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  1. Not sure I’d make the assumption that only one of the Oswalds had truancy problems. If Dr. Kurian’s recollection of Harvey telling him his “brother” substituted for him at school, and assuming that it could only have been a school-aged kid (like the other LHO), then its pretty clear both boys would have had truancy problems. Regarding your numbered potential explanations…. I just can’t think of much evidence for it. The decade-long pattern of Harvey being placed in and out of situations similar to Lee’s, always seeming to get just a “taste” of Lee’s life, including in the USMC, suggests Harvey would more likely have the truancy problem. Hardly proof of that fact, though. We have proof that the FBI did alter sworn testimony, and so this is always my leading thought when I read testimony that disagrees with what I think happened. If this is the case, it begs the question of why Hoover didn’t change Pic’s refusal to recognize clear photos of his “brother.” Could it be because those were considered opinions rather than recollections? Because Pic might have recalled the photo evidence and question altered testimony later? Or just an oversight? (The FBI did make a lot of mistakes in the cover-up!) Strikes me as dangerous to bring someone like Pic into the spy family game unless he was already a member. And if he was, could the photo observations have been designed to throw us off that track. I’m inclined to reject this one but, as always, it had to be considered. Funny, but not likely. Can you give us more of your theory about the census roll above? The hiding from creditors explanation had never occurred to me, but it sure is funny that she would settle on the Ekdahl name, the false birth date, and "Harvey Oswald" all at the same time.
  2. At the time of the assassination, each of the various schools in the Fort Worth Independent School District stored student records. Some years later, these collective records were transferred to district headquarters and placed on microfilm. Former Stripling assistant principal Frank Kudlaty talks about this very issue at about the 2:50 mark in Part III of his interview with John Armstrong. The amount of evidence for Lee HARVEY Oswald at Stripling school is substantial. In addition to his W.C. testimony, Robert says his brother attended the school in two separate newspaper reports prior to the assassination. John Armstrong has a YouTube interview with Oswald’s Stripling classmate Fran Schubert. At the time of the assassination, and at various times for more than a decade earlier, “Marguerite Oswald” lived at 2220 Thomas Place, right next to Stripling School. What a coincidence, eh? The principal of W.C. Stripling School in the late 1990s, Ricardo Galindo, told John it was “common knowledge” that Oswald attended Stripling. John spoke to a number of other Stripling teachers and students who remembered Oswald at the school.
  3. David, During Pic’s testimony, I remember Jenner going through a bunch of legalize at an oddly inappropriate time, but don’t recall it being particularly threatening. Can you give me an example? (It’s long testimony, as you know.)
  4. John just sent me this census page from 51-52 that indicates a “Harvey Oswald” was born to a “Marguerite Ekdahl” on October 19, 1938. (According to the WC, “Lee Harvey Oswald” was born on Oct. 18.) Note John’s note about Marguerite’s use of the name “Oswald.” Anyone care to make a theory about this? Just a series of weirdly familiar mistakes?
  5. Beyond Robert, who clearly moved back and forth between the pairs, I can’t think of any evidence at all for the extended family business. What else can we do but follow the evidence? The “brother” NYC school substitution Dr. Kurian recalled Harvey talking about, however, could provide a hint to Lee’s possible truancy, but that still doesn’t explain Pic’s characterization of Marguerite. I’m puzzled by it. What isn’t puzzling, though, is the increasingly clear evidence that school records from NYC, New Orleans, and Fort Worth were both destroyed and fabricated in order to make two Lee Harvey Oswalds appear to be one. Ditto for the employment records. The Marine records are even clearer. The evidence for two Oswalds in the weeks prior to the assassination, of course, is famous (or infamous). Filling in the other details, considering all the disinformation we’ve been handed, isn’t easy.
  6. David and Sandy, Here's the page from Robert Oswald's book that mentions the Manhattan school:
  7. It certainly does! The Starnes article is what sent Arthur Krock of the NYTimes to DefCon 11 the very next day. I didn't see the Krock piece here, so....
  8. And this is yet another reason why all of "Oswald's" original school and employment records had to disappear!
  9. Sandy, The last paragraph of John’s note refers to Dr. Kurian’s recollection that HARVEY told him his “brother” often substituted for him in school. The Marine and Coast Guard employment of Robert and John Pic—as well as their significant age differences—shows that the brother substitute couldn’t have been either one of them. If it was LEE who was doing the substituting, how could he not have a truancy problem, despite what the clearly bogus NYC school records seem to indicate? Unraveling NYC is no easy task, although as you and David have shown, it is provable that the school records have been fabricated.
  10. Fabulous find, Sandy! It gives Robert's recollection of the Manhattan school attendance far more credibility. Thank you! Looking forward to hearing reactions to John's point about Harvey telling Dr. Kurian about his "brother" substituting for him in the NYC school. I'd forgotten all about it.
  11. Sandy, I sent your post to John and he wrote back with the following (your comments in black, John's in red): Jim,I'm having trouble reconciling some things when the Oswalds wereliving in NYC.By studying everything, it seemed to me that it was HARVEY who wasmostly absent from school in 7th grade, and not LEE. YES, ABSOLUTELY !! And it seemedthat it was FAKE Marguerite who was the unfriendly one who went fromjob to job. OF COURSE. But now I find myself doubting this conclusion, becauseJohn Pic's testimony seems to suggest quite the opposite.John Pic's testimony is here.I've always thought that Pic was either largely unaware of theOswald Project, or at least wasn't in a position (or not willing) toplay along with it in his WC testimony. However, in hist testimonyhe talks about his brothers' truancy and psychological problems, andabout his mother frequently changing jobs. His testimony tells methat I've got it backwards... that it was really his mother whocouldn't hold onto a job, and really his brother LEE who was truant.NO, PIC KNEW HIS BROTHER LEE. HE TOLD THE WC THAT HIS BROTHER ATTENDED A JHS AT 89TH/90TH BETWEEN 2ND & 3RD AVENUE (BUT THIS IS MANHATTAN, NOT THE BRONX). PIC ALSO FAILED TO IDENTIFY THE BRONX ZOO PHOTO AS HIS BROTHER. Either that or he was fibbing in his testimony and going along withthe official story. That is to say, he was really referring to theFAKE Marguerite and HARVEY when speaking of his mother and brother.What is your take on this? PIC FAILED TO IDENTIFY SEVERAL OF HARVEY'S PHOTOS AS HIS BROTHER, INCLUDING A PHOTO OF HARVEY HANDING OUT FPCC LITERATURE IN NEW ORLEANS. PIC KNEW, ABSOLUTELY, BUT WAS NOT WILLING TO DISCLOSE MUCH. NOW, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING INTERESTING. ROBERT OSWALD TOLD THE WC THAT HIS "BROTHER" ATTENDED STRIPLING JHS IN FT WORTH. BUT THIS WAS HARVEY, NOT LEE. ROBERT'S TESTIMONY LEAD ME TO STRIPLING, AND STUDENTS WHO REMEMBERED HARVEY IN THE 9TH GRADE (WHILE LEE WAS ATTENDING BEAUREGARD JHS IN NEW ORLEANS. NOW, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK WHEN ROBERT WROTE IN HIS BOOK (LEE, BY ROBERT OSWALD) THAT HIS BROTHER ATTENDED A JHS NEAR 68TH & COLUMBUS (SORRY, NOT SURE OF THE EXACT ADDRESS, BUT IT IS IN HIS BOOK). NOW, GUESS WHAT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL IS NEAR THIS ADDRESS?? LEE WAS ATTENDING PS 44 IN THE BRONX, WITH A GOOD ATTENDANCE RECORD. HARVEY MAY HAVE BEEN ATTENDING A JHS NEAR 68TH & COLUMBUS (OR COLUMBIA) IN MANHATTAN. CAN YOU GUESS THE NAME OF THIS SCHOOL ????? IT IS PS 44 (IN MANHATTAN). THERE WAS A PS 44 IN ALL 5 NEW YORK BURROUGHS IN THE 1950'S. SANDY, YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. JUST KEEP FOLLOWING THE EVIDENCE. AND LOOK AT THE YOUTUBE VIDEO OF DR. MILTON KURIAN, A PSYCHIATRIST WHO INTERVIEWED HARVEY IN APRIL, 1953. HARVEY TOLD DR. KURIAN THAT HIS "BROTHER" WOULD OFTEN SUBSTITUTE FOR HIM IN SCHOOL. NOW, AT THIS TIME 18 YEAR ROBERT OSWALD WAS IN THE MARINES AND PIC WAS IN THE COAST GUARD AND MARRIED. WHO WAS HARVEY'S "BROTHER?" I THINK YOU KNOW THE ANSWER.
  12. Man, sometimes DJ’s posts make me think I’ve got to run out and do some mental calisthenics and read it again… a couple of times. One thing that’s clear from his work on NYC, though, is how perfect that city was for mingling the identities of two boys. An urban jungle with a massive public transportation system for ‘splaining nearly impossible things and, even better, a system of giving schools identical numbers in up to five different boroughs. It all went swimmingly until the project got caught up in the New York court system, a crisis that made all parties flee to the South. Nevertheless, Sandy raises an interesting question about John Pic’s testimony. I always believed, and I think John does too, that LEE, not HARVEY, stayed briefly at the Pics’ apartment. I don’t have an immediate explanation for Pic’s testimony about his “brother’s” truancy. Several come to mind, but they seem forced. I’ll pose the question to John asap, because I’m curious about his take also. That’s a good catch, Sandy, and I can’t believe I didn’t notice it for all these years. On the school mysteries, John used Google maps to determine the distances from Pic’s apartment in Manhattan to a number of the schools under consideration here. PS 44 in the Bronx was 8 miles away. It’s hard to imagine a kid traveling that distance every day just to attend school. Why would he have been enrolled there? P.S. 44 on Columbus Ave. at 76th St., named by Robert, was 2 1/2 miles from Pic’s apartment, still a long commute in a city like New York, but more conceivable than the Bronx school. John couldn’t locate a school in the exact location Pic named (“on about 89th, 90th Street between Third Avenue and Second Avenue” ) but he found the same school that DJ mentioned, P.S. 66, at 88th Street and First Avenue, which is pretty close to Pic’s recalled location.
  13. The WC requested Oswald's original New York school records As I began sorting through New York school and court records, I realized that the Warren Commission may also have been aware of conflicting records. They asked the FBI to obtain Oswald's original school and court records, but the Bureau did not comply. The Commission then wrote to New York Mayor Robert Wagner and asked his office for help in obtaining Oswald's original school records. Mayor Wagner's office responded to the Commission's request by enclosing copies of Oswald's New York school records and advising that the original court records had been turned over to SA John Malone personally by Judge Florence Kelley. 53-09 It appeared the original records disappeared while in SA Malone's custody, so I decided to place all available documentation and correspondence in chronological order to see if my thoughts were correct. Oswald's school records disappeared while in FBI custody Judge Florence Kelley was the Administrative Judge of the Family Court of the State of New York in 1963, and the Oswald case file (#23979) was under her supervision. After the assassination she conferred with superior court judges and together they de­- cided the Oswald file would be given to the Special Agent in charge of the FBI's New York office, John Malone. On November 27, 1963 Judge Kelley allowed SAIC Malone to review the Oswald file in her chambers and in her presence. She permitted him to take notes of pertinent portions, but would not permit the file to be removed from her office or copied. A few days later she conferred with the Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division, Bernard Botein, and with his approval agreed to turn over all original court records in possession of the Family Court to SAIC Malone. On December 2, 1963 Judge Kelley personally gave the Oswald file to Malone with the condition that it be transmitted immediately to the Warren Commission. Three days later, on December 5, 1963, FBI SA Michael O'Rourke advised the Secret Service the file had been sent to the Warren Commission. On December 10, eight days after Judge Kelley turned her court file over to the FBI, an internal FBI memo relating to the Files of Domestic Relations Court states, "rec'd by Assist Dir. John Malone 11/27-12/2." From this memo and Judge Kelley's statement, it is clear that Judge Kelley gave the original court file to SAIC Malone. In preparation for the testimony of Marguerite Oswald in February 1964, the Warren Commission requested Oswald's original New York school and court records from Mayor Wagner of New York City. On February 4, Miss Bernice McCrae of the Mayors office spoke with Judge Kelley, who advised that she had given the original records to SAIC John Malone. Miss McCrae then telephoned the FBI's New York Office. She asked if the original records in the Oswald file had, in fact, been turned over to the Warren Commis­- sion. Miss McCrae never received an answer. Later that afternoon she wrote a letter on behalf of Mayor Wagner to Mr. Rankin of Warren Commission which stated, "I am at­ taching to this letter copies of the school records .... Judge Florence Kelley informed me she turned over all original records in the possession of the Family Court dealing with the case of Lee Harvey Oswald to John F. Malone, Assistant Director in Charge of the New York City office of the FBI."42There is no evidence or documentation whatsoever that Malone turned the original court file over to the Warren Commission. On February 7, at 3:37 pm, FBI Inspector J. R. Malley telephoned the FBI's New York office and spoke to the Assistant Special Agent in Charge, W. M. Alexander, about the original court records. Malley advised that FBI headquarters in Washington had no information that indicated the original documents had been received from New York and he asked Alexander to check further. At 3:45 pm Alexander telephoned Malley and advised that SAIC Malone. his supervisor. had photographed the entire file and that copies of the file had been sent to FBI headquarters in Washington. Alexander said there was no record that photographs were sent to FBI headquarters, but that additional photographs of the file were available. Malley then asked that two copies of the photographs be sent immediately to his atten­ tion at FBI Headquarters in Washington. There is no indication that Inspector Malley made any additional inquiries into the fate of the original court files, which were last seen by Judge Kelley when she per­ sonally handed them to SAIC John Malone. Whenever original records are destroyed and only copies or photographs remain, it is probable that the original documents were altered and then photocopied. Psychiatric and court records disappeared while in FBI custody The original psychiatric records relating to Lee Harvey Oswald, contained in Judge Kelley's court file, also disappeared while in FBI custody. On December 4, 1963 FBI agent John James O'Flaherty sent "photographic reproductions" of Oswald's psy­ chiatric examination to his boss, SAIC John Malone. On December 10, eight days after Judge Kelley turned her court file over to the FBI, an internal FBI memo relating to the Files of Domestic Relations Court stated "rec'd by Assist Dir. John Malone 11/27-12/2." Malone reported that the FBI's New York office had acquired photographic reproductions (not originals) of Oswald's psychiatric examination. On December 30, the FBI allegedly acquired copies of Calendar of Bureau Hearings, Calendar of Court Prosecutions, and Central Clearance Bureau Social Services Exchange Records re: Lee Harvey Oswald, but none of the original documents were located. If the Warren Commission was serious about locating Oswald's original psychi­ atric records, they could have begun with SA John James O'Flaherty. They could have asked O'Flaherty if the "photographic reproductions" he made and sent to his boss were made from the original psychiatric records. They then should have asked O'Flaherty's boss, SAIC John Malone, what happed to the original records given to him by Judge Kelley. There is no doubt the FBI had possession of Oswald's original school records and court files and withheld the originals from the Warren Commission. When they pro­ vided copies of the documents to the Commission I wondered if they gave the Commis­ sion all of the documents received from Judge Kelley or only some of the documents. I also wondered the extent to which some or all of the copies they provided to the Com­ mission had been altered or manipulated. NOTE: The New York office of the FBI received the original court and school records from Judge Florence Kelley and probably sent them to FBI headquarters in Washington, DC. The original records were probably in their possession when the Warren Commis­- sion requested them in 1964, but provided only photographic reproductions to the Com­- mission. The original New York school, court, and psychiatric records disappeared and have never been located. On September 8, 1995 Anne Buttimer, of the ARRB, began reviewing all Warren Com­ mission exhibits and FBI files pertaining to Lee Harvey Oswald to determine what ori- nal documents were already in the collection (National Archives). She wrote, "New York City School records. There are copies in the file along with a 1964 letter from the mayor of New York, Mayor Wagner, to Lee Rankin, stating that all of LHO's NYC school records were given to the FBI in New York City, and that it was Mayor Wagner's understand­- ing that the FBI in NY turned the originals over to the Warren Commission." On February 14, 1996 Doug Horne of the ARRB wrote a memo to Jeremy Gunn and said, "I propose that the Oswald project be defined as follows: A. Identify, locate and acquire for the archives Oswald's original school records, if they still exist. " Horne failed to locate a single one of Oswald's original New York school or court records. Joe Freeman, a Washington, DC-based private investigator working/or the ARRB, was assigned the task (by ARRB staff member Doug Horne) of locating and reviewing all original documents relating to Oswald's biography. After an exhaustive search, Freeman wrote a memo that stated, "All the school records and employment records I looked at in the Warren Commission Exhibit files at Archives II were copies. not originals. "43 53-08 The FBI fails to investigate Oswald's background Fallowing the assassination the FBI obtained the names of all of Oswald's class­ mates and teachers from PS #44, according to school Principal Nicholas Cicchetti, but failed to provide reports of those interviews to the Warren Commission.44 Commission attorney John Ely realized the FBI was providing little information on Oswald's background. After reading a detailed description of Oswald's life in Fort Worth, in Life Magazine, he wrote a memo to his boss and said, "We're getting more information from Life Magazine than we are from the FBI." In another memo Ely wrote, "Once again let me urge that we should not have to rely upon Life Magazine for such a list. The FBI should undertake a systematic identification and interview of Oswald's closest school friends. "45 53-02 But the Commission ignored Ely's memo, and never pressured the Bureau to interview Oswald's school friends in New York. In addition, the FBI failed to obtain re­ port cards, class photos, and not a single yearbook from any of the New York Schools. The only original item which the Commission had from New York was a photograph of Oswald standing in front of an iron fence at the Bronx Zoo, which appeared in the Feb­ ruary 21, 1964 edition of Life Magazine. --from Harvey and Lee, pp. 62-65, Copyright © 2003 by John Armstrong
  14. FBI agents, within hours of the assassination, began confiscating the school and teen-aged employment records of Lee Harvey Oswald. This was done before any known effort was made to determine if the alleged assassin had accomplices or if any other members of the U.S. government were targeted. A biography of “Lee Harvey Oswald” as a child and teenager eventually was created by the Warren Commission based largely of alleged copies of the original documents which disappeared while in FBI custody. Among the witnesses who contradicted the Warren Commission’s official biography were “Lee Harvey Oswald’s” mother Marguerite, his brother Robert, his half-brother John Pic, and school and work witnesses and friends including Maury Goodman, Louis Marzialle, Rita Paveur, Francis Mouton, Frank DiBenedetto, Gloria Callaghan, Palmer McBride, Frank Kudlaty, Fran Schubert, Myra DaRouse, Doug Gann, Bobby Pitts, Mark Summers, William Wulf, Walter Gehrke, Milton Kurian, Henry Timmer, and undoubtedly others not occurring to me at the moment. Members of the Warren Commission must have suspected something was wrong with the copies of “Lee Harvey Oswald’s” school records, because they requested originals from the FBI, which ignored the request. John Armstrong and the ARRB confirmed that there were no original school records whatsoever in the huge collection of documents in the JFK collection at the National Archives. WHY WERE “OSWALD’S” ORIGINAL SCHOOL AND OTHER RECORDS CONFISCATED AND DESTROYED? WHAT WAS THE FBI HIDING ABOUT “LEE HARVEY OSWALD’S” CHILDHOOD BIOGRAPHY?
  15. Of course, Tracy isn't suspicious of anything in this case. Even if a footnote jumped out of the WCR, put on a sock and shoe, and stepped on his foot he'd just say something like, "Happens all the time with these pesky notes."