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  1. Good going, Chris. That's the same garage doorway - the same knot pattern in the vertical paneling, but the door-swing in your photo above has been changed, and obviously for sound reasons. I look forward to your living room/kitchen pocket door debunking.
  2. Thanks Chris and Ron, I was confused after all - got my doors mixed up. Please disregard most of what I said. Now that I'm possibly on the same page with you, it seems important to know the actual distance between the door leading to the garage and the doorway leading to the living room. If this distance is less than the width of the garage entry door it would be stupid (and possibly dangerous) construction, and certainly not to code. By the way, in the Pacific Northwest, where I live, there are many tract type homes with sliding pocket doors.
  3. Sorry Chris, maybe I’m confused. You wrote, “What I'm trying to get at here and this garage doorway would seem to confirm is that there was no door from the living room to the kitchen, that it was just a "doorless" passage from one room to the next.” I guess I don’t understand how the photo of the kitchen to garage door confirms there was no door between the kitchen and living room.The photo that I posted above was taken in the kitchen and shows the door to the garage being open. The link below is to a photo of the same kitchen after having been remodeled. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k1yg261kpwdya5t/1920px-Ruth_Paine_Kitchen.JPG?dl=0 In the remodeled kitchen there is a short section of wall to the right of the door leading to the garage, this is what I was calling a partition. On the right side of the newer photo linked above we see the door leading to the living room. My take is that is a sliding pocket door. While it’s certainly possible that the pocket door was added later, it sounds like a heroic retrofit. Somebody claimed that one could see from the front door all the way into the kitchen, that there was no door in the doorway from the living room into the kitchen. But pocket doors can easily go unnoticed because they are a pain to open and close and are usually left in the open position - in the wall. I think you’re trying to prove that the living room photo of the three women, a baby, and a man shows the door in the background closed, and if so, that can’t be the door to the kitchen, it must be the hallway door. I think that both openings could have had doors, and I think that your best argument for the closed door in the three women photo being the hallway door is that that door is in the very corner of the room, and the kitchen door is not. In the three women photo the door-molding is extra wide on the left side, a compromise that carpenters sometimes make because it’s the simplest fudge when a doorway butts up against a wall. Or maybe I’m still confused. Tom
  4. This photo looks a little better than the one you posted. Yes, it appears to be an open door on the left, the door is obscuring the door molding on that side. If it is the doorway leading from the kitchen to the garage, the door-swing direction was changed in the remodel, and a partition was added to the right of the door. That looks like maybe an air-return opening in the upper right of the picture. If you have a modern picture showing that same air-return, that would lend credence to the authenticity of the old photo.
  5. Hey David, I’ve only recently started studying the letter, I’d appreciate your take on who everybody is. Tom
  6. Hi David, The letter is dated October 8, 1967, but it might have been written well after that, with Richard merely choosing a date with good puzzle possibilities. Since the bulk of Richard C Nagell’s October 8, 1967 letter to his friend Arturo concerns the mystery man, “Abe Greenbaum”, it seems likely to me that his name is central to the puzzle at hand. “ABE GREENBAUM” anagrams to: “e.g. A ABE NUMBER” Mention the name “Abe” and most people in the U.S. think of Abe Lincoln. The fate of the 16th president aligned with JFK’s, and the clue above, “e.g. A ABE NUMBER” appears to be telling us to expand the 12 letters in “Abe Greenbaum” to 16 letters: “ABRAHAM GREENBAUM” “Abraham Greenbaum” is loaded with anagrams that might lead one to conclude that the name “A HIDELL” is to be translated into numbers and used as a key in the puzzle. As mentioned in the previous post, the wrinkle is the letter “A”, which translates to “0” (zero) “ABRAHAM GREENBAUM” anagrams to things like: “ARAB NUMBER GEM ‘0’. A.H.” “ARAB GEM 7, ‘0’ NUMBER ‘A’” “RAH! A A-1 NUMBER GAME” “A.H. ARAB NUMBER GAME” “A ARAB ‘7’ NUMBER GAME” (Arabic numbers revolutionized mathematics in Europe largely because the Arabs introduced the number “zero”) There is also a group of anagrams working off of the word “ANAGRAM” inside the “Abraham Greenbaum” name. For example, “RE: HUBBA! ANAGRAM ME” This anagram sends us to section 22 of the letter, “leave Yanquis Land, hubba hubba!” for anagram work. In the previous post I discussed the use of the “A HIDELL” alias as a key, translating the letters to number, and applying “A 7, 8, 3, 4, 11, 11” to something to be decoded. “ABRAHAM GREENBAUM” yields “A M G R A E E”. This anagrams to several things useful, but a simple anagram is: “RE: A GAME” I’m mostly guessing, but I think Abe Greenbaum is a fictitious person, a name chosen for its puzzle value. One of the puzzle answers appears to answer the "Snerd" question, and I'll be posting that soon. Tom Letter/Number translation device: (A=0)(B=1)(C=2)(D=3)(E=4)(F=5)(G=6)(H=7)(I=8)(J=9)(K=10)(L=11)(M=12)(N=13)(O=14)(P=15)(Q=16)(R=17)(S=18)(T=19)(U=20)(V=21)(W=22)(X=23)(Y=24)(Z=25)
  7. Section #1 in Richard Case Nagell’s letter in the post above is simply the date, October 8, 1967. It’s an interesting date, in that this was the same day that Che Guevara was captured in Bolivia by Felix Rodriguez. Che was killed the following day. Using the number/letter translation key at the bottom, I will translate the numbers in the date to letters: “OCTOBERITGH” And this anagrams to: “OBIT: R GOT CHE” The letter “R” in this instance would appear to stand for “Rodriguez”. Another anagram of the translated date, “OCTOBERITGH”, has nothing to do with Che, but rather the length of the puzzle parts we will be dealing with. Since it’s a little cryptic, I’ll introduce this anagram when it becomes pertinent later. As near as I can tell, the October 8 letter has little to do with Che Guevara, but has everything to do with the alias “A Hidell” and its use as key in a wide variety of Nagell/Oswald/Vaganov discourse. There is also an Oswald letter that can serve as an instruction manual on the use of the “A Hidell” alias as a key, Lee Harvey Oswald’s undated letter to the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in Volume XX, Ex 1. http://history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh20/html/WH_Vol20_0266a.htm We will get to this letter later, but for those that want to work ahead, there are several numbers in the letter, “15, 40, 40, 50, and, 14”. Working in the body of the text starting at “Dear Sirs”, we can write down letters “15, 40, 40, 50, and, 14,” and anagram this clue: “A ‘A’ TOOL”. And we can do the same with word numbers “15, 40, 40, 50, and, 14” and anagram a larger clue: “APPLY MY ALIAS. O” (O=14). While I’ve left out a few steps, this Oswald letter first shows us that we can use numbers to unlock a series of letters or a series of words hidden in ordinary looking discourse, and also tells us how to deal with the problematic letter “A”, as in “A Hidell”. You can see from the letter/number translation device at the bottom that “A” translates to “zero”. And since we can’t go to a letter or word “zero” in a text, we are given the letter “A” as a freebie. So “A HIDELL” would translate to one letter (A) and six numbers: “A 7, 8, 3, 4, 11, 11”. Now notice that the real topic of Nagell’s October 8th letter is the mysterious “Abe Greenbaum”, and we will be working a lot with that name. But Abe’s initials are “A G”, and since the letter “G” translates to “6”, it looks like we have at least a small clue as to what the October 8th letter is all about: “A 6”, or, “A HIDELL”, or, “A, 7, 8, 3, 4, 11, 11.” Let’s try it out on the last line of the October 8th letter, “RICHARD C NAGELL”. We have our free “A”, and then using the numbers we get “D, C, C, H, G, G”. And translating the last four letters to numbers, we get something we don’t even have to anagram: “AD: C-2766” If we can be so bold as to add “Richard C Nagell” to this answer, we would have: “RICHARD C NAGELL AD: C-2766” And as I’ve opined many times before, “C-2766” was the rifle found at the TSBD, but it was not the rifle A Hidell ordered from Klein’s. Richard C Nagel chopped and channelled C-2766 into existence to mess with Hoover’s patsy paper trail. I’m going to change “C-2766” back into letters, “CCHGG”, and you Johann Sebastian Bach fans can play the notes “CCHGG”, the theme to the old Italian chestnut, “O sole mio”. The most famous Italian rifle in the world was built on a German scale, and using the German musical scale, that rifle's serial number plays the most famous Italian song in the world. We’ll dig deeper into Nagell’s October 8, 1967 letter next time. Tom P.S. For you non music majors, the German musical scale calls “B natural”, “H”. In countries not using the German scale, “CCHGG” would be played or sung, “CCBGG” = O sole mio. Letter/Number translation device: (A=0)(B=1)(C=2)(D=3)(E=4)(F=5)(G=6)(H=7)(I=8)(J=9)(K=10)(L=11)(M=12)(N=13)(O=14)(P=15)(Q=16)(R=17)(S=18)(T=19)(U=20)(V=21)(W=22)(X=23)(Y=24)(Z=25)
  8. I’m posting a transcription of Richard Case Nagell’s October 8, 1967 letter to his friend Arthur Greenstein. It’s not only an interesting read, it’s also, I submit, a typical Richard Case Nagell anagram puzzle. I will be posting my solutions to the puzzle in the days and weeks to come. The transcription appears to be faithful and the only change I’ve made is to apply bracketed numbers to the 32 sections of the letter to make referencing easier. My source for the letter is the link below, which also starts off with an interesting article by Dick Russell, “Oswald and the CIA”. http://www.whokilledjfk.net/richard_case_nagell.htm [1] October 8, 1967 [2] Dear Arturo: [3] I've received both of your letters, dated 9/26 and 10/4, respectively. Still haven't seen hide nor hair of the Equipment Times, though. Does it really advertise the likes of machines that nibble steel at the rate of three feet per minute? Now I know why E. T. wasn't delivered. Should have thought of the reason sooner, last week, when a recent issue of a popular magazine was withdrawn from circulation because it featured a bar-stretching device. Looks like the meticulous inspection-for-microdots-and-sophisticated-cable-arrangement theory will have to be shelved in favor of a more logical premise. Can you imagine the possibilities that E.T.'s next issue might provide to some innate-genius with a penchant for slapping together a facsimile of the Steel Eater, merely by studying the specifications set forth in E.T.? Wow! I can see it now. Built on the Q.T. in the prison library, cranked up and let loose after its christening, like some weird science-fiction monster, easily smashing past 20,000 volumes of Zane Grey, bursting out through the side of the library building, rumbling slowly across the west yard toward the nearest gun tower, bullets bouncing off its impenetrable armor, tear-gas bombs exploding all around it, sirens wailing, bedlam - National Guard called out, still rumbling onward, onward, not to be stopped, finally reaching THE WALL, angry now - completely out of control - spitting gooey blobs of black molten tar at the N.G. Commander running along the top of the wall, now rearing a gigantic head, flashing a single mamouth [sic], keenly-polished incisor, hesitating, momentarily, then suddenly lunging forward, chomping at the wall, bricks and chunks of concrete flying every which way . . . once . . . twice . . and . . through! Daylight on the other side! A gaping hole, 20' x 20', appears out of nowhere . . . . two thousand cons stampeding through, on their way to Sacramento. [4] After perusing your comments about the First Day's reporting of the Great Bank Robbery - random shots, 27 centavos, gambling activities, etc. - I am more convinced than ever that you should see the transcripts of the first and second trial record. As for myself, I've never read either transcript, though I would bet that I could give a fair account of both without much error. I wrote sis again, this time asking her to send everything. [5] Here's a more up-to-date lead on Abe Greenbaum: "Informant F-HC reports subject handed suspected courier forty pieces of silver on 10/21/62 at Laredo, Mexico, for delivery to nuclear physicist residing in house on 92nd Street, New York City. S/A B. O. Schernnn, Washington, D.C. Field Office, reports subject seen 11/28/62 walking east on Beacon Street, constantly checking for tail, suddenly dashing into parked limousine sporting U.S.S.R. Embassy license plates, which speeds away, runs red light, terminating surveillance as Agent Schernnn forced to brake bicycle to avoid breaking the law. Informant F-111-B reports subject and suspected courier observed at King's Tavern, Wilmington, Del. on 12/6/62, paying for drinks with strange-looking silver dollars taken from bulging briefcase carried by subject. Subject now suspected of being Mr. Big in Communist plot to disrupt U.S. economy by flooding country with hard cash. /s/ I.M. NEVERWRONG, SAIC, D.C. LAIR." [6] Or, we could furnish Mr. Xerox an even more up-to-date lead, of somewhat different vintage: [7] Abe Greenbaum, long suspected leftist is actually confirmed rightist, in deep cover, working plausible denial bit with one of nation's leading and best-financed foreign policy-making firms. He is driving along highway not far from Langley, Va., peering intently out of jagged hole in windshield of his Volkswagen, searching for sign bearing acronym "BPR". Date is November 21, 1963. BPR-Bureau of Public Roads-is innocuous designation used by Abe's firm. "Gee, the Chief must be upset about something," Abe mutters to self, "he used a rock this time instead of the ol' soap-the-windshield trick." Purposefully cruising past BPR sign, Abe makes U-turn in center of highway, barely missed by Fruehauf semi-trailer, then turns right onto road leading to firm's Main Office Building. "Must not be seen making left turn this close to headquarters," Abe mutters. Arriving at destination, Abe circles Main Office Building five times, finally enters parking lot abutting wooded area to right rear of building, drives to extreme right end of lot, parks Volkswagen on right side of firm's undercover utility truck, disguised with Bell Telephone Company markings. Sliding across right-hand seat, he exits from right door of auto, walking long distance to right rear entrance of Main Office Building which is draped with high Quonset-hut type roof. "Hello there," Abe mutters as he slips by uniformed guard he recognizes as Soviet defector, former KGB light colonel. Abe proceeds down mile-long, musty-smelling corridor, pauses under tiny, inconspicuous replica of firm's seal which is painted upside-down on right wall, notices that Bald Eagle's beak on seal is pointing to far left. "Must tell Chief Bald Eagle looking wrong way," mutters Abe. He then takes elevator to fourth floor, goes directly to Chief's office, raps out coded knock on unmarked door, enters. Chief is reclining in swivel-chair with feet on desk, arms folded, sleeping. On desk Abe sees torn-up typewritten letter addressed to CHIEF, DIVISION OF DIRTY TRICKS, signed by B. KNOWNOTHING. Chief is balding, slender man, oft referred to by underlings as "Dirty Dick", albeit behind back. "What's up, Chief?" asks Abe. Chief blinks eyes, opens them, snaps, "I see you got my message!" Chief smiles. "What's with this guy Osborne recruited for Fair Play Caper? XYZ man claims he's being used for wet affair by team we sold out at Cochina Bay." Abe shifts weight to left foot, uncomfortably. "Don't know, Chief," he mutters, "Ozzie seems like good man for penetration of target." Chief stands and yawns, grins slyly. . "Well, just the same you'd better contact Tidbit and have him execute alternate . . . plan." Abe stares at Chief with knowing-look. "Right, Chief, I'll get on it . . . first thing Monday morning." Abe picks up cloak and dagger conveniently lying on desk, turns to leave, stops dead in tracks. "Incidentally, Chief, Bald Eagle on firm's seal is pointing left." Chief grins, sits down in swivel chair, leans back, puts feet on desk, clasps hands behind head, closes eyes. "Really?" He says. Soon Chief is snoring. Abe departs, returns to Volkswagen, worried about jagged hole in windshield. Mutters to self, "Gee, I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow." [8] Of course, this lead is utter fiction too, a figment of the imagination . . . still, it may make interesting reading for somebody. [9] Are you aware that a Duesseldorf record company has come out with just the thing for any German who wants to relive the heady days of Nazi victory? It is two long-playing phonograph records called, "From the Fuehrer's Headquarters (Aus dem Fuehrerhauptquartier)." Billed as documentary records, they are comprised of victory announcements and special bulletins from the Nazi high command, military music and soldier's songs, Nazi songs and speeches. A booming voice discloses the Nazis are fighting for the German nation and the security of Europe "against the . . . plot of the Jewish-Anglo Saxon warmongers . . . and against the . . . Jewish rulers of the Bolshevik central in Moscow." [10] (Now where did he get that? What does all this gobbledygook mean, anyway? Could this be an important lead? . . . I mean there is this thing about doing business with the Military-Industrial Complex, you know.) [11] Seriously, Arturo, I had better give with a plausible lead on this Abe Greenbaum fella, in spite of this business about plausible denial, or "they" are liable to drop his name from my approved correspondents list. That would be catastrophic, considering that he is the only other person besides sis who is so approved. And the lead had best not sound too cryptic either, or "they" might ship #83286 [Nagell's prisoner number] back to the Funny Farm . . . you know, for more "treatment." [12] So let's try again: [13] Young Regent of Yanquis Land is visiting "Little D" to plug for assistant who is fast losing popularity amongst ultra-conservative proletariat of Friendship Province. Date is well-remembered date in fall of '63. Young Regent is hated by proponents of Secret War (and by director of large pharmaceutical combine specializing in manufacture of cyanide capsules) because word is out he intends to decree of clandestine operations of various Yanquis Land spook outfits, citing as reasons that regime's continued reliance on covert methods of achieving political goals widens faith-in-government gap, is corrosive to principles of democracy, etc., especially when spooks get caught in the act. Young Regent feels one spook outfit in particular is exceeding bounds of propriety, has expanded narrow function delegated it by International Security Act of '47 . . . is becoming TOO POWERFUL . . is unduly influencing both foreign and DOMESTIC policy by its shenanigans . . . thus, must have nefarious activities at home and abroad throttled, or at least have them restricted to endeavors which cannot be accomplished by other, more acceptable means. BANG! BANG! BANG! Young Regent no longer Regent of Yanquis land. Clandestine operations of spook outfits not curtailed. Cyanide capsule market flourishing. Too Powerful One getting MORE POWERFUL . . . [14] What has all this got to do with Abe Greenbaum? ANSWER: Nothing. Is it a plausible lead? ANSWER: Not very. [15] Wait! [16] Before visit to Little D, Young Regent also thinking of effecting rapprochement with Isle of Cuber, establishing nicer rapport with Isle of Cuber's Big Mother Busher. Strange! . . . Young Regent of Isle of Cuber also thinking of effecting rapprochement with Yanquis Land, establishing nicer rapport with Yanquis Land's Big Doctrine, Monroe. [17] How nice! [18] Feelers put out by both Young Regents through "private" channels in July '63, then quasi-official channels in August '63, through "official" channels in September '63. [19] Meanwhile, anti-Castor Oilers known as Bravo Club gets wind of feelers . . . doesn't like smell . . . nohow! There is huddle. There is chant: "Remember Cochina Bay! - Remember Cochina Bay! Soon there is talk (louder than '62 talk) of giving Young Regent of Yanquis Land Xmas present . . . yo! . . . gonna brow that out to keep situation status quo (at worst) . . . to change status quo for worse (at best). [20] Patsy is needed! She is pro-Castor Oiler well-known to Bravo Club. Two Bravo members speak to Patsy, convince her they are boyfriends, buy her Cuber Liber Cocktail (minus rum), get her drunk on glory, tell her they are special emissaries to Yanquis Land personally by Young Regent of Isle of Cuber to give Xmas present to Young Regent of Yanquis Land . . . have "chosen" Patsy to help deliver Xmas present. Will be furnished Safe Conduct Pass to Isle of Cuber by Embassy in Mexico City. Will be given proper treatment on arrival. Oh, joy! Will live happily ever after. Can Patsy join Xmas Present Committee now? [21] Uh-uh! Not yet. First must prove self deserving of great honor. Must set up Chapter of Foul Ploy for Isle of Cuber, must stand on street corner . . . pass out pro-Castor Oil tracts, must appear on TV . . . root for Castor Oil products, must rumble with anti-Castor Oil salesman. Above all, must not mention Xmas Present Caper to anybody, not even husband, Ivan. [22] Meanwhile, Single-Man named "Snerd" gets wind of Xmas Present Caper and going-on at Bravo Club. Snerd is Isle of Cuber's Big Mother Busher's illegitimate son. Snerd gets in touch with Double-Man Abe Greenbaum, working in deep cover at BPR, Division of Dirty Tricks, as Rightist. Actually, Abe is Leftist-turned Middlist. Middlist Abe contacts Triple-Man Zero, sitting on ice because has burned butt. Triple-Man Zero instructed to join Delta Club, which is affiliate of Bravo Club, find out if things real. Zero does just that, craftily, in guise of crossbow expert. Discovers Patsy undergoing hypnotherapy by ex-ferry pilot named Hairy De Fairy. Reports to Abe things are for real, yes siree! Abe passes info on to Dirty Dick (and Snerd). Snerd passes info on to Big Mother Busher. Somebody flashes word back for Zero to let go with well-aimed arrow in Patsy's rump . . . leave Yanquis Land, hubba hubba! Zero chickens out day he is to arrow Patsy, six days before Xmas present to be delivered. Pens Abe nasty note. Pens Snerd nastier note. Pens Dirty Dick even nastier note. Also pens note to Boss of Yanquis Land's Main Secret Police Bureau, tattles on Xmas Present Caper, tattles on Patsy, etc. Burns butt again. Searches in vain for cake of ice to sit on. Winds up in Friendship Province Halfway House. [23] End of lead? Not hardly. [24] Apparently something amiss. Xmas Present Caper does not come off per schedule. Delta Club disintegrates. Bravo Club Xmas Present Committee disintegrates. Abe drops out of sight. Dirty Dick is mum. Snerd crawls back inside Big Mother Busher's womb, dies. De Fairy puts on falseface, hides at 3330 Clubhouse, gets whipped. Director of large pharmaceutical combine gives order for increased production of cyanide capsules. Boss of Main Secret Police Bureau sits in office, drums fingers on desk, waits. Zero is still in Friendship Province Halfway House, getting older . . . if not wiser. [25] End of lead? . . . Not hardly. [26] Day of Infamy arrives! Patsy crouched at open window, armed with second-hand crossbow, quiver filled with curare-tipped arrows slung across shoulder. ZIP! ZIP! ZIP! BANG! ZIP! BANG! ZIP! BANG! [27] End of lead? . . . Not hardly. [28] Patsy awakens from hypnotic trance. Says, "What am I doing here?" Wonders what cyanide capsule is doing clenched between teeth? Wonders what cloak and dagger is doing on window sill? Wonders why floor of room is lettered with pro-Castor Oil pamphlets? Wonders how chicken bones got in lunch pail? Memory returns. Patsy flees. Refuses ride by former Bravo boyfriend driving by in utility truck bearing Bell Telephone Company markings. Catches bus instead. [29] End of lead? . . . Not hardly. [30] Patsy has gone her way. De Fairy has gone his way. One former Bravo boyfriend now living vicinity M. Cyanide capsule market still flourishing. Dirty Dick promoted within superstructure of BPR . . . is still mum. Snerd reborn as "Terd". Abe Greenbaum has changed name, retired, resides in mansion protected by pack of snarling German Shepherds, disappears for one hour each night in vault to count huge pile of American silver dollars. Boss of Yanquis Land Main Secret Police Bureau has four-year old secret . . . but is relaxed. Zero out of Friendship Province Halfway House . . . is now in Old Triple-Man's Home for Aged. More Powerful One now MOST POWERFUL (evidently). End of lead? . . . Not hardly. End of letter? . . . yes. [31] Most sincerely yours, [32] Richard C Nagell
  9. Speaking for myself, Ramon, I like what you’re doing. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with.
  10. But gee golly whiz! Maybe it was an oversight and he’ll revise the list. But then again, Qui tacet consentire videtur.
  11. Photo booth type visa photos sounds like a reasonable explanation as to why the two photos are slightly different poses. I just did a little research on old photo booths, and they typically gave you four different pictures for your money.
  12. In previous posts on this thread, David posted side by side visa photos, the right photo believed to be the visa original, and the left photo believed to be the visa copy. I'm not going to repost them here, but an obvious difference is that the right photo shows staples, and the left photo appears not to. Both photos are of poor quality, but they appear to be different pictures - separate clicks of the camera. David also posted a better version of the visa original: I found this slightly better version of the visa copy photo on the Internet: Without much effort, I could convince myself that that is a staple above Oswald’s head. A possible conclusion is that the staple or staple holes did not show up on the poorer quality copy of the visa copy photo that David posted. Once again, these two pictures appear to be different different clicks of the camera. New topic: Compare the visa original photo at the top, with this photo from the John Armstrong Collection (link to photo in footnote, page 34): This photo appears identical to the visa original photo (and not the visa copy photo). It has been cropped, and if there had been a staple at the top, we could not see it in this cropped version. John Armstrong’s description reads, “Lee in a photograph taken in September 1963, probably in New Orleans. (NATIONAL ARCHIVES) If this is John's copy of the visa original photo, however, there should be a staple, (or at least staple holes) on Oswald’s left shoulder and shirt collar. How come no staple? Maybe the staple was removed at the archives, but a more tantalizing outcome would be that this is a third visa photo. Edit added: Photo booth type visa photos sounds like a reasonable explanation as to why the two photos are slightly different poses. I just did a little research on old photo booths, and they typically gave you four different pictures for your money. Tom Footnote: http://digitalcollections.baylor.edu/cdm/compoundobject/collection/po-arm/id/22156/rec/29
  13. Thanks David, and yes I did read all six papers - twice. A great piece of work on your part and it made things much clearer. Thanks for the answers, and my only comment is that I was a music composition major in 1963, and the Music Department had three giant copy machines available to us to print out our stunning masterpieces. I’d guess the Consulado de Cuba would have had one. Tom
  14. Sorry David, I got my right and left hand mixed up in my last post - I've corrected it.
  15. Well, the front porch roof isn’t in the floor plan. The walkway between the garage and front door looks wrong. While not in the photograph, I think the photo of the kitchen on your other thread shows the back door and kitchen entrance in a different relationship than the floor plan. That’s all I see.