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  1. I believe there was an article about this years ago in one of the JFK publications like The Third Decade. And unfortunately I can't remember anything about it except that there an airport involved, perhaps only incidentally. I don't believe it involved a plot in Grand Rapids but rather someone who was from Grand Rapids, but again I can't remember.
  2. Curtis LeMay was never "chairman of the joint chiefs of staff."
  3. Heh heh heh. He said "reasonable" and "sensible" about the SBT.
  4. I believe that Lipsey stated the reason for the decoy ambulance was not fear of interception of the body, but concern about the mob of people at Bethesda awaiting the body's arrival. He said he was not even sure the chopper he was on could land safely because of the crowd. I would not be surprised, though, if they didn't have their story straight about why the decoy, and I agree the decoy was for nefarious reasons.
  5. It seems almost incredible that they would choose a patsy from a family that was friends with the Bushes, Bush being the obvious beneficiary of the patsy's action. I don't think the plotters would have chosen Hinckley on their own, I have to believe that Bush informed them of Hinckley's existence as a good patsy prospect, so they went ahead and used him (knowing they were going to get away with the operation regardless). But who knows. This country's in good hands, isn't it?
  6. Sure, but what do they care about speculation? As usual they got away with it. The only thing that went wrong with the plot was that Reagan was too dumb to die.
  7. Why not? Consider the fact that the Bush family was friendly on a direct basis with the Hinckley family, home of an excellent patsy for a presidential shoot. Blowback? There wasn't any. Oh, I think some fringe website coined the phrase "the Bushy Knoll," but so what? (Hinckley even bought his gun on Elm Street in Dallas. Boy, that Deep State has a wicked sense of humor.)
  8. David, I remain intrigued by the fact that Maxwell Taylor, according to his son John M. Taylor (in his book An American Soldier), cried on two occasions when the subject of the JFK assassination came up. That doesn't strike me as the kind of reaction one would expect from an Army general who simply may have been fond of the late president.
  9. I said they "indirectly crossed paths, so to speak," didn't I? I didn't say they bumped into each other. And you can attack my logic all you want. IMHO anyone who has had any connection in their life with Allen Dulles, no matter how indirect and inconsequential, needs to go take a shower. And to repeat, I hate coincidences, but I have no evidence that Ruth Paine was involved in anything other than fascinating coincidences. That's why I'm very interested in reading David's long-awaited book in this regard.
  10. You are also saying that it was a coincidence that Ruth Paine and Allen Dulles indirectly crossed paths, so to speak, through the mistress. It either means something or it was a coincidence. I personally hate coincidences in cases like Dallas and 9/11 and so forth, which doesn't mean it wasn't a coincidence.