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  1. That sounds reasonable but the photo ID raises a real question. Surely professionals would have know that would have been requested and given him one. Oswald himself should have known but at least might have just figured if he had a US passport that would be enough. Or was this a new consulate procedure. And the photo vs. the clothes the guy was wearing seems a problem. I'd like to see some discussion on that particular point and a scenario that makes sense of it...I certainly can't offer one myself.
  2. That's a fascinating scenario David, has Simpich gone though all your material. Putting it in sequence like that is excellent, I don't have time to go though all four parts right now but it's certainly looking persuasive. The thought of the CIA doing one operation in MC built around Oswald, of it possibly being compromised and to an extent stolen and then for the FBI to be using Oswald for their very own tasks in Texas. Neither would be a problem at the time but as of Nov. 23...talk about karma, irony, whatever you want to call it. I certainly hope to take a look at the full thing soon and would love to see Bill's assessment.
  3. Very interesting document David, I had never seen that one. In terms of Oswald sightings there are several that seem to be a problem in regard to the official time line. And again, I'm not totally comfortable with the Odio's dates so that makes it more complex for me. But something inolving an individual named Oswald and using Oswald FPCC documents did happen in MC, That was not created after the fact...it certainly did involve some level of impersonation so you have to ask yourself why would that happen if it was the real Oswald following some directions or even acting on his own. Which leaves you with some strange CIA counter espionage effort with the real Oswald back in the states, maybe in Dallas, Houston, at McKewons etc. Now if Nov. 22 had not happened would that have been any real problem - maybe not. Could CIA CI steal an identity for some short time frame operation in MC, sure they could and maybe they did and then after the fact traces of a real person had to be planted. Who planted the contradictory and questionable stuff you mention? Did CIA operatives do it, quickly and poorly and the FBI just found what they left? Is that why it looks so stupid? As I said, it would be no shock to me if he were not there....at this point its just going to take something new to fully knock me off the fence to one side or the other...worse yet I might still be on the fence with him there but not doing what the official story says... I'll keep watching...
  4. David, the Hoover memo has long fascinated me. It may be as simple as Hoover being bitter about how much time Phillips and the CIA wasted by touting the Gilberto Alverado story - which the FBI finally deconstructed after a ton of field work. The FBI also spent a lot of time chasing down leads of others that Oswald reputedly contacted in and around the Cuban consulate and that is documented. Hoover really got irate when he thought FBI resources were being wasted by other agencies. A related issue would be the handling of Tumbleweed where the CIA dumped the whole thing on the FBI and it appears the FBI may have blown it. The FBI has never had a good reputation for sharing with other agencies, not then and certainly not as recently as 2001. But I can imagine how mad Hoover would have been if he learned Oswald had not been there at all. I'll certainly say that if it were possible to totally prove Oswald had never gone to MC at all I would not be shocked, but I do think at the time of his reported visit the CIA was surely reacting as if he were there....and that something complex was going on. Which might simply mean something compartmentalized but which became a major problem after the assassination. It would not be the first time counter intelligence played that sort of game and screwed up the Agency in doing so.
  5. Hi David, well for one thing I've never been absolutely certain of the timing of the Odio visit so I still hold it possible that it was Lee Oswald at her place. For that matter I'm not sure they had not had prior contact as part of an assignment for Oswald to circulate among exiles looking for guns in Dallas. I find it a little hard to accept that a one time visit would be enough to make her pass out and end up in the hospital. While I suspect Oswald was in MC, at least for a time, I'm also not certain of the exact dates there nor of his travel. If I were pressed I'd say I think Oswald was in contact with Odio, one or more times and that the visit did happen with Lee somehow a part of it. I'm less sanguine that it occurred exactly as I wrote about it in SWHT than I was then although I still believe her visitors had come from New Orleans, most likely with the two individuals originating in Miami - and that it indicates Oswald was having a number of contact with people that we can only speculate on but that he certainly was known to a number of folks who lied about it afterwards. So, I mentally have Oswald in contact with Odio, with a variety of other exiles in both New Orleans and Dallas - most all of whom were shopping for weapons and talking paramilitary action while a couple were claiming to be Cuban agents. I also have a picture of him not at all understanding all their agendas or how much at risk he was throughout that fall. As to Mexico City, I can seen him there but not at all in sync with the official timeline and story. And for that matter questions asked during the first interviews with Marina indicate that the possible trips to both DC and the trip to MC...and to me corroborate Nagell's info..but that's another story. It seems like after this time I should be more certain about such things but while I think I can see the overall picture I get less and less certain of many of the details the more I learn.
  6. "I was unaware of Hosty's report on the matter. As relayed by you, his report would appear to leave open the possibility that the FBI may have been given false information by the CIA. At this point in time would the FBI have possessed independently verifiable information on Oswald? I understand there was blurring of loyalties within the two agencies ranks. Is it possible the CIA ran an operation whilst keeping the FBI hierarchy misinformed? I am accepting your assessment of Hosty's sincerity. Am I right to be wary that he has an accurate picture of the events in MC?" ............. Hosty would only have had access to second hand information coming directly from FBI associates in MC and from other Dallas agents who had indeed served there previously. No way of knowing exactly how accurate and of course it would only have been fragmentary at best. However we do know from actual documents that it was standard practice for the CIA to inform FBI of Americans who had visited the Cuban facilities in MC - given that travel was illegal and that Cuba was considered a Communist nation, such individuals were immediately persons of interest. We also know from the records that the FBI routinely monitored a number of Americans living in MC who had been suspect or known to have Communist associations. If Oswald was in MC and contacting both the Russians and Cubans Oswald should have drawn far more attention from the FBI - which he may well have given Hosty's slip on Nov. 23 telling a Secret Service agent that Oswald had been under surveillance and observed meeting with subversives. As to a blurring of loyalties between the agencies, some of that is exaggerated in print. What is clear is that internally within both there was a great deal of compartmentalization, and each looked on the other more as a source of information that a partner. Interestingly though there was on joint operation going on in 1963, named AM/SANTA, and it sent FPCC members who had been turned into Cuba for intel collection, using the Cuban consulate in MC to enable travel. Some of the CIA names involved in that operation also show up in Oswald's file. And that operation, initially highly successful, seems to have stopped abruptly for no known reason at the end of 1963.
  7. At this point in time my "opinion" is that Oswald did go to Mexico City and that the CIA was aware of it at the time - however my guess is that all the aspects of his time there certainly don't match the record constructed after the fact. A number of things bother me about his purported visits to the Cuban facilities, less to the Russian. The passport photo thing is a real problem, also the fact that Phillips also told the FBI in a memo that as of early 64 the CIA still had photos of everyone entering the Cuban facility at the time Oswald was being reported to have met with an individual the FBI was checking out (they were trying to check some of the many claims about Oswald contacts there) and the individual in question had not entered the building at that time. The period in question covered Oswald's reported appearances meaning that the CIA should have had Oswald's photo - which suggests they may have had a photo of someone impersonating Oswald. I'm also struck by the Hosty's story that his FBI friends in MC had Oswald under surveillance around the city. After talking to Hosty over time I believe he was sincere about that and operationally there would be every reason for both the FBI and CIA to be monitoring Oswald if he was there - we know from earlier incidents that the first thing the CIA did if they monitored a suspicious American contacting the Cubans was to hand it off to the FBI and Americans were tracked and detained for making offers of information to the Cubans, even in 1963. We also know that MC station had an AMOT trained mobile surveillance team, given the flap over unknown American contacting the Cubans (and that was a big deal; Phillips lied in his book) its hard to think that nobody went looking for him. Bottom line is that I'm afraid its much like the shooting in DP, we have bits and pieces and we lack other bits and pieces and we try to get really specific about exactly what did happen. But the bottom line is that, as with many other things, events in MC got "spun" to fit the lone nut story line after the fact and while we can poke holes in it that doesn't mean we can reconstruct what actually went down.
  8. That's interesting, I had an email asking if it was canceled but there was certainly no sign of that in the quick searches I did. Plus the comments on the show site and network site were mixed at worst. Its hard to think the channel would drop it given that its paid for and as Pat says, "in the can". The only time I've seen that happen before was with the JFK/LBJ series where Valenti filed an immediate legal action....not sure who could have done that here or have the funds to carry if off but I can't imagine anything else stopping its ongoing broadcasts.
  9. Hate to jump into this but I think Paul has given a better characterization. The thing everyone needs to realize is that for some 12 years at least, the FSB has been working on creating a new category of "agents of influence", Actually that operation goes all the way back to 2,000 but it really accelerated when Russia oligarchs accumulated enough capital for overseas investments. I could recommend some good books on this, they cover the standard recruitment practices - but bottom line is that they cast a broad net, never knowing which person may end up in a position of influence. Which is why you find not just Flynn but several Trump business associates who have been involved in various sorts of business with not just Russian firms but with Putin associates of all flavors, and not just Russians but Ukrainians and others. Think of it this way, when the US was the only big international money game in town the CIA leveraged American businessmen to the hilt. Now with so much legal and illegal Russian money and Putin associate money floating around, the FSB is able to play the same game.
  10. The standard Russian practice in foreign political action is simply destabilization - the mission is to create discord, division and to elevate general mistrust to as high a level as possible. Its classic stuff. I can recommend some good books; we know how they work because we got tens of thousands of pages of KGB and FSB internal documents via key defections in 1993 and 2000. From that perspective they will target both parties, they will target any opportunity for divisivness - in prior times they played both the racist groups and the civil rights groups, or tried to at least. The only side note to that general rule is that Putin does truly hate Clinton, hence an election focus to weaken her, not so much to elect Trump but to create a major level of discord in any Clinton administration. Also, you don't need collusion for this game, if you look at the detailed timing of the Wiki leaks releases of DNC data you see they follow Trump in the campaign, almost state by state and issue by issue. You just need somebody on the ball monitoring what's happening and feeding info as the opportunity presents.
  11. Two quick answers, first off the FSB (like the KGB) works at recruiting and manipulating Agents of Influence and Useful Idiots, collusion is unnecessary and would be far to simple minded to expect from a professional intelligence agency. Its about manipulation and shaping - although thousands of pages of now available Russian intel documents show that their agents of influence were sometimes naive and at other times culpable. Moving them into actual collections work was something else entirely. The folks being called out as associated with Trump would most likely be in the Agents of Influence category if you could see the Line PR files of the FSB right now. Secondly, the thousands of pages of KGB archives documents brought over after the file of the Soviet Union do most specifically that one of the action programs of the KGB was to link the CIA with the JFK assassination, the Hunt memo being simply one example of their activities. This has been documented and written about in books on Russian intel, not so much in JFK literature. I'll be speaking on all this in a two hour internet radio spot in a couple of weeks; at present am deeply into research on the subject with a possible book in the offing down the road a couple of years.
  12. So very sorry to hear this...
  13. Evidence Paul, that Sturgis invited Hunt? Other than Hunt's story passed to his son what evidence would you cite. That evidence has been deconstructed in many places and I've done my own part in SWHT to show how questionable it is...beyond that we know from actual records that Morales did not trust Hunt and felt he could never keep his mouth shut, making it further unlikely he would involve him in anything operational. So please cite the additional evidence that you are referring to...as to Sturgis and Morales...that is simply laughable to anyone who really has researched both men, Morales the ultimate dark operator and Sturgis, the guy always in the newspapers and talking to reporters, yeah, like that's going to happen... Not to mention that we have Sturgis taped conversation with his lawyer which reveals he only talked about the JFK matter in hopes he could stimulate media and maybe stir up a libel suit. Debra played that one at a Lancer conference years ago.
  14. Paul, Morales/Robertson/Harvey and Roselli were all close, socially in Miami at some points and most importantly in the Castro assassination project...of course Morales worked for Shackley but apparently they were not close other than in a reporting sense and in pursuit of deniablity Morales had a lot of autonomy. Phillips and Morales were close operationally in the sense that Morales JM/WAVE operations supported certain projects which also involved Mexico City...for example both men were involved, along with Tony Sforza, in a major ex-filtration project in November 1963 - apparently related to Castro's sister. That operation was real and sanctioned, whether or not its provided cover for something deeper is another story.
  15. Paul, you seem to think that many of us have not checked both Morales and Hemming inside out including personal connections beyond the CIA and beyond JMWAVE? I assure you many very good investigators have. I've talked to his best friend Ruben who was consistently in touch with Morales and discussed who influenced Morales, who he networked with socially and who he did business with after retirement. Of course if you find some new connection we would love to hear about it. As to Hemming, if you check him out thoroughly you find him soliciting basically any name he could come up with for money, with letters, TV appearances (he was very convincing on TV). In that regard Walker would be just one of a great number of people Hemming tried fund raising with...you do know that Hemming complained bitterly about Hall following along behind him and hitting up all the same people he was hitting up for money, including several in Dallas...he was bitter about not getting anything and then having Hall come along and pester them more - making them even less responsive. Anyway, I should be smarter than to let you lead me back into these exchanges...grin...so I will be and just say if you find anything new on Morales and Walker please post it. Or even Hemming and Walker, but lots has already been written in regard to those contacts though so please make sure it is truly new.