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  1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N7YNXQ6 I believe this means all three of the new/revised books are now up on Kindle. Volume 3 of the JFK series will be titled INTO THE STORM and will hopefully pop up sometime next year.
  2. John says the Kindle version of the Vietnam book has just become available today. The link is below.
  3. The new paperback edition of JFK and Vietnam is here. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/153047793X/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 John says the Kindle version of the JFK book should be appearing around the 7th or 8th of Feb.
  4. The pictures referred to by Newman are here. 16300239_1282609618494808_2025301006473134618_o.jpg 16462967_1282609808494789_8411086321943486937_o.jpg
  5. Three new / updated John Newman books, including COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS, are appearing on Amazon sequentially over the next few weeks. The links to all of them on Amazon will be up soon. The updated new edition of JFK AND VIETNAM is out on January 15th. John Newman posted the new preamble to the book on Facebook. I've reprinted it below. There is substantial new supplementary material in the volume. The all new COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS is out on January 25th. Noted John - "Vol II is a big surprise. Completely changed my view of Eisenhower. And the Joint Chiefs were seditious on the Bay of Pigs plan--not good." The back cover of this long awaited volume features long quotes of praise from Bill Simpich, Peter Dale Scott and others. It will be very enticing to see where John's study of the assassination is leading. The revised edition of 2015's WHERE ANGELS TREAD LIGHTLY is out on January 31st. "One substantive change in Vol I is Merton is Jack Stewart, not Phillips. Otherwise there are minor changes, a few new crypts etc." PREAMBLE TO THE 2017 EDITION OF JFK AND VIETNAM – On Amazon January 15th 2017.
  6. This long withheld document has finally been shaken loose by FOIA requests. The full document runs for 181 pages and is linked at the bottom of this post. A 'disclaimer' of sorts from CIA historian David Robarge follows. OFFICIAL HISTORY OF THE BAY OF PIGS ​DRAFT Volume V: CIA'S INTERNAL INVESTIGATION OF THE BAY OF PIGS by Jack B. Pfeiffer https://archive.org/details/CIAsInternalInvestigationOfTheBayOfPigs
  7. Forum regular James DiEugenio reviewed it in detail over at CTKA. It does look good. http://www.ctka.net/2014_reviews/Swanson.html
  8. Here are three reviews of the Hammarskjöld book. It does look good. http://www.dag-hammarskjold.com/interpreting-hammarskjold-s-political-wisdom/who-killed-hammarskj-ld-susan-williams-formidable-book/ http://www.innovation.cc/book-reviews/doughty_bk_rev_williams2_30v17i2a8.pdf http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/review/who-killed-hammarskjold/ The author, Dr Susan Williams, talk about her book and the death of Hammarskjöld here. https://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/who-killed-dag-hammarskj-ld-un-cold-war-and-white-supremacy-africa
  9. An update on Walt's chonology if people haven't investigated it yet. All the various volumes of it (and there are nearly 20 volumes - four main volumes of the Chronology proper, then a dozen or more appendix volumes on various subjects) are available on Amazon. if anyone wants to read the most assassination-heavy volume, grab 'DEATH', the second part of the Chronology. It's around 1600 A4 pages in print form, and has (as an example) about 100 pages or so just devoted to the minute of JFK's assassination. The first volume, 'DYNASTY', covers events prior to the shooting, DISAPPOINTMENT covers the Warren Commission, and DISCOVERY covers the years after that, and each of those is again around 1500 pages long. The appendix volumes are also fascinating - in the medical volume, Walt goes through all the medical testimony from Warren Commission, to the HSCA, to the AARB period, and annotates it with footnotes that highlight contradictions in testimony and other observations. A volume on the U-2 Powers flight and shootdown over Russia follows the entire Powers trial and the machinations of the CIA through that period. There are volumes on the witnesses in Dealy Plaza, and a volume on the testimony of folks who were in the motorcade. I'm just scratching the surface here. As a final note, Walt chronologically deconstructs Judith Baker's assertions from her ME AND LEE volume to match them against documented events, and methodically rips her narrative apart throughout much of his first 'DYNASTY' volume. It's grimly funny - he's not a fan of her book at all. Walt's chronology is well worth a read in part or whole if anyone is interested.
  10. Hi Marian, thank you for the information about your father, it was very informative. WHO KILLED KENNEDY is a favourite of mine and I know a Melbourne-based author/screenwriter who also values it highly. If more writers had done what Thomas Buchanan bravely did back in 1964, things may have tuned out a little differently thereafter.
  11. Is there any link or site yet - Amazon or otherwise - where Robert Groden's new book can be ordered? [EDIT] - Never mind, I've found the links to it.
  12. Good work (and good timing) Shane and I look forward to watching this. Happy to see what John Newman has to say about the case. Is it true that he has another book on the subject forthcoming?
  13. Chris Lightbown (a member of the forum here) has a book coming out called THE STRANGE DEATH OF JFK. I am very keen to read it. The Amazon listings for it which had it due out this week have now been adjusted to read out-of-print with no future date listed. Has it been delayed? Has anyone here read an advance copy, or would Chris (if he's reading this) care to comment on the book itself? I have high hopes for the work and am just curious if anyone here has further details. Thanks in advance.
  14. I initially had the same question as Paul, and researchers might be able to link the new book to GOLD WARRIORS if (a.) some of the same figures and agencies were involved in the theft, or (b. and possibly more likely) there is any similarity in where that stolen gold ended up - i.e funnelled through the covert operative arms of the White House, Pentagon and CIA. If Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld appear at all within the Nixon portion of the narrative in respect to the gold theft and subsequent cover-up, that's another kettle of fish with further ramifications again.
  15. Looks interesting. UK journalist and researcher Chris Lightbown's book is due out next month as well.