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  1. Jim, it is OUTSTANDING! You weren't kidding. Very impressive. The old site was very good but this one is worthy of any major news outlet or network. Very easy to navigate and INVITES one to search. I love the name, as well. Love it! Vince P.S. Excellent job on the redirect links from the old site. I was worried there would be a mess of dead links.
  2. Excellent-I cannot wait! I will let everyone know. Will there be redirects for the old CTKA urls? In other words, if I was to click on this link after tomorrow night, would it redirect me to the new link?
  3. Fantastic news, Jim!
  4. Robin, I agree---your photo and image collection is superb
  5. I am a huge CTKA fan (and modest contributor). Jim, will a lot of the CTKA articles and reviews be available on the new site?
  6. "But a Secret Service agent who was supposed to be guarding the life of the president, who dropped the ball big time that day, and who goes around shilling that moment, even today, just seems really tasteless and almost macabre. It's one thing for a ball player to sell a signed card of himself, and quite another for an ex-agent to sign his name on an autopsy photo of the dead president with his head blown off."---well said, Michael. UPDATE---Hill is contemplating a FOURTH book [fifth, if you count The Kennedy Detail (Foreword, afterword, contributed, book tour, media tour, documentary)]...I told you: $$$$$. WHAT else is there to say?!?! So much repetition already.
  8. OOPS- sorry, Robin: I forgot to answer your other question. You asked: "If Clint had started running the instant he heard the first Bang. Do you think he could have made it on the back of the Limo before the Bang Bang" It is possible but doubtful. We will never know. If Hill would have went to bed earlier than he did and didn't drink the night before (sleep deprivation and alcohol consumption are negative factors) he would have stood a better chance.
  9. First of all, it is laughable in the extreme to compare any money I have received to the (literally) millions Hill has received. I work for a living and am lucky I have broken even after all the years of working on my own dime. Hill hasn't worked since 1975 and his books have all sold hundreds of thousands each. Coupled with being on the number one publishing house and the movie deal----$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Hill autographing a photo of a wounded JFK is disgusting (and I don't care who else did it--two wrongs don't make a right and Hill should know better. Judging by the reaction on my Facebook page, dozens and dozens of regular folk agree with me). He has also autographed an autopsy photo, as a lady on my Facebook was witness to. Hill drank the night before and the shooting was over and done with when he got there. I am just offering my opinion. If you think he is a hero, have fun. My third book explores more about Hill on an area we haven't even touched on- stay tuned.
  10. "When your blood is found at the murder scene, that's the end of the ballgame! There's nothing more to say!" It's pure moonshine to believe anything else. Both Vinces
  11. OMG--I am a huge OJ civil and criminal case "fan"!! Thanks!!! I will check it out now!
  12. Only joking LOL David, why has your You Tube channel sometimes disappeared? Like I said, great resource. Don't take it down!
  13. You are probably right about the 24th. Interesting.
  14. David, on a more upbeat note--Happy Thanksgiving and your website is a great resource. Are you really related to Frederic Forrest, who played Oswald on tv????
  15. See? That wasn't even new. Thanks for proving that, David. Another thing that is old news----when Jackie turns to him and says "What will become of you, Mr. Hill?" That is also in Manchester's book. Hill did alright- rose to SAIC of WHD, then Assistant Director. Retired in 1975, going on 42 years ago; nice pension; huge royalties; young co-author friend. Like I said, don't cry for Hill...CRY FOR GWEN.