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  1. Just go to Google, search "Black Dog Man", and cut the link and paste it in the post. If you upload it only, folks who are not members can't see it.
  2. Well, Shucky derns! We didn't make the list. De gustibus non est disputandum.
  3. Why didn't Richard let the princes be seen after the rumors of their deaths began? Since he had already bastardized them, how would it have hurt? Even Elizabeth Woodville, their mother, believed they were dead, so much so that she backed Henry VII and conspired together with Margaret Beaufort to unite Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Why would she do this if there were any likelihood of them being alive? There was an imposter prince prior to Perkin Warbeck--Lambert Simnel. Simnel was said to be Earl of Warwick but was found out later to be a commoner. The real Earl was already imprisoned in the Tower at the time of Simnel's appearance The fact that an impostor prince had been offered prior to that, makes Perkin's claim suspicious. It does not require a lot of thought as to the motive of Richard III to have the princes killed because had he let them live, there would be those who would back them as entitled to the throne. This is also a big reason to me that shows Warbeck was not a prince. He could've created an uprising against Richard III when of age.
  4. She doesn't have to be interested in JFK to be a member here.
  5. Joe, we just created it less than an hour ago. . This was not an admonishment. I didn't know where to announce it.
  6. We have created a sub forum for all things Trump: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?/forum/278-trump-campaign-and-presidency-discussion/
  7. From Debra's Facebook page: Debra Conway-JfkLancer 3 mins · My precious sister and your dear friend, Sherry Fiester, has passed away. She was surrounded by her loving family, had no pain, and went peacefully into her eternal sleep. Sherry's huband, Paul, would like to thank all of you for your kind words and affection for Sherry, as well as the acceptance of her contributions to the JFK Community where she had made many friends. Sherry's daughter Ashley is writing an Obituary that I will share here online and at the Lancer website. It was her wish not to have a funeral and so I believe it would be best to celebrate her life together this November. The family thanks everyone who followed Sherry's work and became her friend. Thank you for your donations for her care. It is much appreciated. When I return home, I plan to place flowers on the South Knoll and invite you to do the same. Sherry would love that. Debra White Conway Debra, I'm so very sorry. :'( I really liked her. Kathy
  8. We are adding a new posting rule, and it is this: Posters will not bump threads, after they have posted in them, for a period of 24 hours, for any reason. We don't see the need for bumping a thread prior to this time period.
  9. Posters will not bump threads, after they have posted in them, for a period of 24 hours, for any reason. We don't see the need for bumping a thread prior to this time period.
  10. Look ,this is supposed to be a fun Q and A game. Cut out the other stuff.
  11. Hey , Thomas, I don't think you have any business editing someone else's quotes in the quote box, even if you use a different color. That is what they wrote. It's their work. If you have a problem with what they wrote, then copy the particular text to the reply area, and then you can make comments on what you think it should say.
  12. This is great news, Doug!
  13. Brad, I 've been around for a long time, and was a member at Lancer since 2006, here since 2007. I have seen a lot of JFK forums, and been a member of quite a few. I know several people over the years that have different ideas of what appears in a photo. I also know that some people are a little more set in their beliefs than others, and will put a quite a strong fight, and it becomes personal. (Have you read the old threads--go back a few years-same thing) Like I wrote you in the PM I sent you, the Ed forum is an historical record which we try to preserve, because we have had a lot of researchers who are no longer among us, and we want to continue to provide their work, and the work of our current community. All I did was provide the link that was referenced, and state that the thread appeared continuous. Someone who would've just read the thread, and not seen the link, may have thought Robin did something. That you believe that ROKC may be responsible, I find funny, but you are allowed to believe what you wish. I don't agree. And that's fine.
  14. Just an FYI: This is regarding the post that Mr. Butler made to James, re Robin removing a conversation on the passport thread. I reviewed the thread about Oswald's passports photo here: Robin is a respected member of this community, and I believe it is important to clear his name, in regard to this. I cannot see where Robin contributed anywhere to it, and the flow of the thread appears continuous.
  15. For indications of interest, please add your name to this thread.
  16. ...to the Political Discussion Area. We are getting complaints, and in truth, those threads don't belong over here in the JFK area, anyway. If you wish to start threads dealing with today's politics, put them in the Political Discussion area. If any more are posted in the JFK Debate area, we will hide them from view.
  17. I can assure you that Dan Doyle is not Brian. Chris, your post was hidden because Dan isn't Brian. Also, I am well aware of what Mr.Doyle has posted about us at Duncan's forum as well as DPF, when he was running around telling everyone we banned him, which we didn't do. I made a copy of all of it. I was a bit surprised both that he was saying those things when he was already in a bit of doo, and him thinking he was banned, when he could still log in. Oh, well....
  18. We are open for registration! If anyone is interested in joining the Education Forum, please send the following to edforumbusiness@outlook.com: a photo of yourself for use as an avatar, a brief biography, and an agreement to the Terms of Use, seen here: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/21403-terms-of-forum-us Once this is done, we will send you your temporary password. If we can be of help to assist you in joining, please contact us at the above email address. Sincerely, Ed Forum Team
  19. We have reopened this thread. Please post evidence that you have with respect to your position. Do not expect others to go looking for your evidence for you. It is your responsibility to do so.
  20. The Administration has decided to lock this thread for 48 hours as a cooling off period. Please do not start any new threads dealing with this subject.
  21. Brian, I don't have a dog in this fight. Andrej posted this to you: "Brian, please post or link the original Wiegman's frame from which your alleged female has been produced, and please give us details about the methods. If you give us these details, I will be able to comment on the validity of Duncan's picture. We need to know in particular what was the original Wiegman's still (there are multiple version of it), what resolution it had and whether it was resized and using which algorithm, what section of the doorway has been cut and why, in particular why the space above the alleged head was not analysed, what tools (brightness: what intensity, contrast: what ratio, any other tool?" This is the only way to accomplish what you want to do. If you really want to convince people of the merits of your argument, you have to do this. You can't just say "if a photo expert sees this," because if he were an expert, he would want to see the original. Also, I would ask Duncan if he could find his study. This has been argued on a few forums over the years. Now you're here, and you have another opportunity to present your case. If i were you in your shoes, I'd hit the books.
  22. Andrej has been very polite when discussing this topic. I don't see that he's getting away with murder, as you say. He has every right to debate with you. Also, even if he is a member of ROKC, what difference does that make? I am aware that you and ROKC have had some battles in the past (!), but he is posting his research, as you do, and very politely and calmly. I suggest you respond to him in kind.
  23. Yes, Pam, and it amazes me that she has complained to her fans that have friends who aren't supporters, to get rid of them!!! What in the world? Who does that? That is so high school. And my favorite is when she asks her fans if she can help them with their problems. How nice of her to offer a listening ear. My antennae go up when I hear that. The first thing I thought is that if you tell someone something personal, it can, if the person you told and you are no longer friends, be used against you. I learned a long time ago, (and it was a hard lesson for me) not to tell anyone anything except for on a "need to know" basis.
  24. Yes, it's one "t". When John Simkin registered me, years ago, he put my name as Beckett. I just left it..it's a no biggie to me.
  25. Brad, Jerry Dealey was the Lancer Forum moderator. He is also a member of this forum: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showuser=5159 I've met him a couple of times, and cannot imagine him acting up as a mod. He's got a good sense of humour, but I don't think he'd act poorly in a more serious role.I'd have to see what he was responding to, as well as his responses. He has presented at the Conference a few times. (BTW, I always viewed Lancer in linear mode as well, as I couldn't stand the trees.) Kathy