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  1. Cliff, Actually, a case can be made that Clyde Tolson was not privy to the details of the "Lone Nut" theory created by J. Edgar Hoover for LBJ. Originally, LBJ thought that the FBI could just issue a statement -- and Hoover did -- and it was the "Lone Nut" theory. Then LBJ decided that would not be enough -- he needed an independent Commission led by Earl Warren. When Senator Russell said he had no time to be on the Warren Commission, LBJ told him that it wouldn't take any time, "All you'll do is evaluate a Hoover report he has already made." The Lone Nut theory was fixed before 11/22/1963 was over. The FBI had already begun to tamper with all evidence to make it fit -- by order of the Director. At this point only Hoover, LBJ, Dulles and Warren were aware of Hoover's Cover-up scenario. To speak to the theme of this thread -- David Lifton's upcoming new book -- I say that Lifton's breakthrough with regard to the tampering of the JFK autopsy is also explained in this Benign Theory of the LN and SBT dogma. The Bethesda autopsy is best explained as a hasty, rushed reaction to the "Lone Nut", single shooter theory of the JFK murder. That is why the pre-autopsy was done -- to conceal the fact of shots from the front -- and multiple shots to the head, and frangible bullet particles in the brain. The pre-autopsy was so rushed and so botched that the Xrays and photographs had to be hidden from the public, and drawings used for the WC, and JFK's brain had to go "missing" from all records. It was rushed. It was the "Lone Nut" theory by 5pm EST. That's the Occam's Razor explanation. Even Clyde Tolson was kept in the dark. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  2. Micah, I just finished watching the four orienting videos prepared by Pat Speer on his website ( I found them to be EXCELLENT. In particular, his matching of the controversial JFK skull photograph over the controversial JFK back-of-head photograph was GENIUS. I agree with Pat Speer's premise entirely. Thanks for sharing that. Only one thing -- I disagree with Pat Speer's neglect of any Benign Theory of the SBT. Yes -- our Government lied to us. However, our Government also told us WHY they had to lie to us -- National Security. Also, Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren said that the TRUTH about the JFK assassination was being "preserved" and would be released in 75 years (i.e. 2039). Then, in 1992, President GWH Bush signed the JFK Records Act, which made brought the release date forward to Thursday 26 October 2017. I believe we will learn on that date, when the final 3,000 secret JFK records are finally released -- that there were at least two shooters -- and that our government knew exactly who they were, and who organized the JFK Kill Team. I believe we will learn that the Radical Right in Dallas (with a secondary team in New Orleans) planned this event in broad terms starting in April 1963, and planned this event in painstaking detail starting in September 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was the preferred Patsy (though others were selected in case Oswald skipped town) ever since September 1963. I completely believe Harry Dean's personal witness that General Walker named Lee Harvey Oswald as their Patsy in a Radical Right meeting in Southern California in September 1963. All this makes possible a Benign Theory of the SBT. During the Cold War, the US Government could not afford to risk the USSR making propaganda out of the TRUTH. Since the USSR fell in 1990, this allowed President Bush to sign the JFK Records Act in 1992. We will find out if my CT is correct this October -- I truly believe it. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  3. B.A. Copeland, So, could one say that your opinion roughly coincides with that of Pat Speer's autopsy theory? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  4. Alistair, Here is the Jack White video in question. Skip to minute 40:50 and watch for about 5 minutes. Regards, --Paul
  5. Pamela, This is also a valid perspective. LHO may or may not have been part of an ONI "dangle" operation, as CIA agent Victor Marchetti supposed. Either way, we can still develop a cogent portrait of LHO's trip to the USSR. LHO was a maverick. Marilyn Murret, his cousin in New Orleans, said that LHO read encyclopedias the way other people read novels. (This is not uncommon among latch-key kids.) Clearly, LHO was an unusually well-read high-school dropout. Along with 007 novels, LHO liked to read Karl Marx. This would make LHO out of place in most social circles in the USA. Not only the USA, but also in the US Marines. Rare -- but not unique. It was very rare to find somebody familiar with Marxism in the US Marines in the early 1960's, but LHO was one, and Kerry Thornley was another. They had something in common and many conversations -- but ultimately Thornley thought of LHO as a broken record -- a dogmatist -- who could repeat what he read in Marx, but couldn't think beyond that. What is interesting is how close this opinion by Kerry Thornley about LHO was, compared with the opinion of George DeMohrenschildt as expressed to the WC in 1964. Here is what George testified: ------------ Begin Extract of WC Testimony of George De Mohrenschildt ------------------------ Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. He kept on repeating that he was not a Communist. I asked him point blank, "Are you a member of the Communist Party?" And he said no. He said, "I am a Marxist." He kept on repeating it. Mr. JENNER. Did you ask him what he meant by that? Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. I never frankly asked him to elaborate on that because again, you know the word "Marxism" is very boring to me. Just the sound of that word is boring to me. Mr. JENNER. What impression did you get in that connection as to whether he was seeking some mean or middle ground between democracy and what he thought Communism was? Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. Possibly he was seeking for something, but knowing what kind of brains he had, and what kind of education, I was not interested in listening to him, because it was nothing, it was zero. Mr. JENNER. I see. It was your impression, then he could contribute nothing? Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. No, he could contribute absolutely nothing...But when it comes to dialectic materialism, I do not want to hear that word again... Mr. JENNER. Before I show you any papers, I want you to finish this reasoning of yours. Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. I did not take him seriously--that is all. Mr. JENNER. I know you didn't. Why didn't you? ... Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. Well, he was not sophisticated, you see. He was a semieducated hillbilly. And you cannot take such a person seriously. All his opinions were crude, you see. But I thought at the time he was rather sincere. Mr. JENNER. Opinion sincerely held, but crude? Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes. Mr. JENNER. Did you have the feeling that his views on politics were shallow and surface? Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. Very much so. Mr. JENNER. That he had not had the opportunity for a study under scholars who would criticize, so that he himself could form some views on the subject? Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. Exactly. His mind was of a man with exceedingly poor background, who read rather advanced books, and did not understand even the words in them. He read complicated economical treatises and just picked up difficult words out of what he has read, and loved to display them. He loved to use the difficult words, because it was to impress one. Mr. JENNER. Did you think he understood it? Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. He did not understand the words--he just used them. So how can you take seriously a person like that? You just laugh at him. But there was always an element of pity I had, and my wife had, for him. We realized that he was sort of a forlorn individual, groping for something. Mr. JENNER. Did you form any impression in the area, let us say, of reliability---that is, whether our Government would entrust him with something that required a high degree of intelligence, a high degree of imagination, a high degree of ability to retain his equilibrium under pressure, a management of a situation, to be flexible enough? Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. I never would believe that any government would be stupid enough to trust Lee with anything important. ------------ End Extract of WC Testimony of George De Mohrenschildt ------------------------ In a sense, however, LHO becomes even more impressive as an individualist and a maverick if we consider that LHO went into the USSR entirely on his own volition, without any organized effort from the ONI. For example, LHO's melodrama of slicing his wrists so that the USSR would take him seriously, and admit him into the country based strictly on pity -- that could be regarded as a clever move. (The wounds were not very deep.) Also, the fact that LHO never surrendered his US passport -- smart move. Also, the fact that LHO enjoyed benefits like the newest apartment complex in Minsk, and additional monthly payments from the Red Cross. Also, the fact that LHO never applied for Soviet citizenship. Very smart. Also, the fact that LHO refused to join the Communist Party there -- though continually invited. Also smart. All this must be seen as something more than good luck. LHO had become quite a manipulator in his youth. He was smooth in the USSR. He would not be so smooth back in the USA -- or in Mexico City. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  6. Cliff, You're referring to my claim that J. Edgar Hoover was manipulating public opinion when he said he really believed LHO had accomplices, but was "never able to prove that." Here is more evidence. In the early 1990's former DPD Chief Jesse Curry told the press that he always thought that some shots came from the Grassy Knoll, "but we were never able to prove that." See the pattern? They were playing cat and mouse with the public. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  7. James, By the numbers: 1. Writing a letter to the Socialist Party isn't grounds for denying a Security Clearance -- it depends upon the circumstances. 2. US Marine Kerry Thornley testified to Oswald's well-known behavior at El Toro Marine Base, witnessed by plenty of senior officers. 3. Sure, remarks were made about his Pravda newspapers and studying the Russian language in his barracks (using Berlitz, said Thornley), and the CO looked into it, and found it all very boring. A free American can study any foreign language he likes. 4. Oswald was not getting Russian training in the service. After teaching himself with Berlitz, newspapers and records, Oswald did take the Russian language test -- obviously to test himself. He flunked. 5. Kerry Thornley admitted that Oswald was an unusual guy -- but no more unusual than Thornley himself. Thornely wasn't impressed with Oswald's intellect. What impressed Thornley about Oswald was his "Beetle Bailey" attitude of talking back to the junior officers. 6. Nobody ever said, James, that Oswald "bragged about communism being the best system." You made that part up. Oswald was enraptured with the class consciousness of Karl Marx -- but as he always said -- even on TV -- "I'm a Marxist, however, that doesn't mean that I'm a Communist." 7. In other words -- Oswald wanted to teach himself Russian to see if he could do it. He was bored with the conversation of most Marines on the base. Thornley said this. Oswald could talk with Thornley on intellectual matters -- and few others. Yet Oswald wasn't as bright as he thought, said Thornley, but more like a broken record. 8. Some people testified that Oswald's Russian was surprisingly good. Others said he made many grammatical errors in his speech, although he was fluent, and could carry on a wide range of conversations in Russian. He had a thick accent and made many minor errors. 9. Some said Marina thought he spoke like a native Russian there in Minsk. But that is no big deal, since Minsk had native Russians from all over Eastern Europe, like Poland, and many of them had terrible accents and faulty grammar. Oswald's Russian accent sounded "Polish" to Peter Raidagorsky, for example. 10. I admit the possibility, according to ex-CIA agent Victor Marchetti, that Oswald entered the USSR through a secret ONI program called "dangle." It was a beginner's, training program involving, say, two dozen "dangles." They never met, but were scattered around a geographic area, never knowing where or who the others were. Their job was to identify persons of interest, and report centrally whether they had seen those persons in their geographic area. That's it. That's all. A "dangle" was being trained to be a Team Player, alert and loyal. To build the "dangle" profile on the persons of interest would take three years. It was a three-year program, IIRC. 11. It is possible that Oswald was an ONI "dangle". But Oswald got married and applied to return to the USA after only two years -- probably breaking his ONI contract and so jeopardizing his Marine discharge status. 12. Oswald had been smitten by the teenage Marina Oswald -- a child of an aristocratic grandmother who hated the USSR. Marina wanted to rush to America. 13. As for Albert Schweitzer college, James, everything looks like a CIA front to you. 14. As for his two night stay in expensive hotels in Europe -- Oswald had THOUSANDS of dollars in his possession, because of his Marine savings. He almost never went out on weekends like the other Marines -- being raised as a latch-key kid who did nothing but read all the time. Also, his European trip was the very first time he was ever truly FREE for a few days. 15. When he was about 5-8 years old, Oswald's mother married a well-to-do engineer who traveled a lot, and they stayed in the finest hotels and resorts in America. When she divorced him, Oswald lost all that. Possibly Oswald wanted to remind himself of who he used to be. In any case, it only lasted two days -- and Oswald had LOTS of money at the time. (He had left his ailing mother only $100 of his huge savings.) 16. So, you see, James, I don't dismiss all of it -- just the cloak-and-dagger part of your CIA-did-it CT. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  8. Tommy, OK, fine, "Lee Oswald" instead of the fullsome, "Lee Harvey Oswald." Yet let us not distract ourselves from the significant point here. As soon as The Impersonator (David Morales ?) maneuvered the USSR Embassy clerk into saying the name of KGB assassin Kostikov -- at that precise moment The Impersonator coupled the name of Kostikov with the impersonation itself, by adding, "This is Lee Oswald." The linkage of the two names what precisely what was important. The linkage of the two names in two seconds of time, so that the two names would appear on the wire-tapped telephone transcript RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER -- that was what was important. I think David Morales did a beautiful job of that task -- don't you? I think David Morales believed he did a beautiful job, too. Unfortunately, the CIA translators for the most wire-tapped phone on the planet didn't think he did very well. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  9. Michael, Thanks for the polite challenge. I'll try again to explain my nuanced CT. 1. Even in New Orleans, Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) was a nobody. Who really cared that some street urchin was lobbying for Fidel Castro in the streets? 2. In fact, who bothers to film a Communist handing out leaflets? NOBODY. 3. Jim Garrison was 100% correct to recognize that fact -- and that Ed Butler (a propaganda expert) was managing the publicity of LHO in newspaper, radio and TV in New Orleans. 4. Some might say that Ed Butler was working for the CIA, but he wasn't a CIA agent -- he was sometimes a contractor for them, but he was a full-time enemy of Fidel Castro, and wanted Castro dead yesterday. 5. I am not certain that Ed Butler was aware of the Kill JFK plot -- he was probably aware only of the Kill Fidel Castro plot. His goal was to help LHO infiltrate the Communists. 6. So, for the Radical Right in NOLA, our hero LHO was trying to become somebody -- but he was still a NOBODY. 7. LHO went to Mexico City to try to gain entry into Cuba. Marina Oswald was emphatic about this. She said this over and over. LHO was obsessed with getting into Cuba. 8. LHO was almost certainly promised a big cash award if he was successful in getting into Cuba. This explains his making a fool of himself in Mexico City. 9. Of course he failed -- and IMHO Guy Banister knew good and well that he would fail. (Ed Butler and DAP were hoping he would succeed.) 10. IMHO, our hero LHO had no clue in the world that David Morales (?) was going to Impersonate him in order to link his name with KGB assassin Kostikov. No clue. 11. In my CT, LHO was a Radical Right winger who was trying with all his might to get a full-time job in the CIA. That's why he did what he did in NOLA. 12. OK, NOW REWIND TAPE BACK TO APRIL 1963. 13. I still maintain that LHO belonged to the Radical Right wing even in Dallas -- except that since LHO was not an educated man, and his ideas of Marxism were at a child's level, he did not understand what George De Mohrenschildt (DeM) was doing to him. 14. The only sophisticated political science that LHO ever read was Marxism. And according to George DeM, LHO's mastery of Marxism was pathetic. 15. One reason LHO looked up to George DeM was because of George's obvious mastery of Marxism. George had been a college professor -- perhaps some here didn't know that. 16. Now -- George DeM probably did work for the CIA on a contract basis, here and there. He wasn't a CIA agent, but he was smart enough to be useful to the CIA. 17. It is very likely that George DeM boasted about this to LHO. This would have impressed LHO very much -- because LHO wanted to be a CIA agent with all his heart. 18. It is for this reason, IMHO, that our hero LHO took a turn for the worse. 19. As it turns out, Russian Expatriates hate Fascists as much as they hate Communists. This is because of the specific history of Russia in WW2. 20. So, George DeM hated and despised General Walker. We can read this in his WC testimony and in his 1977 manuscript, I'm a Patsy! I'm a Patsy! 21. George used to call General Walker, "General Fokker" to LHO, to make him laugh. They used to call Volkmar Schmidt, "Messer Schmidt." It was their thing. 22. Volkmar Schmidt also hated General Walker -- and compared him to Adolf Hitler. 23. THEREFORE, it is my humble opinion, that LHO would do anything in the world to impress George DeM, because LHO hoped that George might put in a good word for him with the CIA. 24. In his political naivete, therefore, LHO decided that he would try to please both George DeMohrenschildt and Volkmar Schmidt by killing General Walker dead. 25. LHO found out the hard way that George DeM and Volkmar Schmidt would be horrified by such a STUPID act. He had failed again. The story of his life. 26. LHO had hoped to get a job in the CIA by shooting Walker. That was his key motivation in Dallas in April. 27. LHO had hoped to get a job in the CIA by infiltrating the FPCC in Cuba -- that was his key motive in NOLA that summer, and in Mexico City. 28. We see here how intelligence can be very relative. LHO was better read than most people -- but just -- not -- enough. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  10. B.A. Copeland, What is your personal assessment of the JFK autopsy evidence that we observe today? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  11. Tommy, I think that the Impersonator making the phone call fully expected the name of Kostikov to be presented -- based on knowledge that he had of the USSR Embassy Operations. The Impersonator was a CIA agent fully aware of the Mexico City politics at the Embassies. I want to emphasize here that when the callee promptly delivered the name of Kostikov, the Impersonator immediately repeated that his name was "Lee Harvey Oswald." Bingo. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  12. David, Thanks, it was fun. iIRC, Mallon was an able fiction writer with no experience in JFK literature until he wrote Mrs. Paine's Garage (2002). As a first effort it was not really bad. I still like his style. But as a researcher, he still has a lot of reading to do. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  13. Tommy, I have often said, and I implied here, that the caller from the Cuban consulate spoke in such a way as to elicit the name of Kostikov from the callee. I stand by that. Obviously it worked. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  14. Alistair, 1. The FBI experts told the Warren Commission clearly -- there was no Fakery in the BYP that they could see -- but they would not rule out a "very clever Fake." 1.1. Jack White showed how clever those Fakes really were -- using very rare techniques of slanting the photographs slightly, and so on. 1.1.1. Also, LHO knew how to take photos of the photos, and photos of those photos using the same Imperial Reflex camera, for best effect. 1.2. I maintain (along with perhaps no others) that LHO himself pasted his own face onto Roscoe White's body. 2.0. Bugliosi merely quotes the testimony of Captain Will Fritz, in whose custody LHO died while surrounded by Fritz' men. 2.1. Will Fritz had the privilege of telling the world the Last Words of LHO. 2.2. I don't believe a single word of those conversations. They were not recorded, or written down until WEEKS later. 2.3. Captain Fritz and all those present had WEEKS to coordinate their stories about what LHO said. It is mostly LIES, I am convinced. 2.4. I challenge any writers who dare to take Fritz's testimony about what LHO said -- at face value. 3.0. As for Roscoe White, he had a BYP because his very own chin, neck, shoulders, lumpy right wrist and back-leaning stance were part of the BYP. He was there. He got his copy. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  15. David, Having posted excerpts from Thomas Mallon's 2016 article, A View from the Fringe, I have a few comments to make about it. Mallon claims that for 50 years the CT that the Radical Right killed JFK "has been a mainstream position." Evidently Mallon never heard of the Warren Report or the HSCA. Mallon actually names General Edwin Walker in his citation of the Minutaglio/Davis book, Dallas 1963 (2013) as a feature of the JFK murder. This was promising. Mallon then quickly throws cold water on the idea, saying, "It simply does not matter that Lee Harvey Oswald, a defector to the Soviet Union, had espoused an ill-tutored form of Marxism from the time he was a teen-ager..." I will interrupt this sentence to scrutinize Mallon's assumptions. Lee Harvey Oswald was a defector to the Soviet Union who (1) never surrendered his US passport; (2) never applied for Soviet citizenship; (3) never joined the Communist Party; (4) returned to the USA with the blessing of the US State Department. Further, Lee Harvey Oswald's so-called "Marxism" was a joke. Lee was a neglected child, and one psychiatrist said Lee had "rage" issues. What Marxism? If Lee was really a Marxist, he would have joined one of the many varieties of Communist Parties in the USSR or the USA in the 1960's. But he didn't. This is because Marxism for Lee Harvey Oswald was a pose, a hobby, a way to keep others at a distance -- not a real political position. LHO did like to claim to be morally superior because he was poor -- and he did believe that capitalism was the reason his family was poor. At the same time, LHO didn't like his family much, either. For example, for Thanksgiving, 1962, the three brothers didn't invite their mother -- from down the street. Nor did the brothers see each other more than once every three years on average. So, LHO was emotionally hurting, and needed therapy -- but he wasn't a Revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination. Nor was LHO a raving maniac. He was just a young, 23 year old, high-school dropout who couldn't spell or drive a car -- and hated his minimum wage jobs. As all of the 19 Russian Expatriates in Fort Worth and Dallas who didn't like LHO said of him -- there is no way this guy was a killer. Marina said the same. . Robert Oswald said the same. Ruth Paine said the same. Michael Paine said the same. Of course, the Warren Commission silenced all of them. Mallon continues: "It simply does not matter months before killing Kennedy, Oswald, with the same rifle, shot at and nearly succeeded in killing Walker. Mallon simply presumes that Oswald killed JFK with his rifle. It never enters his article to question that. I believe LHO shot at General Walker too -- and so did General Walker -- but not as a "Marxist" killer. LHO was under the influence of George DeMohrenschildt and Volkmar Schmidt when he took his potshot at General Walker. The Russian Expatriate Community was stridently Anti-communist and Anti-fascist. George DeM hated General Walker. LHO was an impressionable boy of 23. There's the real root of it. Mallon continues: "In April, we are supposed to believe, he was shooting at hate; by November, he was shooting from it." What's so hard to believe? LHO was not a Marxist, not an ideologue of any kind. Jeff Caufield (2015) showed that LHO was a right-winger. This was also shown by Jim Garrison (1967) when he showed LHO worked at 544 Camp Street, with Guy Banister. And that the FPCC in New Orleans was 100% Fake. LHO seems to have been easily pushed around by older men who took an interest in him. Even J. Edgar Hoover said the same to the Warren Commission. LHO shot at Walker because George DeM drove him to it (because George was older and took an interest in him). LHO didn't shoot at JFK at all. The guys at 544 Camp Street were involved up to their necks. Jim Garrison showed this, too. Mallon says: "'Communism killed Kennedy' remains one of the few defensible statements that the John Birch Society ever issued." This, of course, was exactly what Guy Banister wanted the world to say. Guy Banister himself was a member of the John Birch Society George DeMohrenschildt hated the John Birch Society -- as most Russian Expatriates did. The conflict in LHO's immature brain started there. Trusting George DeM to shoot at General Walker was the second biggest mistake LHO ever made. Trusting Guy Banister was the biggest. Communism didn't kill JFK. A Lone Nut didn't kill JFK. That leaves only one logical alternative: The US Radical Right killed JFK. The US Radical Right carefully framed LHO to look like a real Communist -- to try to blame Communism for the JFK assassination. And Thomas Mallon fell for it. Regards, --Paul Trejo