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  1. If there's one person still alive who could really move the JFK assassination forward it is Marina Oswald Porter. She is still very much alive, in mid 70's and easily located. ( btw Ruth Paine is still alive, living in Santa Rosa, Ca. last I heard, but getting up there in years and not cooperative). I continue to wonder why in a thread like this, contributors continue to parse Marina's 50+ year old testimony when she is still physically able to comment/testify. It would seem that some intrepid JFK investigator/researcher could find a way to get her to talk (or maybe she would voluntarily?); worst case scenario..... initiate a lawsuit( a la Jim Garrison) and subpoena her. Whatever the case, Marina is still around and knows way more about LHO than any of us. The eyeopener for me about Tex-Italia Films giving Marina a $132,000 contract in Feb 1964 is that this is precisely when( the same month) Marina is testifying before the WC for the first time......and after 6 weeks in "protective(read coaching) custody" ......quite a coincidence I would say.....no to mention the fact that Tex-Italia then disappears, better yet, vanishes into the untraceable ether. And none of the esteemed Warren Commissioners, nor any other official, seems to raise an eyebrow about such happenings. then there's the connection to Collins Radio by way of the Tippit murder which is where Marina's current husband, Kenneth Porter, was employed at the time of the assassination. And what about John Armstrong's hypothesis on the existence of a Harvey and a Lee. This could be tested by a DNA sample from Robert Oswald matched against a sample from June or Rachel, Marina's daughters with LHO. for what it's worth, my $.02
  2. Update 2/10/17 Wikipedia has just banned The Daily News because of too many fake news articles. Recall that this same "news" paper was the source, i.e., they broke the news, of the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal which led to FBI's Comey writing a letter to Congress that he was re-opening the Hillary email investigation..... 2 weeks before the election. Down the rabbit hole once again.
  3. Jim, Don't be naive here. The vast majority of the "liquidated" were the brutal henchmen of Bastista's. They tortured. raped, and killed many as Batista's state security force. It was state terrorism. These guys were sub-human. Castro did what the French did with the Nazi collaborators after The Liberation of France in 1944. Revolutions are not white glove affairs. Eggs get broken. Reprisals take place. Can you imagine the blood bath if a Cuban counter-revolution had been successful...... Look at what the CIA did to Salvador Allende and he was democratically elected. Shoot, the Cuban Revolution was a sanitary affair compared to what happened in Algeria. As for Cuba's alliance with the Soviets, Castro though it necessary to deter another US invasion attempt. The US set the precedent with first strike missiles in Turkey. The Soviets were pissed. Nikita was playing catch up. It's the time of MAD, mutual assured destruction. Castro was just a pawn in a much larger game. Remember, Castro felt burnt by Nikita because he was left out of the loop during the negotiations that resolved the Crisis. The bigger puzzle is how a rag-tag band of 300 irregulars defeated the much, much larger Batista force. Talk about asymmetrical warfare. This was off the chart. This was the Latin American Thermopylae.
  4. Appreciate your work, Jim. Thanks
  5. Jim, Thanks for the thanks. I'm seeing lots of parallels between the "Castro did it" disinformation campaign right after 11/22/63 and this Fake News phenomena on FB........which begs the question of a professional (Russian?) Intelligence operation/operator(s). "But now fake news from Macedonia? Geez. " couldn't agree more.
  6. Jim: I don't get the above ......I have reached out to a professional Pol that I know about this Bradley Effect stuff so let's see what he says....but any event let's move on. One thing that is currently peaking my interest in reading the post-mortems about the election, is the previously unacknowledged ubiquity of "Fake News" sites on social media and how they could have influenced the election......which may do more to explain the election results than anything else......the Wiener/ HRC's email/Comey Episode is starting to look a lot like a page right out of a DAP/CIA disinformation playbook...........with Huma Adbedin as HRC's Trojan Horse just like, to get back on topic, LBJ (or ?) may have been JFK's Trojan Horse. analysis of the role of fake news/disinformation in this election: http://nymag.com/selectall/2016/11/donald-trump-won-because-of-facebook.html
  7. Jim, I'm a 2nd generation native Californian who grew up in LA( La Canada Flintridge) who now lives on the East Coast. I had high profile Black clients in California back in 2008 and they were so sure that Obama wasn't going to win no matter what the polls indicated because of latent racism and the Bradley Effect. Obama won. So much for the validity of Bradley Effect. David Axelrod said in an interview a few days ago, that HRC lost because , in so many words, she isn't a gifted politician and didn't connect with voters. I agree. More to the point, HRC didn't democratically win the primary. The fix was in; she had 500 Superdelegates before the primary season even began. So now this country is paying the price for the Clintons' sense of entitlement(again!) If I never hear of the Clintons again, it will be too soon. Of more interest to me presently is Douglas Caddy's post today concerning the FBI knowing about Weiner's laptop and the HRC emails on it back in April. Has this been documented by him(or anyone else for that matter)? I can't find anything on it.
  8. Jim, I have to say something when the The Bradley Effect is invoked. The Bradley Effect is just a theory without a proof, empirical or otherwise. How do you read someone's thoughts? It's conjecture much like your criticism of PSD...not that I'm a defender of his. Political scientists and professional pollsters came up with this theory to cover their asses and avoid taking the heat for their bad polling methodology. Speaking of which, from what I've read, the real problem in the polling for this election was that pollsters were limited to using landlines and online sampling, which skews the sample. Most folks who have landlines also have caller ID( also true for cell phones) and may avoid the sampling call because they don't recognize the number(telemarketing!). Online polling is also problematic because the potential sample-ee may not be interested in taking the time to fill out the questionaire. Bad or outdated polling methodology is the culprit here not some wu-wu theory like the Bradley Effect.
  9. Jim, Don't get me wrong here, I totally respect your work. Destiny Betrayed(2nd ed) is one of my all time favorite reads on the JFK case. I was somewhat disappointed with Reclaiming Parkland because, in my mind, Bugliosi's volume doesn't deserve the attention that someone like you gave it. I am not a professional researcher or academic and could never write a book. Hanging out all day in the archives( virtual or not) is not my cup of tea. I think of myself more of an amateur analyst who tries to see patterns in the data not discover and document the primary data. As a retired design professional, all this stuff is interesting food for thought for me; a hobby if you will. As for the legitimacy of my original post in this tread, just because I have no "pedigree" as a researcher, that in itself does not necessarily invalidate my supposition. I was actually hoping that someone within this community with serious research skills might have their interest peaked enough to run it to ground......... especially before the Electoral College votes because some much is at stake.
  10. Jim, So let me understand the logic your position, you write books with the thesis that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy involving the highest level of the government that has been covered up for the last 50+ years but somehow a national election is beyond being subverted by a dirty trick(s). Are you familiar with the elections of 1968 and 1980? In 1968, then Republican candidate Richard Nixon secretly( via Kissinger) sent the North Vietnamese delegation, who were actively involved in peace negotiations in Paris at the time, a message that if they waited until after the U.S. election that he would give them a better deal. Remember Nixon's campaign promise in that election that he had a "secret plan to end the war"? If the North Vietnamese would have made peace before the election, Nixon most likely would have lost the election. In the election season of 1980, Jimmy Carter was on the verge of getting the American hostages released from Iran before the coming election. Somehow the Iranians decided not to release hostages and Reagan got elected and, weirdly enough, the Iranians released the hostages on the day of Reagan's inauguration. Quite a coincidence wouldn't you say ? This episode was originally dismissed as a "October Surprise Theory" until the Iran-Contra scandal broke in Reagan's second term and then it seemed a lot less like a conspiracy theory and lot more like a reality. This what Ted Cruz said about Roger Stone in the primaries, "He is pulling the strings on Donald Trump. He planned the Trump campaign, and he is Trump's henchman and dirty trickster." Trump hired Stone for Stone's field of expertise, dirty tricks. To think that Comey's letter to congress on 10/28, 11 days before the election, has no stench of a dirty trick operation is rather naive much like the LNers position in the JFK assassination. Hopefully, the truth will surface but I wouldn't hold my breath because after 50+ years of looking for the smoking gun in the JFK case, there isn't one and all we are left with is only inference and supposition. Here is the link that I based my previous post ........about Weiner's latest picadillo . http://www.theatlantic.com/news/archive/2016/09/anthony-weiner-investigation-15-year-old-girl/501416/ more to the point: "The teenage girl and her father spoke with the Daily Mail, and she said she had reached out to Weiner through Twitter in January".
  11. Jim, If one starts to look into Antony Weiner's most recent sexting case, the one that Comey says forced the FBI to search Weiner's laptop computer which resulted in the discovery of more Hillary emails (even though Huma Abedin has no recollection of using her husband's computer) it smells to high heaven of a dirty trick a la Roger Stone.....the proverbial "October Surprise". The conservative British tabloid Daily News broke of the story, not an American paper. You got to ask yourself how would a British tabloid have the sources in North Carolina to break this news? The unnamed 15 year old girl ( if she actually exists because the Daily News won't disclose her identity because she's a minor) initiated the sexting with Weiner, not the other way around! Is this starting to look like a sting operation, given Weiner's proclivities for sexting? Oh, and once Weiner takes the bait and replies, the perpetrators have access to his computer which gives them the ability to "plant" Hillary email on it and we know the rest of the story. FBI Director Comey was probably manipulated into feeling he had to publicly announce that there were more Hillary emails to cover his right flank, just in case there was actually something new in them. Turns out there wasn't, but the damage had been done. Interestingly enough, I read somewhere that all the Directors of the FBI have been Republicans, some even appointed by Democratic presidents. What's that all about? http://www.theatlantic.com/news/archive/2016/09/anthony-weiner-investigation-15-year-old-girl/501416/ "The teenage girl and her father spoke with the Daily Mail, and she said she had reached out to Weiner through Twitter in January".
  12. 'The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.' MLK
  13. The American people weren't so much scammed as propagandized with this false equivalency B.S. much like the JFK Coverup. Unbelievable that a sitting U.S. president could be assassinated in broad daylight and his foreign policy reversed in a matter of days and the media didn't raise an eyebrow. Unbelievable that a man with no record of public service, including military service, who pays no taxes and who denigrates all who oppose him is the equivalent of a former Secretary of State and Senator. R.I. P. USA.
  14. Paul, You can't explain away the mid -1970's deaths of George de and Roselli, or Santos Trafficante for that matter, quite so easily. What you're missing is the common thread of the CIA/Cuba/JFK in all their lives and that they all died right before they were to testify before congressional committees investigating the CIA/JFK nexus. What are the odds of that happening? I'm not a statistician but I imagine it's fairly remote. My point is that Gen. Walker was out of control by the mid 1970's. By getting arrested twice for cruising public restrooms, in Dallas no less, Gen Walker would have been a huge liability to his co-conspirators if in fact he had a role in or knowledge of the conspiracy and he would have been silenced permanently.....just like Roselli, George de. and Trafficante were during the same time frame, the mid-1970's. Since Walker survived into the 1990's, it can be easily inferred that Gen Walker was not material to the conspiracy. I don't know how else to put this. It seems like a no-brainier to me. hasta la luego, Pablo
  15. No, the Truth wasn't withheld to protect the Radical Right -- but to prevent riots in the streets during the Cold War. National Security. J. Edgar Hoover figured out who the JFK KIllers were by 3pm on 11/22/1963 -- when Dallas served up Lee Harvey Oswald and labeled him a Communist and an officer of the FPCC. Hoover had a fat file on LHO, and knew right away that: (1) LHO was never a Communist; and (2) LHO was never an officer of the FPCC. But Hoover did know that LHO was in New Orleans that summer, and that the FPCC that LHO was involved with in New Orleans was FAKE. We know this because Hoover himself told the WC in his testimony. That means that Hoover knew who was behind the JFK assassination -- the same people who were framing LHO as a Communist. That was why Hoover came up with the "Lone Nut" fiction about LHO by 3pm on 11/22/1963 (according to Professor David Wrone). He knew damn well that General Walker and the Radical Right were the culprits. Hoover chose to deny the JFK Killers their ultimate goal -- to blame the Communists for the JFK assassination. Yet even today -- a half-century later -- the dupes of the JFK Killers are still trying to link LHO and Marina with the KGB. By the way, General Walker and the Birchers also wanted to link LHO with the CIA -- which for them was the same as the KGB. This was said word-for-word in the WC testimony of Revilo P. Oliver. Regards, --Paul Trejo Paul, I can agree with you that Gen. Walker is a person of interest in the larger texture of the JFK event, but to think that Walker had a primary roll, or any roll for that matter, is quite a stretch. Do you really think that if Walker was a player in the assassination conspiracy that, after he was arrested twice in the mid-1970's for cruising public restrooms looking for homosexual sex, he would be continued to be tolerated by the other conspirators. Look what happen to John Roselli and George de Mohrenschildt during the HSCA hearings (also) in the mid 1970's. With all that has been written about the untimely deaths of many of the key witnesses not to mention the death of Dorothy Kilgallen and the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer, if Gen Walker was who you want to make him out to be, he surely would have been liquidated in the Cover-up as a security risk. That did not happen. He lived to a ripe old age of 84 and died in 1993. So either Gen. Walker had some major juju going to mitigate the security risk he posed to the other conspirators or he was inconsequential. I choose to believe the latter.