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  1. Yes- I am on the fence about the significance of this. That said, former agent Dan Emmett, who protected the Clintons (and both Bushes) said he never receives any Christmas cards or birthday wishes.
  3. I think either someone not a fan OR Amazon themselves put the hammer down. They seem to be very strict these days. I DID refer to myself as an author AND I mentioned my book(s) in passing at the very end. I am actually cool with it. It would have been devastating back in my unpublished/ "unknown" days LOL...oh, well---they were up there between 2003-2016, give or take a few years depending. I did start a new one and I take pains to not self-promote.
  4. Yes LOL. It COULD be because I am now an established author and my reviews suddenly seemed like excess publicity. Back in the old days, fake reviews were, impossible. I made dozens of "listmanias" that used to be searchable...all gone. Amazon seems to be cracking down on ANY semblance of self-promotion, especially if you have books to sell yourself. No biggie- they served their purpose for the time (back when I was largely unknown LOL).
  5. When the late Jack White presented at Lancer 1997 (along with John Armstrong, whose individual presentation was well received), White was met with gales of embarrassing laughter when he said there were two Marguerites. To be honest, I think all those photos of Marguerite are one and the same woman. This is why I hate photo interpretation and looking at "blobs" in photos as "gunmen", etc.: it is all subjective Rorschach test stuff. Photos of my grandmother are all over the map, too- in some photos, her teeth look great, in others, they look like heck; she is smiling, then she is scowling; and, the biggest rain-on-the-parade stat of all: as she got older--drumroll, please---she got shorter. Sometimes reality bites. Vince
  6. Bizarre--she just popped up on my "suggested friends" list! Vince
  7. Dave, Your collections are outstanding, man!
  8. My pleasure.
  9. I interviewed Jerrol Custer on 11/22/91 with Harrison Livingstone (for High Treason 2) and, again, twice in March 1998, with William Law for In The Eye of History, all on video. Unfortunately, while Jerrol was a principal witness with some observations of value, he was tainted by his association with researcher Tom Wilson (from part 5 of The Men Who Killed Kennedy). Both Custer and Wilson died within a month or so of each other in the summer of 2000. Jerrol wasn't too bad in 1991 (the influence of Wilson, who was present for part of the interview, as well, wasn't profound yet). However, by the time 1998 rolled around, Wilson (a close neighbor and friend of his in a suburb of Pittsburgh, my hometown) had a firm grip on Custer and, thus, twisted his feelings and beliefs on certain things. If you keep reading in Law's book from the above excerpt, you will come to Law's caveat about Custer (example: Custer was adamant that the back of JFK's head was gone up until 1992, yet, by 1998, he waffled on this notion). Custer was a down and out security guard in 1998 with some health issues. Sadly, the allure of (what he hoped from JFK Lancer would be) big money and some fame---and the association of Wilson---clouded his judgment. I would stick with what he had to say between 1977-1988 (maybe 1991) or so and take with a grain of salt any "new revelations" circa 1998. To his eternal credit, William duly noted his reservations in the text...they were my reservations, as well.
  10. hahaha! yes- he did. He shook my hand before he gave his talk and told me he was going to send me a monograph on the 3/30/81 Reagan attempt (I am mentioned in the paperback edition of his LBJ-did-it book).
  11. Pat Speer, Jim DiEugenio, etc.
  12. It was a very well attended and enthusiastic conference. Dr. Cyril Wecht and Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone, were great. My presentation was very well received. My apologies to Mr. Gordon Ferrie. He is indeed a true patriot. His credentials are impressive and have been confirmed by a couple sources. Mr. Ferrie- my apologies. Vince Palamara Judyth did a presentation on Raphael Cruz. It was interesting, regardless of whether you agree with her conclusions or not. She didn't come across as heavy-handed or a promoter at all. In fact, if one didn't know better, this could have been a COPA or Lancer conference (shudder to think, I know...then again, as I keep saying, there WAS a time when I was pummeled with "why would you associate with those groups" talk) EVERY conference I have ever attended had a mixed bag of speakers and "results" is what it is. That said, this was the best attended and most enthusiastic one I have ever been to (and this includes THIRD DECADE 1991-1992, COPA 1995-1996 and Lancer 1997).
  13. ALL conference videos here:
  14. My presentation video with transcript: