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  1. Last April I spoke about the second floor lunch room encounter as part of my Prayer Man presentation at the 14th DPUK seminar in Canterbury. Afterwards I wasn't happy with that segment to which Barry Keane suggested I'd write it up, which I did not realising the task that lay ahead. At the link below I tried to cram every bit of info in there that is available on this alleged encounter, and that has had a negative effect on the software that published it as I managed to crash it and, at this time, cannot edit it at all any more.Once that is solved I will make a couple of minor edits. There will be an interactive presentation to follow, http://www.prayer-man.com/anatomy-of-the-second-floor-lunch-room-encounter/
  2. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    I don't know Tommy, and I cannot tell she is dark complected. It does not make much of a difference. Running woman is a fresh 'new' mystery and so are the women going up the stairs on the left in Darnell.
  3. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    I don't know if this pic. from Darnell is the 3 in Z. Bottom line for me is she knew who was standing right beside her, and described her as a redhead. The pic of her engagement is multiple generations from a xerox, and red in b&w becomes black is not a good comparison piece either. Her high school pic used also in her obituary makes a lot more sense to compare with. don't care much for Stella Mae Jacob, only that she never made it back inside the TSBD and left. She is not on Revill's list, nor is Gloria Calvery and nor is Karen Westbrook. Some roll call.....
  4. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    You have answered the Q yourself Ron Buell Wesley Frazier, Linnie Mae and Bill Randle.
  5. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    And he cupped it in his hand underneath his arm pit...... Yeah that's a snug fit That's me ( 6 5") holding the wooden rifle body of a Mannlicher Carcano underneath my armpit, thanks to Ian Griggs.
  6. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    My review of that interview with Karen Westbrook Scranton http://www.prayer-man.com/living-history-with-karen-westbrook-scranton/
  7. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/149407954/gloria-jean-calvery how does Brian Doyle reconcile running woman with this link above. Hi Brian
  8. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    What's that again love about that door leading to the lunch room? At 11:25, listen carefully, and try not to crap yer undies..... Oswald had lunch by himself in the 2FLR, that is new to me as everyone has said it was The Domino Room on the 1st floor instead. That could only mean thatwhen Roy Edward Lewis said that the 2flr was off limits to workers he could have meant black workers. Or she is just badly mistaken. Tom Graves and Sandy Larsen fast forw to18:10 "Gloria Calvery had distinct red hair" Check the screenshot of the video above, Calvery is the one with the green coat. That, Brian Doyle kills off your running woman hooey.....my my. The door to the so called fake vestibule was always open! HA
  9. Holland McCombs on Sergio Arcacha.
  10. King became more known while talking to the press in the 3rd floor corridor, but we also know he talked to Greg Olds and co. when they tried to get in touch with Oswald. I have been given a 7 page article Holland McCombs wrote for Dick Billings of Life Mag. You can read this piece here: http://www.prayer-man.com/dpd/glenn-d-king/
  11. Thx for making me aware of that, it has been sorted now.
  12. This is from the Holland McCombs collection at the UNI of TN.
  13. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    I have made a backup at Scribd. https://www.scribd.com/document/373703720/Anatomy-of-the-Second-Floor-Lunch-Room-Encounter-V4-March-3rd-2018
  14. Aynesworth suggesting several ways for an article on the assassination. His phone number in the 60's. An article by him on the Garrison investigation. And a detailed piece on Ruby while in the slammer and his death. http://www.prayer-man.com/hugh-aynesworth/
  15. James [Jim] Hicks

    Dallas Times Herald July 29 1967.
  16. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    Update No. 4 is out! http://www.prayer-man.com/anatomy-of-the-second-floor-lunch-room-encounter-update-v4/ The following has been added: More info and a link to Roy Truly’s ‘deleted’ testimony video. Page 4. Video link and transcript of an interview with Sylvia Meagher in which she discusses the 2nd floor lunch room encounter in depth. Added on pages 9-11. Malcolm Couch still added showing Baker’s bike parked on Elm St. Page 20. Detailed drawings of the TSBD front entrance. These were made by the FBI in early Dec. 1963. Pages 30 & 31. Thanks to Gary Murr. More testimony and a line of text of Joe Molina added to “Who saw Baker going up the stairs” chapter, page 38. Detailed drawings from the FBI on the 2nd floor of the TSBD, pages 63-64. Thanks to Gary Murr. Press and Sun-Bulletin Binghamton, New York · Sun, Dec 8, 1963 article added, page 73. Added Martha Reed’s affidavit in the chapter Oswald’s location during the so called 2nd floor encounter and just after, page 82. Added two documents from Arch Kimbraugh’s collection with statements made by Roy Truly on the day he left for his W.C. testimony. Pages 102 and 103. Thanks to Malcolm Blunt. Report by Charles Batchelor in the Where did Baker and Truly go after the encounter chapter. Pages 107-109. Jack Revill’s list of all persons’ details taken upon leaving the T.S.B.D. Pages 111 and 112. The Carolyn Arnold sub-chapter has been re-written in part and has a few more photos/graphics/statements/book excerpts added. Pages 124-139. FBI report with the timings of the re-enactment. Pages 159-161. Thanks to Malcolm Blunt.
  17. This btw is the best copy I have. And I am adding two morgue shots as well, they are from a contact sheet.
  18. 1/ Clearly? Do tell. And painting that in would take less than 60 seconds. With the amount of prints I "spotted" with this technique I can assure you it can be done in that time frame. 2/The gap you put forward is larger than just one tooth. 3/That is more Greg Parker's ballpark and I have seen a fair bit that ought to be considered instead of putting this forward as an open and shut case. Instead I see denials that would make Brian Doyle's bosem swell with pride....... 4/I would have to look into that, is the pic in this thread? I will have a look. And please stop shouting and getting all emotional, as these two factors show me you have a losing hand already. Now then where is that pic.........
  19. And that non darkened version is the correct version? The one without any proper contrast? For who Michael? You? Everything you say in the post above can be given a 180 and used against you. You do understand that don't you. Now there's a surprise! A paint job is always different compared to artefacts from a transfer from video. Please do your homework and adjust your beliefs accordingly. For the record I do not give a hoot about H&L. And Tom stop fantasising dude, this forum is filled to the brim with your 'dreams' , enough already.
  20. Ah yes Richard Gilbride and his delusions. Thank you Ed!
  21. How did Hosty expect to talk to Marina?

    No worries. Left to right in the Mason Lankford pic. Mike Howard, Peter Gregory, Marina Oswald and Charles Kunkel. I have this pic in my Interrogation paper with the credits underneath.
  22. How did Hosty expect to talk to Marina?

    Charles Kunkel on the right
  23. I don't care about the tooth matter Jim, I only make mention of this stupid blob.
  24. Question about the rifle

    Peter Antill from DPUK told me the following so I am just C&Ping Hi Bart .... the very end of the barrel on my Model 91/38 Short Rifle is 0.512 inches in width, increasing very slightly to 0.522 inches where it enters the foresight. It increases again to 0.602 inches after the foresight (which is held on to the barrel by a ring) If anyone's interested, it was made in 1940 (it also has the Fascist date XVIII), by Beretta at their factory in Gardone I noticed that Pat was asking about the calibre .... even though both my Carcanos (I also have an Model 1891/40 rifle) are marked 6.5 Carcano, they are not actually 6.5mm (0.264in) in calibre. They are 6.8mm (0.267in) .... I have shot Privi Partisan 6.5mm Carcano ammunition and the accuracy was quite poor, because the bullets were not being gripped by the rifling properly. I managed to get some genuine factory bullets and bought a box of bullets by Hornady (that are marked 6.5 Carcano) which are 6.8mm in calibre and the accuracy improved greatly. 6.8mm equals 0.267717 inches