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  1. I would think a head shot from the south side would direct brain matter/blood over the right rear of the limo and toward the sidewalk, not to the left rear. I could see the throat shot from the south more likely than the head.
  2. I've never been one for a shot from the South Knoll, as I think the matter trajectory would have gone over the right rear of the limo and toward the sidewalk. I've always leaned heavily toward a North grassy knoll shot, and while it has a good, somewhat oblique angle from the right front, it is also a bit of a downward angle. While that could account for a back and to the left, I think it would have driven Kennedy more down into the seat. Instead, we have a bit of a lift and back to the left, suggesting an upwards trajectory, pointing to the sewer drain, just as Ray mentioned with Tom Wilson's statement. I'm not completely sold on it, and am also considering the other storm at the confluence of the fence and overpass.
  3. St. John Hunt's letter to Caroline Kennedy

    To me it looks like a sloppily written "French Gunman"
  4. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    Chris, That's the photo I recall seeing, thanks for posting. I understand that work was done on the drain and channels some years ago, and the openings were large enough for someone to go through down to the Trinity river. Photos of the western feeder from 1963 would be great to see, although I doubt there are any in existence.
  5. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    Sewer Shot in JFK Assassination https://ratical.org/ratville/JFK/JohnJudge/sewerShot.html
  6. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    Any photos showing 1963 pavement level before the add-on, giving a much wider opening? I'm pretty sure I've seen a photo somewhere showing older and newer pavement put on top.

    I understand Angleton drank alot, and Harvey as well. So who knows?
  8. When I click on the link, a new browser opens with the story, and the page keeps refreshing every 3-4 seconds. I can't read it. ?
  9. Where Were You, 11/22/63.

    I was born in 1971. I'll have to ask my mom, I know she was in college at the time. My dad passed away 2 1/2 yrs ago, so I can't ask him. Dad was a career man in the Air Force and met Gen. LeMay once.
  10. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, You're at ASU, very nice. I lived in Phoenix for several years, spent a lot of time in that area. I'm looking at soon starting Besieged Patriot, Autobiographical episodes exposing Communism, Traitorism and Zionism from the life of Gerald L.K. Smith. Should be interesting. The work you're doing at ASU sounds very impressive. Good job.
  11. In The Shadow Of Dallas

    I was recently poking around in one of the many used book stores in my area, and I found a copy of "In The Shadow Of Dallas - A Primer on the Assassination of President Kennedy", published by the editors of Ramparts Magazine, 1967. I haven't read through it yet, but it looks pretty insightful for the time. I also picked up a copy of The Ruby Cover Up by Seth Kantor. I haven't read that one yet. They also had a copy of the WC Witness Testimony, I was thinking of picking that one up if it's still there. Might provide some interesting, if not fanciful reading.
  12. In The Shadow Of Dallas

    Paul, It's been quite awhile since I've looked at it, so I'd have to read it again to refresh specific info. For that time period, when most journalists and all media toed the WC line, for these researchers to bring up the questions they did, really bucked the trend. What I found interesting in just taking a quick glance without reading, are how the researchers such as Penn Jones and others, noticed the multiple mysterious deaths of persons who all had some kind of knowledge related to the assassination. Such as the meeting in Ruby's appt. on 11/24/63 when 3 at the meeting, Jim Koethe, Bill Hunter, and Tom Howard, all died mysterious deaths. Whenever any of these people investigated, such as when amateur researcher Shirley Martin, a housewife from Oklahoma, made trips to Dalls to interview witnesses, the police would tail her, openly following her around, and stick to her until she left Dallas. The same happened with others investigating in the area. The Dallas police would constantly surveil anyone coming in to investigate. Someone clearly didn't want anybody poking around.
  13. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I believe that Hunt stopped publicly supporting Walker, as did many others, after the riots, although I could be mistaken. Did he still support Walker privately? I don't know. It seemed many people walked away from Walker.
  14. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Yeah, I just noticed that. I think I conflated the 2. I meant the Air Force Colonel as Lansdale. Ooops! Lansdale was definitely Dulles' go-to guy.
  15. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I wonder if "the best man we have", according to Dulles, was Lansdale. He wore an Air Force uniform, at least at that point I think he did.
  16. I got this from my local library earlier this year. It was well done and entertaining, but King took a Oswald lone nut stance, so as far as the assassination goes, it was worthless. I've always liked Executive Action, pretty good for it's time, even now I think.
  17. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Speaking of right wing characters, I recently picked up a copy of Ted Dealey's "Diaper Days Of Dallas". Should be an interesting read. Dealey certainly didn't care for Kennedy. His paper was a major source of much anti-JFK press at the time. He had some strong words for JFK at a White House luncheon in front of many other area leaders, which I think lost Ted some support.
  18. I haven't seen the film yet, but want to. I'll wait until it hits blu-ray and will get it from the library. I don't really go to the theatre anymore. I recently got All The Way from the library. Bryan Cranston did a good LBJ, I think.
  19. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I agree with you about an Oswald/Ruby relationship. I believe they knew each other but didn't have to be friendly, it doesn't really matter for the killing. I feel the same way about the Oswald sightings before the assassination. Too many to be mistaken, one maybe I could buy. The knoxville visit is intriguing, I've never seen that before. I think the USSR bit might have been to draw attention, it looks almost to be an afterthought, like its out of place in a way. I wonder if this was an attempt to be a tie to his time in the Soviet Union where he was to give secrets to the USSR. Sheepdipping, part of an operation?
  20. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I also just picked up a copy of Dr. Walt Brown's "Trachery In Dallas" that Paul T. spoke well of. Eventually I'll get to that. Too many things to do.
  21. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I remember reading but can't remember where, someone referring to LBJ as a "nazi of the worst order". There was his public self, and then the way he really was, apparently. Ties between LBJ and Walker would be real interesting.
  22. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Thomas Masen involved with Cuban gun-running. I understood Jack Ruby was involved with Cuban gun operations. against Batista, then Castro. Did Jack Ruby and Masen cross paths? Ruby and Oswald apparently know each other. Oswald gets impersonated here and there. Masen, part of Walker's entourage, looks like Oswald. A few degrees of separation? Hmmm.... Masen seems like he knows something. Maybe, maybe not?
  23. Trump: JFK files to be released

    Jason, I'm just starting Walt Brown's "The People vs. Lee Harvey Oswald." Looks to be an interesting read.
  24. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    About as relevant as umpteen questions regarding Jack Ruby's mother's dental records. Bloat the files. Wheat vs. chaff.
  25. Trump: JFK files to be released

    Jim, When is your interview with NPR going to be on? I'm very interested in hearing that.