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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. What, or who, was Underhill afraid of? question I have is when we call something the mafia, or the CIA, or the Eastern Establishment, aren't we missing the point? The entity we seek is most likely parts of all of the above and others. The drug trade wasn't Harriman's private business. It's supranational. Wall Street isn't just NY bankers. Brown Brothers Harriman wasn't just good old boys from Harvard and Yale. It was international. WW 2 didn't put an end to the Nazis. Private security networks predate and postdate the CIA. Just look at Permindex. Was it Mossad? CIA? Italian and European fascists? All of the above. So, since I haven't read Underhill in a while, did he name names?
  2. David - I hope someone knows something about Division 5. I recall Mae Brussell talking about it - a lot. Supposedly domestic counter terrorism? What have you been able to find out?
  3. Ron - good logic I think.
  4. Michael - Trying to delete this post. You answered my question already just now.
  5. Maybe. But talbot is entitled to his well considered opinion. Harvey was very motivated, and ZR rifle was ongoing. Harvey was in touch with qjwin, whoever that was.
  6. Michael - subject for another thread, not this one.
  7. Point well taken, but you didn't answer my questions. I didn't ask if Harvey was the top of some pyramid. Harriman did not contact the kill team. Who did? And which kill team?
  8. Cliff - can you prove that Dulles set up family friends of his girlfriend to host Oswald? No. so your point must be that someone did in order to control Dulles, or possibly set him up. i think Talbot's belief is that of the three possible assassinations units, the ZRrifle unit under Harvey was the most likely one used on Nov. 22. I agree. Do you?
  9. Would it be surprising if Chomsky was a deep cover intelligence asset? yes, the stories you mention - Cambodia, the Jewish Holocaust, are shocking. And with JFK, his decision, after being shown evidence of conspiracy, to at first avoid getting on board for political expediency, and later to, as you say, revert to his original assessment of Kennedy as a Cold warrior who was no different from his predecessors and successors, makes me question his motives.
  10. Jim - I knew about Chomsky's blasé attitude towards JFK, but a lot of other stuff is new to me. Thanks for posting your essay. Even if I had not known any of his perfidy, his supercilious know it all attitude has troubled me for decades, I stopped listening.to him years ago, and think he has played right into the hands of the elite ruling class whose world view he claims to disagree with. He has been a disaster for the left. I've likewise had problems with Pacifica and KPFA, and I've called them out several times. I wonder what you think of Oliver stone's latest Putin interviews. I've seen his son, Sean, on his show which airs on RT. Oliver Stone has done much great work, so I'm inclined to give him a pass because he is documenting Putin as he represents himself. I admit I haven't viewed it all.
  11. Jim - Even before I look at this, I want to say I agree with you.
  12. Bump - I had forgotten that I bumped this thread previously. Thought I'd try it again, hoping that someone can shed some light on the subject of Otepka and Walter Sheridan. what got me to revisiting this controversial subject was reading the Bush/DeMohrenschildt thread. I noticed that former member Tom Scully, who was adept at examining social connections in the ruling class, mentioned that William B. Macomber Jr., a member of the Bush Dallas oil crowd, was privy to the Oswald file (that Otepka claimed led straight to RFK, which knowledge led to Otepka's firing by RFK) as early as 1960. This got me to wondering if Macomber was the source, never revealed, for the journalist whose work supported Otepka's claims of political prosecution by RFK and Walter Sheridan, which Joan Mellen relied on in her long article in defense of Otepka which starts this thread. So, does anyone know more about Macomber? I'll summarize what Scully reports, which can be found in the Bush/DeMohrenschildt thread. OSS operative, best man at the 1973 marriage of Thomas Devine, who worked for CIA and met with DeMohrenschildt in NYC in 1963, who was a long time associate of George HW Bush. Macomber was also best man at the wedding of Bush's sister Nancy in 1946. Another usher at that 1946 wedding was James Buckley, brother of William. All these guys were Yale graduates. You can see this association with the Bush clan spans decades. Macomber went to work in the State Department, where presumably he saw the files of false defectors, including Oswald. In 1971, he took part in the attempted smearing of Daniel Ellsburgh, and also, at the request of an unnamed WH aide, supplied E Howard Hunt with 240 diplomatic cables, some classified. Hunt later admitted to forging two cables (looks like he might have mixed them in with the real ones) implicating the Kennedy brothers in the murder of South Vietnamese President Diem. This is all according to Scully. When I read this I thought of another Skull and Bonesman, Henry Cabot Lodge, who really did handle the Diem assassination, if my memory serves. Douglas Caddy - what if anything do you know of Macomber?
  13. Thanks for bringing up this thread. Sculls is difficult but interesting. I think it's time I tried to comb through it. Yes I think it's strange that Dulles was in Dallas.
  14. Yes, I was lucky. But I would never have gone. I was on my way to Canada but got waylaid in Berkeley, a place long hairs like me felt welcomed. Eventually my parents convinced me to get some help from the Quakers and face the draft board. The song 'Universal Soldier' affected me. Also Alice's Restaurant. Btw I just revisited Stockbridge Mass. when I was 16 I snuck out of music camp nearby and went to Alice's. Of course this was before there was a song. The Guthrie family was part of that music camp. I met Arlo many years later.
  15. Thanks Douglas. I can see how the children grew up without financial support. That's what I meant. What a turn of fate to be the child of such a famous father.