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  1. You are correct, Jim. I would like to add a "missing link" that has not been mentioned much publicly but for me turned out to be a critical breakthrough, one that I never expected at a time when I could really use one. I guess it is true what they say: "God works in mysterious ways". :-) I really did TWO completely separate jobs. The first one was announced here in the Ed Forum, the material was donated to the Mary Ferrell Foundation, what Jeff and Rex call "scrapping" and I -always looking for extra effect, as a fan of Joe Kennedy Sr- call "hacking". One is too lame (reminds people of "bottom of the barrel") and the other too risque. Let's meet in the middle and say that it was an "Incursion". The 2nd. job was done when I learned about the FOIA Action being introduced and granted. I found the original FOIA requester in LinkedIn, asked if him if there was a better copy, he told me: "That's all they delivered and I am DONE with JFK FOIAs, feel free to introduce new ones" I was shocked when I saw the awful quality: it was obvious that the original information was in an Excel file, which they scanned at the worst possible quality (next they wonder why there are so many conspiracies that point the finger to the Archives) and pushed it inside a PDF file. Bill Kelly, the CAPA spokesperson, asked me for help (and/or I volunteered). I hired a lady from Sri Lanka, a veritable expert in OCR (computer-based and human-eye-based), BithiXpert, The Lady from Sri Lanka Who Did a Great Job She triple checked the 3,600+ RIFs plus the other fields. A few RIFs and words were outside the scanned area but based on my clone website, I was able to figure them out. I have publicly chastised the National Archives' authorities in no uncertain terms. My words have been along these lines: "Mr. Ferriero and Ms. Murphy: What you have delivered is an insult. Next time you deliver any information show some respect for your employers, The People" (but I still get the golden treatment every time I ask them if I can bring a high quality digital film digitizer to the sacred room or make an autopsy expert co-signed donation of a 3D model of the cranium to The Archives, go figure). Our esteemed doctor David Mantik says that he has reached the end with Paul Kirk: Paul Kirk, Kennedys Lawyer while my experience is the total opposite. I could not possibly ask for better attention and approval to my requests. Next, I had to write some computer programs in order to give CAPA the records by Agency, by RIF Number, etc. Larry Schnapf was looking all over the place for somebody that knew 3D and Bill Kelly recommended me. Initially doctor Mantik was not "too sanguine" (Larry's words) about my proposal. Eventually he conceded that it is a good idea to digitize the 2 X-rays (for the densitometer work by him and Dr. Michael Chesser) PLUS my plan to deliver the 2 DICOM files to the Berlin researchers who have declared to be able to definitely determine whether the X-rays are genuine. For now, let's just say that such declaration resulted in tectonic plate shifts this side of The Pond. 3D Reconstruction of Anatomical Structures from 2D X Ray Images At this point, I am not sure whether the CAPA Mock Trial of Lee will use that evidence or that investigation will be postponed until after November. :-( -Ramon
  2. For a few years, I have been hunting the pair below and other rare, highly specialized scientists who know about Cranium and Brain Ballistics. There is this young lady: Aurélie Jean https://www.linkedin.com/in/aurélie-jean-phd-aa045932/ (scroll down, to "Brain Tissue Mechanics") who clearly has a gazillion followers. She has not replied yet, but I am not deterred by doors being shut in my face. (BTW: RMS has been close, impatient about my "sub-plots" -I apologized, asked him to give me a second chance- but still has not sent me on my way to Hades). I was also after this handsome young fellow: Kwong Ming Tse After I sent him an invitation, Kowng joined immediately. Several other people (who have no idea about Brain Mechanics) with titles like "Trauma Manager" (a suit lady), or nurses, etc. from the "Brain Trauma Foundation" which deals with people who are alive, joined as well. I have not even written the first post. The funny part is that I envision Kwong Ming Tse, patiently sitting in his movie theater chair, wondering: "Humm, it is awfully quiet in here, I wonder when the movie or attraction starts?" I have not gathered the courage to tell him: "Esteemed Kwong: YOU are the main (*) attraction!" -Ramon (*) "and so far the only, unless you persuade Aurélie Jean to join us". ps: Check Out the Expert that I just Scored, Larry!
  3. Michael: But those 3 groups are strictly professional! Dark, you said? My politics could not possibly be more light and transparent, like a fine glass. Darkness need not apply, I will leave that for our esteemed counterparts of the LN persuasion. :-) Similarly, there is zero history (unless it is an old, seminal scientific paper). That said, I do get your point. With the utmost respect (check Larry Hancock's post and mine below) to my respected/admired counterparts of the non-scientific persuasion: Been there, done that, have the t-shirt, dear Vince Larry is doing a wonderful, low profile work, behind the glamorous scenes ... my goal is to sharp elbow the historians, lawyers, journalists [we only have one, my former e-boss :-) ], sociologists [sorry, Vince :-) ]. In short, what I am doing is telling them: "move over gals and gents, the 21st. century science & technology just arrived". I am including Free Libre Open Source Software/3D Modeling -as opposed to the Myers and PBS insulting charades- as 21st. century technology. [BTW: Don't care about being diplomatic with lawyer jokes, no apologies necessary: like Jews and Gays, they have the very best, self-deprecating jokes themselves. See Hollywood, Will&Grace, etc., etc. :-) ] Does that mean that the Michael Clarks and Vanessas of the world have to get busy: "Chop, chop, Vanessa/Michael, be a dear and get a couple of PhDs + Postdoc in Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics -specialized in Cranium, Cerebrum and bullets, would ya'" ? Absolutely not! You are needed as self-appointed representatives of The People. You are the ones (have you seen "Grey's Anatomy"?) in the auditorium above the O.R., watching the surgery with vigilant eyes. You are the ones who were banned by Dulles, Hoover and LBJ in 1964 and again by professor Robert Blakey in 1976. [More on this in a few minutes - I have a cool, funny anecdote about THE highest qualified, world class scientist who I have been able to recruit for those Groups (aka my 3 children). ] Shalom, -Ramon
  4. This is the post that the Ed Forum community ignored, Vanessa. -RFH
  5. I found it annoying, until I realized that there are two types of users: producers and consumers. - The person who controls the drive has the usual PC-like needs: he may select multiple files to be moved/deleted. Think of this environment as being in a PC. His end product is a link that he gives to ... - The people who just peruse and look around. They do not rename files, etc. Think of this environment as a (hyperlinked) web page. After a while, their design confirms why Google employs so many geniuses. -Ramon
  6. DVP: In my years of experience with those drives (I call them "A Poor Man's Website" :-) when I am logged in, I need to double click. Next, in order to duplicate some other user's experience I log out from Google (have 4 "personalities") and a single click is all it is needed. -RFH
  7. Not really!! I have posted in my previous home, JFK Facts, where I e-worked something along these lines: "I don't know about you esteemed participants, but I am convinced that there will be NOTHING of relevance in the so-called (by Jeff, in the private copy of the Newsweek article that he sent me a month ago, asking authorization to use my name) document trove. Martha Murphy, the judge, etc, people who have seen everything have said as much. I for one do not intend to suffer that ignominy, die like Gaeton and so many others without seeing The Truth and therefore have been preparing a Plan B for years (that would be the tech+sci angle)" My position is nicely illustrated in the video below. It was part of a project in which I embarked persuaded by Marie Fonzi, PhD: I had Bill O'Reilly in my crosshairs, was furious and determined to retaliate on behalf of the JFK community (bought the domain Killing-OReilly.com), but she, as a mother and teacher who has dedicated her effort to children: The Geography Bee by Marie Fonzi made me change my mind and work on more positive things. "Apply your talent to something more inspiring, Ramon, that POS [she used other, more lady-like terms] is not worth you getting upset". The result is below. A sort of "Virtual Children's Museum". Children's Playground [Depending on whether you are logged in Google, you may need to click once or twice] Check out Patrick Henry, personified by Michael Douglas. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death That passion, also expressed by doctor Wecht in the old videos is what I am aiming for, esteemed Michael. [Paul Brancato:] "I think Ramon is excited, and perhaps his presentation to us is his personal style " You can say that again, Sir. -Ramon
  8. Precisely. Expect more posts like that (not the cryptic part but the chest-thumping, braggadocio, name dropping, etc. definitely there is more where that came from, folks!). I guess it comes from my mom: "This is what happened, we were 12 brothers and sisters and we had to make a LOT of noise to get attention (food, whatever)". Same in forumland. Each poster is competing for a limited number of eyeballs, attention and time. I believe that what I have to say is a breakthrough of historical proportions, pardon the hyperbole. More precisely: In the next days/weeks/months I will attempt to claim the following: Mr. Herrera is THE Science and Technology Advisor to: - C.A.P.A. (don't believe me? Ask Dr. Cyril Wecht) - Kennedys and King (don't believe me? Ask Jim DiEugenio) - Mary Ferrel Foundation (they accepted my donation of the NARA collection by a 6 person unanimity, plus Marie is my Guardian Angel, she led all this for me. Larry Hancock is my confidant [for lack of a better term], supported my donation from day zero. Grabbed -somebody who shall remain nameless- :-) by the arm bringing attention to the magnitude of what I had. - AARC Library (I believe I have the firm support of the physicians -with whom I am in daily contact- In fact, my new boss is not Larry Schnapf anymore, but Dr. Aguilar. I appointed him as such, he graciously accepted. However, I don't even know the rest of members) - JFK Facts (expected this to be 50-50, but they are off the Dog House now) - JFK Assassination Forum (the owner, our esteemed Duncan McRae hates my guts, but his subscribers -even some LNs- love what I bring to the table. I guess the only resolution is challenging him to a duel. :-) - The Education Forum (it is implicit since this is my home. That said, some sort of official statement would be nice: consider that an application for that vacant position. Kathy cannot complain: "Well, Shucky derns! We didn't make the list." anymore.) Incidentally, to some of those and other groups, say the John McAdams newsgroup I am their Science and Technology Advisor by self-appointment. Heck, in this endeavor one has to have a lot of initiative, my friends! Next, I expect readers to follow the maxim: Dare to Speak Truth to Power (real or claimed! In this case, the latter) -Ramon (who actually is quite humble in person but highly experienced in transforming idle talk forums in actual activism and tangible results) ps: Next, I expect some of you nice folks to ask: "I understand you coming up with high tech stuff that has never been applied to the murder case, but why you and only you? Are we in such sorry state that the only member of the community who deals with sci+tech is you? If that is the case, boy! are we up a creek without a paddle!!"
  9. I am writing an article about the whole sordid affair, soon to appear in KennedysAndKing.com which will provide all the details. The Education Forum is not explicitly mentioned in Newsweek, but it is an integral part of the community's recent activism. For instance, you and any reader should remember this. I have made a formal public promise -something not always easy- and ask every activist to make it as well, with the utmost respect, that with this Humble Servant you will get: • The Truth • The Whole Truth • Nothing but the Truth (not so sure about the God part, he may say: "Hey, leave me out of this!" :-) The above necessarily implies the following: Dare to Speak Truth to Power I thank you for having done that just now, in your post. That is all I can say at the moment. ps: Who is RMS
  10. Hola Vanessa: :-) Sorry for being a little cryptic. I was referring to an article by Jeff Morley and Rex Bradford that has been scheduled to appear in Newsweek this week. The topic is the documents to be released on October 26 by the National Archives and how we -the JFK Community- should tell the US government: "We are watching you. Respectfully and closely" In addition to the job done at JFK Facts, the whole original operation was launched from the Education Forum. See more here: Houston Mock Trial in November -Ramon
  11. Just between you, me, the lamppost ... and the huge mailing traffic that most of you don't know. Ask The Alpha Male of this forum - due respect to the other male or female contenders. He has been quizzing me (more like Angleton debriefing Nosenko!). Wants to know very detail in the last nail-biting hours. Plus pressuring me to have The Real Version of The Hacking Story ready for you folks. Newsweek does not have the cojones to publish the unsanitized story, KennedysAndKing does. -Ramon ps: Are there any colleague programmers out there? I am really close to landing THE greatest ever, for Our Endeavor, but RMS (hint: is a clueless LN, too busy changing the world) is quickly studying the JFK case while considering whether he should join us. [After the fact addendum:] I am disappointed to post that Richard is very busy and has trouble digesting the massive amount of material I sent him. The two days before the publishing of the Newsweek article produced a huge mailing traffic (don't believe me? ask Jim Di or Larry Hancock) which I forwarded to him. Something similar happened with the Wechts: they literally begged me (in the most polite manner) to suspend the material until June 5th. when the Summer break started. Long story short: I URGENTLY need a web site. Have the domain already. Not sure which one is best: WeAreReadyForTheTruth.org WeCanHandleTheTruth.org Respect to Richard Stallman: He encourages people to CALL him, to insist if it is important. The man acknowledges the large number of messages that he receives. His e-mail address must be the most famous on the Internet, and he tries very hard to read everything. What this country and the world needs is more Richard Stallmans. I will be sharing public and private anecdotes.
  12. [Previous Thread: Introducing... The SS-100-X Lincoln Continental ] Oh, incidentally. For a reconstruction like the Official Ones done by ABC/Dale Myers and PBS/Koch Brothers you will need the blueprints of the limo, correct? I acquired this car model, based on publicly available photos, etc. ... SS-100-X Model ... and made a deal with the Russian company that makes it. They have been most kind (*) and offered to make any modifications. For instance, the real color is not black but blue and they obliged in about 24 hours. The Russians Never Fail to Give Me Help (Have a letter to Putin ready) -Ramon (*) Have I mentioned lately that I get a lot more technical help from people and companies outside the US?
  13. Note: This is required prerequisite reading: Four Reconstructions of the Crime ===================================== Hi Vince: Here's a couple of recent, personal experiences that fully confirm your assertions. One is about the people promoting the OFFICIAL story being who get the resources, info, etc. and the other is about the $10k amount. With due respect for your irreplaceable work: if the community happened to have 10 grand handy (say that we found it, forgotten in our collective change pocket :-), I happen to know of a use which is a lot more earth-shaking, paradigm altering than yet another been-there-done-that-have-the-t-shirt Clint Hill interview. Read on. (a) I have been inviting readers to try the following. Just repeat what I did. The objective is to obtain the laser measurements from the PBS Nova special that was financed by the Koch Bothers, who obviously have an ulterior motive, an agenda attempting to prop the Official Lie. Talk about conflict of interest and betrayal to PBS' charter ... 2 Relevant Video Clips - Contact PBS and their Ombudsman. PBS Has Betrayed Us - Next, insist to call and e-mail the Haags. CTs Don't Need to Apply Will Lie for a Reasonable Fee - Finally, try contacting Leica Geosystems. The person who did the work is Tony Grissim. Leica Geosystems Won't Release the Laser Measurements for All the Money in the World Immediately, I was able to reach was his assistant, a fellow Latina. The broken-record pattern is this: They showed great interest, told me that they could sell me the fancy equipment. Do I need just a one-time survey of one location? No problemo, they can do the laser survey for me. Next, utter the words "Dealey Plaza" and that will be the last time you hear/read from them. [More to come, I owe you part (b)] -Ramon
  14. Kathy and Tom: I gave it a lot of thought, I really did. The thing is that I feel so much at home in the Education Forum (it would be like congratulating myself), plus Jim Di is so integral part of it that I figure the "grade" obtained by Kennedys and King is shared by the Ed Forum. In any event, when I wrote it, I had all those fine institutions in my cross-hairs -still do- and asked from readers to Speak Truth to Power and demand more. We cannot possibly demand anything more from the EF! You guys are wonderful. Am I off the hook? :-) -RFH
  15. Hi Ron: Being a humble contributor to the event, at this -admittedly early- stage I would grade the JFK organizations as shown below (*). This is a reflection of what I have seen so far: - CAPA, Indisputable Leader: A+ (unless the Big Event, aka trip to The Archives fails to materialize) - Kennedys and King: A+ (unqualified) The rest of organizations: - AARC Library - MFF - JFK Facts - JFK Lancer - JFK Assassination Forum - Greg Burnham's Site - John McAdams' Newsgroup - PBS Nova's Cold Case special, led by Dr. Peter Cummings and the Haags. - etc. have lower grades, which I will keep under advisement. Thanks! -Ramon (*) Dare to Speak Truth to Power.