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  1. I made another attempt to match the floor plan with the actual home. This was my process: 1. cropped an image of the front of 2515 W. 5th St. and added it to my new image as a "locked" layer. 2. cropped WC Exhibit #430 tightly around the floor plan and added it to the same image (as a new layer) with opacity set at 33%. 3. used the scale tool, aspect ratio locked, to resize the floor plan (CE #430 crop) to align with the corner immediately west of the front door and the eastern corner of the house. The results are interesting, in addition to the front door entrance being offset by about 3 ft., the living room appears to be about 1 ft. longer east/west than the diagram. The garage in CE # 430 gives me the impression of not being wide enough, although this aspect could be an optical illusion or just a trick of perspective. I have two theories why CE #430 may have been doctored like this. They might not be exclusive of each other. The first and most obvious would be to add some plausibility to the supposition that Marina snuck out of the house, unbeknownst to the FBI Agents at the front door, to record the license number of Hosty's car parked down the street. The second reason to have done it is a little more subtle. Several Dallas Detectives testified that they could see people in the Paine house when they came around the garage, (they had parked out of sight to the west too), and before they knocked on the door. Because Ruth's testimony was that the couch was now on the north wall, to accommodate the finding of the letter, Her testimony is that she did not see them or know they were police until she opened the front door. There was a need to resolve these different accounts. Of course, if the couch had been on the east wall and the blinds were open, then it would have been quite easy for someone coming around the garage to see whomever was sitting there on the couch.
  2. I have "Marina and Lee" and I recently re-read major parts of it for my research on the "Russian Embassy Letter". My conclusion is that it's fiction. The author had access and used portions of persons testimonies before the Warren Commission where it would fit into her narrative and then made up huge portions based on no evidence at all when the testimonies didn't fit. I think PJM has also recently been exposed as a CIA asset, no?
  3. Thanks Tom. I'm told that the molding is original and without visible hinge mark scars or screw holes.
  4. I now have have conclusive photographic evidence that there is no sliding pocket door. I'll post an image soon.
  5. And after some searching "outside jam" becomes a misnomer. Should have been "inside jam".
  6. Agent Howlett: It would be 1 foot 2 inches from outside jam to outside jam. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=43#relPageId=410&tab=page
  7. Nope. You are right on point. I was making a conjecture that having two doors almost side by side, (separated I think by a 1 ft. partition), would be an awkward design with the garage door opening inward into the kitchen and two the left. I agree about the sliding partition door possibility and I'm working on that supposition as well, although I have no evidence of it yet.
  8. Thanks Tom for your comments. What do you mean about a partition? If you are talking about the little round-ended counter that is to the left of the entrance from the living room to the kitchen, that existed in 1963. It's not shown in WC floor plan, for some unknown reason. It can be seen in the Grant photo of the three women in the kitchen taken 11/23/63. What I'm trying to get at here and this garage doorway would seem to confirm is that there was no door from the living room to the kitchen, that it was just a "doorless" passage from one room to the next.
  9. I don't know but... The Dallas Petroleum Club (I think it's just called "The Petroleum Club") was/is extremely expensive. When I was a Private stationed at Ft. Hood in 1982 I met a girl at U.T. whose father was a member and she took me up there to impress me on a date. A suit and tie were required but I had none so I wore my US Army Class A uniform which gave the staff a chuckle (since I wore one measly stripe). After dinner, when I was served coffee they gave me a package of five large black folding books of matches with my name, "PVT. Newton", engraved in gold lettering on the front of each one. I may still have one of these. There were no prices on the menu and no bill. I'm sure everything was simply charged to daddy. The head waiter gave me a tour of the "wine cellar" which was the entire floor below the club and it contained thousands of bottles of wine. It also had a huge circular table that could have sat 30 people. He told me some bottles cost as much as $20K.
  10. Yup, Michael on the right. Everyone is dressed the same as they were when photographed at the DPD on the night of 11/22/63. Per Alan Grant's account, this was taken when they returned home. The Life photographers stayed for a bit and then waited outside in their car until Michael got in his car and left. Then they waited until they saw the lights turned off in the house. They did this because the reporter with Alan Grant wanted to be sure no other reporters arrived to "scoop" them. The Life "team" then returned the next morning with a Russian interpreter. That image is all we have for now (*). You are welcome to save it and blow it up all you want. It is the only un-cropped copy I've ever seen. (*) Note: it's a cropped scan of a photocopy of the negative sheet and that's why it looks to have been taken with a potato. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Did you record this with a potato%3F
  11. Requesting some input I need some opinions for this photo in the Warren Commission files. I think that what I'm looking at is a door that is open, (and opens into the kitchen/dining area) and has been swung to the left. I know it is the doorway to the garage and that the large kitchen desk secretary is to it's right. All that I'm asking about is what appears to be the open door. http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10897#relPageId=8&tab=page
  12. So far unpublished, as far as we know, the un-cropped version of Alan Grant's 11/22/63 Paine photo: My recreation of the living room based on WC dimensions and Ruth Paine's testimony of how the room looked the morning of 11/11/63. The purple design shows the approximate field of view of Grant's camera when the picture was taken (on the evening of 11/22/63):
  13. Tracy, I chose that quote from Wikipedia because it seemed to describe what GDM believed. I gave no thought to how his opinions may have changed over time or what influenced them. I haven't read Mellen's "Our Man in Haiti" yet and it's, quite frankly, not on my "list" at this time. I don't know if he was an opportunist and misogynistic playboy, as he liked to be perceived, or part-time asset of the Intelligence apparatchik or a little bit of both. I, for one, don't trust anything that he espoused unless corroborating evidence can be produced. I don't care if it supports my theories or not. You won't find me making any case based on his statements.
  14. I'm not very good at dancing. A girl once tried to teach me the two step but it was more like the toe step (her toes). If it's convenient for you to dance around George's testimony that lays out his CT, go ahead, but it makes the rest of your argument less credible. I don't have time to go through the most voluminous testimony given to the WC, (sorry Trejo - not RP), and pick out everything that I think you may not agree with. Instead I'll copy and paste from wikipedia:
  15. It's to bad this cowardly practice wasn't more of a crime in 1963 then we might have some real proof. Tracy, as for DeM, do you accept his whole tale the way he describes it or are you cherry picking?