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  1. Still love this hacked e-mail story with Manafort's daughters, and what they say about their Dad. But now Manafort has not denied he was hacked. Apparently even admits to some of the reported messages.
  2. I said 3 years, because I know that photo of Khrushev and Castro could only be 60-63, right? My first impression is that they could have been the same guy, 20 years later., but you're telling me that's not true. The poor resolution and fuzziness might make his hair style look different, and curiously that change of hairstyle period wise is exactly what you might expect to see from a 30'ish Russian man with a slicked back look in the early's 60's to a more relaxed poofy look of that same guy in the 80's say. But of course you tell me it's not.
  3. You said " On the left: The same man photographed on the same day in the same place" And I understood that day was Oct 2,1963.( the photo above) right?
  4. They do look alike, but since they're from the same period(3 years), the man on the left looks considerably older.
  5. During the 2016 campaign, The right used the Clinton's association with Epstien to perpetuate fake news stories about both Bill and Hillary using these underage girls for sexual favors. It's interesting to hear Trump associated with him as well as a number of other celebrities. Though the article does absolve all of them of any known wrongdoing.
  6. Joe, Ruth Paine lives in Santa Rosa. To those who don't know that is 50 miles N. of San Francisco, last i heard in a retirement home. This is I believe, her last filmed appearance there. As far as interviewing her. I'm trying to remember but I think it was a LNer named Bill Brown from the JFK Assassination Forum who interviewed her about 5 years ago, who said she asked a standard question before granting interviews. I believe it was asking about General Walker. She wanted to know first before doing an interview if the interviewer was aware of LHO's alleged attempted taking of Walker's life. Which she readily goes into here at the beginning.
  7. America, in it's infinite wisdom has elected a deviant ,irresponsible child. Still it could have worked geniusly for him as he's lowered the bar so much, people rally behind him if he shows the least bit of civility and non partisanship, but are inevitably disappointed when he shows he has no control over his behavior and reverts back. There was a time during the campaign where I sensed he had decided it wasn't worth it and seemed to be on this same path self undoing. However his party is in control, and sees this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to enact personal and corporate tax reform, repatriate corporate dollars, financial, environmental, consumer advocacy deregulation and the dismantling of the safety net, and have thrown all their hopes behind him except for a handful of foreign policy hawks. They've chosen a middle path hoping Trump can just control himself, and hope in the general economic optimism, that they don't find a smoking gun, and they can successfully downplay his huge foreign conflicts of interest, and enact this legislation they've historically wanted for generations. But of course at that point, what use is Trump to them? I'm going to be guilty of posting a second time a satiric short clip from Sam Harris months back that's turning out to be prophetic in his depiction of what a Trump White House would be and his prescription for what our expectation should be.
  8. That sounds pretty juicy Doug. But Palmer's link won't open, at least for me.. So I found maybe an abbreviated version of it I've forwarded here. As Palmer said they do look concerned after meeting with Comey, Feinstein looks particularly serious. They won't comment on the meeting, perhaps because they can't. Palmer finds it very noteworthy, but I'm not sure what to make of it that the Chair, Grassley deferred to Feinstien.
  9. I'm not sure how that minority of the voting public would react to seeing this. It's as if they suspended any serious judgment. There's no consideration that someone would go to that length of deception to promote himself so meaninglessly. But then to fail like a fool over it!
  10. You can't write this stuff! In case you've never seen this. Listen to this recording, Back in the 90's, Trump was recorded, masquerading as a publicist John Miller to talk about Donald Trump and among other things his scintillating dating life. He later admitted it was him, but when confronted with it last year, he denied it.So there's no dispute, it's on Fox! The second clip portrayed humorously by Jon Oliver. Did Trump LEAK 1991 "John Miller" Tape to WaPo? - The Kelly File Did Trump LEAK 1991 "John Miller" Tape to WaPo? - The Kelly File Sue Carswell lost the recording of her "John Miller" (aka Donald Trump) interview 25 years ago. Megyn ... And now a bit more subject matter from that recording creatively and humorously portrayed by Jon Oliver starting at 1:26. John Oliver - Donald Trump and John Miller John Oliver - Donald Trump and John Miller From HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. All rights belong to HBO. Check out the official channel here...
  11. Trump's verified the leaked tax returns to David Johnston that were showcased on Rachael Maddow's show on MSNB last night are in fact his returns..I think Trump planted those deliberately. Today Trump was asked if he leaked that return and he denied that, calling it "despicable". But when asked if the White House did, he evaded the question. I think it's pretty reasonable to assume Trump didn't sneak out of the White House and plant it in Johnston's mail box. My reasons for thinking the Trump White House planted the leaked returns are: 1)Trump has deliberately used leaks a number of times in the past, about things you'd never think any self respecting person in the world would, which I post in the next thread. 2) Trump's 2005 taxes make him look reasonably good. It was known it was a good year for Trump, so it dispels the liberal suspicion that he really isn't as rich as he said he was. No matter what year, if anyone wants to make a serious investigation of his taxes.They'll need more info than just the 2 pages of his 1040's which is all that was leaked here. 3)Any IRS agent who would have taken the serious risk to leak Trump taxes would also have access to all of his taxes, including the last few years. Why would an agent take that risk to leak 11 year old taxes, that would have the effect of just implying that Trump was a normal millionaire taxpayer. If this was indicative of Trump's tax history, why would be refusing to release his taxes now? I think MSNBC sees a benefit to keeping Trump's non disclosure of his taxes an issue. After all, a poll shows 74% of all Americans think he should release his taxes.But I wouldn't be too sure about that. I think they should let the 24 hour news cycle expire and just let the story do whatever it will do.---JMO
  12. Has Flynn been charged with anything? Well according to Palmer I guess we'll know pretty soon. Let's see if he's right and Flynn is a folding card.
  13. I do remember their summations covered a few things I hadn't seen prior in witness testimony.
  14. I like that Michael. He was very conciliatory toward Hillary. Nixon was a lot more gracious in his later years. He says in 1993 that the National Health care situation in the country is a "National Scandal". I don't think he ever would have thought that almost 25 years later, we still would have done so little, because he was an activist President. Though he looked pretty good here, traveling abroad at 80 years old. His wife died only a few months later and he died a little over a year later. It was February, but I thought maybe it was December, because Katie Couric is dressed like she's just been out caroling.
  15. Agreed, Purely from memory. I remember that being the first time i had ever seen Spence without that silly buckskin jacket that he had been wearing for the previous 15 years.i remember on a number of occasions, I thought Spence could have gone deeper, or asked more questions.I remember he never asked Ruth P. about her sister's employment at the CIA, which Garrison had revealed 20 years earlier and Ruth claimed she didn't know at the time. That's not to mention her Father, who secured a 3 year contract with an agency that had extensive ties to the CIA, though maybe that wasn't known at the time.. Nor did he ask her about not informing LHO that he had secured a second job at Trans Texas Airways for $100 more a month just before his first day at work at the TSBD. While i know this can be a hot topic with some here. I remember Spence using the TSBD picture to make the argument that Lovelady was really Oswald on the steps of the TSBD, and then later having Buell Frazier testify that the man was in fact Lovelady. So he raises doubt that Oswald was on the 6th floor at the time of the shooting, and then refutes it with a subsequent witness. He seemed to miss enunciating and reiterating his central points. I remember at the end of the witness testimony feeling very disappointed in Oswald's defense.