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  1. If I may ask anyone a question about the theory that the first phone call to Dr. Perry was made at 11:00-11:45, or before midnight, what about these "handwritten notes of a phone call between Dr. Humes and Dr. Perry" dated 11/23/1963? Also, can anybody read that doctors' handwriting and give a full translation? https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=586
  2. Do we know Sibert and O'Neil left the autopsy at about 11:00 PM when the body was officially supposed to go to the Gawlers funeral guys? The article HOW FIVE INVESTIGATIONS INTO JFK’S MEDICAL/AUTOPSY EVIDENCE GOT IT WRONG claims they left at 1:00 AM.
  3. How many big-time JFK debunkers actually acknowledge that the back wound was lower than the throat wound? But the main thing that blocks me from the single-assassin theory is the reality of the EOP wound. We all know that Humes, Boswell, and Finck stood by their original EOP location and specifically denied the cowlick entry theory many times. But have you ever tallied up the other autopsy witnesses who all gave information indicating a lower small head wound? I think I counted them all by now: six. Stringer, Kellerman, Lipsey, O'Neil, Boyers, and Burkley. How many people from the autopsy think the red spot on the BOH photos is an entry wound? Zero, including the guy who took the photographs, Stringer. Boswell said it was just an injury on the scalp related to the large head wound. How many experts in X-rays examined the official X-rays and didn't identify an entry in the cowlick? I think at least a dozen. Dr. John Ebersole, Dr. Fred Hodges, Dr. Robert McMeekin, Dr. Alfred Olivier, Dr. Norman Chase, Dr. G.M. McDonnel, Dr. David O. Davis, Dr. Douglas Ubelaker, Dr. John J. Fitzpatrick, Dr. Robert Kirschner, Dr. David Mantik, and Dr. Peter Cummings.
  4. Is there a difference between a "bank endorsement" to a bank versus from a bank?
  5. Just to be absolutely crystal clear, Hank's idea about the real bank endorsement being "Pay to the order of The First National Bank of Chicago" is totally incorrect, right? Klein's sporting goods VP William Waldman's WC testimony: Waldman exhibit 9: The "Pay to the order of The First National Bank of Chicago" is a stamp from the Klein's company, not a Reserve Bank as Belin incorrectly assumed. So a Federal Reserve Bank apparently must print a completely separate stamp on the money order before it is considered endorsed?
  6. Yeah right, I don't trust the FBI on what they found or didn't find in the limo. And where are those limo bone and hair fragments seen by Gies, Davis, and Hutch? Oh and also you believe that crapola about the left profile autopsy photo showing the high back wound. Yeah I don't think the shirt was a foot above the ears lol. Was Kennedy doing his best Cornholio impression when he was hit in the back? The HSCA said it was in the back and the left profile Artwohl stuff is BS. There's more reasons to believe a EOP-throat connection than a back-throat connection.
  7. Dale Meyers likes to brag about having his work "reviewed" by the Z-axis animation company. Here is a section on the Z-axis company's website showing off their finest work: http://www.zaxis.com/experience/our-history/ Their finest work is: 1. A 3D cartoon of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. 2. A 3D computer model of a building. 3. A 3D cartoon of how a CD drive works. 4. Helped create several 3D cartoons of an old man with arthritis. 5. Helped create several 3D cartoons showing why smoking is bad for you. 6. A 3D animation of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers, which calls itself Finite Element Analysis but certainly could not be a comprehensive FEA project that models the physics of that event in the fullest, realest sense. 7. A 3D cartoon explaining how to use a computer to surf the internet. 8. Another 3D cartoon showing why smoking is bad for you. This company, Z-axis, does not seem experienced or qualified to create or help create, let alone review a project which purports to replicate the exact body positions of Kennedy and Connaly at the crucial moments of the shooting. That would take a team of photographic experts tirelessly studying the films and photos of that day, and most importantly they would release all the data of their work. They would not only show the public a few snippets on the Discovery Channel and screenshots on their website and bicker on the internet about people who dare question it. Z-axis seems to be a company that only specializes in creating animations showing how certain situations should work to have the desired effect. Their "finest work" has been explanitive materials for court cases so jurors have a basic grasp of what the case is about.
  8. One of the great aspects of the mystery behind the back wound is, if it was as shallow as perceived during the autopsy, it could've just naturally fallen out of the body.
  9. Just FYI the little ball on the bolt action handle can be sticking up right next to the scope.
  10. The John C. Craig article you linked doesn't give any source showing that Roger Craig ever claimed anything about a slug found near that manhole cover. Roger Craig was right next to those guys as they were poking around the grass near the manhole cover. In Reclaiming History, Bugliosi uses Craig's lack of any claim regarding this hypothetical Elm Street sewer bullet as evidence that it did not exist: "...And even if we assume that Decker would have been able to shut up Craig as he allegedly did Walthers (since both were under him in the department), how was Decker able to shut up Sawyer of the Dallas Police Department? And even after Craig left the sheriff ’s office, became a conspiracy theorist, and turned on Decker and everyone else in Dallas law enforcement who he thought had covered the conspiracy, he never said one word, in his 1971 self-published essay, “When They Kill a President,” about Walthers telling him he had found a fourth bullet, which would have indicated a conspiracy. And in his essay, he had every opportunity to do so, once again mentioning that he spoke to Walthers shortly after the shooting in Dealey Plaza."
  11. Didn't Michael Paine lie on that TV special and say that Oswald personally showed him the backyard photos?
  12. Thank you, I've seen those before, but I don't think they address most or any of the topic Brown talked about.
  13. That can't just be the little round part on the bolt action handle sticking up?