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  1. Any number of possible explanations. It could simply be a typo. As Sandy suggested, it could be an attempt to avoid creditors. Or it could be for some other unknown reason that would benefit Marguerite. It isn't an either-or situation-in other words this had to be immediately explained or there were two Oswalds.
  2. Like the entire H&L theory, this "update" is complete nonsense. Marguerite and LHO left New Orleans and moved to Texas in July 1956. Marguerite never returned. The "fact" that she moved to New Orleans is based, like so much of the H&L theory, mostly on mistaken eyewitness reports. People like Mrs. Logan Magruder and Mrs. Benny Comenge were just giving their best estimate as to when they saw Marguerite-they didn't keep a diary or anything. For a discussion of Paul's Shoe Store see: http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/02/pauls-shoe-store.html For Marguerite's addresses see: http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/02/marguerites-addresses.html
  3. Well, I think we are at a point of diminishing returns here and we will have to let the readers decide for themselves. I will admit that I have never undertaken a meticulous study of the testimony regarding the abuse and perhaps I should do that for myself at some point but have not previously because it is obvious that the abuse occurred.This apparently started as a means to gain control over her once they returned to the US. It apparently stopped when he felt he could no longer get away with it. You even admit that it occurred one time and that is all it takes to be an abused individual regardless of your attempts at semantics. There is also mental abuse which obviously happened when you consider the account in Marina & Lee. And as I mentioned before, he could have slapped her with an open hand any numbers of times and not left a mark. So the answer to the original question posed by this thread is a definite yes.
  4. He took them to pick up Marina's things and then drove her to the Fords.
  5. They all saw exactly the same bruise in exactly the same place and described it in exactly the same way? I think you're having a bad dream Sandy. BTW, how do you explain the extensive discussion of the abuse in Marina & Lee? Or have you even read it? You are in denial I'm afraid. The abuse doesn't prove LHO killed JFK anyway so I am a little surprised that you are so adamant about this subject. BTW, if LHO merely slapped Marina, it wouldn't necessarily leave a bruise. Again, try telling the judge that you are not abusing your wife you're just slapping her.
  6. Yes I have a theory. It is obviously a typo.
  7. Chris, I honestly didn't know if you were referring to GDM's testimony concerning his confrontation of LHO or something else. Turns out it was something else. In later years, GDM became concerned that he might have influenced LHO's killing of JFK and this caused him to become depressed and mentally unbalanced or at least contributed to it. This, along with the doubtless influence of conspiracy theories, accounts for some of the things in his book. I think more weight should be given to his WC testimony than to what he said in later years in a manuscript.
  8. It is not surprising to me that Klienlerer was the only one to witness the abuse firsthand. LHO could hardly be expected to go around in public slapping Marina around-that was bound to attract attention. The abuse he witnessed occurred at the Hall's home indoors where no one else could see. On this occasion LHO lost his temper and slapped her. He wasn't worried about Klienlerer who was admittedly afraid of him. If Klienlerer said anything it was his word against LHO's. But while only Klienlerer saw the abuse, several others including Marguerite saw the bruises. Marguerite confronted LHO who told her to mind her own business. Marina may have said LHO wasn't violent at one point, but the book Marina & Lee says otherwise. To sum up, plenty of evidence LHO abused Marina.
  9. What happened was that Marina left LHO and went to stay at Anna Meller's house. The date is uncertain but it was possibly on Monday, November 5, 1962. Probably the next Sunday the 11th, a meeting was arranged between Marina and LHO at the de Mohrenschildt's place. Marina did not want to go back with LHO and the De Mohrenschildts drove them to the Elsbeth apartment to get her things where the scene you mention occurred. This is all documented by Marina's biographer in Marina & Lee. So de Mohrenschildt was a key player in the incident. Now, you might say that McMillian can't be trusted because she is "CIA." But Marina, while she now believes in conspiracy, has not taken back anything in the book.
  10. Careful Sandy. This type of speculation and deviation from the Armstrong doctrine could get you excommunicated. Seriously, there is an answer-the theory is nonsense.
  11. Well, off the top of my head I don't remember "the whole tale." Let's do it this way-what part of his story don't you find credible.
  12. Hughes gives the book a positive review but wisely adds the following caveat at the end: "without corroboration in key parts, its plausibility should be weighted carefully by the discerning reader."
  13. That is an assumption on my part, but he was confronted regarding the abuse by de Mohrenschildt whose opinion he apparently respected.
  14. My point was, no abuse was ever alleged while they were in Russia. LHO apparently saw the abuse as a way to gain strict control over Marina after they returned to the US. he eventually gave up on it because he realized he could not continue to get away with it.
  15. Michael, Let me clarify. Only Klienlerer witnessed the abuse first hand. The abuse only occurred during a specific period of time and thereafter LHO stopped, apparently because he felt he could no longer get away with it. But not every person that knew him could be expected to have either witnessed the abuse or the bruises because it occurred during a specific time frame.