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  1. Mr. FRAZIER - No, sir; I stood there a few minutes, you know, and some people who worked there; you know normally started to go back into the Building because a lot of us didn't eat our lunch, and so we stared back into the Building and it wasn't but just a few minutes that there were a lot of police officers and so forth all over the Building there. Mr. BALL - Then you went back into the Building, did you? Mr. FRAZIER - Right. and Mr. BALL - Did anybody say anything about what had happened, did you hear anybody say anything about the President had been shot? Mr. FRAZIER - Yes, sir; right before I went back, some girl who had walked down a little bit further where I was standing on the steps, and somebody come back and said somebody had shot President Kennedy. Mr. BALL - Do you know who it was who told you that? Mr. FRAZIER - Sir? Mr. BALL - Do you know who the girl was who told you that? Mr. FRAZIER - She didn't tell me right directly but she just came back and more or less in a low kind of hollering she just told several people. Mr. BALL - Then you went back into the Building, did you? So Frazier stood there for a few mins and just before he went in this girl came in......a few minutes.....not 15/20 seconds!
  2. Last April I spoke about the second floor lunch room encounter as part of my Prayer Man presentation at the 14th DPUK seminar in Canterbury. Afterwards I wasn't happy with that segment to which Barry Keane suggested I'd write it up, which I did not realising the task that lay ahead. At the link below I tried to cram every bit of info in there that is available on this alleged encounter, and that has had a negative effect on the software that published it as I managed to crash it and, at this time, cannot edit it at all any more.Once that is solved I will make a couple of minor edits. There will be an interactive presentation to follow,
  3. You have nothing Sandy Larsen and Thomas Graves besides assumption. You disregard Frazier's testimony Molina's testimony Shelley's first statement Lovelady's statement from the FBI on Nov 22 The still from the Couch film You cannot point out Lovelady with his dark hair wearing his shirt standing on those steps in Darnell, the blond guy is only a candidate due to wishful thinking. Patricia Ann Donaldson, dude have you ever heard of Google???? Right next to Lupe Whittaker in Wiegman. If anyone should be a candidate going up those steps, it is her.
  4. Posted Feb 2016. Last post on page. Mr. BALL. Did Gloria come up? Mr. MOLINA. Yes, she came. I was in the lobby standing there and she came in with this other girl. Molina, who we know where he is at in Darnell was standing in the lobby when she came in. Sandy Larsen's and Tom Graves's Calvery observation is worthless. You have no idea who these people are coming up those stairs. I think Patricia Ann Donaldson/Lawrence can be assumed to be going up on those steps with her black head scarf, while Lucy Whittaker is still standing in the foreground and has barely moved from her space in Wiegman.. But I am more interested in the man and the woman at the bottom of the steps......
  5. These wishy washy beliefs ............... Lovelady left with Shelley immediately after the shooting, period! And no it would not have any effect at all since PM is still in the same position in Wiegman and Darnell, And it does matter since they lied in their WC testimony to discredit Victoria Adams from a timing perspective.
  6. Did an hrs worth of chatting about the second floor fugezi with Len Osanic
  7. In Wiegman perhaps a faint face can be noticed between Shelley and Lovelady
  8. If there is one thing clear in the GIF above is the fact that Lovelady makes his way down in a straight way. No sliding sideways. Pure make-believe.. Add on the enlargement I have shown a few times already that Lovelady is moving down with Shelley in pursuit. Add on that looking at Lovelady's figure and characteristics and comparing it with Blondie in Darnell requires a lot of imagination which has no factual basis. Add on the statements of Lovelady and Shelley before the WC hoax Add on the Couch still. Add on Frazier......
  9. The last two shots show how ,much larger the landing has become. And the fourth from last shot shows some dims.
  10. I don't understand some of you people......there is nothing but personal beliefs for seeing Lovelady in Darnell on the steps. You have no evidence to back your beliefs and prefer to eat the lemon called their WC testimonies. Think for a second about that! Show me the visual still that confirms your assertions. Show me his hair that even in such a contrasty situation would show up as dark and not bleached blond. And don't for a second try and tell me that you see a checkered shirt as there is none.2 So the excellent bit of ROKC photographic proof above in conjunction with their statements until their WC testimony which is filled with untruths is of no value then?
  11. Thank you J.D. Last year at the JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas, Bart Kamp was awarded the New Frontier award. The citation stated that his work in reexamining the second floor encounter of Oswald with Texas School Book Depository foreman Roy Truly and motorcycle officer Marrion Baker utilized "a broad array of new data, including documents and statements of the participants and a variety of TSBD witnesses." We agreed with this award and the description of the achievement. The second floor lunch encounter is a thread-worn shibboleth of the Warren Report that – like Oswald's mail order rifle – the first generation of critics simply passed on; the notable exception being Harold Weisberg in his book Whitewash II. In Reclaiming Parkland, I began to question it, largely based on Marrion Baker's first day affidavit, where the officer does not even mention the episode – or Oswald or Truly. Even though, as he wrote the affidavit, Oswald was sitting across from him in the rather small witness room. In other words, after he had just stuck a gun in his stomach, Baker didn't recognize him. But Bart Kamp goes much further than that in his analysis. We are presenting a small part of that long essay here, with a link to the longer version at the admirable group Dealey Plaza UK. The new revised version of the essay, from which this part is adapted, will be posted there soon and we will link to it then. This is the kind of work, daring and original, questioning accepted paradigms with new and provocative evidence, that stands for. ~ Jim DiEugenio
  12. I thought I did not have to tell you that, since I thought it to be blatantly obvious already. And I digress with the ID as well. Happy Easter Tommy
  13. You have to show more conclusive evidence that nullifies their first statements and the Couch pic. That guy looks like anyone but Lovelady. Baker's sidestep is even more evident with that GIF tho!
  14. I have finished the update to the essay for now 35 pages extra. All in all it is pretty much a new body of work, certain sections have been re-written as well. Happy Easter reading!
  15. And the hits kept on coming Cropped, auto levels applied and turned vertical. Now compare that to this That ear looks rather extended as well..... Hmmmmmm, what do you say Bill Miller? My money is still on Oswald being Prayer Man. Come back when you are really ready.
  16. Here lemme do the work for you, simple motion blur. Sure the head position is not the same and nor is the blur possibly an exact copy of the amount of blur Darnell "applied", but it goes to show that some neck hair can show as an extension and be interpreted as a longer hair cut. Doesn't need a a rocket scientist to point this super simple law of blurring out, everything looks swept, same as in Darnell. But
  17. You said you could show us all the girth, yapped about it for weeks without any substance to add. Now the hairline.....keep at it MIller, keep at it.... Now then, tell us all with your 'expert' opinion that this particular hairline cannot be created as seen with Prayer Man in conjunction with the type of blur effect Darnell and why....... No cheap girth cop outs...everyone is already aware that you failed badly Supply some EVIDENCE!!! No one is interested in what you THINK!
  18. Show us the girth!
  19. Oh not just that Raymond, just like Bill Miller once confronted to deliver the real McCoy they just fail. They do a runner and / or just wimper to the powers that be. James Gordon, this thread is not going anywhere either. I suggest you 'dump' this one as well. There are a few more btw. Want me to point them out for you?!
  20. For weeks you have been yapping about this.......and now you expect us all to wait once confronted with presenting it. If it is so obvious then it ought to be produced in a relative short time, but no........... And physical size comparison? As related to? Try and tell me for certain what step he was on. And simce no one can do this with the quality of the films available at this time you have a non starter.
  21. How much longer do you need Miller???? If you see it so clearly then it must be a piece of piss to show everyone else, surely you do not need three days to do so. Show us all the girth!!!
  22. I second us all.