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  1. Oh not just that Raymond, just like Bill Miller once confronted to deliver the real McCoy they just fail. They do a runner and / or just wimper to the powers that be. James Gordon, this thread is not going anywhere either. I suggest you 'dump' this one as well. There are a few more btw. Want me to point them out for you?!
  2. For weeks you have been yapping about this.......and now you expect us all to wait once confronted with presenting it. If it is so obvious then it ought to be produced in a relative short time, but no........... And physical size comparison? As related to? Try and tell me for certain what step he was on. And simce no one can do this with the quality of the films available at this time you have a non starter.
  3. How much longer do you need Miller???? If you see it so clearly then it must be a piece of piss to show everyone else, surely you do not need three days to do so. Show us all the girth!!!
  4. I second us all.
  5. Stop deflecting. Show the girth!!!!!
  6. Reid's coke insert in her handwritten statement is the give away. Oswald needed a reason to go from the lunchroom to the front entrance and get out. The logical way would have been to go down the back stairs and get his things before leaving, I mean Reid saw him wearing a T-shirt, which is a monumental screw up from her side. And Reid horse menuire has been discounted by Geneva Hine....all in my essay which you do not care to read.... Keep posting Miller....keep at it.
  7. No really , you did not mention Baker and Truly going in as per the O.V. Campbell quoted article??? And the coke matter again, you missed the vital part of your claim. And supply us with the girth pic!!! Getting tired Miller? You ought to come t The Flying Horse Pub in London this Sat, I am giving a little talk about this event. You and Doyle ought to visit, it would be a fab eye opener for the pair of you. Ah ok you bring Uncle Paul along as well. 3 for the price of 2. OK?
  8. Buahahahahah I do not need to post a study as I see no girth, you yet still have to post an image that shows Prayer Man's girth. Stop the smoke and mirrors exercise. I still await an answer for the NYHT fugezi remark, I mean the last thing we want is Albert/Brian Doyle to keep believing...... Come on we are all waiting!!!
  9. Yeah 'thanks' Bill. The key issue whether Oswald had a coke in his hand while confronted by Baker and which is not backed up by any of his evidence as he has trouble 'finding' it, That is what Miller said. It's the same with his assertion that Baker and Truly are mentioned in the NYHT article, there simply is no trace of it, yet Doyle believes it and Miller has been quiet ever since after asking for evidence and he feels too big to retract his rubbish. Let's end this coke dross shall we? Doyle, I know you are reading this so pay careful attention when you quote me at the f00. So Baker did not notice anything of the kind. Not in his first statement, nor in his WC testimony. And a few months later, while having his statement taken the day before the WR is handed to LBJ. Nothing suspicious about this no? Yet Baker still screws up and makes a mention of it for the first time, of course not a word about the coke in the typed up version. Drinking a coke? That messes even more with the timeline than ever thought before. Get change, put into machine, wait for bottle to come out, uncork it and start drinking........ But that still does not point to what you stated: about Oswald being seen walking towards the inner door the 2nd floor lunchroom after having just bought a coke. When it comes to the statements of the law officials who were involved with the interrogations, regarding the coke: Talk about a mess. -On the 23rd, SA James Hosty and SA James Bookhout produce a report based upon the previous day's interrogation of LHO. : Oswald claimed to be on the first floor when President John F. Kennedy passed this building.for his lunch. a bottle of Coca-Cola was located and obtained Coca-Cola machine Oswald stated that he went to lunch at approximately noon and he claimed he ate his lunch on the first floor in the lunchroom; however he went to the second floor where the where the Coca-Cola machine was located and obtained a bottle of Coca-Cola for his lunch. Oswald claimed to be on the first floor when President John F. Kennedy passed this building. After hearing what had happened, he said that because of all the confusion there would be no work performed that afternoon so he decided to go home. -On the 24th Bookhout creates another solo report, about the same interrogation on 11/24/63 - after LHO has been murdered by Ruby. Oswald stated that on November 22, 1963, at the time of the search of the Texas School Book Depository building by Dallas police officers, he was on the second floor of said building, having just purchased a Coca-cola from the soft-drink machine, at which time a police officer came into the room with pistol drawn and asked him if he worked there. Mr. Truly was present and verified that he was an employee and the police officer thereafter left the room and continued through the building. Oswald stated that he took this Coke down to the first floor and stood around and had lunch in the employees lunch room. He thereafter went outside and stood around for five or ten minutes with foreman Bill Shelly, and thereafter went home. He stated that he left work because, in his opinion, based upon remarks of Bill Shelly, he did not believe that there was going to be anymore work that day due to the confusion in the building. -Captain Will Fritz's notes, offers the following in his handwritten notes: Claims 2nd Floor Coke when off came in / to 1st fl had lunch / out with Bill Shelley in front -Fritz also writes up an interrogation report. I asked him what part of the building he was in at the time the President was shot, and he said that he was having his lunch about that time on the first floor. Mr. Truly had told me that one of the police officers had stopped this man immediately after the shooting somewhere near the back stairway, so I asked Oswald where he was when the police officer stopped him. He said he was on the second floor drinking a coca cola when the officer came in. I asked him why he left the building, and he said there was so much excitement he didn't think there would be any more work done that day, and that as this company wasn't particular about their hours, that they did not punch a clock, and that he thought it would be just as well that he left for the rest of the afternoon. Fritz's WC testimony. Mr. BALL. At that time didn't you know that one of your officers, Baker, had seen Oswald on the second floor? Mr. FRITZ. They told me about that down at the bookstore; I believe Mr. Truly or someone told me about it, told me they had met him--I think he told me, person who told me about, I believe told me that they met him on the stairway, but our investigation shows that he actually saw him in a lunchroom, a little lunchroom where they were eating, and he held his gun on this man and Mr. Truly told him that he worked there, and the officer let him go. Mr. BALL. Did you question Oswald about that? Mr. FRITZ. Yes, sir; I asked him about that and he knew that the officer stopped him all right. Mr. BALL. Did you ask him what he was doing in the lunchroom? Mr. FRITZ. He said he was having his lunch. He had a cheese sandwich and a Coca-Cola. Mr. BALL. Did he tell you he was up there to get a Coca-Cola? Mr. FRITZ. He said he had a Coca-Cola. -Postal Inspector Harry D.Holmes was part of the final interrogation of Oswald, which took place on the 24th. On December 17th 1963 Holmes writes up his recollections in a report. No mention of a Coke nor the second-floor lunchroom. During his WC testimony, he vaguely recalls something.........: Mr. BELIN. By the way, where did this policeman stop him when he was coming down the stairs at the Book Depository on the day of the shooting? Mr. HOLMES. He said it was in the vestibule. Mr. BELIN. He said he was in the vestibule? Mr. HOLMES. Or approaching the door to the vestibule. He was just coming, apparently, and I have never been in there myself. Apparently there is two sets of doors, and he had come out to this front part. Mr. BELIN. Did he state it was on what floor? Mr. HOLMES. First floor. The front entrance to the first floor. Mr. BELIN. Did he say anything about a Coca Cola or anything like that, if you remember? Mr. HOLMES. Seems like he said he was drinking a Coca Cola, standing there by the Coca Cola machine drinking a Coca Cola. Mr. BELIN. Anything else? Mr. HOLMES. Nothing more than what I have already told you on it. And here Holmes makes an even bigger mess, if there is one thing evident it is that Harry Dean Holmes wasn't part of the 'old boy network'. He gave way too much away. Mr. BELIN. Now, Mr. Holmes, I wonder if you could try and think if there is anything else that you remember Oswald saying about where he was during the period prior or shortly prior to, and then at the time of the assassination? Mr. HOLMES. Nothing more than I have already said. If you want me to repeat that? Mr. BELIN. Go ahead and repeat it. Mr. HOLMES. See if I say it the same way? Mr. BELIN. Yes. Mr. HOLMES. He said when lunchtime came he was working in one of the upper floors with a Negro. The Negro said, "Come on and let's eat lunch together." Apparently both of them having a sack lunch. And he said, "You go ahead, send the elevator back up to me and I will come down just as soon as I am finished." And he didn't say what he was doing. There was a commotion outside, which he later rushed downstairs to go out to see what was going on. He didn't say whether he took the stairs down. He didn't say whether he took the elevator down. But he went downstairs, and as he went out the front, it seems as though he did have a coke with him, or he stopped at the coke machine, or somebody else was trying to get a coke, but there was a coke involved. He mentioned something about a coke. But a police officer asked him who he was, and just as he started to identify himself, his superintendent came up and said, "He is one of our men." And the policeman said, "Well, you step aside for a little bit." Then another man rushed in past him as he started out the door, in this vestibule part of it, and flashed some kind of credential and he said, "Where is your telephone, where is your telephone, and said I am so and so, where is your telephone." And he said, "I didn't look at the credential. I don't know who he said he was, and I just pointed to the phone and said, 'there it is,' and went on out the door." Mr. BELIN. Anything else? Mr. HOLMES. I believe not. As much as it pains to say it, but Doyle is right Miller. You are weak. Where does the coke get a mention at first besides the law enforcement officials' reports? In Mrs R Reid handwritten statement, as an insert no doubt! And if Oswald really walked down that office and those front stairs to leave THAT quick then did he guzzle that coke down like there was no tomorrow and yet no one noticed him doing this.
  10. This is highly misleading Miller, you have some interesting tricks up yer sleeve, but they do not amount to much. You need to pub the ones where he is wearing his shirt not his t-shirt! While you are at it you and Trejo need to show the coke story source Both of you are masters at quacking without presenting evidence, so again, get back into the game dude and show us all. Oh and do not think for a second that you are let of the hook regarding the B&T entry from the NYTH article. Quit posting until you admit your mistakes or show us the proof. Get to work!!! Or continue to lose every ounce of cred you thought you had.......... This is the Education Forum so educate us all
  11. That's already been done in case you have not noticed.
  12. Still waiting for your girth study Miller Still waiting for the explanation on the coke Still waiting on where it says in the NYHT (even Doyle believes it ha ha ha) where Truly and Baker went in....... Come on Miller deliver just this once.
  13. There is nothing responsible about your method at all, you are reaching. LIke MacRae and Doyle. Back it up with proper analysis, not wishy washy make believe.
  14. Jibber jabber muhahahahhaa First the coke, for which you never showed anything to back it up with..."I think, I read it somewhere, I cannot remember....." Then the entry of Baker and Truly as per the NYHT article with the quote of OV Campbell, where there is no mention of ithem in there anywhere......and the squirming from you once confronted was unbecoming. And now the girth.... Your failings and above all trying to mislead everyone with this rubbish makes one actually wonder: Miller are you actually a researcher?