America, elect an unqualified individual if you like. I guess it is your prerogative. Then you can get back to bowling and tats.
  13. Great research Jim I will get back to the thread after reading more about the Paines I will say she appears to be a simple looking woman with decent choppers ( legs ) in the interview. Her husband looks harmless.
  14. Right now, let’s talk about Friday’s 369.96-point jump in the Dow Jones industrial average. Other major indices also had sharp gains. And that is really odd — especially when stocks were headed in the exact opposite direction immediately after the November jobs number was released at 8:30 a.m. A retreat in stocks would have been a logical move. The stock market is in a bubble because unattractive interest rates have forced investors into the stock market even if they normally wouldn’t be able to stomach the risk. Once rates return to more normal levels the flow of assets should reverse — out of stocks and into things like bonds, certificates of deposit and money market funds. But as has happened lots of times before, someone came to the stock market’s rescue. I know, I know. This sounds like a conspiracy theory — and that’s exactly what it is.
  15. Great article Douglas. I have grown tired of those bashing Stone and his movie. The fact is, the assassination, as portrayed in his film, is far closer to the truth than the nonsense that we are supposed to believe. This being said, artistic license is involved here , and every detail of the film does not need to be accurate in order to make the many the truth. Take the very beginning of the film, for example Rose Cheramie is portayed as someone who predicts the assassination. I spent a lot of time reading the research on Cheramie and came to the conclusion that she had every reason to believe Kennedy would be killed. A very accurate beginning of Stone's film. This is just one example of how well the film was made. Just re-read Jim DiEugenio's article in Probe and it provides a great synopsis of the Cheramie matter. Thanks Jim.