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  1. That works. Thanks.
  2. Larry, The link requires log in. I clicked on "Register," and it wants me to create a blog or website.
  3. And my point is that the bullet, as rare as it was, was planted by somebody. If it was Williams (and David Lifton is certain it wasn't), I have no grounds to dispute what you say about the FBI never having heard of this ammunition. So I think it's safe to say, then, that Williams or whoever it was was given the bullet by someone outside of the FBI.
  4. Gary, You are talking about official FBI records about this kind of ammunition, right? Well, whoever planted the bullet was complicit in the plot. And if the FBI was complicit in the plot (i.e. if Williams was given the bullet by Federal Bogus Investigations to plant in the hospital), then it's not surprising that there is no official record of the FBI ever having or having "heard of" this ammunition. It was all done on the sly, as they say.
  5. Well, whoever planted the bullet had to get it from somewhere. If Williams planted it, I think the answer is easy. He got it from the FBI.
  6. In his HSCA interview, Lt. Lipsey describes going to Bethesda by helicopter, though the body went in a hearse. http://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/hsca/med_testimony/Lipsey_1-18-78/HSCA-Lipsey.htm
  7. Not that you have to keep everything relative in the Tennessee hills. Once I had a girl on Rocky TopHalf bear, other half catWild as a mink, but sweet as soda popI still dream about that
  8. There's a lot of inbreeding in Tennessee. You might say it's one big happy family.
  9. I think one "proof" that the CIA was involved is Nixon's "smoking gun" tape, in which he told Haldeman to tell the CIA that the FBI investigation could open up "the whole Bay of Pigs thing." When Haldeman told that to Helms, to Haldeman's surprise Helms blew up ("This has nothing to do with the Bay of Pigs!"). Haldeman later concluded they must have been talking about the JFK assassination. Now why would Nixon call it "the Bay of Pigs thing" (a CIA fiasco) unless it could mean big trouble for the CIA? And why did Helms blow up? I think Helms took it, rightly or wrongly, as a veiled threat from Nixon to expose the CIA's role in the assassination. (On another tape Nixon remarked that "that Hunt knows a lot of things." Apparently Nixon knew a lot of things too.)
  10. I won't say what Bob Schieffer reminds me of.
  11. Don't be mean.
  12. Hmm. The Russians invade, and Vaganov is born. Sounds like he may have had a Russian father. Though that doesn't mean any later Russian connection.
  13. Yes, thanks. According to Kelly, he was Latvian, not Russian. But he would certainly seem to deserve more attention.
  14. If someone can refresh my memory (and this may be irrelevant), who was the guy in Dallas with the Russian-sounding name who someone at some point tried to include among the suspects? I think his last name started with a V but that's all I can remember.
  15. I still want an answer. Can't you understand that I don't agree with yours?