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  1. Sad to hear. I would have to go back and read her story again. (Don't know if there's one good source for that or not.) But I never quite understood what the purpose could have been behind what she said she went through (the weird doctor with his Caroline's pony Macaroni, etc.).
  2. From the title of the thread, I thought you were posting about Donald Trump.
  3. Fine job, Jim. Noticed a typo in your Welcoming Remarks: "To put it mildly, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Tim Kaine do not come close to the those leaders—in any way, shape or form."
  4. Now Roger Maris was a very strange case. He hit those 61 home runs, then as I recall he wound up playing for the Cardinals and couldn't hit a home run to save his life. I think there must have been some kind of conspiracy involving the pitchers.
  5. Actually it's very commendable that you have a link to Jim's site. It will be even more commendable if Jim's new site convinces you that there was a conspiracy.
  6. Jim, I also will add a new link replacing the CTKA link on my own modest website. My link will be better than David's link. I think David's link will have an asterisk beside it, with a note at the bottom saying, "Don't believe this link."
  7. The Republicans may turn green when this is over.
  8. It would be too easy a solution to do away with electronic voting machines in this country. It's much better to worry every four years about stolen elections through hacking.
  9. I have nothing further to say to Tom Neal. Just for the record. He can make up anything or say anything more about me that he wants. I will not respond.
  10. What's pathetic is your complete lack of a sense of humor. That's a terrible way to go through life.
  11. Stop with the quotation marks and give me a link. You're making that up and YOU KNOW IT.
  12. We finally got him! Was it an exploding cigar?
  13. Certainly.
  14. If others at the State Dept had private email servers, did they have them installed in their homes? Clinton violated the law if it was grossly negligent to have classified material on such a server. Comey decided, of course, that she was only "extremely careless." He didn't explain the difference.