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  1. I always laugh when I hear current concerns about the Bureau's reputation in today's political dramas. As a prime example I remember talking heads saying that James Comey (who said the FBI "doesn't care about politics") would handle the Clinton e-mail controversy the right way because the FBI's "credibility is at stake." Ha ha ha ha. What credibility?
  2. I find it curious that instead of arresting Groden 82 times for breaking no law, they didn't pass whatever law or ordinance they needed to stop him after the first, oh, 10 or 20 arrests. I've heard of little girls having their lemonade stands shut down because they didn't have a license. Yet the folks in Dallas couldn't think of any legal way to stop Groden for selling his merchandise in Dealey Plaza?
  3. It was not the only motive. The assassination was essentially Operation Northwoods re-directed to another target whom they had more than one reason to get rid of.
  4. It was all going to be blamed on Castro. And yes, If a car bomb had been used, there would have been plenty of citizens volunteering for the invasion of Cuba.
  5. If the assassination was in essence a military coup d'etat, I think it's reasonable to assume that an overt coup, openly taking over, was the plan of last result. But I wonder, in that case, if an overt coup wouldn't have been preferable for the plotters as the plan of first resort. That is, simply relieving JFK of command and removing him from the White House. The PR would be bad, but can you imagine how bad the PR would be if they maimed him first in a failed assassination attempt? They must have been 100 percent certain that the assassination would succeed, which means they must have had every base covered from Dealey Plaza to the ER room in Parkland.
  6. I believe it was Hemming who said that a bomb was to go off under the overpass if the shooting failed to kill JFK. If true, I'm sure that gave Greer plenty of incentive to see that the shooting succeeded.
  7. I do have one other thing to say about it. See the thread I just posted on the JFK Assassination Information Center and the Z film.
  8. While I was in Dallas in 1990, I went to the JFK Assassination Information Center, which was co-directed by J. Gary Shaw and Larry Howard. I'm pretty sure it was there that I watched a version of the Z film, shown regularly (I assume) in a screening room in the center. (My father and I were the only two people in the room.) I say "a version" of the film, because what I remember seeing was unlike the Z film that we all know and loathe. For one thing I remember it being in black and white, and shot from more behind the limo than from Zapruder's position. What I remember most clearly is the flap that opened up on the side of JFK's head. It looked completely phony, like a bad drawing somehow pasted into the film. Now I'm not one to brag about my memory. I've previously posted about a distinct memory I have of watching live TV coverage of the Dallas casket's arrival in front of Bethesda, where it sat unattended for several minutes. I seem to be the only person on the planet with this memory, and Gary Mack assured me there was no live TV coverage (which seems pretty odd since there were thousands of people there, according to Lt. Lipsey, who was afraid his chopper couldn't land safely at Bethesda because of the multitude). So I don't entirely trust my memory of the film I saw in 1990, since I have no idea what it could have been other than the Z film that we know. (If it was the famous or infamous "other Z film" that has been rumored to exist, I fail to see how it could be just a rumor if it was being regularly shown at Shaw and Howard's place.) But I know I am not the only JFK researcher who visited the JFK Assassination Information Center, and surely there are people in the research community who watched the same film there that I did. So I would love to hear from anyone who did watch the Z film at the center with respect to how they remember it.
  9. I haven't thought much more about it. For one thing, I'm not qualified to discuss the technicalities of photography re Z film alteration, or what the CIA was or was not capable of doing with the film in 1963. I've wondered, if the film was altered, why they didn't remove the most obvious indication of conspiracy, the backward head snap. I assume it would be because it would be impossible to remove the head snap without alteration being obvious. As I recall, Sherry Gutierrez postulated that a shot from the south end of the overpass or from the south knoll area cleared the windshield, hit JFK in the right temple as his head was turned, blew out the flap in passing and exited the rear of the head. That sounds like perhaps the most likely scenario, with Jackie then holding the flap down in place on the way to the hospital and it going unnoticed by the busy doctors. We know there was a conspiracy whether the Z film was altered or not. But if it was altered, the question of who had the means and opportunity to do so certainly narrows the field as to who was involved in the conspiracy.
  10. Fake news.
  11. I'm watching it. But I'm too ignorant and ill-informed to comment.
  12. Maybe you should go to and order yourself a sense of humor.
  13. We know that Israel's Rabin was in Dallas on 11/22/63. Doesn't PM look sort of like Golda Meir? Maybe she's holding a walkie talkie. ("Yeah, Yitzhak, he's still inside the building.")
  14. On headscarves, I wonder if a woman working in the TSBD would put on a headscarf just to go out on the top of the steps. The women wearing headscarves are out on the street. It does appear that if PM was a woman, Sarah Stanton, she was not exactly in style. But I think about Miss Boyd. In the late 1950s, early 60s, she was a teacher in my high school. She was an old maid, built like a wrestler, and wore her hair short like a man's. Unusual, to be sure, but it's certainly possible that the office worker Sarah Stanton, like Miss Boyd, was not a glamorous lady.
  15. I haven't really thought about his or her height. I think it could be a woman because it looks like she's wearing a dress. Or course it could be a man with a loose work shirt (and matching pants) too. IMO it's either Stanton or Oswald. As with so much else in this case, there's no way to reach a conclusion.