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  1. Maybe you should go to and order yourself a sense of humor.
  2. We know that Israel's Rabin was in Dallas on 11/22/63. Doesn't PM look sort of like Golda Meir? Maybe she's holding a walkie talkie. ("Yeah, Yitzhak, he's still inside the building.")
  3. On headscarves, I wonder if a woman working in the TSBD would put on a headscarf just to go out on the top of the steps. The women wearing headscarves are out on the street. It does appear that if PM was a woman, Sarah Stanton, she was not exactly in style. But I think about Miss Boyd. In the late 1950s, early 60s, she was a teacher in my high school. She was an old maid, built like a wrestler, and wore her hair short like a man's. Unusual, to be sure, but it's certainly possible that the office worker Sarah Stanton, like Miss Boyd, was not a glamorous lady.
  4. I haven't really thought about his or her height. I think it could be a woman because it looks like she's wearing a dress. Or course it could be a man with a loose work shirt (and matching pants) too. IMO it's either Stanton or Oswald. As with so much else in this case, there's no way to reach a conclusion.
  5. Sandy, Have you ever known a woman who looks like a man? I have. I have a hard time attracting better-looking ones.
  6. Thanks. Very informative. From the link: "If the Prayer Man figure was a woman who worked in the TSBD, the only plausible candidates are Pauline Sanders and Sarah Stanton, both of whom were standing on or near the top step, though probably at the opposite end from Prayer Man." Why "at the opposite end from Prayer Man"? Lovelady said "I was standing on the top step to the far right against the wall," and Shelley and Sarah Stanton "were standing next to me." That puts Sarah Stanton on the right side of the steps (the right side looking out from the steps, which I assume is what Lovelady meant). And Frazier saw Sarah Stanton with Shelley and Lovelady, and described her as "a heavy-set lady." (Back to the question of girth.) The link says that Pauline Sanders and Sarah Stanton were standing "in the right general area" but their "clothes and hair were probably unlike Prayer Man's." How do we know that about their clothes and hair? Has heavy-set Sarah Stanton been reasonably identified in the photos of the people on the steps? Or could Sarah Stanton be Prayer Woman?
  7. You sound like the person to ask since you've done the research. I'm wondering about the possibility that someone on those steps could have said that Oswald was there, but that any such reference was deleted from their testimony. That would be easy to do if "testimony" refers to FBI statements, since we know that the FBI liked to play around with statements and evidence. It's more complicated if "testimony" refers to statements before the Warren Commission. In the latter case anyone who had said Oswald was there would have been told or pressured to lie to the commission. Would you comment on the possibility of any statements being suppressed regarding Oswald's presence on the steps?
  8. Well I can't get over how fat "Oswald" looks here. And that can't be a loose work shirt as has been suggested. No loose shirt would look that wide on Oswald. A loose shirt is not much wider than the person wearing it. And what kind of shirt goes down to the knees if not the ankles?
  9. To my eyes PM's torso (his body below the arms) is lighter than the shadows around him. Does anyone disagree? And doesn't that torso look rather wide (certainly wider than Oswald's)?
  10. I haven't read this whole thread, and what I have to say has perhaps already been covered, debunked, or whatever. Anyway this is my two cents. What I see is a person wearing a dress, that is, a woman. The shoulders above the arm and the rest of the body below the arm look to be clothed in the same garment, a dress, with a rather wide midriff. While the head looks like it could be Oswald's, the girth of this person as seen below the arm is out of proportion with Oswald.
  11. I'm too ignorant and ill-informed to answer that. From here on I'm going to stick to the JFK Assassination Forum.
  12. I thought the whole evening was one big commercial for Tom Brady. What a cliff hanger. See Tom get in trouble. See Tom get in more trouble. Then see Tom get out of it!
  13. Paul, I'm not ignorant by choice, it was an accident of birth. I just wish I had your brains. You lucky devil.
  14. Oh, lighten up. It was a half-joke, I only mentioned it because she has blamed everything under the sun except her sorry self. "What difference, at this point, does it make?"
  15. It was a headline, news caption, or forum subject that I saw somewhere. I didn't bother to read the story or wait to hear it, because all I care about the Clintons now is that we are rid of them. At least I hope. I don't see how Comey and Putin could have had more effect on voters than the dozen or so women who publicly accused Trump of sexually assaulting them, with Trump himself claiming on audio tape that he molests women. I would imagine that things pretty well evened out, assuming that American voters have any decency.