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  1. Jeremy truly excellent research on this. Proving without a shadow of doubt.
  2. Based on the animated GIF above it's hard to believe anyone would think those are two different people. But as is the case here, stranger things have happened.
  3. I agree. The same LHO in the military and in Dallas. The same eye brows, nose, curled ears, narrow jaw leading to the pointed chin. It's all there. No clone. PS - this is a large animated GIF. Give it time to load.
  4. Sandy, I'm just trying to prevent new people here from falling too far down the HL rabbit hole. If we didn't argue the merits here, then there could be a lot of suckers who could fall for the story without hearing the merits of both sides. As a matter of fact, these photos could actually be a great starting point for newbies to begin then work their way back. The reason is simple - unlike the many, many fallacies of the HL story, which is based on a misinterpretation of the written record, coaching witnesses (e.g., buttering them up by calling them sweetheart), cherry picking and sheer dishonesty (after all, the story needs to be kept up so Armstrong hopes to continue to sell his book and disks for $60), these three photos are documented proof that the exhume photo, the military photo, and the HS photo show that Lee Harvey Oswald had a full set of front teeth. Then, newbies can read both sides of the story and make their determination.
  5. This is not adding to this HL narrative but a pretty interesting photo of LHO in the background when Marion Morrison visited a USMC base in Japan. The same skinny frame, the slightly pushed in shape of the head and that unmistakable mop of hair on his head.
  6. Nothing "grew" Jim. It's the same tooth in the skull and traces back to the same person you see in the smiling soldier photo, and on back to the smiling HS photo, and probably all other photos that can be dug up in between showing his front teeth. The "look here" class photo that HL supporters use to show a missing tooth is simply too blurry and at too odd of an angle to make a determined analysis of.
  7. Totally understand, Sandy, that you say (or think) that the pictures I'm talking about are HARVEY. What I and others are saying is that they show Lee Harvey Oswald.
  8. Jim 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. As in the above HS photo, the smiling soldier photo, and the exhume photo. All showing the same LHO with teeth intact. There's no other way around it.
  9. I am posting this here as an alternative to the Russia gate hysteria. https://consortiumnews.com/2017/09/29/russia-gates-shaky-foundation/
  10. I found this HS photo of LHO - looks like he has front teeth to me. How do we know that he wasn't goofing around in class to the point where he might have put something on his front tooth to give it a dark hue? If you look at the surrounding classroom, everyone's attentive to what's going on except him. So he might have been hamming it up big time. But amazing to me too is the other morgue photo I've added below. When you look at the HS photo and the morgue one, there's no doubt it's the same person, from the large nose to the weak chin and the slightly flattened profile of the head. Both views even have that short wispy hair growing down onto the neck. Also I don't know if this was ever mentioned in this thread (it's 100+ pages now) but Greg Parker wrote a very interesting post about LHO having roundworm and how it shows that it could only have been the one-and-only LHO. https://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1452-why-the-one-and-only-lee-oswald-looked-different-on-his-return-from-the-su
  11. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    So this is the "evidence" that he had foreknowledge? In September, 1963, Dinkin noticed material in the Army newspaper, Stars and Stripes, and other print publications, that was negative toward the president and his policies and implied that hewas a weak president in dealing with the Russians. The examples that he found became morenegative, the suggestion being that if he were removed as president it would be a good thing. By mid-October Dinkin had found enough information—some of it subliminal—that he was convinced that a plot was in the works. One driven by some high ranking members of the military, some right-wing economic groups, and with support by some national media outlets. Sounds pretty dubious to me.
  12. 14 boxes of Jack Ruby records become public next week

    Exactly and good point.
  13. Jim your reply just doesn't fly in the face any longer. You have to explain how the teeth match the soldier photo with the exhume photo. You can't keep referring back to the blurry class photo with his head at a high angle. You then have to explain with reasonable plausibility why there was no major press release of the secret exhumation or other media coverage. It's not like a secret agent could just stick his hand in the ground and grab the skull in the dead of night.
  14. No problem and I understand, Sandy. That's where we obviously diverge - you and HL supporters believe that that's HARVEY's teeth, where I and I'm sure others who do not support the HL story believe that that's Lee Harvey Oswald's teeth. The same one that grew up poor, was moved around, went into the military, did a false defection, returned, was married to Marina, stirred up fake trouble in NO so he'd be branded a Communist, worked for one month in the TSBD, was arrested in the TX Theater, said "I'm just a patsy" in the hallway, was gunned down by Ruby on 11/24, was buried in the graveyard where Marina, his Mom and kids sat crying graveside, and whose body was exhumed in 1981.
  15. Jim - I was getting worried. I thought you had sneakily moved on from here and started that new thread. Looks like you're back here LOL. Can you explain the teeth match Jim? They match up perfectly. Sandy tried, saying they're HARVEY's teeth. That's kind of - actually very weak - it's like saying the sky is green when we know it's blue
  16. Good to hear you have a sense of humor, Sandy. So I take it - was HARVEY the one who had the unibrow unsmiling Mom, right? If so, maybe he was thinking of her that day when he had his USMC photo taken, smiling away. "Look Mom! Don't be sad! Here's a big old smiling Harv for you!" LOL
  17. mainstream media preps the public

    The whole story is a joke. It basically just rehashes all of the WC tripe. The funniest thing of all is, like Bill Davy at VMI said, why is the story of the HSCA conclusions NEVER mentioned in the mainstream media? Yes, the HSCA was full of its own BS but at least they came to the conclusion that JFK was "probably" murdered as a result of a conspiracy. Yet, you never EVER hear that being mentioned. The story line always - ALWAYS - goes back to the WC. The congressmen running the WC were no better or worst than the congressmen running the HSCA. So that should cancel out the "officialdom" of who was running the show.
  18. No one in the HL group has proven anything, Sandy. All of you are too paranoid to see the truth of all of this and too stubborn to admit you're wrong. Take a look at this: It's obvious that based on the smiling one-and-only Oswald from his USMC photo compared to the teeth in the exhume photo that they match up fine. It's the same person. All of those little nuances of his teeth - the unevenness of them, the ridges in his enamel, and all the rest are all there. Stop with the paranoia and stubbornness and accept the fact that this whole HL story is nothing but a funny-as-in-strange work of fiction.
  19. I was thinking of that too a while back. I mean take a look at this: Now some people are going to say they don't look the same while others do. But the similarities are there. But to think that by some million to one chance they found not only a near identical clone thousands of miles away in Hungary to match up with the Texas kid - and even their Moms too (except one was unsmiling and had a unibrow) - is really funny as in funny strange.
  20. David, what you don't seem to understand is the funeral business is a racket. It's like the car business. When my Mom died, I did not want to get her embalmed because -- why? She was going to rot away anyway and embalming was like an extra $1,000 bucks that I wasn't going to give them. When I said no, the guy got a little - "Oh, now, I'm sure you want to keep your Mother's dignity..." and some other nonsense. I said no. Guess what? On the day of her funeral, he came up and said, "Out of courtesy to your dearly departed Mother, we went ahead with the embalming at no charge." They prey on the bereaved and once the crying and flower laying are over, it's pretty much a done deal. The cheap coffin is lowered, the vault cover is laid and who in the xxxx knows what happens down there? Think about it - this happens thousands and thousands of times all over the world and unless you're paranoid JE Hoover, who had a lead lined coffin that the bearers almost threw their balls out carrying it around, most of this stuff is cheaply made. And with the lot of weight laying on the cover, why would it be so surprising that this stuff breaks down? Didn't a handle break off on Kennedy's coffin at the airport? The point is - it's very disingenuous and paranoid of you to think that just because the vault was broken that you say - YEP! They snuck down and swapped bodies or took the head in the middle of the night and drilled a mastoid hole in it. I mean are you really THAT paranoid and suspicious of EVERYTHING?! Wow! You're turning these simple stories of mistaken identity and broken vaults into crazy stories that even the best fictional authors would not even dream up.
  21. Bill Davy at VMI

    The real clincher for me is this: "But there was an extra part of this story that hadn't been revealed, at least I'd never heard of it until I found this document, and that is when they took him into custody, Oswald would only speak in Russian. When the NOPD had him, they assumed he was a Russian. They called INS. Of course, they would have responsibility for foreign aliens and so forth. One of Roache's associates, this guy, David Smith, went to the police station, and he recognized Oswald as being part of the Banister-Ferrie group and said, "Look, this guy's an American." Once Oswald had been outed, he stopped with the Russian. It was then at that point he asked to see an FBI agent, but it was not until the INS guy had come in and said, "We recognize him from our surveillance of David Ferrie and Guy Banister." When the Church Committee investigators finally tracked down Roache and they finally got a hold of him, this is what he said: "I've been waiting 12 years for you guys. I've been waiting for 12 years to talk someone about this." The above may seem trivial but at least to me it's really not. It's very big actually because it shows that someone was leading LHO along, telling him to play his public game of being a Communist or whatever, stirring up trouble, to speak in Russian, causing attention to himself and obviously to be used months later in Dallas. Even the best fictional crime author could not have made something like this up. What I've wondered about is this - if this was happening back in August, was the murder greenlit even then? Or was LHO being manipulated with no real plans for him to be used some way at a later date? The obvious answer is "probably yes" but I find it fascinating when you ask that question - just when was it greenlit?
  22. David do you see anything fake on those documents? Perhaps where it says LEE it really said HARVEY but they faked it? Perhaps because we know HARVEY was the nice one with the unsmiling Mom?
  23. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I can't see the radical right doing it. They would have had to have been clued in to the intel of MC and they weren't.
  24. The Finger Finally Points to Pentagon Chief Lemnitzer

    I simply cannot see any of the generals having anything to do with it. According to SS it was all happening way in the background. For all of their so called military planning skills they couldn't have done anything like this.
  25. Oh no, Mike Clark is back on here. This is the guy who came up with a theory on EF a while back. His theory went something like this: A telecom company took over the building that used to house Ruby's nightclub. During renovations on it and because there was something like a lot of copper wiring in it, his theory was - of course! Deep in the bowels of Ruby's nightclub building was assassination central. They had a bevy of secret agents monitoring live TV cameras stationed throughout the city being displayed on TVs and were controlling all events, including the shooting. Down in that smoke-filled assassination central room were Dulles, Bush, Nixon, Hunt and others gleefully rubbing their hands together as the killing took place. He based this theory on the large amount of copper wiring found in the building. This is all you need to know about Mike Clark's way of thinking. This is his only attempt on EF to ever come up with a theory and it was a doozy. Otherwise, because he believes everything was faked in the JFK case, he'll swoop down from time to time, saying his usual bits of "Great goings" to fellow everything is faked believers, while admonishing those who know better. ------ As Sandy said above, the secret agents faked A LOT of stuff. Emphasis on A LOT. To the HL supporters they think EVERYTHING was faked. It was not. Further, there has to be plausibility, a ring of truth if you will. I was just watching a crime show about a murder. The investigators, even the family of the victim, said numerous times throughout the course of the show that the accused was saying and doing things that "didn't make sense" as he tried to explain his alibi. This is what I mean. Sandy will probably say "just because Simpich says so doesn't make it so" but in addition to that there has to be a running narrative of does it have the ring of truth. But Bill Simpich's outstanding SS story has a heck of a lot more ring of truth to it than the HL story. The very fact that HL supporters would actually think that the secret agents would perform a mastoid operation on their clone years before Dallas, then change this scenario to it was done to a skull in a coffin to fit a round peg in a square hole would cause laughter by any seasoned crime investigator.