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  1. Certainly does David. The other thing about this is that the majority (if not all?) of the handwriting analysis carried out for the WCR was carried out on copies, not originals. I believe that is a major flaw in the analysis in that, as I understand it, in order to carry out a meaningful analysis, the original handwriting must be available so that the person carrying out the analysis can include factors such as pressure and finer details to determine if the handwriting is 'natural' (i.e. genuine) or 'unnatural' (i.e. faked - someone trying to copy another's handwriting)...
  2. The "Spot the difference" bit was tongue-in-cheek...I was just struck by the overall similarity between the signatures.
  3. Just for fun... The top 2 are M. "Nick" McDonald's, bottom 2 are Oswald's:
  4. Thought I'd give it a try from Snipping tool (about the extent of my capabilities!!!)...
  5. Hi Andrej, Unfortunately, I don't have the software or capabilities to do that!!! I'm quite sure that Robin and/or others have already done it in the past - maybe an internet search might bring something up or, hopefully, Robin will visit and see this and provide more information.
  6. I believe that quite a few years ago Robin Unger identified that there was a woman standing in front of Prayer Man on the lower steps - as you say, if you look closely enough, you can see the bottom half of her legs . The overall effect is to make Prayer Man appear to be much 'bulkier' than he might be (that's not to say he wasn't bulky; obviously, we can't tell when there's a woman in front blocking the view). Not sure if it was Robin who first identified that there was a woman there but he was the first I was aware of.
  7. I wonder how the chin in the 1963 photo compares to "Oswald's" chin in the BYPs?
  8. Tommy, Not sure if the "...Running Woman..." you refer to is the same person I'm looking at, but is that Marrion Baker exiting frame right? Looks like someone wearing dark clothes with a white helmet/hat on to me, though doesn't seem to be moving quickly enough to be Baker (or running at all for that matter)?...hmmm...
  9. Roy, Good stuff!!! Can you post the pics you have of JED please? I'm sure a lot of people here would be extremely interested in them since he seems to be such an elusive character.
  10. IIRC, BWF (not WBF) was asked the question at a recent conference he was attending (in the last year or so) and BWF said he couldn't recall who it was that was standing there and that the photograph was too blurry for him to figure it out. Jack Dougherty is an interesting character too...
  11. Indirect link...read on... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3716997/How-Frank-Sheeran-killed-Jimmy-Hoffa-shockingly-claims-41-years-legendary-union-activist-vanished.html
  12. Jus' wond'rin - an 8mm film? Just how big/small is the negative that a blob would have been painted onto a small section of that portion of the negative?
  13. Jim, The time that the ambulance service received the call (time stamped at 1:18) is the only question mark in the 1:06 shooting time. This would give LHO more time to arrive at the murder scene. However, this 'late' time would require convincing the ambulance company and crew to lie about the times, and that would be more than a bit suspicious to them. Would they lie? The police were present at the hospital when JDT was pronounced. The only explanation of the 1:06 or 1:09 TOD was if they supplied that information. It was later changed to 1:15. DPD could have done the type-over at any time. Barbara J. Davis called about 1:08 reporting a shooting (not knowing it was a police officer). IIRC T.F.Bowley looked at his watch and noted his arrival time as 1:10. The latest that DPD should have received his "Officer Down" call would be about 1:12. That is a long, long time for DPD to wait to make the ambulance call. Unless of course they wanted to be certain JDT did not survive the shooting... 1 minute to the shooting scene 3 minutes to load JDT 4-5 minute drive to hospital 2 minutes to ER 2 minutes to work on JDT, as they stated they did... Total time: 12 (very optimistic) minutes According to Bowley reporting at 1:12, they would not have pronounced JDT until 1:24... I only found this doc which pronounces JDT at 1:25, AFTER calculating the above times: If they received a 1:18 call they certainly didn't pronounce him at 1:15, and given the 1:10 arrival time of Bowley, 1:15 couldn't be the time JDT was pronounced. IMO, the 1:15 time was the time DPD WANTED the shooting to have occurred, but it actually happened at 1:06. Does DPD state a time that Barbara Jeannette Davis' call was received? Tom When I enlarge this, the '2' in the 1:25 looks like it's been altered...
  14. Chris, I remember looking into the JFK docs on MF some years ago trying to find information on weapons sounding like firecrackers and actually found something - can't recall whether it was an FBI doc or whatever but it definitely described a handgun of some kind that, when fired, made a sound like a firecracker...may be worth a search?
  15. OK, thanks all regarding the station-wagon (still puzzled by BWF's car being there if, of course, it is his)...