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  1. Big, if true!
  2. What makes you guys think that the Paine's believed LBJ to be behind "it"?
  3. So if I can read through your sarcasm, I see you list every option that has been tried or thought of in the past 70 years. However, you forgot the one where we bring them a big red "reset" button. I guess option 2 is the only good one then. Once General Buck Turgidson is installed, I guess nuclear armageddon it is.
  4. What evidence do you have to support this opinion?
  5. Why do we act so surprised and feign outrage that Russia may have hacked a political organization? I am grateful that we have the hacked emails at our disposal. I am not saying that I support another country meddling in our affairs, but the information brought to light was extremely enlightening and has not even been questioned as being false. Oh yeah, the US would never attempt to influence another countries elections or assassinate political foes either foreign or domestic. My question is, what do you suggest we do about the Russians?
  6. The entire maryferrell.org site is great. It was down for a while, but as of this morning it appears the are back up with a redesign. Specifically the journal section of the site. There is a ton of original research there.
  7. My mistake. East wall. Don't feel confused, my attention was not fully focused on this at the time.
  8. Also, is that a desk? It appears to me to be a fireplace. Apologies if I am mistaken.
  9. I was thinking more directional as to which way the wall is ran, not which plane the wall is on. Sorry for confusion, but that chimney is a giveaway.
  10. Yes, the West wall. I interpreted it that Chris was saying the wall running East/West, whereas I am saying it is on the wall running North/South, which I guess would be the far East wall.
  11. If you look at the attached outside view of the home, it appears the chimney for the fireplace is near the peak of the roof. This would place the fireplace on the northwest corner of the East/West wall of the room visible over Mrs. Paine's right shoulder in the picture. Therefore, the couch would be on the North/South wall. If I am wrong, please let me know. Mrs. Paine's torso is facing South.
  12. The one Comey confirmed in March to congress. Also, the house intel committee investigation spearheaded by Adam Schiff. Both of those are looking into Russian meddling, and are trying to tie Trump to that.
  13. Oh my! You guys are acting like he fired the entire FBI. If my boss at work were fired, we would continue on doing what we already were working on. And, you should be comforted that McCabe is the acting director. Did we all forget about his wife's ties to the Clintons and Terry Mcauliffe? This is also an investigation with no crime. They are trying to find a crime. Don't most investigations start with a crime being committed? The police are not going to investigate me for the murder of my wife when she is alive and well. I would be more than happy to get behind an investigation if there were proof or even a hint of a crime. This reminds one of the Salem Witch Trials. I thought we had become enlightened in our society and were past this sort of behavior.
  14. Does the story of the delivery of the faked badges appear anywhere before Files claims? Also, if Files was a second patsy, is there any proof of sheep dipping used against him? What would the story be on him if he was caught? I believe the Mob would not expose themselves like that. All indications say if Files was caught, they would connect him to the Mob five minutes into the investigation.
  15. Conspiracy is proven to us that study the case and look at the facts. I think the general public believes something is not right here, but I don't think they are aware of all of the evidence or proof supporting a conspiracy. I believe the best proof of conspiracy lies in this topic itself. CE 399 is a near pristine bullet that is claimed to have done all of the damage to Connally. Yet we have X-Rays showing metal fragments in his wrist that would amount to more metal than is missing from CE 399. To me, that is the best and most blatant proof that we have of a conspiracy.