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  1. A report on Antonio Veciana's appearance at the AARC conference. The highlight was Veciana's new claim that David Atlee Phillips imagined and organized the entire Mexico City scenario. http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/05/veciana-and-aarc-conference.html
  2. Part 2 of my series continues a skeptical look at the Veciana allegations as promoted by Gaeton Fonzi. http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/05/gaeton-fonzi-and-veciana-allegations.html I also include several documents (scroll to bottom of page) that are unavailable at Mary Ferrell including: Interview of Ross Crozier Interview of Colonel Sam Kail Outside Contact Report-Antonio Veciana 8-30-78 Outside Contact Report-Jose Veciana Fonzi memos to Dave Marston Miscellaneous documents on Veciana from the State department and DOD Fonzi-Veciana interview of May 10, 1976 Memo from Fonzi to Troy Gustavson
  3. He was either a false defector or was so incompetent that the information he provided was basically worthless.
  4. The point is not that I want people to believe the government. The point is that Armstrong uses the WC, the FBI, the HSCA and other government sources extensively in his book so he must attach some validity to government sources. Anyone van download the PDF of the book from the Internet and search his sources if you don't believe me. Armstrong is only suspicious of the government evidence that does not support his case and accepts that which he thinks does support him.
  5. But in order to see Jim's "simple truth" you have to ignore many other scientific truths. http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/01/the-truth-about-harvey-lee.html Jim's response to my article will be that you can't trust the HSCA. But Jim and Armstrong use the HSCA and the FBI and anyone else when it suits their purpose to do so. And Hartogs overstated his case before the WC and was called out by Wesley Liebeler, so his original report represents the truth not a book written later that was obviously embellished for sales purposes.
  6. Others thought the sketch looked like someone else or they didn't mention Phillips. It's subjective.
  7. Yes, please do read the HSCA volume X report on Veciana by Fonzi. And then read the original interview notes I have made available to see how the story morphed: http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/04/gaeton-fonzi-and-veciana-allegations.html
  8. The "implication" is simply that he spoke Russian with an accent. Marina never implied that LHO was a native speaker of the language. As for Webster, the only "evidence" that Marina met him at all is Dick Russell's interview of Webster when he was in a nursing home. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall during that conversation to see how the questions were presented and answered, but if Webster said that, he was wrong. There is no evidence Marina spoke English although she may have understood what others were saying to an extent by the time she arrived in the US.
  9. +1
  10. And this was such a fun thread for a while..
  11. Jim's own source sinks his ship here. LHO had to work on Russian to keep up with the language. He did this by reading Russian literature and conversing with Marina who he discouraged from learning English. Would a "native" Russian speaker need to do this?
  12. Any perceived deceptiveness on LHO's part can be explained by the fact that he correctly assumed the KGB was surveilling him and was distrustful of authority figures.
  13. Errol Flynn on the right.
  14. Jim Hargrove has several problems trying to convince people that "Harvey" was a Hungarian-born individual who spoke perfect Russian from the start of his Soviet adventure. 1. The entire premise is based on an anonymous phone call to Mrs. Jack Tippit. There is not a bit of other evidence for this idea. https://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t87-the-mrs-jack-d-tippit-phone-call 2. The evidence shows that the one and only LHO could not speak Russian well at all when he first arrived. Check out statements by Rima his Intourist guide and others. 3. Jim must exaggerate the statements of the Russian community members and others to make his case. While they thought LHO spoke very well nobody thought he was a "native" speaker. Now Jim will probably explain some of this by saying that “Harvey” was acting when he first arrived in Russia and not revealing his true ability. Of course, Armstrong believes that “Harvey” spoke no Russian in the Soviet Union at all, or did at the time his book was published. The following article shows otherwise: http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/03/lho-spoke-no-russian-in-russia.html So, the H&L gang have a high bar to clear without any evidence to work with. The available evidence shows that LHO spoke Russian poorly on his arrival in the Soviet Union and after nearly three years of conversing daily with his wife and others spoke fluently.
  15. Thanks for the info. I see from other forums too that Alpha 66 was mentioned, so I guess my attention did lapse.