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  1. What are we meant to be seeing in Altgens 5 above? (Re: the front tire)
  2. Doug, with all respect, have you, or has someone you trust personally, had a UFO or alien experience?
  3. There's plenty of speculation on the internet on the passenger list for the flight. See, for instance, the work of the late Sherman Skolnick - a mystery in his own right.
  4. Interesting article on a nexus of state and privately financed security, military, intelligence: https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2017/jan/10/hereford-inside-england-unlikely-military-city-centre-global-conflict#img-
  6. As I recall, John never identified the more significant assassination. In my opinion, JFK opens the door to the assassinations of Malcolm X, MLK and RFK. So who did John have in mind? Franz Ferdinand? I suspect WW I was in the cards regardless.
  7. Mnuchin "used his position as a Hollywood financier to buy himself Executive Producer titles on movies." I hate to tell these guys, but raising production capital and other financing is the chief criterion for getting an Executive Producer credit on movies. It rose in the morning and shone all day, so it must be the Sun. What they should be researching is how his cinematic flops affected his corporate loans and business tax write-offs.
  8. This may even be discussed in an older thread on this Forum.
  9. Has Jim Hicks been ruled out as the guy in the red shirt?
  10. Some of the early books on the RFK hit, I think RFK Must Die is one of them, link Sirhan to Cuban anti-Kennedy sentiment through a job Sirhan had on Desi Arnaz's horse ranch. I read this several years ago, and would have to re-do the legwork to provide more info. But the mention was made, if anyone cares to go that route.
  11. Thanks for the video. Karl. The takeaway here seems to be that by the time of the assassination, the cutout contact supplied Oswald - former military intelligence operative John David Hurt - was a sham. Severely disabled, retired and embittered, Hurt was as likely to tell Oswald to screw off as help him had Oswald's phone call gone through. Is this verifiable? Hurt may never have been activated as liaison between Oswald and anyone else. He may have been a name and an association - Nag's Head naval station - dropped to give Oswald confidence. I doubt that Oswald was "dead the minute he tried to make that phone call." He was dead the second JFK was, and all the time he had left was accidental. It seems more plausible that the Dallas police were simply recording Oswald's attempts at phone contacts, and not allowing him to call any persons outside the Dallas area. Did Oswald suspect this when he asked Ruth Paine to contact New York attorney John Abt (whose help may have been another sham fed him before the assassination)?
  12. "The alien presence" seems to me like The Big Lie and the conversation closer of all time. Imagine Gordon Liddy: "Seriously, Howard - Just look 'em straight in the eye, say 'The alien presence,' and walk away. That'll shut anybody up. They'll be expecting the Air Force to come knocking if they say another word."
  14. http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/11/07/the-cia-and-drugs-inc-a-covert-history/ A useful article by Valentine, partly on the SE Asia drug trade. It's important for assassination researchers to get a handle on a paradigm it took a me a lot of reading to grasp: Since at least WW II (if not since the domestic strike breaking of the pre-war period) organized crime has not been merely an occasional set of go-to guys for isolated dirty work, but a readily mobilized covert force for the official covert forces. They provide plausible deniability and eventual legal disposability through arrest and imprisonment, or through rub-outs by other gangsters. Because they can't fight City Hall - or, in the case of Barry Seal, the White House. Drug trade movement through organized crime funds wars, counter-revolutions, and military and covert operations.
  15. Good one. I appreciated Valentine's Phoenix Program book some years ago, and have been wanting to read his other work.