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  1. And may your relationship survive, long after this thread is over. And then beyond Oct 26th, 2017!
  2. Not at all, it's so refreshing to see 2 people building a" thread" to the future.
  3. This is still going on?.... You guys are a marriage made in heaven.....or maybe Limbo. I would only hope to find a mate whose personality would complement mine the way you two complement each other. Ok, not really Good luck!, For the thread, and the future! P.S. I'll leave each of you to ponder which emoticon is whose. Just kidding!
  4. Despite my amazement at Paul O Connor's divulging that JFK's body arrived in a "shipping casket". and the lost time with JFK's body between 6:35 and 8;00 o'clock. Then you ask, what reasonable expectation could any assassination plot that employed at least 2 shooters, from the front and rear (much less 3!) have of any sort of decent autopsy coverup without the body snatchers scenario? But then, was it a decent autopsy coverup? Contradictions abound! There was always the obvious discrepancy between the Doctors at Parkland, who were instructed to keep a low profile and Hume and company who were under orders to perform an autopsy that would promote the concept of a lone gunman. It was good enough for a scared, rather sheepish public who had gone through the Cuban Missile crisis, and really didn't want to hear anymore about possible Castro or Russian involvement, and let out a sight of relief when Oswald was then promoted as a lone malcontent gunman. The point is, it succeeded no matter how makeshift and shabby it was in it's performance. I'm not saying I'm thoroughly convinced of it, but when you look at it, it is simpler and more elegant.
  5. How about the assassination's long-term effect of spreading divisive, paranoiac, CONSPIRACY THEORY-thinking in this country, the results of which we just might be seeing in how RT / Sputnik / Putin's 1000 t-r-o-l-l-s in Saint Petersburg, Russia, are effecting Alt-Right and Alt-Left "fake news" here (and in Europe), and the Putin-supported election of con artist Donald Trump with his Alexander Dugin protege, Steve "I'm a Leninist" Bannon, calling the shots? -- Tommy Tommy, Timely you should say.I thought I was a lone voice crying in the wilderness! Some people close to me are somewhat affected, which requires discretion,and some not close, where the limits of discretion are being contemplated. Keep up your cheerful pursuit of humor!
  6. Killing JFK was would have been murdering their ace in the hole. Many interviews with old time Kremlin people have said they were encouraged by Kennedy's American University speech. I would say Detente would have come sooner, greater contact and sharing among major powers, the desire oriented free market allure of the West seducing the Iron Curtain countries, having the inevitable corrosive effect. What question that's never asked is what effect would that have had on our lives if dissolution of the Soviet Union had happened 10 years earlier. I would say negative points of globalization also would likewise have happened 10 years earlier to us. The greatest effect on us and our lives in would have happened as result of China. We can be thankful for the rule of Mao Tse Tung .If there was no Mao, and their modernization had started after the end of World War ll. It could be argued that the standard of living that we, as Americans have shared throughout out lifetime would have been more severely thwarted in 1980's, and now our reign would have been over and China would be the preeminent World Power.. However as all questions like this, China and Mao was inevitable as the war of ideas between a planned economy and a free market economy had to be played out.
  7. am I correct that your comment about 9-11 being a "can of worms" means that you think that there is something nefarious there? I did interpret that way. 911?----Nefarious???------no, no not at all
  8. I'll suggest that the poison IS events like the JFKA, Iran-Contra and Watergate. The symptoms are the fear of opening a can of worms, and the result of that fear is slavery and death, to democracy, freedom, ideas and, indeed, to people Cheers, Michael Umm,......yeah cheers!
  9. The better conspiracy theory is that Russian crooks saved Trump's empire, and he owes them big time. Everything makes sense from that point of view. i agree Paul , that would seem to be most sensible explanation.We have a president whose declared bankruptcy 6 times. This is the latest figure I've heard. At some point he became financially vulnerable with his credit sources drying up and was compromised by Russian Oligarchies and Russian Mafia. That in itself if revealed a year ago would have been enough to cook his aspirations, but the press was just focusing on on his ratings. I read Russ Baker's 2 articles. But it is interesting to note that the very same Russian figures are in play in a number of other sources as well without the reference to the FBI "being unable to tell on Trump." It could be seen as quite a coincidence that people who were either running his campaign or his eventual cabinet members and advisors all had links to Russia. But of course International business people are always aware of other players in foreign locales and competing or networking and in this case the right banks to use. . I see it as Trump has ties, probably debts to pay, and has a unique advantage to team up with the Russian Oligarchs, Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson and then his own emissaries, Kushner, Page, Cohen to repatriate and draw American Investment. It is a sleeping giant.
  10. I do not like Trump ---Not from anything I've picked up.You voted for him because you were down on dynasties. Who isn't? and you don't like liberals talking down to you.But it's a free country. You've already outed yourself as 911 truther. And that's cool as long as you don't insist on poisoning the forum by opening up that can of worms.So what's the big deal with voting for Trump? Flynn was the tool, stooge, plant. The MSM and the Higher Powers will have put him there, so he could be deleted. ---First off, who are the "higher powers"? be specific."The MSM and the "higher power" who planted him? How was that done? Was Flynn manipulated like LHO? Wow!, those guys are great casters on the order of "Harvey and Lee". Shows what I know. I guess I thought maybe he was the only guy in the world who was a bigger loose canon than Donald Trump. . Trump was an outsider and elected by the people.------Wrong on both counts. Trump is a shill for the International bankers.As unlikely as that seems to you.He is the candidate that international corporate financial elites and the Republicans have been salivating for generations.Now they're just crossing their fingers, that he won't self destruct long enough that they can pass their agenda of a lifetime.His anti globalist "outsider" image is pablum for the masses.He's an outsider only in that he's a child in a man's world . The only thing he shares with his counterparts now is corruption. So now we have the Washington swamp plus the Trump swamp. As for the second part, As a New Yorker blue state person, I guess you feel generous giving part of your vote away to someone in Wisconsin, but I don't feel that generous. Trump was the only hope to break the establishment control over the popular system. ---Well you say you don't like him, I guess that makes you establishment! heh heh So obviously just kidding. Ok, let's look at his accomplishments so far. And so that's why he sold you down the river with Health Care benefits.You've also disclosed your not a spring chicken. You could find yourself in a situation where you go bankrupt from a car accident or maybe even die from lack of affordability of health care from something unexpected that could happen to you in your next 10 years, or are you independently wealthy or expecting an inheritance? Michael, You readily opine about politics, but I've never heard anything from you that tells me you have any understanding of policies. You're swayed by the surface aspects, the rhetoric, and strong bombast and the "outsider" image of Trump. You shouldn't content yourself with a thoughtless view of prevailing forces, but try to connect them as a whole and see the true effects of ones actions or policies.Even with the bar being lowered as much as it has. If Trump acted somewhat normal and was somewhat morally upstanding. I'm not clear why any "higher power" would be threatened by him. It would be just us little guys.
  11. Wow!, I like some parts I've read on "Family of Secrets", about the Bush Family. He seems credible in interviews I've seen. I wish he wasn't on with Alex Jones as much as he's been..The fist link is quite involved and they boil it down in this interview. I tend to skeptical, though it's an interesting twist. Who could write this stuff? But if true, this is the start of something so incredibly big, it will probably never happen.But given the legs of this Russian hack story. It could spill all over on Trump and the FBI. If this true then Comey is playing his cards to his chest, secretly hoping the investigation fizzles out? But if we eventually find out, he could be tried for covering it up? If he was in such a terrible position, and he sensed there's no way to keep the cat in the bag. You could make a case he should tell everything pertinent right now.
  12. I find this interesting Dan. I see I'm going to need more than those 2 paragraphs to get a good understanding of your direction, but I'm unable to open that link. Maybe tomorrow.
  13. Still love this hacked e-mail story with Manafort's daughters, and what they say about their Dad. But now Manafort has not denied he was hacked. Apparently even admits to some of the reported messages.
  14. I said 3 years, because I know that photo of Khrushev and Castro could only be 60-63, right? My first impression is that they could have been the same guy, 20 years later., but you're telling me that's not true. The poor resolution and fuzziness might make his hair style look different, and curiously that change of hairstyle period wise is exactly what you might expect to see from a 30'ish Russian man with a slicked back look in the early's 60's to a more relaxed poofy look of that same guy in the 80's say. But of course you tell me it's not.
  15. You said " On the left: The same man photographed on the same day in the same place" And I understood that day was Oct 2,1963.( the photo above) right?