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  1. The more things change, the more they stay the same. ‘I thought they were going to gun us down’: White nationalists disrupt Florida racial justice seminar A goup of white supremacists barged into a racial justice training course in south Florida on Saturday, frightening organizers and attendees — who believed they were about to get shot in a Dylann Roof-style assault. http://www.rawstory.com/2017/06/i-thought-they-were-going-to-gun-us-down-white-nationalists-disrupt-florida-racial-justice-seminar/ I don't regret anything is, of course, is the song made famous by Edith Piaf. Not only is it hauntingly beautiful, but it makes a good marching song. Is that a two-four beat? I don't know. Maybe a music major can say. ""Non, je ne regrette rien" meaning "No, I regret nothing") is a French song composed byCharles Dumont, with lyrics by Michel Vaucaire. It was written in 1956, and is best known through Édith Piaf's 1959 recording, which spent seven weeks atop the French Singles & Airplay Reviews chart Piaf dedicated her recording of the song to the French Foreign Legion. At the time of the recording, France was engaged in a military conflict, the Algerian War (1954–1962), and the 1st REP (1st Foreign Parachute Regiment) — which backed the failed 1961 putsch against president Charles de Gaulle and the civilian leadership of Algeria – adopted the song when their resistance was broken. The leadership of the Regiment was arrested and tried but the non-commissioned officers, corporals and Legionnaires were assigned to other Foreign Legion formations. They left the barracks singing the song, which has now become part of the French Foreign Legion heritage and is sung when they are on parade." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non,_je_ne_regrette_rien As part of their surrender agreement following the April, 1961 putsch, the Legionnaires were allowed to march out of their barracks under arms, or allowed to keep their weapons, although I imagine that when they were shipped back France they had to surrender their guns. Edith Piaf Non, Je ne regrette rien https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFtGfyruroU Some of the Legionnaires of the 1st Parachute Regiment went on to join the OAS, which became an ultra-rightest organization. Many of those OAS members, in turn, joined the ranks of the ultra-rightest National Front political party. Tough he was not a Foreign Legionnaire, one such person who went from the OAS to the National Front party was Jean-Rene Souetre. The founder of the National Front Party, Jean-Marie Le Pen, was sent to Algeria in 1956, where he served in the French Foreign Legion as an intelligence officer. His daughter, Marine Le Pen, just ran for the Presidency of France under the banner of the National Front Party. I don't know if the “Identity Europa” group cited above is an effort to establish some kind of trans-national white supremacist movement linking white supremacist groups “across the pond” as it were. Maybe it's already here and I've just been too dense to know about it. The more things change... Steve Thomas
  2. Michael, I see this Mystery Man as more as an observer than a shooter - making sure everything went as planned. Steve Thomas
  3. Okay, I think that's what I wanted. Steve Thomas
  4. Hmmmmmm... looks like I've forgotten how to insert an image in a post and then preview a topic before I before I post it. Steve Thomas
  5. I am calling this guy, "Mystery Man". He's been given the name "Black Dog Man" and "Shadow Man" in the past. You can see him moving from the wall where Zapruder was to the end of the Elm St. Extension. In all of the pictures, he has been blacked out through some kind of photographic technique I think. At least I have never read an account of someone encountering someone dressed all in black after the assassination. His head covering, or hat, has been blacked out in the same way. Who is this guy? Mystery Man.odt Steve Thomas
  6. Lykes Bros. Steamship Company Orest Pena WC testimony: http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/pena_o.htm Mr. LIEBELER - When did you leave Cuba? Mr. PENA - I left Cuba in September 1946. Mr. LIEBELER - Have you been back to Cuba since that time? Mr. PENA - Yes. Mr. LIEBELER - Would you tell us when? Mr. PENA - Oh, many times I went to Cuba. My last time I went to Cuba was about 8 months, I believe, after Castro took over, but before, I used to go very often because all my family is in Cuba, my mother, my father-- before my father died, I used to go to Cuba many times. I was a seaman, too. I used to ship out with the United Fruit Co. and the Lykes Brothers Co. That's before Castro took over. Mr. LIEBELER - You stopped working as a seaman in 1957? Mr. PENA – Yes. "They (The FBI) asked me if I saw Oswald; so I said I saw him once. He went to my place of business with one or two friends. I don't know exactly. My bar is a very long bar, so to me it looked like he was with two friends. My bartender, Evaristo Rodriguez, said he was with only one man, so I don't know exactly." OBITUARY of Frances Whitmeyer: Whitmeyer, Frances Raby was born February 21, 1922 and passed away April 4, 2009. Frances was born in Athens, Alabama to S.W. and Donna Raby. She graduated from Alabama Women's College in Athens. She moved to New Orleans and worked for the Lykes Steamship Co. and also for the City of New Orleans helping to translate French law into English. She later married George Whitmeyer and they moved to Germany where he was stationed after the war.They moved to Fort Worth in 1961 and then to Dallas in 1963. The Monroe News-Star from Monroe, Louisiana · Page 13 March 15, 1954 https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/90445615/ "George L. Whitmeyer, whose wife, Frances Whitmeyer, resides here at 217 Pargoud Drive, has recently completed a 17-week Associate Infantry Office Advanced Course in Fort Benning, Ga.," The Monroe News-Star from Monroe, Louisiana · Page 3 October 23, 1956 https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/84343273/ "William F. Pipes, Jr. right, was promoted from first lieutenant to captain in the U. S. Army Reserves at ceremonies Monday night at the USAR training center, Selman Field. Looking on as Capt. Pipes reads his new commission is Major George L. Whitmeyer, unit advisor." So, it looks like Frances Whitmeyer was working for the Lykes Steamship Company at the same time that Orest Pena was working for them as a seaman. Oswald would use a ship from Lykes to get to Russia in what, 1959? Very interesting. Steve Thomas
  7. One of the fascinating things about studying the JFK assassination case and exploring leads, is learning about the various subcultures that run through it. The subcultures hav their own circle of friends, their own vernacular, etc. One of the leads that I tried exploring many years ago was the idea that if Jack Ruby was involved in running prostitutes across the south in a prostitution ring (Dallas, New Orleans, Miami, etc.), and if he was running his mouth, the prostitutes he was spending his time with would be the people who would probably be in the know. There's Rose Cheramie and a story involving Pixie Lynn (Helen Kay Smith). Both prostitutes, both intimating that Oswald and Ruby knew each other in a homosexual relationship. (I still think Little Lynn knew more that she let on too). I explored the Pixie Lynn story for a while, but it didn't go anywhere that I could find. It ended in a dead end. For some examples see: https://books.google.com/books?id=YA4CBAAAQBAJ&pg=PT383&lpg=PT383&dq="Pixie+Lynn"+Ruby&source=bl&ots=A6N7cg4iU9&sig=jBpyJjZoRzexYZ-sPJQUbQ0DW8w&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjx1uyqkLTUAhXB1CYKHRO2ARYQ6AEISDAH#v=onepage&q="Pixie Lynn" Ruby&f=false CE 2794 https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1142&relPageId=219 CE 2795 https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1142#relPageId=220&tab=page CD 372 p. 37 https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10774#relPageId=37&tab=page 26H pp. 184-185 Steve Thomas
  8. Michael, You may be straying into the world of Benny Binion, Herbert Noble and R.D. Matthews. Here's one link you can look at: Steve Thomas
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jake_L._Hamon,_Jr. Jake L. (Louis) Hamon was a personal friend of former US President George H.W. Bush.[4] Hamon and his wife visited the Bushes in China when Bush served as Envoy to China in March 1975.[4] Bush, George W. (2014). 41: A Portrait of My Father. London: Ebury Publishing. p. 114. ISBN 9780553447781. OCLC 883645289 Hamon died in 1985 while he was on vacation in Amsterdam Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities Book 22 p. 10333. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=145153&relPageId=145&search=Hamon Jake Hamon of 4738 Shadywood Lane, Dallas, TX appears in Rosemary Woods list of Nixon's 1972 contributors for $25,000. (Howard Hughes appears on the same page for $16,666.66 I wonder who was supposed to be the devil *smile*) Steve Thomas
  10. Ah yes. Feel the love. It gives you warm fuzzies all over. WC testimony of Paul Raigorodsky http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/raigorod.htm Mr. RAIGORODSKY. Jake (Hamon) said he would not give him (George DeMohnreschildt) a recommendation unless he consults me. That surprised me that he wouldn't ask me right off the bat, but he went around about way. What could I do? Of course I said, technically on the job he (DeMohrenschildt) is perfectly all right, I mean, he is a good engineer--good petroleum engineer. Mr. RAIGORODSKY. No--he was my friend, I was his friend--he was Jake Hamon's friend and Jake Hamon was his friend. March 5, 1964 FBI Interview of Jake Hamon, 500 Vaughn Building. Interview conducted by SA Richard L. Wiehl CD 555. p. 43. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10954&relPageId=44&search=Hamon First met George DeMohrenschildt in 1947 in Rangely, CO. Said DeMohrenschildt was an inferior geologist. Said Demohrenschildt's closest associate was Paul Raigorodsky. Hamon said that DeMohrenschildt was a “good looking nothing”, and that if he could take him or leave him, he would leave him”. Between Two Worlds, by Peter Applebome. https://books.google.com/books?id=SCsEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA107&lpg=PA107&dq="Jake+Hamon"&source=bl&ots=92o5DJpss6&sig=CaLj2-EcG8m_-3jlFldJrvMm3FQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj5uaPxrprUAhWZ2YMKHQzSCOkQ6AEIWzAN#v=onepage&q="Jake Hamon"&f=false pp. 106+ p. 107. Jake L. (Louis) Hamon, multi-millionaire. Worth 200 million. Gin rummy partner of H.L. Hunt. A director of American Petroleum Institute. Youngest man ever to have served as its Chairman. (p. 107). If you'd like an interesting read, read up on Jake's father. Also named Jake. At the center of the Teapot Dome scandal. Liberally bought delegates for Warren G. Harding. Reports claim Hamon spent more than $1 million to buy delegates. http://newsok.com/article/3910896 Shot and killed by his mistress when he wouldn't take her along to Washington. Steve Thomas
  11. Ty, You might want to read up on "Operation Paperclip" Any regular google search will do. Steve Thomas
  12. Was Aubrey Rike the driver of 606? http://www.billdrenas.com/articles/dpd01-00.pdf 12:18 289 (D.V. Harkness) radios in, “Give us an ambulance, 100 block North Houston Street. Epileptic seizure. ...make it a Code 3”. 12:19 Central dispatches 606 to that location. 606 was from the O'neal Funeral Home. “What's your location?” 606 responds, “We're at about Harwood and Cedar Springs.” 12:20 “10-4 Code 3 on Signal 28 (a sick person). 100 North Houston Dispatch tells 289 that 606 is at Harwood and Cedar Springs 12:23 606 reports that he is “Out” 12:24 Dispatch responds “10-4” 12:25 606 reports in that he is enroute to Parkland with a Signal 16 (an injured person) Dispatch asks if he needs a squad to meet him there. 606 says yes. 12:26 Dispatch instructs 23 (Patrolman B.E. Barnes) to meet 606 at Parkland on a Signal 16. 23 responds, “10-4”. Barnes apparently did not file an after-action report (at lease one does not appear in the DPD Archives JFK Collection). I wondered if the same ambulance was at the scene of the Tippit shooting, but it looks like he arrived after Tippit had already been taken away by then. 1:33 reports in, “606 , Code 6” (Arrived) 602 and 603 were dispatched to 10th and Patton, and it appears from the Dispatch tapes that the ambulance from the Dudley Hughes Funeral Home took Tippit to the Hospital. I didn't realize that Dudley Hughes was located so close to the Tippit scene, but at 1:26 #279 (Patrolman J.T. Griffin) reported in that they had found a white jacket, believed to belong to the suspect, in a parking lot behind the service station in the 400 block of East Jefferson “across from Dudley Hughes.” It also appears that at that time, and at least in Dallas anyway, ambulances were attached to the funeral homes and not the hospitals. That's a curious thing. Steve Thomas
  13. Somebody needs some more covfefe.
  14. Mathias, This is from the WC testimony of Paul M. Raigorodsky in vol IX of the WC Hearings: http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/raigorod.htm Mr. JENNER. Who is Mr. John De Menil? Mr. RAIGORODSKY. Mr. John De Menil is a very close friend of mine. He is the financial head of Schlumberger Co. and when I wouldn't go with George in the deal, he asked me to give him any suggestion as to who may be interested, so I suggested John De Menil because the Schlumberger Co. is a worldwide organization and they deal with every country in the world--you know what I am trying to say? Mr. DAVIS. Yes; I do. I am familiar with the name Schlumberger. Mr. RAIGORODSKY. And that he might be interested in going in business in Haiti, and at my suggestion he called him and went to see him and nothing came out of it because John De Menil finally turned him down after the investigation. Now, I am very sorry that in the past years I have had some correspondence with George but I didn't keep it, but then when things began to pop up and his name appeared in so many different things, I thought I better keep a file on him. Steve Thomas
  15. Mathias, This is from Tom Scully in another thread on another Forum: (Thomas Eli) "Davis's wife was Caroline (first name per Bruce's obit) Hawley. Her brother Bruce Hawley was married to Josephine Schlumberger who had come from France to live with her uncle and aunt Eric Boissonnas (aka Boissonais) and Sylvie Schlumberger Boissonnas in New Canaan, CT. Her 2009 and his 2010 obit are retrievable easily via google. In Bruce's obit Davis's son Thomas S. is described as a nephew. Josephine's father, Dr. Marc Schlumberger was Dominique De Menil's and Sylvie Boissonnas's brother! I did a thread in 2012 on the Ed Forum about Davis's attorney, per FBI document related to Algiers arrest, Thomas Grattan Proctor. His son (Phil Proctor) was a Firesign Theater player, remember their album's? The thread is titled, Peter Bergman has Died A Founder of Firesign Theater" Steve Thomas