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  1. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, Just to be clear -- I accept everything that Marina Oswald said under oath. She told the truth as she knew it. Every word of her sworn testimony to both the WC and the HSCA. In my reading, it is impossible to solve the JFK conspiracy mystery without her testimony. I regard as fatally flawed every CT that discounts Marina's testimony. I challenge everybody who disputes Marina Oswald's sworn testimony to provide material evidence. They never do -- they offer conjecture. Nobody was closer to Lee Harvey Oswald than Marina Oswald. The only times Marina Oswald was mistaken was when Lee Harvey Oswald lied to her -- but still, she honestly reported what he told her -- lies and all (e.g. that he always worked alone, always walked or took the bus, and that he buried his rifle). Regards, --Paul Trejo
  2. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Mathias, Sorry, I don't have any evidence about the Bulton Ford dealership. As for David Morales, I do believe he was involved neck-deep in the JFK plot, not only in Miami and Dallas, but also in New Orleans. Tommy Graves had a thread on this, "Neck-Scratcher," in which he showed in film that David Morales was on Canal Street with Lee Harvey Oswald when he was passing out FPCC fliers. I challenged Tommy, but I later accepted his argument and evidence. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  3. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, 1. Do I believe the New Orleans cell always had the JFK assassination in mind? 1.1. This is an fuzzy question, because of the account told by Harry Dean, who personally knew Loran Hall and Larry Howard. Harry Dean was also a member of the Minutemen in Southern California, 1962-1963, and he told me that the Minutemen would meet weekly for war game exercises in the hills near Hemet, California. At every meeting, said Harry, there was scuttlebutt banter of a JFK assassination. At every single meeting. So, in that sense, as a generic wish-dream, yes, of course, I believe that the New Orleans Anti-Castro cell that created the Fake FPCC, certainly had the JFK assassination in mind -- always. 1.2. On the other hand, your question might mean -- did the New Orleans cell always have a Settled Plan for the JFK assassination. In that case, my answer would be, No, of course not. That plan developed only slowly. Joseph Milteer told Willie Somerset about it sometime in September, 1963, IIRC. That was probably the time it began to crystalize. 1.3. The reason for the New Orleans cell was the same as the reason for all the Anti-Castro training camps around the USA. They wanted to invade Cuba, of course -- but to gather more money and help they also spread rumors that the Cubans wanted to invade the USA. (This urban legend became a feature movie in 1984, starring Patrick Swayze, namely, Red Dawn.) Regards, --Paul Trejo
  4. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Ron, In my reading, James Hosty held the key Oswald files as 1963 began. James Hosty mentions General Walker in his book, Assignment Oswald (1986). After the Walker shooting (which I regard as historical fact, with Oswald and one other person as a shooting team) James Hosty would be the likely person to make Lee Harvey Oswald into a target. It is no accident that David Ferrie links up with Lee Harvey Oswald only days after the Walker shooting there in New Orleans. Edwin Walker and James Hosty were working together, as I read the events. Oswald was made a prime candidate for Patsy the day he moved back to New Orleans. Oswald was sheep-dipped in New Orleans. Mexico City was only the final stage of the sheep-dip. The Walker shooting -- that's when Oswald was first targeted, in my reading. He was crystalized (as Jason puts it) in late September, according to Harry Dean. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  5. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Sandy, On these points I agree with you 100%. That said, I still believe that Oswald wrote the "Russian Embassy Letter". Every Patsy is an unwitting accomplice to the plotters. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  6. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, When I say, "the connection with New Orleans," I'm referring to the Fake FPCC Resumé that Oswald took to Mexico City, and left with the Cuban Consulate there. It was reproduced in the Lopez Report. It had newspaper clippings from New Orleans newspapers, showing that Oswald: (1) was arrested in a street brawl with Cuban Exiles; (2) was on a radio program there extolling the FPCC; and (3) was on a TV program there extolling the FPCC. Since that FPCC was Fake, then Oswald's Resumé was also Fake. Yet he took it to Mexico City's Cuban Consulate. This is a primary document. It connects New Orleans with Mexico City very directly. What do you make of that? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  7. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Mathias, Your position here and mine are very close. Here's my feedback: 1. The Walker Team had the ally of Dallas FBI agent James Hosty who could take Oswald off the FBI radar whenever he wanted. They could not move Oswald at will, but they came very close. Guy Banister and David Ferrie were the main manipulators, as Jim Garrison amply showed. 2. I agree with you 100% that Oswald was just one of many possible patsies, and was NOT indispensable to the plot. 3. I agree with you 100% that the actual number of plotters was only a handful of people -- mostly Dallas locals, and some New Orleans locals, and a few rogues from the Bay of Pigs era. 4. J. Edgar Hoover had access and control of all Oswald files -- but the JFK plotters didn't want a LNer result. Hoover insisted on it. Hoover won. 5. I agree with you 100% that Oswald was a "wanna-be-spook." That's what made him the perfect Patsy. 6. I agree about the "rogue" CIA agents -- since two confessed -- but the Mafia could never do what the local Minutemen in Dallas could do. The rogues were in cahoots with Dallas paramilitary Right wingers, IMHO. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  8. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, Taking that position, you must then respond to the primary source, the Hardway-Lopez Report (2002). Edwin Lopez admits that the lack of a photograph of LHO at the Mexico City Embassies is a major road-block. Still, Lopez insists that Oswald was certainly in Mexico City, and that Oswald's New Orleans Fake FPCC resume was also there at the Cuban Consulate, complete with ID photos of Lee Harvey Oswald. The connection with New Orleans is this primary source -- the New Orleans RESUME. How would you answer that, in your evolving CT? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  9. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, IMHO, your position accords best with that of David Atlee Phillips in his manuscript, The AMLASH Legacy (1988), in which he claimed that he was in charge of Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans and Mexico City -- preparing him to kill Fidel Castro from an office building with a high-powered rifle. Sadly -- says Phillips -- "somebody" hi-jacked Lee Harvey Oswald in the JFK plot. The "somebody" in this text by Phillips, will always remain UNKNOWABLE. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  10. Kirk, According to Gareth Wean, it was John Tower, Bill Decker and Jesse Curry who got away with the murder of both JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. Decades later Jesse teased the public with this revelation: his blatant knowledge that there were at least two gunmen. Yet multiple gunmen was Curry's position all along, because it was the Radical Right position all along -- that it was always a Communist plot, and in no way was LHO a Lone Gunman. The reason that Jesse Curry quickly changed sides to the LNer CT is because Washington DC Assistant AG Nicholas Katzenbach put pressure on the Texas Attorney General Waggoner Carr, who put pressure on Dallas DA Henry Wade who put pressure on Jesse Curry, Will Fritz and Bill Decker. They spread-eagled before the day was over. They were found out. The message from Washington DC was, "Communist plot my ass!" But the Radical Right position was always that there were multiple Communists who did the shooting. The actual evidence does show multiple shooters -- only they were local boys. Jesse Curry knew every one by name, if we glean from Gareth Wean. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  11. Mark, You're simply mistaken about that. I realize that there are many other positions, many other theories. I find most of them boring and absurd, but that's only my opinion. Yet I am encouraged by others. For example, some people follow Ricky White. I don't buy his story 100%, but I buy it 70%. Others follow Jack White. Same here -- 70% Others follow Gareth Wean. Same way -- 70% Others follow Jim Garrison. Same -- 70% Others follow Jim Marrs. Same: 70% Others follow Gaeton Fonzi. Same: 70% And there are many other positions, too. For example, the Mafia-did-it CT's I can follow at most 40%, but there are interesting connections between Carlos Marcello, David Ferrie and Guy Banister, I have always admitted. As for the LBJ-did-it CT's, I can follow at most 10% -- the only writer in this CT worth a darn was Craig Zirbel (1991), and he jumped over the moon. What else -- oh -- then there's the Hoover-did-it CT, which is interesting, since I feel certain that Hoover knew EVERYTHING, and the most interesting question is only WHEN DID HE KNOW IT. I give him the benefit of the doubt (lacking proof) but I am wide open to new evidence for Hoover. He knew so darn much. So -- yes, there are many other CT's out there, Mark. I know about many of them. Yet on this Forum, the most vocal CT is the CIA-did-it CT, in various forms. Also, the CIA-did-it CTers make a point to insult the Walker-did-it CT, without solid reasons. I've spent years here pointing out the flaws in their logic -- but they only get more emotional. Sorry, I can't let that slide. And when people insult Ruth Paine for basically nothing except their nasty attitudes, I will also speak out. So, yes, I mainly debate here with the CIA-did-it CTers -- for those reasons. But if you have new arguments about J. Edgar Hoover -- then I'm all ears. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  12. Kirk, I have often asked Dr. Jeff Caufield and William O'Neil to join me on this Forum to defend and promote the Walker-did-it CT. They have both declined to do so, and they both told me it is because the CIA-did-it CTers here are fanatical and relentless. They can't get a word in edgewise. So, they don't join me. I'm not alone -- it's just that very few like-minded folks desire to enter into a melee of insults and accusations of being CIA disinformation agents, and what not. Besides that -- for me it's not a matter of having followers -- it's a matter of the TRUTH. I do my best to make LOGICAL cases without emotional attacks of the CIA, FBI, US Government, and so on. I incorporate other CT's as I can -- Jim Garrison, Mark Lane, and so on. Part of my interest here is based on my intuition that more people agree with me here than are willing to admit it. I'm looking for a critical mass. Again -- is the Walker-did-it theory "dying on the vine"? It all depends -- how many people have read Caufield's book, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy (2015)? It a lot of people have read it, and they post good arguments against it (of which I've seen exactly none) then I'd become discouraged. So far, however, all the attacks on Caufield's Walker-did-it CT have been silly repetitions of the CIA-did-it CT. So, I think I'm still OK here. In conclusion: here's an angle I'm not sure if you've seen or not -- but in my view, all the Dallas officials who were with Lee Harvey Oswald during his last day alive are, in my CT, agents of General Walker. This includes Will Fritz, James Hosty, Jesse Curry -- and extends to Bill Decker (who confessed to insider knowledge via Audie Murphy) and his top Deputies including Buddy Walthers. The DPD connection (cf. Walt Brown) is identical with the Walker connection. Have you seen my posts on this? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  13. Mathias, Many thanks. I'll look deeper into that. It seems that "Fatal Hour" is a re-issue of Robert Blakey's book, The Plot to Kill the President (1981). I've ordered the book and will find your citation. I remember the story from the Warren Commission testimony of Sylvia Odio. One of the priests in whom she confided had told the US Secret Service that Sylvia Odio told him that of the three men, one of them was code-named "Leopoldo," the second was Eugenio Cisneros, and the third was Lee Harvey Oswald. WC attorney Liebeler specifically asked Odio about it: “MR. LIEBELER. Now, I have a report before me of an interview with Father McKann by a representative of the U.S. Secret Service in which it states that Father McKann told this Secret Service agent that you had told him that one of the men was Eugeneio. But you indicated now that this is not so?” “MRS. ODIO. No. Perhaps he could have misunderstood me, because he has the same problem with names. Probably I did tell him that the man was not Eugenio.” So, I think this has been asked and answered. In any case, I'll soon find Blakey's take on it. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  14. The latest from Ruth Paine

    James, Regarding the Secret Service accusation that Ruth Paine wrote the "Walker Letter" -- why didn't the Warren Commission prosecute that accusation? In your CIA-did-it CT, it's because Ruth Paine was a CIA agent, and the WC was protecting her. But that's just cloak-and-dagger fiction. The fact is that the Warren Commission tossed it out of court because it was a mistake -- an erroneous report by the Secret Service. The Secret Service ate their words, and they never spoke of it again. You sort of forget that important, historical fact. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  15. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, Your skepticism is healthy, but you should also offer a counter-scenario. I don't see one. If the New Orleans Fake FPCC was not intended to: (1) sheep-dip LHO; and (2)lead to the Mexico City effort to get into Cuba -- then WHAT WAS IT USED FOR? If the Mexico City effort to get into Cuba was not intended to further sheep-dip LHO as a KGB agent -- then WHAT WAS IT USED FOR? My theory connects the dots (without using the old and worn-out CIA-did-it CT). You have a healthy skepticism -- but your outcome doesn't connect very many dots that I can see. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  16. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, If we set aside Jim Garrison's uncovering of Guy Banister at the heart of Oswald's FPCC campaign in New Orleans, we cannot connect all the dots, IMHO. But I'll meet you half-way with a challenge. Let's say (arguendo) that Guy Banister was OK with JFK -- would you agree that: 1. Guy Banister wanted to kill Fidel Castro? 2. That the FPCC in New Orleans was 100% Fake? 3. That the FPCC in New Orleans was Guy Banister's brain-child? 4. That Guy Banister manipulated Oswald to pretend to be the Officer of this Fake FPCC by newspaper, police report, radio and TV? If so, then to what end? What did Lee Harvey Oswald do in New Orleans in the interest of the Anti-Castro forces by pretending to be an FPCC Officer? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  17. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    James, Here's some primary sources for you: Mr. RANKIN. Did he tell you why he wanted to go to Mexico City? Mrs. OSWALD. From Mexico City he wanted to go to Cuba -- perhaps through the Russian Embassy in Mexico somehow he would be able to get to Cuba. Mr. RANKIN. Did he say anything about going to Russia by way of Cuba? Mrs. OSWALD. I know that he said that in the embassy. But he only said so. I know that he had no intention of going to Russia then. Mr. RANKIN. How do you know that? Mrs. OSWALD. He told me. I know Lee fairly well -- well enough from that point of view. Mr. RANKIN. Did he tell you that he was going to Cuba and send you on to Russia? Mrs. OSWALD. No, he proposed that after he got to Cuba, that I would go there, too, somehow. And there we go. --Paul
  18. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Give it up, James; nobody wants to read your Probe Magazine anymore. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  19. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Michael, You got some of it right, and some of it wrong. 1. Guy Banister wanted to kill JFK, and he wanted to use LHO as his Patsy. 2. To sheep-dip his Patsy (without letting the Patsy know it) he convinced LHO that he would get a job in the CIA if he would participate in a Cuban plot to kill Fidel Castro. 3. Although Guy Banister would have given anything to kill Castro -- that was not his only goal in life. His equal goal was to kill JFK. 4. When LHO went to Mexico City -- as he told Marina Oswald often -- and as she testified often to the WC -- it was solely and only to get to Cuba. Not to Russia. 5. The only reason that LHO went to the Russian Embassy was because the Cuban Consulate refused to give LHO an instant visa to Cuba, as he foolishly demanded. 6. Though DAP wanted LHO to get into Cuba to help kill Fidel Castro -- Guy Banister knew better -- Guy Banister knew for a fact that LHO would never get into Cuba with this stupid Fake FPCC resume that they had made for LHO in New Orleans. 7. Not only the Cuban Consulate, but also the Russian Embassy laughed LHO out of their offices that week. 8. Guy Banister knew that was going to happen -- he laughed his head off all week, probably. That was exactly the way he planned it. 9. While LHO was in Mexico City, a rogue CIA guy, probably David Morales, IMPERSONATED LHO in Mexico City, to ensure that the CIA had on record that LHO had spoken to KGB assassin Valery Kostikov. 10. Although that was true, and the CIA was tracking Kostikov, actually LHO had no idea who Kostikov really was. 11. In any case, Kostikov and Nechiporenko thought LHO was "psychotic" (Nechiporenko, p. 105) Later, LHO would refer to him as "Kostin," because, frankly, LHO couldn't remember his real name -- not knowing who he really was. Getting back to the theme of Jason's thread -- the Mexico City trip is really the culmination of LHO's New Orleans summer -- which crystallized the Patsification of Lee Harvey Oswald. Jim Garrison's brilliant work on the New Orleans episode has never been surpassed, IMHO. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  20. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, I'm not saying that Mexico City shows little connection to the JFK assassination - - I'm only saying that it shows little CIA connection. It was the FBI (not the CIA) who invented the story of a "bus ride" for Oswald to Mexico City. Oswald went to Mexico as a passenger in a car (says Mexican Immigration). The Guy Banister plot to kill JFK is all over the Mexico City episode. Let's begin with the Fake FPCC resume. It screams JFK plot -- to blame the COMMUNISTS. As for the question about the New Orleans guys (that Jim Garrison discovered) versus the Anti-Castro hysteria -- I see no difference at all. They are one and the same. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  21. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, I'm not seeing how you can dismiss the sworn testimony of Marina Oswald and Ruth Paine -- the residents of the home with the garage in which the key evidence against Oswald was found. If you dismiss their testimony -- then everything becomes guesswork at that point. If you accept their evidence -- then the trail is solid. I don't like speculation -- I prefer to work with testimony and first-hand reports of people who were there. Now -- some people do fib -- so I give most weight to sworn testimony -- but if I need to add - I don't GUESS. I seek first-hand reports. So -- 1. In addition to the sworn testimony of Michael and Ruth Paine, who say that Oswald's rifle was never among the items moved from New Orleans; 2. In addition to the sworn testimony of Marina Oswald, who says that Oswald's rifle was surely in Ruth Paine's garage after Oswald returned from Mexico City 3. We have Gerry Patrick Hemming's claim to AJ Weberman that from Miami he convinced Oswald to hand over his rifle to somebody outside the TSBD on the morning of 11/22/1963. This is the core of it. Now, let's also add the findings of Jeff Caufield (2015) that J.D. Tippit attended General Walker's JBS meetings at Austin's BBQ in Dallas in 1963. This connection suggests to Caufield the scenario that J.D. Tippit's role was to kill Lee Harvey Oswald in the street ASAP after the JFK shooting. Oswald did not take the bus or the taxi (as those WC witnesses are unbelievable). Somebody drove Oswald to his rooming house, and then to the Tippit scene. Tippit tried to kill Oswald, but Oswald evidently out-drew him. That's what Jeff Caufield opines. Since there were too many witnesses at the Texas Theater, the rogue plotters in the DPD could not shoot Oswald there. Jack Ruby -- the pimp and bootlick to the DPD -- was then talked into finishing the job -- with promises that he would be a national hero. General Walker's dreams all came true that weekend -- his boys had killed JFK and also his April shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, with paramilitary precision. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  22. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    MY mode is disrespectful?!
  23. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    James, There's that Probe Magazine nonsense again -- that because the Paines were wealthy, therefore they had to be CIA killers. You've had 25 years to prove your CIA-did-it case, James. Just give it up. Try recalling the words of Ernest Hemingway -- "the rich are different than you and me." Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  24. Mathias, You should post a source on that wild rumor. Sylvia Odio's sworn testimony was that she never saw these three men at her doorstep in her life. However, Sylvia was a long-time member of JURE, and knew them all. As for Cisneros himself, Odio's family had known him a long time. So, you've got the wrong guy. I've seen that rumor before, BTW. It's bogus. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  25. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    It's in the Warren Commission volumes, Michael. The clearest thing in the world here is that you've never read it. Do you read anything except the Internet? Regards, --Paul Trejo