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  1. I don't have the energy to go through this drivel line by line but you've certainly found your inner "Dr. Phil". Thank you once again for telling us what everyone was "thinking" and "feeling". My "feeling" is this: if we had a "bull-do-do" filter that we sifted the above post through we'd probably be left with one or two tiny nuggets that would be pertinent.
  2. I could come up with four scenarios. 1. Oswald didn't go to Mexico and he was impersonated at both embassies and on the phone calls. The "Kostin Letter" is a forgery. 2. Oswald went to Mexico, visited both and embassies but didn't do what was planned. He was then impersonated at both embassies and on the phone to further "the myth" that he was an unstable communist, Fidel loving, leftist. His "handler" instructs him to compose the "Kostin letter" draft. The typed version of the "Kostin letter" is a forgery. 3. Oswald went to Mexico and visited both embassies (twice), acted like a crazy bad-ass Texan waiving his guns around. The KGB decides they didn't want to shoot him and sent him over to the Cuban Embassy. The Cubans were unimpressed and sent him back. He also plays phone tag with both embassies before leaving Mexico abruptly complaining about his soon to expire visa (that was not going to expire anytime soon). He meets with Comrade Kostikov and they begin a plot to undermine the very foundations of American democracy. Oswald writes a whiny letter to the Russian Embassy in D.C. complaining about the stupid Cubans. 4. Oswald went to Mexico on vacation (or for some unknown other reason). Rogue KGB Agent Leonov teams up with his CIA opposite, Rogue CIA Officer David Phillips, they work together to make it look like Oswald was trying to get to Cuba/Russia. Leonov is not witting of assassination plot. This buys KGB "silence".The "Kostin Letter" is a forgery. I'll put my chips on "Evans".
  3. I'm not saying it didn't happen, the possibility exists that it did, the reason still eludes us. Your comments add nothing to the debate.
  4. The list of "people" that could do a "black bag job" on a residence in Irving, TX, in 1963, is a very short list.
  5. They, Ruth and Michael, already denied that the phone call ever happened under oath in WC testimony. They weren't pressed on it because the assumption is that it would reveal "sources and methods". The real question is when was the "tap" installed and if it was there before the assassination why has it's "take" been concealed.
  6. First off, the mock trial was not a "real" trial and no one could be persecuted for perjury. Your correct, but that's not whats implied. Ruth gave him permission per her WC testimony. Per RP: While Ruth was putting one of her babies in a highchair in the kitchen, Lee, while sitting at the table using the typewriter covered his draft so that Ruth could not casually view it. This "covert" act aroused Ruth Paine's suspicions about what he was writing but she could not actually read it. Later, much to her surprise, she found what was apparently the same rough draft placed on her little desk secretary on the NORTH wall of the living room. When she read the rough draft on Sunday morning she was so incensed by Oswald's "lies" that she felt compelled to first copy the draft herself and then actually steal it that evening. The "outrage" was that Oswald had the nerve to lie to the Russian Embassy on her typewriter.
  7. According to Ruth, Lee asked permission to use her typewriter and she allowed him to use it at the dining table in the kitchen/dining area on Saturday morning.
  8. Tom, I'm glad we came to the same conclusion for different reasons, that's why I posted the question. My reasoning for the configuration is based on Ruth Paine's story about how she acquired the "Oswald rough draft of the Russian Embassy letter". In this story, after typing his letter on Ruth's typewriter in the kitchen, Lee mysteriously leaves his rough draft on top of the small desk secretary that is along the NORTH wall of the living room. The rough draft sits there, for almost 24 hours despite Lee spending most of his time in the living room watching TV. Marina is unmentioned in Ruth's story about the rough draft but since the paper has Lee's writing on both sides we should assume that despite housework and TV and the kids she was uninterested in the letter in her husband's handwriting. On Sunday morning, Nov. 10, Ruth wakes up before the rest of the household and reads the note and decides to make a handwritten copy. Sunday evening, after watching football all day, Ruth asks Michael and Lee to help her move furniture in the living room. By her account, they swap the locations of the "little desk secretary"and the "living room couch". The couch was on the EAST wall before the swap and the "little desk secretary" was on the NORTH wall. The swapping of the furniture gives Ruth Paine the opportunity to "filch" Lee's rough draft and she closes the letter inside her "little desk secretary" before the men move it. My contention is that this story is ridiculous. It is invented to either cover the fact that Ruth was taking things from Lee's belongings in the garage which she had unfettered access to five days a week, while Lee was at work. AND/OR That Ruth Paine was acting as an informant to the FBI/CIA and was involved in an operation involving this letter and it's drafts to "setup" Lee Harvey Oswald. John Newman, Peter Dale Scott and many others believe that the Oswald Embassy Letter is a forgery, if this theory is correct then where does that put Ruth's story? BTW... Alan Grants photos were taken on the morning of 11/23/63 before the FBI had questioned Ruth & Marina. They show the living room in a configuration that is impossible if Ruth's testimony/story is true.
  9. Yes the kitchen photo we are looking at appears to be taken in the kitchen recently, after the house was turned into a "museum". There could be a pocket door inside the kitchen door frame. It would have to slide to the east because the door to the garage is inches west of the door to the kitchen, Is the other door in the living room on the east wall also a pocket door or is it a "regular" door?
  10. Did you read the Purvis thread and this thread? Anyone who can find the "search" window can find "related" threads. Are you contributing to this thread? I'm perplexed.
  11. I doubt it. Here's the picture. What piece of furniture is that behind Ruth Paine? ...and yes, there seems to be a slightly folded piece of paper on top.
  12. I wish that the "insert image from url" tool would work with dropbox in this version of the forum software but it doesn't. I also wish I had more space to post images because I don't want to delete anything I have attached to other posts, atm. Sorry, maybe refresh the cache?
  13. There are very few photos of the "little desk secretary" in the public domain. This is the only glimpse I'm aware of. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vd9txbmhlwfhrbc/Pain_grant1.jpg?dl=0 When I zoom in to the piece of furniture over Ruth Paine's shoulder and chopped off on the left of this photo, I note the following about it: I see a shadow near Ruth Paine's elbow that appears to be on the carpet and behind her. I assume the shadow is created by the leg of the furniture and the lamp. That piece of furniture appears to have a very large top drawer or possibly a "fold down", as would the "little desk secretary".
  14. Ruth Paine testimony: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=43#relPageId=420&tab=page
  15. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vd9txbmhlwfhrbc/Pain_grant1.jpg?dl=0