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    Ted Kennedy

    The Control of the Kennedys Threats & Chappaquiddick https://ratical.org/ratville/JFK/ToA/ToAchp7.html
  2. Jason, Thanks for the nice, concise summation. It's greatly appreciated and helps the digestion. Roger
  3. Jason / Paul, Thanks for all of your work going through and analyzing this information. Its some real interesting stuff I'm trying to catch up on. Like others, I have a home, family, obligations, and other things that have been occupying my time, and I just haven't been able to dig into and digest all this info you've posting. Now, if I can only get the cliff notes version!
  4. Roger DeLaria

    A warning

    Thank you James, that's a fair policy. Thank you for your funding. I choose not to post very often, especially if I don't feel I can contribute something, and also because I refuse to step into the swamp.
  5. I would agree with you Jason, and say yes. Real and/or faux would require facilitation and support from higher level DPD.
  6. One of the things that I remember while reading Treachery In Dallas, was when mentioning the DPD, he (paraphrasing) said "either DPD or someone in DPD uniforms". Could there have been ground crew/mechanics in DPD uniforms who were not DPD?
  7. Jason, Thanks for the good words and hard work. I agree with you about focusing on primary sources and and evidence. I think for most people their only exposure is with secondary souces, and you have to account for the veracity of said sources. You're posting so much info, I've hardly been able to make a dent in it! Hahaha. My dad was a career man in the air force for 20yrs, and told me how he met General Curtis Lemay once. That sounded interesting. I haven't looked into it, but I have a feeling that Lemay is a good candidate for being in the shadows of the assassination.
  8. I'd like to applaud Jason's research along with Paul, a great job bringing up information that is making me take a closer look at Dallas, the DPD, and the Radical Right. After reading Walt Brown's great book, Treachery In Dallas, which puts the onus squarely on the DPD, that made a lot of sense to me, and to add in the hateful climate of the time, plus the military intel connections. The rabbit hole goes deeper......
  9. Jason, I'm just getting into Leander Perez, Boss of The Delta, and some early tidbits tie into this, I think. Paraphrased from the book: Leander was raised a strict catholic, and for him, religion was a bulwark of the status quo. When it became a force for progress and civil rights, he rejected it. Perez was clearly not in line with JFK's agenda. Roger
  10. Jason, Great job on digging up and analyzing these WC docs. They look to be a trove of worthy information. Maybe I'll get to 'em one day. Your putting them out so fast, I can't keep up! Haha!
  11. Roger DeLaria

    The Future of the Education Forum

    As others have stated so well, I believe language matters, as does intent. That being said, I would like to see the forum continue, with the diversity of thoughts on the assassination, whether I agree or not.
  12. Jason, Many thanks for your work in going through and posting all of this information. Now, I just need to find the time to go through and digest it all.....
  13. I recently read Walt Brown's "Treachery In Dallas", where he zeroed right in on the Dallas PD. Great way to blend in and not arouse any suspicions. No one would ever think to question them being in the area. Easy way to manipulate evidence, witnesses, etc. The fox guarding the henhouse. I managed to get Chris Craven's thesis on interlibrary loan last year and found it quite informative.
  14. Jason, No, I've never been to Plaquemines Parish. Maybe I'll get there some day. A lot of history to be absorbed there, for sure. Sounds like a trip back throught time. There might be some old timers still around who remember that whole era, making for some interesting recollections.
  15. With so many shenanigans going on in NO, and Garrison's suspicions, I wonder where Leander Perez might fit into all of this? He certainly ruled Plaquemines Parish with an iron fist, and was very influential. He certainly could have been behind the scenes here in some capacity. I haven't really looked into it yet, but will be reading Leander Perez: Boss Of The Delta by Glen Jeansonne soon, and will see what comes out of it. http://www.upress.state.ms.us/books/943
  16. Roger DeLaria

    GEORGE DEMOHRENSCHILDT Contacted by DOD in April 1963!

    No, not at the moment. I frequently take detours from JFK related things, to break it up. I'm currently reading a book about Zebulon Pike and his explorations, and we recently went to see the Degas exhibit at our Art Museum.
  17. Roger DeLaria

    GEORGE DEMOHRENSCHILDT Contacted by DOD in April 1963!

    Jason, good to have you back again.
  18. Roger DeLaria

    Mac Wallace fingerprint?

    I know you're not saying Wallace shot JFK, my second sentence was referring to Ron's post. Sorry, I didn't specify that. I most definitely believe he killed Marshall too, as well as many others. Wallace was pretty indebted to LBJ, I think. It's near impossible to find an honest assessment of LBJ's true nature and corruption in the msm, for sure. Caro's work barely touches on it, but not quite.
  19. Roger DeLaria

    Mac Wallace fingerprint?

    I agree with you Joe, I believe he was too. I won't say that he actually shot JFK, but I believe he was involved somehow.
  20. Roger DeLaria

    Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I just finished reading Treachery In Dallas by Walt Brown, and found it quite illuminating. From the Analysis section of the chapter "The Right and Other Wings" p87: Groups and individuals cited in the foregoing narrative certainly had no affection for John Kennedy or his policies, and occasional violence had been known to be a method employed by such groups. It is possible that in their loathing of Kennedy, added to the potential willingness to embrace a Texan president, some elements cited above may have been the final catalyst--not just infiltrators in the Kennedy assassination. It should also be noted that such groups are based on the "good old boy" network, which guarantees a code of silence among all even if there are transgressors in their midst. Several good old boys made plans in Texas, and one good old boy became president. Other good old boys "investigated" the event. And it must also be noted that the Dallas law enforcement community was an additional dependable group of good old boys. One of the unspoken keystones in all of this is the Walker shooting, seen by many as a red herring. If Oswald shot at Walker, how could any subsequent alliance include both Walker and Oswald? Since everybody knew Oswald was involved, Walker could not have been, so the thinking goes. (Continue to bear in mind the premise of that logic.) Although Walker testified that he did not believe it was Oswald who shot at him, it is equally easy to imagine a shot fired into an empty room in the Walker residence to divert suspicion from a group that would be active later in the year.
  21. I would think he didn't draw his gun because he knew the person(s) he stopped to talk with. Thst suggests either some collusion, or at least familiarity. Then unwitting, gets thrown under the bus.
  22. Roger DeLaria

    LBJ's Ranch House is for sale

    Doug, Did you ever get to meet LBJ? Ed Clark?
  23. Roger DeLaria

    LBJ's Ranch House is for sale

    If those walls could talk......