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  1. I and the spirit of Karyn Kupcinet are in. Kathy C
  2. Kennedy never hid his Addison's Disease. There is a conversation on tape between JFK and some reporters. Here is the clip from January 1960 on youtube. https://youtu.be/D84+32eP8cd?+=Jm42s Kathy C
  3. JFK

    Thank you too, Barry. Kathy C
  4. I voted for Trump. He will have good people around him. At least he is honest. And I like that Guiliani might be Secretary of State. Guiliani cleaned up NY. It was so dangerous when Koch was in. Port Authority and the tube trains from NJ were a horror. A long time ago, Rich Dellarosa told me that there were 200 political murders during the 8 years of Clinton's reign. I found on the internet a name by name murder victim, starting, of course, with Vince Foster. About 3 or 4 days ago a well educated woman went to Haiti to look into the Clinton Foundation. She was dead the next day. I am trying to find more about it. Also a few days ago, I read on the Internet that Obama's WhiteHouse.gov birth certificate has been found to be a forgery through 5 years of forensic analysis. And that the authorities on this matter want him tried for Treason. They found another alias: Harrison J. Bonell, which he used in Chicago. We don't know who this man is. I believe he set out to destroy this country after his 2nd election. He wanted the New World Order and his personality changed when people in the audience laughed, "Did I say something funny?" Hillary, too, wanted the Western Hemisphere to have no borders. In other words New World Order. Thank God she wasn't elected. Kathy C
  5. I know today is the dread anniversary. I have great hope for Trump. But today is President Kennedy's day. He had a vision for this country. He wanted to change the Federal Reserve, using silver for our dollars. As soon as he died we went back to gold, which has left this country in massive debt. He wanted us to stay out of Viet Nam. Let them choose their own government. All our young men dying. For what? What good came out of it? His last day was filled with hundreds of people so happy to see him, mobbing the streets. And the surreal ending of this glory when they killed him at the end, Kind thoughts I share with everyone here. Kathy C
  6. About Barr McClennan. Dr. Walt Brown gave a good review of his book about LBJ before publication. But then something happened. Walt said that the book was entirely changed (full of lies). Walt Brown denounced the book. Walt is a historian. He's written many books about the Kennedy Assassination and was featured in "The Guilty Men." He spoke about specialists who found a fingerprint on one of the boxes in the sniper's nest November 22, 1963, left by Mac Wallace. Wallace knew LBJ since childhood and murdered people for LBJ. Kathy C
  7. Yes, I was suspicious of his death, but the researcher who was with me didn't think anything of it. That exhibit was supposed to be a permanent display of Kennedy stuff and when we got there they were taking it down. Robert White passed away the next day of a heart attack. Kathy C
  8. Yes, you're right. The link worked for me. I don't know what went wrong. Kathy C
  9. Another researcher and I went to a museum in St. Petersburg, FL to see the Kennedy exhibit circa 2004. It was a holiday. They were taking down Robert White's Kennedy collection. The next day Robert White, the collector, died of a heart attack. I think he was 51. I met him at the Hudson library in Florida. He didn't seem sick to me. Here is a video about him. It lasts about 10:36 minutes. He collected stuff about many celebrities. I hope this link works. https://youtu.be./taVCdxln1jU Kathy C
  10. I think you may be right. The man in the picture with Nixon is puny looking, as was Koethe and the man here at the swearing-in. Kathy C
  11. The person I expect it is -- possibly -- would be Jim Koethe, a newspaper man for the Dallas Herald. He was killed by a karate chop to the throat as he got out of the shower. The murder wasn't investigated because his parents were embarrassed he was gay. On the night Ruby shot Oswald, Koethe and another man were searching Ruby's apartment. Senator was there as he shared this apartment with Ruby. Koethe died in Sept. 1964. To me, it doesn't look like Ruby. Kathy C
  12. "Thank you on behalf and the group and ourselves I hope we passed the audition." Or something like that. Yes, I caught it right away, David. Thanks for the film. I never heard of it before. I'm still waiting to watch The Times and the Hours. Kathy C
  13. Hi Kath. ReThe Beatles, I tried to send you a PM but told you are not receiving any. Ray, I will empty my storage and then you can write to me. Thanks. Kathy C
  14. Let me make this clearer. This may be the problem. I only know that John Lennon's death came about while George HW Bush was Vice-President Elect. And only 2 months into the presidency Reagan was shot. I have no proof about the latter, but I believe Bush was behind it and I am not alone in this. Please go to youtube and watch the speech of Bush talking about the New World Order and another speech, I believe his State of the Union speech, where he describes it like a Utopia. But all it is is a Hitler-like view of the world, with him as leader, as well as bankers and oil barons. This was his ultimate goal. All the time he was crying during the Gulf War and puking in Japan; and basically acting like a sissy so no one would could think of him an evil man. "My father is the nicest man I ever met," said Jeb Bush during his run. That was the end of his campaign. No one agreed and Jeb came across like a little boy, saying, "My father is bigger than your father." The other deaths I mentioned -- as I write now -- I don't remember the dates. It's just that all of them died probably of homicide. Kathy C