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  1. z133 + 67 = 200 frames + Myers 1.8sec fps switch = 233 frames Governor CONNALLY. As we looked at them this morning, and as you related the numbers to me, it appeared to me that I was hit in the range between 130 or 131, I don't remember precisely, up to 134, in that bracket. Mr. SPECTER. May I suggest to you that it was 231? Governor CONNALLY. Well, 231 and 234, then. Mr. SPECTER. The series under our numbering system starts with a higher number when the car comes around the turn, so when you come out of the sign, which was---- Governor CONNALLY. It was just after we came out of the sign, for whatever that sequence of numbers was, and if it was 200, I correct my testimony. It was 231 to about 234. It was within that range.
  2. 67/18.3 = 3.661 3.661 + Myers 1.8 sec fps switch = 5.461 sec 5.461sec x 18.3 fps = 100frames
  3. 9.3 x 1.47 = 13.671ft per sec 1.8sec x 13.671 = 24.6ft
  4. Lack of Research.
  5. 67/2 = 33.5 /18.3 = 1.83sec 30/1.83 = 16.393ft per sec = 11.151mph 152/18.3 =8.3sec 136.1/8.3 = 16.397 = 11.154mph
  6. Thomas, this will not affect the overall time of approx 30sec. It has no affect on what you're trying to prove. Chris
  7. If there is any doubt that 30ft and the 167 frame total of Towner's film is not connected to both WC CE884 documents, let me lay that idea to rest right now. 167 frames = 100 + 67 frames 167frames /18.3fps = 9.125 sec 30ft/9.125 sec = 3.287... ft per sec /1.47 (1mph) = 2.236mph 100 frames/18.3fps = 5.464 sec 30ft/5.464 sec = 5.49ft per sec = 3.735mph The orange version of CE884 will yield a limo speed of: 18.3fps/3frames = 6.1 x .9ft = 5.49ft per sec = 3.735mph The white version of CE884 will yield a limo speed of: 18.3fps/5frames = 3.66 x .9ft = 3.294ft per sec = 2.24mph So once again, how was it the WC arrived at the limo traveling at 2.24 and 3.74 mph? Enquiring minds want to know.
  8. Eventually, someone else will wise up and connect this information with the "Towner" thread. The distance traveled by the common object from z193-z257 = 73ft. 64 frames/18.3 fps = 3.497 sec You can then begin to stop spinning your wheels.
  9. The inability of Michael and Jeremy to directly address/disprove the information being provided speaks volumes. The earth is still flat to these guys because someone keeps telling them it is. Here's an easy question to answer: Yes or No Do you believe Tina Towner's 8mm camera ran at an average 22.8fps as stated by Dale Myers in his multi-sync project? Remember, that is an average, so doing a little simple math could yield (24+21.6 speeds)=45.6/2 =22.8fps I guess they fed the camera some "speed" before filming ensued. So please tell us film experts, when does a 8mm camera become a 16mm/24fps camera. 24fps - 5% (1.2fps) variation = 24 -1.2 = 22.8fps This is why there are industry standards. Excerpt from Gary Mack on Towner's film: "The Towner film's true speed is likely closer to 18fps or slightly faster for most of the reel than to any other speed; it certainly was not operating at 16fps on November 22, 1963. Gary Mack" I didn't agree with GM on many aspects of this case, but his common sense answer to Towner's frame rate is more than appropriate. Slightly faster would include 18.3 which is exactly what I'm using to discredit Myers. So, go back and look at the rest of the A-B-C's and start discovering a world that is round.
  10. Andrej, If Carl Jones was looking eastward in Altgen's 6, what would be an event/sound that would cause him to look westward? Answer this question and you might begin to understand the Myer's frame sync deception.
  11. This is how the (WC) uses manipulation. Let's pretend that we don't have access and have never watched the zfilm. Then, someone supplies us with an official document that states the limo was traveling at 2.24mph at a certain time. Could I make the assumption it was averaging 2.24mph for longer than 5frames =.273 seconds, even though that's what the document entails? How would we know the total frame count during that 2.24mph span?
  12. Of course using .18ft per frame x 5 frames CE884 (z161-z166) = .9ft or the total B.S. distance traveled if you are to believe the WC.
  13. Quite close indeed. If you want an even closer match, just use a number between CE884 z166 and Towner total frames of 167. Something like this: 30ft/.18sec = 166.666... frames