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  1. I perceive a new interest in the CT that the Radical Right in Dallas was behind the JFK assassination. This would include such WC witnesses as General Walker, Robert Allen Surrey, Revilo P. Oliver, Bernard Weisman, and possibly included Dallas officials, Will Fritz, BIll Decker, Jesse Curry, Buddy Walthers, Harry Holmes, James Hosty, Forrest Sorrels, Earle Cabell and others in their company. Such a theory would attempt to harmonize with Jim Garrison and Joan Mellen's identification of a dozen people in New Orleans, including Guy Banister, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Jack S. Martin, Fred Crisman and Tommy Beckham. Also implied are Rightist elements in the South including Joseph Milteer, Billy James Hargis, Ed Butler, Carlos Bringuier and Kent Courtney. It would also include people who have already confessed, such as Frank Sturgis, Howard Hunt, David Morales, Roscoe White, Loran Hall, Gerry Patrick Hemming and Lee Harvey Oswald. As a starting point, the recent book by Dr. Jeffrey Caufield, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015) is presented. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  2. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Ernie, Although many people think of you as an authority on the FBI, I do not. Take, for example,. Your current claim. On the basis of your years of effort in studying the methods of the FBI, you insist like some sort of authority that the FBI was not watching General Walker in 1963. No doubt in your mind. However, Dallas FBI agent James Hosty himself wrote in his 1996 book, Assignment Oswald (page 4, which I have quoted often on this Forum) that he in fact WAS tracking General Walker "and his Dallas Minutemen" in 1963. So, Ernie,sometimes you are entirely mistaken. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  3. New Book!

    Paul B., Ernie Lazar exhibits bias against Harry Dean's account in the JFK assassination. 'Extreme prejudice' is probably a better term. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  4. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, It's a great question. The proximity of J. Edgar Hoover to Ex-General Walker is so damn close that I cannot see all the contours. For the past few years -- and currently -- I still maintain the benefit of the doubt in favor of Hoover. Let me agree with Sylvia Meagher here -- and say that J. Edgar Hoover was an "Accessory After the Fact." However -- despite heavy pushback on this Forum -- I personally see no doubt that James Hosty was a first line and deliberate JFK conspirator inside Dallas itself. The reason I say this is not some guesswork I invented -- i am basing my CT here on the book by James Hosty himself, Assignment Oswald (1996). In that book, James Hosty makes the rumor about Lee Harvey Oswald working with KGB assassin Valeriy Kostikov into the introduction, the body and conclusion. This rumor forms the central theme of his book! And he also claims to have followed this story from October 1963, personally! Now -- as we know from Bill Simpich (2014) that rumor was only known to a very select few among the CIA high-command. Since James Hosty was a mid-level FBI man -- with no pull in the CIA -- I safely surmised that James Hosty had an inside MOLE connection inside the CIA -- and this this was almost certainly the same man who made Kostikov into a CIA scandal in October 1963 in the first place, namely (according to Bill Simpich again), David Morales. So -- in October 1963 -- going by actual data inside Hosty's own book, Assignment Oswald (1996), I find Hosty far too close to the Kostikov scandal to make him innocent. By contrast -- I personally find J. Edgar Hoover to be confused in the extreme about the entire CIA/Oswald/Kostikov affair -- as we should expect, again following Bill Simpich, because that affair was made into a CIA Top-Secret MOLE HUNT only HOURS after the telephone impersonation of Lee Harvey Oswald occurred in Mexico City! No FBI person should have known about it -- least of all a mid-level SAC from Dallas. Further -- that's really only the tip of the iceberg. I also demand a further investigation into anybody who was with Lee Harvey Oswald during the final interview of his life -- where those records were not produced until weeks after his death -- and where all those present at that final meeting agree on the proceedings there, down to the sentence structure. (Dallas Postmaster Harry Holmes is a is a special case who agreed with the others, but then added on, and doubled down, with extra data about the Mexico City episode.) Oh yes -- James Hosty is on my suspect list all right. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  5. New Book!

    Ernie, Because the JFK assassination is UNIQUE in all US History -- there will be no possibility of finding any precedent to what I have just asserted! In NO WAY am I a fiction writer. I produce DOCUMENTATION for 90% of all my historical observations about the JFK assassination, about Lee Harvey Oswald, about Ruth Paine, about Harry Dean, about Larrie Schmidt, about General Walker. I REPEAT: In only a 7 more days, all of the JFK Records will finally be released! THEN the real work begins! Only an amateur in historiography would claim to know what nobody else has ever seen! I will keep an open mind. I will let Ernie and his followers slam the door shut on Plausible Possibility! We have seen year after year of Ernie's behavior on this Forum -- it is the behavior of bias -- pure and simple. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  6. New Book!

    Ernie, I believe it's obvious to most of us here that the FBI filing system was properly suspended for the JFK assassination records -- for obvious reasons. THEREFORE -- nobody knows the final result at this point. It ain't over until the fat lady sings. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  7. New Book!

    Umm, yes, correct, Ernie. July and not January. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  8. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Paul B., The US System was supposed to work. The Secret Service PRS (Protective Research Service) had the policy/duty to contact the local FBI in each city to inquire about dangerous individuals in each city. It was the duty of Dallas FBI agent James Hosty to provide the PRS with the names of General Walker (and Robert Alan Surrey). James Hosty failed to uphold his duty. The PRS took Hosty at his word, and so just shipped JFK into Dallas. The US System would have worked -- had James Hosty not fallen into the clutches of General Walker himself -- the very person that he was supposed to be monitoring in Dallas. How do we know that Walker was Job #1 for Hosty? Because James Hosty himself says this on page 4 of his book, Assignment Oswald (1996). A more correct title of the book would have been, Assignment Walker. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  9. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Paul B., I cite the John Birch Society publication, American Opinion. Let anybody who is already familiar with that publication take notice. If you're not familiar with that publication -- well, that explains so much. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  10. New Book!

    Ernie, Last January, when the first batch was released, containing 3,310 documents, there were 1,317 documents labeled "FBI" as their source. The CIA documents had a condition where 99% had titles -- and one could clearly see their focus on Cuba and Cubans in this light. The situation was the opposite for the FBI -- the FBI documents had a condition where 99% HAD NO TITLES AT ALL. This was an amazing result, which raised lots of eyebrows. An independent researcher, whose name I am not currently at liberty to divulge --- began to privately scan them -- and to our astonishment they were largely citations of the Radical Right in the USA. Could he be mistaken? Let us wait and see. The fat lady has not yet sung her swan song. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  11. Stephanie Goldberg

    Sounds intriguing, Stephanie. So, let me tell you my CT, briefly. The Dallas Police played a central role in both the deaths of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald, and their leadership was the Radical Right politics of Dallas, centered most likely in the John Birch Society fanatics, the armed militia of Minutemen who attended them, and a resigned US General, Edwin Walker, whom some Texas had dreamed would be US President someday -- until JFK and RFK sent him to an insane asylum in late 1962. In 2015 a 900-page book was published by Jeff Caufield about this CT, entitled, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy. It's very different from anything we've ever heard from Mark Lane, Jim Garrison, Sylvia Meagher, Harold Weisberg, Ed Epstein, Penn Jones Jr., Dick Russell, John Newman, David Lifton, Fletcher Prouty, Robert Groden or Jim Marrs. I'm intrigued, now -- I want to hear your CT. Maybe Walker is your elephant. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  12. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    General Walker met lady Diem in Dallas after her husband's murder. Walker blamed the "Communists" in Washington DC for this death, since of course they were working against the cause of American Freedom. For General Walker -- as for the JBS and Revilo P. Oliver -- the Rockefellers were the leaders of the Communists. Of course Allen Dulles was a Communist, since the whole CIA was working with the KGB on a close basis. The John Birch Society was tracking every single move of the Eastern Establishment. Their early work probably informs every left-leaning narrative (and CT) to this very day. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  13. Stephanie Goldberg

    Hi Stephanie, What's your theory? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  14. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Mathias, The HSCA was not 'sabotaged' at all. The HSCA knew from the start that they could not see the thousands of JFK documents hidden away by US Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren -- and LBJ -- without a Presidential approval. It was not in the interest of Jimmy Carter -- during the Cold War -- to release those documents. Therefore, the HSCA had to struggle under the same burden as the rest of America -- "you can think what you want, but you can't see the crucial JFK documents." It wasn't sabotage. It's was US Domestic Policy about the JFK Records. Only a President could change that Policy. In 1992, President GHW Bush changed that US Policy with the JFK Record Act. He said that in 25 years all the JFK Records would be released. Well, that deadline comes due in only eight days from this writing. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  15. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    The tendency to blame the "Eastern Establishment" was a 1950's ploy by the Radical Right, and exploited by the John Birch Society. After McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover fully decimated Marxism in the USA, the US Left-wing has had no choice but to borrow their ideology from some other small-businessman's idiotic movement -- and the John Birch Society was closest to hand. The tendency to refrain from pinpointing the Radical Right in the JFK assassination -- even from Left-wingers -- still comes from the Radical Right. One of the first people to blame the CIA for the JFK assassination was Revilo P. Oliver of the John Birch Society, which he did in 1964 in his Warren Commission testimony. The Radical Right still lives on today -- both in Charlottesville and in the CIA-did-it CTers. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  16. New Book!

    Ernie, There are so many thousands of records released under the JFK Records Act -- due to expire in only 8 more days -- that it is absurd to imagine that scholars already know what is contained in them. Besides that -- there are so many countless thousands of FBI documents pertaining to the Radical Right in 1963-1964 that have not yet been fully explored -- mainly because for the past half-century JFK CTers have been looking *anywhere except* the Radical Right for a solution to the JFK mysteries. There is still a ton of work to be done. It ain't over until the fat lady sings. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  17. New Book!

    Well, that's right Ernie. I have pledged on this very Forum that if the JFK Records Act of 1992 -- which will be fulfilled this month -- fails to uphold my Radical Right CT of the JFK assassination, that I will publicly apologize to the Forum readers for more than five years of errors on this distinguished Forum. HOWEVER -- what have we see so far in these recent NARA releases? Is it not a disproportionate number of FBI records about the Radical Right? Excuse me -- but it seem as though my CT is getting warmer -- not colder! Regards, --Paul Trejo
  18. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Paul B., I never ignore challenges to my CT. I've been answering you for over five years on this Forum. You just don't listen. I'm developing a new theory about people who refuse to talk about the Radical Right CT -- despite its many strong points -- I call it "Psychological Denial." The US readership for the past half-century has been in "Psychological Denial" over the strongest likelihood that the Dallas Police killed JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. People don't want to look at the data. People don't even want to think about it. If somebody proposes it -- people will work for YEARS to try to shut them down. No matter how much strong data is offered. Jason has offered new FBI data on this very thread -- data that wasn't even shown by Jeff Caufield in his 900-page book on the topic. It just goes right over your head. People keep bouncing back to some CIA-did-it scenario, or Pentagon-did-it scenario, or LBJ-did-it scenario, or Deep Politics scenario -- ANYTHING but look at the actual data square in the face. It's clearly a case of "Psychological Denial." Regards, --Paul Trejo
  19. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    George, I agree that the JFK autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital was faked. I agree with almost everything that David Lifton has written about it in the past 37 years -- except one thing. I deny that it was planned months in advance. The best evidence that the JFK autopsy was a rush job -- conceived only hours in advance, was that it was so sloppy that the photographic evidence -- and JFK's brain -- had to be hidden from the Warren Commission. Therefore -- the JFK autopsy is part of the Cover-up Team, which was born only after the FBI realized that the Radical Right in Dallas had killed JFK. That explains it rationally -- without inventing cloak-and-dagger scenarios -- or Deep Politics. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  20. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Mathias, The following is my opinion. There is no way that the JFK plot had to be bigger than the Dallas Radical Right. I believe you are selling the Dallas Far Right too short. They had almost no opposition in Dallas. The lines I draw between the Radical Right and the US Government are very clear and reasonable. They exist. The Radical Right hates the US Government and wants to destroy it. That's their very definition. For the Radical Right, the US Government is controlled by the Enemy (however a given sect defines Enemy: Communists, Jews, World Bankers, etc.) (By the way, the reason I use the term, Radical Right, is because Jeff Caufield uses that term -- correctly.) When you say that the JFK assassination was "a big and sophisticated operation" you must mean far more than the sneak, guerilla attack of Dealey Plaza. That only took a few seconds and a few dozen people. It was tiny. So, you must mean the JFK Cover-up, which took hundreds of people, coordinated over all the USA for many months. However, I have carefully separated the JFK Cover-up Team from the JFK Kill Team. I have shown how the JFK Cover-up Team did in fact consist of the US Government, led by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI. The JFK Kill Team killed JFK in Dealey Plaza and tried to use Lee Harvey Oswald to blame the Communists for the assassination, to inspire the USA to invade Cuba and take it back from the Communists. The US Government, on the other hand, blamed Lee Harvey Oswald alone as the Lone Nut, to calm America down, and to undermine the Radical Right. It worked. As for any connection between the sly, political fox, LBJ, and the life-time, closeted homosexual, Edwin Walker, there could never be any connection. LBJ was a genius (in domestic politics, not in international politics) while Edwin Walker graduated at the bottom of his class. LBJ loved the USA, while Edwin Walker wanted a racial war in the USA so that he could get revenge for his failed life. Edwin Walker's reading material was almost entirely magazines -- for his entire life. The only books he ever read were military ballistic manuals. He was brilliant (or at least supremely well-trained) in military maneuvers. We continually forget that Walker was a lifetime, seasoned, US Army veteran. Give him the proper credit -- and voila! -- you have Dealey Plaza. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  21. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    David, No, the John Birch Society (and their Minutemen) got him. Regards, --Paul
  22. Jack T. Martin

    There's already a thread on Jack S. Martin, the old guy who worked for Guy Banister in New Orleans when LHO was there at 544 Camp Street. But there's another Jack Martin, namely, Jack T. Martin (a.k.a. John T. Martin) who made a home movie showing his airplane flight to Dallas, then General Walker's shot-up home in Dallas; then his airplane flight to New Orleans; and finally Lee Harvey Oswald handing out FPCC fliers on Canal Street. One of the last things that Gary Mack did as director of the 6th Floor Museum in Dallas, there in 2015, was to post Jack T. Martin's home movie on the Internet for everybody to see, free of charge. Here's Martin Shackelford's 1996 description of the "Jack Martin Film": The Jack Martin Film (8-9-63) In another of those aforementioned ironic twists, a tourist named Jack Martin was in Dallas in August 1963. His film records his view from the airplane. Next, he visits General Edwin Walker, under whom he had served, allegedly target of an assassination attempt by Lee Oswald in April of that year. The film documents the scene of that attempt: the window through which the shot was fired, the bullet hole, and the wall from behind which it was most likely fired, ending with shots of Walker's flag and mailbox, and a nearby building under construction (allegedly also photographed by Oswald prior to the attempt!) . Then we see the entrance to a movie theater, cypress trees, a seal at the edge of a pool,and the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park in New Orleans. Aroused by a commotion on Canal Street, Martin crossed to see what was happening, and began filming. We see Lee Oswald, leaflets in hand,standing on the sidewalk, being harangued by anti-Castro militants including Carlos Bringuier. Four police officers are seen arriving. The film ends with a view of the yellow leaflets scattered on the sidewalk after Bringuier knocked them out of Oswald's hands, and a brief aerial view of a subdivision. Parts of the film have only been used, to my knowledge, on the French television documentary, "Le Mystere Kennedy." The documentary is available on video, and frames from the film as well, from The Collector's Archives. A still from this film was finally published in Robert Groden's 1995 book, "The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald," an essential photo archive on Oswald. (Martin Shackelford, 1996)On that older thread of Jack S. Martin, we learned that Jack S. Martin was in his fifties, while Jack T. Martin was a teenager in 1963. In 1968, Harold Weisberg and his right-hand assistant, Gary Schoener, received the Jack Martin home movie, from Jack Martin himself, who had turned pacifist, and had a sit-down meeting with the young Jack T. Martin. I interviewed Gary Schoener in 2012, who told me that he and Weisberg learned that young Jack Martin had been a rightist extremist in 1963, a former trooper under General Walker in Germany, as well as a member of the Minutemen and the John Birch Society. I was delighted when Gary Mack obtained this home movie for the 6th Floor Museum, and posted it for free on the Internet. Here it is. http://emuseum.jfk.org/view/objects/asitem/classification@Films/9/title-asc?t:state:flow=38c26749-3dc5-4b4e-80e1-b58d2275024f I implored Gary Mack to set up an interview with Jack T. Martin, but Gary told me that the sole condition for obtaining the Jack Martin film was that Jack T. Martin must never be contacted by anybody at any time. So, Gary refused to give me Martin's contact info. By the way, Gary Mack finally became interested in General Walker as a suspect in the JFK assassination, and he asked me for all my copies of General Walker's personal papers that I had obtained 2012-2014 from the Dolph Briscoe Center for the Study of American History at UT Austin. I remain convinced that the Jack T. Martin video is one of the most important clues that we possess with regard to the JFK assassination conspiracy. It harmonizes with Dr. Jeff Caufield's recent book, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015). Best regards, --Paul Trejo
  23. New Book!

    Only ten more days before the expiration date of the JFK Records Act signed by President GHW Bush in 1992 -- exactly 25 years to the day! I expect to see an enormous new interest in the Radical Right in the JFK assassination -- and then this New Book by Jeff Caufield, entitled, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015) will get a sharp spike of new attention. An update to Dr. Caufield's book will be in order, I predict, because I fully expect to see hundreds of never-before-seen US Government documents with even more extensive new evidence of a Radical Right conspiracy in the murder of President Kennedy! Regards, --Paul Trejo
  24. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    David, I grant you that Capitalism was divided in the USA after the Second World War between Large Capital and Small Capital. FDR had the big vision for an American Century of Global Capitalism -- a world without Colonies, without slavery, with Justice for all ensured by a Pax Americana. We had stumbled into this responsibility at the end of the Second World War, when London and Berlin had been reduced to rubble. FDR and a few others saw the duty. But others in the USA did not see it. The Small Capital interests only wanted to pounce and dominate. JFK could see the promise of the American Empire and the Pax Americana. JFK knew that the USSR could never keep up with us, once we got organized. The vision of Global Capitalism does propose Justice for all, education for all and abundance for all. It's just that some small-minded Small Capital folks don't see it. JFK was promoting Large Capital interests. It was Small Capital that killed him; small businessmen, jealous of the Eastern Establishment and Large Capital -- racist, bigoted, incapable of grasping the duties of Global Capital. That's what killed JFK. There were no Deeper Politics. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  25. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    David, Yes, very good -- JFK did want to be an intellectual. I also agree that in his own way he wanted to be a Hegelian "World Historical" figure. I agree that JFK had a more Internationalist policy than many of his peers in the Senate and House -- yet perhaps not so different from FDR. Yet FDR was another very rich US President. The Internationalism of FDR and JFK was also slanted toward Big Money -- because they themselves came from money and held very large stock portfolios. Anybody who won't agree with that scenario can't understand the basics of the JFK assassination. JFK wanted what was best for Big Business -- and in his intellectual, political opinion, an Internationalist foreign policy was best for World Capitalism -- and for the Kennedy Family. I'm glad, David, that you recognize the way that the Kennedy family used money to push its way into political power in the 1960's. It was too fast -- some say -- it was the nouveau riche phenomenon. Many "old money" interests were suspicious of these Catholics in high places. It was a shock to Washington DC, I believe, to see the first non-WASP in the White House. A Catholic behaved much differently as President than any other US President. The Secret Service saw this first hand. I think that JFK's decision to support the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's was also motivated by his desire to make American Capitalism greater and stronger -- for the benefit of all Americans, and ultimately the whole world. Yet without the perception of the equality of the races (as even Harry Truman saw) this was going to be a hard sell -- Internationally. I think JFK's decisions were largely based on his commitment to Capitalism. He was a conservative in Economics -- and for that reason (and his intellect) he realized that the situation in Vietnam was virtually hopeless. He didn't want the USA to put her finger into the Asian finger-trap -- but then he was smarter than the average POTUS. I think that if JFK had lived, he would have conducted the Vietnam episode far more gracefully than LBJ did. The main problem with Vietnam was its powerful Catholic minority -- and JFK would have been able to navigate that with great intelligence and sensitivity. LBJ didn't even guess that it was an issue -- he just started bombing. Yes, JFK opposed Colonialism -- but again, this was like FDR. FDR -- if he had lived -- would have kicked the French out of Vietnam, he would have kicked the British out of Hong Kong and Kuwait -- and established a Colony-free planet -- USA style. That was his dream. Sadly, he died, and Truman had less than half the intellect of FDR. I think JFK had an intellect equal to FDR -- but we only saw a small bit of it. In his second term he would have revolutionized America -- not in any socialist style -- but in true Capitalist form. Capitalism would have flourished under JFK -- worldwide -- as International Capital had taken a giant step forward. Lacking his vision, the USA settled for a few bucks in Vietnam. Really dumb. In my reading, there is no way that JFK betrayed his class. He did his class proud. No way JFK betrayed his Capitalist backers -- he was about to make them even richer by liberating Capitalism. There is no way that JFK was a Left-wing Socialist type. That is the fantasy of Left-wing Socialist types. JFK was a Super-Capitalist in the grand, FDR style. The people who killed JFK were small-minded, small-businessmen level, jealous-of-the-Eastern-Establishment, Southern John Bircher types. Their main hatred of JFK was spiked with the Ole Miss riots of 1962, and by his Civil Rights Speech of June 1963. THAT is why JFK was killed. Deep Politics my eye. Regards, --Paul Trejo