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  1. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    1960's researcher Arch Kimbraugh wrote this, he interviewed Truly and Truly says Oswald was wearing a white t-shirt on the day he left to testify in front of the W.C. The W.C. did not ask Truly what Oswald was wearing at least not in the official transcript. There is deleted testimony of Truly at the archives which is now being kept under lock and key, it is on a dictabelt recording.Thanks to Malcolm Blunt for the paperwork.
  2. Last April I spoke about the second floor lunch room encounter as part of my Prayer Man presentation at the 14th DPUK seminar in Canterbury. Afterwards I wasn't happy with that segment to which Barry Keane suggested I'd write it up, which I did not realising the task that lay ahead. At the link below I tried to cram every bit of info in there that is available on this alleged encounter, and that has had a negative effect on the software that published it as I managed to crash it and, at this time, cannot edit it at all any more.Once that is solved I will make a couple of minor edits. There will be an interactive presentation to follow, http://www.prayer-man.com/anatomy-of-the-second-floor-lunch-room-encounter/
  3. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/indonesia-anti-communist-massacres-1960s-us-knew-cia-desclassifed-embassy-files-jakarta-a8006186.html The newly released files underline the US Embassy's and State Department's early, detailed and ongoing knowledge of the killings and eagerness to avoid doing anything that would hinder the Indonesian army. Historians had already established that the US provided lists of senior communist party officials, radio equipment and money as part of active support for the army. The documents also show that US officials had credible information that contradicted the Indonesian army's lurid story that the kidnapping and killing of seven generals in an abortive coup by junior officers on 30 September 1965, which paved the way for the bloodbath, was ordered by the Indonesian communist party and Beijing. The documents specifically mention mass killings ordered by Suharto, a general who within months would seize total power and rule Indonesia for more than three decades, and the pivotal role in carrying out the massacres by groups that today remain Indonesia's biggest mainstream Muslim organisations: Nahdlatul Ulama, its youth wing Ansor and Muhammadiyah. Jim D., is one of the few people who has already brought certain things to light about this matter, I suspect the documents go even deeper than anything mentioned before.
  4. Hi Vanessa, Thank you! I am working on a set of short movies. First the 2nd floor fugezi and then the interrogations, but making them is going a bit slower than anticipated due to various work and home related matters. Only that many hours in a day.:)
  5. Just over 100.000 views, wow who would have thought. Thanks everyone for watching!
  6. The CMC-Permindex Papers

    Google translate version: THANKS TO CIA DOCUMENTS, NEW LIGHT ON BORGHESE GOLDS AND ON THE FILM BETWEEN KENNEDY ASSASSIN AND TENSION STRATEGY. By Michele Metta * In my previous articles on the Antidiplomatic about my investigation into the assassination of John Kennedy and the Central CIA in Italy disguised under the name of the World Commercial Center , had already been overwhelmed by peculiar interweaving between the death of JFK and the fascist Valerio Borghese: starting with the rescue Borghese, at the end of the II War World , to work together, the very high espionage executive USA Angleton and then member of CMC Bonfantini to continue, then, with the discovery of a Clay Shaw agenda, also a CMC memberand charged by Prosecutor Garrison for part of the plot to kill Kennedy; agenda containing name and address of a close relative of Borghese. In addition, there is a remarkable passage of money, belonging to the Dominican fascist Ramfis Trujillo, through a bank whose head is Borghese himself: the Commercial and Industrial Credit . Passage made, by chance, on the eve of a trip to Haiti from Trujillo in order to identify the funding needed to organize the ambush of Dallas on November 22, 1963. Today, there will also emerge a recapture of everything to another story about Borghese: the coup he attempted in Italy in 1970. I had already been reminded of the role posed by Andreotti, by precise orders to our Secret Services, the responsibilities of Gelli, the leader of P2 , in that eversive act. Andreotti - I had been able to add - had plummeted the role of two characters very closely linked to the United States and, even more in detail, Nixon: Pier Talenti and Hugh Fenwick. Well, the powerful novelty is that I managed to get inside the CIA archives in documents about both of them. Let's see. A first document, named Fenwick, and named Letter to Mr. Hugh Fenwick from (SANITIZED) , shows the relationship between him and the Central Intelligence Agency since, at least, January 1951. Relationship certainly linked to highly sensitive activities, since this article, more than 50 years after its creation, is only partially released by the preservation of censored portions even in the same title: that SANITIZED in round parenthesis means that it is still necessary to omit the extender of the letter at Fenwick. How, on the other hand, the new CIA documents about Talents, it is good before we venture to clarify how these were the heirs of a colossal real estate empire. He was, in fact, the grandson of Achilles Talenti, a founder and founder, together with Giuseppe Tudini, of Tudini and Talenti, who had established a whole neighborhood in the Northeast of Rome in the sixties. Well, in a CIA report I examined, titled Monarchist and Right Wing Movements . Neo - Fascist Movements, so Tudini and Achille Talenti are identified as financiers of the neo-fascist activities of Borghese since the postwar period. Little virtuous inclination in the Talenti family is literally eternally seamless: thanks to the transcription of the conversation between some of the patrons who arrived on 29 November 1974 at Luciano Violante, then Judge Instructor at the Tribunale di Torino, it turns out that in the Golpe Borghese was involved both with Pier Talenti and Achille Talenti, who last only died on October 2, 1971. As for the connection between Pier Talenti and Nixon, he is certainly a propedeutic, here too, starting with a premise: Tim Weiner's essay One man against the world. The tragedy of Richard Nixon . In the narration of the network that had allowed this politician to enjoy a powerless capacity as President of the United States, Weiner, having talked about the heavy ties between these and the Greek dictatorship, does not fail to emphasize the following: A coalition of leadersof the extreme right in Italy served as a further source of secret funds for Nixon. They had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars through Pier Talenti, an Italian-American industrialist with fascist tendencies and vast real estate in Rome linked to his family. Nixon himself had been instructed by his Cabinet Chief, HR Haldeman, for managing these "contributions from Italy". For Nixon, it was a pleasure to repay his lenders as soon as he presented the opportunity: as President, he personally endorsed millions of dollars secretly given to politicians of the Italian Right through the CIA and entrusted by the Pentagon to the arsenal of war for tens of millions to Greek colonels. Weiner's words, of course, to match my cabling, sent by Graham Martin, Ambassador of Nixon to Rome, and with absolute recommendation to be read by Kissinger alone. Interestingly, Martin's testimony of a meeting between Pier Talenti and John Mitchell, Nixon's Minister of Justice. Meeting with the prospect of enlarging himself to Kissinger and Nixon in person, organized by Abplanalp, one of Nixon's closest friends. We are - attention - in December of 1970 where Borghese's coupmaterialized. Martin points out how Talent has proven to be useful since the previous year, "especially in maintaining contact with elements of the far-right Christian Democrat." On the strength of the link between Martin and Pier Talenti, this is confirmed by another US Ambassador in Rome, but by far another pasta: Richard Gardner, Carter's representative in Italy from 1977 to 1981. It is contained in his book Mission Italy. On the Front Lines of the Cold War , where he writes: I had another negative experience with the American embassy in 1969-1972 when Graham Martin was President Nixon's ambassador to Rome. [...] During my visits to his office at the embassy in Rome, he had snooped against the critical compatriots of Nixon's Vietnam politics by booming them as "communists" and seemed to believe in an imminent grip of power in Italy by the Communists. Martin relied on the advice of very conservative Italians such as Michele Sindona, a corrupt financial manipulator, and Paul Marcinkus, whose unjustified financial transactions would end up provoking a crisis in the Vatican Bank. Deep influence over him also had an extreme rightist representative in Italy of the Republican Party, Pier Talenti. Martin had avoided relations with political leaders, but invented a secret program to fund centrist politicians and the extreme right [...]. This program was revealed by congressional investigations and further damaged the US reputation in Italy. Robustness of the liaison between Pier Talenti and Martin no less reiterated in another of Weiner's essays: its equally acclaimed Legacy of Ashes . Reminded of the impressive $ 65 million of the CIA'sdistribution to our compliant politicians over the past twenty years since the beginning of the Cold War in the election of Nixon, Weiner, in fact, continues: Nixon and Kissinger have even refocused more such a tradition. Their instrument had been the CIA Station in Rome and the incredible Ambassador Graham Martin. Kissinger had baptized Martin "the ghostly ally" [...]. No other US diplomat had ever been so deeply in love with clandestine operations. Nixon thought it was phenomenal. "I have a great personal respect for Graham Martin," he said to Kissinger on February 14, 1969, and the gear had set in motion. Martin's assignment as ambassador to Italy had been the result of the commitment of a wealthy American right called Pier Talenti, who lived in Rome, where he had collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Nixon campaign of 1968 among his friends and political allies. What opened the door to the White House. Talent met with Colonel Alexander M. Haig, Jr., Kissinger's military assistant, to warn that the Socialists were about to take power in Italy, and therefore suggest that a new American ambassador was necessary to counter the Left. Martin had proposed, and his message had reached the highest step. As Wells Stabler, his deputy in Rome, said he had succeeded in convincing Nixon and Kissinger of "being, with his true hardships, After all this, we are now even the most disruptive part of the discoveries contained in the CIAdocuments I have examined. We start from Itkin's story of his work for Cia, as related by notes by Warren Donovan : reveals that Pier Talenti was brother-in-law, and partner in Intelligence'soperations , by Herbert Itkin. The latter is an individual with double, strong affiliation: the FBI and the CIA . Recruiting, that of Itkin in the Central Intelligence Agency, which, in the same vein, dates back to 1954 when, by direct order of Allen Dulles, he was immediately entrusted to George de Mohrenschildt, a Belarusian righteist who, in view of his strange closeness to Oswald's scapegoat, is a of key JFK assassination figures. But the interconnection between de Mohrenschildt and Itkin, which has certainly persisted even during the sixties, is also crucial for another aspect: de Mohrenschildt's involvement - see, in this case, the A meeting was held in the library of the knickerbocker - in a CIA operation in 1963 in Haiti and called in WUBRINY code. That is to say, the same place and moment of Ramfis Trujillo's departure to allocate the funding needed to organize the attack against JFK; Trujillo's Haitian mission immediately afterwards - let's say - to a more significant and mysterious passage of Dominican money through a bank to direct which is Borghese. Well: Itkin was also involved, in that identical crisis, in a CIA action in Haiti; action involving the local mafia. And with whom? Let's take another CIA document , this time called Excerpts related to Itkin assertions , and let's read: together with Pier Talenti, and another character called Mario Brod. Mission, this of the trio Itkin, Talenti, Brod, who really deserves our full interest because because of the very extreme geographical situation between the two islands - says Itkin himself in his own recorded statement - "To bring damage to Cuba, if not to invade it, through the North-West region of Haiti." In short: it was part of the US attempt to break down Castro. Well, as noted by more than one of the JFK affairs scholars , first amongst themselves Garrison, the CIA operation against the Cuban President has shifted from a certain point in the mission to kill John Kennedy, according to the winning alien reasoning by the Agency that the best way does not exist to conceal a plan unless within another plan. Equally appropriate, however, is to dwell on the biographical characteristics of Brod; in fact, he is a US Spy Agent since 1944 when he was personally recruited by Angleton. It means a recruiting of Brod, by Angleton, just months from that, always at Angleton's hand, by Borghese. The welding between Brod and Angleton remains, henceforth, unchanged. This is clearly demonstrated by the famous descent from KGB in 1962 by Anatoly Golitsyn. The Russians are immediately and morbidly protected by Angleton, whose thanks go through the utmost harmony between the statements made after the defeat and the most devastating paranoia of the very great CIA leader ; as when, for example, they accuse almost all leadersof the Western world to be at the Soviet money. So it is true that Golitsyn's lawyer is Mario Brod himself. Now - let's see - it happens that Angleton, clamorously, keeps track of himself in the tempted coup of 1970: from the great contribution of the Umberto D'Amato to this act, as rightly pointed out by a judgment of the Milan Tribunal by the magistrate Salvini. The D'Amato who, in a secret document traced by another magistrate still, Casson, is identified as belonging, too, to the CIA . The identical D'Amato, namely, that at the end of the II War World- surprise - the Italian member of the Italian Services sent to assist Angleton during that rescue of Borghese, who is also a member of CMCBonfantini. Angleton that - the circle closes - in a sort of testament written by Borghese shortly before dying, is even indicated as the main supporter of the coup . This is an overwhelmingly fascinating text: delivered in November 2003 to the Brescia magistrate after having been kept secret for thirty years, this too, first of all, calls into question Pier Talenti. In addition, it provides an excellent explanation for the upcoming eversive action: a news leak at the very last moment, and even reached the ear of the Communist Party leadership. An explanation that, to reflect well, completes a very good detail provided by the most famous repentance of Cosa Nostraof all time: Buscetta. In November 1992, he had clarified this: the controversy that had switched off everything was derived from a dangerous position in the Soviet Fleet in the Mediterranean. In short, the stop was indispensable to avoid a possible one World War III . What Buscetta knows is why - new coincidence - in the coup , just like in the Haitian operation of Talents, the Mafia was involved; not the American one but of course, Italian, Sicilian and Calabrian. In particular, to act as an intermediary between the latter and Borghese, he had been a lawyer: Paolo Romeo, Mason and, no less, Italian Spy Agent. Indeed, if, as quoted by Borghese, news escalation had reached the leadership of the PCI , then it is easy and obvious that this has alerted the Kremlin as soon as possible, with the consequent Russian naval displacement in the Mediterranean in a way that understand that the subversive operation had to end. Most importantly, as another revelation always contained in the spiritual testament of Borghese: he succeeded in the coup, by failing to engage in the Iron Age, and in any case still sanctioned by his constitution, not to participate in wars 'Italy would send troops to Vietnam. In fact, taken from the opposite angle, he puts us in the presence of a plausible motive for which Nixon would have decided to support Borghese: to receive help for that war in Southeast Asia so dear to him; war from which - not to be reminded - Kennedy had black on white demonstrated, on the contrary, that he wanted to retire. But the Testament of Borghese does not lack a last statement yet: agree with the coupwas also Andreotti; Indeed, indeed, it was the well-known politician who was appointed to take over the government's leadership that the coup was intended to settle. It means, in other words, that Andreotti had a very personal interest in overcoming the names of Pier Talenti and Hugh Fenwick: to protect himself. Andreotti's central role in the event, which is confirmed by an undoubtedly privileged observer: Giulio Caradonna. Fascist shaker - "I did little to the communists," he said, with Romanesque expression, which, sarcastically, means "too much" between the verb and the "little" final - Caradonna, pure member of P2, is the one who, to better suit him, has the authority to persuade his party colleague, Gianfranco Fini, to undertake that Israeli-and-so-filo-US turning, which still makes the right nose of our Country, but undoubtedly put into the hands of Mississippi meanwhile captured the new sign of the National Alliance the entrance ticket to the Government. She knows absolutely what Caradonna is saying, when, in her own interview with La Stampa , on the closure of 1993 to journalist Filippo Ceccarelli, she traces the whole story of the Italian Social Movement . Interview where, in fact, he speaks loudly that with the Golpe Borghese , Andreotti had absolutely to do. Then, as a result of the tremendous surge of votes in his own cabinet in 1972, with the same impetus, it seems, to add: "What, do we hypocrites? I'm not afraid to say that the MSI won, in 1972, with the money of the Americans, 6-700 million [of Lire] then procured through my own initiative by an emerging Italian American. Pierfrancesco Talenti, one of the leading men of the Republican American party. Friend of Richard Nixon. Money from the state department that came through General Miceli, then head of Sid and then High Authority of NATO. He brought them with suitcases directly to Almirante. " Miceli is involved in the Borghese Golpe . Miceli to whom, although never to mention it directly by name, surely refers to the already crossed Gardner when, during a speech held in the 2006 we nearer to the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs , he confides: Upon my arrival in Italy in March 1977, American reputation in Italy was at a point of absolute decline. [...]. And it was not just the outcome of the Vietnam War and of Watergate, or the murder of both Kennedy and Martin Luther King. What the United States had done in Italy in the previous eight years under Nixon and Ford was unmarked. Graham Martin, an ambassador from 1969 to 1972, had poured huge amounts of money into the pockets of right politicians, including the head of the Italian intelligence service known as the neo-fascist, subsequently implicated in a conspiracy, to take the country by force, guided by a certain Prince Borghese, a cunning madman of Right. The other important influence on Graham Martin was a man named Pier Talenti, a great friend of Nixon, a donor of Nixon, an Italian-American resident in Italy. Conducted before a court by the Italian government for implications in that subversive plot. In short, though, without the tune of Caradonna, Gardner reflects what the missus said. * The statements and opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the point of view of the Anti-Doppler
  7. Ha ha Leavelle is a xxxx of the worst kind and still persisting in spreading it at that age. Jimmy grow up you have been sussed ages ago already.
  8. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Ever thought what red looks like in a B&W film? Yes black.!!! Yet the shirt is more orangy red than full deep red so it would appear slightly more greyish. How many generations deep are these images? That shirt is washed out as well. Let's move on.
  9. Who was Richard Cain?

  10. Who was Richard Cain?

  11. Who was Richard Cain?

    Thanks to Malcolm Blunt for the goods! Click 3x on the doc to see it full size
  12. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    Press and Sun-Bulletin Binghamton, New York · Sun, Dec 8, 1963 Thanks to Denis Morissette
  13. Anatomy Of Lee Harvey Oswald's Interrogations For those not knowing: I have been in the hospital a lot. I had eleven (!) operations on my foot from June 8th and in that period I was either in a hospital bed or heavily sedated in bed at home. I used this time period mainly to work on the next paper, when I had the clarity and will power to do so. Glad I did spend all that time on it, as it turned out to be much of a bigger mission than originally anticipated. The amount of 'players' of various law enforcement agencies involved and the legal side of this subject proved to be daunting tasks to take care of. Just over 300 pages and filled to the brim with documentation, photographs and links to many videos about the many participants inside the D.P.D. bureau while Lee Oswald was in custody and being interrogated. Originally believed that there was not much around and that this would be the thinnest chapter of the 4, but due to the many people involved its size increased considerably and a picture has manifested itself nevertheless. And that is the main point of this exercise, to show a better overall picture of this particular situation inside the JFK Assassination. Hosted at the DPUK website (thank you Bernard Wilds!) HERE
  14. Thank you Michael, hope you enjoyed it. Lonnie Hudkins was a reporter with the DMN and was 'in' with the police. That piece of film shows him on what side he is on quite clearly. Oswald was calm almost everywhere. He was even calm after he was told that he was being charged w the murder of the Pres. Oswald and politely answered another question like nothing happened just before. His demeanour in the corridor overall when he was quiet, he just went along, calm as a cucumber. During the interrogations he was calm, he only flared up after being accused of being a murderer or when they showed him some funny pix with his head superimposed on it. These guys like Leavelle and Hudkins cannot be trusted at all. As a matter of fact it is surprising they always talk about his demeanour yet never recall what was talked about inside during the interrogations........ Hudkins is like Hugh Aynsworth, not to be touched, even with a barge pole. It is also evident from the Paper that Fritz shafted the whole thing from the word get go, realising he needed to get Wa. of his back. Everyone else just danced along.....that's the way things were done down there. Paul, you should read my paper instead! Holmes talked too much, he wanted to be part of the boys club but he didn't understand the club's code, which was to keep schtumm about anything. This I make pretty clear in my paper. The notes may have been collaborated, but the reports from the 23rd and 24th are not in that sense, Read the paper Paul!
  15. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    James Bookhout from 1968 newspaper, found by Steve Roe Denis Morisette made the connection with one of our ROKC scans, see below. Pic.: Jim Murray Black Star ROKC scan from the Richard E. Sprague Collection at the National Archives.
  16. Thank you all for your kind words, there will be an update soon I managed to get my hands on some other cool stuff.
  17. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    Thanks for your kind words Michael. Getting the movies will be an ongoing uphill struggle, but we are working hard on getting a better quality image. Only question is when........ Same goes for Truly's deleted WC testimony, when will the archives release it......when?
  18. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    Thank you Chris Newton, it is most appreciated that people are picking it up. Very soon the follow up paper: Anatomy Of Lee Harvey Oswald's Interrogations will be available to read.
  19. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    A new update to the Anatomy paper is available from HERE and HERE Added more documents, newspaper articles and photos and a slight bit of text.
  20. Secret Service, On the Knoll and Beyond

    Charles Kunkel on the very left of this pic looking to the right.
  21. Not one person looking up from the pavement or the cars, not one person in the building mentioning any rifle fire......and it's a scratch or a bit of dust with a bit of hair. Seriously.
  22. https://www.facebook.com/events/1822580231391352/?acontext={"source"%3A4%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&source=4&action_history=null Dealey Plaza UK meeting at the Flying Horse pub on Saturday August 5th.We have arranged for a showing of the John Barbour documentary: The American Media & The Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy Director John Barbour blends archival footage from his 3-hour interview with Jim Garrison as well as video of the Zapruder tape, interviews with witnesses, and clips which show concrete evidence of how the mainstream media mislead the public with false information. It will be followed by a Q and A with John Barbour via Skype. We intend to video record the Q&A.New members welcome, if you wish to join us then email stuart.galloway@ntlworld.comMeeting Starts at 12 noon. Film starts at 13:30 and ranting hour begins at about 4-ish :-) Venue location The Flying Horse Pub 52 Wilson St. London EC2A 2ER Tel: 020 7247 5338
  23. More from ROKC
  24. Eleanor Cowan

    Another classic example of what happens when you do not play along. Read more HERE
  25. You can watch the film through Amazon soon and the Q&A (thru Skype) will be filmed and put on to YouTube soon after.