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  1. old Wild Bill has been this way for 15 years now, its what got him thrown of Rich DellaRosa's JFK Assassination Research site years ago.... "photo-expert" is indeed a stretch.
  2. Von Pein opines: [...] Richard W. Burgess of the Department of Classical Studies at the University of Ottawa...in addition to noting that “I have personal knowledge of the sorts of processes and effects that were available to film-makers in 1963 and I can state categorically that the Zapruder film has not had anything added to it or removed from it apart from the splices that everyone knows about,” he finds the hypothesis set forth by [Harrison] Livingstone and [David] Lifton ludicrous on its face. He writes that such an alteration “would result in a ridiculously amateurish mess that would not fool a four-year-old, even in the hands of a skilled miniature painter under a microscope.” [...] LMAO, "amateurish mess"? Therein lies the problem with YOU amateurs, you're simply amateurs! If there is anything "ludicrious" about your post DVP its the fact you use amateurs to opine re professional post-production film craft. C'mon dude, you might have newbies impressed, however, those that have been around for the last 15+ years or so know better... sheeeesssssh!
  3. LMAO! debunked? debunked? Don't give up that fry cooking day job of yours Von Pein. You haven't a clue, nor the sources to make statements like "debunked." Son, I doubt you know the difference between 16mm film and digital videotape. Give it a rest.
  4. excellent discussion... thanks one and all!
  5. She was the Sect'y of State, I'd be surprised if she DIDN'T have multiple "classified" servers.
  6. I'll take Doug Horne (AARB investigator) anyday over a Zapruder family member (evidently now author) trying to make 'another' buck on the Z-film. Hell, the family was paid $16+million US taxpayer dollars for the *alleged* in-camera original Zapruder film. And they're STILL at the JFK assassination trough! <sigh>. I find that odd.
  7. there's a few schools of thought on that. The primary reason, in my humble opinion, the electoral college gave the southern states (after the civil war) equal footing in presidential elections.
  8. My time with Harry is to say the least, memorable. Harry's interviews with Roland Zavada, classic. And, Roland knew, Harry was sure Roland was not delivering the entire story regarding the Zapruder film and told him so. And congrat's Jim, I'll pick up the PB edition.
  9. yes, count me in.
  10. What about a 23rd-century opinion, Paul?
  11. I concur Mr. Walton... a marvelous effort by Chuck. I'm sure DVP is all bent out of shape cause Chuck is racking up the hits of late. All DVP can do is issue (and reissue) that same old 1964 WCR sick, media nonsense. Anyone associated with, published by and or for Jim Fetzer always gets a grating response from Pat Speer, not to mention DVP -- lmao!
  12. Thank you, Larry! Indeed FEAR does seems to be not only in vogue today, but a requirement for wannabe pundits, second-rate pundits and real pundits. Whatever the hell they are!
  13. Ernie--excellent work, and thanks for the links....
  14. great job, guy!
  15. no traction, give it a rest will ya?