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  1. Larry, Thanks for making your points, which are very good ones. I have another scenario that I think fits with everything I know about the case, including what I just learned from you. Suppose that an Oswald lookalike impersonator visited the embassy. Suppose further that he had been given the passport photo of real-Oswald beforehand and was instructed to dress like Oswald as shown in the photo. And finally, suppose that for some reason he did not take the photo with him, or chose not to hand it over, the first time he visited the embassy. Perhaps he simply forgot to take it. (Like you, it's hard for me to believe the latter would happen. But mistakes do occur.) BTW, don't get me wrong. I'm not married to the idea that the man was an imposter. I'm just trying to narrow down the possibilities. If Oswald did go to MC, he must have gone by car IMO. It seems that the only other possibility is that the guy who visited the embassy was a blond short guy. But that would work only if he were likewise provided a passport photo of real-Oswald (so the Cuban authorities would be satisfied it was indeed Oswald), AND if Duran didn't notice that the photo didn't match the man. That's highly unlikely IMO. At the moment I think there are only two viable possibilities: 1) An Oswald lookalike impersonator as described above went to MC; and 2) Oswald went to MC (with others) by automobile.
  2. David, Thanks for answering my questions. And for doing your comprehensive analysis on the bus trips I'm satisfied that Oswald didn't take a bus to Mexico City. I suppose he could have gone there (with others) by car.
  3. Larry, Suppose the imposter looked like Rand Paul: (Except mirror-image the photo so that the part in his hair is on the correct side.) Do you think the Mexican authorities would have thought it was the wrong person? What if the imposter looked like the Oswald on the left: Do you think the Mexican authorities would have thought it was the wrong person? IMO Oswald looks more like Rand Paul than he does himself... the one on the left, that is. And yet nearly everybody accepts that the guy on the left is Oswald. My point being that a decent lookalike imposter could pass for Oswald, especially in the case of a quick glance.
  4. But Oswald would still need a ride to the border. I assume the FBI had evidence (fabricated or real) for that leg of the trip too.
  5. David, Questions Regarding the Fletcha Rosa Bus: The Fletcha Rosa busline manifest indicates that Oswald was on that bus. From your post I see that the following were others on that bus: Bowen (an "elderly man") McFarland An "Australian woman." You say that Bowen denied Oswald was on the bus. How so? What about McFarland and the Australian woman? Were they asked about Oswald's presence? Was anybody else on that bus asked? Question Regarding the Del Norte Bus: Could it be -- for whatever odd reason -- that the FBI didn't know what bus Oswald took, and so they fabricated the Fletcha Rosa busline manifest? Only to discover later that Oswald actually took the Del Norte bus with Winston and Mumford? Which explains why Mumford testified to seeing Oswald on that bus? Other Question: In this question: Mr. BALL. Well, you were shown pictures of a man (Bowen/Osborne) later on by the Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, were you not? who is Osborne? Which bus did was he on?
  6. Maybe this scenario: The guy's goal wasn't really to go to Cuba or Russia. And because of that he didn't put as much thought into actually obtaining a visa as a regular person would have. And thereby he screwed up.
  7. I'm saying that the Oswald impersonator left the Cuban embassy, got his photo taken, and took that back to the embassy. The Cubans didn't notice anything at that time because the photo matched the face of the applicant. After the assassination, when the U.S. authorities asked the Cuban government for the application, the Cubans may have noticed that it wasn't the photo of the real Oswald. Or maybe not. Recall that I said that the impersonator resembled Oswald. (BTW, if you look at several photos of Oswald, even some of those don't look like him. IMO.)
  8. I found the U.S. Embassy page where it states that a passport is required. It does not state that a photo ID is required. The page is here.
  9. Maybe it was the case back then that a passport was typically sufficient for ID, and that Cuba's photo ID requirement was an exception. I just checked and it appears that the U.S. doesn't require a photo ID to obtain a visa. (The U.S. embassy in Mexico doesn't mention the need for a photo ID. But then it also doesn't mention the need for a passport! Unless I missed it somehow. So I looked here and found no need for a photo ID.) EDIT: I found the U.S. Embassy page where it states that a passport is required. It does not state that a photo ID is required. The page is here.
  10. Larry, I assume you are referring to the visa application photo that the Oswald impersonator came back with after he was told he needed it. I assume that the guy went and got his photo taken, and that it was attached to his application. And that when the application was handed over to the U.S., somebody swapped a photo of real Oswald with the one on the application. Of course, if that's the way it happened, the authorities would have had a photo of the impersonator. BTW, yesterday I read that Sylvia Duran told a JFK researcher/author (whose name I don't recall) that she wasn't sure the guy she dealt with was the Oswald shot by Ruby. (I sure wish I'd made a note of who it was. It was one of the well known assassination authors.)
  11. Thanks Kirk. I found that part of the video useful. What really struck me is that in the interview with Sylvia Duran, she said that the man at the embassy appeared to be the Oswald she'd later see in the news. Not the blond Oswald being of about her height. Yet David Josephs' research indicates that the real Oswald didn't even go to Mexico City. I'm inclined to believe that David is right. Because of that, my current thinking is that a fake Oswald went to Mexico City and visited the embassies. And that this particular fake Oswald was chosen for the job because he looked a lot like the real Oswald. I believe it is entirely possible -- and in fact IMO probable -- that someone could see a person briefly one day, and then later on another day, when presented with a photograph of some other similar looking person, could mistake that for being the person they saw. So my thinking is that Duran had seen a fake Oswald and yet honestly thought he was the same person she later saw in the news.
  12. George, I wasn't aware of that troop deployment and I'd like to learn a little more about it. Can you think of any keywords I can google to find articles about it?
  13. Oh! Okay, thanks for clarifying that. Yeah, I can see Prouty being affected that way. I'll bet that there were a some who felt like Prouty, but kept it to themselves. Anyway, thanks for posting about that.