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  1. Moderators - please teach how to ignore

    Now all we need for total mayhem is a graph of who got ignored most.
  2. Michael Paine dies at 89

    Speaking of poseurs whose early lives were molded by forces of the state...well. there were rich ones and there were poor ones. See Nancy Wertz's assessment of Michael Paine's career at Bell, which seems to have been engineered to rescue Paine from a dilettante youth by his in-laws, Ruth Hyde and Arthur Young. Relevant material starts on page 2 of the pdf ("Unanswered Paradoxes"): http://www.jfklancer.com/pdf/Paine.pdf I'm not sure the obituary description of Paine as a "retired aeronautical engineer" applies to a guy doing the sort of assembly work that Oswald did at Minsk.
  3. The Future of the Education Forum

    We have provoked each other and wasted bandwidth in long-running exchanges across several threads, exchanges which have deviated from our stated purpose in this Debate. For all that, though, we have never approached the level of scurrility permitted the press during the first several US presidential elections. Let's be proud of that and hold ourselves well below that standard of incivility and purposelessness.
  4. Why I am leaving the forum

    Paul, the place changes over time, if slowly. JFK Assassination Debate on Education Forum has beaten every other forum of its type in the past, and it will again. Whatever your dissatisfaction now (or mine), I can't think of a forum that it's not beating at the moment. I second Paul's support of David Josephs and Don Jeffries..
  5. It's less the anonymity than the graphic representation I'm after. You'd have to have the option of explicitly posting your position and reasons, because the bar graph couldn't do it for you. You can see these tote boards on other forums.
  6. Note to Mods: For this and other questions, could there be set up an anonymous poll form where one can vote by pushing a radio button, giving persons the option of then revealing their choice in a post, or not, while the voting trend is displayed graphically and numerically in the original post? Or should we all feel that that's too tacky?
  7. 9-11books

    I use Windows 7 at work, and my opinion is that it was made unnecessarily complicated in the name of "product progress." The version of Word (in Office) that goes with it is likewise. XP, and the Office programs that went with it, were fine products of utilitarian design. You could find the features you needed in your sleep - I often did, when waking up in the middle of the night. I did all the editing for my book on that set-up, and I cringe to think about doing another book on Windows 7 and the "improved" Word. Soon, I'm told, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7. I shudder at the inconveniences of any of their higher numbers. If you research online, the banks, the government and the military are still using XP. Despite all the threats of abandonment, Microsoft just uploaded a new XP security patch to my computer yesterday. My major worry is that new versions of Firefox and other browsers will stop supporting XP soon, and already I can't view certain HD videos on old, XP-compatible browser versions. I'm already looking into rumored software that will let me run XP inside Windows 7. If that setup will be compatible with browsers that access HD video, I'll be all in. PS - The Krusch link for 9/11 books still doesn't work, probably because Barry Krusch's website appears to be under reconstruction.
  8. 9-11books

    I'll try them at work. I'm still running Windows XP, which may be the problem. I'll switch browsers too.
  9. If you re-read carefully, it is not only Merritt I'm suspicious of.
  10. One wonders about the state of the neck wound in the "Stare of Death" photo. How does a trach incision over a small, neat bullet hole turn into a ragged, cutthroat's wound with evulsed edges? The wound looks painted in, or if real, deliberately obliterative of the bullet hole, to the point of overkill.
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/03/nyregion/takeover-of-kenmore-hotel-informer-recalls-his-complicity.html So Robert Merritt will swear to anything, and has, in fact, for a majority of his years used this proclivity to obtain his livelihood and as his method of self-protection and self-advancement? Why did Robert Merritt come to New York City? Who put him in residence in the Kenmore Hotel? Is this a low-rent case of "Once in, never out"? Are there some higher-rent cases among our membership?
  12. The corpse of Dick Nixon rises from the Yorba Linda loam, shrugging aside the massive, polished black granite block meant to hold him and Pat securely down: "Am I not sullied enough in the memory of this land?" Nixon cries at us through gory jowls. "I murdered, stole and slandered for the good of this country..and only incidentally for myself! But still you'll have Nixon to kick around..." Hearing Nixon's complaint at the other end of our continent, as if I were a modern Walt Whitman - I shut this video off and put on The Mummy with Tom Cruise.
  13. Merritt himself mentions that Nixon found distasteful the "drag queen" co-identity of one of Merritt's informants. Homosexuality was something of a hot button issue for Nixon, as the Watergate tapes demonstrate. Why would Nixon not have had the bona fides of this "ridge runner" thoroughly checked out, in those unliberated times? Why would Nixon trust anyone vetted by the kind of spooks that he supposedly pulled Merritt from among? Was Merritt really a super-performer, or only appropriate in a Parallax View sort of way? Why would Nixon latch onto Merritt, in all his debilities, and not, for instance, some ordinary-Joe type from the rural heartland? The coincidence of Merritt's also being Carl Shoffler's lover and snitch is a bit hard to reconcile with his Nixon adoption legend. Nixon is alleged here to have been playing too close to several kinds of heat... Somebody was running a game on somebody, I think. Or somebody is. Finally, why did Nixon need Merritt to deliver tapes and documents to Henry Kissinger when Nixon could see Kissinger privately every goddamned day? Upstairs in the residence, away from the tape recorders: "Here, Henry - slip this in your sock like you're Sandy Berger. (Who? Never mind. The aliens told me.) Take it home, review it, and we'll talk later. By the way - your phone's tapped. Not just by me, by the Rockefellers. Whom you work for."
  14. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    There's only one shooter in Moorman at the far left in red.... peering over the fence. Where do you place that, David? At the red dot in the bottom pic?
  15. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    No one has ever found Gordon Arnold in any film or photo, except the White-Mack "Badgeman" enlargement/colorization. Yet Arnold is the source of all stories that there was uniformed police officer behind the GK fence. How one wishes the Arnold story could be proved or disproved, not the least by finding or not finding Arnold where he is said to have been.
  16. James Jesus Angleton

    Thank you.
  17. James Jesus Angleton

    Interested readers should google the 35-page (2015) PDF "Ghosts Of Spy Wars" by Tennent H. Bagley, or better yet, google his free-to-read 2007 book "Spy Wars - Moles, Mysteries, and Deadly Games" I have the article download. Can you steer us to the link for the free book?
  18. silver

    Once again, from Richard Case Nagell's prison letter to Arthur Greenstein, a reference to the silver issue. Who was Abe Greenbaum? "Here's a more up-to-date lead on Abe Greenbaum: 'Informant F-HC reports subject handed suspected courier forty pieces of silver on 10/21/62 at Laredo, Mexico, for delivery to nuclear physicist residing in house on 92nd Street, New York City. S/A B. O. Schernnn, Washington, D.C. Field Office, reports subject seen 11/28/62 walking east on Beacon Street, constantly checking for tail, suddenly dashing into parked limousine sporting U.S.S.R. Embassy license plates, which speeds away, runs red light, terminating surveillance as Agent Schernnn forced to brake bicycle to avoid breaking the law. Informant F-111-B reports subject and suspected courier observed at King's Tavern, Wilmington, Del. on 12/6/62, paying for drinks with strange-looking silver dollars taken from bulging briefcase carried by subject. Subject now suspected of being Mr. Big in Communist plot to disrupt U.S. economy by flooding country with hard cash.' "Abe Greenbaum, long suspected leftist is actually confirmed rightist, in deep cover, working plausible denial bit with one of nation's leading and best-financed foreign policy-making firms."
  19. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    No cast of middle-aged mob leaders fired on JFK from buildings with their deer rifles, Jamey. Those were trained shooters. Why would mob leaders expose themselves like that? The video might as well say that Jimmy Hoffa was up there. And Rolando Masferrer is not going to be a spotter - he was a businessman and financial backer of exile forces. The "filthy, smelly sewer," while unpleasant, was only a conduit for rainwater from Dealey Plaza and areas upstream. As the video shows, that similarly middle-aged researcher in boonie hat and camo jacket emerged relatively unbefouled - you can also find his sewer tour on YouTube.
  20. Unaltered Zapruder film

    What could it possibly show other than the 26 sec shooting sequence? The turn of the limo onto Elm Street. We can surmise that this is cut from the extant Z-film because there is no light flash recorded on the film between the motorcycles entrance sequence and the limo entrance sequence. Because of a design flaw in that model camera, every restart was signaled by this flash frame.
  21. Tommy: I don't think CIA dood it alone. I think they were the executive arm of higher, monied interests. I think the CIA had low-level collaborators from several anti-Kennedy concerns. Hoo doo yoo think dood it? Honestly - all this over literary theory, and an article that doesn't even mention the Kennedy thing. Oversensitive? Tommy, I'm starting to think you've leased your identity to Len Colby, and that he's posting under your name. Your new picture even looks like Len's old picture. And you're using phonetic comedy just like Len did: "dood da deed." It's reminiscent of Len's satirical "blame da Jooz" tag line. These little tip-offs make us literary theory lovers' ears perk up.
  22. Gene, It's the season for Eliot: http://eliotswasteland.tripod.com/ Thanks for turning me on to that article, and the journal it's in.
  23. This is a swell article. How I want to look for, and find, more interdisciplinary studies of the cold war and the assassination. I may write some further critique in the near future, when I can scratch up more time. For now, the passage below stands as a great précis of the Golitsyn-Nosenko business, but accidentally, through giving Angleton too much credit. Angleton forced a premature conclusion on the two defectors precisely because of his discomfort with the unresolved (underscoring added by me): [Angleton] also had the professional’s necessary interest in ambiguity: an intense commitment to the elimination of ambiguity where sources conflicted (rather than the amateur’s tendency to attempt to reconcile conflicting statements, as though both might be true, rather than both being false) combined with the ability to live with the unresolved so that one did not force a premature conclusion out of sheer discomfort. (Winks 326)

    Not only that, but the "shadow" doesn't follow the circumference of JFK's head. Unless the back of his head has been....
  25. JFK vs the Liberal Blogosphere

    I just haven't cared for Hamsher as a political journalist, period - having piggybacked a career as a pundit atop a career as a film producer. Too easy to get visibility, too easy to rise above one's talents, too easy to co-opted into the conglomerate homogeny of the "left." Jane Hamsher speaks for Jane Hamsher's career. I don't wear blinders where Caroline Kennedy is concerned. She should have started in city politics some time ago, where she could have toughened up, made connections, and learned. Her Senate bid came too late in a life without political foundations.