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  1. The whole Wilcott matter can be summed up this way. You can believe that Wilcott was correct in his assertions and LHO was part of a CIA program. In that case, at least 18 CIA employees from Tokyo chose to lie to the HSCA. It would probably be more than that though. These people remained silent throughout the years as did any family members they would have undoubtedly told. No deathbed confessions, no seeking out of investigative journalists. Or you can believe that Wilcott, was disgruntled because of an investigation of him by the CIA that he felt was unfair. You can believe that Wilcott came to think that certain actions taken by the CIA were incorrect (as he stated in his testimony). You can believe that Wilcott became enamored of radical (for the time) left-wing views. And you can assume that as a person with all of these beliefs and ideas that he probably availed himself of the literature regarding the JFK assassination which was (and is) predominantly pro-conspiracy. This literature reinforced his beliefs regarding what happened at Tokyo. With all of this in mind, you then can understand how he could have misconstrued gossip that he heard while working at the CIA and misremembered (as we know happened in the case of one employee who was not in Japan when he said he was) some facts to arrive at his false conclusion.
  2. No, I discovered it before your post. However, if you found an error on my site and I agreed with you that it was an error, I would change it. My primary concern is the facts. In this case, I would say that rather than an error, it was an overreach on their part.
  3. Well Wilcott did, but I can see why you would say that.
  4. I mentioned in a previous post how I came to make that change. I reviewed Wilcott's testimony with the HSCA bullet points and found that one assertion was not fully supported so I removed it. As far as Wilcott protecting anyone, he named several persons that he may have spoken to about LHO. The HSCA interviewed 18 employees from Tokyo and not one would confirm any of his allegations.
  5. I am a LNer regarding the JFK case but I might hold conspiracy theories on other topics-you never know.
  6. His is a private forum so they get a little wild sometimes.
  7. No character assassination, all based on facts. From the CIA's perspective considering the time period, Wilcott's association with anti-war or left-wing types which started before he even left the agency would not be considered a good thing. And he was a conspiracy theorist, that is, he believed in a JFK conspiracy no doubt due to books he had read. All facts.
  8. https://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1389-hargrove-s-20-alternative-facts-for-those-who-prefer-their-conspiracies-devoid-of-any-reality BTW, I am working on the Fonzi-Veciana-Bishop-Phillips story. It will be a blockbuster multi-part series using new documents. Look for the first part shortly.
  9. I'll be looking forward to that Jim since I work very hard to verify any assertions I make, unlike Armstrong, and I just rechecked everything. The page has been updated with new information about Wilcott, namely that he became an antiwar activist and conspiracy theorist after he left the CIA. He was also under investigation by the CIA during his employment for associating with left-wing types. All of this undoubtedly had an effect on his beliefs as related to LHO. I did remove one assertion made by the HSCA from my article because I did not feel it was properly supported. They said that Wilcott said the reason he did not go back and check disbursement records for evidence of an Oswald project was because he viewed the information he had received from other employees (about LHO being CIA) was shop talk and that he gave it little credence. While Wilcott did say that he understood some of the information he heard about LHO was of a speculative nature, he did not, in my reading of his testimony, say that was the reason he did not check disbursement records. So that has been removed. http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/03/james-wilcott.html
  10. I have no objection to anyone visiting your website. In fact, if you check the "resources" section of my site you will see your site listed there.
  11. For those who are interested, Parker has a large thread on this: https://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t87-the-mrs-jack-d-tippit-phone-call
  12. Sandy, I think you should get off the fence now and just say you are in the Armstrong camp. They would appreciate it I am sure as their numbers are dwindling.
  13. That sums up the Armstrong/Hargrove mindset very well. An anonymous phone call trumps the testimony of dozens of people who actually knew the one and only LHO. Lee Harvey Oswald learned the Russian language by speaking it every day in the Soviet Union for nearly three years as the record clearly shows. His proficiency was an evolution as the testimony of those who knew him proves. When he arrived in the Soviet Union, he spoke Russian very poorly, but by the time he made the acquaintance of the Russian community in the US, he was reasonably proficient. Nothing mysterious and nothing that requires "Harvey" to refrain from speaking his native language as Armstrong maintains and as we know did not happen: http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/03/lho-spoke-no-russian-in-russia.html
  14. Tommy, Wilcott couldn’t remember who first told him that LHO was CIA. From everything I have learned about him, I think he definitely would have told if he could remember. From his testimony: Goldstein: And who made these references to Oswald being an agent of the CIA? Wilcott: I can’t remember the exact persons. There was talk about it going on at the station and several months following at the station. Wilcott did prepare a list of people he worked with and he might have discussed the LHO allegations with. The HSCA interviewed several employees and none confirmed his story.