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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. Nicely done Michael
  2. I thought so too. If Harvey was the point man, it leads to Angleton
  3. Doug beat me to it. I just bumped the old QJ/Win thread.
  4. I'm bumping this Simpich post on QJ/WIN without later comments because Hank Albarelli posted on FB today that he is close to publishing a new book identifying this assassin and the rest of the hit team.
  5. This picture taken in the Carousel club might be Oswald. What about the person to his immediate left? Bill Shelley?
  6. Bill - I stated recently on a post that I bought you were 'agnostic' on the question of whether Oswald was ever in Mexico City. Is my memory faulty on this point?

  7. Probably George H.W. 'poppy' Bush
  8. Got it Tommy - sorry about the diversion.
  9. Seems important to get to the bottom of this. If Tannenbaum testified to the existence of the film would that not be enough proof? I just read Tannenbaum's HSCA testimony, and the Probe interview with Tannenbaum. In the Probe interview Tannenbaum says that when he and Sprague were in charge of the HSCA investigation they had a film of Phillips and Oswald at a training camp for Cuban exiles. He is a man with a lot of integrity. He says that he doesn't know what happened to the film. Larry - why was your most recent post the last you would make in this thread? I agree with you and others that corroboration of Tannenbaum's claim would be good. I don't think that without such corroboration we should dismiss it. Tannenbaum was clearly suspicious of Phillips, said that he lied to HSCA. He speaks highly of Fonzi. Who doesn't? He says he and Sprague wanted to do an honest, non partisan investigation, but were thwarted. Who doesn't agree with that? Jim - I'm not able to post a link to the Probe article. Could you do that? And maybe start a new thread? Tommy - I know we are digressing.
  10. Simpich is agnostic on whether Oswald was in MC
  11. Prove that Bannister sent Oswald to MC
  12. Why would anyone (Trejo) think that Morales was rogue?
  13. Tommy - I meant to say that if it was Morales, and I really don't know if it is but wouldn't be surprised, it might have been as part of an attempt to smear FPCC and not (yet) as an attempt to sheep dip Oswald. I think we do know for sure that there was a covert action against FPCC, and that Phillips was part of it. So it's not impossible that it was Morales, and if it is Morales, it's not conclusive of sheep dipping. Morales clearly worked for Phillips, though I don't think exclusively. It's pretty well established that after the assassination Phillips tried to pin the crime on Castro, providing witnesses that were later debunked (only to be revived recently by Philip Shenon). Heck, I don't know what Morales was up to. As you no doubt recall, I started a thread about Morales being seen in Ruby's club. I think he is a prime suspect, within the chain of command (not, as Trejo believes, as a rogue). Now, his presence in the carousel club would be more suggestive of involvement in the assassination and of sheep dipping LHO.
  14. If David Morales is watching Oswald in New Orleans, what conclusions can we draw? My personal one is that when LHO established his fpcc branch in NO he did so as part of CIA and possibly also FBI operation to smear fpcc by linking it firmly to the Marxist Oswald. At this point in time I find it unlikely that anyone was sheepdipping Oswald in order to link the later JFK assassination to Castro. But I see David Phillips as part of both anti fpcc and the later assassination.