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  1. Apparently you can't post a picture through G-Drive and embed the actual image into a forum post (unfortunately). And that's one of the reasons I have none of my photos stored at G-Drive. The best place for storing photos, IMO, is Blogger.com, which allows you virtually unlimited storage space for free (unless you've got super-enormous pics). Blogger, like Google Drive, is excellent (in my opinion). All you need to do, Sandy, is create a blog at Blogger for the sole purpose of uploading photos and just keep it set on "Private". I've got one of my Blogger blogs set up that way (that only I can see), which I use only for uploading pictures (and some short videos). I then grab the URL of the photo and put it into whatever blog post (on another blog) I want to use it on. The photos are all stored permanently in a series of "albums" within a separate storage area created automatically by Blogger. Here's one of my storage albums: https://get.google.com/albumarchive/116346794942510830112/album/AF1QipME6... I agree. I don't like Photobucket either. It's terribly slow and cumbersome now, which is why I've switched all my pictures to Blogger, which has the extra nice feature built-in to every image URL---the "S" feature (which I assume stands for "Size"). Instead of messing with re-sizing codes and tags, you can merely change the number after the "S" in the URL to change the size of the image you want to post, so that it will fit into whatever page you want to embed it on, without overlapping the page. (Example below.) http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-NNL7lh6-0o8/UE4Mp1wGfuI/AAAAAAAAIog/GrenGBwZYyc/s400/Jackie-Kennedy-And-Clint-Hill-In-Fort-Worth-Texas-On-11-22-63.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-NNL7lh6-0o8/UE4Mp1wGfuI/AAAAAAAAIog/GrenGBwZYyc/s340/Jackie-Kennedy-And-Clint-Hill-In-Fort-Worth-Texas-On-11-22-63.jpg ------
  2. Exactly, Sandy. If you're logged in to anything "Google", you are automatically also logged in to Google Drive. Up until early last year, like you, I had never used the Google Drive service before at all. I never even knew it existed (even though it was created in 2012). But I'm glad I discovered it (better late than never). And, Sandy, whether you know it or not, you've got 15 gigabytes of free "Google Drive" storage space awaiting you at G-Drive anytime you want to use it. And that's a heck of a lot of space if you're storing only documents or photos. Videos, OTOH, are a different story.
  3. G-Drive Follow-Up.... Well I'll be French-dipped! Ramon F. Herrera is absolutely correct about the single/double-clicking on Google Drive links (when viewing stuff out of a "Google Drive Folder", that is). I just logged out of all my Google accounts and accessed one of my folders, and, sure enough, just a single click is needed to get the file (or video) to pop up. But for most people in this Google-ubiquitous world we live in, I would guess that the double-clicking would still be required most of the time, since there are probably very few people here (or anywhere on the Web) that operate their computers without being logged in to a "Google" account. (I'm certainly one person who is never "logged off" completely from Google at any time.) Is there actually a person out there in cyberland who DOESN'T have at least one Google account? (I've got about 50.) Anyway, thanks for the info, Ramon. I'll keep it in mind if I'm ever logged off from Google ever again (as unlikely as that occurrence might be).
  4. Oh, really? I was unaware of that difference, Ramon. That's interesting (and kind of curious too). I'll now log off and try it out.
  5. Ramon is wrong when he says that "Google Drive" items only require one single click. (Is that what you really meant to imply, Ramon? ~shrug~) Anyway, all G-Drive links require double-clicks when you're clicking on something that's inside a Google Drive "folder" (or, in the case of Ramon's "Playground" link, it takes EIGHT clicks of the mouse to get to any actual content, since he's got his links situated in such a way where you've got a folder inside of another folder which is inside yet another folder). I'm not complaining, however. I love everything about Google Drive. I'm not sure I could live without it now, after discovering its wealth of storage and sharing possibilities in early 2016 AD. BTW, Michael Walton, as an "FYI" for you, I've added many more games and highlights and other assorted miscellany to my baseball archive (top two links below) since I last talked to you a few months ago. Now, if only I could find a baseball website equivalent to the JFK Library site, in which every Cincinnati Reds baseball game ever broadcast on radio is archived on downloadable MP3 audio (just like all of JFK's speeches and phone calls are now archived on public domain MP3s at the JFK Library site). If that ever happens, I won't leave the house for 9 years. http://dvp-video-audio-archive.blogspot.com/2016/12/dvp-audio-video-master-index.html#Baseball-Games-And-Highlights https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-rcjDGNFEH_OE05Nk9RVVkxVUU https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B294SBAT_oH6Z0JIT0V2N1M5YmM https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2ERm-cucsE0R0N6Snl4dFVnbmM http://dvp-video-audio-archive.blogspot.com/2016/12/dvp-audio-video-master-index.html
  6. I'd love to do that....but that particular video comes from the JFK Library website, and that site doesn't allow downloading of any of its videos via any means. (But they'll allow downloading of all its audio files at any time; they even provide a "Download MP3" link for all MP3s. Go figure.) I've tried to download Library videos via RealPlayer, but that won't work either. So I'm forced to settle for the JFK Library embed on my site. If you know of any way to download such a video, let me know, because I would very much like to add that 1958 JFK video to my own archive of saved videos. It's a public domain video (per the JFK Library), so there's no problem with any copyright issue.
  7. http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2017/06/the-senator-john-f-kennedy-story-1958.html
  8. Only this crappy version that I've had for years.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B66zFAvTgxxIcnlBWWtpaWgtVlE/view
  9. FYI / FWIW.... In 1964, David Wolper's film crew filmed inside Ruth Paine's house while making the film "Four Days In November", including a scene filmed in the garage (which I've extracted from the film in my 2014 blog post below). It's a rather chilling reconstruction too, in that the filmmakers created this realistic replica of the blanket that assassin Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle was wrapped in as it was being stored in Mrs. Paine's garage for a couple of months prior to the assassination. The two pictures below depict Ruth Paine's garage. The photo on the left comes from the "Four Days" re-creation showing the simulated "Oswald rifle/blanket" on the floor; while the image on the right was taken by the FBI as part of a booklet entitled "Paine And Randle Homes", which can be found in Warren Commission Document No. 497. Click the pictures for a larger view: Re-created Movie Scenes: http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2014/11/four-days-in-november-re-created-scenes.html Also see: http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2013/04/dvp-vs-dieugenio-part-87.html#File-Cabinets
  10. CD 497 -- FBI Booklet -- "Paine & Randle Homes".... http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10897#relPageId=10
  11. Birthday videos, photos, and other miscellany: http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2017/05/happy-birthday-mister-president.html
  12. Three more Category links.... JFK Assassination Debates JFK Assassination Films CBS Evening News Broadcasts
  13. Only if you're a CTer who wants to deny the obvious viability of the SBT. Gregory's statement/testimony makes 100% perfect sense. And if you think Charles Gregory was needed to "validate" the SBT, you're sadly ill informed. But, I guess this means we can now add Charles F. Gregory to the CTers' longgggg list of "liars" associated with JFK's death. The liars never stop coming, do they George? I found the truth many years ago. Oswald, alone, killed JFK and Tippit. I don't need to scour the Earth continuing to look for what is oh so obvious. CTers OTOH.... I agree. Bye, George.
  14. Dr. Gregory's testimony makes perfect "SBT" sense. He tells us that NO BULLET was found inside John Connally. He then instructs people to search the areas where JBC was located to see if a bullet could be found. A bullet (found by Darrell Tomlinson) then turns up on Connally's stretcher on the first floor. Makes perfect sense to me. And it's a scenario that is perfectly compatible with the SBT. Everything about Charles Gregory's testimony makes perfect sense. Nothing about it is "full of errors". That's just George Sawtelle's opinion. Nothing more.