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  1. No -- just indicate if it was YES or NO. Or are you still evading it? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  2. Chris, Jim Garrison, IMHO, identified that "handler" as Guy Banister -- the guy in charge at 544 Camp Street in New Orleans. As for the Kostin/Kostikov letter -- it wasn't necessarily the result of a direct order -- but only of the circumstances of working with Guy Banister (and Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, Jack S. Martin, Fred Crisman, Tom Beckham, Ed Butler, Frank Sturgis, Gerry Patrick Hemming, Loran Hall and others), who evidently promised Oswald a job in the CIA if he would play ball in this "Operation Mongoose" style of a plot against Fidel Castro. At least, that's what David Atlee Phillips suggested in his unpublished manuscript, The AMLASH Legacy (1988). Oswald was likely playing in the persona of this "double-agent" charade for Guy Banister; not only in his trip to Mexico but also in his Kostin/Kostikov letter. Oleg Nechiporenko (1993) explained that Oswald actually did meet Kostikov in Mexico City, but Kostikov thought Oswald was "psychotic." Oswald didn't even remember Kostikov's name, and wrote, "Kostin" in this letter. Oswald knew that the FBI would intercept it; but he was going to be a CIA agent (he probably believed) so he had no respect for the lesser officers of the FBI.. In addition to "playing" the FBI, I agree with David Lifton that Oswald was also "playing" Ruth Paine. Ruth was going to see James Hosty again, and Oswald wanted to be sure that Hosty saw this letter, too. So, Oswald left it out on her secretary desk for days. Marina Oswald testified that when Ruth Paine spoke in a friendly way to James Hosty in early November, 1963, giving Hosty information about Marina and Lee, that Marina lost her temper with Ruth, and told her in effect -- "it's none of your business!" Little did they know at that point that JFK would soon be dead, and that Oswald's rifle (said Marina) would be missing from Ruth Paine's garage. At that point, Marina could only repeat to Ruth Paine, "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!" In deference to this thread -- all of this means that the JFK Cover-up Team (Hoover, Warren, LBJ, Dulles) was totally separate from the JFK Kill Team (Banister, Ferrie, Shaw, Walker, etc.). Regards, --Paul Trejo
  3. James, I'll gladly answer your several yes or no questions about Ruth Paine after you answer my single yes or no question which I present again -- for the sixth time: When Ruth drove Marina Oswald into her home on September 23, 1963, was Marina was eight months pregnant, with no health insurance, no money, and had not seen a doctor in her entire pregnancy -- with Lee Oswald out of a job -- AGAIN? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  4. Just to give an illustration of Ruth Paine's angst about Lee Oswald -- Ruth Paine said that when Lee Harvey Oswald was under arrest in Dallas on 11/23/1963, he called her up and demanded -- calmly and arrogantly, as if she was his underling -- that she contact John Abt in New York City immediately, and get back to her after she contacted him. Ruth Paine was amazed by this attitude -- Oswald seemed oblivious to how much trouble he was in. Perhaps he was just in denial. Ruth Paine did try to contact to John Abt -- because of her friendship with Marina Oswald. She repeatedly got the message that John Abt was out of town, without a phone. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  5. David, I think James DiEugenio is just trying to evade my question about Ruth Paine. I believe I speak for most of us here when I say that we are honored that you chose to join this grassroots discussion, and that we are all going to buy your new book when it comes out -- and that we will discuss it for months on this FORUM after it is finally published. As for your post above: I agree with you that Ruth Paine is very intelligent, even today. When I spoke with her at the end of 2015, she explained why she and Michael told the WC that they doubted that Oswald acted alone. They both thought that they knew who killed JFK, namely, the same ones who had published the WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK handbills, and the "Welcome Mister Kennedy, to Dallas" DMN Ad. They respected the FBI, so they were puzzled why the FBI were pushing so hard for the LN theory. Over the decades Ruth has increasingly resigned to a half-century of LN inertia, but I encouraged her to read your book, Best Evidence (1981) as well as related ARRB books by Doug Horne (2009). Ruth said she was open to it. As for the alleged hand-off from George DM to Ruth in February 1963, that is Probe Magazine mythology. George DM stayed around till mid-April, in time to see the Walker shooting. Ruth never knew George. She emphasized that. Also, Ruth had no interest in Lee Oswald -- her sole interest from start to finish, was in Marina Oswald. When Ruth drove Marina Oswald into her home on September 23, 1963, Marina was eight months pregnant, had no health insurance, no money, and had not seen a doctor in her entire pregnancy -- plus Lee Oswald was out of a job -- AGAIN. Marina Oswald was Ruth's concern -- and Lee Oswald to Ruth was a deadbeat dad and a leech. She saw Lee first hand for a long time -- she knew what she was talking about. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  6. Tommy, I also believe that the key error that CTers make when discussing LHO's Soviet Embassy Letter, is that they fast-forward and force it into the context of the JFK assassination. Instead, LHO was obsessed with the Fidel Castro assassination, and he reveled in his amateur (unpaid) role as double-agent. LHO looked down on the FBI for failing to figure out his game, but LHO was also certain that he would soon be rewarded with a regular job in the CIA. This obsession of LHO completely explains his behavior in August through November 1963, when at last he was surprised to realize that he had become the Patsy of the very people he trusted. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  7. Tommy, (1) For the record, I stand corrected on the FBI memo of October 18, 1963, which Hosty claimed he saw, which I claimed didn't exist. (2) Also, for the record, I stand corrected on my denial that LHO met Kostikov in Mexico City -- because (as David Lifton recently noted) Oleg Nechiporenko explained that Oswald did meet Kostikov, but had no idea who he was at the time. In his book, Passport to Assassination (1993), Nechiporenko said that he and Kostikov agreed that Oswald was "psychotic." (3) Also, for the record, I stand corrected on my claim that Kostin and Kostikov were probably two different people. It makes sense now, that since Oswald did not know who Kostikov really was when they met, that Oswald would never remember his real name, and so would approximate it as "Kostin" in this tricky letter mailed to the Soviet Embassy. As for all the spelling errors and other inaccuracies in the letter -- it seems clear that LHO did not care much about them, just as he did not care much about the actual name of Kostikov. This fact suggests that LHO wrote this letter with one specific purpose -- to irritate the FBI. Ruth Paine and Marina Oswald told the gospel truth. LHO created this letter in order to torment the FBI, knowing full well the letter would be intercepted by them. LHO was trying to play, as Marina said, "brave rabbit," i.e. trying to shake up the FBI by appearing larger than he really was. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  8. David, I agree fully, and I will add that the Fake ID for Alek J. Hidell was also made during this same time on the Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall photo equipment. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  9. James, I asked my question first. For the fifth time: During the final week of September,1963, was Marina Oswald eight months pregnant, without health insurance, without money, without having seen a doctor yet, and with Lee Harvey Oswald out of work? Yes or no? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  10. I want to re-emphasize that David Lifton's CT of a Planned pre-autopsy autopsy requires a massive plot of US Military brass, which I find untenable. It's not only that I find it morally shocking -- it's that I find it untenable based on my perception of US history and citizens. One could not keep a massive secret involving so large a number of people in the USA for a half-century. It is far more reasonable to maintain that the US Military brass at Bethesda agreed to a last-minute medical emergency in the interest of National Security. Thus the pre-autopsy autopsy was not pre-planned, but was a late notice. A standard, National Security secret could easily be kept for a half-century. This not only explains the botched result of the pre-autopsy autopsy, but also accounts for the USA national personality in 1963. Professor David Wrone says that Hoover conceived the Lone Nut theory around 4pm EST. So there was enough time -- from 4pm to 6pm EST, for this emergency plan of a "Lone Nut" outcome -- to be demanded by the White House. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  11. David, (1) You claim that I am "ignoring the most obvious and pertinent fact: that the President's body was -- predictably -- the most important evidence in the case." (2) But actually two items of evidence were more important, namely: (2.1) the alleged murder weapon and spent bullets on the sixth floor of the TSBD which could be traced by the Dallas Postmaster to Lee Harvey Oswald; and (2.2) the "Communist" ambush from Dealey Plaza. (3) The JFK plot only seems to be body-centric when a Lone Shooter Plot is presumed. But when we presume a Communist Plot, then there is no need for a body-centric CT. (4) The killers were going to blame Lee Harvey Oswald -- but that does not mean that they had to blame Lee Harvey Oswald ALONE. Actually, if they could trace Lee Harvey Oswald to the Communists (as in the Castro-loving FPCC in New Orleans, and a meeting with Kostikov in Mexico City), then the JFK murder could be cast as a Communist Plot from start to finish -- with accomplices still at large. (5) As for your charge of a "low IQ kill team" in my CT, I maintain that a person can be very deprived of education, and yet have a high IQ. Lee Harvey Oswald was a case in point. There were probably many citizens of Dallas who were very smart, but had no access to University education because of poverty. Also, plenty of low-IQ folks are as shrewd as tigers, and also very skilled with rifles. (6) I repeat -- my CT is not body-centric, but Oswald-centric and Commie-ambush-centric. It is not "absurd" but has real energy. (7) So, I deny that my "dumb" kill-team forgot the body. It was really to their advantage for JFK's body to advertise multiple shooters -- because that is how Communists operate. (8) As for the your CT of a pre-autopsy autopsy, which I ACCEPT with open arms, I also claim that it was UNPLANNED, and hastily demanded by Washington DC only after 4pm EST. It was demanded as a matter of National Security, and so a large number of loyal US Military would cooperate with it. (9) By contrast, David, in your CT, a large number of US Military men would have to be disloyal, ready for treason, and would cooperate in a long-term plot to murder JFK. That is what makes least sense to me. Such a plot could never last (except in a Hollywood movie like "Seven Days in May"). (10) The trip planning function that brought JFK to Dallas was as innocent as pie. Every President visits cities in the USA -- that is what the Secret Service and their PRS is for. Every potential assassin is always on the alert for Presidential trips. It's just common sense. (11) Another difference between my CT and yours, David, is that if Oswald had not been available for the JFK Dallas trip, the JFK murder would have proceeded anyway -- and there were many other Patsies to choose from. (Gerry Patrick Hemming and Loran Hall were two more.) (12) As for the placement of the Patsy -- this was left to the "Friends of Walker" group in Dallas. One must appreciate the 1963 Anticommunist atmostphere in Dallas. (13) The ambush of JFK did not happen by chance. It was carefully planned by the Dallas Minutemen, of whom several members were also Dallas Police. Roscoe White was one of them. At Minutemen shooting camps, the steps were rehearsed for months. The JFK murder was planned for months -- the pre-autopsy autopsy was not. (14) After killing JFK in their Dallas Police uniforms, the shooters simply blended in with the scenery. This was 1963 in Dallas -- and Dallas Police would never be suspected of anything. This was part of the genius of General Walker -- a true military strategist. (15) Once again -- the intent was to blame Lee Harvey Oswald -- BUT NOT HIM ALONE. And for that reason, there was no need to worry about the JFK autopsy. (16) It was only when a counter-plot, led by J. Edgar Hoover, realized that the Communists were being incorrectly blamed -- and that the Radical Right in Dallas had killed JFK, that the infamous Lone Nut scneario was conceived. (17) This was by 4pm EST, according to Professor David Wrone. (18) At this time LBJ was apprised, and he agreed, and then the Military brass at Bethesda was instructed to perform their pre-autopsy autopsy, as a matter of National Security. (19) So, yes, David, this is my CT. A Low-IQ firing squad, led by a former Army General, Edwin Walker, who in reality wanted his name to become joined with the JFK assassination and did everything he could to leave clues. (20) I maintain that my CT explains more street-level phenomena than yours does -- and also explains the behavior of the Military brass better than yours does. (21) Of course, I could be mistaken. I am open to further data. I eagerly await your forthcoming new book, so that I can finally read the details of your new CT. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  12. David, According to the recent CT advanced by Jeff Caufield, this part of your CT is absolutely correct -- that is -- the JFK assassination was planned from the start to kill both JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. However -- contrary to your theory -- the person who actually planned this double-murder was Dallas resident and former US General, Edwin Walker. JFK and RFK had General Walker committed to an insane asylum only one year before the JFK assassination -- on October 1, 1962 -- and although the ACLU and Dr. Thomas Szasz got Walker released after only 3 days, something else very bizarre happened -- Lee Harvey Oswald tried to kill General Walker at his Dallas home on April 10, 1963. General Walker claimed that he found out that Lee Harvey Oswald was his shooter "within days." Here's what General Walker wrote to Senator Frank Church in 1979: From Easter weekend of 1963 forward, General Walker always believed that RFK had sent Lee Harvey Oswald to murder him. So -- being an expert in military strategy -- General Walker planned a sweet double-revenge. This was announced to the German press only 18 hours after the JFK murder. Here is the article (which was printed the following Friday, since this was a weekly newspaper): There are many other items like this in Walker's personal papers stored at UT Austin and around the USA, as Dr. Caufield has shown. In this CT, then, the murder of JFK and LHO were planned together -- but not a pre-autopsy autopsy. The murder was not body-centric, but was Commie-centric -- as well as revenge-centric. General Walker and the Dallas Police comprise Occam's Razor as a CT. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  13. Cliff, IMHO, we are on more solid ground with the Operation Northwoods Playbook CT than any other CT here. Blaming the Commies was Job One -- and I realize that this contradicts David Lifton. This is the very debate of this thread, IMHO. As for further suspects -- if Oswald had been killed in the street as planned, they were always unnecessary because the Dallas police controlled all evidence, crime scene, witnesses, suspects and their families. Yet further suspects were not needed. The main purpose was to blame the Communists -- but since the Communists really didn't do it (Ed Epstein and James Hosty to the contrary) -- the plan was simply to let a general Red Scare flow over the USA, so that all Communists of every random party -- Trotsky, Marx, Lenin or Mao -- would be harrassed for years in another McCarthyist witch hunt. That would have been GOOD for the "Operations Northwood Playbook." In the meantime, Cuba would have been toasted and roasted, with a US-friendly dictator in charge, as was standard for Latin America in 1963. IMHO, David Lifton downplays the grassroots level of Anticommunism in 1963 in the USA, and especially in Dallas, when calculating the JFK Plotters. They were more local -- and more myopic -- than David proposes in his many posts in this outstanding thread. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  14. Classic evasion of a simple 'yes or no' question. During the final week of September,1963, was Marina Oswald eight months pregnant, without health insurance, without money, without having seen a doctor yet, and with Lee Harvey Oswald out of work? Yes or no? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  15. Alistair, Yes, I read it years ago. It's not very thorough, IMHO, and shows Epstein's evolution toward a Lone Shooter scenario. One cannot accept the Lone Shooter, IMHO, on grounds of ballistics and medical evidence, so one must piece together some Conspiracy Theory, as best one can. Epstein was a very early critic of the Warren Commission (cf. Inquest, 1966), but failing to rise above the Gibraltar of WC fabrications, it seems to me that Epstein by 1978 finally fell into the Lone Shooter paradigm, and so, Legend: The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald (1978) was his swan song, IMHO. Tired of blaming the CIA, Epstein in this book now blames the KGB as the inspiration for the Lone Shooter. Nor does Epstein explain why the KGB wanted to kill JFK -- it's all very vague, and in a way, it is merely a clumsy reversal of all of his earlier CIA-did-it theories. The "Legend" part refers to a KGB agent who defected to the USA in 1964, who claimed that Oswald was always just a nut acting on his own. Epstein claims that this account was a "Legend", that is, disinformation, sent by the USSR to conceal its role in the JFK assassination. It's a weak hypothesis, IMHO, and it ignores much about Lee Harvey Oswald's actual life in order to belabor this KGB angle. I myself wasn't impressed with it. Epstein was more useful in the late sixties than in the late seventies or later. He dropped the ball with his shallow treatment of Lee Oswald's relationship with George De Mohrenschildt, as I see it -- and he never recovered from that. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  16. DVP, Governor Connally repeated often that he did not accept the SBT, and so did Mrs. Connally -- who was sitting right next to him. Of course, the WC Lawyers browbeat Connally -- like they browbeat Marina Oswald -- and literally anybody who doubted the Lone Nut scenario. At one point, to stop the browbeating, Governor Connally admitted that it was at least POSSIBLE that he was shot by the same bullet that went through JFK's back, through his throat, and caused five wounds in Connally. (In the same say, it is POSSIBLE that pigs could fly.) The Lone Nut scenario was literally a matter of National Security -- and to make it stick one had to insist -- against all evidence -- upon the Single Bullet Theory. The SBT is so ridiculous, that the only justification for defending it is to show some loyalty to the US Government as represented by the Warren Report. This Posner and Bugliosi do very well -- so they get their patriotic pins. The only problem is that the US Government changed its mind in 1979 with the HSCA Report. Because -- it wasn't just Governor Connally and Mrs. Connally, it was also a spreading number of the WC principals themselves, including Senator Richard Russell, Senator John Cooper, Congressman Hale Boggs. The Secret Service men in the JFK limo also agreed with Governor Connally. It's just beating a dead horse, DVP. to insist upon the SBT in 2017. But please -- let's get back to the theme of Paul Brancato's thread -- which is David Lifton's Best Evidence (1981) and the post-autopsy autopsy. There are plenty other threads in the FORUM that repeat the SBT arguments and counter-arguments. The real question is whether the back of JFK's head was blown off or not. IMHO, the Zapruder Film itself is proof that the final head shot came from the front, and tore out the back-right part of JFK's head. There is plenty more evidence. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  17. BUMPED yet again for James DiEugenio This is the fourth time I've posed this simple question to you, James. Why are you ducking it? During the final week of September,1963, was Marina Oswald eight months pregnant, without health insurance, without money, without having seen a doctor yet, and with Lee Harvey Oswald out of work? Yes or no? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  18. But you're changing the topic, DVP. You said that you never saw any CT's about the missing bullets from the throat and back wounds -- and I proved that some do exist. Whether they are substantial CT's or not is a separate question. Like Sylvia Meagher said, only one of them can be correct. Yet the mismatch between the back wound and the throat wound (as proved by the clothing holes) is positive proof against the SBT. Look -- Governor Connally was there. He was in the limo. He was actually shot himself. And Senator Connally says the SBT theory is wrong. What does it take for the LNer to get off the Warren Commission SBT? Even Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren himself said that the truth was being withheld for 75 years. Don't you get it? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  19. David, Are you assuming that the FBI claims that Oswald entered and exited Mexico by bus are accurate? Because I challenge that. Instead, I maintain that Oswald (as Mexican Immigration records say) entered and exited Mexico as a passenger in an automobile. The reason that the FBI (and the WC) suppressed this fact is because it proved that Oswald had accomplices (i.e. a driver) and thus that the LN theory was false. IMHO, Oswald entered Mexico on 9/26/1963 by automobile, driven by Loran Hall with Larry Howard as another passenger -- and I find support for this CT in the 1965 claims of Harry Dean, who said that the JFK assassination was part of a plot that reached Southern California's Minutemen and JBS, which included Loran Hall and Larry Howard, and a ton of money donated by the JBS -- and first articulated by Ex-General Walker. Harry Dean had helped Loran Hall and Larry Howard load their trailer with paramilitary supplies for that trip -- and they parked their trailer in Texas as they drove to New Orleans to pick up Oswald early on the 25th -- drove back to Dallas (8 hours from New Orleans) to briefly visit Silvia Odio (hoping for an alternate plan to sneak Oswald into Cuba). Then they drove on to Mexico and reached Mexico City (18 hours from Dallas) on the 26th. It was quite a drive, but Loran Hall was popping bennies continually. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  20. David, I realize the Roscoe White/Ricky White episode was dismissed decades ago -- but I think that it was dismissed with too much haste. First -- Ricky White was a poor witness because he was a high-school dropout with a small vocabulary. He spoke of the "Right Wing of the CIA," and other absurdities which clearly revealed his personal ignorance. Yet just because Ricky White was an ignorant person -- that does not mean in the slightest that the account of his father, Roscoe White, to his mother, Geneva White, about being a shooter at JFK and the killer of J.D. TIppit -- was a lie. It's completely unrelated. Those who dismissed Ricky White could not explain how Geneva White had a complete separate pose of Oswald's Backyard Photograph, that the Warren Commission never even dreamed about. That crucial fact was simply ignored by famous researchers like Harold Weisberg -- whose mind was obviously slammed shut by 1990. I think the Roscoe White case merits a review. So does Professor Walt Brown. Just because a few old timers dismissed it -- that does not close the case for me. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  21. Chris, I research of ton of data, and you know it. As for your claim that the desk secretary was ever in "the kitchen area," let's review the testimony of Ruth Paine, shall we? Ruth said: Mr. JENNER - It did make you curious? Mrs. PAINE - It did make me curious. Then, later that day, I noticed a scrawling handwriting on a piece of paper on the corner at the top of my secretary desk in the living room. It remained there. Sunday morning I was the first one up. I took a closer look at this, a folded sheet of paper folded at the middle. The first sentence arrested me because I knew it to be false. And for this reason I then proceeded-- Mr. JENNER - Would you just hold it at that moment. This is for purposes of identification... Now -- that kitchen is tiny. If there was a secretary desk inside it, then there was no room for a dining table, IMHO. But all this is best explained by Ruth Paine's testimony again. Ruth said: Mr. JENNER - Excuse me. Would you please. state to the Commission why you are reasonably firm that it was the morning of November 9?... Mrs. PAINE - Because I remember the weekend that this note or rough draft remained on my secretary desk. He spent the weekend on it. And the weekend was close and its residence on that desk was stopped also on the evening of Sunday, the 10th, when I moved everything in the living room around; the whole arrangement of the furniture was changed, so that I am very clear in my mind as to what weekend this was. Clearly, in this tiny house, if the furnture was being moved around between the tiny kitchen and the small living room, then one could speak about the secretary desk being in the "dining area" at one point, and in the "living room" at another point -- since these two rooms were right next to each other. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  22. DVP, Unfortunately, it was not very clear during the past half-century. Buddy Walthers deliberately exaggerated his case of these four, "little" metal index card holders, calling them "six or seven metal filing cabinets full of the names of Castro sympathizers." Buddy Walthers was eager to promote a Communist Oswald and a Communist Ruth and Michael Paine. Thus, it seems to me that Buddy Walthers was working (like James Hosty and Robert Alan Surrey were working) in the political direction of Ex-General Edwin Walker of Dallas (as well as Guy Banister in New Orleans). The effort to blame the Communists for the JFK assassination continues in a CT down to this very day -- despite the best efforts of J. Edgar Hoover to nip it in the bud. Buddy Walthers was indeed -- as you rightly note -- referring to those four "little" metal index card holders. But the error did not belong to anybody else; it started with Buddy Walthers trying to get away with something. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  23. Cliff, FWIW, I agree with this language. The murders of JFK and the murders of Lee Harvey Oswald were separate -- quite distinct -- and the best way to explain them is separately. Jack Ruby, in my CT, was not even involved until after Lee Oswald was arrested (i.e. he escaped J.D. Tippit's shooting). According to Dallas reporter Seth Kantor, who who knew Jack Ruby for years, the role of Jack Ruby was limited to a last-minute murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, as directed by rogue members of the Dallas Police, who strenuously persuaded this underworld pimp, Jack Ruby, to take a wild gamble for national heroism (see Kantor's book, Who Was Jack Ruby? (1978)). Regards, --Paul Trejo
  24. Chris, Marina Oswald confessed that she sneaked out the back and copied the license plate of Hosty's car that day -- as instructed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Here's her testimony. Mr. RANKIN. Did the agent also give his license number for his car to Mrs. Paine or to you or to your husband? Mrs. OSWALD. No. But Lee had asked me that if an FBI agent were to call, that I note down his automobile license number, and I did that. Mr. RANKIN. Did you give the license number to him when you noted it down? Mrs. OSWALD. Yes. Marina told the same to Priscilla Johnson in different words. Here's what Johnson wrote: ...It could have been while Hosty and the other agent were at the doorway before they came in the house -- Marina slipped out of the bedroom, in the the kitchen and dining area, out of the kitchen door, and around the house. She had no trouble finding Hosty's car, and without the smallest feeling of being in a hurry -- "I'm a sneaky girl," she laughs -- she walked around and around it, trying to figure out what make it was. This she was unable to do because she could not read English. But she...memorized the license number. Then she came back inside the house...she wrote the number on a slip of paper and left it for Lee on their bureau. MARINA AND LEE, (p. 496) Regards, --Paul Trejo