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  1. http://www.kenrahn.com/JFK/The_critics/Feinman/Between_the_signal/Chapter_eight.html Roger Feinman's essay Between the Signal and the Noise argues that Burkley did in fact see the original throat wound.
  2. Didn't Dr. Burkley see the original throat wound? His WC affidavit says he only arrived to the emergency room 3-5 minutes after Kennedy arrived.
  3. The bright version of one of the autopsy photographs provided by Robert Groden shows why the throat wound is almost certainly higher than the throat wound. The left-profile optical illusion stuff is BS. From this: http://www.the-puzzle-palace.com/Groden-iv.jpeg In this version, you can see the trach incision. Notice the zigzag-shaped mark on the right shoulder, and where it is in relation to the trach incision. This zigzag mark is apparent on the back wound photo.
  4. Unless anyone knows exactly what the DOJ is talking about here, any discussion of the physical evidence in the MLK case is stagnant.
  5. Somebody needs to re-examine that fragment in the upper neck Wecht reported on in 1974. That was never followed up on. Can X-ray films give "false positives" for dense fragments?
  6. http://campbellmgold.com/archive_general/jfk_autopsy_photo.pdf It's just the regular back wound photo.
  7. He himself posted on this forum about ten years ago.
  8. It has come to my attention that the area on the back wound photograph that I thought showed a skull cavity (to the left of the bone flap) is probably really a cloth covering Kennedy's head. This is more apparent in the brighter version of the back wound photograph provided by Franklin Griffin. Why would that cloth be there in the first place? Anyway, since we have no photographs of the empty skull cavity besides the controversial open-cranium photographs, the point stands that it would probably be impossible to fit Kennedy's entire brain (from the official evidence) through a skull cavity without first separating the area of skull bone with the depressed cowlick fracture. In regular autopsies, the entire top of the skull is removed! Can't fit a brain through the head while still having the entry wound for Dr. Finck to arrive and see still sitting there in the intact skull.
  9. If I may ask anyone a question about the theory that the first phone call to Dr. Perry was made at 11:00-11:45, or before midnight, what about these "handwritten notes of a phone call between Dr. Humes and Dr. Perry" dated 11/23/1963? Also, can anybody read that doctors' handwriting and give a full translation? https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=586
  10. Do we know Sibert and O'Neil left the autopsy at about 11:00 PM when the body was officially supposed to go to the Gawlers funeral guys? The article HOW FIVE INVESTIGATIONS INTO JFK’S MEDICAL/AUTOPSY EVIDENCE GOT IT WRONG claims they left at 1:00 AM.
  11. How many big-time JFK debunkers actually acknowledge that the back wound was lower than the throat wound? But the main thing that blocks me from the single-assassin theory is the reality of the EOP wound. We all know that Humes, Boswell, and Finck stood by their original EOP location and specifically denied the cowlick entry theory many times. But have you ever tallied up the other autopsy witnesses who all gave information indicating a lower small head wound? I think I counted them all by now: six. Stringer, Kellerman, Lipsey, O'Neil, Boyers, and Burkley. How many people from the autopsy think the red spot on the BOH photos is an entry wound? Zero, including the guy who took the photographs, Stringer. Boswell said it was just an injury on the scalp related to the large head wound. How many experts in X-rays examined the official X-rays and didn't identify an entry in the cowlick? I think at least a dozen. Dr. John Ebersole, Dr. Fred Hodges, Dr. Robert McMeekin, Dr. Alfred Olivier, Dr. Norman Chase, Dr. G.M. McDonnel, Dr. David O. Davis, Dr. Douglas Ubelaker, Dr. John J. Fitzpatrick, Dr. Robert Kirschner, Dr. David Mantik, and Dr. Peter Cummings.
  12. Is there a difference between a "bank endorsement" to a bank versus from a bank?
  13. Just to be absolutely crystal clear, Hank's idea about the real bank endorsement being "Pay to the order of The First National Bank of Chicago" is totally incorrect, right? Klein's sporting goods VP William Waldman's WC testimony: Waldman exhibit 9: The "Pay to the order of The First National Bank of Chicago" is a stamp from the Klein's company, not a Reserve Bank as Belin incorrectly assumed. So a Federal Reserve Bank apparently must print a completely separate stamp on the money order before it is considered endorsed?
  14. Yeah right, I don't trust the FBI on what they found or didn't find in the limo. And where are those limo bone and hair fragments seen by Gies, Davis, and Hutch? Oh and also you believe that crapola about the left profile autopsy photo showing the high back wound. Yeah I don't think the shirt was a foot above the ears lol. Was Kennedy doing his best Cornholio impression when he was hit in the back? The HSCA said it was in the back and the left profile Artwohl stuff is BS. There's more reasons to believe a EOP-throat connection than a back-throat connection.