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  1. Sounds like an interesting read. Another book to add to the ever growing list.
  2. That's a real nice area you live. Joe. I ran the Big Sur Marathon some years ago and stayed in Monterey. Absolutely beautiful, and had a wonderful time in the area. Maybe I'll get back out there one day.
  3. I blew up the picture in another browser. The 2nd 80 appears to be in Maestro "something", I can't make out the 2nd word. ?
  4. Jim - Wouldn't Oswald have been a victim even if he hadn't tried to reach John Hurt?
  5. This is not about the JFK Assassination, but I've always found it very interesting, ala Black Op, unwitting patsy, manipulation and obfuscation. It's definitely worth watching.
  6. Top 2 are squeezed together and bottom are a little more spread out, as Jeffrey said.
  7. I agree with and like Michael's thoughts on LBJ, but I think what Martin states about serving as writer-editor and the contents of the report, in a daily, hands-on role, I would think Allen Dulles.
  8. It's been a while since I've looked at it, but I liked it. It's a good, basic primer on the assassination, pretty insightful for January 1967.
  9. Some have posited the throat shot coming from the South knoll through the windshield, which would be a real tight shot, but not out of the realm of possibility for a professional sniper, I think. Many have thought from the North knoll behind the picket fence, or the drain near the intersection of the fence and overpass.
  10. Michael, I like your idea of LBJ. He was definitely machiavellian enough. He gets my vote.
  11. I had heard that Altgens and his wife died mysteriously. You don't hear much, if anything about that. Does anyone know the circumstances of their deaths?
  12. Interesting. It sounds similar to the idea that some have posited about a shot coming from the direction of the South knoll. If someone was firing from the overpass, I would think that would be too exposed. I imagine a pro would want cover, like a ghost. No one would ever see them. But, who knows?
  13. Pamela, What is your hypothesis about how the Paines may have been used to set LHO up? I've always found things a little too convenient as well. I'm interested in hearing your take on it.