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  1. Joe don't forget about the cracked windshield too. Per the dent, this was the president's car. They constantly buffed it and cleaned it inside and out. I find it very hard to believe that the dent was innocent and they'd have just left it there without fixing it prior to Dallas. The dent and crack are in the same general location. Watch the SS agents in the Z film before and after the head shot. They're kind of looking around confused. Then when the "flurry" of shells come in they crouch down before driving off. No doubt shells are hitting everywhere including the dent and crack.
  2. To add to Jim's comment this was also the beginnings of them trying to fight back with "science." From that point on, it seemed like every new show that came out was backed by science with the Target Car and others. This also seems to be when Mack became "science's" mouthpiece. For example when he did that show to move the guys on the steps down almost to ground level. The faking of things all goes back to DM's Looney Tune
  3. Chris all of this is embarrassingly meaningless to me and many, many others who come here. As I've said numerous times even if all of these hidden figures mean something in the overall scheme of things they prove absolutely nothing in the assassination. In addition all theories are supposed to lead to a conclusion. Since I've been corresponding with you on EF you STILL to this day have not answered the simple question of WHAT do your hidden figures prove in relation to the murder. And we're going to continue to wait because I'm sorry to say but it all means nothing.
  4. agreed joe. but i just love to rub it in for them
  5. I would absolutely love to make a new and as accurate as possible animation of the murder based on the Z film. But without all of the shrunken heads, cut off necks and so on like Myers did in order to fit the conclusion everyone wanted. IMO - I would not have to fake anything because there's no doubt what the conclusion would be. Unfortunately, it'd take an enormous amount of time to do so and because I don't know how to use the SW, it'd be even tougher. But I'm almost positive this is the software he used. https://www.lightwave3d.com/overview/
  6. To David Von Pein and all other pure LN/WR believers. Your comment on this? Remember - no twists, turns, long and long-winded WC testimony quotes here. No snide comments from Vince B's and others' books that the CT community is wacky and/or crazy. No shrugs. This is your ex-President speaking, the ex commander in chief expressing his doubts. Your ex highest authority of the land speaking by way of a mainstream media outlet (CBS). Comments please?
  7. I'm interested too, Bart. Nothing is wishy washy here neither. You have to look at that film and wonder if the shiny bald-headed guy is not BL, then who is it? The same people who were standing there in Altgens all seem to be standing there in the later film, The one obvious one was the black guy who was to the left of BL just prior to the shooting - he seems to be gone. You yourself have said that no oddballs were around those steps, meaning the main people were in that immediate area were employees of the building. So there couldn't have been within a matter of about 55 seconds some completely different person who looks like BL would have hurriedly walked up to where those steps were. Also, I have to go by what I see in that footage - it looks like BL. However, the key here is even if it is, PM is still a reality. We'll just never really know until we see a pristine film frame from the TV station - if it ever happens.
  8. Sounds good, Bart. I have a question. Does the "Lovelady on the steps" discussion above in any way mess up PM? Obviously, if down the road we can confirm 100% that it's LHO in the corner, confirm by some other means (like seeing the original TV footage and confirming it's him), then it doesn't matter if BL is on the steps or down on that extension road. But until that happens, how does BL on the steps as detailed above effect the overall bearings of PM?
  9. Now convert 1.8 sec of 18.3fps film into total number of frames. Does that result sound familiar? ------------------------------------- Yes, it's very familiar. Chris Davidson just won't let this "the films have been faked" theory die. I mean, really? Watch JFK and Jackie as they glide by Towner, who's filming. Nothing is happening. JFK sits there looking at the audience...the same with Jackie pre- and post- "splice." We're expected to believe that 7 frames have been removed from Towner during that sequence all to reveal...what? That's the funniest thing about these film alteration theories - no one on here, not Davidson, not Josephs, not others - can still to this day tell us WHAT was removed. Or better WHY they were removed. No one that early in the motorcade has ever said anything or come forward to corroborate something sinister that has happened at that point. Not a one word. You can even see close to the same sequence from the woman who was filming from the 4th floor of the TSDB - people are just standing there clapping, taking photos, and so on. And yet...the film alteration theories never die. Meanwhile, if you choose to believe the assassination was a conspiracy and if the TSBD was nothing but a stage for the police to find fake evidence so they can pin the blame on the "lone nut" Oswald, do you really think that the plotters would have even suggested that their shooters start firing BEFORE the kill zone? The goal here was to blame Oswald with as few shots as possible from the fake sniper's window. That kill zone was obviously pre-planned to happen right down in the knoll area and that's pretty much what happened because IMO, the first shot did NOT start until Kennedy appears again from the freeway sign. So why, pray tell, would the plotters have a crazy shooter as part of their team to fire way up as the car was turning the corner, completely destroying the plot? It's ridiculous to think so. Further, Davidson here thinks that the Z film was filmed at 48 FPS and then 67% of the frames removed. Fantastic. But again, when I and others have asked him over and over again WHY 67% of the frames needed to be removed - in other words, what did these removed frames reveal - then crickets chirp. No reply. Nothing. Exactly. Because all of these removed frames and splices and painted in blobs are just another wacky theory that does nothing but confuse both serious researchers and newbies just getting interested in why Kennedy was murdered.
  10. Chris, unless I'm overlooking it, Andrej has not posted on this thread so why are you addressing your reply to him. Also, a serious question and not to stir things up with you. I've been developing training for over 20 years now. When you present something, you have to list things for people 1-2-3, in order for them to get it. Your post here is you say you'll fill someone in later and then you show a 5-second clip of the Z film. Do you not realize - and again I can't see how your mind works here - that by doing this you leave a troubling and confusing precedent on EF? How can you ever expect a new person visiting here, yet alone a serious researcher, to EVER understand where it is you're going with your posts?
  11. It looks like the same gun to me. That indentation carved into it where the fingers go, the shape of the scope, the tapering of the butt - they all look alike to me.
  12. In your Z frame the woman who was believed to be Calvery but is now an Indian woman from OK - you can tell it's her because her head is turned showing her face. It's definitely her.
  13. Bill Lovelady is smoking a cigarette. Didn't he die of cancer in '71?
  14. Jim that link is a "local" link meaning it exists on your computer. You have to upload the file to a server and then paste that link here.
  15. I am going to concur here. I really do believe that sunlight reflecting bald guy is BL. This film was shot...what 45 to 75 seconds after the last shot was fired? Many of the same people are in the same position in the vestibule that they were in as seen in earlier films. So it seems reasonable to think BL didn't quite go dashing off to save the day by heading over to the knoll area. Amazingly BL can also be seen ape like and back on the steps and in living color in the Hughes film too. And I believe that film sequence was shot much later after the shooting. Sounds like our boy Billy loved lingering around the steps that day. One question...does this have any effect on the PM theory?
  16. If the goal of the plot was to frame some random lone nut why did they frame someone who was anything but? Well said. There are just way too many incidences with the lone nut story where his time line is anything but random. I've always thought that they even piled it on too much that it makes it over done. The BYP is one glaring example.
  17. Andrej the guy with one leg down on the lower step is that supposed to be PM or BL? I agree with the person who said hat and tie man in Altgens is Shelley. The guy in photo looks older and has a hat too and looks beefier.
  18. Robin raises a good point. With Altgens and that other dark shot, you'd at least think that Frazier would be seen. You can see that guy with a tie and hat on in Altgens so he couldn't have been standing too much farther away from Frazier. But he's not in it at all (Frazier). How much time had elapsed after Altgens was the image taken that shows Frazier standing at the top? I'm starting to wonder too, Andrej, if PM was stepping down like your 3D model shows. If Frazier is 6 feet and his body is in sunlight, then he had to have been standing closer to the camera. Then PM, in the shadows, was standing further back toward the corner. Perhaps this is why he looks smaller. If he had been close enough to have one leg down on the step, then he'd been closer to the sun and been illuminated.
  19. Yes I know them all Hughes = that shot down Houston and you can see him on steps Altgens = the one where's leaning to see the limo Wiegman = he's in the middle of the steps leaning over (similar to Altgens) Hughes - it's also the one that shows an ape like version of BL back on the steps lingering, talking, looking around. He can be seen at the end of it. Wiegman - there is like a 2 or 3 frame sequence showing the waving black guy and umbrella guy sitting on curb. Way off topic of course, but "interesting" how they just kind of plopped down on the curb. Both of them too - what are the odds of two "strangers" just plopping down like that side by side in a conspicuous way? We'll never know of course. Funny thing about it - black waving guy was right there for the first shots, the ones hitting Kennedy in the throat and back. Yet, he just cooly stood there waving. Meanwhile, the guy further down on the steps suddenly lurches when HE realizes what's happening when Kennedy's head blows up. Probably nothing to it though.
  20. OK thanks and glad this cleared up. Yes, I did read your other post but it's a little hard to understand. But I did read it. I wanted to make sure too that I was seeing the right thing because yes I agree Gerda makes great stuff and when she combined those two clips and stabilized them it looks like they're not the same thing - but we know they are. But it can be confusing. But anyway - yeah that *has to be* Lovelady on the steps. I know it looks like him down on the extension (I could have sworn too that little street was called Elm Annex but was wrong] with his buddy. I'm just thinking he hardly moved up on the steps and actually the others standing up on the steps hardly moved either. Pure speculation of course but it just seems to make more sense he'd still be up there like the rest of them 75 seconds after the shooting. You don't have to reply to this as I can detect frustration on your previous post. But just wanted to double check.
  21. Tom - OK, I grabbed a frame from the Gerda animated GIF. It's not great but hopefully the image below will at least give you an idea. I was under the impression that some say that BL with the other guy are walking down the Annex as seen by the two yellow lines on left (again this is not a great grab but they were in that general vicinity). Then others say that BL is still up on the steps as marked by yellow arrow. I believe Bart thinks that BL is down where the yellow lines are. My only concern is when you look at the other clear GIF of the steps area, it looks like BL. Obviously BL can't be in two places at the same time. Personally, after seeing that close up, I think he's still up on the steps as it does look like him. And then of course back on the top and in shadow is PM. Does this make sense? What do you think? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7Hr9Lrku-CxV1FuWEVhX1FBQXc
  22. I don't understand some of you people......there is nothing but personal beliefs for seeing Lovelady in Darnell on the steps. You have no evidence to back your beliefs and prefer to eat the lemon called their WC testimonies. Think for a second about that! I have to go with what my eyes are seeing, Bart. You've done great work on PM but the GIF below, at the very beginning, looks like a bald-headed guy and the pattern of his shirt looks like Lovelady. This is by no means scientific, of course, as many other theories of the case are unscientific as well. But the bald guy is almost in the exact same spot as he was when he was up a little more and leaning over as seen in that other footage and as seen in Altgens. Like I said, too, your "two guys down on the Annex" also look like Lovelady and the other guy (sorry I can't remember his name). Again, look at the very first frame or two of the GIF below - there's like a moment of clarity in it and it really does look like Lovelady. Is it? Are your two Annex guys Lovelady? It does leave a quandary in your otherwise well-done PM.You really, truly have to ask yourself - who is the bald guy up there on the steps in the GIF below?
  23. Bart I know and agree the general if not grainy features of your photo does look like him down on the Annex. I just see him also up on the steps too. Note too that the whole cluster of folks up there looks as if none moved 55 seconds after the shooting. So my main concern is if it's not BL up on the steps who is it? Even PM is still up there.
  24. The thing that's worrisome for me is in that Dunkel GIF, I know it's supposed to be Lovelady down there on the Annex with the cop running toward the building. But I think it looks more like Lovelady is still on the steps up there. I think that because he was pretty bald and the sun is bright on the head on the step. It just seems to look like him and it makes sense in my mind that had he had not moved yet from his "leaning over" stance when the limo went by. I think, too, that after the shots were fired, there may have just been like a "standing around and looking around" moment for the folks up there in the steps area. The cop supposedly ran into the building 90(?) sec after the shooting give or take. So it just seems and looks like it's Lovelady up there.
  25. Gerry - this is on the Kennedys and King site: https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/anatomy-of-the-second-floor-lunchroom-encounter-excerpts