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  1. . Just to flesh out some of these characters to those who may have never seen them.In the Frontline documentary "Who was Lee Harvey Oswald" which was spotty,had good witnesses and bad with motives to deceive, the case is made for Oswald visiting MC, and chronicling what he did. Starting around 1:40, it starts the speculation when you have Anthony Summers interviewing the Odio's about the visit, then a segment with Posner questioning the time of the visit. At 1:44 you have the accounts of the Australian women, Patricia Winston who claim to have seen Oswald on the bus.1:46 interview with Sylvia Duran,146:50 interview with the 3 KGB agents who claimed to have seen Oswald(.Nechorporenko,and Kostikov.) 1:50 you have Helms repudiating Win Scott's alleged pictures.Scott produces tapes to authorities scratchy and unclear. The 3 KGB agents and Duran repudiate fake photo of Oswald entering embassy, and reaffirm that who they saw was Oswald. The segment ends around 1:55. https://youtu.be/-cLvrkqZxdc
  2. Gotta see this, Comedy Show about Trump. Some of the best satire yet about the Trump Presidency. - Deepak Chopra gets Trump to meditate with stunning results, at least for a while. Bernie impersonator makes a cameo. Good interplay between Trump and Pence.
  3. Hey Steve, Since you're looking to influence Americans. Maybe I can give you your first introduction to a like minded American with a similar communicative style as you. https://youtu.be/2okLFw9TIEI .
  4. Joe, That because despite his rude introduction, he's one of us. I agreed with many of the things he first said, but then I couldn't see how he'd be for Trump or Hillary, and alas, he's not. He parachutes in and actually has the gall to chide us for being "infantile", and it turns out, he's one of us, but somehow thinks he's different because he's frustrated with the effectiveness (or maybe the takeover) of government..Oh how inspirational you are Steve! You have some curious holes in you economic thinking but now I realize it's because you're a Brit. We thought you were talking specifically about our American experience with globalism, and the loss of manufacturing jobs. But congrats! You do know more about us than the average American. I should have figured, "dodgy stuff", "vultures in the pig trough", so descriptive! But then so dark, OK you took my automation point,and it's pretty clear you have no hope for the future, do you? Hearing you, I feel like I'm in the advanced stages of the Industrial Revolution, or maybe more contemporary, "The 1952, London Pea Soup Fog." . Is everyone around you also such a downer? Why are so fascinated with us yanks? We obviously are all such insulated "dolts" that we don't know or care much about you. Ok, I'm kidding I really do care. But the most interesting thing I thought you just said was about your country. Yes, I live in the UK. We have a fantastic NHS, although it's being starved of resources, maligned in the press and privatized in secret in preparation for a US corporate invasion via a free trade agreement (IMHO). American corporate takeover of British Health Care? Privatized in secret. I almost hesitate to ask, but do tell me more.
  5. . Before I even address the truth and the fallacies of what you've just said. Let's talk specifically about causes of job loss you're referring to in our country. From 2000-2009, we lost 5 million manufacturing jobs. The crescendo of that loss was due to the world economic meltdown, which we'd probably agree was due to American banks.The result is that a lot of our people lost their jobs, and were forced to take jobs at about half the wage, which wasn't going to cut it. Lots of workers over 40 simply never recovered, and never rejoined the work force, and some companies folded and went to foreign countries.. The idea that we've continued to lose manufacturing jobs is false. The Obama administration has gained about a million back, and the industrial sector has continued to grow.Just as great a factor in job loss has been due to automation, and a number of the new manufacturing jobs require more advanced skills. So the truth is Steve, a lot of them won't come back on their own. You seem to have a distrust of government.Maybe you think government is inherently evil? You obviously don't think it can help protect our environment. As a taxpayer, if you are one or not, do you think it would be worthwhile to have a government retooling program to retrain misplaced workers? If you don't then all of your cries for the misplaced workers are really just jive.And if that program is to have a ghost of a chance, Do you honestly think the Republicans will behind that? They've opposed almost any programs like that since the 60's.Or maybe you think the free market system will cure all? Just like the people who think of the free market system with the sanctity of the "constitution" or the Bible?.What is it Steve?
  6. So when in doubt, just throw out a bunch of subterfuge, or maybe go off on autopilot? The question again is. You expressed twice yours concerns about globalization.What would Steve do about globalization?
  7. Whew! a lot's been going on since I left. Joe, good piece! Hi Steve, Just to focus this conversation more.Since you agree a lot with what Joe has said, as do I. You felt to take exception .to say the Democrats are also a corporate party. Ok. and also earlier you've made a reference to the problem of globalization. Surely you realize that despite Trump's campaign rhetoric,and since his Presidency, despite his high profile tweets,he's really knuckled over in about every instance concerning globalization. So the question I'd ask you is: what would you do about globalization?
  8. I'm not sure I agree with you there, Joe.I don't think there was any serious vetting of Trump.He 's the first President since Nixon who got by without releasing his taxes, and we're going to be finding out drip by drip over time about his Russian connections. He was ignored largely by the MSM because he was a ratings bonanza. No serious fact checking went on until he had secured his party's nomination, and Trump was by far the biggest lair (sp) of any Presidential candidate in modern history. He wasn't even good at it. By the time they started to fact check, his followers saw it as the MSM's desperate last ditch effort to discredit the true "people's candidate". They weren't consistent and applied a completely different standard than they did on any other candidate in the 2016 race and really a different standard to any Presidential candidate of our time. As I said earlier, I don't think Pence would enter in that strong a position, being the VP of a President run from office and would be largely forced to follow the Republican Congressional party line, which could still be scary, but maybe not as much after the 2018 midterm elections.
  9. Wow, I see in the papers, today is Rapper, Special Ed's birthday! Pretty cool name! And fitting since Rappers within themselves are so special. I think we may have missed our chance for a Special President Education, but now I think I can live with it. heh heh Michael, if you come out with a theory, your theory is fair game for scrutiny. Just as mine is. I'll pay you a complement for what I think is a good topic you've brought up with Paul.I love political speculation Michael says: Regarding Pence being re-elected: That completely depends on who the Democrats send into the election. The Democrats have to go with a moderate to win-over moderate Trump supporters. You can get another 1 million democratic voters out in NY, and it won't make a difference in the Electoral College. You have to bring-in and send-out Democratic voters in swing-states; a Bernie Sanders is not going to do that. . Michael, it seems very seldom that I find you on the sensible, conservative side of the argument. But I think you generally have a point with Paul, even though I agree more with Paul's vision. But I think the truth is, it could go either way. It all depends on the showing the Democrats make in 2018. If there is just more steady drip and slow Trump death, and the Democrats can take both houses, they'll be in a place in 2020 where they could do their big agenda and sweep. The 3/8 of the population that are Trump supporters are still firm, but are they expecting any economic bang for their buck of support? I don't really see Trump providing that to them, though other areas of the country could do very well..Have they fallen in love with the idea of Trump, and can just be fleeced like children.? I hope not. Remember those swing states were once Democratic. But issue wise favors the Democrats. A candidate with some of Bernie's agenda, single payer health care for all, making education affordable for the middle class(including some forgiveness for student debt). Higher taxation for the top 2%, decrease in defense spending all pretty much get good marks in public polls. But you can't have an avowed socialist as a candidate, as much as I like Bernie. I say after we've seen this white backlash against the multi cultural Democrats, they should get a preferably younger, tall, good looking white dude. In some cases it doesn't matter to the American public what their politicians are saying as many Americans are apt to vote against their interests.There are a lot of Trump supporters who joined the chant about eliminating Obamacare who didn't realize they were or about to be recipients of Obamacare.In America, elections are more about candidate image, and personality than issues.
  10. Joe, I think you're right. Pence is a total Neanderthal as far as the Environment, Women's rights, all social issues. You've expressed in the past, one of the greatest tragedies of the Trump election was what it will do to the Supreme Court. Pence will set that back even further. Forget rolling back Citizen's United. Political corruption will continue unabated, and even get worse.. I think the Republicans would be wise to get Trump out of the way before the 2018 election. Pence won't make such a fuss, or try to suck everyone's attention. He'll be along for the ride with their globalist , financial agenda, deregulation, tax reform, repatriation, stripping of health care benefits, just as Trump was and maybe even be perfect as he won't inject any bright new ideas,or rhetoric that might lead to trade wars, or real wars.(fingers crossed as we have no idea what his foreign policy would be like) In either case, they will obviously suffer as result of impeachment and at least lose the Senate, but then could make a partial recover for 2020. I do think our next President will probably be Pence. But having said that it's a laborious process removing a President from office, as you well can remember. Particularly without tapes.The fact that most people will believe Comey over Trump probably won't be enough. They'll need either Flynn or someone else to turn evidence on collusion, or just such a preponderance of evidence of Trump being dirty with Russian money or influence that he can't effectively govern.
  11. Michael said: How did it happen? A pre election letter from Comey, a recommendation to Trump that he hire the tainted and inoculated Mr. Flynn. Trump then, as is his way, tries to twist an arm that he shouldn't be twisting, he asks for personal loyalty from someone who should not be making person pledges of loyalty. I can't imagine arriving at that theory.But I'll grant that must be strangely comforting for you to nurse such a view. Flynn and Trump are tied by mutual financial interests in Russia. They met back in 2015, before Trump and Comey probably ever met. To assume Comey has anything to do with this is, we'll just say is completely groundless.So you're theory posits that Comey is really a Tea Party Republican. He's a Republican, but not every Republican is a Tea Party Republican. And there are factions within the FBI, like there is anywhere else. Re: Comey, Michael, I got to be truthful. IMO, You and a significant number of other posters here see nobody's actions as real, meaningful, or spontaneous and naturally occurring in life (except maybe JFK, of course!!) and almost everything as result of some invisible heavy handed conspiracy. Why can't 1+1 =2? I tend to go with a rather conventional , and rather boring conclusion for the perpetually conspiracy minded, but actually it is richer. It's a story of inner conflict, initially brought on by hubris. I think he should never have opened his mouth, but felt obligated to publicly conclude his investigation of HC, and chastise her but ultimately his aim was to remove a dark shadow over the election, or at least he thought. Then in the last 10 days, he got a bunch of new e-mails and felt since he mistakenly had out himself earlier, he had to cover his ass, and he ultimately had to face that he might have thrown an election.I tend to think he was trying to redeem himself in his investigation of Trump, not through any partiality toward Hillary, but his own instinct of justice. The one conspiracy I could see was that I believe I read that Hillary's e-mails were first found in Weiner's computer on Oct. 5th, and not shared with Comey for nearly 3 weeks.
  12. I wasn't a big Seth Myers fan, but now I love his satire with the Trump Presidency on his show.. Here is a chronology of some of milestone events over the last 2 months. https://youtu.be/0uPItQT9m9g Trump and GOP Scramble on Health Care Amid Growing Russia Scandal https://youtu.be/hQbanqJT4Uc?list=RD0uPItQT9m9g Comey Hearing adds chaos to Trump Presidency https://youtu.be/J7UduuBfnrE?list=RD0uPItQT9m9g Trump and GOP Health Care con Falls apart https://youtu.be/L3S8A9HRdLA Fox News, O Reilly and Trump One virtue of the continuously moralizing Catholic O'Reilly, is that he's down on drugs except for alcohol, which proudly separates him from Cosby.
  13. Definitely not as good as the Dutch film, but this is from the Podcast, The Fifth Estate, and highlights the sequence of events surrounding the 2016 election. New info regards 1)Rudy Giuliani's complicity with the New York FBI, and his pre announcement of Comey's reopening of the Hilary Clinton e-mail episode 10 days before the election. 2) Giuliani associate, former New York FBI agent William Kallstrom and the New York FBI's long seated animosity to the Clinton's because of President Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky scandal, and then the Benghazi inquiry. 3)Alihmzan Tokhtakhounov , international criminal, accused of bribes, money laundering, and busted in the biggest internet sports gambling ring bust ever,out of the Trump Tower, and present at the Trump Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow in 2013. Also, what some might not know, 4)RT America is an internet broadcast from the Kremlin cleverly made palatable to middle of the road Americans, using American broadcast talent. Sort of similar to the old Radio Free Europe, but with bits of Russian propaganda thrown in.RT's slant was pro Trump and anti Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.. There is an interview with one anchor, Liz Wall who quit RT after the programs denial of Russia's invasion of the Ukraine. I don't much like the narrator's voice because he sounds a bit tabloid, but the facts are all there, and have been substantiated from other sources.
  14. Palmer vouches for this by saying his sources, Louise Mensch and Claude Taylor have been the most consistently accurate of the Trump rumor authors about FISA warrants. That may be..I personally hope he's right, but what I thought was the most damning hard evidence released by Palmer was a story about Trump sending a tape through Carter Page to the Russians promising a lifting of sanctions if he won the election. I thought the source of that was Louise Mensch, but I wanted to verify it, so I looked up the date that Doug posted that Palmer report. It was April 16th, so I checked Palmer's backlog and and 10 days before that date and found he deleted it, so I think he would concede that Mensch has not been accurate about everything. Then I found this from Newsweek. Wild Rumors of Tapes: The wildest tape rumor is one that is being passed around the internet by followers of former British MP Louise Mensch, whose dogged pursuit of the Trump-Russia connections has led her followers down some freaky rabbit holes. Mensch cites “sources with links to the intelligence community” who claim former Trump aide Carter Page hand-delivered to Moscow an audiotape made by Trump in which he promises to change American policy toward Russia if elected.