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  1. I was thinking about what she was doing in Dallas, summer-fall 1963. In 1980s Central America she was the Recording Angel of the doings of lefty humanitarians, for a readership suspected but never identified.
  2. Ruth Paine came from a wealthy family. Money was never a problem for her. She regularly took 3-4 month summer vacations with her close-knit family. Why was Ruth hanging out in Dallas in a half-crappy lower middle class house? To reconcile with Michael? To take in needy foreigners? To hang out with Buell Wesley Frazier's relatives? Wasn't there something better for Ruth Paine to be doing, like with her high-class, close-knit family? Did Ruth Paine have a career, or was she just a housewife in limbo?
  3. John Simkin took an interest in Cain some years ago and started or contributed to Forum threads on him: http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKcainR.htm
  4. Article on the forthcoming Pentagon Papers film travesty, The Post: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/mar/06/steven-spielberg-pentagon-papers-film-tom-hanks-meryl-streep Doesn't this man have a space invaders movie to make somewhere? Better yet - don't we have any in-house talent on the Forum that could submit an article to The Guardian refuting the "great leak" of the Pentagon Papers? Jim?
  5. "Yet, sir," he sniffed, "every man has access to good taste. Every man and woman, sir." Risking being a true cad, my favorite podcast begins with music I can't stand to listen to and always skip over - and that chap has his own recording studio and composes and plays his own music.
  6. Not to go off-topic, but we'd be a less stereotyped community if every podcast and homemade video didn't begin with crushing synthesizer music. It's now at the level of an SNL skit.
  7. If Fensterwald had the ID photocopied above, where did he get it? I'm strapped for time, but one can see the positive or negative provenances possible. Dick Russell has, I think, been a guest on this Forum. It would be great if he would take questions on Nagell and Oswald.
  8. I can't upload Frank Cancellare's photo #4, but Google it up and compare the black man with hat crossing the median and heading toward the pergola in Cancellare with the black man questioned in Z-223. It's possible that man made his way west along the median and fell in with the crowd crossing Elm. (Look just behind the two white men sometimes identified as Robertson and O'Hare.)
  9. Hemming claimed in a long-ago thread that there was a car bomb rigged to explode near the triple underpass or between it and the Stemmons on-ramp. Has anyone ever done the photo research to see if there was any vehicle parked on Elm that might qualify as the bomb car?
  10. Paul, the flipside is Oswald's interests and volition in the serial affairs that led him through years of tradecraft and previous assignments in undercover work, and finally to Dealey Plaza. If we lose sight of Oz's motivations and desires, we lose the overview, and make him more of a victim than he is - though "I'm just a patsy" is compelling, it's not definitive.
  11. Look for the thread on DPD Westbrook's involvement in the Tippit shooting and theater arrest for the most recent on that.
  12. Are those white sox with a high-heeled shoe? Sporty!
  13. I wondered down a lot of paths before fixing on Ruby, but in the end he fits so well and a micro analysis of his activities supports him as the guy so well that I have focused on him as the key element in the local "means". Makes a better explanation for Ruby's "hiding in plain sight" in the DPD halls and at the midnight press conference than his "Twistboard Jack" act. Everybody wanted to give him access, nobody wanted to acknowledge him. Henry Wade defers to his expert pronouncement on the "Fair Play for Cuba Committee" title without challenging his credential as a reporter, and gives radio interviews with Ruby as middleman. Larry, might the existence of reserve intel units in Texas be a means of monitoring border traffic and securing the border during any incident, or was their existence and placement all some sort of porkbarrel action? Was every reservist a Texas native or longtime resident? (Not quickly answerable questions, I know.)
  14. I don't have anything against Walker's sexuality, or anybody's - but the circumstances are indicative. A supposedly powerful man that allegedly had a president killed was busted twice, 13 and 14 years later, for soliciting sex in a park. In 1976 and 1977, when homosexuality was on the verge of being socially acceptable and partners were easily available (viz. Roy Cohn, Esq.), and after his own sexuality had been an open secret for a number of years (viz. Roy Cohn, Esq.). That was the length Walker had to go to for fun, and nobody let him take a powder after the arrests. He got the Dallas police to assassinate a president and cover it up, but 14 years later he couldn't cover up two sex raps when the complainants were themselves DPD. This is not the fate of a privately acknowledged mastermind and world-beater who controlled a city police force and an immense, multi-state, and perhaps international, rightist network. This might have been a fate for someone at the level of a David Ferrie.
  15. Are you referring to the fact that Ted Walker wasn't allowed to skip on indecency charges? Did they set him up for a fall by lifting his little black book so that he had to go cruising in the park? The very act and circumstance are indicative of Walker's status after the "crime of the century." Ted Walker was a useful tool of bigger powers. His ending a few short years after JFK proves, Q. E. D., that he had no real or enduring power of his own. He was bought off and kept in line by the restoration of his pension at the end of his life - if he had had real power the pension would have meant as much to him then as when he threw it away under JFK.