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  1. I was never a military sniper. I grew up in a family of sportsmen and was given my first real gun at age 10. I was an M1 armor crewman solely because I wanted to fire the baddest direct fire weapon on the planet. Later I served as an Infantry Squad Leader. I agree, (along with many other veterans), that the assassination has, to steal a term, "all the fingerprints" of a well planned military operation. I think the myth of the "extant" snipers nest, weapon, shot sequence, etc. is sheer folly.
  2. DeM Jackie O's Mom, George HW Bush, the Dallas Russians and of course, LHO
  3. The tactical plan for snipers carrying out an ambush is different than a hasty infantry ambush in the military parlance. Military snipers normally work in 2 x 2 man teams (sniper and spotter) with a security element (usually a squad or platoon of reg. infantry). A regular infantry platoon hasty ambush normally has more elements, such as a SAW gunner and maybe a mortar team. There are old US Army training films online that go into great detail about infantry and sniper tactics and they haven't changed much in the last 60 years. If you do research it, go look at the classic "L" ambush because I think that may be enlightening.
  4. I've heard that too and that it was also "basic first aid" but I don't believe either. It's an almost a mirror image of the "stormfront" site logo. If it had been a red cross not a white cross I'd have different feelings but I'm not aware of any shortage of red thread back then.
  5. I've noted this before but it's the white nationalist "cross in a circle" patch on Ellis' left forearm that I'm most curious about.
  6. Welcome to the club.
  7. If I witnessed them being coached with an attorney the night before and then they omitted that "meeting" and discussion when asked under oath then they were lying about that contact. 95% of the cases I was involved in were civil.
  8. Tommy, As a courtroom audio/video tech, I've been intimately involved in trial preparations over 100 times. I've watched and been privy to dozens of "secret" meetings designed to prepare and coach both regular and "expert" witnesses. In most, (all but one that I can remember), of those instances, when questioned on the stand about "to whom they talked to and what about" all of those witnesses committed perjury. It's part of the "game", unfortunately. It's more likely Lovelady was coached than he was allowed to sit in the courtroom and listen to testimony beforehand. Bailiffs have a list of witnesses to be called and generally very strict about who they allow into any hearing no matter the size.
  9. Joe, this thread would seem appropriate (except it was, in turn, hijacked by a coffin discussion), just take it back:
  10. I think Pamela debunked Whittaker on her blog... That said... please move the Limo comments to the appropriate thread.
  11. The are basic items an enlisted man must still pay for out of his own pocket. Taxes, Shower articles, laundry, uniform maintenance, shoe polish, etc. The services are usually paid bi-weekly so out of that HUGE paycheck of $46.20 how much could he have truly set aside? $5. $10.?
  12. I have no idea, I'm just telling you that the lack of financial records was a real problem for the WC. If I'm not mistaken, the Executive Session transcript that discloses the issue is the same in which they debate LHO's possible agency affiliations and the difficulty in disproving whether he is an agent or not. You weren't in the military as an enlisted man, so I find it hard to fathom how you can be so sure he could save that amount of money. I would have been hard pressed to save that amount myself on enlisted pay 20 years later in the eighties. $203 sounds generous for the times. That's about $1400 in today's dollars.
  13. The bank Account problem was addressed in the WC Executive Sessions. Essentially complaining that they had nothing, no bank accounts.
  14. Classic. Prepare ship...prepare ship...for LUDICROUS SPEED!!!!
  15. One of the reasons the "October visit" may have been so important to bury is that LHO may have been home. In this context it's very important that Ruth refused to confirm any of these visitation dates on her own but instead deferred to the FBI's timeline.